The more things change, the more they stay the same..


There are a few things I need to talk about.

1. There is no bashing of posters allowed on this site. I encourage all opinions, regardless of whether I agree or not. However, if you are going to post a controversial opinion, make sure that you can have a discussion without it degrading into name calling.

2. When I look at the referrers to this site, there are people logging in under Let me save you some trouble. I don’t care who you are. If there is a problem or trolls, then I check to see what’s going on. But otherwise, I don’t give a shit.

3. Don’t bring the drama from other sites here.

4. I’m going to agree with YKW and Blue, We are not Taylor’s rule enforcers.

Why does this fan base always seem to break down into the good fans and the bad fans? It’s been that way since the beginning. Back when Taylor was on American Idol, there were fans on the AI board that were so excited about Taylor because he was this nice Southern gentleman and a breath of fresh air, and then there were those that got excited by the smoking video, knew there wasn’t a problem with his belt buckle or the snap of his pants and who liked to see him sweaty and scruffy in a bar drinking Red Snappers. Those same fans sat up a little straighter when he let the f bomb drop. Of course, the “churchies”, as they came to be known, were outraged that the other fans would see anything sexual about their sweet Southern boy. Back then, it was disrespectful to think of Taylor in any sexual manner. They were so upset when the smoking video came out that they made up excuses for him, such as “He’s not smoking, it’s just that the air conditioner was up so high, he could see his breath!!”

Now, here we are..three years later, with the “good” fans saying that the “bad” fans need to respect Taylor and his wishes, or else everything will be ruined! The “bad” fans are responding with “I don’t need my mother coming with me to the concert…if I want to take video or do a cellcert, then I will.” My question is, are all fandoms like this? If not, why is the Taylor Hicks fandom like this? What causes this fanbase to sit in judgment on each other?

I don’t want to hear what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Help me to understand why we sit in judgement on each other to begin with.


114 Responses to “The more things change, the more they stay the same..”

  1. Oooo…a “smoking video”? I missed that one!

    haha, sorry, I know that’s not your focus today. Well, my opinion will not be popular, but I believe many of Taylor’s fans are home all day for whatever reason and are simply bored. (ouch! I knew I’d get hit with a shoe!) Since there isn’t much to talk about concerning Taylor, they talk about each other.

    I’m not interested in it and even though I may be guilty of hanging out online more than I should, I avoid those arguments. It’s even more boring than my own life!

  2. Here goes and I know I’m going to get slammed, but I don’t care at this point…

    There’s no such thing as “good” or “bad” fan. We are all fans, or we would not be here. The “good” fans want to feel important and superior, so that the object of their affection (Taylor), will somehow take notice of them and he will love me more than the “bad” fans. But, the reality is Taylor could care less…he just wants your support in the form of $$$$$$$$.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I wasn’t around to see the breakdown, did see the end result. I didn’t start reading until Sept 07 posting Aug 08. so I really don’t know all that went on.

    Caryl, I agree sometimes folks tend to disect what people say and that is where the problems start. I also won’t get involved when the tempers start to fly.

    SS, I agree we all are fans, not good or bad, just fans no one is more important than the other. He is out to make money for his future and share his music, we are just along for the ride.


  4. Here I go agreeing with snowstorm again! A fan is a fan is a fan. All of our money is the same.

  5. Virtual Speak Says:

    IAG says:

    I don’t want to hear what we should or shouldn’t be doing. Help me to understand why we sit in judgement on each other to begin with.

    Because plain and simply Taylor’s friends and bandmates befriended fans and it gave some people what they considered the upperhand, and the “in the know” elitist right to think they can dictate what bandmates and friends say in private.

    It’s like the game of telephone. “Well.. Bill Will said this” “Do you know what Brian G told me?” “Did you know Stephen Merch dood said so and so said this and that.” And so on and so on..

    From there, it gets expounded on to the point of ridiculous. Thing is all the degrees of seperation have really yet to pan out for fans as far as getting to Taylor.

    If he really is serious about “reivention” then he should look in his own back yard and get rid of some of the hangers on.

    Taylor himself is no innocent in all of it. When he wore that “Pay The Devil” hat. He meant it. In all aspects of his American Idol win.

    People are naive and bought into his “Aww shucks” Southern boy persona that he and AI edited him to portray.

    It’s a singing contest that he strategically set out to win. There has to be something cut throat about ones personality to stay in that AI game as well as the music business as well.

    Part of this no media policy is also gaining him quite a bit of attention-be it good bad or indifferent, it’s got his fans interested again.

    Ever think maybe, just maybe he puts the wheels in motion to start small eruptions within his own fanbase just to keep them coming back for more? Women are catty, and for the most part love drama in any form.

    The ones that obey “daddy” seem to think there’s some sort of reward at the end of the rainbow.

  6. I blame Dick Cheney.

  7. Virtual Speak Says:

    When all else fails blame Richard Nixon. I guess Dick Cheney or any Dick will do though.

  8. Yeah, but the Churchies were fun, dagnabit. Remember the “smoking photograph” that was analyzed and finally determined to be showing Taylor holding an apricot colored sharpie and NOT a cigarette?

    You can’t make that shit up, seriously . . .

    Oh, and bickering and jockeying for position as Taylor’s bestest, most obedient fan, will never end. The point of my “ethics” posts yesterday was just to illustrate how the code of behavior of a fanbase has less to do with right and wrong, and much more to do with that same, old jockeying for position as the bestest and most obedient fan.

    Of course, that’s just my opinion, based on my position at the bottom of the heap.

  9. Now, I’m going to have to find that smoking video just so Caryl can see it.

    *runs to YouTube*

  10. What about the Milkies? ahahaha! Entertaining reading on that thread…

    Since I’m one of the truly bad fans and on the edge of SP Hell due to past *cough* associations *cough* I blame it on my Mom. (of course)

  11. I sort of agree with you VS, but how about just respecting the guy’s wishes.. whatever the reasons are behind it. There’s no hidden agenda.. it’s just common decency.. has nothing to do with getting on his good side, because I’m the guy’s worst critic.

    Getting thru him thru band members is the oldest trick in the book. Has this worked for anybody.. probably not. Waste of time, lol!

  12. Dammit. Where was that at? It was a waffle house during the AI tour.

    Soulaz, I didn’t know about the apricot sharpie. ahhahahha…that’s totally what he was doing, standing outside with a bunch of guys who were smoking. πŸ™„

  13. There is a photo of Taylor smoking in TOSP, so that ends that debate, lol!

  14. He smokes, he might even curse…and do you think he actually has sex?! *gasp*

    I remember thinking, are these people insane? He’s basically lived in bars for the past ten years of his life. He drinks, smokes…and probably more than the occasional cigarette. How could people be that naive? Seriously?

  15. Well shoot, when I met The Merch Guy, the conversation went like this:

    Me: Here’s my money.
    The Merch Guy: Here’s your change. Enjoy the show.
    Me: Thanks.

    I guess I missed my golden opportunity to pull myself out of the dungheap. Of course, Dick Cheney was behind me in line and just about pushed me out of the way to get at Stephen. Damn him all to hell.

  16. Um, what are the Milkies?


  17. Virtual Speak Says:

    I never said where I stood on the issue Snowstorm. Just posting a few thoughts I have on the issue.

    I’m on the fence about the whole thing. How it affects others lives to the point of dictating to others about their fan behavior is baffling. Taylor most likely knows this is an issue widespread within his fanbase.

    He still has much to learn. He depends to heavily on his “people” to do things for him. Obviously that little blurb on his Myspace isn’t being followed.

    His fans always seem to need reassurance. It would take five minutes out of his day to make a vlog. With media coming fast and furious daily, the HQ are privy to a video that the mod over there most likely took and insisted get posted about his guitar. Which was ages ago already.

  18. I remember a long time, fans were saying that Taylor is a virgin because of the black band he wore.. honest to God. I thought that was hysterical! I also remember if Taylor just happened to be standing near a lady.. everybody would say “that’s his girlfriend”! Damn, people are so naive!

  19. Grey, I can’t find anything about the Milkies anymore, likely all were poofed. Only reference left can be found Here on wiseguy’s Idol profile. See bottom. It was a huge group for a while. I guess I’m the only one who remembers them.

  20. Oh the black band, I have my own theory on that. πŸ˜‰

  21. Virtual Speak Says:

    You mean he isn’t a virgin?! 😯 Say it isn’t so!! Take it back!! πŸ˜₯

    The whole drama of him standing next to any woman for a photo and her being the next Mrs. Hicks is still rampant. πŸ™„

  22. I don’t think we’ll ever see a Mrs. Taylor Hicks.

  23. Well, if the issue truly and honestly affects your life, that is sad indeed.

  24. I totally remember the Milkies . . . they were pretty hilarious. I think the name came from something Taylor said about liking to drink milk, which of course, was proof to the Churchies of Taylor’s virginal status. You know, the Churchies probably imagined Taylor “cheersing” on stage with an ice cold glass of milk and a cookie.

    The Milkies were subversive and funny. Some of them are still around. I see posts from them now and again. Just look for the milk mustache and you’ll find them.

  25. Is a smoking video like a smoking gun?

    And spin: got Milkies?

  26. Virtual Speak Says:

    I’ve tried to link the smoking video twice. It isn’t working.

    What’s your black band theory? 😈

  27. Didja notice that you can’t log in to HQ today? Oooo…let’s start a rumor!

  28. Honest to God, I still remember the thread on the AI message board and they were not joking.. they were VERY serious.

  29. Oh, VS…I don’t know if the world is ready for my black band theory. πŸ˜†

  30. That’s one of the problems with the SP, Snowstorm. Everything is taken much too seriously, in my opinion.

  31. Virtual Speak Says:

    Well, email it to me. πŸ˜†

  32. Um, caryl..I can log in.

    Must just be you…hahaahhhhaah

    Kidding..but I can get in.

  33. I believe the black band was a secret message to his wife and kids to stay out of the country a bit longer: “Stay in hiding. They’re buying the fact that I’m only 29 and a lonely single guy struggling to make it!”

  34. itsallgrey: 😦 Maybe I’ve been banned. πŸ™‚

  35. Nope. I got in. They still love me. πŸ™‚

    This morning the boxes where you type in your user name and password weren’t there. Maybe they did a little maintenance? whatever.

  36. The world isn’t ready Grey or the Soul Patrol isn’t ready? LOL

  37. The black band was simply a vestigal part of his superhero costume that remained with him, when he assumed his regular human being identity.

    “Ponytail Man” searches the globe for his evil archnemesis “Bad Hair Day Dude.” Whenever he lovingly pulls the hair of a damsel in distress into a ponytail, Bad Hair Day Dude’s power is diminished.

    Once we caught on to that fact, Taylor had to stop wearing the black band, to protect his identity.

  38. Didn’t Taylor say at one time that he likes milkshakes? I remember him saying that too.

  39. And sweet tea.



  41. And for this…I love VS..I present The Smoking video.

  42. haha, I remember that and the hundreds and hundreds of posts.

  43. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, His former girlfriend Suzanne said he liked chocolate milkshakes at 10:00 at night if I remember correctly.

    Spin, Yeah I have heard him say he likes sweet tea.

    iag, I agree some take everything they see/hear to heart. Like you said if he stands next to a woman they already have the wedding planned. I kind of side with you don’t think he will marry anytime soon. If he does it will be much later maybe in his 40’s, just don’t see him going public with anyone at this time. He must know it causes meltdowns with some. He needs the support and isn’t going to do anything to cause an uproar. Just my two cents.


  44. Amen, Rhonda!! He digs the ciggy’s. ahahhaha

  45. Yeah, that video caused lots of fun meltdowns and angsty woe. Those were the good old days!

    I wish I had saved a copy of this photo “enlarged and enhanced” to prove it was an apricot sharpie . . .

    Because most guys totally hold their sharpies like that.

  46. Snowstorm Says:

    What about the time he said the “f” word??? Then he came back and apologized??? That was a big mistake..that’s giving fans way too much power.

  47. I believe the black band was a secret message to his wife and kids to stay out of the country a bit longer: β€œStay in hiding. They’re buying the fact that I’m only 29 and a lonely single guy struggling to make it!”

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Caryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahhahahahhahahahhaa!!

  48. What about the time he said the β€œf” word??? Then he came back and apologized??? That was a big mistake..that’s giving fans way too much power.

    Totally agree with SS on this.

  49. Didn’t Carly Simon have a catchy little tune about a guy walking onto a yacht with an apricot sharpie? Or maybe it was a scarf..or ascot…or something. πŸ˜‰

  50. Snowstorm Says:

    Are you serious? They said it was a sharpie?? hahaha!

  51. Virtual Speak Says:

    Ahh yes.. the dreaded apricot sharpie gang wanted in seven states!
    Poor Taylor really has gone down the wrong path getting all caught up with the likes of those hooligans.

  52. Soulaz has the Milk threads* right: totally subversive and hilarious.

    I say “threads” – plural – because they kept being yanked by the moderators there for being…you know…hilarious, subversive, and generally profoundly disrespectful of the whole idol-worship thing.

  53. I watched the infamous video from the Waffle House. I’m shocked!! He smokes?!! That’s it for me!! I’m officially out of the fandom!!

    Unless…you know what guys? I think he probably just ate a REALLY hot waffle. Yeah, that’s what it was. Whew. Oh boy, that was scary for a minute there.


  54. I know you didn’t just suggest our sweet Tay is vain, writingdoc. Because he’s a humble, southern gentleman whose purity of spirit would never allow a vain thought to reside in his saintly head.

    And sadly, it’s true . . . the Milkies didn’t get any respect on the AI boards. I think Stevo was lactose intolerant.

  55. Snowstorm Says:

    We’ll just call Taylor “fire breath” from now on, lol!

  56. AHAHAHAHHHA Caryl and Snowstorm!!

    Or we can call him Dragon!!

  57. spinshack Says:

    I’m so glad some of you guys remember the Milkies. That was fun, but yeah, they kept getting poofed. *sigh*

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    You mean to tell me that Taylor is NOT as pure as gently falling snow???? I think I shall hang myself.

  59. Caryl, maybe it was powdered sugar from the french toast!! πŸ˜†

  60. Because that’s how it is with the soul patrol, Sunny. Anybody who dares to have a sense of humor about our sweet Tay will be punished.

  61. I also did not know about the apricot defense. I will confess that I was behind the earlier photochop of Taylor smoking, which created pure chaos at that UBER-sparkly “family” site where they prayed for Taylor a lot. Bless them.

    That chop wound up on some VFTW fundraising items. I remember confessing my role by PM to someone there. Her reply: “Holy Fuck! I feel like I’ve just been handed the keys to the nuclear arsenal!”

    Ha ha ha. Fun times.

  62. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh man, I must have missed a lot. Show us the photochop of Taylor smoking.

  63. Oh yeah…I remember that one, True!!


  64. Maybe its not that big of a deal? Maybe fans of other groups don’t dwell on all the nit picking.

    Just maybe, part of the problem could be sites like this that keep bringing it up… ya think?

    If you want the mommy’s to get off your back, while don’t you just get on with it. Why sit around and discuss… discuss.. discuss.

    I find it all.. rather discussing.

  65. I would think I don’t have it anymore. Don’t know. I’m not at my own computer.

  66. LOl

    That last discussing in my previous post should have been “disgusting”.

    I guess I got lost in all the discussion.

    My question.. Why can’t we all just get along?

  67. Well, as I am quite the collector of Taylor Hicks memorabilia and all . . .

    I never had the full size pic, just this avatar sized one. I also never knew who was responsible for this bite-size portion of love . . . but now I do. See, you learn important things on blogs.

  68. Sweetay, thanks for posting…

    And we all are getting along here just fine. πŸ˜‰

  69. taylorfan06 Says:

    This may be off topic, but RELEVANT:


    One more day to go and we can add “What’s Right Is Right” to our Taylor Hicks collections.
    He has definitely delivered with a great song to introduce “The Distance”.
    Show your support and lets give Taylor BIG sales number for the singles first week in release!
    Show your love and tell a friend. He’s truly earned it.

  70. Snowstorm Says:

    Oh man that is funny! I can just imagine the reaction that got, lol!

  71. spinshack Says:

    Snow are you talking about the smoking pic or the ad by taylorfan06? πŸ˜›

    Sorry taylorfano6 πŸ™‚ but reading that I flashed to that guy on TV who sells everything in those infomercials. You know, that bearded hyper guy.

  72. Billy Mays!


  73. Another smoker:

    Now THAT guy…is a God.

  74. Snowstorm Says:

    The smoking pic.

  75. True, True . . .

  76. spinshack Says:

    And then there’s this guy.

  77. Virtual Speak Says:

    taylorfan06 will you throw in a Pedi Egg and a Shamwow all for the same low, low price? πŸ˜†

  78. VS, you ever tried one of those pedi eggs??

  79. jerseyirish Says:

    There is another pic of him smoking in front of a Christmas tree, don’t have it but have seen it. I do remember reading about his smoking and using the dreaded “F” word. Geez these women haven’t been around many men, my husband and son every other word outof their mouth is that, it is just part of their way of talking. I’ve raised some eyebrows when I have flung it also, just slips out with me once in awhile. I guess I am really bad because I smoke also.


  80. jerseyirish, you stunned us into silence!

    Yeah, Taylor smoking, Taylor cursing, and the final straw was Taylor with a woman on a beach. It was all just too much for the faint of heart.

    But we’re still here! We’re so badass!! Rock on!! (ow, I sprained my hands doing the roll n’ roll sign. Where’s my bengay?)

  81. Oh, I see why I hurt myself! I did the “roll” n’ roll sign instead of the “rock” n’ roll sign. Gotta be more careful next time.

  82. You guys are cracking me up.

    Not only does Taylor smoke and curse, he also poops and pees and farts as well. It’s like my mother once told me:

    Even the Queen of England poops and pees.


    I agree that Taylor created this problem for himself by trying to mean something to everyone, which is impossible. There is no successful artist out there that can encompass all the different types of fans that Taylor tries to please. It just can’t be done if he wants to stay true to what he really wants his music to be.

    I have a sinking feeling that he may have tried to run the gamut with this next CD, trying to put a little bit of everything in there to please everybody. An established artist, with an established fan base can do that, but Taylor is not there yet.

  83. Yeah I get the feeling his album is gonna be all over the place too…….we’ll see I guess. Here’s hoping it doesn’t blow goats though! HAHAHAHHA!

  84. How about looking at like this? Taylor ATTRACTED these types of delusional fans to himself. The type that get offended over the profanity and could never imagine him lying, cheatin’ , druggin’ or whatev. When you project a fake self, you attract fake (mismatched) fans.

    So is it really their fault that they view him as this squeaky clean southern gent who can do no wrong? Or is it HIS fault that he’s pretended to be just that? And sometimes slips up?

  85. Virtual Speak Says:

    IAG- No. I never tried a pedi egg. Should I? πŸ˜†

    Willpen how can he possibly go pee if half the SP doesn’t even think he has a penis? πŸ˜‰

  86. blue,

    It is his fault and it isn’t his fault. These issues started when he was on Idol. He created this persona which was good for him because people went for the Sweet Southern Gentleman, which is probably part of who he is anyway. He could not have pulled it off as well as he did if this was not really part of his personality.

    During the Idol tour when he did all the after shows, he was really being himself. There were a few of these shows where he was really shit faced and out of it. The thing is that not a huge majority of his fans ever got to see these shows.

    When he started his tour, he had the opportunity to move away from that perception. At the beginning of the tour he did not do that many Soul Patron shout outs, but as the tour went on I think he felt that he needed to acknowledge those fans. I guess it is true that every fan is as good as the rest. It is just that he continues to send mixed messages about who he is. Is he “Bar Taylor” who curses and smokes? Or is he “Grease Taylor” who is just adorable? Or is he still “Idol Taylor” the perfect Southern Gentleman who can do know wrong?

  87. Virtual Speak…. Good Point..rotflmao… πŸ˜€

  88. blue, if you’re talking about the timeframe when he was on AI, I tend to think that Taylor was somewhat limited in how he could present himself to the television audience.

    Remember, AI is a family show, and coming out with a cigarette, dropping f-bombs and dry humping the air, might have caused him some trouble at the time. Although parts of his TI2TS kind of looked like dry humping to me, now that I think about it.

  89. Soulaz,

    Nobody does dry humping and commando like Taylor. I wonder what the Milkies would think of some of the really vivid commando that are out there. πŸ˜‰

  90. I think he still presents himself this way. Just look at the interviews he gives to the media where he says a whole lot of nothing. They are filled with generic answers you’ve heard 100 times. Even his blogs are filled with nothing. This is not someone being “themselves” is it? Where is the genuineness about how he presents himself to the public? Because I don’t see it. When has he ever spoken his true opinion about how he feels about real issues? Anyone? I think I read a real person once in Relix, oh but he took that back.

  91. Snowstorm Says:

    blue, Taylor is very guarded.. that’s obvious. But, if I were in his shoes, I would be too. Look at all the momentum he’s lost.

  92. jerseyirish Says:

    I tell you it made me smile when I read he smoked, cussed and was just one of the guys. When I first started reading about Taylor it was like you said he was a saint like being. I wanted to see the real guy. iag you said he spent 10 years in bars, exactly he could not be untouched playing the bar scene. I used to date a few musicians back in the day, they were real bar boys, no saints.


  93. taylorfan06 Says:

    Who cares if Taylor smokes? He’s an adult and can do as he pleases.
    I think its common knowledge to the SP know that he smokes. Some fans have even blogged that they hoped he would stop so it doesn’t affect his voice. The truth is it’s out there, big deal – so what is the issue?

    I’ve never seen Taylor portraying to be something he’s not. If he apologized for dropping the f-bomb, who cares? Jay Leno apologizes for a lot of things that he does all the time. Taylor (and Jay) want their fans but they don’t want to alienate them either.

    The blog today has been A LOT of blah, blah, blah. Can we take it something more interesting. Yes, this is boring as was mention by Caryl regarding these posts.

    Are there any dates available for Taylor’s TV appearances?

  94. Now hold on there! Some of these comments are far from boring: “dry humping the air”? “commando”? And I think someone alluded to the fact that Taylor has a penis. Is that true? I thought he was a eunuch!

  95. Taylorfan06,

    I don’t care if Taylor smokes, in fact it kind of makes me like him more. We’re not making an issue of it. We’re just having a drama free discussion. Sorry if that’s not something you’re used to.

    You missed the entire point about Taylor apologizing. He shouldn’t have to. He’s a grown man, but yet he bows to the Soul Patrol. When he stops doing that, then he just might start going somewhere.

    And wait…Taylor has a penis? Holy hell!

  96. Virtual Speak Says:

    taylorfon06 you seem to be missing the whole point. We do not care that he smokes. We’re talking about the ones that make an issue over it and say that the cig in his hand is an apricot sharpie.

  97. taylorfan06 Says:

    There’s a LOT of “beating dead horses” around here. It get V-E-R-Y boring.
    I’d like to talk about more interesting things that are more fun or positive.

  98. Snowstorm Says:

    I thought “fire-breathing” Taylor was very funny, lol!

  99. Taylor does NOT have a penis. He has a apricot appendage. Sometimes after apricot appendage activity, he doodles pictures of his favorite fruit with his apricot sharpie, while drinking apricot milkshakes.

    I know that there are peach purists out there who will try to dispute this information. But it comes from someone VERY close to people who are very close to random associates of Taylor Hicks, so I know it is a fact.

  100. AHAHAHA Soulaz!!

    TF06, I deleted your comment. When you can add to this discussion, feel free to post again.

  101. Oh, and for the record, I thought the discussion today was all about the silly. Nothing important or significant, just reminiscing over some of the craziness we’ve all been immersed in for the past couple years.

    Silly is still good, right?

  102. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t see any problem with being silly.. I love to laugh.

  103. Yes, silly is good for a Monday — a dose of levity is never a bad thing from time to time! Tomorrow I shall go back and put on my apricot-colored glasses.

  104. Dammit. My apricot colored glasses broke. πŸ˜†

  105. Virtual Speak Says:

    I dunno Soulaz.. your people that are very close to the random associates of Taylor Hicks must not know the same people that I know that are random associates of him- because my cousin twice removed on the paternal side heard he had a kumquat appendage.

    I did some research and have come to the deduction that the flower on a kumquat plant are pure white and virginal just like him. So, it must be true.

    Pass it on..

  106. OH, wait,we’re being silly? I was dead serious.


  107. Taylor could never be associated with the kumquat. The name is just too racy. White, virginal flowers or not . . .

  108. I’m in the apricot camp. I want nothing to do with fans who believe in the kumquat. Hmpf!

  109. Ut-oh, I think I hurt the kumquat fans feelings! Come back! For the love of Taylor, can’t we all just get along? *sobbing*

  110. AHAHHAHAHAHh Caryl!!

  111. taylorfan06 Says:

    I just downloaded WRIR on iTunes!!! WOOOO! It sounds soooooooo goood.
    I think it’s a little different than we’ve already heard.

    I love having it in my collection.
    NOW I can listen to it in my car! (FULL BLAST!)

    Check. It. OUT!!!

  112. spinshack Says:

    …and we’re back to the Billy Mays guy. (FULL BLAST)
    whoops my cap key stuck.

    kumquats? Wow that’s just too racy for me. We need stick to proper apricots only.

  113. AHAHAHHAHAHAH, Spin!! You are cracking me up!!

  114. spam spam spam spam….

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