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Well, hello Taylor!! It’s about time!!

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The hip swiveling, harp raping, pissy ass bastard is back!! And I only had to wait three years for it!! Taylor, I’m talking to you…I know you’re not one for flowers, so I’ll accept these videos as a reconciliation gift for the years you spent living in that drippy, melty, soggy, sparkly cone.

Oh, and thanks for the peek at the whitey tighties too!!

Out of the cone and hotter than evah!

Good to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less too! And how much do I love that Taylor actually played the guitar…

I love the commentary by someone around the 3:30 mark, who says…This song is seven miles long! Ha! That cracked me up!

Then, wow…

This is the Hicks I’ve been searching for…for a long time now. Awesome!


It’s almost time for a tour…

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…a Broadway tour anyway. UGH. I really haven’t hidden my feelings on this tour and the whole gig. But at least we know he’s still alive. A new article came out today!

My favorite part? Where he talks about the new album. Damn, he has a lot riding on this. Now, I had heard that he was going to be singing one of his new songs from the album on the Grease tour, and he talks about it a little here. What’s the update on your new album?
Hicks: It’s coming out Feb. 10. I should have a single the first of the new year. I can honestly say that some of the instincts that I had picking songs on Idol, I was able to use picking songs for this album, which has really been a great experience. I’ve been able to wrap my artistic expression around these songs and I’ve had some time to live with these songs and be able to visualize what I want for each of them. I’m really excited about the record because I feel like from the style aspect, nowadays you listen to records that sound very similar on each track, but this album, I wanted to take the listener on a musical journey and touch on the stylings that are reflective of who I am as an artist. How different is it from your first one?
Hicks: There’s definitely soul. I think it all starts with soul, but this time around, I think the songs are touching on a lot of different styles that reflect me, so that’s different in a way. On the last record, it was kind of an R&B influence. This is my journey as a songwriter. But what’s really interesting and cool about it is I’m gonna be able to play my single within the Grease show. It’s a very unique aspect. It’s like I’m gonna be performing as Teen Angel, but then I’ll also be performing my single to the record, so everybody who comes and sees me as Teen Angel can also experience me as a musician. Really?! How is it gonna be incorporated?
Hicks: It’s gonna be a big surprise! [Laughs] We’re still working the details out. What’s even cooler than that is I’ll be doing an intimate club tour in each market, hopefully, to be able to start working on this record from a live aspect. When will you start that? After the Grease tour?
Hicks: No, actually, that’s gonna be during the Grease tour, like after the shows.

An intimate club tour? Sign me up for that one!

Huh. New music, after the show? That might be enough to fork out the money for a ticket. As long as he takes that damn rhinestone suit off.