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Clearing out the cobwebs…

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I have come to the realization that I miss having a blog. I miss the interaction and the musical discussions that used to happen on here on a regular basis. Seeing as I don’t really follow Taylor Hicks like I used to, I would like to make this blog about music. A place to discover and share new music…and just talk about it. Any kind of music really…I’m not too picky. šŸ™‚

For now, here’s this…because she is awesome.


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Adele came out with her second album yesterday, titled 21. No sophomore slump here. She is absolutely amazing. She doesn’t need autotune and the passion that she sings with just makes the lyrics come alive. Wow.

Don’t You Remember

Someone Like You

Set Fire to the Rain

Since I have young children, I have to listen to the Justin Biebers and Lady Gagas of the music world, and listening to Adele sing makes them sound like they should be American Idol audition rejects. She, in my opinion, is in a class by herself. I have always believed that Martina McBride has the most beautiful voice I have ever heard. But not anymore…Adele is unbelievably talented.

If you like her, check out 21 on iTunes! Amazing stuff!

Taylor Free Tuesday…well, on second thought..

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WHAT? Is there such a thing as a Taylor free day? šŸ˜†

Just thought I would share some music, other than Taylor, today.

I like this version of Hallelujah, although I will have to say that Jeff Buckley’s version is better.

Damien Rice

Jeff Buckley’s version

Adele-That’s It, I Quit, I’m moving on..

Secondhand Serenade-Why

Thoughts? Ideas? Comments?

ETA: Just saw this picture over at the boogies. Wow.


Damn. So much for my Taylor Free Tuesday. šŸ˜†

In a parallel universe…

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Let’s just suppose for a moment that Taylor Hicks didn’t win American Idol. Instead of being corralled in a pop driven, genre seeking box, he could have a different kind of contract. Because face it, win or lose, most, if not all of the top ten get recording contracts. Would he have had the freedom to record his first cd the way he wanted to? Would that have made a difference?

I was reading Rolling Stone and came across this article about a soul singer in the UK. Adele is coming alive in the US, and now has Grammy nominations for her new CD.

She’s calling her brand of music “heartbroken soul” with a retro R&B sound. Kind of sounds like a familiar definition, right? She has taken her nontraditional sound and fit it into the groove of popular music. It’s happened before. Look at John Legend and Marc Cohn, to name a couple.

I just wonder what would have happened if Taylor had been discovered in a more “conventional” way.