I’m still here…

…just been kind of sitting back and watching. Waiting for some new music from Taylor Hicks. While I’ve been waiting, I’ve been discovering some new music, and for some reason, most of it is country. I haven’t been a fan of country in years, but for some reason lately, I’ve been drawn to it. Although it seems like these days there is so much crossover in the genres that I don’t really know that it can be called pure country. Not that’s there’s anything wrong with that, it seems to be successful for those artists.

Here’s some of my favorite videos..

The fact that these are all videos by VEVO could send me on another tanget about how VEVO is taking over YouTube, but I won’t go there right now…and about how you have to go to YouTube to watch them…anyway, moving on.

However, my latest song obsession has to be this one. And yes, I know it’s not country! 😉

…you wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you and you’re beautiful….

I think those are the most amazing lyrics that I’ve heard in a while.


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  1. hicksaholic Says:

    I was just getting ready to say the last thread was going to be the longest one timewise in history and you put up a new thread.

    CF I think Taylor is having to go back to playing with some credible musicians as a sit in to start building a fanbase again. Taylor is talented and has so much to offer but the public doesn’t realize it because of all the media bashing which continues on. The start of AI always brings out comments about Taylor’s lack of talent and how much better Daughtry is. A lot of people will not even give Taylor a chance. So if he can sit in with some artists at Jazzfest or possibly at the Hangout Music Festival he needs to do it. The Jam Cruise is a prime example of growing his fanbase. I hate to say it too that he doesn’t need dozens of SoulPatrol there when he does it either.

  2. Seeing how happy and into the music he was on Jam Cruise, made me realize he is stuck with the AI image and most of the fans he has are from that show. He had freedom on Jam Cruise to do his thing with a 20 and 30 something audience. Yet, his shotgun vid for his active fans was of a piano player and him singing 7MB. Maybe I’m reading too much into that contrast between what he really enjoyed on Jam Cruise and what he thought his fans expected from him.

    Hope the SP does not infiltrate any future jam gigs, or if they do that they lay low and act like they enjoy all the musicians. Hate to hear of them running around a ship telling peeps Tay stole the show.

  3. hicksaholic, I totally agree with what you are saying and as I said in the last thread-I think it’s great what he’s doing with these jam bands. It’s about who he is as an artist and he has said that he loves being part of the jam band community. I have maintained this since the beginning-especially when Grease started. Hopefully he will stay on this path and continue building. Screw the other stuff.

  4. Off Topic, but it has been a few interesting days on Tay’s twitter. Somehow, I became hooked on the fact I can write something to him and he reads, and on rare occasions makes a brief response. Part of my crazy obsession for sure, and just a task of fame, keeping fans etc. on his part. Duty call for him.

    Don’t think he has offers for movies, TV or big things. However, I do think he fell in love with jamming with other musicians. Hope that works out for him. Hope some muses or other songwriters jell for another CD. I’d be pleased with a low budget CD of good cover songs.

    Something big could and should come his way. He’d go for that and so would I. Getting back to twitter, still shocking to me how few followers he has. Twitter shows the real world in 2011 as far as how many are interested in so and so.

  5. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Getting back to twitter, still shocking to me how few followers he has.
    It’s not shocking to me. He doesn’t use twitter properly. I have more followers than he does and I was never a celebrity. He’s not networking with the right people. He doesn’t show an interest in what the right people are saying. He doesn’t RT enough. He’s not following back enough people. Unless you’re a big name, you have to do all the above things to get a lot of followers.

  6. Amen PBF-Amen!

  7. casualfan Says:

    Taylor does seem to have adopted a strange criteria for who he deems as suitable to follow back. While I think it’s awesome that he is following fans, he seems to be ignoring the ones who’s only motives have been to simply be fans of his and not engage in hate or drama.

  8. casualfan Says:

    I really enjoy reading Crystal Bowersox’s tweets. She has set up a great networking system and her manager is interacting well with her fans while providing information promoting Crystal and her music. She has also built a bridge with various fans who have established twitter accounts to promote her. She’s building her fanbase and also building up equity in her biggest asset…her fans.

    That is using Twitter properly and taking advantage of what is has to offer.

  9. taylorfan06 Says:

    am Cruise 9

  10. casualfan Says:

    ***waves at Grey*** 😉

  11. T’s grandma Joni said he doesn’t follow advice but listens and then does what he wants. That personality trait and being 29 when he won, may have harmed him. Some elite colleges give Master Degrees in Entertainment promotion, and many lawyers and managers have long careers and much success representing entertainers. Then too the 19 team and AI know the business.

    I’m just throwing things out there, but agree it would be helpful if Tay shared a bit more of his life via tweets. He seldom shows vulnerability. He is a stuburn guy.

  12. taylorfan06 Says:

    from my previous post, the link didn’t work.

    go to vimeo.com and search for Jam Cruise 9

    there’s a cool 10 min. video that someone put together. watch for T.

    and i do i agree with you rosie that T seems to be a stubborn guy.

    i don’t care about all the tweet business, regardless of what it may do.


  13. taylorfan06 Says:

    I really enjoyed country in the early 90’s. Hard to believe 20 years have passed. Lots of great artists and songs, including one of the first songs that got it all started.

    I think Ronnie Dunn is great! Kix Brooks not so much. He sure was a lucky SOB to ride the coattails of Ronnie all those years to become a millionaire.

    Ronnie wrote all the hits and sang them too. Not much of a duo in my eyes. I hope Ronnie release his first “solo” cd someday.

  14. taylorfan06 Says:

    Vince Gill is another true talent that unfortunately fell out of favor today, but those songs and voice still sound good to me today.

  15. taylorfan06 Says:

    Clint Black is my favorite of all. I have all his cd’s, have seen him live twice, and love all the life lesson songs of his. Talent in spades!

  16. taylorfan06 Says:

    Trisha was my favorite female. Forget Reba. Listen to this voice…

  17. taylorfan06 Says:

    Double dose. Two great voices on this one.

  18. taylorfan06 Says:

    ..and true Country Royalty herself, Shania Twain:

  19. taylorfan06 Says:

    so there’s some good Country for y’all! LOL

  20. taylorfan06 Says:

    last one…

  21. mamaforpeace Says:

    Can’t watch any of the vids… says “go to Youtube”!!??? Too tired to go look for them now. Too bad! I also find myself strangely attracted to country music these days. Thanks putting up a thread about it… I’ll check those later.

  22. mamma, you don’t have to look for them just click a second time and it will take you to YouTube.

  23. casualfan Says:

    slick ass bullshit wanna bee agents in the low rung of an agency that are top feeders, and have forgotten about true artists
    about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® in reply to ******

    Reply Retweet
    Guess things aren’t going to well in hollywood for T…ya think?

  24. cf I sounds like he was about to close a deal/gig he wanted and expected. I assume one of the CAA agents sealed the deal for one of their clients. Obviously Tay thinks he is better qualified than whoever is going to do whatever.

    It could well have been DWTS. Whatever it was he was upset last night and I felt bad for him. Show business is brutal. That is why peeps who were on top yesterday, do commercials, voice overs or whatever they can get. Same for the music business.

  25. casualfan Says:

    CAA is a powerhouse. They do their jobs well. Taylor parted ways with them during his Grease run…same with CAM.

  26. Sounds like he woke up sober this morning a went “oh shit”!!!

  27. casualfan Says:

    I think a majority of Taylor’s problem has been lack of a well polished, professional publicity team. CAA are talent brokers and not publicists. Hopefully, whoever his publicity team is these days are doing their jobs and repairing his image problem that I feel is his major road block.

    Now we just need some new music……

  28. I loved to see his complaint. LOL. A glimpse of true feelings. He doesn’t let us behind the curtain very often. Which is probably just as well, since fans are already assuming and speculating LOL. But, I don’t think he was commenting on anything recent since he has been with another agency for a while. I think he is much more pleased with the way his career is going for the last year or so. AND he is probably right about CAA. I’m sure the big names get the best of their agents and everyone else gets agents in training. LOL

  29. I just go by what he said. He was angry at a lower rung agent with the huge and powerful CAA agency. He mentioned rythym. He sounded like he had a sudden shock, let down. I assume he was up for some sort of singing or dancing thing on Broadway, or DWTS, or something else where musical talent, true artistry matters. I also assume his yr. old agency led him to believe he had the job, but the lower rung CAA agent stole it for their client.

    Fans keep asking him when this or that and I’m sure he’d love to be able to announce some good news. Whatever it was he did not get upset him, so I assume he thought it was a great gig for his career and pocketbook.
    The big agents take on novice agents all the time, just to see how they do. There are many great experienced agents at smaller agencies.

  30. Sorry Rosie, I think you are wrong this time. He was answering someone with protected tweets so we don’t know what they were saying to him.
    Since he’s been gone from CAA for some time I don’t think this was any recent sudden shock. As soon as he left them anything they were working on with him would be null and void. But I think that was why he left, they were not producing enough opportunities for him. And given all the things he’s been doing since he left, I think he made the right choice.
    As far as announcing anything to his fans he said not too long ago he would not be doing that. Announcements would be made at the appropriate time at the right place not when a fan asked.

  31. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thanks, Dee. Tried it, but it still doesn’t work for me. Oh, well….

  32. Dee I think you misunderstood what I posted. I never thought his comments had anything to do with anything CAA had been working on for him when he was with them. I just said I think one of CAA’s present clients got a job that Tay was hoping to get via his agency.

    Who knows. I thought his 1st tweet was just thrown out there for anyone to read. I don’t get what you mean by protected tweet.

  33. Understand Rosie.
    Many twitter users protect their tweets so that only those who they have execpted as followers can see their tweets. Much like a protected facebook account. I could see where Taylor answered someone but I could not retrace the tweets to see what she said to him. It’s hard to get a clear understanding of a conversation when you only see 1/2 of the communication.

  34. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Guess things aren’t going to well in hollywood for T…ya think?
    Dare I ask who tweeted that? It wasn’t Taylor, was it?

  35. casualfan Says:

    Yeah, he tweeted a mild rant. LOL

  36. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Forget I asked. I just looked. Goodness. When you market yourself or your business on Twitter, you really have to watch what you say.

  37. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Yeah, he tweeted a mild rant. LOL
    And I thought I broke all rules of marketing and professionalism when I wished my customers a Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. LOL

  38. casualfan Says:

    I’m not sure if he’s using Twitter as his “professional” networking anymore. Judging from the “hippie, ice-cream cone pimper, smartass” description in his bio-it is questionable. LOL

  39. Purple, I think a few fans questioned the wisdom of his rant. I was glad to see it, him being real. WTH, why walk on eggs. He has been the good AI. always positve and nice. He’s not with CAA and I doubt they read or would care if they did. He has no scandals. If he did his fame would rise. The southern gent, good old boy Idol winner is old.

    He do himself a favor by not caring what fans think, or the general public or critics. Borrow a quarter page from Fantasia or Adam. Loved his tweets Thurs. night and his Fri morning one. One of the few times he wasn’t on guard.

  40. I'm a hottie Says:

    This is good Taylor rant and swear on Twitter. Chase away the goodie two shoe women. Goodie two shoe is boring and no good for music career.

  41. Another Taylor rant at the blogger today on twitter.
    Whew! I am not on Twitter, but read what is posted on TH.com.
    This guy must have been nasty, to draw Taylor in like that. A bit unnerving that Taylor isn’t staying above the fray these days. However, I am with Dee…I don’t mind seeing his real feelings come out and show themselves. It has to wear thin, all the bashing, which is undoubtedly heating up during AI season.
    The blogger said that he had the most hits EVER on his blog today.

    I loved his quote from Steve Jobs. “What have you done that’s so great? Do u create anything or criticize others work and belittle their motivation.” Steve Jobs to a reporter.
    Good one.

  42. casualfan Says:

    We all know that Taylor Hicks is a man of many talents, but to have the power to single handedly “ruin” American Idol is indeed impressive! I confess to not giving Taylor the benefit of having that much power…who knew?


  43. Anyone can have a blog and anyone can claim they are an expert about anything including music. The blogger T. responded to has about 550 followers.
    The guy got his jollies yesterday by not only getting the most comments he ever had, he also enticed Taylor into tweeting him. Tay did so right after telling fans not to bother responding to negative articles. Weird!

  44. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I get why he was upset thou. Someone splashing headlines on the Net that he “ruined” American Idol had to get under his skin. He claims he didn’t read the article, and I call BS. He read the article alright or he wouldn’t have gotten so upset.

    You are right-the blogger was out looking for hits. I found his “opinion” ver disrespectful, not only to Taylor, but to his fans. Neither deserved that.

  45. Plus the blogger was not right about the audience dwindling after Taylor. I saw the numbers laid out for each season recently. They peaked with Taylor but only dipped a little with Jordans season and started dipping more and more every year after that. Seems to me it was just a natural decline of a show long on the air. If one contestant could ruin Idol, Lee’s winning would have blasted Idol off the air for good. LOL.

  46. casualfan Says:

    I agree Dee. Every show has it’s peak and season 5 was obviously the year for Idol. But I do disagree when people say that Taylor alone is responsible for that. It’s the combined talent and pushing the envelope-so to speak that was the reason. ALL of those contestants had the talent and desire to win that season.

    That blogger had a clear agenda and he achieved it. But it will be quickly forgotten and he will find another victim no doubt.

  47. casualfan Says:

    If I had to choose the worst Idol, I would have to go with Jordan Sparks. Sorry, but that season was THE WORST in Idol history. Maybe because expectations ran so high with season 5 and 6 was a complete meltdown. Lee winning Idol wasn’t so bad. I was glad he won. But as has shown to be the case in almost all seasons…the runner-up is trumping the winner. Crystal Bowersox is steadily building up her career.

  48. For all who are still stressing over T’s panel not being up during the auditions…you do realize those auditions are pre-taped right? They happened months ago. If Nigel said his panel is up for the hollywood rounds, he means they are now live.

  49. I might agree with you CF on Jordan Sparks. I think the main reason she tends to get a pass for her non-success is that she is very young and also because she’s easy to forget about.

  50. Agree that AI 6 was the worst but only because of the lack of interesting personalities. Some were good singers that yr. Jordon teamed up with some big singer, forgot who and had a big hit single.

    I thought last yr was the worst for singing, except for Crystal. Was it 7 that had the Davids, Michael Johns and Carly? I liked all of them. I thought Michael and Carly were great.

  51. mamaforpeace Says:

    Well, at least Taylor never messed up the words to the National Anthem:)

  52. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Christina Aguilera has been singing the National Anthem since she was 7 years old. She made a mistake. It happens.

    On another note, Taylor’s tweets were mean. It’s unprofessional to publicly bash someone else in the same field as you, especially when the person made a mistake. No one is perfect except God. I tweeted that although I like him and also like CA, he was unprofessional to say that. CA did not have any ill intent and she probably feels terrible enough already. Fans didn’t like when Justin Timberlake insulted Taylor. It was wrong when he did it and it was wrong when Taylor did it.

  53. Taylor’s been composing a few tweets lately that will come back to haunt him. The real Taylor is showing thru.

  54. PBF…when JT insulted Tayor he made personal attacks about his talent and his sexuallity…Taylor did not attack CA’s talent at all…he did not find her comment about the american pulbic taking it in “true spirit”sincere what the hell did she mean…He’s right LEARN the words or use a teleprompter for the most important song you will ever sing…Making the mistake is not what bothers me..it is the way some sing it (including her)..like it is cover song they need to put their own spin on…she should have sang the song the way it was written and she may have been able to get it right. All the riffs & runs she tried to fit in I think put her of the lyrics.

  55. Most people agree with Taylor. He had a right to say what he did. I Agree with Anne’s assesment. I think he has been too nice for too long.

  56. PurpleButterflies Says:

    He’s right LEARN the words or use a teleprompter for the most important song you will ever sing
    He’s wrong. She knows the words. She has sung the National Anthem many times. Here she is singing it at 11 years old. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leTzT3v_mls Here she is singing it last year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y54ZbdAUlak She has sung it more than he has and this is the first time she made a mistake.

  57. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Most people agree with Taylor.
    That’s good for them. I was never one to follow the crowd, nor is the majority always right. I’d like to see the armchair quarterbacks get up there in front of a crowd that size, along with a massive tv viewing audience, and do a better job than she did. But going by your argument, (most people), how many artists publicly said something? It’s unprofessional to bash someone in the same field as you.

  58. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, wow! I did not know about any Taylor tweets… I don’t tweet. It’s just that Taylor always gets so much flack about forgetting lyrics, I thought this was funny. That being said, a professional should have rehearsed enough not to mess up the the words of the National Anthem at the SB. It’s not just any other time. Yes, mistakes happen, but this is a pretty big one. No opinion on whether Taylor should have commented on it or not.

  59. casualfan Says:

    I enjoyed T’s tweet about CA. He has been silent for so long, taking hits himself. It’s good to see him express his opinions.

    Noticed also that he’s retweeting more promo stuff-which is good.

    Joan Rivers is a crack up…Love her!

  60. I agree CF.. Joan Rivers is a comedian..it is what she does…and CA has sung in front of millions of people often…she does stadium size shows..I think what she was caught up in was making the Anthem into a pop version and showing off her range…NOT the reverence of the NATIONAL ANTHEM and she lost her focus

  61. casualfan Says:

    You sized it up very well Anne. I didn’t watch the SB but I heard her on Youtube last night. She over-sang that song and took it out of context. I’m all for change, but some things should be left in tradition. For me at least, singing the National Anthem-especially at a major event such as the Super Bowel is an honored tradition and should be respected.

    I’m no fan of Christina A and never have been. She built her career up by her bra straps…or lack of.

  62. taylorfan06 Says:

    I totally agree that CA oversang the NA. If she had just kept it simple she would have knocked it out of the park… er stadium.

    The girl has pipes and is the real deal. Here’s an example:

    Beautiful song. Great vocal. A song of regret. I think she has some from the performance. Second chance?

  63. taylorfan06 Says:

    I remember after the Idol finale when Taylor won, someone put up a GREAT Taylor montage to this song. Unfortunately, it no longer exists on youtube, but every time i hear this song it reminds me of Taylor and images of him from that video. Does anyone remember the video montage?

  64. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor Nostalgia. I LOVE this performance.

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

    Randy was WAAAAY off on his critique. Taylor is an “old soul”, as Paula said, which is what i love about him. I’m glad Simon was complimentary about the SONG, but he always had to get his digs in on Taylor.

    I still think he’s (Slimon Scowell) an ass and have no desire to watch his x factor show. i hope it tanks. JMO

  66. With Taylor’s Pissy tweets lately I have to wonder if he has decided or maybe been advised to make his tweets edgier to get more attention and publicity?
    Just wondering? IMHO Taylor is the last one to be making fun of a singer goofing up lyrics. LOL. It can happen to anyone. Who knows what happened with her. Maybe she had a fight with her Ex right before she went out or her ear piece was picking up strange sounds…. a ton of things could have caused a momentary distraction.

  67. Dee, No one advised him. Christina seemed strung out, her vocals were not only pop, artificial, wandering, but off key. She sang badly and messed up the lyrics to the NA at a major USA gig. She knows that. Do you know of Hicks singing the NA & forgeting the lyrics or singing off key? I don’t.

  68. Dee, Shocked by ur comment and lack of reality and support for Taylor!

  69. Dee, sorry for my above comment. I felt badly for him having all those hateful tweets directed at him. He merely commented to his followers on his own twitter and I doubt anyone advised him to be more edgy. I think most people didn’t like her rendition except for her crazed fans.

    He could be a tad edgy about his career. Anyway, he was objecting to her excuse more than anything. I know of a few fans who think he should keep quiet or only say nice things, but I’m not one of them.

    Dee, I had no business jumping on you for your comment. I’m sorry.

  70. No problem Rosie. I don’t take anything personal that is said on a blog. LOL. I was just stating my opinion as were you. I was a little surprised by his tweets that sounded disgruntled about past associations but his tweets were interesting. LOL. It’s unusual for him to burn any bridges, so now if he makes negative tweets about Idol then I will know he has been kidnapped by aliens. LOL. His tweets about Christina really took me off guard though. It just seemed mean spirited and too close to the type of comments he has had to put up with. I don’t feel sorry for him because he knew that his comments would bring back lash and make the internet rounds. He has to be savy about publicity by now. AND he has to know ANY artist can have a bad performance and Taylor is not exempt.
    He’s had some less than steller performaces on TV too it just hasn’t happened on the Anthem YET. And I say yet because on live TV anything can happen. AND for the record, I’m still as much of a Taylor fan as I was but I don’t have to agree with everything he says and does.

  71. I doubt that Taylor gave it a second thought after he tweeted his opinion. He knows how the Net works by now and how fandoms are.

    The stupid twits who were dissing jam cruises ticked me off more than anything. They obviously know nothing about music. As I told one twit…popularity doesn’t always equal talent.

  72. Wow! According to the SP Intel Division, Taylors shows are almost sold out for Coos Bay. Considering they went on sale only yesterday…that’s wonderful news!

    Congrats Taylor!!!

  73. SP Intel Division LMAO

  74. I think if Adam had been on Idol a yr or two before Taylor, Tay would have let loose and not have strived for the good boy AI image. Season 5, it was still an American Idol clean cut show.

    I wasn’t online for the, he smokes and said the F word nonsense, or even for the fake GF thingie, and only now, do I get how crazed many of his fans were back then. He still has some, he should or should’nt do this or that fans. He has fans who don’t even consider his costs of traveling to a gig or get that he has a team who decides where he should have a gig. Some don’t even consider that some venues would turn him down.

  75. I meant to add that he is in a rebuilding stage of his career. Jam Cruise was part of that and I think he gained cred with other musicians.

  76. Taylor is doing a show up near Seattle, which will be very close to where I’m moving to next month. That area is very rich with music culture and no doubt he will be well received. Hopefully he will get more bookings in that area. Portland, OR is also a great area for his music.

    Good for T in finally expanding his music on this side of the map. The east coast has had plenty of shows…it’s our turn now. 😉

  77. I meant to add that he is in a rebuilding stage of his career. Jam Cruise was part of that and I think he gained cred with other musicians.
    I completely agree with this Rosie. Those jam cruises can be highly effective and awesome networking tools. Producers, agents, fans and other musicians are on those cruises for him to reach out with his music. He’s gotten back to his roots-or so it seems and that is what I’ve wanted all along.

    Next step…NEW music!

  78. taylorfan06 said;
    “I remember after the Idol finale when Taylor won, someone put up a GREAT Taylor montage to this song. Unfortunately, it no longer exists on youtube, but every time i hear this song it reminds me of Taylor and images of him from that video. Does anyone remember the video montage?’

    I remember! I was so enamored with that video and the CA “Candyman” video montage of Taylor that I played them over and over until my eyes crossed, I’m afraid. I became aware of how awesome CA’s voice was and decided to get that CD because of those montages. I also decided Taylor was a sexy thang watching those. Yes, memories, tf06.

    Naughty, sexy song, with the fun throwback to another era.

  79. Next step…NEW music!
    Yes, bring it on!

    On the subject of tweets, “Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.”
    Not “BECAUSE they have done unto you”.
    AND …”we reap what we sow”.
    I love to preach. Especially after posting an off-color video/song. *ahem* yikes.

  80. I hope some of the great musicians he’s been meeting and jamming with will help him out in the cred department. I don’t know if he’d ever want to Co-tour with any of them, or if they would want to, but I think it would be great!

  81. mamaforpeace Says:

    Proof that the cello can be very cool. Just thought I’d try to get someting started:)

  82. I'm a hottie Says:

    Tay Tay too goofy. No taken seriously.

  83. I'm a hottie Says:

    I hopt Tay Tay do country music. I think he good at it. What’s Rigt is Right, this song suck!

  84. *waves* I think rants are good for the soul. Good Mr. Hicks is expressing himself. *flabbergasted* anyone still talks about “Grease” lol

    As you were.

  85. mamaforpeace love the cello clip. I saw it a few weeks ago and put it up on my facebook.

  86. mamaforpeace Says:

    A friend had posted it on his FB page,Dee, and that’s how I found it.

  87. mamaforpeace Says:

    Something else someone posted on their FB page yesterday. Sorry… it has nothing to do with music, but it’s a classic and good for a great laugh. Happy week-end:

  88. hicksaholic Says:

    I LOVE Lucy!

  89. LOL! This is one of my favorite Lucy shows. Thanks for sharing!

  90. PurpleButterflies Says:

    It just seemed mean spirited and too close to the type of comments he has had to put up with.
    I agree. Also, I think CA is one of the best female vocalists alive today, and I didn’t like her version of the National Anthem either. But I’m not in the same field as she is. That would be like me going on twitter and dissing Tiffany jewelry. I’ll never be as big as they are. If I did publicly diss them, I’d look very unprofessional. It would leave potential customers asking who the heck I thought I was to insult an extremely successful jewelry store.

  91. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Dee, Shocked by ur comment and lack of reality and support for Taylor!
    Actually seeing that it was unprofessional and mean spirited is very much in touch with reality. As for lack of support, just because a fan disagrees with something an artist does, doesn’t mean the fan doesn’t support the artist. Have you ever paid travel expenses, lodging, and concert tickets to see Taylor concerts and missed the concerts because you were outside collecting Taylor CD’s for the soldiers? That disagree/lack of support got old a long time ago.

  92. That disagree/lack of support got old a long time ago.
    Amen PBF. Bullies love to sing that same old song over and over. It’s way past old and onto deceased.

  93. I'm a hottie Says:

    Soldires want Taylor CD? He no popular enough. Waste of time. I think soldiers throw CD away in trash.

  94. taylorfan06 Says:


  95. taylorfan06 Says:

  96. taylorfan06 Says:

  97. taylorfan06 Says:

  98. taylorfan06 Says:

  99. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! I think Taylor has a right to voice his opinion on his own twitter page. And I think it bothered him that CA totally messed up the lyrics because he feels very strongly about our servicemen and they showed them watching from Iraq and she not only messed up the words but over sang it! I like CA but a lot of times she just over sings!

  100. taylorfan06 Says:

    totally agree ginger. well said.

  101. Some fans seem to enjoy lecturing him and some make it a habit to criticise him. One woman only tweets every few months to bitch.
    He never complains about his fans.

  102. Perhaps Taylor should have told some of his fans to stifle it long ago. Perhaps he could have dictated what he wanted his online fans to do, post, vote for, call, and promote. Have no clue how the Cd drives for troops began. I did read on Idoltard comments about same.

    I guess I now Know the BB and his unofficial fans sites, promoters of his events, gigs, comments, vids, and his past, present and upcoming. They are unofficial advertising of Taylor Hicks and of themselves. They and the fans who are into RT’s are all over his twitter.

    He is who he is. He has decided to be grateful and tolerant to his fans. Some of those same people, once huge fans, have chosen to post, here and there trash comments. The old worn out shoulda, coulda & woulda’s, with regards to his past decisions & most recent thoughts, down to his daily comments on his own twitter feed, tells more about them as people than him as an artists.

  103. mamaforpeace Says:

    I really like the new American Idol. The judges seems to want to help the kids develop their talent rather than put them down. And I think it’s going to be a good season.

  104. So do I mama. I knew Steven Tyler would be awesome and what the show needed. He’s passionate, caring and really is interested in what the contestants have to bring. One of my favorite things about this show is watching these contestants grow and develop their skills throughout the season. It’s truly amazing!

  105. taylorfan06 Says:

    Very cool Aerosmith video with the ever cool Steven Tyler.
    Taken from the incredible “Toys in the Attic” album (1975)

    I put this song on a “harp” cd i made for Taylor in ’06. I wonder if this song was playing during Taylor’s conception? hmmmmm KIDDING! but who knows? LOL

  106. taylorfan06 Says:

    (from their best album, “Rocks” (1976)

  107. taylorfan06 Says:

    My personal favorite from “Rocks”. The jam at the end is gold!

  108. Count down to Taylor in Biloxi. Booked my room at the beau rivage. My seats suck…row M. He better bring it! This little overnite trip will be expensive!!

  109. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m going too. The seats I bought suck too but I am supposed to have a better high roller seat from a friend that is coming. I hope Taylor has a good crowd. I haven’t bothered to break the news to my husband that I’m going yet. Last time it was so much fun. I wish I could do Pensacola on Thursday nite but I can’t find anybody to go with and then there’s the whole driving home thing.

  110. FH-I have no doubt that T will bring it. He always does…especially on or near his home turf. Y’all will enjoy yourselves. 😉

  111. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Have no clue how the Cd drives for troops began. I did read on Idoltard comments about same.
    Ah. Well if it was on Idoltard, then it must have been true. Rosie, why don’t you look at the troop drive page and read up on what it was about. http://www.jewelrysprout.com/taylor-hicks-cd-drive.html Scroll down and read the history, and also the thank you’s. One of the “not really a fans” put a lot of work into the troop drive.

  112. I'm a hottie Says:

    Purple do troop drive to get into Taylor pants. it no work, so now she pissed. HA Ha

  113. The troop drive was a wonderful thing that provided much needed comfort to the troops who benefitted from it. All who worked on that project worked their butts off and had-and still have Taylor’s full support.

    I’m a hottie-I feel sorry for you.

  114. I'm a hottie Says:

    casulfan, she live under a rock. troops want rock music. They no want music for grandma. Taylor no care, he just want to make money.

  115. I’m a hottie…Be careful dear. That train rail you are walking on that goes straight to crazyville is slick and you may fall off. 😉

  116. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Purple do troop drive to get into Taylor pants. it no work, so now she pissed. HA Ha
    I’m also in a club that bakes for the soldiers and we each send our baked goods to soldiers in different parts of the world-mainly Iraq. Taylor has nothing to do with that. What’s your explanation for that one?

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