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Are You Listening to Spoonful James?

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Spoonful James is releasing a new album called Are You Listening? It’s being released today. You can pick it up at!! Please, please, please try to catch these guys in concert…

May 7 and 8 Florabama, Perdido Key, FL (CD release shows)

May 14 Strutting Duck Downtown, Auburn, AL (CD Release show)

May 15 Rogue Tavern, Birmingham, AL (CD Release Show)

June 4 BamaJam Music Festival, Enterprise, AL

This is their first “official” music video from the new stuff!

Last month, I was given the opportunity to interview Quinn. Instead of asking the same questions that they always get, I decided to shake it up a little bit!!

Not really different, but how did you get the nickname “Dirty”?

There’s a long story to that and a short story. Here’s the short version. We were in Auburn at the time and as we are all aware, young eager musicians usually do not have very much money or sense. I don’t remember the exact details behind this but for some reason I was in a fight with the water co. on a bill I didn’t want to pay. I lost the argument. Sooo after a few days of protest I broke down and called Wynn who had enough sense to pay his water bill. He said sure, you can borrow my shower. Nothing else, no other information. So I walk in there with a towel on one shoulder and a bar of soap in my other hand. It’s 5PM-ish, still light out. So I walk in there probably wreaking and he and his roommate decided to have a random afternoon party with about 20 folks or so, mostly dates. Now I’m stuck, do I walk away or barrel through, take a shower and leave without even skipping a beat. I chose option B and that’s where it all started. Wynn has a very good sense of humor.

BBQ sandwiches: slaw or no slaw?

Haven’t eaten pork for 10 years, another long story that involves having to walk a pig in the morning. So to answer in the past tense, slaw is a side item where I’m from unless you’re visiting the Carolinas.

What is the cheesiest 80’s song that you can’t live without?

I can live without about 99% of anything form the 80’s but my hairs still stand up to this day whenever I hear Money For Nothing. Is that even considered cheezy? I just think that song is awesome, every second of it from the anticipation at the beginning til you hear the last notes fade out.

Name the most recent song you downloaded to your iPod.

Hahaha, never owned an iPod. I have a Microsoft Zune. Everybody in the band makes fun of it. Newest huh? let me check, Emotional Rescue Rolling Stones. I just love the 1976-1981 disco Stones era. It’s funny if you ever want to piss somebody off, say that to a diehard Stones fan, they will go white as a sheet. Whatever, they used to tour around with Billy Preston during that time, it doesn’t get much funkier than that.

Who’s going to win the NCAA tournament?

Tech? Nah they just lost right? I follow SEC football, that’s about it.

Any chance of you touring north of Atlanta?

Absolutely we are in talks with a venue in Alpharetta, GA about 7 miles north of Atlanta!



These deserve their own post…

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Oh yes.

Love that version.

And who’s sitting at the table with Taylor? Any ideas? Besides Rick Carter?