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He’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!

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Wow..good job Taylor! He even remembered the lyrics!!

And how great is it to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less playing with him again! Sometimes, things just seem to come full circle.

I’m glad to see him getting back into the funk that he does so well. šŸ™‚

After watching that last one…well, I don’t have any words. That was awesome…and just what I’ve been hanging around for. Way to start off the Badass Tour 2010! Now, I just hope they’re some merch with badass on it!! šŸ˜‰


Well, hello Taylor!! It’s about time!!

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The hip swiveling, harp raping, pissy ass bastard is back!! And I only had to wait three years for it!! Taylor, I’m talking to you…I know you’re not one for flowers, so I’ll accept these videos as a reconciliation gift for the years you spent living in that drippy, melty, soggy, sparkly cone.

Oh, and thanks for the peek at the whitey tighties too!!

Out of the cone and hotter than evah!

Good to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less too! And how much do I love that Taylor actually played the guitar…

I love the commentary by someone around the 3:30 mark, who says…This song is seven miles long! Ha! That cracked me up!

Then, wow…

This is the Hicks I’ve been searching for…for a long time now. Awesome!