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Vegas baby Vegas!!!

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I just want to start out by saying..I called this whole Vegas gig years ago. However, I’m not searching in the 300+ posts to find it. I know I’m right and that’s all that matters. Taylor Hicks in Vegas. I’m not sure that there is a better fitting place for Mr Hicks than Vegas. After all, Vegas is the birthplace of performers, not just singers. And Hicks is definitely a performer if nothing else. After all, the purple jacket will fit right in!!

Okay, who’s roadtripping?

Taylor interview

And this…this introduction of Kris Allen..Simon actually let Taylor speak a couple of words!

Kris Allen introduction


W is for Whomp? What?

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Ok, getting back to the coveted alphabet series, I was thinking of a W that pertains to Taylor Hicks. All I could think of was Modern Whomp Records. Here’s what I want to know, Taylor. What the hell is whomp? Did you make that word up? So, I went searching the internet for definitions. Here’s what I got:

Super Mario-Whomps are large, walking stone-wall like enemies that are minions of Bowser. They debuted in the game Super Mario 64.

Or there’s this:

whomp up, Informal.
to make or create quickly: to whomp up a new set of guidelines.
to stir up; rouse: to whomp up public approval.

I know what he’s said…it’s a blend of soul, jazz, blues and funk. Okay. Whatever.

Here’s another thing that bugs me about the phrase. Tacking Modern on to the front of it assumes that there was old whomp, right? I mean, is there retro whomp? Try saying that three times fast. šŸ™‚

Anyway, on to more relevant news, who wants to place bets on whether one of the winners is Taylor? Although he has told us that he wants to record a new record (if we could only be that lucky), act, and relax this summer, I just can’t see him passing up an opportunity like this. As long as it involves Taylor Hicks on a stage singing something other than Beauty School Dropout, I’m all for it.