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It’s marketing time!!

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Just saw this:

My question to you is: What products should Taylor do a commercial for?

On another note…are you ever just walking around and see someone who reminds you of Taylor? Oh yeah, you’ve been there…we all have. I think we need to have a photo gallery of these Tayclones. Send me all your pictures that you come across in your daily travels. Take this one for instance, that my friend just sent me:

This is a true Tayclone (not the dude on the bicycle)…because in true Taylor fashion style, this Tayclone was spotted wearing black pants and brown shoes!! Kind of this like this:

Please try not to get questioned or arrested by security personnel while obtaining photographs. Thank you very much.


How does this happen?

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I saw this picture on righthickssave today…


Wow. The dorkiness came out for that picture. I can see that Bill’s cutting his hair again with the flowbee. šŸ˜‰ This picture completely reminds me of the black sock picture.


I remember when that picture first came out and being so enamored by it. I thought, oh how cute is that, poor little dork boy didn’t have any clean white socks. But since then, I’ve realized he probably did have clean white socks, he just didn’t know any better. He has gotten a little better in the past 2 1/2 years with fashion. When he cleans up, he cleans up well.


So, how do you like Taylor? All dressed up? Or completely scruffy, with a dirty tshirt and worn jeans?