X is for X-treme unreality

So, I’ve been thinking about relationships. Having been through several significant relationship changes in my personal life over the past few months got me thinking about the changes in relationships I’ve had with, oh let’s say…some musical artists that I was enamored with. Some relationships are healthier than others. Let’s compare these relationships to a marriage, or hell…just living together.

You hear a new artist and it’s love at first note. You buy their cd’s, know all their songs by heart. You see your own life reflected in the lyrics that they write. Then, you see them on tour. Maybe you get to meet them, maybe you’re cruelly taken out of the lottery for a meet and greet. Maybe you see them slurping soup in a restaurant, maybe you spill your drink all over their tour merchandise. Shit happens, people.

Anyway, you feel like you know them very well. Maybe too well. Maybe so well in fact that familiarity begins to breed contempt. Pretty soon, you find that you’ve entered the stage in the relationship where, figuratively speaking, you walk in the house..and the kids are running around in soggy diapers, he’s laying on the couch in boxers and a t shirt with his hand stuck down the front of his shorts, Cheetos and empty beer cans lying around. Instead of hearing some soul soothing melody you hear…”What’s for dinner, woman? Come give Daddy a kiss!” Ugh.

Think about another life, with a different artist. New music, new soul soothing melody. You know that he wouldn’t leave the kids with soggy diapers. Hell, he would probably make you homemade mac and cheese with a glass of red wine. The house would be clean, the kids bathed…and he would actually be dressed.

Is one relationship better than the other? Is there something to be said for blind loyalty? When does compromising stop being okay?

I guess my point is that we are all in different stages of our “relationship” with Taylor Hicks and his music. There’s nothing wrong with that. I may not be as enamored with him as I used to be, but my ears have been opened up to lots of different music thanks to the people I have met along this journey. Many of those people I still call friends. I’ve been called many things by certain factions of the Soul Patrol…and that’s okay. I can be a bad fan or I can be a bitch. I’m at a point in my life where the blips on the computer screen aren’t as important as they used to be. All this nonsense on Twitter regarding Taylor and his mama bears “protecting” him is pretty laughable. All it does is give credence to my opinions of some of the crazies out there. I try to keep this blog as sane as I can, which at times is pretty damn hard, especially when bullshit from other boards gets brought over here. I’m just going to try to keep it about the music…that’s really all Taylor has ever asked of us.


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  1. Good analogy….LOL. The pictures alone sent me on a journey.

  2. Awesome comparison, and very accurate, considering I’m on a post-Taylor fan journey and I can tell you, I am definitely being affected by my experience with him and his fans. I try so hard to avoid the same pitfalls, I almost didn’t make any friends for fear of them being nut cases. I have my few Taylor friends I cherish 😉 His voice is still very soothing to me and his grin engaging, but yeah…my eyes have turned to a shinier toy, frankly one that makes me think happy thoughts, not constantly mire in self-examination and negativity. Soulful, thoughtful reflection isn’t where I am in my life right now, so I had to move out of the house and leave him there to his angsting. I wanted positive energy and I found it. Marriage is really a perfect analogy for this, now that you mention it!! Love you!

  3. Understand Stangy. But, I have to correct you on one little thing. It’s not Taylor’s “Angsting”. It’s some of his fans. LOL. Taylor seems to be in his happy spot. LOL.

  4. As usual Grey, you hit it on the head. Great job! So much truth. I’m in a tail spin myself with all of this but slowly coming out of it. I went to the SLO show and as my recap said, I had many revelations about T as a musician, but there was other things that I had revelations about that I didn’t write about and won’t.

    I have been down many different roads with Taylor these past 4 years and have had many opportunities that I am very grateful for. It was all a valuable learning experience for me and I appreciate the lessons-even the tough ones.

    But as I come out of this tail spin, I take with me the most valuable lesson of all….that I was inspired to do things I never would have done if it weren’t for going on this journey with Mr. Hicks.

    Thank you Taylor, and thanks for the music 😉

  5. Taylor seems to be in his happy spot.
    That remains to be seen….

  6. Dee, I’m not sure how anybody can say Taylor is in his happy spot…well, except for Taylor. 😉

  7. CF & IAG…. That’s why I said SEEMS. LOL.

  8. None of us know private Taylor. Only he knows if he’s in a happy spot.

    Interesting blog, but not sure how you can compare a marriage with someone you don’t know and have no relationship with, other than fan. The only relationship Taylor wants with fans is to sell you his music. Still, an interesting read and I sort of get it.

    I see Daughtry is on DWTS tonight and I often wonder how Taylor feels about Daughtry getting big TV opportunities and he got felt behind in the dust. It has to be disappointing. No doubt, it has hurt AI credibility. He’s the winner and he’s still running around in that hamster wheel getting no where.

  9. It wasn’t to be taken literally, Raven. Just an analogy of sorts.

    I also saw somewhere today that Daughtry is going to be on the new Guitar Hero. Good for him!!

  10. I stand corrected, Dee.

  11. Dee, of course Taylor is going to be at his best during interviews and appear happy and everything is great. He’s not going to tell the world how he really feels. Only he knows how he really feels.

    Have people asked you, “how are you?” and you said “fine, everything is great”, but it really wasn’t great, but you didn’t want to appear negative or troubled? It’s the same thing with Taylor. He’s always going to present his best face to the world. Get it?

  12. Anyone going into any aspect of the entertainment field has to have a hard shell. Taylor wanted to make his living as a singer/performer and to get noticed and achieve some success and he worked hard and then caught a break. Taylor does want all his online fans to buy tickets to see him, buy his Cd’s and merchandise and I have to assume tweet him. There are not all that many online fans these days, therefore he hopes hundreds of thousand of others notice him and start spending their money on him. I think his goal is to entice the hundreds of thousands and not worry or care too much about those he now has in his pocket.

  13. Just a little humor… I wonder if when that Tay pic of him under the birdie blankie was snapped, he had his hidden hand in his boxers.

  14. haha Rosie. That was taken during the AI tour or show…can’t remember which.

  15. Finding that happy spot is hard enough in real life. The entertainment business is cut throat and can be very unforgiving. No doubt Taylor is happy and grateful for his accomplishments-he has alot to be happy about, but he’s most likely still on his “happy” quest as most of us are.

    It’s a wonderful journey in the world of self discovery. 😉

  16. itsallgrey Says:

    September 21, 2010 at 10:54 am
    It wasn’t to be taken literally, Raven. Just an analogy of sorts.

    I also saw somewhere today that Daughtry is going to be on the new Guitar Hero. Good for him!!
    That Guitar Hero is addicting! Thinking of getting one myself. We got the Wii a few months ago and have had loads of fun on that thing.

    Congrats to Daughtry! I always love hearing about ALL the Idol’s new ventures.

  17. Agree CF, about Taylor having a lot to be grateful for. I had a feeling when I hit the submit button on my Taylor’s happy comment I’d be getting some grief about it. LOL. But I did not mean it as literal as some took it. I don’t think anyone is totally happy but Taylor does have a lot going for him. If he is not enjoying some of his accomplishments he should be. I think sometimes the happiest time in life is when you are building a career and striving for goals rather than after you have achieved them. Does that make sense? Well my brain is hurting from all this thinking. LOL.

  18. Totally makes sense Dee and I apologize for misreading what you wrote. I think we all do that at times. =)

  19. The happiest day of Taylor’s life, may have been when he made the top 12 guys and knew he’d be seen by millions on TV. The 2nd happiest day, may have been when he won AI. It’s all relative and only he knows, but I don’t think he is sitting around thinking about Daughtry’s success. He’s taken to saying in interviews that he is blessed or feels blessed, and he probably is or does feel blessed.

  20. I hope Taylor’s happiest day of his life had nothing to do with AI. I hope it was a personal happiness that he accomplished, but that’s just MO.

  21. Since he and Daughtry are friends, I would think that he’s happy for Daughtry’s success and wishes him only the best. It’s some of the fans that have the problem with it, not Taylor.

  22. I was addressing Raven’s concerns about Tay pondering Daughtry’s big success story, while he still has to struggle a bit.

  23. Grey-I have to laugh at the pic with the pop tarts. I wonder if all those pop tarts found their way under the wheels of the bus when that AI tour ended?

  24. So, Taylor walked into an elevator with a beautiful blonde bombshell. She had a low-cut, tight top, short skirt…quite a beauty. He takes her in, and says, “Ma’am, can I smell your panties??”

    She’s appalled and says, “Good Lord, NO!”

    Taylor says, “Oh, well, it must be your feet that’s stinking then.”


    Just wanted to add some humor.

  25. I just want to pass on a quote given to me by a friend off of the AI boards in 2006 –

    “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

    C, wherever you are and whatever you are up to, I hope you are having FUN!

  26. Rosie said: “Taylor does want all his online fans to buy tickets to see him, buy his Cd’s and merchandise and I have to assume tweet him. There are not all that many online fans these days, therefore he hopes hundreds of thousand of others notice him and start spending their money on him. I think his goal is to entice the hundreds of thousands and not worry or care too much about those he now has in his pocket.”

    I agree with your comment completely. The problem is if he doesn’t care too much about the ones he has, they in turn start not to care and they leave. I’m an example of this. I do still come by to see what he’s up to but I’ve stopped caring half as much as I once did.
    Great post by the way Grey -funny and so true.

  27. “We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”
    Love that quote. Cristof was brillant indeed 😉

  28. I do think Taylor appreciates his fans. I don’t get those who say he must CARE about them. I follow several artists and I see no outword CARING from them either. They put out their music, tour & tweet. Their facebook or fan site posts info. What more could anyone expect? Taylor has done online chats, he tweets, his sites keep the info up to date, he stands in line until everyone gets their merch signed. He tries to give as much info as he can about upcoming stuff. But when he does and it doesn’t work out, then he catches crap about that. There may be some artists who do more but there are alot who do much less. People complain about Taylor’s tweets but I think he does fine. I follow Elliott too and his tweets stink. They are usually about sports or they make no sense at all. At least most of the time I know what Taylor is tweeting about. Personally, I think some fans would not be statisfied until he became their personal pen pal and stopped by to make them breakfast. OH WAIT… that would be nice!!! LOL. BUT it ain’t gonna happen. LOL.

  29. Personally, I think some fans would not be statisfied until he became their personal pen pal and stopped by to make them breakfast.
    Well if you read his Twitter real time, you can see that some already think that.

  30. hicksaholic Says:

    Cool post IAG. Love that first picture. He actually looks happy to see whoever is taking it.
    I thought the bird blanket picture was a pre AI shot by Sean. Am I showing my obsessiveness? Maybe I’m thinking of the Christmas food picture.

  31. Well whatever it is that he did or didn’t do, I’m over the whole thing. Good bye all in Tay Tay land. 🙂 I might still come by and read every once in a while.

  32. Sierra, I’ve been noticing that you haven’t posted as often here or on the BB as you used to do. Anyway, it’s been fun chatting with you and reading your comments. Take care, and I’ll see you back here when Tay Tay becomes a big movie star, or has that #1 CD. lol


  34. Well, the whole Taylor Hicks thing was my first foray into online fandom, and will be my last. Honest to God . . .

    While I still enjoy posting here, my actual “Taylor Hicks related” word count is steadily decreasing over time. Unfortunately, this post will bump it back up a bit, but I digress.

    The current war of words is part of an old, old story that will never be resolved . . . will never have an ending, happy or otherwise. It really comes down to a pissing contest. “We are the type of fans that Taylor Hicks needs to have, and you are not.”

    It’s not that there is one fansite which is “guilty” of having this attitude, it’s that ALL of them have that attitude. And they all always have that attitude. Hence the division and acrimony. Before someone twists my words into some sort of personal attack, I will affirm that not all posters on any given site have that attitude. But enough of them do to ensure that the “division within the ranks” remains.

    Yes, I have kind of fallen out of love with Taylor Hicks. So sue me. I have the right to enjoy what I enjoy, just as everyone else does. I will never tell the “active, globe-trotting, multi-concert attending Soul Patrol devotee” that he/she should not love Taylor Hicks.

    Just please, don’t tell me that there is something wrong with me because I don’t.

    Really . . . it’s just that simple.

  35. I am not in love with him either Soulaz. I lost that love a long time ago, and it fizzled without my knowledge. He captured my attention with “Maybe You Should”, but has been unable to sustain said attention. I wish him the best…but life moves on.

  36. Perfectly understand Soulaz. There are aways one or two on every site that are the spoilers. And believe me that is the same on every site not just fan sites. My husband posts on some craft sites and it’s the same way there. Someone always fussing about something. LOL. I enjoy the sites and talking about Taylor. I like that he is unusual and you never know what path he might take. LOL. His voice just does it for me but so do a lot of others. Why do I follow him him online more than some others I like? I guess it has to do with my above statement that he’s interesting. And of course it is fun to talk with others about music. I just rise above the fray when the fussing starts. If I can make an intelligent comment that might calm things down I do, otherwise I just come back later. I just never take anything personally. I think that is the key.

  37. soulaz Says:

    September 22, 2010 at 7:25 am
    Well, the whole Taylor Hicks thing was my first foray into online fandom, and will be my last. Honest to God . . .

    I’ve been hanging on with all of my finger nails, but nine of them have broken with one left. Think I’ll cut my losses and leave it be. I enjoy this blog immensely because Grey encourages different types of music and I do enjoy a little bit of Taylor in the mix, but my thrill has been gone for awhile.

    I do wish him the best and have NEVER wished him any different.

    Sierra-I’ll miss ya girl! I think you know where to find me elsewhere 😉

    Keep the music playing! WOOHOO!

  38. Soulaz…you have a knack for stating so succinctly what I’m always trying to say. 🙂

  39. PurpleButterflies Says:

    You hear a new artist and it’s love at first note.
    I found one yesterday. Did anyone watch Glee last night? I asked on twitter who played Sunshine, and all her fans came at me. lol They sent me links to her twitter account, her fansite, and told me to watch her on youtube. My God. I am hooked. Her name is Charice and she is from the Philippines. I had never heard of her before. I knew when I saw David Foster playing the piano in one of the youtube videos that she was going to have an amazing voice, because he only associates himself with the best, top of the line voices (Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, etc). She’s a little bit of a thing, but what a powerhouse. Her voice is amazing.

  40. I know who you are refering to PB. I’ve seen her on TV several times. I was blown away at first but it didn’t last. LOL. I don’t know what it was that bothered me. I think it was the mechanical way she was singing which perhaps could be attributed to the fact that she spoke very little English she I first saw her. Maybe I’ll check her out again. She did have some pipes on her!!!

  41. PurpleButterflies Says:

    I noticed that in her earlier youtube videos, her words were a bit jumbled. Amazing voice, but “jumbly” words. I can’t quite explain it, but kind of like there wasn’t much annunciation of syllables. It had to do with her English because last night she annunciated very well. Also, her words sound much more clear in her later youtube videos.

  42. Never watched Glee but I hear it’s the next best thing going on right now.

  43. Never seen Glee.

  44. PurpleButterflies Says:

    I don’t even like tv or watch it much, but don’t come near me on a Tuesday night at 8pm. I’m a proud gleek. Glee is so good and those kids have beautiful voices.

  45. Just stopped by the girlfriends blog and they are lusting over Taylor Hicks photos, just like 12 year old girls do when they looks at photos in Tiger Beat. I’m convinced those old women have not had sex in decades and are in the early stages of Alzheimers. These type of fans have hurt Taylor’s career. Nobody wants anything to do with him when they see the type of fans he attracts.

  46. Is this the true confessions blog? I’ve been banned from the Boogie Board. When I go to Epcot in a few weeks with my Tay Virgin friend, I may have to sit in the front row for all 6 concerts and wear a sign, (Banned From The Boggie Board for Failing To Meet The High Standards).

  47. That’s too bad Rosie. For what it’s worth, I’ve been told that alot of the so called fansites that have Twitter accounts block ppl from following them they deem as “unfit” to be a fan of Taylor’s. The BB hasn’t done that…or I don’t think they have. The others have from what I hear.

    And the ppl wonder why he has no online fans left.

  48. If you want to follow T, maybe it’s best to stay only on his official site…just sayin’

  49. Rave, middle aged & older female fans are the norm now. Adam, Daughtry, Cook have a ton of them. Other artsts have noticed the increase too. I agree some are cringe worthy but hey they are having fun. More power to them. Beats sitting in a rocking chair waiting for the kids to visit. LOL.

  50. Hell Yeah! Steve Tyler on AI judging…BRING IT ON!

  51. You missed the point Raven. My point was it’s ok for an older woman to have a life beyond their kids. Get out an enjoy themselves. That’s all. As far as someone acting like a total retard over a star slobbering and drooling well, I can’t say that would be attractive no matter what their age was. LOL.

  52. OK, I officially done with this blog.

  53. taylorfan06 Says:

    best intro EVER!

  54. taylorfan06 Says:

    the out rules too!!! hell, BEST SONG EVER!!!!

  55. taylorfan06 Says:


  56. taylorfan06 Says:

    joe perry is a guitar god!

  57. Having Tyler on AI is exciting. I met him once and he was a trip. Great personality and a sense of humor.

  58. taylorfan06 Says:

    great album (AND SONG)

  59. taylorfan06 Says:

    LET’S JAM!!!!! 70’s aerosmith rules!

  60. taylorfan06 Says:

    i wonder if steven will ever say this to a contestant….. lol
    ps love the sax solo

  61. I think I must have missed some deleted posts as the converations make less sense tha usual. Was Liv’s mother a beauty, cause she didn’t get her looks from her dad. Speaking of which women swooned over Mick Jagger and Steven Tyler and I assume still do. I used to really like Aerosmith but it wasn’t until about a dozen yrs ago that I got into the Stones. The Beatles are the all time best group, imo.

  62. Ratings will be up for AI at first, but I just can’t see these 3 as a good group of judges. BTW, I saw Daughtry on DWTS’s last night and he could not have had better exposure. Now even some of my friends know who he is.

  63. I think her mom was a model Rosie. Liv is indeed beautiful but she has some of her dad’s features….in a good sense.


  64. I agree Rosie. If T did DWTS, I hope it’s for performing his music. That would be great exposure for him.

  65. I think Liv is quite a beauty in her own unique way. The story is interesting that she grew up never knowing that Tyler was her Dad until she saw his picture and put 2 & 2 together. LOL.

    Yes me too. I think that’s to only association with DWTS that would be good for Tay.

  66. Steven Tyler must have a good gene pool because all of his kids are gorgeous. Some have different mothers but they all favor him. Done something right.

  67. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Is this the true confessions blog? I’ve been banned from the Boogie Board.
    Someone sent me a link to the gf blog with some comments pasted. I went and took a read. You guys have to stop talking about fans right out there on the internet. Doesn’t anyone have an email loop? Or use PM’s? Diane and I have not seen eye to eye on things, but I’ve got to agree with her. I read her comment. Diane, if you’re reading this, don’t have a heart attack because I’m agreeing with you. lol

    Rosie, you guys have to stop taking things from other blogs and boards and bringing them to other sites to bash fans. I’ve said it a million times. Just because a blog isn’t bashing Taylor doesn’t mean it’s not a bashing blog. It’s stuff like this “Blackbird claims to be young, but really, shes got to be the most uptight , frigid piece of work I have ever seen. Went into spasms over the Sex Therapist quotes and now this. hahahaha” Chill should not allow that on her blog. I’ve read other comments on that order today.

    Some of the people on that gf blog don’t grasp that a lot of the originals are gone. These were people who ran CD drives in their churches and in their neighborhoods for the soldiers and sent hundreds of Taylor CD’s at a time, people who helped send thousands to Taylor’s concerts, and much more. Most of the ones who worked for a good part of the day, for years, to get Taylor more CD sales are gone. It’s not because they stopped being fans of Taylor’s music either.

    I’m no angel. I have a temper and have gotten into my share of snits. There does come times when people have had enough and vent. But come on. I just saw that gf blog. I’ve done searches on Twitter for “Taylor Hicks” and have seen one person attack people she doesn’t even know who are fans of other idols, while saying that Taylor was the best. At least I own that I have a temper and am no angel. Own the fact that some of you are hurting others by talking about them in public. Don’t act innocent with the wide “What did I do? I’m not bashing Taylor” act. Bringing things over to other sites and talking negatively about people is just as bad. It hurts Taylor too. What newbie who is thinking of joining a fanbase would want to join when they see fans being bashed? Of course this will fall on deaf ears. But I’m in a snit. At least I own it.

  68. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Just stopped by the girlfriends blog and they are lusting over Taylor Hicks photos, just like 12 year old girls do when they looks at photos in Tiger Beat. I’m convinced those old women have not had sex in decades and are in the early stages of Alzheimers. These type of fans have hurt Taylor’s career. Nobody wants anything to do with him when they see the type of fans he attracts.
    And as long as I’m in a snit, that’s another thing. Would you leave them alone and let people salivate if they want to salivate? Fans drooling over an artist has been going on for as long as there have been artists. Women fainted over the Beatles and Elvis. It’s the bashing that’s bad. The drooling is harmless fun for people.

  69. WTF???? These women are senior citizens and they need to STFU!!!

    They have hurt Taylor. Nobody wants to be his fan when they see blogs like that. Drooling over someone who could be their son???? That is sooooo effing creepy!!!!

    They need to be called out and told to SHUT UP!! I don’t care if nobody don’t like it!

  70. Purple that blackbird quote was not by me, nor am I over there bashing people and taking things out of context. That blog and this one have some people who don’t get along and sometimes they make fun of one another as a whole group or even post hurtful things and name people. I got caught in the middle of that way back from the begining when I was on Morph’s soon followed by also blogging with Chill, Henry etc. Now I don’t even refer to anyone because peeps get upset. I agree with what you posted. The BB thing is just not worth going into and there was a bit of a timing mistake and does not have anything to do with the GF’s blog. Purple you have no clue about why I was banned from the BB and Diane’s version is just that. There are no “you guys”, just individuals.

  71. Oh hell, why don’t yall just say it…it’s all about me ok? I started posting over here way back and Henry came over here with her “kicked to the curb bs” and it started.

    There you have it! I’m the psycho nutjob in the fandom! The only one who “hates” on Hicks and bashes him every chance I get. According to the ones who are “in the know” I have no credibility in the SP, have been banned from all the fansites and I’ve been kicked to the curb and told to fuck off by the man himself. I didn’t get the memo on any of this from his management or by him, but hey! If the GF blog said it all happened then dammit to hell it has to be true! They tell nothing but the tell over there!

    Now can we move the fuck on?

  72. PurpleButterflies Says:

    They have hurt Taylor. Nobody wants to be his fan when they see blogs like that.
    Nobody wants to be his fan when they see things like this “WTF???? These women are senior citizens and they need to STFU!!!” The bashing of fans has to stop.

  73. I will bash whoever I want to. What do you think you’re going to stop me? This is internet, in case you didn’t know!

    The grandmas need to be stopped. They are an effing embarrasement, not only to themselves, but to everyone connected to Taylor Hicks. Again, this hurts Taylor’s career, when they see the nutjobs he attracts.

  74. PurpleButterflies Says:

    CF, he never said fuck off in reference to you. Some people who claim to be in the know are not in the know. Who are you going to listen to, a blog where they bash fans, or someone who has been in contact with him and all his management teams from AI to now? Taylor never said anything negative about you. I know. I asked. Don’t pay attention to those people. They are hateful.

  75. PurpleButterflies Says:

    I will bash whoever I want to. What do you think you’re going to stop me? This is internet, in case you didn’t know!
    Yes, it is the internet. A vast space in technology where people can hide behind usernames and say anything they want. A space where some people are too cowardly to say the same things to people’s faces, or under their real names. Many people in Taylor Land know who I am. How many know who you are?

  76. PBF-It really doesn’t matter anymore what he thinks of me or what anyone else thinks for that matter. I’m being called a phony, a troll, a basher, hater and the list goes on. According to the “in the knows”, Michael Douglas knows all about my antics, my “profitting” from Taylor’s name-which by the way, I’m still waiting to see that big check I’m suppose to have. Guess I’ll be laughing all the way to the bank soon..Thanks Taylor!

    Yep-that’s all me. I’m the one who started all the crazy shit. 😉

  77. Nobody cares who I am. I haven’t been involved in the fanbase in ages and it shouldn’t matter who I am. I’m someone with an opinion and that’s all anybody needs to know.

  78. Oh, and if the girlfriend posters were in front of me, I would tell them to stop embarrassing themselves and get a freakin life! I’m not afraid to tell anybody off.

  79. You all do realize that we’ve just handed them a wonderful platter filled with nuclear meltdown waste right?

    I may be the Mother of the hater clan but I’m not stupid.


  80. Raven, first of all I post there and you could rave 10’s times everyday about old ladies and I don’t care. Chill posted pics, in response to CF saying we only want to look at Taylor. Chill has a good sense of humor. There are no photos of any of us on that blog following Tay around anywhere and few have even had their photo taken with Taylor. In fact I don’t recall seeing any of us posing in the front rows of Tay concerts, bringing cookies, presenting gifts or anything else. No one is embarressing themselves and if they are it is their business, not your business.

  81. rosie Says:

    September 22, 2010 at 5:00 pm
    Chill posted pics, in response to CF saying we only want to look at Taylor. Chill has a good sense of humor

  82. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I don’t venture over to the girlfriend blog, but i’ve taken a look at it for amusement when referenced here. The majority seems to be a group of small-minded women with very boring lives who thrive off drama and speaking ill of others who don’t agree with them. The fact that they are older and lustful isn’t a crime, the fact that they are older, lustful, catty, mean and not very intelligent is. I’m sure if they were really cool people with interesting opinions, Raven wouldn’t have the desire to bash them. Without a doubt, they are a hate blog – operating under the guise that if they don’t bash Taylor Hicks, they are not. That’s the big joke.

    This blog attracts all kinds of people. Most seem to be open-minded and interested in exploring different ideas, opinions and musicians. Those old broads at the girlfriend blog don’t know how to see outside of the box or they don’t know how. Their loss.

    Rosie, getting banned from the Boogie Board mean you’re cool. Congrats.

  83. CF, you are over reacting IMO. No one is on your case today. Today is My Day in the bad fan spotlight. lol Then again maybe they are talking in code, but I don’t even know who they are referring to. So neither does anyone else. WTH, peeps are leaving the Taylor and the blogs, and others are declaring fan wars. Everyone needs to step back from the Mike.

  84. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Raven, you’ve obviously never heard of the grobanites. Some of those women would fall under the “senior citizen fan” category who you think should stay away. Josh Groban adores them and speaks very highly of them. He is always praising them on tv and in interviews. To date, they have raised over $900,000 for his foundation. He has one very dedicated fanbase, which includes many senior citizens. Senior citizens do not hurt an artist’s career. Josh Groban is a superstar and he thinks they have helped his career. Why doesn’t your no senior citizen rule apply to other artists?

  85. Josh Groban sucks!

  86. taylorfan06 Says:

    totally agree raven. looks like you’re sticking around…

  87. I actually do not plan on sticking around because nothing ever changes in SP land.

  88. LOL! I didn’t think there were senior citizens on Chill’s blog. I always assumed them to all (or most) be in their 40’s which is NOT old.

    Rosie, Since everyone says I’m a crazy ass loon Taylor Hicks hater, I might as well “come out the closet” truly live up to my reputation. Now I do need to find out exactly what meds that Griz is saying that I should be taking. I did take anti-anxiety meds about 9 years ago for PTS but that’s all. Hmm….Maybe an Ativan refill is something to think about.

  89. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Josh Groban sucks!
    As of 2008, he sold over 25 million albums worldwide. Who knows what he’s up to now. You still didn’t answer the question. If senior citizens should stay away from Taylor because they are bad for his career, why is it that they are good for Josh Groban’s career?

  90. crazyassloon Says:

    ***waves at TF6***

  91. Because Taylor Hicks came from American Idol! A contrived, manufactured-music, karaoke, lame, TV reality show. television!

    I don’t care what he sells, he still sucks!

  92. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Rosie. You just did it again. “I think I may have to go out and purchase some booze. Purple was lecturing me for something I didn’t even do and refering to me as “you guys”. You took something from this blog and brought it there. I’m going back to working. It is a lost cause. Knock yourself out. Gossip, bash others, or take everything from the boards and bring it back there. Do what you want. Trying to rationalize with some people is like trying to stuff a wolverine in the trunk of a car.

  93. Dee, I think some of those Glamberts are or were part of the SP. Some have been known to jump Idol to Idol and troll the boards.

  94. You know, this is a pretty interesting blog, the topics are informative and often thought provoking. But I can’t help thinking that if I was the one to put this together to share with others, I’d have to pull the plug. I know I don’t have to read the comments, but much like a train wreck…….just when I think it can’t go any lower, blink and it does!

  95. TF6-Will you please locate some music for the jukebox?

  96. Purple they are reading over here and you did accuse me of something I didn’t do and lump me in with those who did and lecture me without knowing the facts. I’m not having the best day in SP land and I don’t need lectures or judgements. You were way off base as far as knowing the particulars of me being banned from the BB and it has nothing to do with that blog. Diane brought it to this blog. It has to do with some things I’ve said on this blog, but I’m by far not the only one. It be damned hard to discuss Taylor Hicks anywhere, in any meaningful content without at least speaking in general terms of how other fans behave. The key words are disuss Taylor in any meaningful content.

  97. Blueberry, from my limited experience blogs work out better than boards. Boards you have to join and read rules and because freedom of speech is limited, peeps resort to gossips pm’s, form more buddy cliques, and worst of all whine to the mods. People here can get on any side of an issues and more often than not work out their differences. Today is a bad day here, and Raven either plans on hiding in the closet at 45 or walking around with prayer beads, and watching old tv sitcoms, and tending to her garden in her spare time. IAG, knows she has a good thing going here and there are a ton of lurkers.

  98. Today is a bad day here, and Raven either plans on hiding in the closet at 45 or walking around with prayer beads, and watching old tv sitcoms, and tending to her garden in her spare time. IAG, knows she has a good thing going here and there are a ton of lurkers.
    LMAO! That would be me with the prayer beads and I’ll add the aromatherapy candles also.

  99. Wowsers . . . how long before IAG is going to have to close comments on this post?

    It’s all going to be okay. Really. The sun will rise tomorrow, I promise. Honest to God, if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow, I’ll give each of you a dollar. That’s right a crisp one dollar bill from old soulaz, if life as we know it ceases to exist tomorrow!

    Now I think I’ll mention the videos posted upthread! I saw Aerosmith and Def Leppard for the first time way back in the mid 70s. And I’ve seen both groups in concert fairly recently . . . within the past couple years. I can tell you that, 30 years apart, I loved both shows SO much.

    It’s SO fun to see live music performed that you loved as a teenager, and find that it still means as much to you as a middle aged woman. And to find that those “old dudes” are still rockin’ their asses off. The older I get, the cooler that is for me!

  100. Guess my new screen name is now officially “orangeducky”, courtesy of Chill…LMAO! Orange is a cool color and I love ducks! The Oregon Ducks is my favorite team!

  101. soulaz-It will most likely go down tonight. Wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe a time out off the playground would be a good thing.

    Re: Def Leppard, always loved them. Had my first crush with the lead singer. Total hotness. There’s was a movie based on them years back that was very informative.

  102. Submitted for your approval . . .

    I can’t tell you how much I love Derek Trucks. And I can’t get enough of this song. I just love everything about it.

  103. Another phenomenal voice…outstanding!

  104. I hate it when videos won’t embed . . .

    Congrats on the new name, Orange Ducky. But I think I’ll call you “Duck L’orange” because you’re all classy and shit.

  105. Oh, and I forgot to mention . . . I totally concur. Joe Elliot was SO hot. I majorly crushed on him too.

  106. Congrats on the new name, Orange Ducky. But I think I’ll call you “Duck L’orange” because you’re all classy and shit.
    Love the way you threw in “shit” LMAO!

  107. I do confess that if I had ever met Steve Perry, I would have had to be peeled off his bell bottoms. Joe Elliot’s spandex for sure. 😉

  108. Duck L’orange is fitting, considering I’m being served up as the main course elsewhere.

    Total yummylicious! Lip smackin good.

  109. Anyone here a serious electric guitar lover…you gotta respect this

  110. Just goes to show you how little I or anyone knows what’s going on.

    Soulaz, I don’t think this is a “wowsers” day or night, I think overall so far things are running smoothly here and people here are overall in synch. I think we, “fans of any degree”, are doing fine and the envy of some of the Soul Patrol. If one can’t find fun and a bit of humor and discussion online when discussing anyone or anything, why bother? As far as music there is utube,etc. and the BB post vids there. My side bar is Tay tweeted about going to LA for movie/tv gigs. On twitter, some peep warned him about the Casting Couch. Now that is funny. “Lay down Mr. Hicks, and show me why I should put you in my movie, take off that sweaty shirt, show me that you know how to kiss for the camera”…

    Edited for content

  111. I heard it was me Rosie because of a supposed post that Griz made a few days ago and put my name in it. Chill changed it to “orange ducky”.

  112. It’s all good Rosie. We got over the hump and back onto other things. The things I said up the thread about my self I don’t take seriously. Yes, I’m called all those names and more, but as IAG said in her initial post…if we allow cyber blips to control our lives, then we are the ones with the problems.

    I say fish out some good music and boogie down=)

  113. Funny stuff on Twitter. They really jumped on the radio guy. Don’t they realize he is making fun of them? What morons!!

  114. U figured that out too FH? The usual suspects bit at him but he sure bit back. It was even funnier watching one of them come completely unglued at the hinges. Since some of her tweets landed in T’s realtime line, he’ll no doubt read them. What’s that about a shovel, dig, hole?

    This wasn’t the only place in town having a meltdown.

  115. Now soulaz, you can’t leave this one out….

  116. A great dance tune

  117. Good tunes . . . especially Celebrate by Kool and the Gang. I loved them!

    An interesting Kool and the Gang factoid: The lead singer’s name is James Taylor.

    Why is that interesting? Because I had such a crush on him, while having a major crush on this other James Taylor dude, you may have heard of:

  118. Love James Taylor. I confess when I was younger I didn’t appreciate his music. Now I do. Thanks for the vid!

  119. Great duo

  120. Hopefully this will post.

  121. Yay 4 sure, fun times here. I have an entire comedy routine worked out in my mind. I make myself laugh.

  122. My theme song . . . 😛

  123. hicksaholic Says:

    Taylorland is becoming too confusing. I need a glossary of the different blogs, different user names, a little history on each. Major stalker? Minor stalker? Front row person? Cookie bringer? Tattoed with Taylor?

  124. I don’t really know a lot of Dave Matthews Band’s songs, so I had never heard that song before. I really like it . . . a lot. 😀

  125. hicksaholic, Ya think you have problems… I can’t get my up to the min. Hicks news anymore. Talk about problems neither the President or Pope can solve! Guess I’m waay too old for Limbo, according to Raven, and pergatory seems neither here nor there. Can’t Get No Satisfaction.

  126. taylorfan06 Says:

    thanks rosie for the next song choice. good call

  127. taylorfan06 Says:

    who can relate???

  128. taylorfan06 Says:

  129. taylorfan06 Says:

    RIP Kevin Dubrow and Randy Rhodes.

  130. I knew if I waited long enough, this thread would come back to the music. 🙂

  131. taylorfan06 Says:

    music over drama anyday!

  132. This song has a special meaning for me…love it! Perhaps Madonna’s best work-IMO of course. 😉

  133. soulaz Says:

    September 22, 2010 at 10:51 pm
    I don’t really know a lot of Dave Matthews Band’s songs, so I had never heard that song before. I really like it . . . a lot.
    soulaz-I was introduced to the DMB on THIS blog. Can’t remember who posted his vids but it was in relations to T of course. Great musician and song writer.

  134. Gotta admire the spirit

  135. IAG – I must say, reading your blog after what I experienced on TH’s site, in his chat room? Hit home. I DO like Taylor. Love his voice. And from what I’ve seen he seems like a really good guy. But… Really? I don’t get the insanity that permeates, STILL, after four years, this guy’s fan base. I actually, truly, believe that it his most craziest of fans that actually keep a whole lot of newer fans from joining, and the more normal fans from sticking around. And I know, nothing can be done about it. Sigh. I don’t get why people think that they somehow deserve to own a peice of him or dictate what he does with his life or what he plays or who he dates. All he owes the fans is a good show. That’s what they pay for. Folks need to just chill and let the man breathe!
    As for DMB. I’m a HUGE fan… And by that, I mean, I go see them play as often as I can.. tix are pricy but so worth it! When I go see them play, it’s like I’ve entered my happy place. And when I leave, I leave with a smile on my face and music in my head. What else could any music fan ask for?

  136. taylor hicks is such a sweetheart!…he deserves all the good things that he is getting right now…

  137. They’re tattling on me to Taylor about calling them morons. I apparently am not following the golden rule. But does the golden rule tell you to attack a complete stranger on Twitter because he made a comment you didn’t like about Taylor?

  138. And now thanks to those dingbats taylor really has no chance in hell to be played on that station!

  139. I think the gal who ran Idletard used to refer to Taylor as “poor bastard”.

  140. LOL! Let them tattle. The more they put themselves out on his twitter, the more stupid they look, not you. It’s all good. =)

  141. What radio station are you talking about?

  142. I searched Tay’s twitter and can’t find what you are talking about FH. No one seems to be tattling at the moment.

  143. I don’t normally read MJ but this was tweeted and It was an interesting read.


    This part was so telling:

    @crystalbowersox tweets: We love exactly what you do. Now do it differently. We can’t have an Indy type artist on a major label. Why the bleep not?

  144. CF: the Twitter account is jaddontheradio. Rosie: you have to go as far back as last night shortly after I posted the moron statement.

  145. Dee-I read something about that on Twitter. Sounds like she is going to be limited herself with that label.

    FH-ok, now I know who you are referring. Yeah, a few came unhinged yesterday with a jad person. I was loving his responses. Good to see someone stand up to the bullies.

  146. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Hi Meerkah! How are you? Do you keep in touch with Rachel? If so, tell her that I said hi. I just loved her to pieces. Do you still talk to Sylvia? If so, tell her that I said hi. The last time I saw Rachel was three years ago. Time goes by so fast.

  147. So, do any of yall think its possible that you take this fan war shit too seriously?

  148. Eric Clapton is offering a free download of a new song on Itunes for a limited time.


  149. Thanks for the link Dee. Anything of Clapton’s is pure gold.

  150. I love the way folks come out of the wood work and float in here critizing what is said. Go post your thoughts on the other blogs also because this is NOT the only one who has “dictated”, “bashed” and “hated” on anything.

    And to the ones doing the preaching….you are just as bad if not worse. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON YOURSELVES!

  151. I don’t take it seriously at all. I just love getting you crazy loons all stirred up!!

  152. Thanks FH. Knew deep down you always thought of me that way. 😉

  153. msmxup Says:

    September 23, 2010 at 8:19 pm
    So, do any of yall think its possible that you take this fan war shit too seriously?
    Some of your comments here in the past have been a little too serious too msmxup. Especially when some of us expressed our dislike for Grease.

  154. Maybe if some got in touch with their “inner Loon” more often, their panties wouldn’t get into such a tight wad…just sayin’

  155. CF Do you keep a running log of every comment ever made by everyone on this blog?! I don’t even remember what I said when some of you expressed your dislike of Grease, or for that matter , what you said or didn’t say about Grease. The fact that you do remember and obviously are still unhappy about it, is what I mean about taking this shit too seriously. Sometimes I agree with you, sometimes I don’t. I say what I need to say and then its over. Why carry it with you for so long when really its not all that important?

  156. LOL!

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