It’s that time already?

And this:


43 Responses to “It’s that time already?”

  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    Love me some Christmas Taylor! Where’s the holiday cd?
    Hopelessly hoping….

  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    ..even a holiday single would be a smart idea. i bet taylor could pick that perfect holiday song that could be a holiday classic for him. holiday music is HUIGE! so many artists get big holiday sales #’s this time of year, not to mention airplay. that’s what it’s all about these day. r u listening taylor? do u visit here??? enquiring minds need 2 know….

  3. He does so well with Christmas songs. He said on Bama tv today he is doing a country CD in Nashville. I know he can sing country but wish he wouldn’t.

  4. I love the new country stuff…way different than the old twangy country…I think it’s the only music today with any soul at all. Taylor would be great at it and if he could get a break out song in country it would be wonderful for him.

  5. How do the rest of you feel about Tay doing a country CD? I wonder if he is writing or working with Nashville writers at the moment. He deserves a break out song, but a song needs to be played on the radio and so far radio doesn’t embrace him.

    Lots of fans have tweeted he do a Christmas CD or song and I think he will next year.

    The riding shotgun vids are a good idea. I love the behind the scene stuff.

  6. mamaforpeace Says:

    About radio play… I am in France right now, and heard Adam Lambert on the radio yesterday. I think his career is moving along fine. As for country and Mr. Hicks, there is some very bluesy country music. If that’s what it is, could be good. If it’s an effort to become more popular and nothing else, then it’s a sell out. Wait and see is what I say.

  7. You said it best MFP. I’m on a wait and see with T. He’s been saying this for a few years now, so I’m not speculating on anything about him anymore.

  8. taylorfan06 Says:

    i’m in line also for the “wait and see” people. bring it taylor!!! damn it!

    on a country level, i do consider the UTR version of HOAD, as well as 7MB in the country vein. it could be done, but personally i’d love a blues cd. i was really hoping for that with TD, so that’s what really perplexed me on my first listen of that cd. i do enjoy it, but i know taylor has better in him…

    wait and see… is there really a choice here? he’s definitely worth the WAIT, but i hope the day comes soon when i SEE a release date for a new cd.

  9. Yea, The Distance CD was a bit of a shock to me and Taylor does have way better in him. Come to think of it I think I would have prefered he had done a straight country CD

    Taylor can do all types of music and I love the covers he does so well. Danny Gokey sold out and it has helped rather than hurt him. Having said that, UTR and IYT, showed the kind of music Tay liked and it wasn’t country. I still can’t get into the latin or salsa beat, but HOTYL is nice.

  10. He said in his most recent interview that he’s been to Nashville writing and recording. IF indeed that’s really the case, then a possible March/April release is feasible. It will be interesting hearing what he produces.

    As I’ve said in my earlier post…when it comes to anything T says, it’s now a wait and see thing.

  11. Taylor does have way better in him.
    According to Taylor, he really appreciated that cd because it was part of who he was at the time those songs were written.

    I will take music that’s written from his heart and his passion any day over a prefabricated, over produced, karaoke style cd like his first post Idol cd was any day.

  12. taylorfan06 Says:

    i still like the first cd very much. it really was commercial enough for radio, even though radio ignored it/him. the marketing and promotion were all wrong. some of those songs, IF heard, could have brought him more to the forefront, and improved his reputation then.

    if a momentum had been there and continued on some level, maybe our mr. hicks could have made the “sexiest man alive” list/cover… in my world, he’s there. LOL

    but i digress, at this point, it really is just wait and see, as these posts are saying. i can only hope the right song can give him the proper notice when the time comes.


  13. Not sure about country either but Taylor did do TD in Nashville so I’d say that gives us an idea of his style of country. Personally, I think he should just record the CD exactly the way he will do it on the road and not worry about recording it for radio. They will probably ignore it anyway. I think he’s going to have to prove himself to country since he did not go there directly from Idol. Maybe his ticket will be getting a country star to record one of his songs. That would go along way to getting him some country cred.

  14. AND YES….. I’d buy some Christmas singles from Taylor. In this day in age he would not even have to go through I-tunes he could sell right off his web site.

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree on the wait and see…. I listened to that Bama Tv interview and when they asked him about country Taylor said he’s always had country in him or something to that effect. I think sometimes Mr. Hicks is a bit of a BSer and says whatever he thinks sounds right at the moment rather than the truth. He’s always proclaimed himself a soul and blues singer which I think is his true love. But it is not a popular genre so he’s trying the country route.
    I’m with the rest of y’all. Taylor needs to do the songs he loves and stop worrying about the airplay. It likely won’t happen anyway.
    I would love a Christmas album. Plus it would be all new songs even if the melodies were the same. Taylor doesn’t keep any of the lyrics straight.
    His years of performing have served him well. Whenever he screws up he just smiles that smile to get the audience’s mind off his screw up. Seems to work.

  16. taylorfan06 Says:

    accurate post hicks

  17. CF, Tay wrote very little on The Distance. Perhaps he wrote most of New Found Freedom. He does not need to write a song to bring out the best in a song. The most commercial selling singers are offered songs right and left. I recall reading that by the late 60’s, even Elvis was was lacking good songs to record. I think he was offered Suspicious Minds in 1969.

    It is my opinion Tay sings Bulletproof, better than the hit maker. He has the know how and talent to make a hit out of mush lyrics, or mushy lyrics. Should he do a country CD, I think he may include reworking Hell Of A Day.

    Perhaps, I’ve never lost my faith in his talent.

  18. Oh okay Rosie. Thanks for clearing that up. I was under the impression that T either wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on TD…especially since the cd jacket lists him as co-writer on all but 4 tracks. 😉

  19. Should he do a country CD, I think he may include reworking Hell Of A Day.
    Hopefully he’s not reworking anything and is creating new material. Recycling music isn’t always a good thing.

  20. hicksaholic Says:

    Most songs can fit the country format today unless they are rap or something like that. The key will be for Taylor to get one really good song(MYS would work) and get anybody to give him some credibility as an artist. He’s got a lot more talent than some “popular” artists. He probably could do best selling a song “live” first, then as a recording but I guess that’s really difficult.

  21. He is credited with co writing several songs on The Distance. He had 2 originals on his TH cd plus some co writes. I see a lot of him in the songs ‘The Distance’ and ‘Maybe You Should’ so I think he may have written a lot of the lyrics and music. We know the situation with SMB.

  22. mamaforpeace Says:

    Look how cute he looks in the picture of that first video. So innocent!

  23. I enjoyed seeing Brad and Sean in the AI promo vid of Taylor in his home town. His brother is a rather handsome guy and seem so proud of Taylor. Dr. Hicks seems like a real nice man and the family seems close. Tay’s birth mom is below the radar as usual.

    Hope no one is offended by that last sentence as I was just making an observation.

  24. His mother is a very nice person who was unfairly judged by members of a certain circle when they themselves put the DYS in DYSfunctional. No, I’m not talking about fans either. I don’t blame his mom for staying UTR.

    Yeah, that’s right….I went there because I and others witnessed it first hand a few years back. Enough said.

  25. I read that Season Of The Soul, Wonder, is taking a break from blogging. I happened to read a blog she wrote in Jan.08 and the comments. As you know I wasn’t involved back then. Many of the names are familiar and some are still around, but others aren’t.

    It seems back then there were just more fans posting and more what some refer to haters. The blog theme was the same old thing that Tay owes us nothing but his music. It seem the so called haters were bitching about him not blogging and giving bits of news.

    Twitter came a few yrs too late for Taylor and when he was in Grease, he did flavors of the day. It is good he is sharing more now.

    As for the fan devide, it never should have happened. Stupid females bitching about other stupid females and how fans of a person should act and post, think and what was allowable to discuss.

  26. The fan-base was divided from the beginning Rosie. There was never any real unity-only cliques. Many positive things could have been accomplished down different avenues if only the hate, bullying and jealousy would have been left out.

  27. Can someone explain the “Hollywood Jew love” tweet? Dude’s got to be more careful when he tweets!!!!

  28. LOL! I missed that tweet. I think all that recycled air in the cabins have finally taken its toll. He’s now following some colorful characters.

  29. I saw no Hollywood Jew tweet. Did he delete it and whatever was it in response to? FH, are you sure you didn’t dream it, as I can’t even fathom such a thing.

    It is a riot that he is following noname. Bet some fans are thinking WTH.

  30. I have tweets come to my phone. Do you want me to retweet it to you CF?

  31. Oh fathom it Rosie!! He also said shit and fucking in the same tweet. Omg! What is the world coming to????

  32. I have tweets come to my phone. Do you want me to retweet it to you CF?
    No, that’s okay FH but thanks.

    Rosie-LOL! I think it’s great that he’s following Josie. Some of her tweets are comical and entertaining. Taylor seems to take a shine to colorful personalities. Hopefully tweeps will leave her alone and not give her a hard time over it.

  33. I totally see him making a comment as FH described…especially when his close friends are around him. He can be a true smart ass. I love that side of him.

  34. Rosie, You are a riot on Twitter. LAMO!

  35. CF, Thanks

  36. LOL! The “come to bed” tweet and “Homeless” tweet are priceless. I can’t be drinking any liquids when I read what you tweet Rosie. He’s gotta appreciate them. LOL!

  37. Twitter can be fun and there are interesting characters that are highly entertaining. One calls himself lord_voldermort7 and he’s had me in hysterics this past week with laughter. For those who get the humor, he is indeed a treasure find. 😉

  38. taylorfan06 Says:

    here’s my 2-fer Tuesday selections (80’s edition) ENJOY!

  39. taylorfan06 Says:

  40. taylorfan06 Says:

    the joe satriani song was just sampled on some current faceless female artist’s song, but nothing compares to the original…

    and the tracey ullman song… could there be shades of trials and tribulations of being a taylor hicks fan there???? “…they’ve never heard of love”

  41. taylorfan06 Says:

    they really DON’T know…. LOL

    have a great day everyone!

  42. I’m so sad that Taylor isn’t making music like this that I sooo thought he could!!! LOVE this 21 year old with just a voice and a piano… Album coming out in February…Hope you appreciate it as much as I do..Cheers!

  43. Momo-Thanks for bringing the vid. Enjoyed very much.

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