What’s wrong with me? I’m just not right!!

I sat in front of my iTunes this morning contemplating on whether to buy What’s Right is Right. So far, I’ve decided against it. I don’t really like it, so I don’t think I need to spend my money on it. Besides, when I get the CD, I’ll have a copy then. This coming from the girl who has seven different versions of Hold on to Your Love in my iTunes, along with five different versions of The Deal. Granted, WRIR would be the exact same version, but still. The point is my itunes is filled with Taylor Hicks, but I think I can probably do without this one.

What’s everybody else’s decision this morning?



99 Responses to “What’s wrong with me? I’m just not right!!”

  1. Nope, not buying it.

  2. brightlite Says:

    This everyone’s song I think. WRIR was written by Taylor for all of his fans, to demonstrate or put into words the way he feels about us all. He understands us all and he wants to be there for all of us in his own way, and he is! WRIR is a song for us all.
    I don’t have an iPod, although all of my kids do, so I asked them to download it into theirs, and many of my students are downloading, and I didn’t even have to offer them extra credit! They are doing it for me because they love me and What’s Right is Right!


  3. I like it! I bought it.

  4. That’s a lovely sentiment, BL, but I don’t think so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. brightlite Says:

    One other thing…I think the part about the empty bed and all is for a special woman in his life, ๐Ÿ™„ (none of us…lol…wait maybe Caryl???) but WRIR is a song of love that underscores what type of man he is, and we all know that, and that is why we all are here. We all love Taylor to one degree or another…I know JI does!!!

    When does the video drop?

  6. spinshack Says:

    No word on that video that I’ve found, Bright, but then I’m not one of the Super Sleuths; lost my Sherlock Holmes jacket.

    Downloading it? Since I’ve got a blog dedicated to talking Hicks, I will do it. Am I cap-lock-key Billy Mays infomercial excited about it? Not really. Do I think its the love song of the century? No, but then I’m not gooey about love songs either.

    I will buy the CD, very interested in a few tunes on that and will support the guy, old habits hard to break. LOL

  7. BL…I don’t think that Taylor feels that way about his fans at all.

    I could do a whole WRIR parody, but I won’t.

  8. And Taylor didn’t write this song.

  9. taylorfan06 Says:

    Yes, I downloaded WRIR just after midnight. And I will be playing it FULL BLAST in my car on my way to work this morning. I’ll look forward to the mocking that some like to do here.

    By the way, iag, I think the people who are buying the new Kelly Clarkson single will also be buying her CD when it comes out. That’s what a fan does. I hope you decide to download WRIR. It a good first taste of “The Distance”. Just my opinion.

    I’m not a SP, just a big fan of Taylor’s.

  10. Well, considering that you’re telling me how to be a fan, I would consider you SP.

    A fan does not have to like every single thing that the artist does. I’m a fan of Jack Johnson. There are some of his songs that I don’t like. I’m a fan of Amos Lee and Matt Nathanson. I haven’t bought every single song that they have ever done. Does that make me less of a fan?

    How about the people who can’t afford the CD? Are they any less of fans because they aren’t buying it?

    And I really hope that WRIR is NOT a “good first taste of the Distance”. I hope it’s just a ploy at trying to get radio play.

  11. Nope.. just not moved by this particular song. Don’t hate it, but don’t love it either.

  12. Sure didn’t! But I don’t think you’d expect less from my “shit fan” ways. ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. brightlite Says:

    I love the song and I can totally relate to every line, every word, every phrase…
    I know what the song is portraying and I applaud Taylor for it all! Whether Taylor wrote it or not, it is an original song for him, the debut of WRIR is on his album, it has never been released except now on The Distance, and Taylor sings it with heart and soul infused into every line. I LOVE it, the melody is in my head, the words go over and over through my mind, and I am so excited for him to release it!
    Did you see the handsome pic of him on RHS!! It makes me proud to be left-handed…lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hey…I’m left handed too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Now, now Rhonda…do we have to have an intervention for you? hahahaha

  16. taylorfan06 Says:

    ok, aig, you got me. I am a SP. Nothing gets past you!
    So shoot me already.

  17. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m also left handed if that’s any consolation.

  18. Well, that helps TF06.

  19. I bought it and intend to buy the album.

  20. BL: haha, yeah I wish. Actually, I don’t! After what happened with CL, who would ever want to be his gf?

    I like the other songs I’ve heard from the new CD, so hang in there, itsallgrey. I LOVE “Woman’s Got To have It.” It’s very cool.

  21. so what….we’re all left handed all of a sudden? HAHHAA!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I kid I kid…..but I AM left handed.

  22. Much agreed Caryl…about the GF thing.

    And I’m hanging in. Have been for the past two years. Why give up now? ๐Ÿ˜†

  23. Welcome, greeneyes!!

  24. I’m sure that means something, Rhonda! ๐Ÿ˜†

  25. I’m right handed. My S.O. is a Southpaw though – my sympathies. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Did you know Taylor is the most maligned celebrity ever?

    Neither did I.

  26. What? Where are you getting that omgitmustbetrue info from?

  27. I captured it the first day it came out, but yeah, I went and bought one from Amazon. If not for them, I wouldn’t have gotten it. Itunes and my computer don’t mix. Figured I’d just wait for the CD. But, to my surprise, Amazon worked for me, so I downloaded it.

    Just felt after listening free, I should actually plunk down my $.89. And no, I didn’t love it at first, but now it has grown on me. Words aren’t the best, but the melody and Taylor’s voice hooked me.

    Maybe I’m not such a bad fan, after all? NAH!

  28. I bought the single today. Had the song already, but I figured I could throw a dollar his way. I like it, but it’s not my favorite thing ever in the history of the damn world.

  29. taylorfan06 Says:

    Not my favorite either, bft, but it’s still pretty damn good!

  30. I was saving my 89 cents for Taco Bell since I have a hankering for a bean burrito, but alas…I will have to dine at home this evening as I ventured over to Amazon and something just took over…

    But I’ve recovered now. I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. bamahotpocket Says:

    Add my .89 cents to his riches.

  32. jerseyirish Says:

    Hey I’m left handed also, haven’t downloaded the song yet, just got back from the office. My daughter will do it for me when she gets in from shcool, but I am definelty buying it, loved what I heard from the first snippet!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  33. I bought it because I really love the song. Would I have bought it had I not liked it? Nope . . . and I still would have considered myself a Taylor fan.

    Taylor is not obligated to please me all the time, and I am not obligated to love everything he does. For instance, I have not plunked down the dough to see Grease, and don’t plan on doing so. But I am happy for all the fans who have had fun watching him in the play.

    I have a sneaking suspicion that many of the fans who chose not to purchase this single, have financially supported Taylor’s career in many ways, and will buy the CD in March. They are Taylor fans, just like me.

    *Off topic whine alert*

    It’s killing me that he will be here in Tucson doing Grease and so far has not scheduled a “shadow tour” show here. I hope that when he said he would be doing a concert at every Grease stop, he didn’t actually mean “every stop except f’in sucky ass Arizona.”

  34. Hmm, you’re right soulaz. I just looked at the schedule and a club date is scheduled in the markets before and after Tucson. Well, don’t lose hope, these dates have been coming through slowly. Maybe they havent’ found the right venue yet. Got any suggestions?

  35. Yeah, I would think The Rialto Theatre or Club Congress would both be cool venues in Tucson. And neither of them have any acts listed on their websites for the dates in late February when Taylor will be here in Arizona. I’m crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath.

  36. greeneyes Says:

    More dates for Grease were announced through December, so I’m sure there will be shadow tours in lots of the cities:

    July 7-19 Kimmel Academy Music Philadelphia, PA
    July 21-26 National Arts Centre Ottawa, CANADA
    July 29-Aug. 2 Broward Center Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Aug. 11-16 The Fox Atlanta, GA
    Aug. 18-23 Tampa PAC Tampa, FL
    Aug. 25-30 Orpheum Theatre Memphis, TN
    Sept. 1-6 Bass Hall Ft. Worth, TX
    Sept. 8-20 Hobby Center Houston, TX
    Sept. 22-27 BJCC Birmingham, AL
    Sept. 29-Oct. 1 Durham PAC Durham, NC
    Oct. 12-18 The Long Center Austin, TX
    Oct. 20-25 Bob Carr PAC Orlando, FL
    Oct. 27-Nov. 1 Times Union Jacksonville, FL
    Nov. 3-8 Barbara Mann PAC Ft. Myers, FL
    Nov. 10-15 Kravis Center West Palm Beach, FL
    Nov. 17-22 Landmark Richmond, VA
    Dec. 1-6 Ovens Charlotte, NC
    Dec. 8-13 King Center Melbourn, FL
    Dec. 15-20 Chevrolet Theatre Wallingford, CT
    Dec. 22-23, 26-27 Civic Center Des Moines, IA

  37. I do buy singles from itunes when there’s a song I love. I’ve only heard this song once, but I know it’s not to my taste. So no.

    I’m still open to liking the majority of the CD, but I don’t want to buy or even hear it until it’s all released.

    That’s me, since you asked.

  38. Greeneyes – I don’t know where you got that list of Grease performances, but a friend would like to know if you saw any indication that Taylor would be appearing in all those shows. (i.e. that he’s doing the Grease roadshow for the full year).

  39. Wow. That’s pretty big news. I’m going to see if I can find more info.

  40. Nothing posted at HQ, taylorhicks dot com, my space or even ticketmaster as of yet. Where’d you get these dates greeneyes?

  41. Those dates are also listed on the Boogie. I’ve gotta say, that’s one big heaping pile of Teen Angel, for sure.

  42. Well I am left handed and I am not buying the song. So far of the two songs that I have heard I really do not like either of them. I may buy the CD or I may just choose to download the songs that I like. That is why I love I Tunes. You no longer have to buy and entire album, you can buy what you like.

    Now as for not being a true fan, that is a totally subjective opinion. I have doled out tons of money for Taylor over the last 3 years. Does this make me a good or bad fan now?

  43. casualfan Says:

    BL, Your sentiments about the song are wonderful but I don’t get it as a love song or him singing to his fanbase. For me at least the song is metaphoric in telling everyone to have faith, stay true and believe in the people around you. At least that’s what I get out of it.

  44. jerseyirish Says:

    Just got this in a Google alert it lists all the not sure if its for Grease or as it says tour dates:


    Not sure what to make of it.


  45. I swear to God if I hear the words “true fan” again, I’m going to reach right through the internets and slap somebody silly. er.

  46. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Yeah I got a bunch of google alerts with the same thing I posted above you, guess he signed on till the end of the year and will be adding shadow dates along the way.


  47. casualfan Says:

    I got to give T credit on this one…Grease is basically paying his transportation, hotel accommodations and providing him with opportunity for plenty of venues to chose from to self promote his cd. Way to go Taylor!

  48. I swear to God if I hear the words โ€œtrue fanโ€ again, Iโ€™m going to reach right through the internets and slap somebody silly. er.

    I’m not a true fan, but I just might be a fan of True!

  49. What a positive outlook you have.

  50. spinshack Says:

    Well, True, it’s true, “Grease” the vehicle. Anyhoo, Hicks says he’s wanting to be an entertainer; and so he is. He’ll be coming with the entertaining play to DFW so I’ll catch him there if I don’t catch him out West. Always up for more entertainment. Hell if the show is successful to the end they may just keep on going ad infinitum.

  51. brightlite Says:

    Smart Taylor!!
    Also I can’t see how anyone can NOT love this song. It is beautiful, filled with joy and hope, and it lifts the spirit. It’s a song about LOVE and all that LOVE does for the human spirit. It has a Gospel feel to it, almost a spiritual quality to it that makes me want to stand and sway my arms over my head in one of those tributes that adoring fans do when their favorite artist sings a song like this. I can see everyone in the audience on their feet for this. I can see the energy from this song penetrating every soul in the room like it or not. WOW! His accent makes it even more adoring. The way he says things like “cain’t” and “skah” just all of the nuances he adds. This song will be recorded again in the future but like Frank did magic with all of this songs and no one could duplicate…well there ya havit it, Taylor has put his stamp on this and it will never be duplicated.
    Many of y’all don’t know it but Taylor is going to be bigger than ever in 2009 and beyond, and it’s just his time, his place in the sun has just begun…Idol? big deal….Taylor is a shining star and no one can deny that, nor can anyone stop it. When this song gets airplay.WATCH OUT!
    WOW X 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

    Stand back and get oyt the shades, becasue Taylor Hicks is in the house!

  52. OK, first a rant and then a rave:

    Rant: I’m annoyed that his people put out these official announcements everywhere except on his “offical” sites.

    Rave: (sorta) Grease is getting Taylor into markets he couldn’t get into with his own music. A show was booked for Houston in 2007 and was ultimately cancelled. But Grease is bringing him here to Houston, so hopefully he’ll be able to book a club.

    I’m guessing that Grease is something he’s just enduring so that he can perform his music all over the country. Don’tcha think?

  53. brightlite Says:

    More dates for GREASE!!!!
    OMG—————– Philadelphia!!!!!!!!!!
    Swaying arms to the sounds of What’s Right is Right!!!

  54. Switch to decaf, BL.

    (just kidding!)

  55. brightlite Says:

    Who knows caryl? He is an entertainer! let’s stop analyzing it. He says he loves to perform and he loves the live theatre so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and believe him!
    I am thrilled he is coming to Philadelphia!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for that and I will be out of school!!!!!!
    That means I can go —no problem!!

    Jersey…do you want to go to Philly with me to see Grease!!!???

  56. brightlite Says:

    Cain’t drink coffee anymore for awhile. I am excited pure and simple!

  57. I’m glad he’s coming to Houston (to do a club show *fingers crossed!), so I’ll forget about analyzing anything as per BL’s request, and just be happy about that.


  58. I gave up trying to figure out why Taylor Hicks does anything, a long time ago. If he’s simply “enduring” Grease, why all the talk about it being a way to get his feet wet in the acting game, and the potential for future acting jobs?

    All I know is that it seems he’s not doing a concert in Tucson, and travel is not really an option for me this year, unless a miracle happens. If this Grease tour is also the album tour, can we expect an actual album tour in 2010, like some are speculating? I’m trying to get my head around the idea that this Grease tour may be it, as far as touring the album goes.

  59. ((soulaz))

    The fat lady hasn’t sung yet on these club bookings, so don’t give up hope yet on that. Who knows what the he..ck will happen when this tour is over? Maybe he’ll reinvent himself again into a game show host (who plays the harmonica) or be one of the folks on Celebrity Fit Club (who works out and plays harmonica).


  60. You know what, soulaz? Maybe you and I will finally get our lives back. I’m feeling tired and not very woo-hoo-y.

  61. taylorfan06 Says:

    There’s good and bad news about touring the CD through Grease.
    The good (great) news is that these intimate shows give you Taylor up close, or close enough. Many of know what that’s like.

    The bad news, he won’t be performing to as many people. Actually, if he is able to book club after club throughout the year, it could be quite successful for Taylor. I, like many, would love to see Taylor have his best year yet!

    In any case, I hope great promotion, airplay, and good word of mouth will be the key to impressive sales for Taylor. I still honor the RIAA platinum certification of “Taylor Hicks”. My wish for “The Distance” is to be a certified “million (plus) seller” that doesn’t get disputed to death.

  62. jerseyirish Says:

    gBL, Yeah, look out Philly here we come. That is a denfinite, hopefully they will have a shadow date as well. As soon as I saw the date thought of you and told my daughter to keep the date open!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  63. taylorfan06 Says:

    That picture of Taylor in the studio is a solid 10!
    Any thoughts on that one?

  64. whatplanetamion Says:

    I like the tune okay (I’m not in love with it, but it doesn’t suck), but I will be waiting for the whole album. I just don’t see the point of paying for the same song twice.

  65. spinshack Says:

    It’s just the price of a bean burrito as someone up posts pointed out Planet. Go for it. Heck, Taylor the Entertainer wants us to represent.

    Soulaz you may be absolutely right, chica, this may be The Tour. Ah, it’s cost effective (remember that acoustic tour idea?) that’s for sure.

    Yep Caryl, I give it a big ol Yay. It’s not “Grease” is the word, it’s “Grease” is Forever.

  66. whatplanetamion Says:

    It’s the principle of the thing, not the actual cost.

  67. bamahotpocket Says:

    Grease till the end of the year. Oh, joy. ๐Ÿ˜

    If a tour happens in 2010, it probably won’t happen for a few months into the year. The poor dear will need his rest and a vacation first. By then the CD or it’s buzz is no longer palpable.

    I suppose he’ll get the hard core that’ll come see him if he ever tours it- because he does have more songs to add to his repertoire. But, how long does he think he can sustain the fans he has and make new ones when he’s busy doing his pomp and shitinstance?

    Now there’s rumor that he’s banned media indefinitely.

    Yeah.. really “Taylor Smart”


  68. spinshack Says:

    bhp, now you know Taylor the Entertainer is doing this just for the music…

    Granted this was a way to get around the country to promote the CD but face it, when an artist puts out an album they don’t wait a year to tour it. The shadow tour with “Grease” is Hicks touring the album.

    Not gonna be surprised if that media ban permanent. Let’s see if he’s smart enough to film some of the touring (shadow) gigs. If not, then that “Taylor Smart” label will really *ouch* smart.

  69. Snowstorm Says:

    I agree with you Spin.. these shadow tours is touring the album. It won’t make any sense to tour the cd in 2010 because by that time the buzz will be long gone. At least he’s saving money by not paying for travel and hotels, so that is a smart move. I have to hand it to him..playing teen angel for over a year… that is a very hard thing to do.

  70. Warning: crabbypants moment…

    Stop fucking telling me to stop analyzing, please! It’s my understanding this is one place where critical thinking is permitted right alongside the syrupy booster-club rallies.

    So…having ranted…recommence waving your hands above your head, please, and look the other way.

  71. “Now thereโ€™s rumor that heโ€™s banned media indefinitely.”

    Nice job, Boogie.

  72. The shadow tour with โ€œGreaseโ€ is Hicks touring the album.

    Oh yeah, it is.
    So, he’s getting paid from “Grease”, bringing in the revenue from the shadow tour, traveling with the touring troupe, not much overhead in terms of buses and/or roadies…

    hmmm, “Taylor Cheap”!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  73. spinshack Says:

    We are such a band of realists haters. Listening to “Yes Men” will get you Nada long term.

  74. If he’s banned all media indefinitely, that would be a shame.

    I’m hoping it’s a move to a more conventional approach to live show taping, namely, drawing on competent tapers to do high quality taping. There’s more advantages than just getting the good media. (I posted a long winded proposal on my blog about this a few days ago, but that’s it in a nutshell)

    As far as the single goes (wanting to address the actual post and all): I intend to buy the CD, so I see no purpose to buy any of the songs piece-meal.

  75. whatplanetamion Says:

    โ€œNow thereโ€™s rumor that heโ€™s banned media indefinitely.โ€

    That whole thing about Taylor wanting to be like Widespread Panic and offer downloads and/or recordings of the live shows? Yeah … he’s been talking about that since Gray Charles was still around. That’s not new. If there is going to be a total, permanent media ban on fan footage that would be why not because of a stupid cellcert. Don’t be laying that on The Boogie’s feet.

  76. Am I the only one not understanding you, Planet? Elaborate and educate. Thanks.

  77. bamahotpocket Says:

    Apparently, Taylor wants to do what Widespread Panic does and have a “tapers section” and charge more money for the tickets. There would also be CD’s made from the soundboard that you can purchase after the show. If I’m understanding correctly.

  78. Bring on the tapers section!!!! (yeah, uh, but don’t charge more for it.)

  79. Well, is his BIL his official spokesman now? Nepotism strikes again!!!

  80. bamahotpocket Says:

    I think it was Wes YKW. Ugh.

  81. I think she was referring to Wes as his brother in law. ๐Ÿ˜†

  82. casualfan Says:

    YKW, You hit the nail smack on the head. I also stated that in an earlier post which was ignored.

    LOL IAG-It took me a few to catch the “brother in law” tripe…LOL!

  83. brightlite Says:

    A song for anyone who dreams, and finds their dreams everyday in everyway.

    Way to Go Taylor…you are our Rocket Man as you soar through the universe with your dreams and goals…For having your dreams then making them come true…we should all follow in your ways.

    Have a nice day all.
    Schools are closed!! I am going to take some Motrin for my back, and then my daughter and I are going to hop on a couple of stallions and ride through the snow.
    Be well and peace.

  84. jerseyirish Says:

    BL, Love Elton’s Rocket Man great choice. I am hearing from folks that WRIR is getting airplay on radio stations near them, with the storm having trouble getting any NY stations in the house, am only picking up NJ talk radio. Have fun in the snow, we have just turned to freezing rain.


  85. let’s see.. Should I spend a buck on a tune.. or a day writing a put-down blog and reading all the replies.. or maybe rake leaves (shovel snow)

  86. Should I spend a buck on a tune that is annoyingly stuck in my head, even though I think it’s pure schmaltz… and not even GOOD schmaltz at that? THAT is the question.

    If I HAVE to have shmaltz, I only want pure Grade A, prime schmaltz, I guess. I’m spoiled like that. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hate raking leaves, they make me sneeze.
    Bless me!

  87. Oh, sweetay…what cracks me up is that you think this is a put down blog. And yet you find the time to reply to it, defending poor, poor Taylor.

    This is actually a fan blog, just not the sweet, sappy version.

  88. “Whatโ€™s everybody elseโ€™s decision this morning?”

    Sorry grey, just answering your question. Had no idea that you were just looking for folks to agree with you.

    defending Taylor? I don’t think so. Just making fun of you and your super big decision…

  89. letโ€™s see.. Should I spend a buck on a tune.. or a day writing a put-down blog and reading all the replies.. or maybe rake leaves (shovel snow)

    Hmmm…don’t really see where you answered the question.

    If I were looking for folks to just agree with me, half the people on here wouldn’t be allowed to comment. It’s called discussion. Some fans of Taylor Hicks have a hard time with it.

  90. Grey, Sweetay one of the minions sans humor regarding Hicks. Just flies over her sweet little head. Also a lack of word understanding as well, with confusion over ‘defending’. Of course she is.

    Sweetay, why aren’t you sitting there buying hundreds of downloads to support your man? Yes, dear lass, just leave us haters to wallow in our abject misery in agreement. Thank goodness gracious you are there to show us the error of our evil ways.

    YKW I bought it. Plunked down the coinage and did without that Taco Bell treat just to support Hicks because I’m such a bad fan. Stuck in your head? Hell, it was rattling around while I was trying to sleep last night, stuck on repeat throughout my dreams. It has that cloying ability to do that doesn’t it?

    Can’t rake leaves today, ice on the ground. I’m doomed to check in and out on-line again today. *sigh*

  91. (shovel snow) was my answer. We really got dumped on.

    As far as the new single. Taylor does a good job with the song. I don’t see the problem. I purchased it, and I requested it on my local St.Louis station. It would shock me if they ever played it. Taylor is considered a joke by most of them.

    Will it become my all-time fav… no Can it possibly get Taylor some radio play.. maybe, if folks don’t run it into the ground before it has a chance.

    All of the above .. is simply my opinion. Feel free to disagree, but don’t expect me to care. bye

  92. I’m a little confused what you mean by “maybe, if folks don’t run it into the ground before it has a chance.”

  93. Considering the friendly reception he’s been receiving at the radio stations he’s been interviewed so far on this ‘tour’,; I’d say it’s not the radio stations thinking he’s a joke. Thing is the tune has to be something that particular station wants to play in their line up.

    It takes more than emailing and calling radio stations to get a song played, but Hicks might be appreciative of your heartfelt actions, Sweetay.

  94. I know nobody is going to be shocked by this, but I think this whole “Grease until the end of the year” thing sucks.

  95. I was behind him on the initial NYC gig. The tour – for a few months sounded good too – free ride really and good exposure to a degree – shadow tours and all that. But for the rest of the year? This my friends, is how he’s touring the album. Might be the only way he could subsidize the venture.

  96. Not a real good way to gain new fans, really. I hope he’s happy with his career right now, because I just don’t see it going anywhere. Unless the album is a huge success, which I’m hoping for.

  97. casualfan Says:

    Of course the stations around where he’s performing “Grease” are going to play the song. Taylor has hitched his not so bright star onto that enterprise and they are pulling out all the stops helping him PR. This is a “scratch my glitter wing and I’ll scratch yours” arrangement.

    If this single fails to chart by the time he leaves that area, it will be leaving the rotation along with “Grease”.

  98. Well, I haven’t heard any rave reviews of the song so far, other than from fans. Of course, it’s still really early.

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