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Vegas baby Vegas!!!

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I just want to start out by saying..I called this whole Vegas gig years ago. However, I’m not searching in the 300+ posts to find it. I know I’m right and that’s all that matters. Taylor Hicks in Vegas. I’m not sure that there is a better fitting place for Mr Hicks than Vegas. After all, Vegas is the birthplace of performers, not just singers. And Hicks is definitely a performer if nothing else. After all, the purple jacket will fit right in!!

Okay, who’s roadtripping?

Taylor interview

And this…this introduction of Kris Allen..Simon actually let Taylor speak a couple of words!

Kris Allen introduction


Spotify or what in the hell am I going to find myself liking today?

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I know Spotify isn’t new, and I don’t know how many of you know about it…but it is definitely worth downloading. It’s similar to Pandora or, but you can search any song and listen to it. There are a couple of annoying ads every once in a while, but compared to the music that comes out of the speakers, it’s just a very minor annoyance. The interesting thing about it is that I find myself listening to all kinds of music. A quick history of songs I’ve listened to lately show a range from Kelly Clarkson to KISS to Lionel Richie.

But what I noticed yesterday is that I found myself listening to Taylor Hicks. I haven’t listened to him in a long time, and as much as I still dislike The Distance, I do love his other works. There is something about his voice that soothes me. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m sure my therapist can tell you. Just listening to his voice takes me to a place where I can relax, think and just be.

So my question is…who do you listen to when you need soothed? When the outside world just seems to be too much to handle and you just need some peace? Whose voice takes you to that place?

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.ā€

Ā E. Y. Harburg quotes (American Lyricist, Librettist and Song Writer, 1896-1981)

Sex in a song

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I am a big fan of Matt Nathanson. I think he is a genius..and this song with Sugarland is amazing. It kind of feels like I shouldn’t be watching…like they should be alone. The chemistry is great..I can only hope for more duets with these two.


Well, I did find another’s not exactly about sex.

End of the World

And although I said I wouldn’t be dragging Taylor Hicks kicking and screaming back into the blog…that song reminded me of this one:

Compared to What

I was in the crowd for that one. Spectacular. Cowbell anyone?

I’m here!

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I’m still alive!! And so is Taylor:

And this…more cowbell!!

Seeing that video just brought back a flood of memories!! Some bad, but mostly good!

I’m still here…

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…just been kind of sitting back and watching. Waiting for some new music from Taylor Hicks. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been discovering some new music, and for some reason, most of it is country. I haven’t been a fan of country in years, but for some reason lately, I’ve been drawn to it. Although it seems like these days there is so much crossover in the genres that I don’t really know that it can be called pure country. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, it seems to be successful for those artists.

Here’s some of my favorite videos..

The fact that these are all videos by VEVO could send me on another tanget about how VEVO is taking over YouTube, but I won’t go there right now…and about how you have to go to YouTube to watch them…anyway, moving on.

However, my latest song obsession has to be this one. And yes, I know it’s not country! šŸ˜‰

…you wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you and you’re beautiful….

I think those are the most amazing lyrics that I’ve heard in a while.

Compared to What?

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I was browsing YouTube when I came across John Legend singing Compared to What. I’m always amazed how a singer can change up a song and make it sound completely different. Compared to What is actually an anti Vietnam song, recorded in 1969 by Les McCann. Here’s some different versions:

John Legend

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck

and of course, Taylor Hicks

And here’s the lyrics…no wonder Taylor could never remember them. Ha!!

I love the lie and lie the love
A-Hangin’ on, with push and shove
Possession is the motivation
that is hangin’ up the God-damn nation
Looks like we always end up in a rut (everybody now!)
Tryin’ to make it real ā€” compared to what? C’mon baby!

Slaughterhouse is killin’ hogs
Twisted children killin’ frogs
Poor dumb rednecks rollin’ logs
Tired old lady kissin’ dogs
I hate the human love of that stinking mutt (I can’t use it!)
Try to make it real ā€” compared to what? C’mon baby now!

The President, he’s got his war
Folks don’t know just what it’s for
Nobody gives us rhyme or reason
Have one doubt, they call it treason
We’re chicken-feathers, all without one nut. God damn it!
Tryin’ to make it real ā€” compared to what? (Sock it to me)

Church on Sunday, sleep and nod
Tryin’ to duck the wrath of God
Preacher’s fillin’ us with fright
They all tryin’ to teach us what they think is right
They really got to be some kind of nut (I can’t use it!)
Tryin’ to make it real ā€” compared to what?

Where’s that bee and where’s that honey?
Where’s my God and where’s my money?
Unreal values, crass distortion
Unwed mothers need abortion
Kind of brings to mind ol’ young King Tut (He did it now)
Tried to make it real ā€” compared to what?!

(Music break)

Tryin’ to make it real ā€” compared to what?

So, I’ve been a little neglectful…

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…of the blog. Sorry about that. Sometimes real life has more pressing matters. The good thing is it won’t take long to catch up on Taylor’s moves. Ha.

Okay…I’m not even going to go over the Celebrity Ghost Stories episode. I will tell you that I’m a regular viewer of that show and I was a little confused by his story. But whatever!!

Keep it groovin’ Taylor!