Y is for Why oh Why Taylor? Why?

Dear Taylor,

How many times do I have to tell you? You can’t joke with the Soul Patrol. These people are going to be all over DWTS with a petition faster than you at an all you can eat BBQ.




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  1. Yeah, he does like to toss the catnip around. LOL

  2. DWTS…as a musical guest only ..Pleeeeeese!!

  3. hicksaholic Says:

    I guess I better run to the BB to see what the deal is.

  4. Hahahahahaha!!!!!

    I think he is amused by all the psychos that follow him around…and likes to play with them.

    Do you think he wakes up and says to himself…I’m bored today. What do you think I can say to the Soul Patrol to get them riled up and fighting…

    If he goes on DWTS, I won’t watch, and I’ll make fun of him.

  5. Do you think he wakes up and says to himself…I’m bored today. What do you think I can say to the Soul Patrol to get them riled up and fighting…

    It’s too much to hope for, Freckles!!

    However, I’ll concede that given the DWTS demographic he would most likely do very well in the competition. Except that his costume would be all sweaty. And clingy. And he’ll probably have all the buttons undone…. sweaty…. steamy…


  6. DWTS only has singers who have/had songs on the charts. Taylor hasn’t done anything in music.

  7. I think he wants to keep the SP busy so he can relax and enjoy his mini vacation before Epcot. Amazing how many of his female fans are into Bama sports and last night they were looking up facts on the Chicago Bears. Tay rules the roost.

  8. haha Rosie-I have to agree with that. Did they get that petition started?

  9. OH LORD. Not DWTS again!!!!!! LOL. Yes I think he does like fanning the flames. LOL.
    Grey you should post on top of this thread the picture of Taylor that was on the “X is for X-treme unreality” thread. Every time I see that pic I think what a little DEVIL. You can just see he’s ready for trouble. LOL.

  10. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    He must be very bored. Funny.

  11. He’s mocking them and they are too dumb to know it.

  12. Rosie’s quote about being experts on alabama football made me laugh. Saturday they were tweetnng like crazy and one of em got UAB mixed up with Alabama in Tuscaloosa. They all look so foolish!!

  13. Okay. This is gonna go against everything I stated about dwts. But rick fox and that football player don’t look stupid doing it. I am actually watching it for the first time. I’m watching Bristol. Yes, I love her mother!!!! So maybe Taylor could pull it off without looking like a clown????

  14. Isn’t DWTS for has-been celebrities? I don’t think Taylor qualifies because he never did anything and getting his 15 minutes of fame on American Idol, I don’t think makes him qualified.

    The only reason Bristol is on DWTS is because of her mother, who I’m sure put a gun to her head to do the show. Bristol has a pained look on her face, like that is the last thing on earth she wants to do.

  15. FH-All those fancy moves the athletes make during their games has certainly paid off, huh?

  16. I think that Tay get’s bored and likes to see what kind of “puppetmaster” moves he can try on the SP. I twittered to him asking if he was nutz!

    DWTS, he cannot be serious. What happened to it being “all about the music”?

  17. Raven says: “He’s mocking them and they are too dumb to know it.”
    That’s why I don’t like him anymore. He isn’t a nice person.

  18. Sierra! You have no reason to think Taylor isn’t a nice person.

  19. Maybe Sierra had a personal experience with him that justifies her feelings. She’s certainly entitled to them. Sorry to hear about that Sierra. Many have moved on for different reasons.

  20. I just meant she doesn’t know him, none of us do. I was wondering had twitter been around when Tay won and if he had used it back then I bet a lot of his fans would have stuck around. I’m sure he would like to have more followers on twitter and is happy he get tweets. He could be a bit more personal in his tweets. Just little things, such as was he lying on the couch watching ftbl, what was he drinking and snacking on and wearing. His tweets tend to be cut and dry. He could tweet things such as no hair gel or dry cleaners for a week, or talk about pizza or fast food or vitamins. What I’m saying is he could get personal without being personal and at the same time keep the gals busy and happy.

  21. If he states that he’s lying on the couch sipping on water, some deranged fan will have a water truck pull up at his daddy’s house with a big purple bow on top.

  22. Ha,ha Then he might as well say he was drinking Crown Royal or Hennessy, smoking a Cuban cigar and wishing he had some more designer clothes and hand made boots.

  23. Probably so Rosie. He could seriously stock up.

  24. That’s why I don’t like him anymore. He isn’t a nice person.

    I think the fact that Taylor has very long time loyal friends speaks volumes about him being a nice person….way more than the preception of people who don’t even know him And I’m very happy he doesn’t get personal in his tweets…didn’t do John Mayer any good. If he is lying on the couch watching football or whatever is his business …I don’t need to know.

  25. Anne he gets more tweets after he tweets. The more trivia he throws out there the more tweets he will get in return. Besides for anyone going to his page for the first or 2nd time, the more topics being discussed the more likely they will come back. You are a die hard fan, so all you need to know is he is alive or wants someone to score in a football game, to be happy. Even so, I bet you’ve asked him some questions.

  26. I do feel confident that of all the male celebs, Taylor has the finest tweeter.

  27. Rosie, I read elsewhere how you compared moving away from Taylor a bit like going thru a divorce. I can appreciate that and get where you are coming from. I also agree somewhat in that theory.

    True, we were not actually “married” to the man nor do we know him personally, but the emotional roller coaster is there all the same.

    Nice analogy and I get it. 😉

  28. hicksaholic Says:

    I guess I missed all the playing with the fans stuff with DWTS. I wonder sometimes if Taylor is even the one tweeting or if he pays someone to do it.
    I could definitely discuss SEC football with him intelligently not that I would try. I’m a huge Auburn fan but follow most of the teams pretty closely. He may well be at the Bama Florida game this weekend. I was hoping for a Bayfest appearance.
    I am semi watching DWTS. I thought Sarah Palin looked like an idiot being on there. If she wants to be seen on tv go on a talk show and discuss something of substance. Don’t even get me started on her. I like Bristol better but I’m guessing some of the fame whore crap from her ex must have rubbed off on her too.
    That being said it’s almost time for Glee and I LOVE Glee.

  29. You are a die hard fan, so all you need to know is he is alive or wants someone to score in a football game, to be happy. Even so, I bet you’ve asked him some questions
    ============================================================Rosie…I am definitely a fan…I have never tweeted him ..don’t know a thing about football..my husband is the die hard FB fan in this family… the only question I have ever asked him & it was face to face not twitterd was does he plan to do a show in Canada. All I expect from Taylor Hicks is good music and great shows , which IMO he delivers.
    But I do know that others really like twitter and that;s great ..I just don’t think celebs owe us a play by play of their lives. JMO

  30. pattiebelle Says:

    Nice post Anne…I can’t believe the grief he gets for having loyal fans…its all just fun…some of these posts sound like they come from total Haters, so why not REALLY move on and talk about somebody else…God knows he has enough people making fun of him already – for his “fans” to go there seems ridiculous to me.

  31. pattiebelle Says:

    Just sayin, he delivered the goods on 4 excellent shows here in the NE and continues to make great music…I hope he never goes on DWTS, he’s too good for that.

  32. I have to agree pattiebelle…most of the Taylor fans I have met have been fun ladies ,,no crazies (well maybe one or two )but they have no effect on me we just have to turn on the ignore in those cases.

    and I also agree..NO DWTS!! except as a musical guest

  33. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Anne, how awesome that he has to do so little to please you. Boy he’s lucky to have you. If only the rest of the finicky potential fans were as kind as you. Unfortunately, true fans like yourself are few and far between and not enough to sustain a stable and successful music career. Rosie’s suggestions could cause other twitterers to pay attention to him. I wouldn’t put money on it working, but it sure can’t hurt.

    Pattiebelle- he doesn’t get grief for having loyal fans. He gets grief for having crazy, post-menopausal, overly-invested, freaky frau fans who attack anyone who does not think he’s one of God’s musical messengers. Many of them are even visually scary. Of course he’s going to get grief for that. What’s been proven throughout history is that those who blindly follow anyone are well… ignorant.

    I don’t post on this blog because I’m so into Taylor Hicks. I post here because its fun to banter with familiar folk and sometimes just downright hilarious! I’m sure others would agree.

  34. hicksaholic Says:

    Wait now, I’m jumping in… What post menopausal, overly invested freaky frau fans are we talking about? Who has been attacking anyone? Most everyone seems pretty sane, most seem to enjoy the music, not hearing about anybody stalking Taylor or trying to jump on stage. Why all the discussion about the freaky fans? Sometimes I think if a fan was under 30 they could act however they wanted and not be called out on it but if they are over 40 they are supposed to go home and bake cookies(and NOT take any to Taylor.)
    Sorry for the rant but life’s a journey and everyone needs some enjoyment along the way. As long as no one hurts anyone or themselves what difference does it make how any individual gets that enjoyment?

  35. I’ve heard him called many things NYG but “Gods musical messenger” is definitely one for the vault. LMAO!

  36. NYG….I don’t quite understand your post…please enlighten me as to the errors of my ways …but Taylor Hicks or any other musician I like and believe me there are a lot of them have to do a WHOLE lot to please me…but it has only to do with providing me with good music NOT the ins and out of their daily lives,
    but as I stated that is my opinion and mine only you are more than entitled to yours.
    I have no idea what singers you follow but there are not many that don’t have fans in the very descriptive litany of faults you have listed. From what I have read about Adam Lambert, Daughtry, David Cook. Bon Jovi all have fans that fall into the category you have provided…
    How many Taylor Hicks shows have you attended…there are certainly some of the fans that you have described above but there are also some fantastic people …very warm ,welcoming and interesting people . This present tour also has attracted a lot of men and young people..at least this was my observation.

    Yes I am a fan and a loyal one of Taylor Hicks and many other artists, I am also a very loyal wife, mother ,grandmother and friend ..It is my nature. And oh yes by the way …he is very lucky to have me…because I’m not easy to please musically , but he does the job well

  37. Just an observation. A whole lot of fans read and lurk here, so they must find something they enjoy reading. I keep reading here and elsewhere that if someone doesn’t like Taylor they should move on and quit making comments about him. When I questioned why those on the BB who never and or hardly ever posted comments about Tay, but hung around in the BB basement adoring their new Idols, two mods informed me that they wanted to hang out with their old BB friends and it was none of my beeswax and never mention it again. Therefor couldn’t the same hold here that peeps who have posted about Tay for yrs, still enjoy hanging out with virtual friends and talking about Tay. Also the term “good people” was brought up by Diane. I never mention names, but Diane was here within mins. last wk. when I agreed with Raven about the fan who went off on twitter about another fan.. She informed me I hurt “good people. Others use the same term or “nice gals” when refering to Tay fans. Has someone done a survey of morals to ascertain where the good people vs the bad people post? To me the calling of some people Haters and other Loons is a wash out. I don’t use either term in my posts, but some do and it is usually in general terms. There is freedom of speech even in Tayland. It is a constituitional right.

  38. Taylor has way too many old fans and it’s not so much they are old, but they are also crazy. All you have to do is read his crazy Twitter feed to know this. Why are these old women begging for tweets from someone who could be their son? Holy Moly, Taylor is not interested in hooking up with grandma or (married) housewife. These old women look like desperate fools. Anybody reading that, who is not a fan, is laughing at the crazy tweets.

    But, Taylor needs to take the blame. If your music is too old school or AC, you are going to attract the old (crazy) gals. I hope Taylor is serious about going the country route. It’s his only hope to diversify his audience. If he doesn’t, it won’t be long until he abandons music altogether, because I don’t think he can make any decent money with what he’s doing now.

  39. Raven-You are a trip…LOL

  40. Raven there are tons of older country music fans. He should not cease doing the music he loves and does well. All the idols have over the top fans who beg, cajole, and bribe for tweets. Adam has thousands of fans who swear he was put on earth to spread love and acceptance. They speak like he was a saint, meanwhile he is going around posting like he’d like to screw any hot looking guy. Casey’s fans have delclared him the nicest Christian 20 something guy on earth and luv his 2 tweeting dogs. Any non fan reading their twitter would find way more to laugh at than Tay’s. Tay’s is tame, he just needs more followers.

  41. Adam Lambert’s music is mainstream and he has tons of young fans, Taylor Hicks does not.

    Country music attracts young and old people, but Taylor’s music only attracts old people and few young people.

  42. Daughtry has an Official Granny Group that has it’s own pledge of allegiance .
    I know a lot of women my age (OMG I’m 60…shoot me now ) that are big fans of Bon Jovi and look forward to concerts and have made friends with other fans and travel to see them. I say good for them.
    Every artist has older fans, especially the ones from idol it seems and I’m sure they are as happy to have their $$$ as anyone elses.

    Really I think this subject is getting a little OLD!!!!

  43. I went to a Daughtry concert not too long ago and Daughtry has tons of attractive young women and young men. Sure he has old fans too, although I did not see too many of them, but I did see tons of younger fans. Same with Adam Lambert.

    But, if you go to Taylor’s concert, all you see are gray-haired old women and housewifes. Taylor needs to get his head out of his butt if he wants a music career, cause he’s not going to make it playing old cover tunes to a zombie audience.

  44. LOL! Raven you missed the Twitter party tonight. T does love his fans. He was twittering their Yahoo and googling their myspace…LMAO!

  45. mamaforpeace Says:

    FAN=FANatic… The word says it all. To be a TRUE fan you must be crazy. You can be young, you can be old, the only requirement is that you be crazy. Male, female, doesn’t matter as long as you are ready for the loonie bin. And don’t you dare tell me I am wrong because I absolutely know I am right!

  46. LOL I think he was twittering his own yahoo sized Yahoo and googling all over himself!

  47. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Hey, if we want to pretend that Taylor has a vastly diverse group of fans – we can do that – but it’s not true. There’s nothing wrong with being older and enjoying music – but when almost ALL of your fans are older, female, someone’s grandma and often really over-protective, overbearing, loud and defensive about the artist, people are going to give them shit. It’s reality. I mean look at how defensive some posters on this very blog get (and on others) when someone criticizes Taylor? That’s frau behavior. You might call it loyal, I call it crazy.

    Anne, you say all you expect is “good music” – well yeah. His live performances are always great, but the stuff he’s releasing is luke warm for me. When was the last time I listened to the TH CD or The Distance? I honestly can’t remember. So if the music isn’t cutting it for some, at least keep it interesting (hence Rosie’s comment about twittering more) to keep people around.

  48. hicksaholic Says:

    I don’t follow the twitter stuff. Are the posts from Taylor’s fans that bad or are they just joking back and forth?
    I wish Taylor had a more diverse fanbase but certainly don’t think he needs to run off his older fans. I’m one of them.
    I checked on the charity event in Bham Oct 21st. It’s a seated dinner and concert, no alcohol. Pretty pricey though… cheapest ticket $150 each.
    I wonder how many of the regulars will make it.

  49. Yeah Rosie, You had a pretty good time with him last night also dear. It wasn’t that hard to figure out who you are. 😉

  50. Hopefully it will be a success hicksaholic. With the economy being as it is, charities and Foundations are really struggling.

  51. Well, I’ve been to a few of Taylors concerts. Lots of young people there. Even kids that love Taylor. Lots of older people there too.
    Both men and women.
    Epoct last year was packed to see Taylor Hicks. All ages. All sexes.
    I love Taylor Hicks music and
    George Jones, Allen Jackson, LLCoolJ, Usher and many others.
    But Taylor is my all time favorite.

  52. hicksaholic Says:

    Yeah, CF,
    I’m passing on this one. The ticket price is pretty ridiculous AND you can’t drink. I’ll wait for a bar concert. But I can’t wait to hear from those who go. I would love to go to EPCOT but can’t make it happen. That will be fun I’m sure.

  53. CF, I wasn’t around when he was doing his tweeting. When the BB dumped me I chose a new venue.

  54. That’s too bad hicksaholic, but things are tough. I saw the tkt prices for that event. Hope they sell well.

  55. Going to Epcot next Fri. but we will do a lot more than seeing Taylor. I had no clue that peeps get in line hrs before each concert, and I don’t just mean for Taylors. Columbus Day weekend, higher prices and crowds, and being an AI winner he is a bigger draw than most. His shows will be shorter than on his recent tour, but I’m hoping he does some famous covers. He is not allowed to sell his wares, but selling his talents and himself should do the trick. While it may not translate into sales now, down the road he is helping peeps to know and recall him. Baby steps…

  56. He should be way past baby steps by now Rosie. Just sayin’

  57. The thing is a whole lot of people liked/admired Taylor on AI5. I’d say 90% of them don’t think he did a single thing wrong. Many of those would enjoy seeing him on TV or hearing him on the radio, or even reading about him in magazines. Out of sight out of mind. It is not Taylor’s fault he gave it his all and entertained millions. He’s still trying his best to please and entertain.

  58. cf, It is not his fault.

  59. I don’t understand the constant need for recognition. I used to work with someone who always needed a shout out/compliment. Drove me insane. We called her The Blair Witch. I wonder if Chill and The Blair Witch are one in the same??

  60. LMAO!

  61. It is somewhat pathetic-not to mention desperate when a grown-up has to beg and harass someone for a birthday shout out. That is a day for celebration and no one should be forced into feeling obligated to send out well wishes.

    Just another facet of bully behaviour. Damn shame.

  62. Sometimes I don’t understand why people are so quick to put a negative spin on other peoples actions. Does no one have a sense of humor or do any thing light hearted just for the fun of it? JMHO

  63. Since when is begging someone over and over and having your friends do the same light hearted and humours behaviour Dee? Asking once or twice is light hearted-asking over and over again is obsession. Would you want your kids to do that?

  64. gessh Chill is one of the nicest fans and does a lot for Taylor with her blog. She has not begged people to ask Tay to wish her Happy bday, they are asking cause they like her. People are always tweeting Tay for shout outs, so are you going to pick on all of them.

  65. Sorry…. see nothing wrong with it . I guess one person’s begging is another person’s joking around.

  66. Oh well thought I would drop by to read the comments here lol I see nothing changes still think taylor is talented and love his music!

  67. I just dont understand if u dont like a person why spend so much time talking bout them life must be boring for some guess putting others down makes them feel better. Taylor’s music and voice just reaches my soul and that satisfies me have been going through some tough times lately and when I listen to his music it helps!

    Taylor’s music and voice just reaches my soul and that satisfies me have been going through some tough times lately and when I listen to his music it helps!

    Thanks Ginger. We needed that. In the end isn’t that what really matters. I’ve been feeling kind of melancholy myself lately. My sisterinlaw had five biopsies done Monday and we are holding our breath until next week to hear the outcome. Life sucks sometimes and we all lose sight of what is important and need reminders to not get caught up and aggravated at the trivial.

  69. Ginger, why are you here if you don’t like the discussion? Surely there must be other places where you can squee over Taylor.

    I’m not sure how I feel about these people who beg for tweets. A part of me feels sorry for them that they need this to feel important. A part of me feels it’s harmless. I wonder how Taylor feels about it? I wonder if feels manipulated or flattered?

  70. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Begging for a tweet is embarrassing. I personally think that Chill, that blog owner, is nut job. I remember when her blog started. I remember the stuff posted and written. Nothing nice about it. They are just a bunch of mean old ladies that thrive off of drama and gossip.

  71. Okay…let’s not go down this road again.

    Raven, I wonder the same thing about Taylor. Is it a cool thing for him or does he feel manipulated by it? Good question.

  72. Taylor did tweet that person Chill happy birthday. Can’t say I blame him. I would have done the same thing if I was in his shoes. His fanbase is so small, he can’t afford to piss anybody off. Very sad.

  73. Wishing someone happy birthday should be a happy thing. The b’day person is celebrating their special day. I don’t see any true gratification in a shout out from someone if I have to plead with them to do it.

    He gave her the shout out so hopefully that will make her birthday exactly what she wants it to be.

  74. haha Raven. Between the Twitter sex parties and the b’day shout outs, he will no doubt keep the fans he has left as he continues his decent to the ocean floor.

  75. IAG . . . I would guess that Taylor feels a little manipulated, but that he’s cool with being manipulated. It’s part of the game he must play.

    I think the birthday shoutouts and begging for other replies is a little silly and somehow undignified or something. But I don’t think one thing or another about the people who do that. And it certainly isn’t behavior that is specific to Taylor Hicks fans.

    I just know that if I did it, I would feel like my pride was suffering a little deflation. But that’s just me. Doesn’t mean I’m right. It’s just the way I feel.

    I was even a little embarassed when I won a meet and greet pass back in 2007. Like I should somehow feel I was “too cool” to be excited to be meeting a human being who just happened to be on a TV show. Of course, I got over it, and had a lovely two minutes with Taylor Hicks that day. But I was still a teeny bit weirded out about it.

  76. casualfan, you are exactly right. The Twitter sex party, the shout-outs, it’s all a way to keep fans interested in him because we all know the music wasn’t enough. In a way, he is manipulating his fans, but it’s what he must do to stay alive.

  77. Hey CF! I sent you a couple of messages on FB. And for the record…I think they all went to bed that night and twittered their googles!!

  78. hicksaholic Says:

    I think I might have felt the same way as you. I won a meet and greet when Taylor was in Bham early on and I went. It was kind of fun to look forward to but there was a long wait and I was thinking WTF am I doing here. I even remember others were bringing gifts and I couldn’t figure out what in the hell to bring and finally I brought a little stuffed dragon because my husband owns a Mardi Gras store and I think Taylor’s birth year is a dragon year. I look back and think what was going thru my mind to want to go thru all that to hand a guy who I don’t know at all a stuffed animal. It’s pretty incredible and that would be my first and last meet and greet.

  79. I got them and responded FH. Thanks! =)

  80. taylorfan06 Says:

  81. taylorfan06 Says:

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    a little disco on a friday. great song. follow up to funky town.
    ..take a listen.

  83. Anyone watch the Vh1 countdown of the greatest artists of all time?? I was kinda bummed that Elvis was #8 and not a bit higher…you know, at least top 5. But proud to see Prince at #7 and Led Zeppelin “fave band EVA!” #3

    So yeah… And I may get bashed for this but effing Bob Dylan was #5. Ew! Ew! Ew! How does anyone understand what that man is saying?? He sings like he’s constipated and just getting ready to defecate.

    I noticed that Taylor wasn’t on that list…no where…weird!

  84. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Freckles-Don’t get bummed. That vh1 list was just nonsense. Look at the panel who put the list together. http://www.rnbmusicblog.com/vh1-100-greatest-artists-of-all-time/16282/ Everyone is criticizing it, and rightly so.

  85. casualfan Says:

    No reason for Taylor to be in anything related to greatest artists of all time unless they hold a delusional countdown. Does vh1 even know who he is?

    I’m with you on Bob Dylan. Never understood that man and never got into his music. Sorry, but I put Micheal McDonald in that group also. His music was so-so, but that voice was a huge turn off with me.

    Prince-Now that is PURE GENIUS!

  86. casualfan Says:

    Thanks PGF-Just read the list and I find that downright rude that they placed Journey at #98. Steve Perry is a Voice God!

  87. casualfan Says:

  88. casualfan Says:

  89. casualfan Says:

  90. List like that are silly and depend on the age of those who put the list together. Those they mentioned who were left off were older artist.

  91. casualfan Says:

    Silly me…I always thought they went by radio play, record sales and all around popularity and impact on pop culture….who knew?

  92. mamaforpeace Says:

    I have to jump in to defend Bob Dylan. He is one of the greatest poet of our generation. His songs have been very influential, and have been and still are interpreted by many, many musicians. There is no one else quite like Bob Dylan. Whether you like him or not, you cannot ignore his talent (some say genius) or his influence.

  93. mamaforpeace Says:

    Eddie Vedder singing Bob Dylan:

  94. mamaforpeace Says:

    One of my favorite Bob Dylan songs:

  95. If the Black Keys don’t win the Grammy for new artists of the year or get no recognition….I will ban the awards!!!Dan Auerbach is GOD!!! ; ) Of course I have no idea about his personal life…never followed him on any blog…just am very inspired by their music. Hope someone else here enjoys them!!

  96. BTW Mama, I LOVE Dylan and your video. Thanks for sharing!!

  97. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Silly me…I always thought they went by radio play, record sales and all around popularity and impact on pop culture….who knew?
    That’s what it was supposed to be. They should have had people like Quincy Jones, David Foster, Tony Bennett, etc-experts in the music field and living legends.

  98. PurpleButterflies Says:

    correcting last comment-people like that on the panel, not on the list.

  99. casualfan Says:

    MFP-I do appreciate his music genus so to speak, just never got into his voice is all.

  100. pattiebelle Says:

    CF. you might want to listen to Bob Dylan’s Nashville Skylline album – sometimes those songs come on my ipod and many a person in my car will comment how good he sounds…just a thought…

  101. taylorfan06 Says:

    here’s some “genius” Classic Dylan (aka Rainy Day Women #12 & 35)

  102. Cyberbullying is “willful and repeated harm inflicted through the medium of electronic text” (Patchin & Hinduja, 2006).

  103. casualfan Says:

    Thanks Patti-I’ll check it out. =)

  104. What was the Twitter fight about last night? I didn’t get what they were fighting about? One person said she wasn’t a fan anymore. OK, so what? Anybody know?

  105. Raven just forget about it .

  106. Including Taylor in the fight was chidish. Is that supposed to show him who the bad fans are? Really stupid. I love how one poster told them stop, like she was Taylor’s protector. Lord, don’t these dumb women know that Taylor doesn’t need someone to protect him?

    No wonder so many people have left the fanbase.

  107. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    September 30, 2010 at 3:10 pm
    Begging for a tweet is embarrassing. I personally think that Chill, that blog owner, is nut job. I remember when her blog started. I remember the stuff posted and written. Nothing nice about it. They are just a bunch of mean old ladies that thrive off of drama and gossip.

    Point in case of cyberbulling.

  108. I come here to get a laugh from fans that say they are not fans and yet spend so much time bashing Taylor fans. This site is a joke.
    And I always get a good laugh.

  109. casualfan Says:

    Carole, if your trolling over here to read about all the bashing and hate and using us for your entertainment, you should get out more and enjoy life. Seems you’re the one with the issues. I thought “true, dedicated fans” stayed out of the drama?

  110. Let’s be honest . . . there’s a little goading and baiting on both sides of the earth-shattering issue which we like to call “Taylor Hicks’ career.” I think most people who engage in it, whichever side of the fence they are on, LIKE to do it. I mean they must enjoy it, because this little song and dance has been going on for four years now.

  111. Casualfan, I do get out when I can. I’m dying and reading how upset some of you get over nothing, takes my mind off my problems.
    It is very intertaining. Lets face it. I get my intertainment where I can.
    Nothing good on tv on the week-ends.

  112. casualfan Says:

    haha! So right about the tv. I was channel surfing and couldn’t find anything but old repeats.

    Twit surfing is also highly entertaining. Twitter does provide laughter.

  113. Yes, but on the week-ends, even twit surfing is a bore.

  114. casualfan Says:

    I made some cool friends on Twitter so no complaints. There is plenty of GOOD entertainment on Twitter if one knows where to look. 😉

  115. casualfan Says:

    I recently started listening to the radio again checking out the new stuff. There is some really cool stuff out there and awesome talent to be heard. In some ways, I have Raven to thank for that, so thanks Raven! You have provided a fresh outlook on things at times and I appreciate it. It makes moving forward and away from all this craziness much easier.

    I enjoyed seeing Taylor in SLO and I meant everything I said in my recap, but it stops there. My journey with Hicks has officially ended.

    Grey-Hopefully you will continue to allow us celebration of all the music because there is plenty to love and celebrate. Many good posters here-all with interesting opinions, comments. Even the ones who come here to fish are fun. =)


  116. Carole I don’t know you but am so sorry to read you are dying. I assume you mean you are terminaly ill. We all of a certain age fear death and the unknown, despite knowing that everyone dies. I hope you have peace of mind and are for the most part free of pain. Thank you for being honest and real with those who read and comment here about Taylor and his fans about your situation. Your message about life and what is important and not will reach many people. Lots of Taylor fans read this blog. I’m with you in spirit and kinship and wish you well and try to be brave. I’m going to be a big coward, so I thank you for being brave.

  117. casualfan Says:

    Carole, I didn’t even catch that. I’m with Rosie with her assessment. I don’t have words for this situation but I can only say that you are brave and face a hard battle. I had a life threatening situation last summer and although it’s still with me, I do know that all I can do is take things one day at a time and rely on the Higher Power to fill my needs.

    Take care and God Bless.

  118. I still remember the day 13 years ago my Dr. diagnosed me with Lupus. It was the day after Charles Kuralt died from it. It was a surreal moment. Several weeks later I had a strong feeling that God was telling me everything would be alright. I have had good and bad days but the last several years it has been in remission. I now have a deeper understanding of that moment with God that I had. Yes he did say everything would be alright but now I understand that he didn’t necessarily mean I would be healed. I know now that if I had died it would have been alright too. I think He meant was going to be with me no matter what and I would be ok whether I was in this world or the next.
    Carole, you will be in my prayers. You are on a journey and I wish you as much peace and comfort as possible.

  119. Which one of us weighs 350 lbs? I guess since Chill signed her post “The Blair Witch” she was talking about me????

  120. casualfan Says:

    FH look at it this way…when you look in the mirror, a beautiful smile and beautiful face stares back at you and not some dried up pasty white looking hag that has obviously seen her share of dive bars-not to mention a very bad dye job.

    Life is beautiful my sweet friend 😉

  121. casualfan Says:

    For those who are interested, here’s a great article/interview with Daughtry’s ex drummer Joey Barnes. He has an interesting take on the industry and a good perspective.

    It’s unfortunate that some folks are using this article as a weapon to further antagonize other fanbases. Joey isn’t slamming Chris or anyone else. He’s simply offering up his perspective….


  122. Yes CF. I’m not surprised that TPTB are upset about Chris’s second CD. Music business is so fucked up. You can’t suck all the creativity out of the business run it in the boardroom and expect magic to happen.

    Discovered this new struggling artist he is just a few yrs older than Justin Beiber. Yet the Industry is all Gaga over Beiber a child with little talent compared to this kid. Ck him out. He’s getting alot of notice from other musicians so maybe he’ll hit it big.

  123. Interesting article. I’m sad to hear it’s being used to stir up old shit that was ridiculous and sad four years ago. Isn’t Joey Barnes the guy who asked people to stop with the hate?

    As a wise man once said, “Da doo run run run, da doo run run.”

    Life would be so much sweeter if we just took Shaun Cassidy’s advice.

  124. FH, look at it this way, you can always lose the weight, but she’s stuck with that ugly face for life. HA!

  125. casualfan Says:

    Life would be so much sweeter if we just took Shaun Cassidy’s advice.
    LOL-Indeed soulaz, indeed =)

  126. Just for the record. I don’t weigh 350 lbs. Not really anywhere near that actually. But I am eating mashed potatoes with gravy for lunch today so………

  127. I don’t hide what I look like. Just go view my Twitter pix. Notice chill doesn’t have a pic of herself?

  128. casualfan Says:

    FH-I know you don’t weigh that and you are indeed a beautiful woman with a contagious smile, beautiful family and home.

    It’s best to stay out of the toxic wastelands. Nothing but distorted views, desperation for attention and negative air and energy. Walk on the sunny side of the street. 😉

  129. blueberry Says:

    Who are you people? I am sorry but I have to ask. Curiousity has gotten the best of me – I just don’t know (or want to know) people who say/do the things some of you say/do.

    Why can’t the things that happen or are said on other blogs stay on other blogs?

  130. Is Chill the one who used to call that phone number Taylor had set up at “SayNow” and leave erotic voice mails?? I used to call it just to hear her messages and laugh my arse off!

  131. i can’t read her blog, I’m not a member…

  132. Give me a shout out when you all get back to the music, or back to Taylor.

  133. casualfan Says:

    Not a huge Kid Rock fan, but over 30 million views is pretty darn impressive.

  134. casualfan Says:

    Wow! Never seen what Uncle Kracker looked like till this….

  135. Are you serious blueberry? You don’t want to know me! It may blow your mind!!!!!!

  136. blueberry Says:

    Yeah, sadly, I was serious.

  137. casualfan Says:

  138. casualfan Says:

    Anyone here remember Roxette? Under rated band. Love this song.

  139. casualfan Says:

  140. So . . . isn’t today Taylor Hicks’ birthday? Or is it tomorrow? Of all the ridiculous things that Taylor fans have felt were worthy of a fight, the old “6th vs. 7th” battles were probably the most hilarious.

    But I digress. Whether or not I am currently listening to his music, I have a lot of fond memories of Taylor shows, and Taylor adventures that I had. Which means that I still have, and probably always will have, some measure of affection for the guy.

    I hope he has a nice birthday celebration with friends and family, and that the coming year brings him lots of good stuff and all that.

  141. For real? No one knows his exact birth date? Is it a conspiracy? Like the girl on the beach?

  142. The correct date was eventually figured out, Fairhope . . . but people actually got in huge fights online about it before it was confirmed. And some folks were really worried about what Taylor would think if he got a card from them a day late, or something like that.

    I was like, really?

    Sometimes my FAMILY, people who I really know and love, get their birthday cards a day late from me.

  143. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I remember that. I still don’t know when his birthday is. No doubt he is getting a ton of ecards about now. T is probably real good with that DELETE button these days.

  144. I’ve been lurking on Twitter this morning. One of his fans is having anxiety over Taylor not tweeting. I’ll bet these people don’t even care about their own chldren, but they care about a total stranger? Scary.

  145. I will be seeing Taylor on Sat. and Sun. I’ll let you know how he sounds and how 34 looks on him. I read about 12,000 people saw his concerts at Epcot last year, so he and the band are probably rehearsing. BTW, I think he was born in the wee hrs of the 7th and I think most if not all of you knew that.

  146. “For real? No one knows his exact birth date? Is it a conspiracy? Like the girl on the beach?”

    Does anybody else think that things started to go downhill for Taylor when whose photos popped up on the internet? Up until that point, he was still very popular. I was also seem to remember a few summer shows were cancelled.

  147. PurpleButterflies Says:

    One of his fans is having anxiety over Taylor not tweeting. I’ll bet these people don’t even care about their own chldren, but they care about a total stranger? Scary.
    My 22yo son was hit by a car Monday night while biking. The hospital released him, but when I think of what could have happened, well. I don’t want my mind to go there. When Taylor was at his height of popularity, I had mentioned in a thread on tosp that I missed his tv performance (don’t remember which it was) because I went to the mall with my friend. There was some friendly joking, with people asking me how I could go to the mall instead of staying home and watching Taylor on tv. I remember that I said something on the order that people shouldn’t let their lives and dreams pass them by because they are concentrating so much on another person’s life and his dreams. There is nothing wrong with people doing what they enjoy. But when the enjoyment takes over their thoughts, conversations, and time for a good part of every day, something is wrong. It’s not healthy. Some people recognize that a problem is creeping up and they do something about it to rectify it, and others don’t recognize it and continue doing what they have been doing, denying that there is a problem. Life can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Don’t wait until it’s too late because you will never be able to get that time back.

  148. I am glad your son is okay. It is true. It’s important to live life everyday, and not pass opportunities by with family and friends to come together to talk about a “semi” celebrity.

    Good luck and take care.

  149. casualfan Says:

    Glad your son is okay PBF. Fortunately where I live, ppl are mindful of cyclists and respect the bike lanes. I often see families riding in them on their bikes and I take mine out into the lanes also. But all it takes is one split second.

    Raven-LMAO! He did send out 2 tweets today but they weren’t to the SP.

    Rosie-No, I wasn’t aware that Taylor was born in the wee hours of the morning but thanks for sharing that valuable piece of information.

  150. casualfan Says:

    Here’s only a suggestion and I’m sure it will fall on deaf ears…but if someone really wants to do something nice for Taylor on his birthday and instead of sending him a birthday card-which he’ll never read anyway, try donating a few bucks to a childrens charity in his name. He has a few private gigs coming up soon for kids organizations that could use the money. Just a thought. 😉

  151. O……M……G!

  152. My eyes!!!!!!!!!!

  153. hicksaholic Says:

    Speaking of living life, I just got back from Nashville with my daughter. She had a work meting and I went along for a one night trip.
    As luck would have it, there was a benefit concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame last night and we were able to get fabulous tickets. For $35 each we saw Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Keith Urban, Vince Gill, John Mayer, Allison Kraus, Miranda Lambert, Billy Currington(?), Martina McBride, Charley Pride and probably a few others I’m forgetting. Country music isn’t my thing but just to say you saw all those performers was incredible!

  154. casualfan Says:

    Wow! That’s an impressive line-up hicksaholic. Glad you were able to go. I’m not a fan of country either, but when I saw Carrie Underwood on Idol Gives Back, she made me a fan. Unbelievable stage presence and undeniable talent.

  155. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Thank you Freckles and CF. The person who hit him was an elderly man. There was a bike lane but I guess the man wasn’t paying attention.

    hicksaholic, I’m not big on country either. But I love Dolly Parton and I like Charley Pride. For that price, I’d go too. That is too good a price to pass up.

  156. hicksaholic Says:

    Today is a sad day. Apparently Taylor is no longer even marginally famous. I opened up the newspaper to Today in History where it has everyone who is well known birthday listed and no Taylor.

  157. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Well, he was listed in the celebrity birthdays in my morning paper…but…it is the Palatka Daily News…and it’s such a small paper, it doesn’t publish on Sundays or Mondays…So, he’s still evidently newsworthy in Central Florida. Really, what PBF said rings true…some things are important, and some are not. I love Taylor’s music, and always will, but I’ve moved on, and spend my time more wisely (for me) now. We’re not promised tomorrow.

  158. PurpleButterflies, ITA with your post. Glad to hear your son is OK.

  159. taylorfan06 Says:

    happy birthday to taylor reuben hicks!

  160. taylorfan06 Says:

  161. taylorfan06 Says:

  162. casualfan Says:

    We’re not promised tomorrow.
    PSA-So true.

    Hicksaholic-Now that IS indeed sad, especially since you are talking about a Bama paper. I thought by now the Governor would have declared Oct 7th as National Hicks Day. =)

  163. casualfan Says:

    Simon Cowell’s birthday is today too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMON!

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