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Y is for Why oh Why Taylor? Why?

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Dear Taylor,

How many times do I have to tell you? You can’t joke with the Soul Patrol. These people are going to be all over DWTS with a petition faster than you at an all you can eat BBQ.





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Promo of Don’t Forget the Lyrics…

Alabama beaches…


Oh, and Twitter…oh how I love you. 🙂

Don’t forget to download the SOS song off of Amazon or iTunes!!


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First off, a couple of new pics from Red Rocks:

And some videos:

Taylor’s tweets are always a source of amusement for me. Lately though, he’s been pushing this tour of his, which is going to be BADASS, along with some BADASS tour merchandise. Hmmm…wonder what kind of things could be so BADASS. 🙂

So, I went to to see all these tour dates he has scheduled. Well, unless I’m missing some, there are only four dates scheduled. Wow…I know there will probably be more, but FOUR for now. Okay, Taylor…you are going to have to let it all hang out in those four dates to even be considered a tour. Gotta love that man!

Whoa, Taylor…slow down!!

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Your Twitter pace is dizzying these past couple days. Mind you, I’m not complaining…it’s all we ever dreamed of. I mean, the day to day life of a working musician is not for the faint of heart. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in your life, Taylor. Fasten your seat belts, Soul Patrol!! You’re in for a wild ride!!

Really, Taylor, really? What would you do with a girl that dirty exactly? Soap her up and hose her down? Surely, you know where to find a girl that dirty if you really want one. 😉 But be careful that your fans don’t get ahold of her. They will make her life not worth living.

Two shows today. 12 to go!!

I’m so glad Taylor is happy to be doing Grease. He’s fucking counting down. It’s the Ice Cream Cone Death March. It’s the anticipation as the cone slowly melts into a big sticky puddle. There’s something else for you to clean up, Taylor. Or maybe you could have your dirty girl do it!

What’s wrong Taylor, no pay per view in your room? Is the nudie suit getting too tight, no more room service? Don’t want to pop any more sequins before the final curtain?

Robert Plant lyrics:

“My Love is in league with the freeway-Its passion will ride as the cities fly by”

Sunday.. Tomorrow off day!


Backstage is so beautiful. Ha. Not.

Hope that was a great time!! Did you pass out any party favors? Play Pin the Tail on the Dirty Girl?

Good Night and Good Luck.

People…get ready

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Wow. This performance is what American Idol used to be about. The passion, the emotion…amazing. Crystal Bowersox is incredible when she lets the emotion through.

And then…oh Taylor. This is what “T” tweeted last night:People Get Ready- Live Cut-Guthrie Trapp-Jeff Lopez on Baritone-When the street only knew ur name.

Really? Could you at least give us a link? Are you seriously riding the coattails of an American Idol contestant? Why do you make it so hard? Why? I think I’m going to call him T Pity from now on. 😉

Click here for an mp3 of Taylor singing People Get Ready.

Even if it breaks your heart…

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Will Hoge…awesome…

And on a side note, what exactly happens to make it weird in the cone?

Warehouse Live Houston

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Another show, another review…boy, the Houston press doesn’t take too kindly to Taylor, do they?

Even though I don’t agree with a lot of what this guy says, he did hit the nail on the head with this:

We couldn’t tell if the crowd was excited to hear an obscure Nawlins track or if they just enjoyed being able to smell the man’s dry cleaning. You could stick out your finger and taste the sexual charge in the air.

and maybe this:

After watching Taylor Hicks last night in the studio last night at Warehouse Live we now know why these hallowed blog halls have been strewn with bitter words from angry Soul Patrollers. Hicks is a modern day Dan Fogelberg, a one-man Bread, and an American Idol anomaly.

As for this part:

It’s his original work that gets overwrought and clunky, with every song either rhyming “love” with “above” or “hand” with “man.”

I completely disagree. I love his original stuff.

Although, this vid is great:

and this:

I love Battlefield, too…

This is a great version of Don’t Let Me Down

I haven’t heard him sing this in a long time…