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I’m here!

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I’m still alive!! And so is Taylor:

And this…more cowbell!!

Seeing that video just brought back a flood of memories!! Some bad, but mostly good!


He’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!

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Wow..good job Taylor! He even remembered the lyrics!!

And how great is it to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less playing with him again! Sometimes, things just seem to come full circle.

I’m glad to see him getting back into the funk that he does so well. 🙂

After watching that last one…well, I don’t have any words. That was awesome…and just what I’ve been hanging around for. Way to start off the Badass Tour 2010! Now, I just hope they’re some merch with badass on it!! 😉

Well, hello Taylor!! It’s about time!!

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The hip swiveling, harp raping, pissy ass bastard is back!! And I only had to wait three years for it!! Taylor, I’m talking to you…I know you’re not one for flowers, so I’ll accept these videos as a reconciliation gift for the years you spent living in that drippy, melty, soggy, sparkly cone.

Oh, and thanks for the peek at the whitey tighties too!!

Out of the cone and hotter than evah!

Good to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less too! And how much do I love that Taylor actually played the guitar…

I love the commentary by someone around the 3:30 mark, who says…This song is seven miles long! Ha! That cracked me up!

Then, wow…

This is the Hicks I’ve been searching for…for a long time now. Awesome!

T is for Top Ten…

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Here are some really cool music videos that I have come across…some performance, some not, in no particular order.

There is something about Ray LaMontagne’s voice that draws me in. I don’t know what it is, but it’s just comfortable to me. There are only a few other artists that demand that same reaction from me…

When I first heard that Taylor Hicks was covering this song, I was elated. He did a hell of a good job on it. Too bad the lady’s head in the front row keeps moving. But hey..whatcha gonna do?

I’m sure everybody probably has seen this next video, but it’s still very cool. I don’t know the specifics on how long it took to get everybody on the same page…I can imagine it took a while for everybody to catch on.

Will Hoge…awesome.

This is the unofficial video for this Train song, but it’s done really well. Clever.

This, hanging out in the lobby with his fans after the show. More Will Hoge. I can’t help it.

This is one of my favorite performances from Taylor Hicks. I was there in the second row to witness it in all it’s glory. Out of all the concerts that I went to, that had to be the best one.

Love Foy Vance and love how this video is made. It has a pretty deep message, too. I’m a sucker for lyrics.

This is cool.

And this one, as much as I don’t like Miley Cyrus’ singing voice, if that’s what we’re going to call it, watching this video makes it somewhat bearable. Total hilarity.

Will Hoge in Indy….

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This past weekend, I traveled to Indianapolis to see Will Hoge. He was playing in this really nice venue called Radio Radio.

Thank God that other people brought their camera to the venue Saturday night. At the last minute, I decided not to, which was probably best since we got there late and stood by the bar the whole night. It was definitely an awesome concert. Thanks to all that filmed him!!

This is one of my favorite songs from him…

The best part of the concert was towards the end. He told the crowd that he was going to do an experiment which was going to require some cooperation. Next thing I know, Will Hoge is headed towards us, towards the back of the bar with his guitar and his band following behind him. He then sang a song in the back while the audience gathered around him. So microphone, just him and the music. I can’t find any video of it, but it was definitely different. The whole time I kept thinking…no way would Taylor ever do that…not without his security detail anyway.

Another awesome vid…

He tours all the time. If he is ever in your area, I would definitely recommend him. After the concert, he stood at the merch table and met people. He was really nice, even to the people who might have had too much to drink. *cringes* It’s been a long time since I had that much fun at a concert…

Atchafalaya by Spoonful James

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Every once in a while, Quinn Borland throws me a bone, so to speak, sending me video and links of Spoonful James’ new work. Yesterday, I got an email from Quinn with the link to this video. As the first notes drifted out of the speakers, I immediately fell in love with this song.

On a summer’s night, when we first met
In a little town near Lafayette
Your black eyes I can’t forget
Lookin’ straight through me I was soakin’ wet

You asked my name could you get my number
About that time I heard him thunder
Your father spoke as if to threat
He said keep away from that Juliet

I used to meet you down in Atchafalaya
Down on the levee overlookin’ the bayou
There’s Spanish moss in a cypress tree
I felt close to God when it was you and me (2x)

We’d steal away dance all night
To Evangeline in three quarters moonlight
Only mine I wanted you to be
But your daddy wouldn’t stand for a poor boy like me

But you came to me through the fog of the water
You knew much more than just a poor man’s daughter
We took our chances on rendezvous
You came to me I came to you

(repeat chorus)

On a rainy night cold winter’s weather
You just gave up on us ever bein’ together
You took your life like lovers do
Think I’ll do the same so I can be with you

And I can meet you down in Atchafalaya
Down on the levee overlookin’ the bayou
There’s Spanish moss in a cypress tree
We’ll be close to God you and me (3x)

This song is haunting, and the lyrics, written by Tony Brook, are captivating. A song about lovers unable to be together in life, they decide that death is the only answer.

Quinn said, “We’ve never done a song like this and when we started rehearsing it we all knew it was definitely the right song for us to do.” I have to completely agree. Even though this is just a video of the band rehearsing the song, there is something about it that makes me want to watch and listen to it over and over. Taylor Hicks, take note. This is good music.

Also, check out Tony Brook. Spoonful James are big fans of his, so he’s got to be good.