Favorite Waste of Time

Anybody who reads here knows that Will Hoge is one of my favorite artists. I love his music and I love seeing him in concert. He seems to be a really nice guy who just loves what he does. He finally came out with a video for one of his singles.

But it totally reminded me of this video:

The irony in this is that Taylor Hicks has been my “favorite waste of time” for a while now…although not so much now as before. 🙂


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  1. casualfan Says:

    My roommate is now into Wil Hodge, Ernie Halter and other independent musicians…all thanks to friends she made in the fan-base. She’s not into Taylor as she once was, but still listens to his older, original music.

    IYT is classic, heart felt and seems to identify with what was in T’s soul at the time it was written. Some songs on his The Distance cd has the same feel. 7MB is great roadhouse music-which seems to be where Taylor is at his best.

    Thanks for the Wil Hodge vid and long live the music!

  2. Taylor is better live now than ever. I doubt he made much money this past year once Grease was done. For now, his 2011 is still up and the air with just a few announced gigs so far. So it’s worry time for me. I hope he can get a good paying gig or some small parts in TV or movies to keeps his name out there.

    He needs to bring in money to fund his music career and for things like vids. I hope his next CD will have a few covers and some more roadhouse, southern rock , and blues. Hope there will be a new CD before mid 2011.

    People sitting around me at Epcot did seem to get into his music and I saw several 20 and 30 something guys with happy faces and looks of surprise. While I love his IYT CD. those song do not fit a venue such as Epcot or most venues, bars and clubs except for the song In Your Time.

  3. CF, I love Ernie Halter too. He is awesome! But there is something about Will Hoge. I’ve meet him a couple of times…and he is there for the music. You can tell that he lives and breathes it..and maybe it’s the hunger for the success. I don’t know. It’s just great to see that hunger and know that he really loves what he does. It’s evident in the way he is on stage, the way he interacts with his fans, all of it.

  4. That’s what makes Artists like Ernie Halter and Will Hoge special Grey. They truly do live for the music and money or fame is not their priority. Sure, they want to make a comfortable living-who doesn’t. But there are many, many independent musicians who do struggle financially, but wouldn’t trade what they do for anything.

    It is indeed ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC with these musicians, and that is what has my respect. I also have high respect for them because they pride themselves on their originality of their own music. Doing covers is fine, but most of these Artists mostly stay with their own music.

  5. Wow I was surprised at the common key elements and scenes between these two videos. LOL. I think maybe Taylor’s has a little more cinematic feel to it though. They were both good.

  6. Millionare Matchmaker is funny. Men are so predictable!

  7. I’ve hated the 7 mile breakdown video since the first time I saw it. There’s no story there, just bland mediocre crap. Will Hoge’s video is far superior in my opinion.

  8. LOL!

  9. I'm a hottie Says:

    Taylor play country song, but has Soul Patrol guitar strap. No make sense to me. Taylo r stop car to look at pretty gir. Creepy.

  10. casualfan Says:

    Looks like Work Play is in financial distress and looking for an investor to bail them out. Perhaps Tay can purchase the building, let them stay. It may prove a good investment. Has a recording studio and other amenities. He can rename the upstairs the “Whomp Room”…kidding.

  11. Drink much today Hottie?

  12. I know nothing about WorkPlay. How many does it hold and are there seats and dinners or sandwiches? Is it a dive bar? How much are tickets for Tay’s shows? Who owns it?

  13. CF: I left you a message on FB

  14. I guess it would be creepier if he stopped the car to look at a pretty boy…

  15. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I suggest you consult with SP Investigations. I have no idea what the details of the place is. Been there once and that is it. Just know that T likes to play there.

  16. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    October 23, 2010 at 8:58 pm
    I guess it would be creepier if he stopped the car to look at a pretty boy…
    Say what????

  17. You missed a certain post CF. Go back up and read.

  18. SP Investigations! LOL! They sure are sucking when in comes to the wedding date mystery!

  19. From reading Tay’s twitter and from reading the reactions here to my input bout Crystal & Tay, I find it so amusing that so many think of him as just about celibate. He has been home and idle for the most part for several weeks. The guy just doesn’t live to attend football games and to have twitter parties with his fans on twitter.

    He has worked hard for much of the past 4 and a half years. FH, what’s ur problem with him dating Crystal? She tweeted a pic of a Univ of Fl game to throw off the fans.

    His fans think he spends his down time in his jammies watching TV. or going to football games. Best of all for my amusement is the fact he wants the die hard travel anywhere fans, to think he is unattached and lives to perform for them. I know. They say they don’t care about his personal life and it should be a private matter. Yet, peeps request he have twiiter parties, and or reject the obvious.

  20. Single male, 29-34, handsome and with a bit of fame/ AI winner, People magazines hotest bachelor. Singer and musician. Only spends his free time writing music, playing golf, talking to his agency, lawyer and accountant and visiting his family. Does get a bit bored in off time and decides to show up and sit in with other local bands because he needs and wants to sing. Sometimes decides he should respond to some of his tweeples/diehard fans and followers. They call it a twitter par-tay. He decides he should give brief recaps to fans about his shows, or local sport team wins.

    But wait! Long ago he appeared on the AI season finale, did his job well there singing the Beatles and his new single from his TH cd. Then he flew away 4 a private vacation with his lady love. Someone snapped pics and some fans fell apart upon viewing them on the net. The most crazy of the crazy got involved.

    So now the polite refrain from inquires, while others want to know. Know what and refrain from what? I call insanity all around and everywhere.

  21. I'm a hottie Says:

    Rosie is crazy lady. No?

    SP Investigations, this is funny! Women crazy in America and no live.

    Will Hoge, this video I like very much and mery much like song!

  22. I'm a hottie Says:

    Sorry, I no type too good.

  23. Omg! I texted my nephew last night to go look for Taylor in auburn and I texted the WRONG #!! The response from someone named Jonas was great.

  24. Rosie! You are so full of Taylor knowledge! I think maybe you ARE crystal or maybe EVEN Taylor himself..,

  25. I'm a hottie Says:

    I see Taylor picture party with young people. Taylor young, he no party with old people. Old people fan is crazy!

  26. Hottie…I think your perception of “young” is off. Look at the guy on the far left of Tay. In Hottie speak: Taylor do gay pose.

  27. Fairhope Says:

    October 24, 2010 at 10:11 am
    Rosie! You are so full of Taylor knowledge! I think maybe you ARE crystal or maybe EVEN Taylor himself..,

    Fairhope Says:

    October 24, 2010 at 10:26 am
    Hottie…I think your perception of “young” is off. Look at the guy on the far left of Tay. In Hottie speak: Taylor do gay pose.
    Seriously LMAO!!!

  28. I'm a hottie Says:

    No grandmas in picture.

  29. I'm a hottie Says:

    Taylor hav e fun with young people. This si good.

  30. Rosie , not that it matters, but I think you are wrong about Crystal’s tweet of the ball game. I doubt that they would go to such lengths to keep a wedding date private. If they were there it’s not like fans could storm the place or anything. It is very secure. I really don’t think they collaborate on how to throw fans off the track. I doubt that they give fans that much thought or worry about it at all. JMHO

  31. Maybe no grandmas but I spy a pappy!

  32. Amen Dee. Those are my thoughts exactly. I checked out Crystal’s twitter and she has some cool pics of the real man in her life. He’s a total cutie. 😉

  33. And Taylor was the talent for that wedding.

  34. Just because the wedding reception was held in Palm Beach doesn’t mean the wedding couple lives there. The Beautiful People everywhere and anywhere to get married and celebrate. I have no clue who it was that got married nor do I care. But T was obviously enjoying himself in fountains of the champagne. He tweeted the same pic multiple times and miss-spelled the name of the place. =)

  35. For the second weekend in a row my husband is off playing golf, this time in Memphis. “It’a all for work” he says. Now I have to clean this freaking house. As my son says “FML”!

  36. I'm a hottie Says:

    No crazy grannie is picture. So this is good. I no care about men in picture. Pretty black lady is good. Taylor need more preety lady fans.

  37. I want to be partying “with the young people”.

  38. I’m a hottie-you are on a roll! LOL

  39. I'm a hottie Says:

    Taylor go to wedding with friend, maybe date. Why big deal? This is funny to me.

  40. Taylor should really get on one of the shows on the USA network. “Characters welcomed”.

  41. FH-Taylor will be at Workplay in Dec. Are ya going? It falls on a Thursday. Too bad he couldn’t book on a weekend instead.

  42. I'm a hottie Says:

    Crazy grandma want piece of Taylor. This is no good for Taylor career. He need more pretty woman for good careeer. I hope security good too.

  43. I'm a hottie Says:

    Adam Lambert lots of crazy grandma fan to. This no good for career.

  44. I'm a hottie Says:

    ok, I go now. Bye.

  45. Not going to b’ham CF. I’d have to take off work. Already have the week of christmas off. That would be pushing it. I am planning on Biloxi tho. Wonder if they are offering room deals with ticket purchases? I need the SP investigation team to investigate!!

  46. Ya’ll are a scream. First of all what is a gay pose and what is a silly fun pose for the camera?

    The peeps in the pic are all middle aged.

    Crystal never said she was at the FL game, she happened to post a pic on the same night Tay was a guest at a big wedding. just look at the denial on this blog and one can see he is best to engage in a bit of secrecy at this point. CF I think ur mixing up her soap friend with boyfriend.

    The most amusing of all is I never give in the know statements, except for when I was there in person at Epcot in the real bad seats. CF has always said all sorts of personal nature things about Tay. How about his beautiful exoctic gf, a few months back and lately that he likes Blue eyed, independent gals, and goes for the mind!

    Give me a break FH. The entertainment at a swanky wedding, does not post pics of the place. Besides that, a few of you on any given day would post Taylor isn’t a big enough of a star to get such a gig.

  47. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I was referring to the little toy Yorkie she now has. He’s as cute as a button and the pics are adorable. That’s the main man in her life. Get a grip!

  48. casualfan Says:

    The peeps in the pic are all middle aged.
    And you know this how? Taylor isn’t middle aged, neither is Brian Less and you don’t know who the lady in the pic is or how old she is.

    You ramble on and on about shit you know nothing about.

  49. How old is Taylor now 33? I can’t remember when I thought 33 was OLD. LOL

  50. Damn typo. I meant to say I CAN remember a time when I thought 33 was OLD. LOL.

  51. casualfan Says:

    haha-I remember those days Dee. I’m now 45 and feel like a teenager. Life is good!

  52. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m planniing on going to Bham and Biloxi. Too close to pass up. I love the Workplay venue. Not sure how much longer it will be in that spot given their financial problems.

  53. casualfan Says:

    The article about Workplay said it was only the building in trouble and not the company, which is good. If they do have to relocate, hopefully it will be in a great spot. I thought Bham was suppose to be establishing an entertainment district. Giving the talent that city has, surly they will capitalize on that.

  54. Soul Patrol Says:

    Yes Crystal was his date.

  55. Soul Patrol Says:


  56. I'm a hottie Says:

    Taylor no follow Crystal on twitter. Crystal follow Taylor on Twitter. Taylor no like Crystal. Taylor like another lady, no Crystal. Soul Patrol she lie.

  57. Wish I could go to Workplay and Biloxi. I’ve never been to Alabama or Miss. I agree with Soul Patrol, the Crystal convo has run it’s course.

    There is a difference between giving an opinion and stating something as fact. I know the difference…

  58. I'm a hottie Says:

    rosie, she funny lady.

  59. casualfan Says:

    I personally Crystal’s little yorkie is a total hottie. She’s got a hunky little man in that one for sure and one who will indeed treat her right.

  60. Reading this blog and finding it amusing and disturbing at the same time……. especially reading the stories that some seem very keen on making up. About the “wedding mystery” I can guarantee you that Crystal the AI date was not at this wedding, nor was she invited, nor does she have any connection at all. Taylor was not hired, he was a guest. The brides name is Katie, they live in NYC and she does not have a sister named Crystal. 🙂

  61. Crazy thought . . . Taylor’s private life is nobody’s fucking business.

    I figure that if he wanted his fans to know details about his personal life, he would do something totally “out there,” like tell his fans details about his personal life.

    But by all means, continue to “overhear” private conversations so that they can reported back to the gang online. Because I’m sure Taylor loves that. I know I love it when people do it to me.

  62. Right now Taylor land us veeeeeerrrry boring to me. I would like something to talk about.

  63. hicksaholic Says:

    Too bad you can’t make either Workplay or the Beau Rivage. Taylor is at another level entirely every time he plays Workplay. And the last time he played the Beau it was sold out and he had several 100 people waiting on autographs from him afterwards. Both venues have been very good to him in the past.
    Wonder what Taylor thinks about the new #1 in the BCS?

  64. We get lectures, lots and lots of lectures.

    Em informs us of true gossip. Kay was with Katies sis.

    Soulaz reads a conversation that never appeared here or anywhere! Taylor tweeted pics of where he was on Oct. 16th, therefore he wanted fans to know.

    We get Lectures… Lots and Lots of Lectures!

  65. Kay is Tay.

  66. Rosie, you’re pissed off because you got called out for what it is so get over it!

    FH-There’s plenty to talk about dear…try discussing some music. Post videos of musicians you like if you care too. I seriously doubt that T’s private life is as interesting as some would love to believe. 😉

    Soulaz-Love you!

    EM-Whoever you are….BLESS YOU!


  67. I’m not pissed off. I’m a Taylor fan who enjoys promoting him and discussing him. Some take everything way too seriously. There is nothing wrong about anyone surmising who was Tay’s date at a wedding he posted pics of on his twitter.

    EM could be a nobody who just made that up, or not. Now there’s a thought.

    CF, didn’t you give us a 3rd hand Tay appendage report and mention a band guy reporting same? Privacy!

  68. hicksaholic Says:

    Thanks rosie, I was having a helluva time trying to figure out who Kay was.

  69. I'm a hottie Says:

    Rosie, she need a life. She say she promote Taylor, no true. She scare fan away. She crazy on twitter, too. Why you tweet Tay so much nonsense? He now scared of crazy fan and no tweet.

  70. hicks, I checked out WorkPlay, maps hotels and flights. It is tempting. I had no idea WorkPlay was so large. I need to ponder the situation and finances.

  71. EM…. Just take it as “AMUSING” most everyone here does.

  72. I’m a Hottie: next character, Yoda, you should play

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

  74. Ange Bleu Says:

    Gosh – sometimes reading this board I’m reminded of Clint Eastwood’s film, “The Beguiled.” A wounded Union soldier is held captive by a sexually repressed matron of a southern school for girls. The atmosphere becomes filled with jealously, deceit & sexual desire. After rejecting the headmistress, & falling in love with one of the teachers, he ends up falling down a flight of stairs & having a leg amputated. The girls , who all want him, then try to poison him with mushrooms. Finally he ends up dead.

    Taylor reminds me of that Union soldier.

  75. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, seems you think people aren’t buying your story because they don’t want to see him have a girlfriend or any kind of personal life. I’m sure there’s a couple that feel that way – but majority seem to be more concerned with the validity of the statements you’re making.

    You said “Crystal tweeted that photo to throw fans off.” Seriously, WHY would she bother when Taylor could just delete his photo on twitter or better yet – never mention he was at some wedding to begin with if they were so concerned about his fans finding out the truth of his secret love affair?

    Be real.

    No one really cares enough these days for him to try to cover anything. I think you’re more concerned with your ego in this case – and the fact that you look bad by making inaccurate statements about his personal life.

    Just calling it how I’m seeing it.

    You could have very well seen Crystal at Epcot, I believe you did – but you also took the liberty of filling in the blanks and creating a story which doesn’t seem to add up.

  76. I'm a hottie Says:

    Yoda is sexy hot latina? Funny.

  77. casualfan Says:

    Hey TF6! Rush was one of my favorite groups way back in the day.
    “Tom Sawyer” rocked it!

  78. casualfan Says:

    hard, hard rock…but great music.

  79. Yoda sounds too much like tarzan. I say Donkey from Shrek!

  80. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here…we jumped Rosie for saying things she couldn’t back up. I think EM needs to fess up too.

  81. Backatcha, CF . . . 😀

    Oh, and I’m gonna surmise that EM is none other than . . .


    Ethel Mertz! You just know that she and Lucy were always gossping about the girls that hung around the club, lusting after Ricky. Ethel’s privileged position as BFF of the wife of the leader of the band, more than qualifies her to know what’s going on with the private life of musicians everywhere!

    And Ethel doesn’t lie . . . well I think she lies to Fred occasionally, but who can blame her? He’s such a killjoy.

  82. casualfan Says:


  83. hicksaholic Says:

    Soulaz always brings the satire.

  84. casualfan Says:

    Interesting AOL headlines today:

    *Rapper ordered back to jail*

    *Singer healing after wife’s suicide*

    *Rocker hospitalized after fainting*

    Mind you, none of this is funny per say, but it all reads like a bad soap opera script.

  85. Donkey would ROCK! LOL

  86. cf…the sad part is that the rapper going to jail and the rocker that fainted..(if a substance problem) will be selling like hotcakes next week…oh the icons the teens choose!!! That’s the sad part.

  87. Agree Anne. Seems like today’s society is set to backward thinking.

  88. casualfan Says:

    We can also add:

    ***Drunk actor found naked in NYC hotel room, rushed to hospital***

  89. Charlie Sheen, was found half naked, drunk or drugged, in a trashed hotel room with a female escort screaming in the closet. he seemed angry and mental according to police reports. His 2 daughters by Denise Richards were booked in the adjacent room. So much for time spent with daddy. He is the highest paid TV actor and this was his 2nd brush with the law in 10 months.

    Taylor you do everything right and get little to no press. Fantasia is at the top of the charts for acting stupid. Lambert gets attention and press. Clay got some for acting prissy. So Tay, grab your balls at your concerts, date a married woman or whoever openly, make at least one outlandish comment every other month, declare a financial hardship or sumthing. Go out with a female that the press follows. Tell ur SP to all get drunk at workplay, or pretend to be, throw underware and pass out outside.

    JK, but that would work. Desparate times call for creative actions…

  90. Message to Hot Air, oops I mean hottie. Don’t follow me around and worry about my mental well being. You’ve had a fascination with me since 08. I’m fine and hope you are well and happy.

  91. Sorry, clicked submit too soon. I’m a hottie or noname or whatnot, your new Tarzen speak would fit well on twitter, 140 or less characters. You could tell Tay or his fans so much, minus plurels, articles of speech, some needed verbs and those useless prepositions.

    I agree you should be The Donkey, which is a step above an Ass.

  92. casualfan Says:

    I agree you should be The Donkey, which is a step above an Ass.
    Good one Rosie…LMAO!

    Too bad about Charlie. He was my favorite actor in the 90’s. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie Sheen when he was filimg the movie The Wraith. Very nice person, very personable yet shy. He was dating Kellie Preston at the time. The years have not been very kind to him in the personal department. Hopefully he will find his way and straighten himself out…for his kids.

  93. I'm a hottie Says:

    Rosie, she crazy lady. No?

    The Donkey is hot and sexy latina lady.

    Ok, I go now. Bye.

  94. I'm a hottie Says:

    Rosie, I knw you lie on internet. This is funny. You bitter grandma fan? No?

  95. I'm a hottie Says:

    oh rosie, you no like Tay, why you no go? He no like you. He think you crazy fan who need life.

  96. Sheen was in Wall street in the late 80’s but I forgot what he did in the 90’s. Drug addiction and acholism are diseases. I’m leaning towards drugs being legal, but especially pot. Same for prostitution and johns.

    Sheen does a good job on his sitcom as does his co star/ brother character. I feel sad for the teen actor who plays his nephew. He’s been in the business since he was a kid. I know an actor and a multi Tony Award winner and a Academy award winner for best picture. Three different people and all males, two in family or extended family and one a friend and relative of extended family. All three are so well adjusted.

    Those three guys were not child actors or in anyway related to anyone in the business. Just from reading, it seems that those in the music/singing recording business, who have a famous parent, have an emotional strike to contend with. A plus can be a minus. Sheen was handed his career. Grow up as a child of fame, no thank you.

  97. casualfan Says:

    His brother Emilio turned out just fine. Maybe not as popular in front of the camera, but he does have a talent for writing, directing.

  98. Yes, too bad about Charlie. His dad grew up in my town and still has family here. Charlie’s Co-star Jon Cryer was the grandson of my long time Minister now sadly deceased. I met Jon’s dad David once. He’s an actor too and was once on the soap Love is a many Splendered Thing. He pops up from time to time on TV as a character actor and is in a lot of Broadway shows. They were a very nice family. Come to think of it Rob Lowe grew up here too. Must be in our water. LOL.

  99. casualfan Says:

    LOVE Rob Lowe! I remember that tape of him and some…hmm “ladies” LOL! Glad to see him on the straight and narrow.

  100. Drug addiction and acholism cross all classes. One does not have to be rich, famous or a CEO to be happy or content. We see that everyday in our lives. I know a few who truly live paycheck to paycheck and yet have friends and family who’d would gladly help if asked.

  101. casualfan Says:

    I know all about alcoholism Rosie. My mom died from it. I can tell you horror stories of things I endured as a child of an alcoholic. I am also very, very much aware of the devastating effects it has on families and relationships.

    I don’t condone it and I have a zero tolerance for drug use.

  102. taylorfan06 Says:

    Charlie Sheen is an ASSHOLE! ’nuff said.

  103. taylorfan06 Says:

  104. TF06 . . . don’t get me started posting awesome Radiohead songs. Well, okay, maybe just one. Because they’re special, they’re so fucking special.

  105. taylorfan06 Says:

    very cool soulaz. i almost put this one up to dedicate to Charlie, because he really is a CREEP, but i thought i might get called out for too many video posts… again.

    but hey, it’s all about the MUSIC, right???? so… what the hell!

  106. casualfan Says:

    Charlie Sheen isn’t a creep. He has addictions. As I said before, I had the chance a while back to meet the man and he was very well spoken, very cordial, yet reserved. He’s a great actor and has more than proven himself.

    You are entitled to your opinion of course, but as many defend Hicks, I am defending Mr. Sheen. He’s really not a bad guy…just lost.

  107. taylorfan06 Says:

    charlie and the whores.. yeah, a real class guy. not much to defend there.
    i don’t care for those who can just easily blame an addiction for bad behavior. “an adverse reaction to medication”, yeah right!

    it’s really ironic that he once had a show called “spin” city. i find that very comical. not the show, him. i never watched that show either. i find him just unattractive on many levels.

    charlie is cowardly to me. man up and just let everyone know who you really are – a sexual mess. can’t blame him for that i guess, but i just never liked him.

    iand yes, i do find him creepy. why a woman would marry him is just beyond me.

    JMO that i am entitled to. we’ll just agree to disagree cf.

  108. taylorfan06 Says:

    also comparing charlie to taylor is a bit of a stretch on this one. i mean that is WAY beyond apples and orange. i mean really…

    again, JMO

  109. taylorfan06 Says:

    i’m baaaaaack! LOL

    rock on with your bad self!

  110. I don’t care for Two And A half Men, because they use sex to much to try to get laughs. Sheen’s real life is a lot like the character he plays.
    He is also an abuser of women.

    Taylor needs no defense, he hasn’t broken any laws or disgraced himself.

  111. I’m not really sure how a post on Will Hoge turned into a Charlie Sheen fan/unfan forum, but here’s my two cents:

    Women marry people like Charlie Sheen because they have money. Plain and simple.

    Good to see you back TF06!

    And this reminds me of the end of high school and college. Might be dating myself a bit.

  112. casualfan Says:

    also comparing charlie to taylor is a bit of a stretch on this one
    And exactly where did you read in my post that I was comparing Taylor to Charlie?

    Both you and Rosie need to learn to read the entire posts before you jump into a rush of judgement. You both only pick and choose what you want to read and then interpret it to how you want to believe.

    But this is nothing new, so carry on with your bad self.

  113. taylorfan06 Says:

    no need to get so defensive, cf i am sorry about your mom and growing up in that enviroment. i can only imagine.

    cf – your own statement spoke volumes to me:
    “You are entitled to your opinion of course, but as many defend Hicks, I am defending Mr. Sheen. He’s really not a bad guy…just lost.”

    to put taylor’s name in that sentence, there made no sense. maybe gary busey’s name should have been substituted there. just sayin’…

    taylor does not have a prostitute/drug/alcohol problem like your mr. sheen. let’s leave him out of it.

    my last thought on charlie:
    i guess it’s just because he’s a celebrity…let’s give him an 11th chance.
    why does he still have a tv show? it doesn’t seem to matter what he does. ….still. you KNOW there’ll be another “story” in the days ahead..
    our morals today have sunken SO low… *head shaking*
    thanks charlie. grow the fuck up!! i can only hope this is his rock bottom. but something tells me not. hmmmmm….

    iag is right. let’s get back to some will hoge (whoever he is)

    wow – i do shades of taylor there. i think i’ll go check out more. thanks iag.

  114. taylorfan06 Says:

    oh i did forget to mention the abuser part. classy charlie. that’s all, folks.

  115. taylorfan06 Says:

    more irony: Looney Tunes. LOL

  116. For the record, I have no opinion one way or the other about Charlie Sheen. He doesn’t really even enter my thoughts. I just posted a Radiohead song, because I really do think they’re so fucking special.

    I just think they make really, really good music. That is all. 😀

  117. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Charlie Sheen has the disease of addiction. I don’t think he’s intentionally trying to destroy his life or hurt people around him. The guy has a problem. Also, i’ve heard many stories about Taylor and his penchant for a certain white powder one puts up their nose. Just because he’s not getting caught red handed doesn’t mean he’s not dealing with the same demons.

  118. taylorfan06 Says:

    i was done with cs, i thought, but…

    wow! – are you saying that taylor is also an addict? i guess it’s so important to you nyg to make a parallel in this situation.

    to make the same speculation, i can only imagine all the things precious charlie has gotten away with….

  119. I think everybody has some kind of addiction. Some are just worse than others. Some are private, some not so much. When you put yourself out there into the limelight, some of the addictions that people prefer to remain private, don’t get to stay that way.

  120. The disgrunted and or x Taylor fans always jump in to put down Taylor. They accuse others of comparing other celebs to Taylor, yet time and again they make negative Tay putdowns, when he has nothing to do with who is being discussed.

    NotYourGrandma, Bullshit on you’ve heard many a stories. Perhaps you and Auntie EM landed in OZ.

  121. taylorfan06 Says:

    enough of this tired topic. my lips are officially sealed on that one. i hope.

    ….back to the “music”

  122. taylorfan06 Says:

    rockin’ on w/ my bad self

  123. NYG-LOL! The CC would NEVER partake in any substance such as “baking soda”. His robes are pure and washed every night in holy water. The liquid fans see him drinking is actually purified water with a splash of sweet tea for color.

    I know this to be fact because a friend of a friends cousin’s best friend’s uncle’s daddy was seen texting this information at a show and his cockatoo told the housekeeper the next day. 😉

  124. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    You can’t believe a word that cockatoo says!

  125. LOL! Maybe not PSA.

  126. Taylor has a few too many cockatoos giving 2nd hand reports.

  127. Yet still his cockels are warm. He knows he’s the real deal and has the balls to get out there and prove it wherever.

  128. cendrillon0308 Says:

    Yea!!! Back to the a**kickin’ music. Hoge, Rush, TLC, AC/DC keep it comin’ 🙂

  129. casualfan Says:

  130. PurpleButterflies Says:

    i don’t care for those who can just easily blame an addiction for bad behavior.
    I have seen wonderful people with good hearts fall prey to drugs and/or alcohol, and do things that they would never do if they weren’t addicted to a substance. Some people are just evil to the core and there is no excuse for them. But in some cases, it’s not the person. It’s the addiction that takes over their life and contols every aspect of it-including bad behavior.

  131. casualfan Says:

    With an impressive 10 million views and counting.

  132. casualfan Says:

    Great song! Very under-rated.

  133. casualfan Says:

    It’s the addiction that takes over their life and contols every aspect of it-including bad behavior.
    100% agree on that PBF.

  134. casualfan Says:

    First time hearing this from Kris Allen…NICE

  135. casualfan Says:

    Whoever this gray haired guy is…he’s pretty good too. 😉

  136. casualfan Says:

  137. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, the only person that’s been bullshitting around here seems to be you. Myself and anyone else who’s been around since the AI boards has heard stories. Repeatedly. And history has proven that where there’s smoke there’s fire. He admitted to some of his demons in his book, fame and fortune usually exaggerate these types of issues. Given his history for drug use and certain behaviors he has displayed – it’s obvious. But unlike you, I see him as a human being who is capable of doing stupid things. There’s more to the person other than the interviews you read. Get a grip on reality.

  138. blueberry Says:

    Enjoy the Go-Go’s video – they just looked like it was all fun! What happened to them?

    The AC/DC song is perfect for me today -0h yeah, that is just bad, classic rock!

    Is mine the only community that has trick or treat tonight?

  139. casualfan Says:

    Ok, I’m officially in love with this guy’s voice. Micheal John’s voice is pure heaven. Love his rendition of “Man in Motion”


  140. taylorfan06 Says:

    I was in the mood for some Benatar! No hidden meaning here.


  141. taylorfan06 Says:

    Neil Geraldo’s guitar solo at the end is THE BOMB!

  142. taylorfan06 Says:

  143. taylorfan06 Says:

    great 80’s rock. this may relate to the earlier posts. …or not.
    just great music.

  144. taylorfan06 Says:

  145. PurpleButterflies Says:

    NotYourGrandma, Bullshit on you’ve heard many a stories. Perhaps you and Auntie EM landed in OZ.
    So EM gets called Auntie EM in Oz because she said something that differed from what you said. You don’t know if what she said was true, yet you chose to mock her. That’s very childish.

  146. taylorfan06 Says:

  147. taylorfan06 Says:

    maybe a few of us need a drink right now…

  148. taylorfan06 Says:

    Eddie was perfection here.

  149. taylorfan06 Says:

    …not to mention the music.

  150. taylorfan06 Says:

    i mean really, where have all the good times gone???

    does anyone remember laughter?

  151. casualfan Says:

    TF6, You have provided plenty of comic relief…both you and Rosie. Y’all are entertaining.

  152. casualfan Says:

    Over 5 million hits on this video. Not bad for someone whose career is over (according to the WE committee)

  153. Purple, I said the word “perhaps”, since NYGrandma has no first hand knowledge of Tay’s private life and personal habits, buch less addictions. I also used perhaps in the case of EM, since we don’t know her from Adam and she only posted once with no details.

    I first said Tay was not with Crystal at the wedding. Later I said perhaps he was since Crystal never posted she was at that football game. I was speculating period, and as I have stated several times I only say as fact what I see and hear in person. People have mocked me or doubted me in either case. It goes with the territory.

  154. I do think it is wrong and much more serious when fans or non fans accuse Tay of being a drugie with no proof. But hey that’s just me and I jumped in to defend him and call out NotYourGrandma for posting negative rumors and making a comparison to Sheen.

  155. casualfan Says:

    Damn! Get up and dance! woohoo!!!

  156. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, Give the Crystal saga a rest. That’s been beat into the ground and no one gives a shit.


    ***turns the blender on for Margaritas***

  157. Also, i’ve heard many stories about Taylor and his penchant for a certain white powder one puts up their nose. Just because he’s not getting caught red handed doesn’t mean he’s not dealing with the same demons.
    Either give facts..names/dates etc. or this equates to more than idol gossip which is deplorable. If Taylor dabbles in illicit drugs or not is not my point,,my point is ..making statements about a persons’ private life that you can’t back up with fact..(Oh I understand that you have read the Bible according to the AI boards) is nothing more than gossip so considering your source you are really making a moot point.

    Charlie Sheen has some serious addictions problems which is a shame for anyone..however when he becomes violent with women he IMO puts himself in a whole different category than people who are doing harm to no one but themselves.

  158. casualfan Says:

    And Rosie, Taylor himself provided proof in his book by writing about it. Read and get enlightened.

  159. casualfan Says:

    Another great rock song!

  160. There is a difference between having dabbled in or tried illegal drugs, or getting drunk and being an addict who needs rehab and who makes as ass of themselves or causes harm to others.

  161. casualfan Says:

    You know you’re a star when The Sims create a video from your music. LMAO!

  162. PurpleButterflies Says:

    and as I have stated several times I only say as fact what I see and hear in person. People have mocked me or doubted me in either case. It goes with the territory.
    I can only imagine how hard it must be for you to carry such a weight like that. Yes, you’re right, it must go with the territory. I wouldn’t know what it’s like.

  163. casualfan Says:

    Ok, I get it….it’s close to Halloween and everyone has their freak on. It’s cool and all good.

  164. blueberry Says:

    Hey people, let’s try being kind! This is really embarrassing. And, I already know I don’t have to read, but I do and want to continue to. Certain people share some good music.

  165. casualfan Says:

    I find this video very disturbing but she’s got talent. Love the Black Dahlia aspiration.

  166. casualfan Says:

    Good old fashion timeless music….

  167. casualfan Says:

  168. casualfan Says:

    Musical Muse inspirations…..;)

  169. casualfan Says:

  170. casualfan Says:

    enough said….

  171. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    “Either give facts..names/dates etc. or this equates to more than idol gossip which is deplorable. If Taylor dabbles in illicit drugs or not is not my point,,my point is ..making statements about a persons’ private life that you can’t back up with fact..(Oh I understand that you have read the Bible according to the AI boards) is nothing more than gossip so considering your source you are really making a moot point.”

    lol The statements I have made are easily backed up by this own words in his own book. Is that factual enough for you? There’s one video in particular from workplay where he looks high as a kite IMO. What else do I need? I don’t need to see it happening in front of my eyes to believe it. This is my opinion. You can disagree all you want. Nothing deplorable about expressing what I think. Or should I not express what I think in fear of being labeled a hater?

  172. casualfan Says:

    NYG-I’ve learned long ago that some folks in this fandom have a certain mindset when it comes to Hicks and they can’t be reasoned with. He can write about his drug addictions or whatever he has, had or does, doesn’t- in gold and emboss it all on a tablet, but some will still deny it exists.

  173. blueberry Says:

    Or should I not express what I think in fear of being labeled a hater
    Nope, freedom to express is great – it’s just that most of what is discussed/implied/speculated here in regards to Taylor Hicks is absolutely none, repeat none of our business. We are not his mother or father or mentor. And, idle speculation can cause damage (i.e. if you say an untruth often enough, some people will believe it! There is a technical term for that, but it escapes me at the moment.)

  174. casualfan Says:

    Yeah, this is the only place in Tayland that discusses/implies/speculates about Hicks in any way shape for form. No other boards or forums gets into his private business at any time. ***rolls eyes***

  175. casualfan Says:

    And I guarantee you that if all the “speculation” came to a halt, this blog would cease to exist-as with most of his related forums. I don’t care how much any of you deny it….part of the reason you visit here is because of what is posted.

    So far, it’s only been TF6, myself,IAG and a few others really posting anything music related.

  176. blueberry Says:

    No, I think it has been stated before, many people just read and appreciate the blog and do not post. So kudos to those who share….I think it is insulting to suggest that most people who visit here just want to witness a trainwreck. I can’t believe that those who use their creativity and time to develop a blog hope that their creation is reduced to speculation, inneundo and/or a competition wherein the posters try to outdo each other with insults , “inside” stories and the like. Perhaps I’m wrong, but that seems to defeat the purpose. The blog is the draw, a lot of the times, the comments start well, but dissolve into something that makes you ask WTF did these people eat, drink, smoke or inhale?

    By the way, I don’t visit anywhere else that would mention Taylor Hicks, so I can’t speak to other boards/forums. You probably know better than I do. And, why, oh why, do we insist on using “Tayland, “Tay-Tay, parTay etc? Who speaks like that?

  177. Your right Blueberry…It’s called the power of suggestion. I think to smear someone’s reputation without proof is dangerous be it a neighbour, friend or a celebrity…I sure as hell wouldn’t want it done to me.

  178. I can’t believe that those who use their creativity and time to develop a blog hope that their creation is reduced to speculation, inneundo and/or a competition wherein the posters try to outdo each other with insults , “inside” stories and the like.
    This is out of left field, but I am assuming that since IAG is the blog owner that she is capable of controlling the content herself. Perhaps you should consult with her on how to run a blog properly.

  179. taylorfan06 Says:

    OMG! – guess what i dusted off… mindless 80’s fun.. TOTALLY!

  180. taylorfan06 Says:

    more 80’s fun.. cool videp too. i still have this 45. who wants to dance??

  181. taylorfan06 Says:

    that was video. bag those toenails… i was like really embarrassed…

  182. blueberry Says:

    Perhaps you should consult with her on how to run a blog properly.

    Why am I not surprised by this comment? Not my agenda to consult on how to run a blog properly. I haven’t noticed that IAG is soliciting advice; and if that were the case, I’d be the wrong person to offer any. It is just my opinion, just mine, and I wish I had time this morning to bring examples of my point here, that at times, certain people take things to very bizarre places. I guess the occasional “comments closed” means there is some agreement.

    Had my say, feel better…thanks for indulging me.

    I think it is going to be a Bob Seger kind of day…Turn the Page”……

  183. blueberry, Grey has a new topic started. Since you enjoy reading this blog, hopefully share your comments about the music and artist. I feel that if everyone becomes pro-active with this, we can ALL change the flow of this blog back into the direction it once was. It’s a great blog.

  184. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I just love the old “it’s none of our business” line because it’s so contradictory. NEWSFLASH when you’re a celebrity there’s pluses and minuses. The minuses at times is that people will talk about you. They will talk about things you don’t want them to talk about. They will take photos when you don’t want them to take photos. They will approach you when you don’t want to be approached. That’s the trade off. It’s not as if he wasn’t asking for fame and it was just a result of him hiking in Iraq only to be thrown into an Iranian jail – therefore becoming internationally known. He went on Idol for crying out loud. So please don’t give me this private life jargon. Apparently it’s just fine to discuss where he was on his PRIVATE TIME, search for random sightings on twitter while living his PRIVATE LIFE, but it’s not ok to discuss the not so flattering stuff. That’s now how it works.

  185. casualfan Says:

    NYG-That’s exactly how it is. Maybe it’s that way in all fandoms. I don’t belong to others so I don’t know. But things go great when it’s all roses and fluff, but when something unflattering is mentioned, peeps get their panties into a wad. You said nothing wrong, just spoke the truth. It’s all good.

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