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I am a Taylor Hicks fan. There. I said it. At times it’s been difficult to remain a fan, but I keep trying. The “in” thing to do in the Taylor Hicks fandom is to have controversial opinions and hide behind a blog. I’m not going that route.

I started out on the scary boards, just learning about the internet and it’s highs and lows. Soon I was invited to join Taylormadesoul, and was a member there for the duration of it’s existence. Unfortunately, it’s received a lot of negativity, but it was a fun place to be in it’s heyday. I’m now at thingsmadeofawesome.com, where we have a section devoted to Taylor.

I’m just writing this blog as a way to continue on this journey with Taylor. But be warned, I’m not always the “best” fan, I do tend to give my opinions. You’re welcome to give yours, too, if you want. I’m just looking for people to have honest conversations with about Taylor and the music surrounding him.



8 Responses to “About me”

  1. I’m a fan, too and it started for me at the scary place as well. TMS was a great place when it was at its best and I think we tapped into the real personality of the man and genuinely tried to capture his spirit. He’s got a load of sexy in him when he turns it on and he’s not about being a nice guy with that charm..he uses it and we suck it up. I’m okay with that. There. At least I admit I have a problem, lol!

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Thanks for this blog, IAG! I, too, am a refugee from an online fan site (TOSP) but I couldn’t take the self-appointed do-gooders and left when a public attack was made against a fan that made a phone call to see where the heck Tay’s new CD was (she called Artist to Market, EGADS, you CAN’T DO THAT!!) ……….. anyway, it’s so nice to find a place you can say what you think about Taylor and his music without fear of public retribution. Great blog!

  4. Meg Collins Says:

    Glad to find this place!!! Thank you!

  5. mamaforpeace Says:

    Love it here! Don’t give up:)

  6. Leave IAG alone! This is the most interesting blog out there right now. I love Adam Lambert too and I’m glad IAG put his stuff up. Maybe I have more in common with her than some of you do. Quit bullying and threatening to leave girls!

  7. So here we are. Cute and nice comments above. It is just about the one year anniversary of Grey’s blog. She has had to put up with a lot.

  8. I think there are a few here who live just for the drama.

    Only one poster on this site makes age related commentary and we know who that is. That said, so what we know the angle there, get past it.

    Taking everything so personally is really for kids not adults.

    NolaMar your comment that only negative posters about Hicks given praise is completely ridiculous and not warranted. I disagree profoundly with your assessment.

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