Watch out! Bad fans are popping up everywhere!!

The Boogies had a cellcert. *gasp* There are now members of the Soul Patrol riled up for disrespecting Taylor’s wishes. One could get into an argument of semantics here, but a cellcert is not a recording. All it is is a phone call. If somebody can send me the concert, then it’s recorded. And even then, so what? We all know Taylor has said a lot of things he doesn’t mean. What if all those “bad fans” hadn’t taken video during his tours? What would we have done during the drought of the last 2 years? What if the “bad fans” hadn’t learned to rip mp3’s off of those videos? What would be on the “good fan” ipod playlists? Because I bet that all of these fans that are holier than thou have a few of those mp3’s on their ipods.


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  1. HAHHAHAHAHHA!!! IAG, Classic!!!!!!!!!!

    “You weep for Taylor and you curse the Soul Patrol!!!”

    “Did you order the cellcert???!!!!!!!!!!????”
    “You’re goddamn right I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    omg… LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!

  2. Now, if only some of those “Bad Fans” would post their ill gotten booty, this Bad Fan would be a very “Happy Fan”!

  3. ShadowlessSoul Says:

    tee hee hee…

  4. Snowstorm Says:

    I can’t wait for the day one of the grannies gets caught and gets her cell phone and recording devices taken away and gets her ass kicked out of the venue. HAHAHAHAHAHHA! That’s going to be hyserical!!

  5. Geez, wish I had known about the cellcert cause I would have listened to it!

    Guess that makes me a “bad” fan!

  6. taylorfan06 Says:

    People will do what people will do. For me, experiencing him LIVE, with the visual (yeah Taylor, IN THE HOUSE), and with THE sound, is the Ultimate! That’s what I want to experience. I’ve got my tickets for Taylor’s arrival to Los Angeles (The Pantages AND The Roxy) in March and I CAN’T wait!!.

    I’m not a fan of the cellcert, never experienced it. I can only imagine the sound is pretty bad, though. If that’s the fact that it happened last night, let’s do our best to keep the drama to the very minimum. I hope this post doesn’t beat a dead horse about that issue.

    I look forward to hearing about last night’s concert from those who were there. I support Taylor and I love his music. I look forward to seeing him in person, come March, and buying his new CD and DVD, also. End of story.

    I do enjoy seeing video of Taylor and am glad to have them on youTube. He’s such a dynamic performer to see live. I find it hard to compare him with anyone else in that category. (Tom Petty is actually way up there) I’ve been to many concerts over the years and have enjoyed the majority of the artists I’ve seen, but Taylor REALLY does bring something different to the concert experience. His passion, charisma, and sense of fun does carry over to the audience. Plus the KICK ASS band he had with him! The two times (so far) that I’ve seen him were AWESOME. And I also lucky enough to meet him in person. Very charming and nice.

    I am one happy camper now that I have my tickets to see him how he really needs to be seen and heard. I look forward to sharing my experiences here after the shows. Play nice everyone. Let’s “keep it real” …civilized.

  7. I’m just curious, because I really don’t know. Would that be illegal? Is there some copyright infringment if you broadcast a concert without authorization?

    (I think it was wrong to do a cellcert. Now, I’ll go hide under my desk.)

  8. jerseyirish Says:

    Did anyone get caught, or is just being talked about. If the person(s) were removed from the show knowing he asked it not to happen then thats the way it goes. I know a cellcert is not a recording device, but it is tranmitting the music, never been involved in a cellcert but what I have read they aren’t very clear.


  9. No expert on cell certs, I’ve never listened to one. I have heard the recordings. Might as well be listening to a toilet flush. There was a cell cert on the BB last night. I was reading along with it. Person did not seem to get caught, because the cellcert covered the whole concert.

    I got a call today from someone who was there, and she said she doesn’t know how the person did it, because security was standing at the end of each row of seats, watching for cell phones, cameras or recording devices. Announcement was supposedly made, that if anyone was seen with a cell phone out, they would be removed. (Disclaimer: This is stuff she told me. I was not there.)

  10. Caryl,

    You are absolutely right. That’s what Taylor Hicks told you. I wonder how
    many people listening to the cellcert, recorded it and put it on sendspace, then sent pms to people with the link to the sendspace file?

  11. Just a quick question . . . why is the cellcert from last night so much worse than the sendspace file of Nineteen that was made publicly available, and continued to be made available after the song was removed from MyRocketScience?

    Are the issues of ethics tied purely to what is right and what is wrong, or do they only come into play when an edict comes from Taylor? Is doing the wrong thing only wrong if you think Taylor will find out about it?

    I’m not trying to be difficult here, but I am honestly curious how that distinction is made. A cellcert is an “ethical violation,” while a download of a not released and never performed publicly audio file is okay?

    For the record, I am trying to remain a “virgin” to the music. I like the idea of buying the new CD and having a bunch of songs I have never heard before. It’s kind of like, when you were a kid, and you snuck a peek at all your Christmas presents, and then Christmas morning kind of sucked. I don’t want to have that experience with the new CD. I want to be surprised at what I hear.

  12. Snowstorm Says:

    “Would that be illegal? Is there some copyright infringment if you broadcast a concert without authorization?”

    It certainly is illegal and if Taylor finds out who did it, he has every legal right to go after this person. He probably won’t, but just sayin.

  13. jerseyirish Says:

    SS, BL brought that up last week about copyright infringment to broadcast unauthorized material. I had said the same thing. These folks don’t seem to be taking what he is saying seriously and you are right he could go after them, but is it worth his time. The CD is so close to release and he is sharing songs from the CD with folks that can get to the shadow dates, I will just wait until the CD comes out and I have paid to hear it. If anything gets released on RS or by him ahead of time then that is different I would take a listen as it is in the form he wants all to hear.


  14. Hey JI,
    Want to comment on that questionable download available on your home sight? Just wondering…

    Soulaz, I asked the same question as you the other day. Once again, why did this site get so much flack for posting a 20 second clip, but “other sites” with full unreleased downloads publicly available seem to skip all the scrutiny?? Once again, Soul Patrol is as Soul Patrol does.

  15. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Don’t know what site you are talking about haven’t seen any downloads at any of the sites I go to and if it is a sendspace I have trouble with them and don’t even bother when something is sent sendspace. Don’t think I would take a listen as the vid’s from last week were pretty poor quality everything sounded distored.


  16. casualfan Says:

    I don’t care for cell certs but I’m looking forward to seeing him in March at the Roxy.

  17. YKW, What in the hell is a “home site”? I think I am homeless!

  18. Rosie, In my vernacular, a “home site” is one where one primarlity posts; it’s the first site you check daily, usually. 😉

    JI, here’s what I’m talking about:

    “whatplanetamion” posted a sendspace link for “Nineteen”. I just find it silly that posters like henry8 and others slammed IAG with negativity for those video clips when nothing has been said about that post on the other blog.
    This is also what soulaz was commenting on upthread when he/she posted:
    why is the cellcert from last night so much worse than the sendspace file of Nineteen that was made publicly available, and continued to be made available after the song was removed from MyRocketScience?

    As I’ve said before, “Some fans are more equal than others.”

  19. Unless we’ve got a copyright lawyer on this forum, all this is a lot of wind.

    Taylor Hicks isn’t deprived of income as a result of cellcerts; nobody sells or buys them. (Soulaz is right – it’s far more likely the sharing of a clean MP3 of Nineteen will deprive him of income, but SP appears to be unconcerned about that.)

    Nor is Taylor damaged by cellcerts in any other way I can imagine: nobody listens to them except hardcore SP, and no hardcore SP would pass on buying the officially released goods because they heard a poor performance, or poor audio on a cellcert.

    Net loss: zero.

    The cellcert ban may have extremely limited value as a means of behavior modification, but it’s a bit late for that – 2007 having been the Panty-Tossing Tour, after all.

    Normally, a musician requests stuff not be recorded, venues and road crews provide security, and fans opt not to record, or they take their chances and record. And everybody minds their own business. But not Taylor Hicks and Soul Patrol.

    Because he is The Flag, and SP are The True Patriots. From a distance, I’m sorry, but it looks like an asylum! And please give me a serious break with this “after all he freely gives us!” argument. He’s not Christ on the effing cross. He sells his product for money, and we buy it, and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work.

    In all earnestness – if the fans really want to do something important to help Taylor Hicks, they can start by acting like normal fans, and treating him like a normal artist.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  20. WEll, it’s hard for me to be objective when I had Taylor look me hard in the face, with his eyes sending some kind of lazer beam that paralyzed me, and said, “I think I was pretty clear on my websites about not wanting cellcerts.” That guy can be freaking scary when he wants to be. (hiding under my desk again, but now I’m afraid of Taylor.)

  21. jerseyirish Says:

    YKW, Like I said if it is sendspce I don’t even try doesn’t work for me. I heard Nineteen three times before it was removed, and thats the last I have listened to it. If others have used the link put up thats there business, but I haven’t. If the link put up is the clear version of the song that was on RS then it is being heard the way he wanted it to be, not saying it is right, but it is the way he presented it. Have you listended to any that have been put up?

    Caryl, Taylor scary, wow!!! 🙂


  22. Snowstorm Says:

    LOL @ Caryl!

  23. YKW, I recall seeing that post and link to sendpace on that blog. I think it is up to the blog owner to comment. I mind my own business about such thing and have never heard a cellcert nor downloaded a song illegaly. If others do so that is there business. Isn’t it illegal to download even WRIR, before is is released on Tues? As for “Nineteen” is sendpace breaking the law as well as anyone who listens?

  24. Snowstorm Says:

    True, whatever his reasons are for no cellcert…he doesn’t want them and that’s that. Looks like Taylor has to get more security and bouncers now, to baby sit the SP and make sure they behave, lol!

  25. Thanks True and YKW for addressing my question . . .

    But I am still hearing the same thing from other commenters. “Taylor said it, and so therefore, no cellcerts.” I get it, totally. But my question is still out there. Is the illegal download of Taylor’s single, Nineteen, less unethical than the cellcert, because Taylor did not specifically tell anyone NOT to download it?

    What is the criteria by which this ethical standard has been set?

    Oh, and you are absolutely correct, True. Taylor doesn’t give of himself freely. No matter what people may want to believe about the nature of their “relationship” with Taylor, he is a business and we are his customers. Like any good “business,” he wants to please his customers. And so, therefore, he is nice to us. That fact doesn’t mean he doesn’t honestly appreciate his fans. I’m sure he does, very much. But there is no personal aspect to his relationship with us.

  26. spinshack Says:

    Some try to appear so innocent as to avoid scrutiny – this even more entertaining after some of the things I’ve read today. 😉

  27. I downloaded that sendspace link, and it opened Nineteen on iTunes. I now have it on my iTunes playlist and can listen to it whenever I want to. But I can’t copy it and send it to anybody else (or, maybe that’s possible and I just don’t know how to do it). What I want to know is, why does iTunes have permission to allow the song to be saved for free? I’m a bad fan.

  28. casualfan Says:

    I think the fans should respect his wishes and not do the cellcerts, photos or video if he asked them not to. It’s clear that he is re-shaping himself and wants to be taken seriously as a professional musician. Problem is that Taylor himself is responsible for creating this monster by allowing it all to happen from the begining and it’s hard to put it back in the closet.

    The fans should respect his wishes, enjoy his music and not be so obsessive.

  29. It’s clear that he is re-shaping himself and wants to be taken seriously as a professional musician.

    casualfan, that would be quite a welcome development. Tell me, please, what this impression is based upon. It may be just the media ban, but is there something else?

  30. I’m actually surprised that chill left the link up for “Nineteen,” soulaz. It’s possible she didn’t notice it because I know she’s been busy.

  31. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Maybe your right about Chill’s, she has been very busy with work and such. Have a corporate laptop and do not have the right player to play anything on sendspace filters won’t let me. I have listened to things on sendspace because my duaghter will send the link e-mail to herself then I can listen on her laptop.


  32. casualfan Says:

    True, No, it’s not just the media ban. Taylor himself has stated in interviews that he has been re-defining himself and wants to be taken seriously. The cover of his new cd is also an indication as with his PR, security, management and other implementations that are forth coming. His interviews are more defined, his voice is clear and even his shows are more professional.
    Taylor took some time off and I doubt that his intention during that time was to just play golf. He’s a thinker, observer and a strategist.

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    Caualfan, what do you mean about Taylor’s concerts being more professional. I saw him twice in ’07 and was blown away. Everything I had previously read about “seeing” him live, totally surpassed my expectations.

    Taylor is a great performer who knows how to give the audience what they want. Many of the fans I had met at the shows had already seen him a number of times. I have to say I was a bit envious of them seeing what I saw. What’s not professional? Have you seen him live?

    Too many people here really overanalyze Taylor WAY too much. (Drama)

    Sometimes I feel in interviews that Taylor has to defend his career and choices. Give him some “slack”. He’s a good guy that doesn’t need the heavy criticism. I appreciate all he does and all he’s done.

  34. taylorfan06 Says:

    What are you doing in your life that makes you all that, CF?

  35. casualfan Says:


  36. I really enjoy being a “bad fan”..I just thought I’d put that out there. ha!

  37. T-fan: I totally agree with you on the over analyzing Taylor. You guys are investing way too much time discussing whether the cellcerts are okay or not.

  38. And Rhonda… I’m with you girl! He’s not coming anywhere near me anytime soon so let’s hear some of that downloaded cellcert!

  39. Or better yet…Taylor you can just call me on my cell and sing to me! Ask Morph, she has the number!!!!!!!

  40. OMG, this reminds me of the days of “the Churchies.” Bad fans v. Good fans . . .

    True, I loved your post.

    If we have to take sides, sign me up with the bad fans. Taylor will just hafta spank me for being naughty, I suppose. (hides under desk with Caryl)

  41. badfantoo Says:

    Well I’ll listen to cellcerts and I’ll watch whatever media gets posted. It keeps my interest up to do so, and in turn I spend money on his cds and shows.

    The trolling has gotten a bit out of hand on this board. Too bad. I’ve been enjoying reading this site and the comments until recently.

  42. I have to agree BFT. It seems there is alot of baiting and fishing going on and that’s not cool. I simply stated my observation regarding what I have seen with Taylor and his career and got snarked at.

    Thanks again Grey for allowing me to post. This has been a great blog, but a bit too much trolling for me. Take care 😉

  43. I am not going to let this discussion degenerate into bullshit. Fairhope and casual fan, if you two want to argue you’re going to have to find another place to do it. Those comments have been deleted.

    Now, let’s get back to the discussion like adults.

  44. It’s your blog IAG. I understand. But I didn’t make the first jab.
    I’m simply tired of people dissing a certain someone’s blog. She is a good and fair person as I hope you are too.

  45. Is the illegal download of Taylor’s single, Nineteen, less unethical than the cellcert, because Taylor did not specifically tell anyone NOT to download it?

    What is the criteria by which this ethical standard has been set?

    My rational opinion, of course it’s not any LESS unethical. It’s JUST as unethical b/c it’s unreleased music, probably put up mistakenly. Moreover, it’s unpaid for, as in stolen. If that download were put out there legally, it would be for sale, for purchase. Taylor is not giving away his new music freely, one would think, especially under the new no-recording edicts at the live shows.

    The criteria for which the ethical standard has been set? All I can submit for this answer is common sense.

    And I’m sure I with that statement I just failed Professor Soulaz Ethics and Morality in the Soul Patrol exam.


  46. For me at least, the answer is a simplistic one. Taylor asked that no one record anything of any kind…period. It’s his show, his career, his music so he’s well within his right to do that. Simple common courtesy is to respect his wishes and leave it at that. For a fandom that worships him and has convinced themselves that he walks on water and can do no wrong, some do love testing the bounderies that he has set….and you wonder why the door that has access to him is closing?

  47. Casualfan, I’m not sure the door to access his was ever open. Compared to other artists, he’s not exactly open with his fan base. Sites aren’t updated, I mean, hell, we found out about the CD being pushed back because the date was different on myrocketscience…for a man who shouts Soul Patrol all the time, he sure doesn’t want to keep them updated on what’s going on.

    I still don’t think I heard him say no cellcerts. Anyway, as it’s been pointed out, cellcerts are shit. You can’t really hear anything…but it does give you the atmosphere of the concert, if that makes any sense.


    I am posting this same post everywhere I am registered.

    Straw – I’m not going to touch the good fan or bad fan crap, this fanbase is spilling at the rim with it and to be honest, I am freakin’ sick of it.

    But I will speak my mind on this one and say the following…

    a) I will be one pissed off bitch if some fans ignoring Taylor’s request to not broadcast / record unauthorized media from these shadow tours actually prompts him to make this ban permanent.

    b) Taylor has every right to shut all media down from now on if he so chooses. Most artists wouldn’t allow what Taylor has over the past few years. Yes, we are spoiled as Taylor fans. But it has always been because Taylor allowed our bad behavior.

    c) Personally, I could deal without capturing any more pictures or videos. Most likely, I have more pictures of Taylor than his own Mother does…

    d) If there is a media ban from now on, I will still go to Taylor’s future performances and be a fan. After all – it is all about the music – right! I will just need to relish in the fact that I was there in the early days when media was permitted.

    e) BUT I will be just a tad bitter that those who couldn’t control themselves for a few shows (until the new CD was released ) and screwed up the media thing for everyone else.

    My questions on this matter are:

    1) How would the ‘cellcert supporters’ handle it if their own actions prompted the fact they could never EVER have a cellcert again?!?!?

    2) Did these cellcert supporters EVER think that having this unauthorized cellcert against Taylor’s wishes could screw everyone over in the future? Even themselves?

    3) If Taylor chooses to ban all media from here on out – was it the cellcert you had for the Ohio Shadow gig worth it?


  49. Sometimes the Soul Patrol reminds me of battered housewives who repeatedly get beaten by their husband, yet defend their good man, make excuses for his actions and convince themselves he does it in the name of love. Some people need to get some self respect. Not everything he says or does comes from this place of selflessness.

    Hey SP. He’s not the general and you’re not his little soldiers and if he says “jump!” you don’t have to say “how high?!” It’s great that the almighty Taylor Hicks doesn’t want people having cellcerts. It’s also extremely stupid. Either way, that’s his call and either way, people can follow that rule or NOT. We all have CHOICES. He made one and everyone else can make one too. I break rules all the time. Nothing wrong with that. Rules are meant to be broken. He’s not losing money off a bunch of bored people listening to a damn cellcert.

    Now I wasn’t aware he was planning on redefining himself. I hope that big cellcert event doesn’t get in the way of that and ruin his career. Wow, is his career so fragile that it could be sabotaged by a cellcert? LOL If so, that’s sad.

  50. Blue ~ I am the farthest thing from a battered housewife. All I am saying is that most performers DO NOT allow media at a performance. Their craft is their currency and if they want to control the distribution of said currency it is their right.

    The SP has become nothing more that a bunch of spoiled fans that think cellcerts and media is their God given right. This is total Bullshit!

    All the man has asked is to not have media until the CD is released. IMO, that is not such a big deal.

    It doesn’t matter is some fans think Taylor’s decision on the media ban is his worst ever and it will ruin his career. It is HIS career to ruin –end of story!

  51. dg9001, I was not at all referencing you or your post in particular with my battered housewives comment, more the mentality of those that make non-sensical excuses for some things that have happened in the past.

    But, about your post.. Performers don’t allow a lot of things, but it’s never stopped good/bad fans from doing them. People illegally tape shows, download music, break in backstage. Not all fans follow rules is my point. So why should fans of Taylor Hicks be expected to act any differently? Why even try to control how others behave when it’s obviously never going to happen. Fans want to be entertained. Fans are selfish. So is the performer. Everyone is in it for themselves.

  52. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, This was posted at his myspace :

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Live Show Policy

    Please note that for all live appearances, there is a strict no recording policy. This applies to all video recording devices, including amateur and professional video cameras as well as cellular telephones. This policy will be strictly enforced.

    I rhink folks are gonna do what they want to do regardless of his or anyone’s request. Just putting this up because you noted you didn’t see anything about cellcerts.


  53. Performers don’t allow a lot of things, but it’s never stopped good/bad fans from doing them. People illegally tape shows, download music, break in backstage. Not all fans follow rules is my point.

    He’s not the general and you’re not his little soldiers and if he says “jump!” you don’t have to say “how high?!” … Either way, that’s his call and either way, people can follow that rule or NOT

    Thank you, Blue!! This is what totally amazes me about the SP… the way they feel the need to defend Mr. Hicks and his decisions. Now, I’m not involved in any other fanbases to this extent, but to anyone who may know: is this common? Do John Mayer fans patrol his forums for “bad behavior”, chastising other fans who dare to put illegal media out there? Because this kind of thing happens ALL THE TIME. Hell, I don’t think I’ve attended ANY concert where I haven’t seen some sort of recording device, be it audio or visual, smuggled in.
    I’m getting the feeling that the next step is going to be the SP version of vigilante-ism. Pointing out offenders at concerts!! Posting their names and photos publically, on Mr. Hicks MySpazz site!! Lynchings, where offenders are beaten with big gift bags full of clothes and gifts intended for the poor, wronged Mr. Hicks!!

  54. Amen Blue & YKW! Can I have a witness?

  55. I can’t believe that people are getting this worked up over a cellcert. Just a phone call, people.

    Thanks, JI, for posting that.

    Denise, thanks for posting, but seriously? As his fans, it’s not our responsibility to make sure everybody stays in line. It’s ridiculous. It’s like you’re trying to be the hall monitor at the Taylor Hicks school of soul. This is the part I just don’t get.

    As his fan, I am not required by the Soul Patrol handbook to defend his every move, to worry about what other fans are doing, or to monitor what goes on in the fanbase. It just boggles my mind.

  56. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, I agree one can only be responsible for their own actions, not those of others. If folks choose to go against his wishes and are not caught in the process then thats the way it is. Does it make it right, no but if he really wants he could easily go and track the number down if a cellcert has been posted and find who initated it. Is it worth his time to do so, can’t speak for him.


  57. omg, JI … Does that mean if I host a cellcert, I could possibly win a personal phone call from Mr. Hicks??????????!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!

  58. Interesting discussion — some of you may know that I’ve started a new blog (click on my name) to discuss all the good, bad, and ugly of online fandom. Please stop by an add your thoughts (about ANY fandom, not just Taylor’s). I’m sorry about the shameless plug, but I thought some here might be interested.

    By the way, I was part of another fandom that not only listened to the artist’s wishes, but to his family’s as well…as this young man was not a minor. That always amazed me; if the parents said to take down a photo or not share a particular story, many fans routinely bowed down to these requests, labeling everyone else “rogue.” Where does one draw the line??

  59. I’m not the hall monitor Straw. I’m not about to hand out demerits if I see these people at shows.

    I just have a right to voice my opinion. Someone further up post said it perfectly. It is not a Good Fan / Bad Fan thing. It is about selfish fans.

    I find it hypocritical that the same board that monitors discussion – deletes anything they deem objectifies Taylor, out of respect for him and now the same board goes and disrespects Taylor by doing something he requested not be done.

    I’m just calling it like I see it.

  60. I just think it’s surprising that such a popular message board (that’s what people tell me, I never go there) would so blatantly break the rules. What do you think? Were they really saying F.U. to the rules or did they assume it was OK?

  61. Maybe this is Taylor’s FU to the Boogie Board, lol. I wonder how pissed off Taylor is right now @ the BB?

  62. Casualfan, I’m with Grey, you wrote, “some do love testing the bounderies that he has set….and you wonder why the door that has access to him is closing?” I disagree, this man has never been an ‘accessible’ kind of guy. Perhaps a check in definition in order.

    I’m completely in agreement with blue and YKW. Brilliantly said, Blue.

    tsk tsk, those Boogies in trouble now? What will we see next?

    dg90001, shame on those selfish fans for wanting to spread the Taylor Hicks music. I hope that cellcert did not infringe on any monetary gains Hicks might have received that night.

    Regarding that sendspace issue and the free access to iTune download, if that’s the case, then that’s not right and is infringement. Can we say Pirate?

  63. BTW I’m being sarcastic regarding that cellcert issue….

  64. Story:

    Nine Inch Nails came out with a 2 disc album, that retailed about 30 bucks a pop.

    What did Trent Reznor (lead, NIN) do? He uploaded the entire thing on his website and let his fans download it for free.

    Why? Because he realizes that it’s just too hard to control the “illegal” stuff nowadays. He also knew that his die hard fans would STILL purchase the cd. And they did.

    He went on tour and sold out show after show. Why? Because the fans had heard all the new music……

    Just food for thought.

  65. NIN rocks solid. Love Reznor, he’s not alone in doing this sort of thing, there are other bands that have done this and similar in the past.

    I was reading about The Grateful Dead yesterday, they’re reforming and going on tour – it reminded me of how generous they always were to their fans. They encouraged folks to film and share bootlegs and it came back to them tenfold. To the folks who like to say “Tay it forward” there’s much to be learned, they have no idea.

    Too, another A2M artist, Everlast has no issues with fans filming him live, taking pictures. He’s a Grammy winning artist too and has always been laid back about the fans and access. He even maintains a blog himself and talks to his fans. Last tour in Europe he was encouraging fans to send pics and he would put his faves up on the site.

    More food for thought.

  66. Well said as always DG. 😉

  67. What? An artist who blogs about themselves? Surely you jest.

    Taylor could pick up a few pointers from those guys.

  68. It’s not really whether someone decides to hold a cellcert or whatever, it’s the rationalization that it’s somehow technically OK because they’re not recording, or whatever the excuse du jour is. Just admit you don’t give a flying f about what he says and you’ll do what you please. Just take ownership of your decision.

  69. Welcome, icallbs…nice screen name, too.

    I think I took ownership of that decision when I posted the videos.

  70. badfantoo Says:

    You know what I find interesting? Some of the loudest hall monitor whistles are coming from those who can go to any and all shows they choose. I wonder if their slavish support of the media ban would change if they weren’t able to attend show whenever and wherever?

    Taylor has been part of the jam band scene. His 2007 tours set lists were posted on one of the main jam band sites. He was also, as I recall, listed on a site that covers artists who encourage taping, etc.

    He set the precedent. It’s up to him–not “special” fans, not whoever is running his myspace and facebook, not the one who thinks she runs HQ, not Bill, not anyone else–it’s up to Taylor himself to Vlog saying absolutely no media INCLUDING cellcerts for me to accept that that is his new policy. And if it is his new policy, I won’t record or take pics. But, if someone else records and or takes pictures, I will happily look at them.

    People need to make their own decisions about what they feel is right to do, but if the media is out there, I’m going to look at it.

  71. “I find it hypocritical that the same board that monitors discussion – deletes anything they deem objectifies Taylor, out of respect for him and now the same board goes and disrespects Taylor by doing something he requested not be done.

    I’m just calling it like I see it.”

    DG, I don’t disagree with this at all. If we’re talking about hypocrisy. YES, they are the biggest hypocrites ever. They are selfish and self-serving and its never been about Taylor and supporting him, it’s been about not objectifying him because it makes them feel “uncomfy” due to their own repressed sexual issues. LOL

  72. IAG, to clarify, I was not referring to you or this site. Thanks for the howdy!

  73. badfantoo…good post!!

  74. spinshack Says:

    I love when new people join the conversation! Especially when they sound like icallbs. Howdy! Great points.

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