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Clearing out the cobwebs…

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I have come to the realization that I miss having a blog. I miss the interaction and the musical discussions that used to happen on here on a regular basis. Seeing as I don’t really follow Taylor Hicks like I used to, I would like to make this blog about music. A place to discover and share new music…and just talk about it. Any kind of music really…I’m not too picky. 🙂

For now, here’s this…because she is awesome.


Taking a look back…

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Looking back is good..right? It gives you a chance to reflect on the sum total of your life. It makes you realize what your life is really worth.

While browsing through some statistics, I realized that yesterday was a significant day in the life of my bouncing baby blog.  One year ago, this site registered the most hits it has ever received.  I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “My God, what was the headline on that fateful day??!?”  Well, peeps… my life apparently is worth nine minutes of illegally shot Taylor Hicks video…all in all, not much.

The Soul Patrol wanted to disembowel me in the square in front of the governor’s mansion in Birmingham. They wanted to parade my head on a stick through the streets and set it up on a post in front of Ona’s. Why? Because I dared to post video of Taylor singing.

If you’ve been around this blog at all…you just might remember it…

Because of this injustice to Taylor Hicks, somebody turned my Vimeo account into the authorities for having “illegal images.” Yep, Vimeo deleted all the videos, so I’m unable to, once more, share the immorality of stolen moments with you.  The Bastards.

And this video, this is for Taylor. Maybe this could be his next career move, since Grease served him so well:

S is for sandbox…mine.

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I have mulled and mulled over what to say after the latest Soul Patrol blowup. There are so many things that I can say…but instead, I’ve just decided to say this:

This is my sandbox and if you don’t like it, go play somewhere else.

I have built this blog in order to have a place to “talk Taylor” or talk about anything that I want. I have tried to be fair and kind regarding all the posters. I have respected the opinions of others. However, just because I respect your opinion does not mean that I agree with it. Just as some of you don’t agree with mine, I don’t agree with yours, and no amount of cajoling, arguing or intimidating will change that. There are other blogs, there are other boards. If you want to be overly enthusiastic, go to those. Nobody is forcing anybody else to read or comment on this blog. If you don’t like the style of the posts or the content, don’t come here. If you want to continue to come here, that’s fine, too. But be prepared. Apparently I am going to have to moderate a little bit more. Obviously, an open board where all opinions are given cannot be tolerated by certain factions of the Soul Patrol.

There is a reason why this is the only blog in the Taylor Hicks fandom where good and bad things can be said about Taylor Hicks.

So, you can stay or you can go. I don’t need paragraphs about why you’re not going to post anymore. Honestly, I don’t care. I am not here to serve your Taylor Hicks needs. I am here to write the blog that I want to write. That’s really the bottom line.

Silence isn’t Golden

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Ok, I know I just posted a different topic, but I have to get this off of my chest.

Taylor Hicks actually made a blog post today. Well, I’m sure HE didn’t make the blog post, but there was actually information coming from his camp. It was just a couple of sentences, but it’s going to make a huge impact.

Live Show Policy

Please note that for all live appearances, there is a strict no recording policy. This applies to all video recording devices, including amateur and professional video cameras as well as cellular telephones. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Now? Now Taylor decides to do this? Now when his singing career is at it’s lowest point since before AI? Is this really a good PR move or is this because he’s restricted somehow? If that’s the case, then why not wait? Why not wait until the CD drops?

How’s this?

Dear Taylor,

Um, seriously? Of all the lame dumb ass career decisions you have made, this has to be one of the dumbest. Do you not see your “Soul Patrol” *shudder* crumbling before your very eyes? Where’s the music, dude? Where is the fucking music? We’ve been waiting two years. TWO YEARS. Oh wait, you did release a CD of songs that we already have 4574985 different versions of. Thanks for that, though. But now, now you’re having an intimate club tour. But will there be new music at these concerts? Well, who knows? Nobody is going to know because now it won’t be shared. What the hell are you thinking? What??

Yours in throwing my arms up in disgust and desperation,

IAG or Straw or “not a fan” because I’m sure some people will think that after reading this

P.S. Keep this shit up and this is who you’ll be playing to: