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We’re Not Young….

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I’m not big on parodies in the music world…just not my thing. But this…this is fantastic. I am hanging on to the 30’s with just my fingernails. But I’m still in my 30’s dammit! I really think people of all ages can relate to this. So funny!!

We're Not Young

Make sure you watch until the very end! Priceless!


Spotify or what in the hell am I going to find myself liking today?

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I know Spotify isn’t new, and I don’t know how many of you know about it…but it is definitely worth downloading. It’s similar to Pandora or, but you can search any song and listen to it. There are a couple of annoying ads every once in a while, but compared to the music that comes out of the speakers, it’s just a very minor annoyance. The interesting thing about it is that I find myself listening to all kinds of music. A quick history of songs I’ve listened to lately show a range from Kelly Clarkson to KISS to Lionel Richie.

But what I noticed yesterday is that I found myself listening to Taylor Hicks. I haven’t listened to him in a long time, and as much as I still dislike The Distance, I do love his other works. There is something about his voice that soothes me. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m sure my therapist can tell you. Just listening to his voice takes me to a place where I can relax, think and just be.

So my question is…who do you listen to when you need soothed? When the outside world just seems to be too much to handle and you just need some peace? Whose voice takes you to that place?

“Words make you think a thought. Music makes you feel a feeling. A song makes you feel a thought.ā€

Ā E. Y. Harburg quotes (American Lyricist, Librettist and Song Writer, 1896-1981)

Making the journey with music….

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Last night, I was browsing through an online journal that I keep, reading entries from my crazy “Taylor Hicks” days. It got me thinking about how differently I view Taylor now than I did then. Is it me? Is it him? Is it a little of both?

When I first saw Taylor Hicks on the television, I was transfixed. I wanted to know more about this man…this man who was living his dream in front of the world. Who was he? Where did he come from? And for the love of God, why hadn’t he been discovered before Idol? As I discovered more about him, I found myself wanting to do things I had never done before. I crisscrossed the country, following him from concert to concert. I started posting on a message board…I didn’t even know what a forum was before that spring. He awakened something in me that I didn’t even realize was missing from my life. He reawakened my love of music.

I have met some wonderful people because of that message board, but I’ve also met others that weren’t exactly on the healthy side of the fandom. Because of that group of people, I’ve learned some life lessons, but I’ve also had some really good times. But when that message board split up, so did the group of people.

I have come a long way in my life since then, so I know that I am different. I know that Taylor Hicks is just a man. He doesn’t hold any special powers. He can’t walk on water, even though some seem to think so. Taylor Hicks is a working musician. That’s good and he seems happy being just that. So, is Taylor any different? Hell, I don’t know. I don’t know the man. I just wish he could figure out how to market himself and quit changing his mind. Just be who you are, dude.

There has been some questioning by posters as to whether this is a Taylor Hicks blog or not. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Just depends on what I feel like posting at any given time. I welcome other artists’ songs/videos. There is so much music out there. Limiting yourself to a certain kind of music is like eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day. You start out thinking that it’s the best tasting thing in the world, but eventually your body…and soul…hungers for something else. Just feed your soul. Look around, listen to new songs. You’ll be amazed at what you might learn about yourself.

Life is a journey. You never know where it’s going to take you. We are all just trying to find our own ways the best we can. Music can be a partner down the path with you, if you let it.


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Promo of Don’t Forget the Lyrics…

Alabama beaches…


Oh, and Twitter…oh how I love you. šŸ™‚

Don’t forget to download the SOS song off of Amazon or iTunes!!

Well, hello Taylor!! It’s about time!!

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The hip swiveling, harp raping, pissy ass bastard is back!! And I only had to wait three years for it!! Taylor, I’m talking to you…I know you’re not one for flowers, so I’ll accept these videos as a reconciliation gift for the years you spent living in that drippy, melty, soggy, sparkly cone.

Oh, and thanks for the peek at the whitey tighties too!!

Out of the cone and hotter than evah!

Good to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less too! And how much do I love that Taylor actually played the guitar…

I love the commentary by someone around the 3:30 mark, who says…This song is seven miles long! Ha! That cracked me up!

Then, wow…

This is the Hicks I’ve been searching for…for a long time now. Awesome!

It’s marketing time!!

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Just saw this:

My question to you is: What products should Taylor do a commercial for?

On another note…are you ever just walking around and see someone who reminds you of Taylor? Oh yeah, you’ve been there…we all have. I think we need to have a photo gallery of these Tayclones. Send me all your pictures that you come across in your daily travels. Take this one for instance, that my friend just sent me:

This is a true Tayclone (not the dude on the bicycle)…because in true Taylor fashion style, this Tayclone was spotted wearing black pants and brown shoes!! Kind of this like this:

Please try not to get questioned or arrested by security personnel while obtaining photographs. Thank you very much.

People…get ready

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Wow. This performance is what American Idol used to be about. The passion, the emotion…amazing. Crystal Bowersox is incredible when she lets the emotion through.

And then…oh Taylor. This is what “T” tweeted last night:People Get Ready- Live Cut-Guthrie Trapp-Jeff Lopez on Baritone-When the street only knew ur name.

Really? Could you at least give us a link? Are you seriously riding the coattails of an American Idol contestant? Why do you make it so hard? Why? I think I’m going to call him T Pity from now on. šŸ˜‰

Click here for an mp3 of Taylor singing People Get Ready.