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We’re Not Young….

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I’m not big on parodies in the music world…just not my thing. But this…this is fantastic. I am hanging on to the 30’s with just my fingernails. But I’m still in my 30’s dammit! I really think people of all ages can relate to this. So funny!!

We're Not Young

Make sure you watch until the very end! Priceless!


Taking a little vaca…

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I’ve been on a little vacation to the beach…I’ll be back tomorrow. I saw Will Hoge…again. Awesome!! Until tomorrow, ponder this:

The latest tweet from Will Hoge:

photo for possible corporate sponsors from our Sirius/XM Loft session. Sony? CocaCola? Gibson? Anyone?

I wonder if Taylor could find some corporate sponsors in the same classy understated way that Will Hoge has. 🙂

He likes to dive? Mmm hmmm…

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I watched this video…and I was pleasantly surprised. Let me sum it up for you:

1. Can I tell you how funny this DJ is? She is cracking me up. Just for the record, this is totally how I would be if I was interviewing him.

2. Just breathe? Oh, the hate I have for him…haha.

3. And suddenly…suddenly Taylor thinks he should have been doing country all along? Hmm..*shoves Modern Whomp under the rug*

4. According to my calendar, Taylor won Idol three years ago. In Taylor Land, it’s been four and a half years.

5. “I wake up everyday and thank…myself?” WHAT?

6. He likes to dive. I’m leaving that one alone.

7. Oh, he got the Ray Charles doll. I am totally digging this chick’s enthusiasm. I’m wondering if Taylor took her out before the interview and got her drunk.

8. Did he really say he was “verclempt”? hahahahhaha

9. Oh, the tattoo question. He wants a banjo on his knee? Does this mean he’s not quite over Susanne Thrash? Get it? Oh, Susannah? OMG, I crack myself up.

10. Ok, let me get this right. Taylor wants to live in a trailer park? In Beverly Hills? Or maybe Las Vegas?

11. Feist and Mark Chesnutt are the artists he’s listening to right now.

12. She’s never seen a firefly? Really?

13. Boxer briefs. HOLLA!!

14. Chocolate milkshakes? No way in hell he makes them himself. You know Bill Will is making them for him.

15. Do I even want to know what she means by “Oh, I’ve got a freezer for you, Taylor!”?? No, probably not. But then, “Oh my God, I’m such a mess!!” ahahhahah

16. George Jones, the Ray Charles of country music. Maybe he should do PR for George. Yeah.

17. Apparently, somebody has been unfaithful to Taylor. Interesting.

18. Oh, I need to see Part Two of this. It’s fantastic.

I swear to God, Taylor…

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I guess it’s been confirmed from the mouth of Taylor (rolls eyes) that he is going to be on American Idol on Wednesday singing Seven Mile Breakdown. Well, not really his mouth. Just his phone. He actually twittered it!!

I’m going to be on American Idol next Wednesday performing ‘Seven Mile Breakdown.’ Don’t miss it!

Because I like to give advice that he will ever see, nor ever use, here’s my list of things I do and don’t want to see.

1. Grab Ryan Seacrest by the back of the head and kiss him full on the lips. Then point at Adam Lambert and say “You’re next, hottie.”

2. Don’t dance.

3. When you make your way out onto the catwalk, pull Kara onto your lap and fondle Paula.

Simon is going to look at you with that disgusted, pathetic look on his face. When he does, jump onto the judges table and “accidently” kick him in the face.

5. Wear boots.

Get a haircut in makeup. Do not let Bill use the Flowbee again!!

7. As the camera zooms in, go down on the harp as only you can do.

8. Shout out “Yo, dawg!” to Randy before he can shout it out to you! Or you could jump into Randy’s lap and say “What up, Papa Bear?”

9. Do not, under any circumstance, do the lean. I know it’s still in your blood, and I know you have to stop the “soul patrol” from coming out of your mouth, but for the sake of everything holy, do not do it!!!

Bring Spoonful James on stage as your accompaniment. It’s time those dudes got a little love.

I know you’re going to dance, but please, keep it…calm?

Remember, this quote from Apollo 13:

NASA Director: This could be the worst disaster NASA’s ever faced.
Gene Kranz: With all due respect, sir, I believe this is gonna be our finest hour.

Please, Taylor…make this your finest hour.

Tales from the Cone

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In my recent travels, I came across a co-star of Taylor Hicks’ and he was gracious enough to allow me to interview him for the blog. Faced with this once in a lifetime opportunity, I quickly scribbled some questions down on a napkin and the following is the result of that.

Me: Thank you so much for meeting with me like this.

The Cone:
No, it’s fine. I love when I can get out.

Me: First off, how is it working with Taylor on a nightly basis?

The Cone: Well, Taylor is actually a deep thinker. I mean, when he’s standing inside me, waiting for his bright and shining moment, he doesn’t make a peep.

Me: Lately, Taylor has started “twittering” from the cone. How is that experience going?

The Cone: Um, off the record?

Me: *surprised* Um, sure.

The Cone:
That bastard keeps elbowing me everytime he pulls out that Blackberry. I mean, I’m trying to move to where I’m supposed to be, and he’s in there twittering away, whatever the hell that means. No respect for me at all. *ahem* Back on the record? Isn’t that a wonderful marketing tool? I mean, he’s taking those few minutes which could be totally wasted and turning them into invaluable marketing time. Genius, pure genius.

Me: Okay.  Do you have any insights any Taylor’s “game plan”, such as what he’s planning on after “Grease”?

The Cone:  Well, usually it’s T, and me, and Bill squeezing into a cab heading uptown on “Cheeseburger Patrol.”  Sometimes, if T gets too drunk, he screams “Cheeseburger Paaahtrolll” out the window.  TMZ oughtta’ get video of THAT!  Uh, you’re not going to print that, right??

Me:  I was kind of thinking “long range”?

The Cone:
  Oh, yeah.  Sure.  Well, he’s real close with the details, but he’s got some big surprises in store for the fanbase!  They’re going to love it!!  He’s going to start blogging on his site, for sure.

  Any talk of you going on the road with Taylor in the future?

The Cone:
  Oh, I see the writing on the waffle iron, believe me.  Once he’s twirled and twittered his last, after the wrap party, we’ll all say how “we’ll keep in touch”, but you know how it is.  But at least I’ll have the memories, and the all those damn rhinestones that have dropped off.  They fuckin’ itch.

Me:  Did you have any advice for Taylor on his debut in the role of Teen Angel?  You are a seasoned veteran of Broadway, after all, and he’s the new kid, so to speak.  Any sage words of wisdom from the pro?

The Cone:
  I told him “Always keep your fly up.”  Hey, I gotta go.  I’ve got a re-sprinkle/glitter job later, and I don’t want to be late. When Seacrest is in town, these appointments are a bitch to get.

That concludes my interview with Harry. He’s a gracious performer, even though he’s never given the credit he deserves. I mean, really, where would the Teen Angel be without the glittery cone? I guess you could call Harry the unsung hero of the show. They just don’t make ’em like him anymore.

He even posed for a picture for me. This is Harry without stage makeup.


What a great guy!!