If I had it all…

I’d fuck it up. Or something like that. 😉

Some of my favorite DMB songs…enjoy.

Just a man and his guitar. I am a sucker for anything acoustic.


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  1. Love the titles to these songs…hmmm

  2. cendrillon0308 Says:

    Thanks IAG for putting real music in your blog! It’s much appreciated. Mad props to you also for being a bastion of free speech 🙂

  3. Few of my faves…

  4. You can’t possibly leave this out

  5. taylorfan06 Says:

    i get it. all dmb. all the time. he doesn’t do it for me.
    catch you on the next post…

  6. LOL! It’s okay TF6. We seriously have to have a dance night, complete with margaritas and dance vids. You down with that? 😉

  7. Was just coming here 2 c how Dave Matthews was fairing. Not so well it seems. Have a good weekend everyone.

  8. You may be right Rosie.

    T time anyone? =)

  9. Good time indeed

  10. Why this only got 600 or so views is beyond me. Can’t get enough of this vid

  11. Great, they are 3 of my favorites and I also watched the one of him signing Hollywood Nights in Chicago. He had fun getting the women worked up into a frenzy doing Compared To What. So sad how small and quiet the crowd was for Bulletproof in NY. as compared to the screams from the thousands during the AI tour and his 07 tour. He still puts on a great show, but there aren’t the crowds for him to feel like a star. sigh

  12. Well, when there is 300 vs 1,300 there will be a huge difference. I’m with you thou, it is sad because I personally loved his current tour verses the 07 one. He’s so much more refined now. But the 07 tour was a blast!

  13. I agree , CF, I have loved the TH cd tour…..the few shows after te Grease performances with the Distance cd and band. were excellant shows..but this tour was really the KICK-ASS tour we all knew he could do….this band of the Bama boys is the best IMO….play so well off each other…. can’t wait to see what’s next.

  14. Ok . . . so DMB didn’t get a buttload of responses last night. I never really got into him myself, but I watched the videos this morning while sipping my coffee. And it’s just a funny thing. I listen to his songs, and I always seem to enjoy them, but I am never inspired to actually purchase his music. I can’t put my finger on why that is.

    But even having said all that, I can’t say that I’m disappointed by the fact that they were posted here. I had a nice little musical interlude on a Saturday morning, and that’s always a good thing.

    I am not sure why it matters how well DMB is fairing on this particular blog post though. Or what that even means really. Although I am sure that Dave and the boys check this blog regularly to gauge their current success level.

  15. Thanks for the DMB vids, Grey. I’ve been a fan for a few years now and think he is a really dynamic performer. I’ve yet to see him live, but it’s on my bucket list. Would also love to see a live acoustic performance with him and Timmy Reynolds.

    My two favorite CD/DVD collections are “Live from Central Park” (DMB) and “Live from Radio City Music Hall” (Dave and Tim). “Jimi Thing” from Central Park and “Bartender” from Radio City just knock my socks off. Both can be found on youtube.

  16. Although I am sure that Dave and the boys check this blog regularly to gauge their current success level.

  17. Love Nigel-“dizzyfeet” on Twitter. Glad he’s back in charge on Idol.

  18. Nigel made an error by saying only Kelly and Carrie are idols. As many have said the show took a wrong turn when they dissed the viewers for picking the wrong winner Season 5. They could have helped Taylor by just stating he was such a dynamic, creative performer, a super throwback and needed to be seen live to be fully appreciated. Instead Nigel and Simon said America made a mistake and stated Hicks won only because he was popular and had a gimmack. They should have said he has a beautiful voice and is a talented performer. Jenni Jac made good points in her letter to Nigel.

  19. IMO only, but I think Nigel was referring to the fact that Kelly and Carrie are the only two crowned Idols that have achieved mass success, therefore being “Idols”. It’s just an opinion and it’s his to make. I can’t imagine there being anything written in any contract that says that he or everyone else attached to Idol has to make a public declaration that Taylor or anyone has a “beautiful voice and is a talented performer”. Those are fan words.

    Of course Taylor had a gimmick. He effectively marketed himself and sold himself to the public using his charm, wit, quirkiness and yes…his talent. It was all part of the package. I have no doubt that Hicks planned every single move right down to his choice of sock colors for that show. He’s a born strategist. Too bad it’s not working to well in his favor now.

    I did not read Jenni Jac’s “letter” to Nigel and won’t be reading it. I take no interest in fan letters.

  20. Make no mistake, the American Idol franchise is definitely a “for profit” organization that exists primarily to make money through the entertainment value of it’s products. Just as GM or Ford do not have a moral obligation to ‘support’ a car that it produces, if the public does not want to buy that car, American Idol has no obligation to ‘support’ a contestant that the public does not want to hear.

    I know it sounds harsh and mean . . . and people are not the same as cars. But you know, we live in America, after all. Free market economy and all that. Not to get political, but if we have economic standards which allow a health insurance company to make coverage decisions based on their profit margin, why can’t a record company do it too?

    But seriously, there is so much hand-wringing and angst over the current state of Taylor’s career. But at the same time, there are declarations that Taylor’s career is doing JUST FINE and he doesn’t need those American Idol assholes.

    A fan sends a letter to Nigel telling him how badly he screwed up Taylor’s career, which is doing JUST FINE without them, allegedly.

    It’s all very confusing to me. If Taylor is doing so well, why the continued attack on the AI machine? Because if he’s doing fine, then they really did him no harm, right? Or did they?

    My head hurts.

  21. AI is no worse than any of the Record Labels. Hardly any of them support their artists other than the ones who are popular right off the bat. They don’t want to risk any money. Gone are the days of bringing an artist around slowly and giving them time to grow an develop.
    I think alot of the anger at Nigel for dissing all the Idols except for two is that it implies that all the others are failures which is not the case. I don’t care how he changes Idol every winner is not going to be a huge success worthy of the title “Idol”. Lets’ face it 2 out of 9 are not good odds so IMO Idol is tarnishing their own name. Maybe they should change their name to “Idol for a year”. LOL. I agree AI has no obligation to support their winners BUT they could project the image of doing well unstead of throwing everyone but two under the bus. They are giving no one a reason to watch the show or vote if they feel it doesn’t matter who wins. IMO it’s just good TV to have the prize mean something.

  22. Taylor is not doing so well considering he was the 5th person to be crowned the American Idol, on the most watched season. Why watch and vote your fingers numb if it doesn’t matter who wins. I don’t want to rehash all the old stuff about no single released prior to the CD or video. Nigel and Simon were stupid to say America got it wrong, when the premise of the show, was America vote for who they thought had the most talent. Nigel ran the production part, way better than his replacement. Most people assumed bringing him back meant strategic moves ahead to boost ratings. Dizzyfeet was either dizzy or buzzed, showing once again he can and does give lame ass press quips. Wonder who is boss is and if that peep chewed him out, or if the buck stops with Nigel. This year my be a huge train wreck.

  23. As I said earlier, I love Nigel. Very much enjoyed his replies. I especially enjoyed him putting a well known bully in her place. Nothing like being called out from an Exec from a major TV show. I hope millions of tweeps saw those replies. LMAO!

  24. Rosie you should just stop comparing him to the top Idol winners or the audience numbers of AI season 5 either. He’s making a darn good living. Makes way more money than I do. He’s in a place a lot of working musicians would love to be in.
    Nigel would do well to highlight the “working in the business” aspect of all the winners instead of throwing 7 out of 9 under the bus. Just mentioning on the show what they are all up to IMO would go a long way in making the Idol brand look successful. They could show the audience that these winners have had their lives changed for the better. I’m sure a lot of the audience would enjoy hearing about what they have been doing especially when most don’t follow the winners careers after the show.

  25. How else but twitter can a powerless fan like me air a grievance and have a conversation directly with an idol exec? Don’t think I’m the well known bully you speak of. I think my conversation was critical yet respectful. It must have hit a major nerve, because to my surprise, he started responding back.

    For the record, I didn’t accuse Nigel of screwing up Taylor’s career, but I did accuse him of calling open season on him in the media, specifically citing this article: http://tinyurl.com/26kvaaz . I used him as an example of how he did not support the idol winners, and how that could be harming the whole premise and perception of the show by demeaning the winners publically if they do not obtain superstar status or sell multiplatinum.

    I further suggested that if he wanted to make the title of “American Idol Winner” mean something again, he should provide them continued support after their win, regardless of record sales. I don’t think I turned it into a Taylor lovefest at all, but at no time did I try to hide the fact I was a fan. Decide for yourself, the entire letter is here: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/66f37q

    So Nigel replies I make up things & my letter was all about his non-support of Taylor *note (he now admits!) And how he is not with the record company or 19. Well, he should know, I’m certainly not going to argue that point. but it’s all a very interconnected & complicated business chain. Unless he’s working on the show for charity, someone is paying him. He also tells me that music is different than TV…that was my point! He should support the artists who helped his TV SHOW become a mega-success, not the ones who sell the most records or bring in the most money from management fees. They are going to make more in commercial fees by keeping the popular winners visible on the show. But then again, I am naively idealistic about such matters! All I do is watch the show and wish the contestants well, and one above all.

    So now he is laughing about how we think he should listen to the show’s fans. Why should I care anymore? I got a great artist I love out of it, and a few more I like. The show, like any other, has run its course of relevancy. They are getting more hit records from “Glee” at this point

  26. Of course he’s laughing his ass off about it! Look at the nasty tweets being directed at him.

  27. And no Jenni, I wasn’t referring to as being a well known bully. I was talking about Griz.

  28. Oh my goodness! Quit making an ass of yourself!

  29. FH-R U talking to me? If so, I’m certainly not the last to make an ass out of myself. =)

  30. CF!! Do you really think I would call you that? No! The moron that wrote the letter to Nigel. I’m on my cell so I’m not so fast on the draw!!

  31. LOL! Oh, okay. Don’t make me fly to Mobile after you. 😉 Love ya kiddo!

  32. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit! Alabama won.

  33. If someone feels the intense desire to tweet a “letter” on a network where millions of Tweeps can read it, that is certainly that persons right to do so.

    I have no doubt what-so-ever that American Idol and Nigel has seen their share of over zealous fans and it won’t be ending anytime soon.

    On another note….”The Perfect Storm” is on now and George is looking totally yummy in his John Deer ballcap and dirty plaid shirt with the scruffy look. OH MY!

  34. Fairhope, JJ is neither an ass or a moron. That letter was good and Nigel still does not get it. I knew that the TV show and record company were different and he did not make direct money off the CD’s sold. But damn, without the tv show AI, he would not be as famous and as rich, nor would the record company. Everyone does need to keep in mind that Nigel did not instigate that 07 article, but responded to the writers ? about Tay’s sales vs Daughtry’s. That being said, he also ackowledged Home helping D’s sales, but in my opinion screwed up by agreeing with Simon dissing Tay and hinting that the public were buying D. cause he should have won. Daughtry was more marketable than Taylor on today’s radio. Then there was his song ‘Home’ which being featured weekly, gave him a major boost. Season 4, I and my entire extended family joked about how fitting, Bad Day was as an exit song. Sales skyrocketed. The song Home turned millions onto D. and it was and is a good song and Tay would say the same. Bottom line is Nigel goofed with his recent statement and fans of other winners would have liked to have written him a letter even half as good as Jenni’s.

  35. “Home” is a great song!

  36. Another great daughtry tune

  37. I can listen to Daughtry’s songs but I just can’t watch him. LOL. I didn’t like to watch him on Idol either. LOL. IMO he was made for Radio. LOL.

  38. LOL! That’s funny and you may be right. Part of me wants to experience one of his shows though. His first cd totally kicks major ass. He seems the type of artist that can successfully cross over into most genera’s without any problems.

    Another reason to love Idol. Bringing us all that talent from so many different artists….amazing!

  39. Rosie: Taylor won idol 4.5 years ago. It’s time to get over how he was treated. Taylor has obviously moved on. Why can’t you and the rest if his overbearing fans move on also???

  40. Agree FH!

    Meanwhile, anyone remember Lenny Kravtiz? Another misunderstood artist.

  41. Maybe this will embed..hate that

  42. Fair, I have moved on. Jenni’s response to Nigel was not just about Taylor. Fans of the other idols were like, WTH is Nigel thinking. He was brought back to try to revive the sinking ratings of the past few seasons. IMO, he looked incompetant and runnig scared by asking AI fans about their opins of genres and then he put his hairy foot in his ass with his Kelly Carrie comment. Anyway, that is what I think. I’m waay over Tay’s lack of sales and the why’s.

  43. CF, let’s be real now. You do enjoy upsetting some of the fans on other blogs. I know some make sport of their battles with you and also must enjoy doing so. You guys haven’t met in person. I’ve been labeled and accused from both the right and left, a rather unique thing. I know I’m nice in person and I bet you are also and so are those other gals. I do not intend to shut up when I have an opinion and hope no one does. But to make anything in Taylor Hicks fandom personal, or a sport to antagonize or put down others, well I guess that is a sport with more loosers than winners. Someone gets the most valuable player award, but someone gets the team spirit and sportmanship award. Shit happens to all.

  44. And your point is?

  45. Point is you like to play their game.

  46. It’s interesting that refer to it as “their game”. If it’s their game, then why in the hell do you post over there? You like to play your games too Rosie.

  47. The only thing I regret about the letter is that I didn’t take time to proofread it. Some of my assertions weren’t correct with his link to the record execs., and he honed in on that to divert attention from my main point. I was confrontational, but not nasty. There wasn’t any name-calling.

    My responses to him were calm. That Newsweek article is probably the one thing I got the angriest about, Nigel totally hung him out to dry. The minute I pressed the submit button, I felt a huge sense of satisfaction that I could finally tell him personally how I felt about that. I thought he would read it and ignore it, like he did similar letters sent from fans of David Cook or other idols. Little did I know that it would strike a nerve with so many people, or that he would react so undiplomatically.

    I have no control over what was said by others, I do wish there hadn’t been name-calling. I don’t call people names, I try to avoid fights with fans, I don’t put down other idols or provoke their fanbases. For the most part I have moved on from the whole messy matter, until something like his statement earlier this week digs it back up.

    I have been told I haven’t done Taylor any favors, maybe that’s true. I may have caused them to hide him behind a plant next season, or give him a 1/10th of a second flash in the opening credits, or have him called out on the show for low record sales, or excluded from “idol gives back” or….oh wait.

  48. CF!! Do you really think I would call you that? No! The moron that wrote the letter to Nigel. I’m on my cell so I’m not so fast on the draw

    FH….you react to someone you don’t even know in this manner…really??? I don’t think you have any right to speak about another poster in this manner. The name calling is childish and unnecessary. If you disagree with someone perhaps you could rephrase your disapproval in a manner that does not include personal attacks.

    I think the letter was well written and made some good points…I don’t care enough about AI or Nigel to give him much thought ,but if someone else does it …I think they should be able to do it without being called a moron. Some respect for each other goes a long way

  49. WRONG. Your an online fan 2yrs before my time and so are some there. All of u all have your old issues. Not me. I came upon peeps as I found them in 08. Nice people here and there and no one can tell me otherwise. Hell of a lot of nice sincere people on the BB. and I suspect on all the other boards and blogs. Oh hell, maybe I do play some games. Seriously, it’s hard to know anymore. The intent gets all mixed up with the accusations. It’s easier to read a true crime non fiction and figure out the guilty party than it is to just comment and read what Hicks fans write.

  50. taylorfan06 Says:

    well it really has been a “hell of a day” here today…

  51. taylorfan06 Says:

    “that’s what she said…”

  52. Jenny, I don’t see how your letter matters to Taylor or his career one way or another. But I don’t think the after tweets by others helped at all. You aren’t the one who attacked Nigel and a few others or name called on Twitter-where millions of tweeps could read it.

    When fans are tweeting nasty comments to writers, DJ’s or anyone else in the industry with T’s name attached to it, it can’t help him or his fanbase. I read his realtime and often see tweets from the same fan where she’s attacking someone for making a negative comment about T or tweeting the dislike him. If she’s not tweeting about Taylor, she’s bashing and hating on other Idols. If I can see it, millions of others can too.

    Too bad those fans who continue doing it won’t wise up and STFU.

  53. taylorfan06 Says:

    “that’s what she said…”

    OMG . . . I laughed so hard, I inhaled a teeny bit of my coffee. Thanks for almost killing me, TF06. 😛

  54. The rehashing of ancient history “fanwar” bullshit is every bit as irrelevant as ancient “AI conspiracy theory” bullshit. Seriously.

    If you like Taylor’s music, go about the business of being a fan. Buy his music, go to his concerts, share him with people you think would also like him. That’s it.

    There is no purpose served in attacking people online, whether you are attacking another fan, or an AI producer. Taylor’s career will NOT be furthered by this behavior. What WILL be furthered is the impression that Taylor’s fans are overbearing zealots.

  55. Oh, and CF . . . I do indeed remember Lenny Kravitz. He put out some really good music. I really loved this one:

  56. Thanks for posting that vid soulaz. I almost did last night. I adore him and think he’s a total hottie.

  57. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Jenni- sounds like you’ve been hanging around fan boards for way too long and believe fan facts and fan myths are actually the truth to what goes on and what went down. I’m sure Nigel explaining that he doesn’t make a cent off of the Idol record sales and careers contradicted many fan conspiracy theories.

    Idol producers are not obligated to love their winners. They are human just like anyone else and they have opinions just like anyone else. They don’t HAVE to support him. I don’t think Nigel has ever tried to pretend like he was a major Taylor supporter anyway. He also made an excellent point which is that 45% of the voters did not want him to win. Even if you glance at tweets, most of them will say things like “how did that guy ever win!?” The public perception mostly seems to be that Taylor Hicks won due to some fluke.

    Maybe he shouldn’t have won? Maybe he only won because his fans really did vote THAT many times, but maybe other contestants actually had more fans that voted less times? Maybe America really did get it wrong? The truth is that after Taylor won – AMERICA did not support him, not just idol execs.

    I don’t think your letter helped Taylor. Thought it made him look kind of pathetic. Not sure you care about that though.

  58. NotYourGrandma, you are really down on Taylor and his fans. Most tweets do not say “how did that guy ever win”. Never heard the final voting stats, so don’t know if the 45/55 % is correct, but if so than other finales were far closer. Jenni Jac is one of the few sane, well grounded Taylor fans. There was no fluke responsible for Tay not landing in the bottom that season. People liked his livliness, moves, personality and voice and looked forward to seeing what he’d do each week. Nigel had something to do with Tay not being featured front and center on the wall, and not editing out the gum comment. Nigel’s job is to boost ratings and make sponsers happy. He put his foot in his mouth the other day. If he has nothing to gain from CD’s sold, then just shut up about that aspect and concentrate on the TV show. Informing the press that AI has only produced 2 winners that are stars was dumb, when the premise of AI is to find a star. We know Tay isn’t on the radio, thus America did not hear his music or even know it was available to buy. You should understand that concept. One buys what they hear often and on a regular basis and which pleases their ears and soul. Your above post was so negative about Taylor which is just as bad as being over the top. Both groups can’t see reality or have good discussions.

  59. NYG-as always, rational post and perfectly said…agree 100%.

  60. Rosie, Not only have you been drinking the kool-aid, you’ve fallen into the tank!

  61. Hmmm CF… Wonder if Taylor would agree with me or u and grandma? Maybe you should tweet him with the link and ask his opinion.

  62. mamaforpeace Says:

    so, CF, you really believe Taylor should not have won that year? Why did you become a fan? Who should have won? I’m not interested in what Nigel said or who wrote what, and if it helps TH or not. I actually like Nigel on SYTYCD, one of my favorite programs (though even on that program, he often says that the best dancer may not win, but the most popular). Whatever happened after AI, I do think Taylor should have won that year. I liked a lot of the other contestants, but he was by far the most charismatic, which translates well on TV. And he is a live performer more than a recording artist.
    And IAG, thank you so much for the vids of Dave Matthews. I love DM:)

  63. WTH did you get that? And where is it written that in order to become a fan of someone they have to be a winner of some competition?

  64. rosie Says:

    September 26, 2010 at 4:48 pm
    Hmmm CF… Wonder if Taylor would agree with me or u and grandma? Maybe you should tweet him with the link and ask his opinion.
    What don’t YOU tweet him the link since you are the one obsessed.

  65. Bluz, Tay said he knew u since you were an itch, not a bitch. Perhaps if he knew u think he advanced each wk via flukes, and you think America got it wrong and peeps are buzzing why and how did that guy win, he’d add a B. Just a thought.

  66. I enjoy the posts that are thought out and sincere. NYG gave her opinion and I gave mine. Some may agree in whole and part with either. CF, you usually have more intelligent things to say than you agree 100% and someone is in a vat of kool aid. You were either playing a game or your having an off day. Either way, guess you think none of the songs Taylor has released is radio worthy. I didn’t know that about you til now.

  67. Yeah Rosie, that’s it. Hope you detox soon. I think you are now over the limit.

  68. Ya saying the kool aid was spiked!

  69. All dedicated to Nigel…

  70. Ladies, can we please, please drop this inane, fruitless topic? I’m willing to bet that all of the parties involved in this “conversation” have way more intelligent comments to offer instead of coming up with cute names to call other posters or defining what is acceptable behavior in order to be a fan. Let it rest. After all this time, we all know which posters are not going to agree on anything and whose buttons will get pushed by whom! As I’ll say to my students tomorrow, “can we raise the bar abit?” This just looks and reads very bad!

    Now about that DMB……he has had concerts near me every summer since forever, the only time I got tickets someone near and dear to me died, so I couldn’t attend. Just kind of hesitant to go see him…..

  71. Hope this isn’t already posted

  72. Sorry, meant to post this…my bad

  73. Looking at all those people at his concert is amazing. That has to be a serious rush being on the stage looking out at a sea of fans.

  74. Now about that DMB……he has had concerts near me every summer since forever, the only time I got tickets someone near and dear to me died, so I couldn’t attend. Just kind of hesitant to go see him…..
    Everytime I hear about a concert of his near me, it’s sold out or only nosebleed section available.

  75. Just to clear the air…I did NOT say that I Taylor didn’t deserve to win. I was simply agreeing the 45% ratio because Nigel tweeted me that yesterday. “Buyers remorse” happens to every season and not just on AI. If you wish to read it a different way, that’s on you but I know what I meant.

    Enough said.

  76. NotYourGrandma Says:

    I’m not sure he should have won. I do think it’s possible that his fans were so extreme that they did actually spend all night long voting for him, thus giving him the title. While other contestants fans might not have been so disciplined with maybe a vote here and there. It’s not one vote per person – if it was the results might have been quite different.

    The amount of votes received never translated into sales. Where did all those fans go? Or was there not that many to begin with who voted a million times? Don’t forget, after he won, he did a ton of press. He was everywhere. AI didn’t neglect him off the bat. Again, where did all those fans go?

    Taylor might have charmed and charisma’d his way to winning by creatiing this character that a certain group became utterly obsessed with therefore they devoted their lives to making sure he won- but it’s possible the rest of America wanted something that was a bit more real.

  77. NotYourGrandma Says:

    And Rosie, I don’t think there’s anything sane and grounded about tweeting Nigel Lythgoe and telling him how things work behind the scenes and how he is profiting. If anything it’s kinda nutty to THINK you know something when you pretty much knowing nothing and confront the person who actually does know something as if they know nothing. hahaha.

    Also, A LOT of musicians are not on the radio and do fine. The radio is not the only reason people buy music. Stop blaming everyone else for Taylor’s lack of success. It’s not AI’s fault. He’s the one who made his own decisions. Signing with the Firm, etc etc etc.

  78. NYGma, Did you vote for Taylor his season or like him back then? You asked where did all those fans go. I voted for a lot of people to advance and or win on AI. and despite hearing many of them on the radio I did not purchase their CD’s. Voting for someone and buying their CD are 2 different things. If you noticed Taylor sold a lot of CD’s the ist few months after he won. The fact he did not have a single out then or a video and wasn’t heard on the radio made people forget about him and others who never watched or heard him on AI. never have a chance to hear him. I’ve always thought there are some people who like to go with a successful star and in order to validate themselves some even need that. I think some fans got pissed by his 1st CD and others got pissed and blamed Taylor for his lack of sales. Anyway it seems you and I agree on almost nothing Taylor or AIwise. That’s ok. I don’t blame everyone else for Tay’s lack of sales. Do you merely put all the blame on him?

  79. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, you did say you agreed with NYG 100%, and she did say that maybe he shouldn’t have won. But Blueberry, you are right… we should move on, and certainly name calling is never pretty.
    So, did you all know that Michael Grimm, the winner of AGT, has some cds up on iTunes? I especially like “You Can Leave Your Hat On”. This guy has enormous potential.

  80. MFP-Maybe he would have been better off not winning. The evidence is clear that a trophy means very little..and that pertains to almost all the winners because only 2 of them have achieved massive success. So in that perspective…no, maybe he shouldn’t have won.

    I don’t blame Idol for anything. I do feel that they should support their winners…as a business-but that’s not saying they should as individuals. Nigel is well within his right-as we all are-to like or not like some one’s music and express that opinion. Furthermore, I don’t believe that his remark or Simon’s remark about America getting it wrong hurt Taylor in any way. Taylor is the one who set his own destiny and not AI or it’s execs.

    The bottom line is that it just doesn’t matter anymore. In 10 years, the same group of fans will be arguing the same stuff.

    BTW-Wishing that AI fails and enjoying watching the ratings bottom out-and whatever else is said by the same group of idiots who continue on with the drama, is rather selfish and childish. They are wishing a show to tank that gave Taylor his chance and also chances to others like Taylor. Shame on them for thinking that way. But then again…consider the source of such idiotic thinking.

    Night all.

  81. BTW, I didn’t call CF a name. Tay knows her and tweeted he has since she was an itch in her daddy’s pants. He thinks she is a fan and she is. However her 100% agreement with what NYG wrote, may make him think of adding a B. I don’t think she is a bitch and I didn’t call her one. Seriously people we are not fighting here, just discussing and joking around a bit. Everything doesn’t always have to be so serious.

  82. I hope AI does well and continues on for several more years. I think Taylor hopes the same.

  83. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Rosie, to answer your question, yes. You could say I blame him for his lack of success, but I’d prefer to say I feel he’s responsible for his own lack of success instead of using the word “blame.” He’s an adult. He made choices. They didn’t work out. To be honest, I don’t really care either way. But I do believe his successes and his failures are of his own doing.

    And just to clarify I think he would have been far better off not winning. I never said I felt that he should not have won, I merely posed the question of “maybe he shouldn’t have won?”

  84. Well, this thread is a hot mess. How does a thread about DMB turn into an argument begun by misunderstanding? Wow.

    Just want to bring up a few things:

    NYG, I have posed that same question several times. Maybe Taylor would have been better off not winning. I agree with that statement. Maybe he would have, maybe he wouldn’t. It’s all conjecture.

    Rosie…you have a way about you. That’s all I’m saying about that.

    And with this, I’m closing comments and working on a new post.

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