So, I’ve been a little neglectful…

…of the blog. Sorry about that. Sometimes real life has more pressing matters. The good thing is it won’t take long to catch up on Taylor’s moves. Ha.

Okay…I’m not even going to go over the Celebrity Ghost Stories episode. I will tell you that I’m a regular viewer of that show and I was a little confused by his story. But whatever!!

Keep it groovin’ Taylor!


70 Responses to “So, I’ve been a little neglectful…”

  1. Nice to see you back in action Grey.

    The dates on his Ghost Story were out of synch with real time as usual. He obviously was partying on New Years Eve and until 3 in the morning. He did say in his book that for a while he was drinking too much and the music slipped as a result. So my take on it was he decided to get real and concentrate on his music after he saw the woman in yellow. That led to him doing the songs for UTR and picking up a few more fans and gigs.

    I think he was very honored to be called by Clint and I’d love to hear him sing the entire song.

  2. I love to see him have a good laugh or two like he did on Rick and Bubba’s. Tay squirms around in his chair as though he was having a lap dance. LOL

  3. Hicksaholic Says:

    Will watch the Rick and Bubba later. Missed the Celebrity Ghost Story.

    Saw Taylor last night at Workplay and he put on an incredibly high energy show. Did a Stones tune and also did Scarlet Begonias. Apparently to be on the new cd. I am guessing he may be heading for a heavier sound possibly. Did a great version of Maybe You Should, the kind of song he should be doing in my opinion. I debated on going but am glad I went. Disappointed in the lack of Toys for Tots. There were a few obviously used toys in the bix when we put our toys in. Unless they had moved them that was kind of disappointing.
    THe crowd was more diverse. Taylor had a 17 year old local popular singer open for him and some of them hung around.
    I can honestly say Taylor always gives you your money’s worth. I hope he donated some of his merchandise sales to Toys for Tots.

  4. Glad to hear that you went to WP hicksaholic. Yeah, Taylor does bring it home on the stage and being on his home turf and in a loved venue is extra special for him.

    Maybe the Toys for Tots bin had been emptied to make room for more. Hopefully he did get a lot of donations. The SP is usually good about doing what he asks of them…most of the time anyway.

    I’ve been reading where he finally met a real dedicated fan…LOL! I love reading about gokeysupporter and I’m so happy for her getting to finally meet her Idol. He seems to really enjoy her tireless energy and bubbly personality. She reminds me of another young over-zealous fan who at one time was all over Hicks. Most ppl were under the impression that T didn’t care for her when in fact it was the opposite. If anything, she was one his favorites and really appreciated her spunk. I think she’s married with a family now and has settled down. But it was all good.

    He looks plump and very happy and that’s the important thing. Hopefully, many good things will fruitate for him in 2011 as they did in 2010.

    Y’all take care and have a wonderful holiday season πŸ˜‰

  5. Hicksaholic Says:

    I think I saw Gokey supporter there. I am guessing it was her who held up two paper plates, one that said supporter and the other that had Taylor on one side and Gokey on the other.

    Cf, hope you are right about the Toys for Tots. I was embarrassed by what I did see.

    Taylor really does get up for Workplay. Hopefully he’s taking care of himself and enjoying life.

  6. There are many local businesses here involved with the Toys for Tots program. Today, I’m going to purchase some toys and drop them off at a drop off. It feels good to do something-especially this time of the year. I’ve also been working on baby blankets for homeless mothers and made some mini diaper cakes for them. They are going to the shelters next week. =)

  7. taylorfan06 Says:

  8. Hicks, I’m glad you saw Tay at Workplay. I love how he sang Back To Louisana and he killed MYS. I may be the only one who thinks he wrote Maybe You Should after his breakup with CL. Such a sad song and he always puts his heart in it when he sings it.

    Once again, despite the near sell out, I don’t think he walked away with much profit. 2010 will not make him rich and I hope something big comes along in 2011.

  9. I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but it distreses me that his vids get so few views. So many have forgotten he exists, since they don’t hear him on the radio or see his Cd’s in stores and he hasn’t been on network TV and isn’t written about in magazines.

    What a damn shame, since his voice is beautiful and his interpitation of songs is among the best. He works so hard and is handsome and knowedegable about music. He’s sexy and driven, yet still striving to find his rightful place in the music business.

    No sense rehashing what went wrong or casting blame. people are just no longer googleling Taylor Hicks, cause he’s out of sight out of mind. It sucks, but I’m in reality and I think he is also.

  10. Rosie you must be having a down day. LOL. There are so many Taylor vids on the net that it would be hard to have big views on them all. I wish the fans would not put as many up or at least only the VERY BEST ones. I think Taylor has been very visable ever since Grease. The number of local news channels and Radio stations he has done has to help in the long run. If for nothing else just the contacts he makes and the people he impresses. Don’t forget the Lyrics, Ghost Stories, Hallmark channel, His Whomp pops up on HDTV every now and then. Singing for Clint Eastwood, Back to the Gulf, Epcot, Cervantes, Jam Cruise…. and more. He’s been a very busy guy. There have been numberous articles not to mention all the extra Idol promo he gets to do and the 10 yr anniversary coming up. I think next year will be even better.
    Some keep saying that he is forgotten but he seems to be on the tip of everyones tongue. I even think some of the negative slams have turned around. With some of the newer Idols not selling well a lot of the articles are rehashing numbers and it is becoming apparent that Taylor sold better than most people thought. With all the put downs he got people were unaware of the numbers and just believed all the negative hype. Also it can only help Taylor that Idol seems to have decided to showcase the accomplicements of the winners this coming year. I say if Keb Mo sees Taylor as successful that’s good enough for me.

  11. Oh one more thing I’ve read a couple of accounts that said they were moving all the toys to another room as they came in and there was a room full.

  12. Rosie-MYS wasn’t written for CL. It was written for the real love of his life from a long time ago. Her name is Suzanne and they were together for about 4 years. The lyrics are referring to specific moments they shared. Although she is married now and with a beautiful daughter, they remain close friends. She’s also best friends with Brian Less’s wife.

  13. rosie Says:

    December 11, 2010 at 8:42 pm
    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but it distreses me that his vids get so few views. So many have forgotten he exists, since they don’t hear him on the radio or see his Cd’s in stores and he hasn’t been on network TV and isn’t written about in magazines.
    That’s because he has nothing musically really going on Rosie. The people that voted for him during Idol did so because they enjoyed the music he brought them, they loved his charm and charisma.

    So many ppl had the mind set that him being in Grease would rise his star but I believe it hurt him. Grease may have gained him contacts in the business, but what good are those if the fans aren’t there to nurture his career?

    The hardcore fans rave on and on about him being on TV, doing Celebrity Ghost Stories and whatever else he finds in front of the camera. None of that matters because it’s not music related. He has to have a product out there and he doesn’t. Hicks seems to be to busy promoting his image and not his musical talent.

    Regarding video views…..Do you really think the masses are interested in how many different ways he can sing “nineteen”, “MYS” or “SMB”?

  14. Hicksaholic Says:

    When I see Taylor in concert to me he is so much “better” than any others I see and that includes very popular singers. By “better” though it’s not the vocals, it’s the whole entertainment experience. Taylor never fails to deliver. From that perspective I can’t understand him not being more popular than he is.
    At the same time, I don’t feel too sorry for Taylor. He’s living the life. He probably had a hundred people or more in line waiting to buy his tshirts or sign his posters. (Granted, a few of them he probably would have preferred stayed away).
    He is well known and treated like a big celebrity in Alabama at least. He’s come a long way.
    Taylor and Brian seem to be really close still. In fact Taylor left the stage once at Workplay, going over into the crowd it looked like and Brian went to get him.

  15. I just get frustrated. Radio did not play his T.H. cd which came out 4 yrs ago today. I agree with those who say there were several songs that were radio friendly and would have perhaps charted fairly high. Damn he was the reigning AI winner back then when it meant something to hold that title. Something was mighty screwy that radio didn’t play his songs.

    He has to do whatever he can get on TV and I think he has picked up some more followers on witter from DFTL and CGS. He does need to generate a good income if he wants to live the life of a celeb. A Jam cruise a few announced gigs for 2011 won’t cut it. He needs a hit song or a good role in a movie, or appearances on Network national TV.

    CF, you maybe right about the song being written for Suzanne, but I assume he wrote it in 2008. I just love the lyrics as they express heartache with a slightly different twist. So sad if he really felt that way.

  16. haha, make that followers on twitter, not witter.

  17. CF, you maybe right about the song being written for Suzanne, but I assume he wrote it in 2008. I just love the lyrics as they express heartache with a slightly different twist. So sad if he really felt that way.
    We know the song was published in 08 but who’s to say when it was actually written. According to the CD credits, he had help with the composition. Tay no doubt has volumes of music he’s written over the years stored somewhere that may never see the light of day. My guess that is his best work is hidden somewhere in storage. Nothing like songs written from the heart. πŸ˜‰

  18. Rosie, this conversation reminds me of when my mom passed away. Me and my sisters were cleaning out her storage one day and found boxes filled with notebooks of short stories that she had written over the years. Some dated back to before I was born. They were all written in purple ink. I often thought about looking into getting those works published. The stories were fictional suspense thrillers. I remember often seeing my mom setting on her bed enraptured in writing, but didn’t know what any of it was.

  19. My oldest sister had 3 books self published. The first one was about my mom’s family and life in early Balto. That one sold well around here. The 2nd was her autobiography. The last one she rushed to put together when she knew she was dying From colon cancer. It was all the poems she had written from age 13 onward. They gave the last one to everyone her attended her funeral. Lots of people attended as she was active in many organizations including the NAACP and wrote a weekly column for her local newspaper.

    She also had an editor for her books and a great illustrater. Don’t know what any of it cost, but lots of people self publish books. you could do that with your moms stories.

  20. I agree Rosie. Lots of writers are now self publishing. It’s much like the independent label verses major label thing. I have a publishing company established already for childrens books/music education based material. Obtaining the ISBN numbers and other required registration with the Library of Congress is less expensive and can be purchased in bulk. It can be very expensive to publish a book-the printing/marketing and distribution costs thousands and thousands of dollars.

  21. This guy is an accomplished actor and is now successfully crossing over into country.

  22. Taylor has a live chat tonight at 7. Worth watching just to read hookedonhicks.

  23. Thanks Rosie, but no thanks. I’ve sworn off that .com site after being harrassed in the chat months back. Haven’t been back since. I’ve requested my membership be cancelled on that site.

    Y’all have a good time with Hicks.

  24. Hicksaholic Says:

    who is hookedonhicks?

  25. She’s a young fan who has taken a liking to marathon tweeting Taylor. She met him for the first time at WP last week. She’s also a dedicated fan to Danny Gokey.

    Didn’t go into the chat as explained above, but did briefly muddle thru some of the tweets. All I can say is that poor Taylor has his work cut out for him. No doubt his close friend “Jack” was on standby for afterwards. πŸ˜‰

  26. Did see the video of the chat. It sounds like Taylor is starting to follow his business instinct and common sense regarding making his next cd. I really appreciate what he said regarding the product and the vehicle. I have no doubt that both he and MD have formulated a great business model and are working to accomplish those goals.

    I don’t care about CGS, movie deals, TV shows, Broadway or any of that other stuff. I’m only interested in the music.

    Much success to you Taylor! It is indeed ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC πŸ˜‰

    PS…Whoever asked him about having nightmares of being chased by crazy people=EPIC!

  27. Hicksaholic Says:

    I’VE seen enough that I’M having nightmares. God only knows what Taylor has seen.

  28. LOL! He’s probably suffering from PTSD by now.

  29. Stalking is a serious problem for celebs. I don’t consider the fans who go his shows all over the country to be stalkers. He may have a few stalkers who live in Bama and show up at his favorite dining spots and pester him. The thing is that stalkers are nuts and don’t see that they are bothering the celeb. Some actually think that tay enjoys seeing them over and over again.

    He said once again he needs to find a place to live. The poor man is probably worried about finding a secure place.

  30. I should add that Tay may not enjoy signing things and posing for pictures with the same fans whereever he goes. But I have no clue and I said he “may not” and my bet is those fans think he does enjoy doing so.

    Next time I get to see him, I’m going to have my first picture taken with him, but only my family & friends will ever see it.

  31. If anyone is truly stalking Taylor, I would imagine they are or have been dealt with. It’s not an issue unless his well being and security have been compromised.

    Rosie, It’s just mo of course, but there are plenty of secure places for T to live if he wishes. He’s probably just now getting into the settling down mode and now has the time to really look. Keanu Reeves lived in his sister’s spare bedroom for years before finding his own place. Being out on the road is a lonely business. Sometimes people just want to be around friends/family when at home.

  32. Next time I get to see him, I’m going to have my first picture taken with him, but only my family & friends will ever see it.
    I don’t blame you Rosie. There are some cruel ass people out in cyber land who think nothing of posting pics of fans out on public forums and then making fun of them.

  33. Funny Baby Says:

    I think I know who asked that “epic” nightmares question.

    At least if its who I think it was, I think there’s probably a good reason why it was asked and then so quickly answered by him.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say there are many people out there who don’t know that a public figure has boundaries. Tay is so good at being accomodating and thats great and all.

    BUT I think we all forget that there are some things you just wouldn’t be comfortable asking your co-worker or your doctor or your local grocer – all of whom you know better than we know the real Taylor Hicks.

    Twitter is amazing because he actually allows a peek into his world that we’d all like to be a part of. However, I’m thinking that when tweets cross the line and force him into an awkward position of having to say, “cool it,” “dial it down a notch,” “give it a rest” and “go to bed” – then we have just uttered a question we’d be embarrased to ask our own co-worker. Time to retreat to fanville and respect the limitations of any normal person that you don’t know very well.

    I’d love to see the same people who twitter the wildly dirty questions or the deeply personal questions, actually ask those in person! The internet creates a veil of unaccountability and a shield of anonymity that lets people go wild.

    Not to say that everyone is insane. Most of the twitter is lighthearted banter that I am sure he takes with a huge pile of salt. But there are moments when even he begs us to “cool your jets.” (There was the line, now step back over it to your side and think about what you have just tweeted! LOL)

    His nightmares I think are truly born of the fans who have lost perspective entirely. Things like fan-fiction are fine (I suppose? BUt I think they are nuts personally) so long as the author doesn’t subscribe to the belief in the fantasy over the reality. Over the five years I have followed Tay, I can assure you that I have seen several who I can say rocked me to the core with their delusions.

    This probably only describes about ten fans in reality, but if I had ten folks who believed I was in a “relationship” with them and showed up everywhere I was, even when I wasn’t supposed to be ther? Well damn! I’d be calling the po-po right quick! I’m amazed we haven’t read about some looney being cuffed and dragged out of his shows yet. He’s a better person than I am thats for sure!

    Bottom line is, we all need to take a step back. Assees whether, what we say or do would be something we would say or do to our next-door neighbor who we have to see everyday. If it isn’t? Then give Tay the same respect.

    And if you happen to see him at the mall? Let him go on his merry way and tackle any weirdos you see tailing him!

    Oh and wish him a Merry christmas for me. πŸ™‚

  34. Someone tweeted a quote yesterday that really hit home with me….”A person knows they have truly moved on when they stop thinking about what hurt them and living for what makes them happy.” -awesome words to live by. Don’t ya think? πŸ˜‰

  35. Funny Baby-Great post!

  36. Funny Baby Says:

    Thanks casualfan! Feel free to repost it wherever it will be seen by people who should think it over. πŸ™‚

  37. I stopped reading those silly forums and blogs. Nothing to gain but a big headache.

    I’m sure enough ppl read here that the msg will get around. =)

  38. I do find Twitter really fascinating though. All that fan stuff aside, there are some really interesting point of views and tweeps on there. I’ve been discovering a ton of music that I love, reading different celebs points of view on things and awesome quotes and quirky humor. I’m networking with some really cool tweeps. Twitter can indeed be fun if one doesn’t focus on one subject. At least that’s my experience.

  39. Hicksaholic Says:

    I agree that the majority of Taylor’s fans are respectful and do recognize boundaries and that includes most all of those who travel all over the country to see him numerous times. Occasionally you will see one that seems to step over the line but I doubt it’s really a security issue. It might have been at one time when Taylor had a really large fan base. It’s probably more of a WTF moment for Taylor.

  40. I have never been on a blog that has a fan fiction place, but I read some on Idletard that was sickening. I’m not familiar with any fans who truly seem to feel they have a relationship with Taylor, other than as a fan. But I’ve come across a few that seem like they bug him a little too much, but like I said before, they probably don’t think they do. Some people in real life are just more pushy than others.

  41. Taylor himself started the dirty talk and double meanings when he had a few late night twitter parties. I do engage in a bit of the double entendra on his twitter.

  42. Looks like the muse came out to play for a bit. Good to see y’all having fun. =)

  43. Rosie, I miss Idletard : (

  44. Interesting momo…what exactly did you miss about Idletard?

  45. CF, Idletard was refreshingly honest and highly entertaining. Guess I miss the honesty. It and other realities kept my tarding in check…that’s it in a nutshell.

  46. It went downhill towards the end and was way too mean.

  47. Saw the pic of Tay as a toddler. He was a little cutie bear. Love those big brown eyes and pouty mouth. A little chunky monkey indeed.

  48. Hicksaholic Says:

    Had good legs even back then LOL

  49. LOL. Yes he did. He had a very robust looking body. With that large head…LOL. I adore toddlers.

  50. PurpleButterflies Says:

    CF, Idletard was refreshingly honest and highly entertaining. Guess I miss the honesty.
    Refreshingly honest? They said I did a troop drive for Clay Aiken before I started the one for Taylor.

    Highly entertaining? Making fun of someone who was stricken with cancer is highly entertaining?

  51. I wasn’t aware of that..I would never condone making fun of someone with cancer. Not sure of where that came from.

  52. They made fun of a lot of things they had no business making fun of. Putting ppl down for illnesses, weight, looks is not humorous, its outright pathetic. One of the regulars from IT who led the bash fest there use to be a regular poster here.

  53. hicksaholic Says:

    Merry Christmas everyone! Where the hell has Fairhope been?

  54. Thankfully I remain blissfully ignorant about Idletard and hope to keep it that way! Now, where is this toddler picture you’ve been commenting on?

    Here’s hoping everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year! Cheers!

  55. hicksaholic-I think FH fell back into the real world and left all the T stuff behind. Good for her! Seems most on this blog have elected to do the same. Good for them!

  56. Same to you Blueberry. May all have a productive New Year on whatever road they travel on. πŸ˜‰

  57. I had no idea that one of the regular posters who used to post here was posting on idletard. Don’t care to know who. I do know they read here and made comments about what some of us said.

    Smartie had and still has a major personality problem. I hope she is aware of that.

    I was a bit worried about FH. I think she and a few others enjoyed it when there was a bit of a chaos going on here. Hope she is well and happy. loved her humor and timing and she thought Tay was a hottie.

  58. It’s all good Rosie. Karma came around and paid them a visit. Looks like she had the last laugh. πŸ˜‰

  59. I'm a hottie Says:

    Causalfan she post on Idletard too. lmao

  60. I NEVER posted on Idletard. I’ve read there a few times but never posted. I was made fun of too on that blog.

  61. I'm a hottie Says:

    casualfan, she lie. Not the first time.

  62. Hey Grey! Wherever you are….MERRY CHRISTMAS.

    im a hottie-get a life

  63. Merry Christmas everyone.

  64. taylorfan06 Says:

    Wishing everyone a great Christmas Day with family and friends.
    Cherish those special to your heart.

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

  66. RIP Teena Marie

  67. Just randomly found this blog! Hope everyone is enjoying 2011 so far! Work Play was a AMAZING show! I met that hookedonhicks person y’all are talking about. Super sweet gal! She’s pretty cute also. Had the chance to get to know her because, we all stood outside, and froze our asses off until doors opened. She surely is not into that Danny Gokey fella. She told me she had been a Taylor fan since the beginning of 2010, and found Taylor’s twitter page in May. I see why Taylor likes her so much. I am from Bham, seen Taylor in public, people just run up to him. Poor man doesn’t get the privacy he deserves. I let him walk around in peace and stuff. Celebrities have the hardest time going out in public. For some very odd reason, Ruben does not get as much attention as Taylor does. No idea why. But I have talked to both Ruben and Taylor, in person. Super sweet gentlemen. Anyways, time for me to run off to work! And hopefully I will catch you all soon!

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