Sex in a song

I am a big fan of Matt Nathanson. I think he is a genius..and this song with Sugarland is amazing. It kind of feels like I shouldn’t be watching…like they should be alone. The chemistry is great..I can only hope for more duets with these two.


Well, I did find another’s not exactly about sex.

End of the World

And although I said I wouldn’t be dragging Taylor Hicks kicking and screaming back into the blog…that song reminded me of this one:

Compared to What

I was in the crowd for that one. Spectacular. Cowbell anyone?


4 Responses to “Sex in a song”

  1. Oh yeah…the cowbell **sigh**

    Matt Nathanson-I will have to YouTube him. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Yeah, he’s kind of all about describing sex in his songs…it’s his thing, I guess.

  3. mamaforpeace Says:

    Not as subtle, but no one did it better than those two:

  4. Very true Mama!!

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