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Sex in a song

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I am a big fan of Matt Nathanson. I think he is a genius..and this song with Sugarland is amazing. It kind of feels like I shouldn’t be watching…like they should be alone. The chemistry is great..I can only hope for more duets with these two.


Well, I did find another’s not exactly about sex.

End of the World

And although I said I wouldn’t be dragging Taylor Hicks kicking and screaming back into the blog…that song reminded me of this one:

Compared to What

I was in the crowd for that one. Spectacular. Cowbell anyone?


My top 10 of 2009

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These are my top played songs on of 2009. Some of these I would have never expected. Huh.

1 Reed Foehl – Turn Your Lights Down Low

Click here to listen.

2 Coldplay – Viva La Vida

2 Jon McLaughlin – Amelia’s Missing

4 Bonnie Raitt – I Can’t Make You Love Me

5 James Blunt – You’re Beautiful

6 Gavin Rossdale – Love Remains The Same

6 Matt Nathanson – Suspended

8 Ray LaMontagne – Burn

9 Will Hoge – Washed By The Water

10 Taylor Hicks – Maybe You Should

10 James Morrison – The Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore

Who do you want Taylor to cover?

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Taylor does a fair number of covers, but the question was posed to me recently, “What do you want to hear him record?” I want Taylor’s voice to be the focus of the song, not the instruments. I think that’s why I was so impressed with Under The Radar. It was so raw, and you could just feel the passion oozing out of him. When Taylor said in interviews that his voice was going to be the thread that wove the songs together on The Distance, I thought…ok, either that means the songs don’t “go together” or Bill Will taught him a good new line. Obviously, it was the first one. However, as much as The Distance is an improvement from TH, I still don’t think it’s going to go down as his best work. I think he has so much potential and he just needs to find the right songwriters to work with.

Take this song, for instance, Shelter by Ray LaMontagne. Watch him sing this song, and you can just hear the aching in his voice, the desire. His voice leaves no question of how he feels to the person he’s singing to. This song could be in another language and I think you could get the same heartache out of it. Some voices just lend themselves to that effect, and I think Taylor is one of them.

This next one is by Marc Broussard called Lonely Night in Georgia. I think Taylor could really tear up this song…adding tags during concerts, and just giving the song his own touch. Maybe throw a little harp in there. Awesome.

The lyrics in this next song are fantastic…The Weight of It All by Matt Nathanson.

i’m weak when you miss me
when you roll me on your tongue..
when you whisper me your best moves
i almost believe you
but you don’t know me at all

i’m covered by lovers,
who recite lines
convinced their bodies
are gonna save mine
but you don’t know me at all..

show me where the sun comes through the sky
i’ll show you where the rain gets in
and i’ll show you hurricanes
and the way that summer fades
underneath the weight of it all
…the weight of it all

i spent days stupid nailed to your floor
and i spent nights pushed against you, baby
trying to keep warm
but you don’t know me at all.

show me where the sun comes through the sky
i’ll show you where the rain gets in
and i’ll show you hurricanes
and the way that summer fades
underneath the weight of it all

show me where the sun comes through the sky
i’ll show you where the rain gets in
and i’ll show you hurricanes
and the way that summer fades…
underneath the weight of it all

…show me,
show me where the sun comes through the sky
i’ll show you where the rain gets in
and i’ll show you hurricanes
and the way that summer fades

so you can pick me up just to put me down again

underneath the weight of it all
…the weight of it all

This is a really cool song that I just came across. Foy Vance and Be With Me. I think Taylor could sing the hell out of this song.

I’m not sure any of these songs could actually garner airplay, and I think that, as a fanbase, is something we need to come to grips with. It’s ok if his song doesn’t reach the top of the charts, it’s ok, really. The kind of music that Taylor plays and the kind that he seems to be gravitating to isn’t radio material. It just isn’t. No amount of calling, emailing or bugging radio stations is going to cause them to say…”Oh, ok. We didn’t know it was so wonderful. We’ll play it around the clock now.” It just doesn’t work like that.

Stage Presence 101

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I have just recently discovered Matt Nathanson. Yeah, I know…I guess I’ve been under a rock, but I thought I would spotlight him here with some of my favorites. If you like him, he’s going to be opening for Jewel starting in March.

Car Crash




These last two performances are perfect descriptions of what I meant when I said Taylor should interact with his audience. Granted, this is a little over the top…but it’s pretty damn funny, too. And before everybody gets all bent out of shape, saying I just want a nasty, foulmouthed Taylor…I say…so what? No, I kid. I just think that even though Taylor is a fantastic performer, I think he could take some lessons from others with his on stage presence. Opening up a little would just make everything that much better. I mean, talking to the audience, interacting…isn’t that what an entertainer does?

Now, I know that Taylor used to talk to his audiences. I’ve listened to his old gigs (the ones that thankfully somebody had the foresight to record) and he actually interacted with the audience. So, I know that he can do it.

I just don’t buy the whole “shy” argument. This man was on television every week hamming it up for millions and millions of people. So, you can’t tell me that by putting him on a stage with a few hundred people in front of him that he’s going to clam up? Part of me just thinks he’s afraid to let himself go there…not sure why, but it’s just a suspicion I have.

Why can’t he tell us about when he wrote Somehow? He was so young, and yet he wrote lyrics like this:

Look at the people around you
Stabbing at your heart
But you still smile in kindness
For not knowing who they are

And their stories have ended
And they’ve lit up the town
And it’s time to go home
As they go and lay their bodies back down

There’s too many things
Left to be unsaid
So I live in a dark hole
Sometimes in my head

But I’m all right
I’ll get by

Those lyrics were written by somebody wiser than their years would suggest. Yet, we don’t know any of the story behind it. Maybe he doesn’t want us to know, maybe he wants to keep those years a secret, I don’t know. I just wonder about the meaning behind his songs all the time.

I’m sure after ten years in bars and two years riding around the country, he’s got to have lots of life experiences to share.