Don’t forget the lyrics, Taylor!!

Ha. It’s really kind of ironic that he was chosen to be on this show, since most of the time he can’t remember the lyrics to songs that he has written!!

Actually, I think he did a great job up there! He’s a hell of an entertainer and just looks like he had a great time! I wish he could have sang more of “Drift Away.” Listening to him sing that was awesome!


106 Responses to “Don’t forget the lyrics, Taylor!!”

  1. I enjoyed watching both Taylor and Bo Bice.

  2. casualfan Says:

    Awww-but that’s what makes it so interesting. 😉

  3. He should be on TV more often.

  4. casualfan Says:

    I think that’s the plan Rosie. Didn’t watch DFTL. I forgot it was on.

  5. hicksaholic Says:

    I keep looking for it on Direct in Mobile but so far I am missing it. I will watch the video.
    Can’t imagine there are too many others made for tv better than Taylor. But he’s even better live.

  6. I think he did a really good job with Working for the Weekend. Granted, he messed up some of the lyrics, but that’s kind of endearing.

  7. Thanks Grey for posting Tay’s entire part. I missed most of it last night, but I hope AI fans watched and that the show had a decent rating share. Taylor just turns on the magic when he knows he is going to be singing on a TV show. No one can call him boring.

  8. Ange Bleu Says:

    Thanks for posting. Unfortunately I missed this. I, too, wish Taylor had sung more of “Drift Away”. It just suits him so well. He looked cute as anything – and what a personality. He could do well on TV in some sort of host position, or any type of show where he would be the lead performer. He’s just charismatic to the core.

  9. pattiebelle Says:

    Great appearance…showed every side of him, especially the talent…and that camera panning up from his boots was kind of cool also…his energy is infectious…

  10. casualfan Says:

    I agree with you Ange on “Drift Away”. Great soulful music that indeed suits him well.

    The man is like a magnet…you try to step away but he drags you back in with the music….now that’s a musician!

  11. It is very sad news that Matt Kimbrell has died. Such a shock and I’m sad for his family and friends.

  12. So sad about Matt. Band members becomes like a second family and I’m sure Taylor and the guys feel like they have lost a brother. It puts all things in everyday life in perpective.

  13. casualfan Says:

    Yes Dee it does. Makes one evaluate what’s really important in life doesn’t it?

  14. hicksaholic Says:

    Who is Matt Kimbrell?

  15. casualfan Says:

    I think he was Taylor’s percussionist on this last tour and at Epcot. Don’t know anything about him.

  16. I thought Taylor did an amazing job on all songs! I just wish he didn’t scream so loud….play it down T….and all the high fives… enough already : )
    But he was really great and the crowd seemed to be smiling and really enjoying his performance. Way to go Tay!!!

  17. BTW, Mark McGrath was one of the guys sitting with Crystal on Sat. night at Epcot. His old band Sugar Ray had played the night before at Epcot. He also went to the dressing room with Cystal and two other peeps after the show. He was also dressed nicely, spiked hair, and very handsome in person.

  18. Mark has just been announced as one of the contestents on Trump’s new Celebrity apprentice. I understand the ratings for Dont Forget The Lyrics are poor. Mark has the right idea, just keep being visable.

  19. hicksaholic Says:

    Did y’all see Naughty but Nice Rob got a new tv show? Maybe Taylor is trying to make a few connections to get his name out there. I still don’t get how a guy as talented as Taylor could go from being on top of the world to having to claw his way back up.
    Interesting about Crystal and Mark and Taylor and that connection…

  20. hicks, Yes I read the articles about Rob’s show and he responded to one of the tweets that he will have Tay on the show. Perhaps Mark and Taylor hit it off when Tay was filming his episode of DFTL, and he also may be of some help to Taylor. I’m with you on not getting why Tay has to work so hard. Outside the American Idol Eperience, they continously run a commercial with Carrie, Cook, Lee, Jordin, and Aaron. Inside they never show Tay or at least we didn’t notice him. Jordin has a vid singing and is joined by Cook and some others. Kelly talks on a film and Adam is shown, but Tay is left out even in the winners clip. Yet he made an appearance there on Monday and never says a bad word about Idol.

  21. casualfan Says:

    We aren’t heading down the “AI did Taylor wrong” road again are we?

  22. Mark and Taylor have run into each other a number of times. I’ve read where they were at the same events and I’m pretty sure Mark has interviewed Taylor when he was with Extra.

    Momo, at first I thought Taylor was a little over the top too but after I watched Bo and he was jumping around being animated also so it seemed pretty much the same as Taylor. And of course Mark was pretty over the top too. LOL. I’m glad Taylor dressed up. He looked much nicer than Bo with his ripped jeans and shirt that showed skin everytime he raised his arms.

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    Maybe they hand out gallons of red bull in the back before they go on. When I looked at the show with regular people, not celebrities they acted pretty much the same only they couldn’t sing very well. I wanted to slap them.

    CF, my bad on the “why on why can’t everyone realize how good Taylor is?” comment.

  24. CF and hicksaholic, there is a difference between “why or why can’t everyone realize how good Taylor is?” and him being cheated out of the chance to be exposed to more people. But I won’t get into it again. I was merely pointing out my experience of seeing him one again excluding at the American Idol Experience. Trust me the outside big screen commercial to try to entice peeps to go inside could have benefited from Tay’s face, animation and woo’s instead of sleepy eyed Lee, Aaron and others. My friend commented about not seeing Tay on the opening clip inside the show. And yes I had to explain to her that tptb dissed him.

  25. should say, (once again excluded), not — one again excluding.

  26. Well it is Friday and that seems to be the popular fishing day in these parts, so I’ll see y’all on Monday.

    Everyone have a good weekend. 😉

  27. They have Lobsters on sale at Wegmans for $7.99! So ya think my last post was fishing and baiting? I think I’m going to follow some politicans on twitter and make comments. Gotta be easier than dealing with the sensitivity of some Tay fans. Better yet, I may just start playing around with my own twitter and talk to myself. Good weekend to all.

  28. Tay’s at a wedding at The Donald’s in Ft Lauderdale. Hope ya’ll check out his twitter. He was not holed up watching an Auburn game, as most thought.

  29. casualfan Says:

    No doubt SP Investigations have compiled a complete history of the establishement, gotten pics, links and surfed Twitter for details.

  30. hicksaholic Says:

    I bet Taylor was checking out the game every chance he got regardless of where he was.

  31. Some guy Daredevil327 tweeted that Tay was at the wedding cause his girlfriend is sister of the bride. Wasn’t Crystal. The beat goes on…

  32. I agree hicksaholic. No doubt his Blackberry was on full time.

    LOL-Rosie, if it wasn’t Crystal, then your assumption of Taylor and Crystal being an item-your words, not mine-were wrong. 😉

  33. CF- My guess is Taylor is seeing several ladies. LOL. Depends on where he’s at and who calls. LOL. Why not play the field he’s young, handsome and rich!!

  34. casualfan Says:

    No doubt about that. =)

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    Well I have a theory….. I think Crystal is a new beard for Taylor’s real girlfriend who had Caroline Lyders as a beard before. Doesn’t that sound logical?

  36. hicksaholic Says:

    Obviously I jest.

  37. casualfan Says:

    haha! Somewhere out in Cyberland I’m sure there’s a blogger contemplating on that very thing. Measuring tape anyone?

  38. Taylor and Crystal are difinately dating. He may have been with Crystal at the wedding, but she tweeted a pic of a Florida game. Trickery. He is the only single guy in the USA who has to keep his dating under wraps. Although I think someone suggested it may be a good idea if he had had his pic taken with several women since day one. Surely the fans don’t think he just eats, sleeps, sings, flies and tweets.

  39. Sunday Morning had a segment on Tom Jones this morning. It was very interesting. That man at 70 yrs old still has quite a voice. He has a new CD out called “Praise and Blame” Preview it on Itunes it is quite a departure from his usual music. It’s stripped down, raw and bluesy. Never bought any of his music before…. But I’m going to buy almost all the tracks.

  40. Has anyone solved the damn mystery yet?? I’ll admit it! I want to know who the girlfriend is!!

  41. hicksaholic Says:

    I know Fairhope, it’s a fine line isn’t it? You know you really shouldn’t give a shit but there’s that little nagging thought that says let me google” Trump Fort Lauderdale Taylor Hicks Wedding Crystal Hunt Girlfriend” or whatever other combo of words might tell you all the scoop. LOL

    I LOVE Tom Jones. I guess all the discussion of numerous girlfriends led straight to Tom Jones.

  42. Haha, guess you could find out if Crystal has a sister, but then again , Daredevil may have mistaken sister for another relative. Someone said Crystal is from Fl and her family lives there.

  43. casualfan Says:

    hicksaholic-Tom Jones was indeed a chic magnet. He had-and still has that primal charisma about him. God blessed him with extra pheromones in his creation process.

  44. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    October 17, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    Has anyone solved the damn mystery yet?? I’ll admit it! I want to know who the girlfriend is!!
    FH-Things aren’t what they seem and the few who are on a certain path are way off course and in serious need of a compass. Trust in that 😉

  45. hicksaholic Says:

    The mystery deepens……

  46. Conspiracy theory here…I think Taylor asked the guy to tweet that just to stir up the SP. It was a paid gig for Taylor. He wasn’t a guest.

  47. Wait a minute. Taylor’s a wedding singer again?

  48. casualfan Says:

    LOL! FH-you are a riot. Love you girl! =)

  49. casualfan Says:

    itsallgrey Says:

    October 18, 2010 at 8:59 am
    Wait a minute. Taylor’s a wedding singer again?
    Whatever it takes right?

  50. casualfan Says:

    Now that Taylor has been spotted at some Donald Trump property, some peeps have brushed aside him going on DWTS in favor of The Apprentice.

    Come to think of…that’s not a bad idea.

  51. Mark McGrath will be on the next Apprentice, which I believe will run during the new AI season. The current regular people Apprentice was a big rating fail, so Trump’s going back to Celeb Apprentice.

    CF and anyone else who has been familiar with my posting the past 2 plus yrs., should know I’m not one to diss out info about Taylor or try to pretend to be in the know. Therefor take what I said as credible that Tay and Crystal are dating. People who date regularly are an item.

    What’s up with some thinking he just works and golfs, vacays alone and sleeps and sorts stuff in his parents basement? I think he is obsessed with music and his career, but we know he fell hard for CL. He is a guy very capable of getting all hung up over a woman, just like any guy.

  52. I'm a hottie Says:

    If it’s the internet, it must be true!

  53. And the beat goes on….

  54. Speaking of Tom Jones….

  55. Well oh my…

  56. I'm a hottie Says:

    Someone is fishing, but nothing is biting.

  57. Warning! Pheromone explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Rosie: how do you know how “hard” he fell for CL? It’s funny how you know these private things.

  59. casualfan Says:

    How about those Tom Jones videos? I’m impressed with “Sex Bomb” personally. The man is near 70 and still looks damn good. Love his voice. I got a kick out of a comment posted by a 14 year old on Utube. She thought he was HOT!

  60. casualfan Says:

    Apparently some good folks have gotten together to create a calendar of Taylor Hicks for 2011. The proceeds are going to benefit a gulf charity.

    Hope they make lots of money for this that will help the coastal region recoup from the oil spill.

  61. Tom finally stopped dying his hair and it’s snow white and he had some facial hair. It looks great.

  62. casualfan Says:

    I think Tom Jones is a rare breed who will look great no matter what. Another oldie but goodie I find attractive is Neil Diamond.

  63. casualfan Says:

  64. casualfan Says:

    In 2009 and this man still has it! AMAZING!

  65. I'm a hottie Says:

    FH, didn’t you know, Rosie is IN with the IN crowd!!

  66. Yep hottie, and then there’s me….I try so hard to be popular!!

  67. casualfan Says:

    FH-You can always join the “WE” committee. I hear they are always accepting new memberships. But there are a few requirements you have to meet first like tweeting Taylor a min of 5 times per day, have your cell on vibrate so when he tweets-no matter what time of night, you get up and join the twit par-tay, hate on the other Idol contestants, speculate, stalk and bully various sectors the committee deems unworthy of wearing the SP badge of honor. Oh, and you MUST be a member of good standing in the SP Investigations sector.

    Now according to the elusive “WE” Committee, Taylor loves and adores them and they know it to be fact.

  68. Apparently some good folks have gotten together to create a calendar of Taylor Hicks for 2011. The proceeds are going to benefit a gulf charity.

    Hope they make lots of money for this that will help the coastal region recoup from the oil spill.
    He is a fantastic photographer and the charity will benefit is a win/win . Macpolski has taken some outstanding photos of Taylor and the band, I DO hope they make a lot of money for the gulf benefit.

  69. casualfan Says:

    The calendars usually sell very well. I think there’s been 2 created in the past with all proceeds going to benefit Kid One.

    Whoever is doing this calendar is probably working closely with Judy Katz and she kicks ass in publicity and is very pro Taylor. She will help out with PR on this that will increase the sales.

  70. casualfan Says:

    I’m not a Glee fan, but after watching this clip…I’ve been converted. They totally did this song to one of the BEST movies justice!

  71. I haven’t watched much Glee. I do stop on the channel sometimes to hear a song but don’t like the non music parts of the show. LOL. The High School my daughter went to had a competition show choir and they were excellent. It was hard to believe the dancing and singing could be so good. Her school also did Les Miserables and it was very professional. The principle actually got some complaints from parents who thought the leads were paid professionals. LOL.

  72. PurpleButterflies Says:

    I’m not a Glee fan, but after watching this clip…I’ve been converted. They totally did this song to one of the BEST movies justice!
    Welcome to the world of GLEEKS! Watch the episode called Dream On. That one was my favorite. Idina Menzel from Rent and Wicked on Broadway plays Rachel’s birth mother. What a perfect match it was to bring her in as Rachel’s mother. They even look alike. Look what they did to Elaine Paige and Susan Boyle’s I Dreamed A Dream. In this scene, Rachel hasn’t met her mother yet. She is just thinking.

  73. Speaking of Les Miserables the country singer Gary Morris did a stint on Broadway in this show and forever changed my thoughts about country singers. LOL.

  74. PurpleButterflies Says:

    He’s a country singer??? Wow.

  75. casualfan Says:

    FH-check out this link if you’re bored. It’s about Conan OBrian…that’s if you like him. 😉

  76. Has anyone solved the damn girlfriend mystery yet?????

  77. A few who post here mock other posters and in the past a few have insulted some who post here. JI and Nolamar used to b frequent posters here. I recall several other names who used to comment and the more the better for a stimulating blog, be it about Taylor or any other topic.

    One never knows who or what comment will be picked up and discussed. One of the biggest offenders, is out and about under several names. She may end up with no left to pick on , diss, argue with or put in a negative category of person or age.

    Within the past week, TF06 was dissed. Within the past 48, so was I. Within the past 12hrs. FH was bored. Sure it can get not only boring but become lame and even could just Fade Away when and if there is no tollerence for other view points.

  78. His gf is Crystal. I saw and heard and she has given press reports they are dating. Her fam and she lives in Clearwater FL. Her dad is mega wealthy and owns a huge construction company that get hundreds of millions $ contracts . It was her sisters wedding on Sat.

    Earlier tonight, I spoke with my friend for the first time since our Epcot trip. Being a non Tay fan she was shocked and upset when I told her about Matt’s death. I told her a few did not believe me about Crystal period and that someone said I lied about her going into his dressing room. She said they must be nuts and that she would go on the blogs to tell peeps what she heard and witnessed. People are no less well adjusted or different on Tay blogs than in the big wide. Nor are they any smarter or kinder or reasonable. It is what is is and so be it. It’s America!

  79. I'm a hottie Says:

    So Rosie, are you one of insiders to know this information or did you consult with your Ouija board?

  80. I'm a hottie Says:

    Someone is fishing and nobody is biting.

  81. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    October 20, 2010 at 9:05 pm
    His gf is Crystal. I saw and heard and she has given press reports they are dating. Her fam and she lives in Clearwater FL. Her dad is mega wealthy and owns a huge construction company that get hundreds of millions $ contracts . It was her sisters wedding on Sat.
    First of all if Crystal was giving press reports that she was indeed dating Hicks, why isn’t it popping up on Google alerts, media outlets or even ET Tonight? That would be news-especially since Taylor isn’t known for dating in the public eye to begin with. All we have so far is your word Rosie and that’s not counting for much.

    Second, how do you know what her father does for a living? You or anyone digging for that information in the first place is not okay and could be considered stalking and harassing. Doesn’t matter if it’s public or not. That’s not your business or anyone elses in this crazy fandom.

    Third, you are over here bitching about how posters are treated then why in the hell are you still over here posting in the first place? Go somewhere else if you feel that way and stop your bitching about what’s being said over here.

  82. Rosie I do believe that you heard something confirming that he and Crystal are dating. But I don’t think it was Crystal’s sister who got married unless you have found some further info. I’m only making a guess because Crystal tweeted a pic from the ball game that Sat. and no I don’t think it was some trick to throw fans off. LOL. I doubt they even give us a second thought. LOL. Plus, I know her sisters are older half sisters who are already married with families. Now, of course one of them may have divorced and was having a second wedding BUT seems like a lot to shell out for a second wedding. LOL. But then again I’m not rich.
    If Crystal is the one for him that’s great but I would also not be surprised if he was dating more than one girl. After all he does travel A LOT. LOL.

  83. hicksaholic Says:

    Maybe Crystal’s dad will help fund the next cd. We might get it sooner.

    I doubt Rosie is lying. She’s just reporting what she’s seen.

  84. Seriously, I don’t care what anyone posts. I’ve been there and done that on other blogs. It’s all perception and personal to some. For a few it becomes some sort of battle of wits.

    It is all a tad nutty, as in why are we even so invested in the guy to give a hoot about whatever. We are and in my case I get why. He’s that good and special. I just think he is super talented and out there and ballsy.

  85. Guess my point is so what Who he dates or is intimate with any month of the year. I said he was hung up on CL because he rented a home there and dated her for months and mentioned her in the audience as his GF.

    Who knows what problems some have with anyone he dates and likes? I haven’t a clue what bothers any fan about his dating life, the need to know, the crap about gay or bisexual. That has to be a personal problem, on said fan’s part. So too, is the meaness that some fans diss out to others, and or the put downs. Seriously one line put downs by new monikers, here or anywhere, show a bit of lame attention seeking and insecurity, IMO. My opinion counts to me, as it’s all I have to contribute.

    If you don’t want to be bored on this blog, then allow other opinions.

  86. If Taylor and Crystal are in a relationship, I wish them nothing but happiness and success. But until one or both of them makes some kind of announcement-a rumor is only a rumor till it becomes fact. 😉

  87. casualfan Says:

    Porn star Jenna Jameson is now on her way to Broadway. Desparate times indeed….

  88. Hey Hottie, maybe should change the bait that you use. Then maybe you’ll get a bite.

  89. I'm a hottie Says:

    I think Rosie want a bite. I’m too hot & sexy.

  90. You have to have big balls before Rosie will bite!

  91. LOL!

  92. Ange Bleu Says:

    Crystal is definitely the type Taylor has liked & dated in the past. She’s small, petite & blonde. So am I. I’m a heck of a lot prettier than she is – but she has access to him & I don’t. Boo, Hoo, Hoo how sad. But in all seriousness, if there is something between them, it’s a good thing. Taylor’s image can only improve with the public knowing he has a girl friend(s).

  93. casualfan Says:

    I think Taylor goes mostly for the mind, stimulation of good conversation, wits and intelligence. He seems to favor women with good work ethics, self reliant, good family values. Taylor has a passion for blonde hair, blue eyes and women who take care of themselves.

    Whoever he is with, no doubt he’s having fun and deserves all the bliss that’s offered to him. Life as a musician is a hard one and the comfort they find is most important, if not sacred.

    But as I said before….until there are pics, links, announcements of some kind…it’s all rumor and speculation.

  94. I'm a hottie Says:

    Taylor only like to play with blonde women. Real girlfriends are all brunette. Taylor will marry brunette woman. You see, I am right.

  95. Well Hottie, I guess then he will marry me. So what do we tell my husband?

  96. And Hottie? Do you swing from trees? You talk like Tarzan. Just saying…

  97. blueberry Says:

    Maybe I am too pessimistic today, but after a quick read, it appears that this community has changed to a point that is is not recognizable. To me, it is sad; although I know sometimes change is good. Just not feeling it here – unless names have changed, most of the intelligent, thought provoking comments have stopped, and have been replaced with drival.

    To anyone with any smarts, it has been apparent for quite some time. But I am known to be stubborn, so I kept hoping common sense would prevail, and the posters would get back to what drew people to this site when it started. The blog itself is interesting and should be a catalyst for good conversation, but, again, I am not feeling it. Am I wrong and possibly just looking in the wrong place for it to be all about the music?

  98. casualfan Says:

    Perhaps becoming pro-active by posting about the music is a great way to start…don’t ya think? 😉

  99. I'm a hottie Says:

    Me Tarzen, Lord of the Jungle!!

  100. blueberry, You are right on, but wish you weren’t.

  101. CF, you’re right about offering more to the conversation, but (and you know there always is one!) my contributions would mainly be limited to preferences. While music is very important to me, it is not something I put tons of time into researching except tour dates and CD releases! Too little time! That is what I like about this site – you can check in during a free moment and find something interesting. It was fun (at least to me) until lots of people left and something else happened.

    I do have strong opinions on music, but they are not necessarily interesting to anyone but me! I view music as a something to simplify and add to life – a pleasurable thing. Get me started on education and/or politics, and I can roll with the best of them!

    It’s all good. Carry on. I just don’t have much interest in Taylor’s personal life, but can respect that others might…

  102. I agree blueberry in what you are saying about music being a pleasurable thing. Music sooths the soul and feeds the brain. There are so many styles out there.

    I use to have the attitude that not all music is good, but I have learned….by the discussions on this blog that there is no such thing as “bad” music or even “bad taste” in music. Just because someone doesn’t like a certain artist, or sound doesn’t make it bad because someone else loves that artist and sound.

    I wish there was more conversations about that here, as there use to be.

  103. And you are right, Taylor’s private life isn’t that important…or shouldn’t be. As a good of mine recently told me….there are fans standing on the porch watching Taylor has he goes on with his life, while those fans have basically stopped theirs. Taylor isn’t standing on a porch, nor does he care what the fans are doing.

    Wise words….

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