Making the journey with music….

Last night, I was browsing through an online journal that I keep, reading entries from my crazy “Taylor Hicks” days. It got me thinking about how differently I view Taylor now than I did then. Is it me? Is it him? Is it a little of both?

When I first saw Taylor Hicks on the television, I was transfixed. I wanted to know more about this man…this man who was living his dream in front of the world. Who was he? Where did he come from? And for the love of God, why hadn’t he been discovered before Idol? As I discovered more about him, I found myself wanting to do things I had never done before. I crisscrossed the country, following him from concert to concert. I started posting on a message board…I didn’t even know what a forum was before that spring. He awakened something in me that I didn’t even realize was missing from my life. He reawakened my love of music.

I have met some wonderful people because of that message board, but I’ve also met others that weren’t exactly on the healthy side of the fandom. Because of that group of people, I’ve learned some life lessons, but I’ve also had some really good times. But when that message board split up, so did the group of people.

I have come a long way in my life since then, so I know that I am different. I know that Taylor Hicks is just a man. He doesn’t hold any special powers. He can’t walk on water, even though some seem to think so. Taylor Hicks is a working musician. That’s good and he seems happy being just that. So, is Taylor any different? Hell, I don’t know. I don’t know the man. I just wish he could figure out how to market himself and quit changing his mind. Just be who you are, dude.

There has been some questioning by posters as to whether this is a Taylor Hicks blog or not. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t. Just depends on what I feel like posting at any given time. I welcome other artists’ songs/videos. There is so much music out there. Limiting yourself to a certain kind of music is like eating peanut butter and jelly for lunch every day. You start out thinking that it’s the best tasting thing in the world, but eventually your body…and soul…hungers for something else. Just feed your soul. Look around, listen to new songs. You’ll be amazed at what you might learn about yourself.

Life is a journey. You never know where it’s going to take you. We are all just trying to find our own ways the best we can. Music can be a partner down the path with you, if you let it.


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  1. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    And posts like the above are why I continue to come here….I don’t always post, especially when the squabbles start…not something I have time for, but I do love the premise that you can be a Taylor fan, and like other music, too. Most of the time the discussions are informative. Thank you IAG for maintaining this site. You do a great job.

  2. casualfan Says:

    Ditto on what PSA said. Yeah, we may squabble, but at least for the most part we keep it real…or try to.

    It’s a musical journey and one that I have really enjoyed and look forward in continuing, not only with Taylor, but with other musicians as well.

    Keep up the great job IAG…U R awesome!

  3. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor IS just a man, but he definitely has something special. There is a fascination about him that continues to intrigue me since first being introduced to him back in March, 06. (I arrived a little late to the party).

    I was never an AI fan, but became one on Season 5 (it did stop there, for the most part) because of what I saw in this gray haired guy. My curiosity grew week after week seeing him perform on that stage. He was different, and I felt such an excitement seeing him on tv every tuesday and wednesday back then. There were a few weeks when I felt it could be the last time… Little did I know how many others out there apparently felt the same way as I did…. and saved him from going home. There was always such a relief knowing I would see this person on AI each week until that amazing finale.

    I loved when Taylor took the stage because I never knew what to expect but knew he had the goods to deliver an amazing performance each time. He continues that for me from the many videos out there, and the times i’ve seen him live on stage. My 5th Taylor show comes this Sunday and I can’t wait.

    Yes, he still does something for me, but it’s not the same as it was back then. Back then, there were just pangs that he could be sent home (on AI) and I’d never find out where he went. Since that wasn’t the case, and Taylor is still out there, very much so, there’s a comfortableness (is that a word?) in knowing that I can come to places like just to find out what he’s up to, and read about others thought about the man, good or bad.

    It’s really hard to sustain that level of “obsession” or whatever you’d like to call it. Maybe it could even be a fan. Thinking about how huge the Beatles were at the start, and continued to be huge, there was a change where people knew they’d still be around and they’d just wait for the next release. Does that make sense? There is a peak that occurs, but the curiosity and intrigue about the artist continues…

    Taylor is by far the only artist over the past decade, for me, who has really added something to my life musically. He has turned me on do so many artists that I never really listened to before that I love some much today. Those include, among others, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, and Van Morrison. He had some sort of power, or influence, to direct me to these amazing artist. I’m not even sure how much money I spent downloading music by these artist, due primarily to Taylor Hicks. I have similar thoughts from other fans since I started this “journey” myself.

    I’ve always loved my music, ever since I was a very small child. I

  4. taylorfan06 Says:

    ooops, i sent prematurely.. I was almost done…

    Anyway, to you iag, I am very thankful to come to this site to read about others who also have some level of fascination about this man to write down their thoughts, good or bad. For the most part, the thoughts are good and I’m glad about that.

    To conclude (I know, finally…), since I love what Taylor has done for me in the joy he’s added to my musical life, where I can’t even express my full gratitude, I just love finding those others that “get” who he is and what he’s all about. He’s not always going to make choices that everyone will be happy with, but the choices ARE his to make.

    He does deserve to be more loved, but with no radio play, it is hard for many to realize that he IS still out there. It would be great for that one smash, where people will take notice again and have a little revival of the Taylor-mania that I think really did exist back in ’06. Taylor is a REAL artist that I am SO glad came into my life.

    5 days and counting until I see that “magic” again on the stage. Yes, he still does it for me. Nothing wrong with that. We all need to have some passion in our lives…. Something to look forward to.

    As Peter Frampton once wrote in his song, “I Want To Go To The Sun”… “music is my thrill to life, don’t take it away’….

    Funny, as I’m writing this, right now, “Somehow”, by T just started on my iTunes shuffle. A sign of some sort… (just kidding), I’m not that silly, but that is one song that real took hold of me now and then…. that sax solo is just to die for. OK, i’ll end this now… but of course, I’ll add this… later folks.

  5. taylorfan06 Says:

    meant to say “could even be a fad”, (regarding the popularity of Taylor back on AI)…

  6. taylorfan06 Says:

    Listen to the roar of the crowd back then… fame is fleeting…. but “comebacks” happen… you gotta believe, in this life…

  7. taylorfan06 Says:

    interesting comment from a guy regarding this performance.

    “Are we just bashing the guy because he was an american idol winner? i mean, this doesnt sound like the beatles, but at least its an interesting version of the song. And the guitar playing… its pretty intense, and takes a little more skill than you think. His voice is damn good, and definitely puts an interesting twist on the tune. Good Work Taylor!”

    ….good for you buddy!!!

  8. taylorfan06 Says:

    I have similar thoughts from other fans since I started this “journey” myself.
    that should have read, I’ve “heard” similar thoughts… (regarding T’s influence on others to download HIS influential artists)

  9. taylorfan06 Says:

    WELCOME TO THE TF06 SHOW! *sound of crickets* lol

  10. It would be near impossible to sustain a high level of intensity for any artist.
    I think the bashing from the press Taylor got and to some degree still gets takes the edge off the excitment. It’s not fair. We all thought Taylor was going to make it big. But I guess we had blinders on. If we looked around we could see what makes it big. Someone like Lady Gaga and Justin Beiber are who gets a big chunk of the attention nowadays. I think Taylor just hit at a time when the landscape was changing. Things constantly change so maybe it will swing back to include more artists like Taylor. I’m sure he wants to reach that next level of stardom but where he’s at from a working musician’s stand point is pretty darn good. He may just turn out to be that cockroach after all. LOL.

  11. taylorfan06 Says:

    If I ever decided to have a cockroach as a pet (which I won’t), I would name him “Taylor”. Just because…. (can a get a double LOL?)

  12. taylorfan06 Says:

    Dee said:

    “It would be near impossible to sustain a high level of intensity for any artist.”

    Very true Dee! Especially one that never gets radio play. And yes, there are radio friendly songs in T’s catalog. Even ones before AI.

  13. taylorfan06 Says:

    It’s so funny to me hearing the songs of today and thinking that someone (or many) out there actually like some of the crap playing on the airwaves.
    they must because the same bad songs keep playing…. what gives?

    sad world, sad reality……. 😦 JMO

  14. taylorfan06 Says:

    Few could deliver a vocal like this… Maybe not commercial, but WOW!!!

    …just readying myself up for Sunday!!!

  15. cendrillon0308 Says:

    Amen IAG. I enjoy your blog thoroughly no matter what or who is being discussed.

  16. OMG! CHUNKY MONKEY!! Just saw NOLA’s pics at the Booger Board. Taylor, DUDE, lay off the fattening food. Why did he wear that shirt for his TV appearance? The shirt is gaping between buttons. You can see his belly thru the gapes!! Did he look at himself in the mirror? Does he have no one to tell him NOOOOOOOO?

  17. hahahhaahaha Fairhope!! You crack me up!

    See? Nobody believed me!!

  18. YO – Taylor, Lay off of the Ribs, BBQ Beans, Potato Salad, & White Bread!

  19. Tay is just a man. He can’t walk on water and has no special powers. He’s just feeding his body and his soul. Sometimes he feels like eating a platter of ribs with 4 sides and white bread for sopping juices. The difference between him and us is that he is a celebrity, thus people blog about him and discuss all manner of things, from his music to his weight. Some even lecture him and voice their wishes and complaints. It’s part of being famous.

  20. casualfan Says:

    LMAO IAG, FH and Moonpie! Grey, we have seen it but few will acknowledge it. Never doubted you for a second my friend. 😉

  21. Taylorwow Says:

    Taylorfan06, thank you for the “Somehow” video. I’m sure I haven’t listened to that song in over two years–had forgotten it existed. Tonight I watched a John Denver special on PBS. What a phenominal talent, what a gifted songwriter! His themes were simple and profound. His lyrics poetic and clear. I understood every word. I don’t think I have ever listened to a Taylor Hicks composition that I completely understood–not even this one. I seldon understand him, but I always feel that his songs are coming from a very deep place–especially “Somehow.”

  22. casualfan Says:

    Grey-Really love the song “Life is a Highway”. Someone else did that and can’t remember who it is. Great song…

  23. Taylor needs a dresser like most men. LOL. Probably packed that shirt and didn’t try it on until it was too late. LOL.

  24. casualfan Says:

    “Somehow” is my all time favorite song ever from Taylor. The story behind it is awesome and very profound and soulful. Hopefully he will connect more with his inner-muse for the next cd.

  25. taylorfan06 Says:

    Whether T is fat or thin, I could care less. The voice is there either way, as well as the sexiness… I would hate for Taylor to be a “muscle guy” or a “stick boy”. I actually like him best with a little more meat on him. I’ll have to check out the BB for the pix out of curiosity. For whatever it’s worth, I’ll give you my critique on Taylor’s size when I see him on Sunday. Sheesh!

  26. taylorfan06 Says:

    btw, have you seen Kelly Clarkson lately? Now there’s a chub-ette!

  27. Wow Taylor can’t catch a break on here can he, he goes and does a very short sweet commercial gives his time and talent to the Gulf special and most on here just have to critisize him on everything from what he wears to if he is fat, if he can act the commercial was less then a minute geeze would have been nice to instead of picking him apart congratulate him on all that he does, Taylor is by no means perfect he is just a very talented man who makes a lot of people happy its a shame he dosen’t get more respect!

  28. hicksaholic Says:

    I think Taylor gets plenty of respect on this blog. If all anybody talked about was how wonderful Taylor is and he is perfect in every way not only would that be false but boring too.
    Ginger, sorry, have you seen the pictures that were being discussed? They are great pictures but it does look like Taylor HAS put on a few pounds around the middle and the shirt IS gapping in several of them. That’s the reality. It doesn’t mean everyone here hates him now and will never listen to his music again.

  29. A little chunk is not so bad. I don’t like skinny men. The shirt didn’t fit! He needed his stylist. Sorry Ginger,women tend to notice these things!!

  30. casualfan Says:

    LMAO! I think “ginger” is a little confused.

  31. I don’t think it’s about his weight gain…it’s about the clothes he wears. Hey, I’m a fan of the pudge, when it’s appropriately dressed. 🙂

  32. casualfan Says:

    Where are these pics at? Can someone post one or two over here?

  33. IAG. I think you are right. He’s not that heavy. It’s more that the shirt is too tight. He’s put on a few pounds but he is not at his AI weight and has kept most of it off since he lost it. I’d guess that he goes up and down about 10 pounds. Not bad considering he said he had lost about 25 pounds after AI.

  34. Cf most of the pics are ok but a few looked gaping. I think it must have been when he moved a certain way because it was closed most of the time. Maybe the problem started when the shirt started getting wet with sweat. LOL.

  35. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Ok, my curiosity got the best of me, so I went to the booger board and looked….had to laugh. Yep, he needs some bigger shirts, because he’s a southern boy who likes BBQ and all the stuff that goes with it…not exactly low fat…and we southerners like a little tea with our sugar. I agree…no problemo with the pudge, just dress it properly. One size up should do it. I like men with some meat on their bones.

  36. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    At this point, he should have three different wardrobes , a Tubby set, an in-betweener and a Skinny!!!

    If I may be so bold, Taylor, you need some consistency in your life….take a break from the road and do these three things:
    1) Get a personal trainer and nutritionist (maybe get some tips from Ruben on the Vegan lifestyle – ok maybe that’s a little much to ask but still MORE FRUITS AND VEGGIES!!!)
    2) Pick a style of music and stick with it!!!!
    3) Find the songwriting Muses!

    Thank you, your devoted (yet opinionated) fan.

    IAG, I have to agree with your blog post…I’ve recently felt exactly the same way about my “journey” with Taylor. It will never be like it was, but I am still grateful that it happened and I got my chance to reconnect with the music and meet some great people.

  37. Don’t ya’ll think he looked cute as a button and handsome as heck in the face on those pics? Nolamar captured some great expressions and he looked so happy to be on a big stage in front of a huge crowd.

  38. casualfan Says:

    Of course I do Rosie. I thought he was adorable on AI and as Dee said…he’s nowhere near the weight he was.

    As PSA said….Love a little meat on the bones.

    PSA-I hear ya about about tea with the sugar. I was addicted to sweet tea when I lived in the south. I moved to the west and ppl thought I was deranged in asking for sweet tea. Now I can’t handle the stuff. Of course, being diabetic I can’t have it now.

    The way the food is cooked in the south is so different from the WC. The oil is different, spices are different so things are just well….different. I don’t blame T for diving into the good stuff. Besides, he loses weight really fast…as we have seen and I still think he’s flat out adorable. 😉

  39. Rosie yes!! His face was electrifying. I almost didn’t see the shirt. LOL. He reminds me of Vince Gill. That man is over the top handsome when he is thin and handsome when he is heavier and at his heaviest he’s a good looking guy next door. LOL. Maybe the TV special will edit to overlook the bad shots. LOL. I have to admire all the performers. They had to put this together on the fly. Some like Taylor I’m sure picking up and flying in from a tour. I don’t know how Taylor manages without a few snafu’s. So one little shirt blip, a harmonica in the back pocket that he could not find. LOL. Things happen. Me? I’d be lucky to know what day it was if I had that much going on. LOL

  40. He said in some recent interview that some fast food chain gave him and for 5 of his friends free food for a year. He said they have been taking advantage of that on this tour. Sorry, I can’t recall the resturant as it wasn’t familiar to me, and it maybe more like a Chili’s than a Burger King.

  41. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Agreed CF & Rosie…thin or pudgy the man is handsome as heck. And one hell of a singer/musician. 😉

  42. I realize everybody has their own opinions on here when commenting on Taylor and I am not confused at all my other comment was just my opinion thats all and yes I have seen the pics looks like in some of them there is a gap certain way he moves probably but mercy the man has fantastic legs:) I know it would be boring on here just saying nice things about Taylor its just I have never seen so much scrunity on every single thing the man does says or wears. I am just happy there is a Taylor his voice just takes me away from my problems no matter what he sings he puts his all into it I even like Bullitproof and I am not a fan of tecno music lol. Everybody have a great Thursday!

  43. casualfan Says:

    Another reason to love this blog…never a dull moment.

  44. Ginger we just pick at him like mother hens. LOL. No harm intended.

  45. Ange Bleu Says:

    There’s been more than a few comments on various blogs on TH’s weight gain, but you know this can be a good thing. He was heavy on AI season 5 but looked roly poly cute. Today the excess weight makes him look 10-15 yrs. older but it also gives him a rough, tough, hard “mountain man” look. This look might appeal to younger men who might look upon him as a father figure. The weight gain may cause him to gain new and more male fans, which will be a boon to him in country music.

  46. Gotcha Dee he does bring out the mothering in some of us dosen’t he 🙂 it is never dull with whatever Taylor is up to thats for sure. I know Taylor is pretty tall but he sure looked short next to The Hoff lol!

  47. Ange Bleu Says:

    The Hoff is around 6′ 5″

  48. In the immortal words of Johnnie Cochrane: “If the shirt doesn’t fit, don’t throw a snit!!”

  49. I said he was tiny and trim when I saw him on Aug. 3rd. He was compared to a few of the photos I’d seen. That night he performed in a dark colored tee, so that may be a better look for him then the too tight rolled sleeved shirts. Ange, I never thought of mountain man and Taylor in the same sentence.

  50. casualfan Says:

    YKW Says:

    August 19, 2010 at 1:13 pm
    In the immortal words of Johnnie Cochrane: “If the shirt doesn’t fit, don’t throw a snit!!”

  51. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Yeah, I completely agree with AngeBleu. I think Taylor Hicks should get as fat as possible because think of all the fat people in America that will really relate to him, and also all the young fatherless boys who will see him as their new fat dad, and also all the Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig customers that will identify with Taylor’s fattiness and go out and buy his CD. This is a great way to get new fans! Also, if he gets fat enough, he might even replace the Jolly Green Giant. Think of all the exposure he could get if his face and fat body were plastered all over the super markets? I hope he just keeps on eating because this is a opportunity of a lifetime.

    Um, I’ve never thought of the words “tiny and trim” to describe Taylor Hicks.

    On a more serious note, I can’t believe he’s touring an old album….again.

  52. NotYourGrandma LMAO. I think you hit on something he COULD be a Jenny Craig spokesperson. Look what it did for Bertinelli’s career. LOL.

    To address the comment ” Touring and old album again”. When it came out it really did not have a proper tour. I would say it’s more of a tour with his last CD for sale. He is singing songs off all his CD’s with some covers thrown in. I don’t care what his reason for being out on tour is, I’m just glad he’s out there “Doing What He Do”. The only thing I’m upset about is he hasn’t come close enough to ME yet. WAHHHH

  53. hicksaholic Says:

    Not Your Grandma- you win the post of the month award. Hilarious!

  54. casualfan Says:

    Hopefully T will be back in the studio soon to produce original music. If he wants to establish himself as an original artist, doing all covers isn’t the way to go. But then again….who really knows which direction he wants to go in because he seems to be traveling in circles.

  55. It has been months since I’ve looked in…
    I look forward to a new Taylor CD, but I agree with the comment that I find his lyrics cryptic.
    I have said it before and will say it again….if The Maze or HK from TH and MYS from TD were on the radio, there would have been a different journey for us all. Who knows why this did not transpire….but in my world, there is a reason for all things.
    I like his bar music, older and recent, but it won’t bring back the crowds.
    I don’t want to be, but I am cynical about the Gulf tourism project.
    And in the appearance department… his face is still adorable. If I were his stylist, though, I’d grow his hair again, just a bit….and make sure he worked out consistently…. otherwise, he is handsome as heck and can still charm.
    iag, I can relate to your journey…just in a less-invested way. I enjoy your reflections and the blog. I would hope, however, that you seek more than music/performers for a partner along the way. When life is over, those things go away and invariably, disappoint. Eternal things will satisfy in ways that temporal things don’t . This Taylor Hicks thing has been a case in point for me. That is all I have to say about that. Take care.

  56. Suze I agree with all you said, but don’t get the cynical about the gulf thing.

  57. Wow!!! Was this an amazing concert last night!!! I saw him at Jones Beach. This was the most amazing song on his new album…chills…

  58. casualfan Says:

    Hi momo-Just watched the Ray vid…thanks for bringing it here. Extraordinary man with extraordinary talent. It’s music like this that reminds me that it is indeed all about music. 😉

  59. Ray writes songs for his voice and limited range, and that works for him.

  60. I love this post, IAG . . . your description of your thoughts and feelings back in 2006, could be mine as well. With one exception. Taylor Hicks really did not reawaken an excitement or love of music for me. Music of all kinds, genres ranging from classical to blues to rock to punk, and everthing in between, has always been a faithful partner in my life’s journey.

    Some of that music has been with me for nearly the whole span of my life, and some of it has only occupied a short space of time. But I appreciate all of it for what it has brought to my life. It may turn out that music I have recently discovered will remain with me for the rest of my life, or it may turn out to be more of a temporal pleasure.

    I don’t really analyze it too much, I just enjoy the music I enjoy in the moment.

    It’s interesting that a Ray Lamontagne video was posted in this thread. Mainly because he is an artist that Taylor Hicks introduced most of us to. For me, Taylor’s performance of “Trouble” was that magical turning point, where I changed from “Interested in that gray haired Alabama dude,” to “I have to know more about that gray haired Alabama dude,” which morphed into an obsessive interest which threatened to take over, if not my life, at the very least, my free time.

    So here I am now, having successfully reclaimed my “independence” from Taylor Hicks, and listening to a YouTube video of Ray Lamontagne, while writing about that point in my journey when Taylor was king.

    Why am I still here and why am I inspired at times to write about my short tenure as a card carrying member of the Soul Patrol? For the same reason that I still talk with great fondness of my ska-punk days. Simply because, at the time, it gave me great joy and that means something to me.

    Oh, and as a footnote I will add that I thought that Ray Lamontagne performance was absolutely beautiful. When I listen to music like that, I don’t analyze vocal range. I simply experience that moment when an artist, who is residing in the music he created, shares a piece of his musical journey with his audience.

  61. casualfan Says:

    When I listen to music like that, I don’t analyze vocal range. I simply experience that moment when an artist, who is residing in the music he created, shares a piece of his musical journey with his audience.
    That’s what it’s all about Soulaz…well said. 😉

  62. Hi CF! Wasn’t that video of Ray amazing? I posted it because I still so associate Taylor to him and it seemed to fit in this thread for that reason. I saw him in concert with David Gray a few nights ago. Ray was his opening act and the very large audience clearly LOVED him. As far as Ray’s limited range….that’s just ridiculous! To each his own… I just felt moved to bring it here because I enjoyed it sooooo much and thought others here would too. The rest of the new CD sounds unbelievable; a real classic. I still love Taylor, but understand that he really is not in the same league as RL, but perhaps if he dug a bit deeper, he’d come close. Oh well, that subject’s been pretty exhausted here! Soulaz, I really enjoyed reading your perspective on all this. You have such beautiful writing style and I agree with you whole-heartedly about the whole Taylor enigma…BTW, the English Beat is playing down the street from me next week…..ya mon!!! : ) I may have to go : )

  63. So I’m sitting on the couch watching the GAC top 20 countdown and gokey is at #5! I was mesmerized. Not so much with the video or the song, it was beautiful, but how did he do it?? What is it with Taylor? What the hell happened with him? Then I think about Ray L and Amos lee and they’re not all over the tv but I do hear them on sirius radio. IDK…

  64. Carrie underwood is #1. I gotta get my ass up and do some housework!!

  65. casualfan Says:

    I wasn’t a fan of CU by any means till I saw her live at Idol Gives Back. She clearly commanded the stage and the audience. She is a professional and it’s easy to see why she is loved and has won so many awards.

    FH-I’ve given up on speculating why Taylor isn’t heard on the radio. Taylor has stated himself that a good song will always find it’s way to the radio. And well….there ya go. 😉

  66. casualfan Says:

    Momo, Taylor introduced Ray L’s music to me. He’s one of T’s favorites and has been influential in his music. So yeah, IMO Ray does belong here along with the other musicians.

    There are many roads to follow on this awesome musical journey.

  67. soulaz, I’m confused by your post. Why were you obsessed by Taylor? I take it you are not a fan anymore? You don’t like the music or just don’t like him? Do you feel he owned you something other than music? Or, did you only like him on AI and don’t like any of his cds and he’s not what’s considered a superstar success like Carrie Underwood?

  68. It seems Soulaz, Grey and others were addicted to and obsessed with all thing Taylor, and now like any former addict they take pride at having overcome their addiction. It is almost as though their new addiction is posting about their old addiction and how Tay didn’t deserve all the time they had spent on him. As part of their explaining addiction, about their former addiction, each and every time they mention he turned them onto other singers, artists and reawakened their love of music. They always thank him for that. Ray was mentioned and a vid was posted above. So I checked it out and gave a brief comment. He is a good song writer and he writes music that fits his range. Then momo started the TH comparison, stating Ray is better. This comparison thing of other artist to Taylor, be it #’s of Cd’s, voice, song writing ability or selling out venues, seems to be a big part of the recovering Tay addicts, who are currently addicted to posting about their former addiction. Raven, I doubt anyone of the former addicts can explain their posts since they are now in this new addiction. An active addict is often in denial or confused.

  69. I find it amusing, but then again I find a lot of the current huge fans amusing. As I’ve said often, I thought everyone was nuts when I came aboard in 2008. There was so much bickering and name calling. My favorite artist had always been Ray Charles and Sam Cooke and I owned some Otis. I wasn’t on boards or blogs checking out Taylor or artist he liked. Right before he won AI, the top 3 week I became enchanted by the guy and his voice and style. End of story…

  70. Huh Rosie?? Lol! I’m still confused. I just want to know if Soulaz still likes Taylor? Just sounds to me like she felt she was owned something more than music. I don’t really get the obsession thing.

  71. Raven . . . not that I owe anyone an explanation, but I’ll give you one anyway. Cause I’m just nice like that.

    Like multitudes of people who converged on the AI boards and other Taylor fansites back in 2006, I was new to online fandom, and became swept away in the excitement of the possibility of Taylor winning, initially. And then later, I remained in my “swept away” status along with multitudes of others who were anticipating the amazing music that was to come.

    Do I like Taylor’s post-AI music? No, not so much. I don’t hate it, but it certainly doesn’t excite me enough to keep me caught up in an obsessive fan state. Do I think he has the talent to make music that will blow me away? Absolutely. It just hasn’t really happened yet.

    Do I like Taylor? I, like all of his fans, do not know Taylor personally. I can speculate about him though. My speculation would lead me to believe he’s a pretty nice guy. But again, I don’t know him. He could be the world’s biggest asshole for all I know.

    I had a good laugh at your questioning me about whether I believed he owed me more than good music. Because seriously, that just goes against everything I have been saying on this blog, over and over and over and over and over. If his handsome face, or those ballsy balls and hairy arms that Rosie loves so well, were what I was primarily interested in, I would still be riding the T-train. Because last I looked, he still has a face and arms. And I assume he still has balls. Maybe someone could check on that to make sure.

    As to his AI performances . . . they intrigued me and were why I sought out and found his pre-AI music. And it was the strength of that music, more than his AI performances, that excited me for the music to come.

    I refuse to go into any comparison between Carrie Underwood and Taylor Hicks. I am not a particular fan of Carrie, but I do not begrudge her the success she has worked hard for. I have railed against the constant comparisons that AI fans, and other current Taylor fans, insist on engaging in, to show why they believe the other artists are far inferior to Taylor. I didn’t like that crap back in 2006, and I still don’t like it. Carrie is Carrie and Taylor is Taylor. Period. End of story. Please GOD . . . end of story.

    Did I place “expectations” on Taylor? Hell yes. I placed the same expectations on him that I do on ANY artist I am interested in. That expectation is that they make music that I like. If they make music I like, I buy it, I go to concerts, I share it with everyone I think would be interested. If they do not make music I like, I don’t. Simple as that.

    I don’t have animosity towards any artist would does not comply with my expectation. I just accept the fact that I do not care for the music and I wait to see if they make music that I do like again sometime. At that point, I will buy it, I will go to concerts, and I will share it with everyone I think would be interested.

    Some people would say that makes me a fairweather fan. I would reply that for me to behave any differently would be giving a strange and unjustified power to someone for creating a product I don’t like. Do I have to buy Wheat Thins to support Nabisco, simply because I like Triscuits? Well no, I only buy the Nabisco products that I like.

    So there you go . . . 😛

  72. Yep, the addiction is feeling a compuslsion to state why you are no longer addicted to Taylor.

  73. I don’t think Soulaz is saying she’s not a fan, just not over the top as she once was. I wasn’t on the AI boards. I somehow bumped onto Grey Charles in my search for info on Taylor. Little did I know then how invested I would get in this Taylor Land. LOL. I think it’s ok for interest to go up and down. It’s pretty normal and nothing to fuss about. LOL. I was already to have this summer off the Taylor sites thinking he would be taking time off and here he is touring. LOL. Taylor is a lot like a box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get. I think that’s what keeps me around. LOL.

  74. Ange Bleu Says:

    I have an addiction a compulsion, to state why I’m so intoxicted with Taylor. I was obsessed the first time I heard him sing & I’m totally obsessed today. I’m ecstatic with everything about him,his voice, the songs he sings, his eyes, lips,his teeth, his hair, his hands, his body, his smile, the way he plays the harp and guitar — everything. He’s the only man that can bring me to an orgasmic high by remote control.

  75. Ange Bleu. That’s pretty hard to top. LOL

  76. Yay, Angie wins for having the biggest balls.

  77. The world just keeps going round and round…

  78. One of the many differences between you and me, Rosie, is that I never tell you that you are wrong to feel the way you do. Isn’t it about time for you to go post on another blog about what a terrible person I am?

  79. Soulaz, I didn’t say you or anyone else was wrong. Ever since I’ve been reading the blogs, people have been posting that they are no longer addicted to Tay and state reasons such as they are disappointed in his CD’s. Those same people also tend to point out the vast world of other music artists, and imply that those who still post a lot about taylor do not listen to other artist. Then there is the cliche that they are grateful he turned them onto the music of other artists. The other oft used phrase is “I know he has it in him”. I’m not making this stuff up and seriously anyone who is into Tay big time now is referred to being OTT and or loons, or fanatics. I was just poking a little fun at the other side and didn’t mean to offend you or anyone. When have I ever said anyone here is an awful person or tell you that you were wrong?

  80. Don’t play your games with me, Rosie . . . we all have the capability of reading what you say here and what you say elsewhere. Were you not aware of that fact?

    I guess you meant it as a compliment that you were going to do an “intervention?” Although in your defense, you did not, as I predicted, state that I am a horrible person. Just an addict who is in need of some sort of cure.

    And for the record, in case this is going over your head, this would be considered by most normal human beings to be a “not nice” thing to say.

    Sheeeeesh . . .

  81. soulaz, thanks for the explanation. You are entitled to your feelings, but I think sometimes AI fucks with people’s minds. Here’s this person you were rooting for and he won the biggest competition on TV and everyone is expecting great things to happen and he will be the next superstar and when it doesn’t happen, it’s disappointing, because you were invested in him. I can understand your feelings. But, you have to remember AI is just a TV show.

  82. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Raven, what does a TV show have to do with anything? A lot of people just expected (based on performances and old work) to hear MUSIC they liked from Taylor and they were disappointed. He didn’t deliver. It wasn’t AI brainwashing. It was just the fact that he didn’t make amazing music post-AI.

    On another note, how come the success and respect that Ray (and anyone else) receives drives the overly invested Taylor fans up the wall? Oh yeah. I believe it’s called ENVY.

  83. And NYG hits the nail on the head . . .:P

    And perhaps, Raven, you misunderstand me. It’s not that Taylor has disappointed me. I don’t have the right to dictate what he does or does not do. If he is making music that pleases him, than I am happy for him and wish him nothing but the best. Honest to God.

    Like I said before, I believe Taylor has crazy talent, and I just haven’t been enamored of the music he has made post AI.

    And for the record, even though we may disagree on some things, I like the way you “talk.” You ask honest questions, and state your opinions without demonizing other people. That’s super coolio in my book.

  84. Welll, I think the TV show has a lot to do with it because that’s where is all begins, the voting, the investment in that person that this is the best singer in the whole wide world, etc, etc.

    soulaz, thank you for saying that. I think people can disagree and still be nice to each other and thanks for answering my questions.

  85. casualfan Says:

    It’s fishing, hunting and baiting time yet again in Tayland.

  86. casualfan Says:

    itsallgrey Says:

    August 21, 2010 at 4:20 pm
    The world just keeps going round and round…
    And the beat goes on….and on and on……;)

  87. OK. On the beach vid thread, Grey said I did spin for Tay, and I have no idea why she said that as I said nothing outlandish. On the thread before that I happened to mention Gokey and Casey, and once again I was falsely accused of putting down other Idols. Soulaz has said that and so has CF and it is untrue , just as I’ve never ovjected to vids of other artist being posted on this blog. I defend this blog elsewhere. Due to Grey blog post, explaining once again this is not just a T.H. blog, something I knew and long time posters knew, she went into how she is over her obsession. Then after Soulaz said the same thing about being over her obsession, I had in mind to post here and do a no harm intended little poking fun. Seems I get made fun of here at time. In fact a sensitive person may have taken Soulaz bringing up my name about Tay’s arms etc as poking fun at me today. Before I could post my thoughts here, I checked Chill’s and saw Henry made a little comment about the drama. So I made a little joke about intervention of those addicted to expaining their lessoning of interest or obsession with Taylor. had no clue you would be offended Soulaz, but since you were and took it personaly I apologize. FH, casually mention Gokey and Carrie and she was in no way comparing the. If I had posted exactly what FH posted, a few would be all over me saying I was puting those two down. Sure, some read everywhere. I’m not stupid and anything I say is out in the open. I’ve had several pm me about blogs and people and i don’t even respond even know some are my friends and most likely think I’m lame for not pming back. Lets not get carried away. I’ve been called names and insulted and so have most of you. The blog is fun because all opinions should matter or give food for thought even when one doesn’t agree. Guess I’ll have to desist with making light of anyone or anything. I typed this quickly and know there are many spelling mistakes. Sorry

  88. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, seriously….no need to explain. We are all pretty savy on what’s going on. 😉

  89. It all does just go round and round. Some say people expected that Tay post AI would record music like his pre AI Cd’s. Most who voted for him have to this day not heard a single song from those CD’s. Ange was indeed brave to just put her feelings out there in this atmosphere. The merry go round goes round and round, but if one chooses any other thing to ride except for the prize winning pony, some will call them a hater. If one consistantly prefers the winning horse, they are referred to as lame, old or obsessed. There is no right or wrong.

  90. Yep CF, savy is a good word for the peeps here. In fact, I haven’t come across a stupid poster yet, from the weather gal to brightlite it’s been informative. You enjoy using your fav emoticon and he’s a flirty little devil, 4 sure cute as a button like Tay. Thanks for the venue Grey.

  91. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    I think everyone who reads and posts here is still a Taylor fan to some degree…some of us have come back down to earth after the madness of AI5, but we still enjoy Taylor and hope the best for him. The key word here is enjoyment…If you like what T does and enjoy hearing him, then what more could you ask. No one is going to convince anyone else to think the exact way they do…..Just listen…because of Taylor, I am now the coolest granny in the world because I know some of the words to “Bulletproof” and can sing along with my granddaughters in the car. He’s still broadening my musical horizons. Enjoy him. I do.

  92. taylorfan06 Says:

    psa said: “He’s still broadening my musical horizons”. Enjoy him. I do.

    Well said…. Get down with your bad self mama. Rock on Annie!!!!

  93. casualfan Says:

    Well said Annie. But sadly, there are those who are convinced and do their best to convince others that there are only haters on this blog. I’ve stopped trying to figure them out and consider the source. As someone recently told me…we are dealing with cyber blips and nothing more. Doesn’t in any way effect my life what they think of me.

  94. Do I have to buy Wheat Thins to support Nabisco, simply because I like Triscuits? Well no, I only buy the Nabisco products that I like.

    Fantastic comparison, soulaz!

  95. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    It doesn’t matter if this entire blog is made up of haters or the best fans in the world, the guy needs whatever he can get. He’s lucky if anyone talks about him today… good or bad… because he’s pretty much completely irrelevant.

  96. casualfan Says:

    Ok, we gave up John Mayer ***sobbing very loudly*** and purchased our tkts for Tues show to see Tay. I even went out and bought a new outfit…sort of.

    Like it or not….here I come!!!!!

  97. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Booya, CF!…the decision is made…I’ll be very interested in your recap. 😉 Had to be a difficult decision…John Mayer is on my bucket list.

  98. casualfan Says:

    Taylor always puts on one hell of a show so no regrets. I’ll catch JM next time around.

    I’m bringing in my brand new HDD Hybrid Handy-cam so I’ll get video. Gotta figure out how to get the footage to Grey afterwards. Never used the darn thing before. =(

  99. I’m glad you are going to see him CF. I’m really enjoying the recaps and vids from this tour. Loved Rugrats excited recap and her kissing him on his cheek. He’s been doing some great tags and his set lists have been a good mix. Most of all he has really stepped up his interaction with the audience and he has picked up some new fans.

  100. hicksaholic Says:

    CF so glad you are going!!! You’ll enjoy Taylor more that John Mayer anyway, won’t be as crowded. Can’t wait to hear your recap. Anybody here going to FWB? I haven’t decided if I’m going yet but I really want to.

  101. I think Nolamar is going, although she no longer posts here. She’s the one who takes so many good pics.

  102. taylorfan06 Says:

    Just home from Taylor’s show @ Anthology. GRRRREAT SHOW!

    Set List:

    Not Fade Away/The Runaround
    Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody
    Soul Thing (Tag: East Bound And Down)
    The Deal
    Love The One You’re With
    The Maze (Tag: Old Weakness)
    Back To Louisiana
    Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’ (Stones cover – OMG!!!)
    Nineteen (very moving live)
    Seven Mile Breakdown (he took us to CHURCH – BIG TIME!!!)


    Hell of A Day (Solo Acoustic w/ Harp brace) HIGHLIGHT!!! UTR Version

    VERY tired, but on a definite high.
    Details to follow in the coming days….

    P.S. cf – i’m in total agreement with you decision of Hicks over Mayer.
    smart choice… smart cookie! good night all!

  103. taylorfan06 Says:

    that was “ENCORE”, but i imagine everyone figure that one out.

  104. taylorfan06 Says:


    met brian for the first time. congratulated him on his great cover of:

    the boy can play. very nice guy.

    off to count sheep…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  105. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I had no doubt that you enjoyed yourself immensly at the show. I’m interested in knowing if anyone is actually going to the SLO show on Tues that is in the fanbase. It’s off the beaten path. The venue is small but it’s suppose to be a really nice place. Lots of college kids will be there so he will attract the younger crowd.

    I had a good laugh yesterday while shopping for my “Tay” outfit. I found this really nice top, put it on and really liked it….but I noticed a potential problem and decided against it….it had silver glitter on it! LMAO! I thought “I don’t think so”. Needless to say that something much more subdued won out.

    Anyway, not going with anything less than the attitude that I know Tay will deliver….as he always does. 😉

  106. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Nice recap TF6….he did “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”… that is fast becoming addictive for me. Hope he does that one at Epcot. Glad you enjoyed the show. I’ve always thought his UTR “Hell of a Day” was one of his best. Sounds like you weren’t disappointed.

  107. Loved your recap TF06. I envy you for getting that great setlist, for me it was the best one so far.

  108. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Ok, we gave up John Mayer ***sobbing very loudly*** and purchased our tkts for Tues show to see Tay. I even went out and bought a new outfit…sort of.

    Like it or not….here I come!!!!!

    LOL!!! Aww CF, how could thou forsake me? I was so looking forward to a Mayer recap. *crying*
    Well, what’s done is done, so Taylor better deliver the goods and knocks your socks off or else..!! Have a great time!! Looking forward to the video and please make sure to get a few close ups of the muffin top so we can all over-analyze his weight ; )

  109. hicksaholic Says:

    I think the final conclusion was Taylor does NOT have a muffin top. The shirt was just too tight. It is a stylist problem not a body problem. Taylor continues his perfection run.

  110. casualfan Says:

    Hopefully T will be good tomorrow night or else I’ll be recapping more than just the show. 😉

  111. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Hickaholic, thanks for the clarification…however you look at it maybe T isn’t quite suited for the skinny jeans look…at least not quite yet.

    CF, I can’t wait to hear your take on Documentation of all soul patrol goings on will be appreciated ; )

  112. CF- I am imploring you to solve this “muffin top” mystery once and for all. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to go up to Taylor and with forefinger & thumb just pinch his side and see. LOL

    We’ll be waiting on your report and taking up a collection to bail you out of jail should you be arrested for groping. LMAO

  113. Groping…? Heck, he may like being “pinched”!

  114. BBQ ribs, potato salad, white bread = MUFFIN TOP TAYLOR ……. LOL!

  115. casualfan Says:

    Looks like T is dipping his “claw” back into the honey pot again.

  116. casualfan Says:

    CF, I can’t wait to hear your take on Documentation of all soul patrol goings on will be appreciated ; )
    R there any SPrs going to this show? I see where peeps are discussing SF and some casino and of course the Anthology show, but not the one for tomorrow. But that’s a good thing right? Could it be possibly be that the locals will have a fair shot at actually getting to the front of the stage for worship of his holiness? Maybe some newbies will get the chance to touch the robes or (leggings) of the Christ Child and be doused with holy water aka sweat. Oh my!

  117. Why does Taylor sing What’s Right Is Right? That song is lounge act and it sucks balls.

  118. Raven…why don’t you tell us how you really feel…LOL. I really like WRIR especially the soulful live performances of it.

  119. casualfan Says:

    I forgot all about WRIR…LOL. I was thinking “what is she talking about”?

  120. As to the “muffin top” discussion, I went to the Dakota concert with a Taylor newbie who desperately wanted an autograph and pic after the show, but was too shy to go alone. So I bought a poster, which I certainly don’t need, and went with her. We had a picture taken with TH and the two of us. I’m a “give me my space” person, but when TH put his hand lightly on my back, I returned the gesture the same way. I felt a damp shirt, but no muffin top, LOL. The picture shows my friend hugging Taylor closely and me standing slightly apart from them but nonetheless still connected, so to speak. Taylor made a new fan that night, one who never mentioned anything about his weight.

  121. taylorfan06 Says:

    luv2bentertained said:

    CF, I can’t wait to hear your take on Documentation of all soul patrol goings on will be appreciated ; )

    these are the kind of comments that make me nuts! ” ooooooh., tell me if any of those wacky fans went crazy, or made cookies…”


    the crowd last night was great. i got caught up with some fans i had already met, and made friends with a few others – some who had seen taylor and some who were there for the first time. there were some of the nicest people who were just there for a good time and very appropriate for the occasion.

    when taylor sang the acoustic HOAD you could hear a pin drop. don’t let one, or two fans getting over excited over seeing taylor, turn into such a spectator sport. i find it so boring top look for something that may not even be there… just go to the show and enjoy the artist. period.

    drama, drama, drama….. i guess busy bodies just get my goat.

    cf – i truly believe you will have a great evening tomorrow. taylor really is at the top of his game live. the band will definitely blow you away. just go to enjoy yourself. i did and i’m still reeling from last night!

    and yes rosie, we did get a great set list, didn’t we?

  122. taylorfan06 Says:

    raven – i guess you like every song of every artist YOU like. taylor has performed so many different songs and you have to call him out for one?
    maybe you could write an amazing song for him?

    those who can do… those who can’t bitch! JMO

  123. taylorfan06 Says:

    and yes, he does step it up live! maybe you never had that experience.

  124. Ah Taylorfan06 why don’t you tell us what you think. LOL. Appreciate your perspective. Good thoughts. Wish I had been there last night but unless he turns that bus in a different direction I’m going to miss him this tour.
    I love the recaps of the shows from fans but the stories I love to hear are newbies being impressed by Taylor’s concert. It truly is one fan at a time.

  125. taylorfan06 Says:

    i do hate to complain here, but the pettiness sometime…

    i wish you had been there last night also dee. it would be nice to meet you and talk taylor. still on my TH high. the show really was that good!

  126. taylorfan06 Says:

  127. taylorfan06 Says:

    taylor really good on this cover:

    it had to be seen to be believed! taylor is full of surprises!
    hopefully the video will surface. very possible ….

  128. casualfan Says:

    TF6-You do your fair share of bitching too so stop with the drama queen antics. Most things said here are out of banter and shouldn’t be taken seriously. And if Raven having an opinion about a song is negative-that’s her right. I don’t care for WRIR either but he does do a decent job of it when it’s performed live. The video sucked big time! How about them apples?

    Great recap btw. 😉

  129. CF: I am with you in spirit tonight. Twitter or post on FB all that you see and hear. I will have my phone with me so I can read your updates.

  130. All his songs come to life when he does them live and they are never done the same way twice. He spiced up WRIR the other night with Tupelo Honey and Let’s Get IT On, doing boxing moves to the latter and shake and bake to the former. He does seem to be picking up new fans on this tour. The Aquarious Casino show was also a good one. Kiss his cheek for me CF and have fun.

  131. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    TF06…..sheesh….I was just kidding around. LOL

    Anyway, what fun would it be without some soul patrol antics during the evening. Hell that’s often the best part of the show ; )

    Okay, please note for future reference…my comments are mostly “tongue-in-cheek”. I enjoy Taylor’s shows and appreciate his peformances, but damn sometimes you just gotta take a moment to laugh at some of his fans… They make it too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel ; )

    CF don’t forget your glitter embossed notebook so that you get every detail. And if you happen to have a friend having a birthday, make sure to bring along a huge sheet cake for your own party during and after the show!!!! If not, cookies will suffice!! : )

  132. casualfan Says:

    CF don’t forget your glitter embossed notebook so that you get every detail.
    haha! I have one of those so don’t tempt me. =)

    Rosie, No kisses on the cheek, but I may ask for a pic. Someone told me to tell him that he’s an ass so let’s see what the mood is after that.

    FH-My phone is charged up dawlin` just for you. 😉

  133. The shaking his ass dance moves are awkward and silly. Probably done to cover up the fact how bad a song WRIR is. Whole thing screams lounge act. Why Taylor has chosen this path is beyond me. He will not have any success if he continues.

    CF, have fun at your show. Something tells me it will be a very small crowd. The regular crazy people from the East coast won’t be there, so there might not be too much to report. Hopefully, he’ll get some younger people, so I hope he skips the lounge act songs.

  134. CF. 😉

    I hope you have a great time!!

    Maybe he’ll sing Bulletproof for you. *sigh*

  135. hicksaholic Says:

    I think a few from the Boogie Board are supposed to be there. Not sure who. I don’t think there’s a cellcert planned. Can’t wait to hear your recap.

    I guess I like lounge acts. But did y’all see the Taylor/ Rick Carter The Weight video? It’s on the Boogie. I think it was at Aquarius. Taylor is in the zone on that- his whole body is shaking with excitement feeling the song.

  136. casualfan Says:

    Raven, I read that some are here from the EC. The BB reported that a cell cert will be implemented at the show. Guess I won’t be getting anywhere near the stage. Those certs tend to dominate the front.

    Grey-I’ll have the camcorder so if he does Blulletproof, I will get it for you.

  137. casualfan Says:

    LOL-We must have posted the same time Hicksaholic. Thought they said there was a cell cert. I have no clue how to do those things or else we could have our own par-Tay!

  138. I saw the The Weight video with Rick Carter and that was really good. This is what he should be doing. He needs to stop trying to please everybody. Maybe he still trying to hold on to the lame AI crowd and those are the people he needs to lose!

  139. casualfan Says:

    Raven-You are funny. I enjoy your posts and your fresh look and sense of reality. Keep it real gf!

    Is this Rick Carter traveling with him? Don’t know who that is.

  140. Thank you cf. Don’t always post too much, but love to read here.

  141. SLO – history in the making….

  142. casualfan Says:

    SLO – history in the making….
    LMAO-If only peeps knew….I’m gonna soooo enjoy this.

  143. I loved him joining in on The Weight with Rick Carter at Aquarious. He had a good crowd at that casino and He’s added another casino in Washington State. I think Rick Carter is the lead singer of Rollin In The Hay, and Tay stole some of his band members for this tour. The take a load off Fanny song is one Rick does a lot. I learned all of this from reading the BB and some of Tay’s fans also follow Rick. I didn’t know any of Tay’s present or former band members were until reading the blogs. The normal person who buys a ticket to a Tay gig, wouldn’t know anyone’s name but Taylor.

  144. casualfan Says:

    Ok, I listened to the above vid again so I will know it if he sings it. Not bad, but still not my favorite. For some reason I had the urge to say “Giddy up!” not sure why.

    We are out the door in about 45 mins. CYA!!!!

  145. CF – pretty sure you’re on your way to the show – have a fabulous time! Can’t wait for your recap!

  146. casualfan Says:

    Will have to give full recap in the morning. Just got home and exhausted. But I will address these few items of interest.

    #1-No cookies, no wacky folks….just fans wanting to enjoy his music with much adoration. It was a very pleasant experience.

    #2-I’m sure reports will vary with this, and peeps will feel the need to come here and contradict what I say, but to my best estimate…the venue was about half full maybe. It holds 400 (I think). I’m guessing 200 or under…but very, very nice crowd.

    #3-***drum roll*** Sorry guys….there is NO muffin top. The camera and lighting is making it seem like he has a belly, but he doesn’t. Had my picture taken with him twice and I was up against his tummy both times. He’s not a bag of bones by any means, but he seems to be at a healthy weight. I won’t go into detail over this because I prefer to stick to the music recap, but wanted to let the ones know who asked. 😉

    To be continued…..

  147. CF – LOL – what about a bagel top?

    Will check back when I get home from work for the music review portion. Glad you made it through safe, sound & glitterless.

  148. hicksaholic Says:

    Glad it was fun cf- can’t wait to hear the rest.

  149. CF- “Up against his tummy both times”

    Oh….. the images this brings to mind. LOL

  150. Soul Patrol Says:

    The man has no muffin top it has be lighting and camera.

  151. He was trim when I saw him earlier this month, wearing a tee. It is when he wears the button down shirts, that the lights hit the folds in the shirt creating dark shadows and false bulges. Looking forward to your recap CF.

  152. taylorfan06 Says:

    so nice that we solved that mystery *eyes rolling*

    isn’t there a war going on that we should be more concerned about?

    reality check. just keeping it real (sarcastic) LOL

  153. taylorfan06 Says:

  154. taylorfan06 Says:

    Funny stuff there.

  155. Yes CF, the real wacky fans are on the East coast and midwest.

    Look forward to your recap CF.

  156. taylorfan06 Says:

    I really like that instrumental break. I think Brian could play that.

  157. Tf06, It is important stuff to know Taylor is neither fat or going bald. Raven there were no wacky fans at the east coast gig I attended. Those I met seemed nice.

  158. The muffin Man vid made me sad. My mom used to sing that to each of her 10 grandkids and play her harmonica to it.

  159. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Sooo no muffin top CF? Really??? Are you sure you weren’t distracted by other body parts ; )

  160. There are Wacky fans everywhere for every artist. LOL. I went to a concert once that ran about four hours and I had a group behind me who loudly munched on popcorn and put their feet up on the backs of the seats in front of them and talked through the WHOLE thing like there were watching TV at home. LOL.

  161. casualfan Says:

    This is long, so be prepared…

    The title of this blog “Making the journey with Music” is perfectly named…at least for me. And oh what a journey this has been! I’ve watched Taylor grow from an awkward, often spastic performer on AI into a true professional and potential Icon in the making that was apparent last night.

    Taylor was late getting to venue, possibly because of the driving time from San Diego. The sound check took what seemed like forever but was finally done with, doors were opened and we were allowed in. The venue was hot, didn’t feel like the air was on. It could have been because of the renovations going on…who knows.

    My friend and I got perfect seats at a table in the front about 10ft or so from the stage. I’m guessing that is the dancing area. The view was perfect and the stage was small.

    Yes, I recognized many of the fans from previous shows from the 07 tour, but none was over the top or wonky in any way. There was a small group of women who were a bit tipsy standing next to us, but they were harmless. Just wanting to have a good time…nothing wrong with that.

    The band came out and started up “Not Fade Away” and Taylor came out. One of the ladies in the “party” group started walking with him that seemed to invade his space or crowd him, so he opted to jump on the stage in the middle of it and ignored her. If Bill or security would have escorted him, that wouldn’t have happened. Once on stage, he ripped into the song as only Taylor can do which was fantastic! And so it began!

    He did mostly covers and of course blended some of his own music into the set. I was a bit confused with his explanation of 7MB when he told us that he is the one who wrote that “roadhouse” song as he put it. I was under the impression that SPJ’s had written it, but maybe I’m mistaken. I do feel like he should have given proper credit to where credit was due…but whatever.

    I think it was Grey who made the comment in her recap that it was so different to view Taylor now verses what she felt for him in 07 and she’s right. For the first time, I was able to really see Taylor live as a true musician and so many things stood out for me.

    No one was standing in front of the stage, so I took the opportunity to go up there. I was literally at T’s feet for the most part and yes, I experienced the sweat raining down on me. 😉 I took notice of his facial expressions and his interactions with the band and I was very moved by all of it. We have all seen some of the pics with his weird facial expressions that have been frozen in time with the cameras, but if looked at as a whole…it all makes sense. His passion, wisdom and intense love for what he’s doing is written in those facial expressions and oh what a story they tell. Not only are those expressions important, but every move he made with his guitar, the way he adjusted the pitch, sound with the foot pedals all told the same story…Taylor is a perfectionist who is striving to master everything he can in his music. The party girl asked him to play his harp. He made the humorous comment that he didn’t play that instrument anymore, which he did play btw. But I got the sense that he’s conquered that instrument and now has intense plans to conquer his guitar skills. Which brings me to Sam Gunderson.

    I’ve never heard Sam play till last night. But I learned real quick that Sam is a musical genius and he has mastered his guitar skills to the letter. I was talking about communication earlier….the communication between Taylor and Sam was unsurpassed and their eye contact at different times told yet another story. They were very in tune with each other and communicated intensely on if a note was out of place, pitch was incorrect and so on. It was amazing watching those two together and obvious-at least to me that Sam is the teacher and Taylor is his student. T is soaking in every ounce of knowledge with Sam’s guitar skills and it shows in his own performance. Taylor is a kick ass guitarist and will only get better.

    I can go on and on about all the things that I observed by won’t. The bottom line is that he gave us a great show. He delivered-as I knew he would. There is such a huge difference between his 07 tour and this tour. It’s obviously down scaled, with Taylor going back to the basics. The band he had in 07 was fantastic, but there is a true down to earth-brotherly connection with the band he has now. Obviously because of the deep roots together which goes back years.

    Taylor is clearly in his element with his blues, rock fusion and I hope that he continues on that path. I say stay away from country, pop and stay with what he knows….that’s his sparkle.

    There is more that I can say, but it’s best to not get into it at this time. The important thing is that I enjoyed myself and as always….he brought it home for me.

    Thank you Taylor for this wonderful musical journey. 😉

  162. AND: His upper arms are trim and more toned than they used to be. His legs are to die for in the tight jeans. While it’s all about his music, can’t help but notice the entire package.

  163. casualfan Says:

    I want to quickly add this….

    For those who say that it’s not all about the music with Taylor, make no mistake that it is indeed ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC with him. Taylor has more than made it clear that music is a celebration, not only about him but for the musicians, friends and musical influences that surrounds him. That’s the essence that keeps him going and what shaped him into what he is today and I find it a true travesty that some are so focused on him, that there aren’t celebrating with him.

  164. taylorfan06 Says:

    CF – I was truly moved by your post. It was a little like a love letter.
    You like Taylor. You really like Taylor. LOL (Sally Field reference)
    Great read. Since I just saw him recently myself, I picked up on a lot of the emotion of our “boy”. He has grown up to be quite “the man!”
    Glad you enjoyed the show like I did Sunday in San Diego. I still get a smile on my face thinking about it. He definitely makes an impression. We truly are the lucky ones who have him in our lives and “live” the journey of Taylor Reuben Hicks. I hope we hear more from you about the show. It’s great reading about the TH “experience”. You make a great choice going to the show, not that I need to remind you. I am very happy for the great night you had.

  165. CF, that was a detailed nice review. I’m liking his setlist overall, although he did only 3 covers when I saw him and I was hoping for half and half. I think rap/hiphop is fading away, and good music like from the 60’s and 70’s is making a come back, slowly but surely. A musician, singer performer such as Taylor will be poised to show off all his skills. I also noticed he does way more and better guitar playing.

  166. Taylor Hicks. I still love him and know of many that do. They are all those people that voted for him. I have ALL his records and will buy anything else he puts out. Go Soul Patrol. Love you and you rmusic.

  167. rosie, do you know that Taylor likes rap music and has performed it himself and performed with Snoop Dog? The 60’s and 70’s music is not coming back! Lol!

    CF, thanks for the review, but I think you are holding back on the good stuff. What did you observe that you don’t want to tell?

  168. casualfan Says:

    Decades of music goes in cycles as to what’s popular and what’s not. I think the 80’s are in right now. The 70’s was in a few years back.

    What goes around always comes back around…especially with music, fashion and style. The good music will always stay in style.

    LOL Raven-Not sure what you mean by the “good stuff”. I only recapped what my observation was and how I feel about him as a performer. Yes, there are things I didn’t mention, but I don’t see any need to bring them up. It has nothing to do with fan behaviour….which was very normal BTW.

    I think for the most part his fans have evolved along with him. At least that’s my observation of who I saw there. It may be different elsewhere.

  169. cf, you’re just teasing. I say tell us. This is the only blog where anybody can speak freely about Taylor without getting crucified .

  170. Damn Casualfan you are killing me. I am nowhere near a Taylor concert. Sobbing…….LOL. Thanks for the recap though. A Taylor concert recap can never be too long. LOL.

  171. Raven is fishing for dirt. The other night during his encore of TITTS, it looked like his fly was unzipped a tad. Will that suffice as dirt? No one has yet reported he has BO at the signings, so I guess he doesn’t despite all the sweat. He’s not fat, has all his hair, didn’t have spinach between his teeth, hasn’t fallen down on stage and his eyes are not bloodshot.. He hasn’t been rubbing his nose and hasn’t said the F word even once.

  172. On the other hand, perhaps Pontius Pilate, would decide to crucify Taylor just to please the crowd.

  173. Great recap, CF! I agree that the fans have for the most part grown with him. The early days of crazy had a lot to do with the idol connection & the ownership factor voting for those kids causes.

    Sounds like you made the correct concert choice – John Mayer – pffft! 🙂

  174. Where’s the touching stomach pictures???

  175. hicksaholic Says:

    Dancin, you’re exactly right. CF made the right choice or it was made for her.
    Thanks, Cf, for an outstanding recap. I’m so glad you were able to stand by the stage and get hit by the sweat (if that makes you happy) and didn’t have any wacko fans to deal with.
    Curious- how did your friend like it?

  176. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    August 25, 2010 at 6:46 pm
    Where’s the touching stomach pictures???
    In a safe place where they can’t be dragged over to some hate blog and rediculed…sorry.

  177. casualfan Says:

    I’m so glad you were able to stand by the stage and get hit by the sweat (if that makes you happy) and didn’t have any wacko fans to deal with.
    Curious- how did your friend like it?
    LOL! Well, having sweat rained on my wasn’t on my “to do” list. My friend loves Taylor and yes…she enjoyed him very much. =)

  178. casualfan Says:

    That would be “me” and not “my”

  179. Glad you had a fun time, CF . . . 😛

    I have no idea what might have inspired the Pontius Pilate reference. Is he some sort of “Personal Jesus” now? But while I certainly don’t think of him in messianic terms, there WAS that one time that he fed a crowd of 5,000 with five loaves and two fish.

    Sadly, he doesn’t need that many loaves and fish to feed the crowd anymore.

    I’ll ask you to lighten up in advance . . . it’s a joke people.

  180. casualfan Says:

    LOL! soulaz! But he is well known in some circles as the Christ Child. 😉

  181. casualfan Says:

    Here’s a question asked of Hicks during an interview today. Perhaps the fans who contiue on comparing and bashing other Idols with Taylor should reconsider their views. I’ve been saying this exact same thing since the beginning myself. Now, it’s from the horses mouth.

    In retrospect, do you think that winning the “American Idol” crown comes with too high of expectations?

    Yes, and no. I really get tired of people that try to compare all the winners because each one of us is different. That’s the reason we won. Each winner is different in their own regard. I think that’s what’s great about it.

    Read more:

  182. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ah, CF!!! Your recap makes me want to get in the car and head to SF where he is playing tonight! However, school JUST started and I can’t miss a day already, or drive back at 3 in the morning. Damn! I think Taylor has really grown as a performer, and you made that point a few times. Good for him. It will gain him more fans I hope, but also the respect of other musiscians, which I expect is very important to him. And I sooo agree: NO COUNTRY, PLEASE! He’s got his groove, why mess with it?

  183. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    CF…loved your review…From what I’ve seen on the vids from generous concert goers who have shared, I agree that Taylor has become a force…he is so much better than he was in 07…especially his guitar playing,and I agree also with your assessment that it is Sam Gunderson we should thank for that. Taylor and this band are tight. Glad you had a great time. Are you still just a casual fan? 😉

  184. Cf…so glad you got to see a kick ass show. I have been to a few shows from each tour….the 07 tour ..a few shows with the Distance band and a few with this band ,and although the other two band were wonderful …this is a very special group …a real musical band of brothers.Each one wants to make great music and Taylor leads them perfectly.
    A few (very few) of the fans I have observed are a little over the top, but for the most part they are just people out to support the talent of an artist who obviously loves making music as much as they love listening to it.
    Your recap has really made me excited for the two NY shows I’m going to next month…Thank You

  185. casualfan Says:

    Thank you guys for liking the recap. I only reported what I truly felt in my heart and observed. If someone has the chance to see him, especially if they haven’t since his 07 tour, I highly recommend in doing so. There is a HUGE difference.

  186. Soulaz, my posts were tongue in cheek. Raven implied there was something negative that CF left out of her recap. I jokingly listed some potential Tay mishaps and said none were reported. Pilate said he could find nothing wrong with Jesus, nothing to punish him for, but the crowd wanted action and thus he ordered crucifixion to please the crowd.

  187. Oh, and I wasn’t implying Raven was trying to hurt Tay. She just wanted a little dirt, if there was any under the rug. We all like a little dirt now and then. Geesh, I’m becoming a paranoid poster and that ain’t good for my free wheeling soul.

  188. hicksaholic Says:

    I hate you can’t make a show. I’d love to go with you some time but your west coast I’m south. I agree NO COUNTRY!
    CF I just wish others saw the talent we all see. I have to say I question myself some time wondering if I’m the crazy one. I enjoy Taylor so much more than the “famous” performers”. I have never had any performer just bring a smile to my face watching him perform except Taylor. At least not to the degree I was ready to see them again right way.

  189. hicksaholic Says:

    I guess no FWB for you huh?

  190. I know hicks about the smiling and joy I get from wathcing him. I know he is very talented, but I’ve wondered if some of my joy has to do with how charismatic he is and the fact I respect his hard work and uniqueness. He just makes me feel like rooting for him and I know how much he needs to entertain.

  191. mamaforpeace Says:

    Hicks, I am bummed too that I can’t make it to a show! If vacation had been one week longer….. It’s not impossible that we might get to meet at one though. Last time I saw Taylor was in Birmingham. I have a good friend who lives there so it was a good excuse to go… see her and Taylor:)

  192. hicksaholic Says:

    Taylor definitely has charisma and that is a large part of his appeal. He also seems to lack any self consciousness(is that a word?) when he performs. He just goes with the flow. That’s why each time he performs it seems like a different experience.
    MFP, I hate not having endless resources and time to go to as many Taylor shows as I would like but I guess that’s life. I am amazed at those that can attend so many all over the country. Birmingham Workplay is the best of the best though. Always an incredible show. Surely he will be there this fall sometime.

  193. mamaforpeace Says:

    And if he is, I hope I can go back. I too don’t understand how some people seem to be able to go to all those shows. Maybe the have their own private bus:)

  194. taylorfan06 Says:

    Here’s some fresh video of Taylor opening the show @ Anthology:

  195. taylorfan06 Says:

    I was certain he’s was opening with the Runaround with that drum beat.
    Leave it to Taylor to surprise me. He really is a master on stage. …And how about that band?

  196. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    TY, TF6 for putting that vid up….neither of those songs are my favorites, but I have to say I watched the whole thing, and enjoyed it….and yes! “how about that band”! ..don’t think I’ve heard any better, anywhere. I give it a “10”

  197. Hicks: since the old fart is out of town this weekend it would have been perfect for me to go to FWB. But I am going to see Train at the Wharf instead. Be sure to give us the details!

  198. taylorfan06 Says:

    psa – the video doesn’t do it justice. now being there… that’s the real deal.
    i’ll have to post HOAD when it’s available. stay tuned…

  199. He sounds good. How’s all y’all ?

  200. casualfan Says:

    I video tapped the entire show on Tues. In the process of getting it to Grey for upload.

  201. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, oh… goodie:)

  202. CF–oooh. Thanks.

    Sunny!!!! Missed you.

  203. hicksaholic Says:

    Unfortunately my husband is not out of town, my daughter bailed on me, and I have pretty much decided it isn’t worth the drama it will create if I go. I had a place at a cute bed and breakfast booked but let it go today because I was going to have to pay regardless after today. I still could go but it’s a long shot at this point. Really pisses me off.

  204. Hi Dee, seems I’ve been busy having some sort of RL drama. AND apparently have a new man in my life. Woooo. Anyway Hicks is looking fantastic, sounding excellent, yeah?

  205. His video chat thingy sucked! What the freak was that all about??!?

  206. hicksaholic Says:

    What did he have to say in the chat? My computer was messing up and I gave up early on. Any hot poop?

  207. hicksaholic Says:

    Yea Sunny! Real life drama and a new man!

  208. casualfan Says:

    Did he have a chat tonight?

  209. hicksaholic Says:

    Yes he did. I’ve never tried to watch before but just happened to be on the time it was starting. I didn’t catch anything though. Did he get asked questions he didn’t answer?

  210. I’ve got to get that chat up on my new blog site. You know, for old times sake. ha.
    hicksaholic, he’s a MUSICIAN. gah. Quite good too, so well, the home jugglin is odd. Hey I’m actually performing a song to front our home grown band in October. I”ll put up a vid since this is OPEN mic blog – ha. Not me – yet – but the song. I’ve not recorded anything yet….

  211. It’s “Crystal Ball” did it at karoke with my boys and they loved it. Drunken sots. It’s in my range limited as it is… ha. I modify the run she does though can’t do PInk as well as she.

  212. The chat is weird because the questions go too fast and no one was really asking any good questions. There is no time for a good question anyway. I think he should just have the questions e-mailed to him before hand and then answer them on the chat.

  213. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor does The Stones (quite well don’t you think?)

  214. hicksaholic Says:

    Agree with jou on the home juggling. I know my husband and I think Fairhope’s husband are not appreciative of my Taylor addiction. It is a source of irritation for me.
    I love Pink! look forward to hearing your version. I wish I had any singing range- I can’t carry a tune.

  215. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Yep…Taylor does the Stones very well !!!! 🙂

  216. taylorfan06 Says:

    Here it is… this one gave me chills. Taylor is the best!
    i love the comment in the audience, “that’s what SHE said…” LOL

  217. TF06, Thanks for the vids. Tay said his full band is in Fort Walton with him.

  218. I forgot to say hi to my old bud Sunny. Hey girl, there are men who aren’t musicians. Why are ya singing a Pink song? Thought you were going to hook up with a true country song writer, to write you a true life tune. Do you still like Hicks? Never got your interest in Castro. Seems many are besotted by Casey James, including some long time Tay fans. Anyway, as you well know, real life and real relationships are what matters. Best of luck to you and much happiness. Just know you have a real talent for prose and are a smart damsal. Hope your daughter is doing great.

  219. casualfan Says:

    Guess I jumped out of the loop. What is the FWB thing and when is it?

    Great video btw. I got the impression by T’s peeps that the YouTube vids are getting ready to come to a halt. According to Brian Less, only clips are allowed up and not full versions. Perhaps some of the Twits may want to rethink tweeting the vid links to both BL and Tay on Twitter…ya think?

  220. The Fort Walton Beach thing is a military appreciation thing. Nolamar and others are attending. It is Sat. and there are several performers and I think it is outdoors. Most thought, due to the logistics of coast to coast travel, just Taylor would be there. He responded to a tweet ? and said the whole band would be there. No way could they drive the bus cross country. He’s already there. Guess they all flew. Oh the expense of this tour for Taylor! I’m in the dark about the videos of his songs being posted. I’ve always wonder about the pros vs cons of same. If Elvis were alive, vids of his shows would be banned, by his manager. From all I’ve read, those fans on the BB truly believe all vids of Tay’s songs should be posted on utube. I’ve had my doubts for 2 yrs, since being active online. I know shit about facts or bottom results for any singer as far as exposure on utube. All I know, is those vids of him, the last 2 yrs have few views.

  221. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thank you so much TF06 for posting this. I just love to see how Taylor has matured as a performer. He is so much more comfortable interacting with the audience. I hope they keep the vids coming because it is good PR, +, well, I really enjoy them:)

  222. casualfan Says:

    Haven’t been anywhere to read other peoples recaps so I don’t know what’s been said and what hasn’t.

    Good to know his whole band will be there for that event. Many musicians fly and take their instruments with them, so it’s not hard to fathom them doing that. He and his peeps arrived there safely and that’s all that matters.

    No doubt they will put on an awesome show.

  223. Sunny! It’s so nice to see you pop in. Sorry to hear about your RL issues, but like they say.. one door closes another opens. Music man, huh? I’m looking forward to your music too!

  224. I’ve been keeping up on the videos this tour (like all of them) HA! But I think his voice has only improved.. Taylorfan6, I loved that video of HOAD!! Excellent. Thanks to all the fans who share their video.. it makes me a happy girl! 😉

  225. hicksaholic Says:

    I hope the videos aren’t coming to an end. I feel they are just an enticement to come see Taylor live. I guess one could argue that they might limit attendance if there are videos but that’s not the case for me.

    Saw Taylor on tv last night on the Gulf Benefit show. Lots of country acts. Ace Young was on there too. He looked great, sounded awful(Ace that is). I have got to say Taylor lit up that stage. It was interesting to compare him on stage live on tv to others. Still a mystery to me why he is not more popular.

  226. Me too, hicks…although there were a few good voices (very few) the whole thing other than Taylor and the scenes of the beautiful Mississippi beaches would have been a snoozefest…yes Taylor lit up that stage.!!! mysteries ?????

  227. casualfan Says:

    I didn’t watch the Gulf thing last night but I heard Tay rocked the house-as he always does. I think Taylor does even better on stage when he’s near his home base. No doubt he feels the acceptance from the audience more and has lots of real friends, family and support there.

  228. hicksaholic Says:

    He probably knows he’s leaving the stage heading straight to the fried food buffet.

  229. I’ll bet he was thrilled not to see the usual SP stalkers in the front row and to sing to attractive people and men. Lol!

  230. casualfan Says:

    hicksaholic Says:

    August 28, 2010 at 11:55 am
    He probably knows he’s leaving the stage heading straight to the fried food buffet.
    Now that’s just plain wrong but seriously LMAO!

  231. casualfan Says:

    Raven Says:

    August 28, 2010 at 12:03 pm
    I’ll bet he was thrilled not to see the usual SP stalkers in the front row and to sing to attractive people and men. Lol!
    They started in row 3.

  232. Honest to goodness gracious, heaven knows and a 1000’2 smilies, that man belongs on tv. First of all he looked beautifu. perfect makeup and his hair was a bit longer. His eyes twinkled and he just sparkeled. Every move and nuance was perfect, from the way he pulled out his harp to his every stance. His voice and timing were perfect. Just knowing he had great lighting and set, a full audience and that he’d be on TV spurred him on. The drive and charisma and talent and showmanship of that man is unbelievable. I watched it on MJ’s and it will be on Hallmark next Wed. and will be shown several times on CMT plus repeated on CW.

  233. Raven, Raven Raven, you have just pissed on the regular concert goes and hurt their feelings. In fact some were recently discussing the put downs by others on the BB. I don’t believe video camera were allowed at this. Those who go to several shows, feel that if they get there early or are the first to know about and purchase tickets online, then they deserve to be in front. Then too they feel they need to take good vids and photos to bring back to share with others on their boards and blogs. I do wonder if they would have seen the new and pretty young faces present at this, if they would have, had they could have, still scrambled for the first row. I still recall my 1st Tay gig in 07 and I was with my Daughter, a Eliott fan, and a gal who was an Ace fan and another Elliott fan. None of us knew the ropes. We were so far back, after having waited in line forever, that It could have been a Tay impersonater up there, for all we knew. But we could look down at the backs of the 1st 2 rows of women, bobbing all over the place. Perhaps he’d gain more new fans if they could see him up close, when they pay their money to see him in their city.

  234. Sorry for a dozen spelling mistakes. My fingers weren’t keeping up with my pea brain.

  235. hicksaholic Says:

    Rosie, You’re right. Taylor did sparkle on stage. His eyes are a lot of his attraction because he alternates between twinkling eyes and sexy serial killer eyes. I wonder if anyone has described him as a sexy serial killer.

  236. There is no doubt the man belongs on the stage. He shined like a movie star and made everyone look dull by comparison. I like Bo but on this show with that song he was very mundane. Ace was pretty to look at but I’ve never liked his voice. IMO his talents lean toward hosting or maybe even acting. When Taylor nails a performance like that on TV I just don’t know how any one can make snide remarks about him. I wish everyone could see what we see. But I guess to some people it will always be about sales more than talent.

  237. taylorfan06 Says:

    it’s a good thing that you’re so attractive and young raven. you remind me of someone who used to post here…

  238. casualfan Says:

    There was a really good crowd in SLO. Yes, most were repeat goers (as I am), but everyone respected each other and had a great time. Taylor has many, many fans who enjoy his music in the truest sense. Really cool stuff. 😉

  239. mamaforpeace Says:

    T&J, you’re back!!!

  240. I saw Train last night at the Wharf in Orange Beach (in the rain). I don’t even know much about Train. Was dragged there by my sisters. OMG! What a concert! The lead singer was so personable. Kept thanking everyone for coming out in the rain. He was so appreciative of the fans. I can’t count how many times he thanked the fans. He actually did a song where he walked out into the audience all around the amphitheater. Great night!
    Since its been raining 3 days straight here. Wonder how Taylor did in the rain in Ft Walton???

  241. So I was just reading the latest copy of Entertainment magazine and on the last page they have a dart board thingy where they put the week’s hits and misses. This is an example of why Taylor can’t catch a break: “The CW to air a Gulf oil spill featuring Taylor Hicks. Hasn’t the Gulf been through enough already?” And of course this statement is off the dart board. Wonder did they even watch the fucking thing?

  242. Should read “Gulf oil spill relief special” Oh and the picture they have of Taylor is of course GOOFY.

  243. mamaforpeace Says:

    Typical of what happens these days. People make rash judgments without checking facts… Of course, they didn’t bother to watch, why bother to report the truth? Anyway, there is nothing Taylor can do but what he is doing right now. Keep on making great music, putting on the kinds of shows he’s been doing, and eventually he will gain a wider fan base.

  244. casualfan Says:

    FH-Glad you were introduced to Train. They are awesome! Love their music.

  245. casualfan Says:

  246. casualfan Says:

  247. casualfan Says:

    I LOVE this song…

  248. casualfan Says:

    Keep on making great music, putting on the kinds of shows he’s been doing, and eventually he will gain a wider fan base.
    I do agree with the first part of this statement MFP. The wider fan base remains to be seen.

    Anyway, people are entitled to what they like and don’t like. Not everyone who goes to his shows will be turned on to him or his music but that’s life.

  249. mamaforpeace Says:

    I get that, CF. I still think that some who have the idea of the goofy guy from AI who would go and see him perform, especially now, would be surprised. I don’t expect EVERYBODY is going to like TH (hey, you once said you didn’t care for Ray Charles, and of course, you’re entitled to that opinion, as wrong as it may seem to me!) but I think he will get more respect if he keeps on doing what he is doing.

  250. casualfan Says:

    hey, you once said you didn’t care for Ray Charles, and of course, you’re entitled to that opinion, as wrong as it may seem to me!
    Not sure why that should seem wrong to you about me not liking Ray Charles. Someone liking or not liking a musician isn’t wrong. It’s just a personal choice.

  251. mamaforpeace Says:

    I was just kidding, CF! Of course, it’s a personal choice!

  252. casualfan Says:


  253. OMG, OMG, OMG! Anyway who does not know or admit that Ray Charles was a genius of a song writer/composer, and the very best performer, singer, live on on a record of same, is never ever, never ever going to really get Taylor. One perhaps was not around then to hear his songs climb the charts on the radio, as a teen or hear the 60 some yr old back then say how great he was. Maybe you missed the TV stations talking about him or seeing him live on TV when not very many black performers were on TV. His concert about an hr’s drive from me was my first. He just had real soul, knew what love was and all that drove human beings. He had a tainted life. I liked Hicks before I knew he liked R.C. Please read books about Ray Charles. He was a genius.

  254. hicksaholic Says:

    ou’re right Dee
    That reviewer was dead on.

  255. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry should be You’re right Dee

  256. Dee, thanks for the link and I did read. I’m just so over what anyone writes on a blog or in a newspaper about Taylor. Each of us could blog about about him or at the very least give a comment on MJ’s when she mentions him. We could tweet pics and comments. I read some have a street team for one of his venues in Sept. It is taylor’s life and career and future. It is only in his hands. I feel like I’m one of the very few who get that. So many seem to be consumed by the past and TPTB and the current press. Press be damned. Great or super great press involves scandals, drunken behavior caught on tape, shedding clothes, arests, drugs, more drugs, accidents and arrests, court appearances, rehabs and having sex with a married person. An out of wedlock child could work or implied sex with a minor. Tay could go on the Jam cruise and sport a Mayer suit or get caught on a beach with, this time a real skank or a celeb skank. I’m soo beyond who’s who and worse yet, random noname’s giving input.

  257. Wow. Rosie when did you get so jaded. Street teams never hurt. Fan bases have been know to do an artist a lot of good. Good press like that article lives a long time on-line. So, anyone searching info about Taylor can bump onto it including other reporters since so many seem to want to copy what others have said.

  258. Dee, pay no attention to me. I’ve been having some family problems, and yes my above rant sounds jaded. Tay wins a few and looses a few, and is so talented and tries to live a decent life. Life isn’t always fair. Not that many are searching for info about Taylor these days. Those of us who do, get all hung up on both the good and the bad. The scandal rant was tongue in cheek and stupid.

  259. Loved the videos. Thank you for posting them. They do make me want to see Taylor again.
    CF’s recap was heartfelt, and…. really nice! I was surprised, quite frankly….but not, totally. I remember some old times sharing CF’s sweet excitement over Taylor and other wonderful music and musicians. The years of angst has made many of us cynical and hardened. It was cool to see her softened by her choice to spend the evening with Taylor….and not be disappointed.
    His band is kick ass for sure.
    He looks great, too.
    I cheer the more serious and seasoned performer I saw in the videos with more ‘interpersonality” with the crowd, but part of me misses the fun dancing part of his sets.
    I know that is not agreed on by all, but did he dance at all, I am wondering?

  260. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers Rosie.

  261. casualfan Says:

    suze-Taylor did the “funky chicken” and well…his own blend of something at the show I was at. He has his own cardio work-out on stage for sure.

  262. CF…yay, for at least a taste of the playful stage dancing i remember! That just endears me ’cause I know that when the music gets funky, so can Taylor…at least used to. Thanks for reporting.

  263. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I liked the funky chicken. He is definitely in his own zone up there. Gotta love it!

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