Pure brilliance…

Wow. Totally in his element here. This is the kind of music he needs to be making. I don’t care if he never gets a song on radio, I don’t care if he doesn’t sell out his venues…all I care about when it comes to Taylor Hicks is that he will continue to make music like this.

I really can’t say enough for this band. They are incredible together…


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  1. mamaforpeace Says:


  2. taylorfan06 Says:

    WOWZ! LOVE ME SOME TAYLOR HICKS!!!! thanks for these iag.

  3. casualfan Says:

    Really like the 2nd video. Thanks Grey.

  4. ITA, IAG!

    His ability to play with a song, not just play it, makes his live shows da bomb. I will admit, I wasn’t that keen on the tour band, but, they really are great for these setlists & venues. Taught me not to compare everything to 2007’s band, just enjoy what each one brings to the plate.

  5. hicksaholic Says:

    I put this in the last thread but i’ll repeat my excitement for MN Sue at her getting Taylor’s best close to her home. I hope she brought some non Taylor fans with her for the experience.

    I HATE that James Dean look picture. He looks like Erkle(or whoever that kid was) playing pretend. He looks so much better just normal. IMO

  6. MidnightSoul Says:

    Looks like Taylor really is back! I love these vids. The country Taylor and the Broadway Taylor weren’t my thing, so I haven’t been following his career much lately. Great to see him returning to performances like these. The Dakota is a nice venue, too. Sorry I missed it.

  7. taylorfan06 Says:

    I agree with you Hicks about that photo… HATED IT….
    And I also agree w/ you midnight. Sorry I missed it too.
    What a guy, what a performer, what a TALENT(ed group of guys!)
    Hurry up August 22nd! Gonna be lovin’ me some TH in SD!!!!

  8. I was in awe when I watched these last night. When some were discussing the big stars that came out of AI, none of those people have the music background or versatility of Taylor. He is picking up music creds as he goes along. The band did great with these arangements.

  9. I hate that photo too Hicks. Probably because they photoshopped his face. Hate when they do that!! Photoshoppers be dammed. LOL.

    Grey, when I saw the set list last night I thought of you. The concert before and after yours he did Bullet proof. Dang!! LOL.

  10. Taylor looks like a serial killer in that photo. Not good.

  11. I like the picture people!! WTF?

  12. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    “When some were discussing the big stars that came out of AI, none of those people have the music background or versatility of Taylor”..so, true Rosie.

    Smooth jazz…bluesy…he should be playing on the same radio stations as Boney James, Bela Fleck, the Rippingtons, Nora Jones, Sade. I like this man’s music. Many thanks for sharing these videos.

  13. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Oh, and yes this band is incredible together..that Sam Gunderson can “strang” with the best.

  14. Yeah, PSA, I was really impressed by Sam the other night. He was just…wow.

  15. It’s because he hates me, Dee. That’s why he sang Bulletproof before my show and after my show!! hahahhaa

  16. mamaforpeace Says:

    I can’t believe we get these incredible videos and there is discussion of the picture!!! Can’t we just for once just be satisfied with the great music this man can put out??? Can we just not talk about looks, life styles, sell out or not, success, etc… and just say WOW! These vids just blow me away and remind me why I love Taylor Hicks.
    Sorry, I try not to be judgemental but I had to get this off my chest…

  17. Welcome to my world, Mama! *sigh*

  18. I love that pic. Great jacket and stance and wow those eyes. Mama, we discuss those things because we enjoy it.

  19. casualfan Says:

    Great videos and as usual, Taylor delivered. These videos speak for themselves.

    With all this great stuff coming, I don’t need to go to any show. I’m getting great front row seats with all these wonderful vids.

  20. casualfan Says:

    I think the pic is adorable.

  21. CF, actually MN Sue was not up front and that is why she got good vids of the entire band and not just Tay’s face, shoes and pants. She shot from an elevated position, several rows back.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, It wasn’t meant to be taken literally. I was only implying that many awesome videos have been taken on this tour and that there’s really no need for me to see him live again.

  23. I too am very impressed with the Fan vids coming out of these shows. I have always thought only the BEST fan vids should be put up on U-tube. Some great pictures too. I would love for Taylor to have a contest where fans could send in their pictures of him and use the winner on the cover of his next CD.

  24. casualfan Says:

    I think some have tried that in the past but without success.

  25. NEWS FLASH: Taylor’s going to be involved on a free Gulf Benefit and it will be taped and televised.
    Taylor is not listed yet. I’m sure he wasn’t confirmed yet since he had to cancel a concert to do it.


  26. casualfan Says:

    Cool! Since David Hassalhoff and T share the same publicist and D will be there, it makes sense.

  27. My husband shot these vids of Taylor and the band. I’m damn proud of him! He is a non fan, however a huge fan of live, consummate artists and musicians. The only reason he came with me is because the 11th was his birthday.
    Sometimes I think it takes someone removed from the fandom to capture a showcase performance. There’s no question that Taylor’s vocals and harp were beyond great – in parts STUNNING – worthy of the spotlight. But, when Brian, Sam, and Jeff where featured, they got the much deserved attention. It brought it to a whole new level of appreciation. Everything meshed…and my guy was hooked on live Taylor and his band.

  28. mamaforpeace Says:

    MN Sue, many thanks to you and your husband for these.

  29. hicksaholic Says:

    MN Sue
    Can I have your husband?

  30. casualfan Says:

    Ditto on the MANY THANKS!

  31. casualfan Says:

    Serious food for a serious man!…totally YUMMY!


  32. There is nothing green on that tray except pickles. Way too much unhealty food, even for Taylor. It appears to be served with plain old white bread, yuck and double yuck. Looks like he’s dining alone again.

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    maybe i can bring a container of cookies for dessert…

  34. rosie Says:

    It appears to be served with plain old white bread, yuck and double yuck.
    That’s how you know it’s real, southern barbeque. Are you going to soak up your excess sauce and grease with brioche?

  35. casualfan Says:

    That’s how you know it’s real, southern barbeque. Are you going to soak up your excess sauce and grease with brioche?
    Oh hell yeah! And I doubt he’s alone. The whole crew is probably there enjoying the hell out of themselves. 😉

  36. Morning all. Guess I’d rather look at pics Tay takes of all his off white and greasy food, than look at more fan photos of his pores, nostrils and tonsils. Just looking at those way too upclose zoom shots, makes me feel as though I’m invading his space.

  37. hicksaholic Says:

    Looks like Taylor will likely be taping his portion of the benefit concert on Tuesday,I.m guessing. That day requires tickets. They are looking for extras. They better be careful what they ask for.

  38. We did not get Bulletproof at the Dakota show. It was on the set list, but he finished with TITTS instead. I feel your pain, IAG. I also wanted to hear/see them perform Bettlefield but it was a no-show that night. Them’s the breaks. Oh, and MNSue’s hubby, sister and brother-in-law are the nicest people! It was great sharing the show with them. Thanks again, Sue, for doing all the legwork.

  39. pattiebelle Says:

    Thanks again Sue…best thing to do when you bring a hubby along is to give him a job to do…LOL These vids are fabulous…maybe you two will be going to more shows now…

  40. With this tour some have been questioning whether Taylor still intends to go Country, well he’s still saying it. http://www.kctv5.com/video/24631065…hicks&x=18&y=12

    If he can get his foot in the door I think it will work since Country does seem to encompass a lot of sounds. But getting that foot in the door is daunting given the fact that Country is getting a little touchy about artists who appear to be coming to Country as a second choice. I’d love for it to work out for him and maybe if it seems like he’s going to keep knocking on Country’s door they will open up for him.

  41. Sorry link doesn’t work try this one


  42. Good thing he clarified that he’s not a Lady Gaga type artist. Because I was always getting the two of them confused.

  43. mamaforpeace Says:


  44. I agree Taylor belongs in country. He has the perfect voice for it. He reminds me so much of the male singer in Lady Antebellum. He even looks like him.

  45. If going country means I lose the music I’ve been hearing on this tour, then screw him. Radio isn’t the end all, be all. He sold is soul once. Hasn’t he learned? But then, it is his career.

    Aw shucks, meg.

    Damn straight, pattiebelle. I made it about purpose and technology to get him in the door. Taylor and the band did the rest.

  46. mamaforpeace Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, MN Sue!

  47. MN Sue Says:

    If going country means I lose the music I’ve been hearing on this tour, then screw him. Radio isn’t the end all, be all. He sold is soul once. Hasn’t he learned? But then, it is his career.
    He’s been grabbing for that elusive brass ring, basically since the 2007 tour ended. I mean, remember when we all thought he was the second incarnation of Ray Charles?

    Then we got the Taylor Hicks CD. So, okay . . . we get it. He’s more of a mainstream AC soft rock kind of guy.

    Then we got Grease. So, okay . . . we get it. He’s more of a retro crooner Broadway hoofer kind of guy.

    Then we got The Distance. So, okay . . . we get it. He was just punking us. He’s more of a mainstream AC soft rock kind of guy after all.

    Now we heve the Badass Tour. So, okay . . . we get it. He’s more of the Widespread Panic/Jam Band “I don’t need no stinking arena shows and radio play to kick ass” kind of guy.

    Next step . . . country music. Okay.

    Now I am sure that I will be referenced elsewhere as one of the naysayers who believe that Taylor Hicks was put on this earth to entertain me. Well, that could not be further from the truth. But I do believe that Taylor believes that he was put on this earth to entertain people, in general. And if he wants to fulfill that destiny in a broader way, he has to figure out what kind of entertainer he is, and stick with that.

    It’s hard to build up a fanbase when you keep making 90 degree turns. Because the fans may be heading towards Widespread Panic/Jam Band land, while Taylor is toddling off to Country land. And all those fans in Country land don’t know anything about Taylor Hicks and his music. So, he’s starting all over again. And meanwhile, that core fanbase seems to be dwindling, as people get lost in the maze of 90 degree turns.

  48. How about you just let him do what he wants to do? Can’t please everybody, so please yourself instead. If people like it fine, if not, nobody is holding a gun to your head.

  49. He went to Nashville for the last CD, so it makes sense he go to Nashville again to work with writers etc. He says he is moving there, getting an apartment there, which he did when he was 21. Nashville is more happening music wise than B’ham. Taylor’s problem is he is multi talented, yet nothing has caught on hit or radio wise. He would like a hit and recognition of his music talent. He did very little country music pre AI and I truly don’t think he enjoys country music very much either to listen to or to write or sing. I’m not at all worried about him displeasing some fans should he go that route, since he has been displeasing some since his T.H. CD. He still has some who liked his AI covers best of all. So, while I prefer good covers and the type of songs he is doing on this tour, he can do most anything well and should do what he thinks is best for his career. I do not see Country music or its fans embracing him at this point in time. You do know it must be hell for Taylor to see lesser talents and voices, come from AI. such as Gokey and now Casey,get signed by Sony Nasville and in Gokey’s case be on the radio.

  50. I got in, but I can’t get out that way.
    Baby you got me all caught up,
    You don’t know what a maze you made.
    I got in a little deeper everyday,
    You know I don’t wanna be found
    Runnin’ around in a maze you made.

  51. I’m in favor of anything that makes the Soul Patrol go away. LOL! ALways thought that was really lame.

  52. He is running around in a Maze since he won season 5. If it were me, I’d be hiding under the covers, and tipping the bottle. But he has the balls to just keep going thru the maze and contortions of show business.

  53. Seven Days Says:

    Grey, thanks for posting these videos — I think you captured their essence in your blog title.

    Honestly, I could give a shit as to whether Taylor goes country, does another Broadway show, is nice to me in a meet and greet line, has a radio hit, makes 27 more 90 degree turns, or twirls tassles in Vegas (though that might be kind of interesting, lol). Like any other entertainer, he’ll do some things I like and others I don’t. That kind of music in the videos just makes me fucking happy, and I’m satisfied to leave it at that.

    That’s the view from here. Carry on!

  54. mamaforpeace Says:

    yep! the thing is i am “happier with him” when he does the brilliant stuff he can do such as seen on those vids:)

  55. casualfan Says:

    I fricking LOVE YOU soulaz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. casualfan Says:

    So Taylor is recording a country album but there’s not an ounce of country flavor anywhere on this tour, song choices or even venues? Alrighty then…..Glad ya’ll clarified things for me.

  57. casualfan Says:

    You do know it must be hell for Taylor to see lesser talents and voices, come from AI. such as Gokey and now Casey,get signed by Sony Nasville and in Gokey’s case be on the radio.
    Obviously peeps disagree with you on this one Rosie. To say these artists have a lesser talent is outright wrong. They must have something….their fanbases are huge and gaining by the minute.

  58. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ha, CF, if only talent would = fan base and success, it would be a better world!

  59. casualfan Says:

    I didn’t care for Casey on AI but I have to admit that he’s definitely shining bright now. Same with Gokey. They are both amazing performers with great voices.

  60. I can and did say those two are not as talented. As far as a country CD for T, I’ll believe it when I see it. I watched the above CD’s about 3 times now, but While I love the arangement and the band, it is not something I’d want to listen to on my radio or over and over again. That is club music, not CD music.

  61. mamaforpeace Says:

    I wasn’t necessarally talking about these guys, just in geneneral. There are a lot of successful peoplewhop don’t have talent other than marketing.

  62. casualfan Says:

    Anyway, Congrats to Casey for landing Sony. I do enjoy listening to Gokey. He surprised me in a good way. Have his cd…great stuff.

  63. casualfan Says:

    Didn’t care much for the AI Danny, but he did a great job on this song.

  64. casualfan Says:

    Now this kicked ass!

  65. Danny sounds like he should have coughed and hacked and spit out a teaspoon of snot, before recording that song. Love Tay’s high voice slow and bluesy on the Man’s World tag. That was so sexy!

  66. CF, The duet of Casey and B.M.’s was pleasant. I don’t think either has much range and Casey lacks charisma. One just needs good marketing, a look, a gimack and in many cases autotune to often make it. The momentum coming off of Idol is a huge bonus. Had any one of 3 or 4 of Taylor’s songs on his post Ai CD, had radio play and a vid he’d have made it big. It isn’t talent holding him back from the big time or even his 2 post AI CD’s, it is simply the lack of radio play. MYS, was radio worthy as done by Tay and perhaps SMB, The Distance and WRIR. He can sing blues and jazz, funk, soul, pop and southern rock and country. I respect his talent.

  67. casualfan Says:

    SP apples don’t fall far from the tree.

  68. Casey James and Danny Gokey are doing exactly what Taylor is doing. Singing their hearts out, trying to build a career for themselves. Maybe Taylor will be the most successful of the three, or maybe he won’t.

    But at the end of the day, what does it matter?

    Loved watching the video of Casey & Bret on the AI Finale, CF! That was such an amazing, fun moment, and gave us just a taste of what post-AI Casey James was going to be like. I am very happy to hear that he will be working with Sony Nashville! He’s a talented young guy, and certainly deserves his shot at success.

  69. casualfan Says:

    SP apples don’t fall far from the tree.
    ===============================================You can lead the SP to water, but you can’t make it drink.

  70. Yeah, that Casey James . . . limited talent and NO charisma at all.

  71. casualfan Says:

    I’ve been following other artists on Twitter and really enjoying their music, links and their connections to their fans. I enjoy a variety of music and expanding my musical library.

  72. casualfan Says:

    LOVE it Soulaz! Thanks for bringing this over! Taylor wants to jam with with Casey at WB. Will be interesting to see T on stage with someone who has limited talent and lacks charisma. WOW!

  73. Soulaz, it does not matter to me which of the 3 is the most successful. I happen to think Taylor has the most talent of those 3. Sorry, but I just don’t get your mocking of my opinion or CF’s. The vast majority of people who have ever posted on this blog, think Taylor is very talented and enjoy his music and performances. Casualfan, enjoys stirring the pot and posting about who is doing great from AI. In this case she mentioned fans of Gokey and Casey. Sometimes she brings up Adam’s tour. None of that has a thing to do with Taylor’s music or life. If one responds to any of her comments and say they prefer Taylor or think he is more talented, she labels them as SP wacky. And now so have you, Soulaz. What’s up with that?

  74. casualfan Says:

    Oh, so I’m stirring the pot for bringing up other musicians other than Taylor….LMAO!

  75. You can check out several vids of Casey James on Utube and check out his fan sites. He tweets and his fans believe he is the nicest guy ever. He had many kudos on AI9 from the 4 judges for his guitar skills. Seems those who attend the AI tour enjoy him and his guitar jamming. Some think he should have won AI9. You can purchase his songs on the net from Idol and his CD should be out before the end of 2010. I doubt the gulf jam with Tay will occur, but you can always watch Casey’s vids and anticipate his major Sony release of his country CD. Maybe in 2011, he will open for some big star and you can catch him in a city near you.

  76. casualfan Says:

    BTW-I’m not the one who brought up Gokey or Casey-Rosie…YOU DID. You are also the one making comparisons and calling them names…it was not me.

    I bring up other Idols because I enjoy all types of music and happen to think ALL of them has talent…including Taylor. If IAG has a problem with this, all she has to do is tell me and I won’t do it anymore.

    Get a grip and stop putting the blame on others what you yourself are doing in spades.

  77. You know Rosie, CF is right . . . you continually compare other AI alums unfavorably to Taylor. And if you read anything CF or I have to say about Taylor, one thing you will notice is that we will never belittle his talent or abilities as a performer. We may question his choices, but we don’t ever suggest he does not deserve a successful career.

    Did you ever think, that even though I may be currently disappointed to some degree with him, the reason you still see me hanging around here, is because I still believe he’s an amazingly talented guy????

    And for the record . . . I love me some Casey James and Adam Lambert. And that feeling has nothing to do with Taylor Hicks.

  78. casualfan Says:

    One of the things I love about Taylor is his tagging. He has introduced us or re-introduced us to some fantastic music and I for one have expanded my musical library because of him.

    Damn soulaz…..You really got me hooked on that Casey James video. Damn that man can SHRED! I was reading where his influences include Clapton and Robert Cray….enough said. 😉

  79. casualfan Says:

  80. CF, I did say it must be hard for Tay to see peeps with less talent such as Gokey and CJ. get signed to Sony Nashville. This is a blog and thread about Hicks. I do not care what you think of Gokey or James and you should not care what I think of their voices or talents. I have a grip on what people post here. It seemed you and Soulaz were mocking me and my opinion and resorting to the lame, (SP= looney tunes= deaf, dumb , blind, wacko obsessed frame of reference) and dismissing my ideas as lesser than.

  81. Sorry, but it is not me who compares Taylor to others who came out of AI. Last night I just made a reference to two recently signed country guys from Idol. Soulaz, you have me pegged wrong.

  82. casualfan Says:

    I see this blog as a music blog that is Taylor influenced and not as an inclusive Taylor Hicks blog. The fact that IAG has often talked about other musicians herself and has posted many other video’s not Taylor related gives me that impression. If I’m wrong in my assessment, then IAG no doubt will correct me.

    If you are unhappy about the content that is posted Rosie, then file your grievance with IAG.

    So far the only person who is stirring any pot is you.

  83. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if Taylor had gone directly to Country from AI. To do it as a second choice did not sit well when he was making the rounds the last time. Now if he does move there and keeps at it he may win them over. I can just imagine the impression Taylor could make with Nashville musicians if he was living there and could do more sit ins with the Nashville artists. That might just turn the tide for him.

  84. casualfan Says:

    It will be interesting Dee. I look forward to hearing his new music when it comes out. No doubt he will put his own spin on the sound…whatever that may be.

  85. CF and soulaz – I love you guys! *lol*

    Since Gokey has been brought up …. *ahem*
    I don’t know why country has apparently embraced him.
    He specifically said in an interview last year that he would never do country music. He was, he insisted, an R & B singer. *allow me a slight snicker*
    On Grand Ol’ Opry Night on AI, he didn’t even know what the Grand Ol’ Opry was …. someone had to explain it to him.
    Yet after the tour, Gokey signed with Sony Nashville, seemingly as a *last resort.”
    There was a huge debate on the Television Without Pity boards about how the country music fans would never accept him because of this.
    Yet it appears as though they have.

    Taylor is 100x more *country* than Gokey (and a Southern boy to boot) but he’s shunned.
    Just don’t get it.

    P. S. Ha ha … just remembered too that Michael Sarver (the oil rigger guy from S8) said he’d never do country either … but guess what …. lol.

  86. Well, I take what you posted quondam as proving my original point. Gokey, Crokey got signed to make some money for SONY. He didn’t play an instrument and wasn’t a fan of or knowlegeable about country music. It is a matter of opinion as who has the better voice between Hicks and he. Tay, the winner of the most watched season was shunned by country music. Casey is a great guitar player, with good looks, and long hair, but not really a country singer. There could be money to be made off of him by Sony, as was there for the past 3rd place guy, Gokey. There just is not a federal case to be made of anyone, me in particular, of mentioning that the reality of same must be hell for Tay.

  87. Nite all. It’s been my birthday for the past hr. 40 mins. You’d cry too, if it happened to you. Have a good Sunday…

  88. hicksaholic Says:

    Happy Birthday Rosie!!!

    CF When is your T day?

  89. I’m 1 for 2. Love Casey, can’t listen to Gokey. It has to do with Casey being more Southern Rock/Blues, which is where I’d want Taylor to go, if he goes Country(ugh). Gokey is more Twang, as is Sarver. Bucky & Bo are closer to Casey’s style. I do think an AI contestant has to go directly to Country to be accepted, unless, a song hits for someone out of the blue. We’ll see what happens with “Maybe You Should”, if the damn song ever gets released by Taylor or anyone else.

  90. mamaforpeace Says:

    Happy birthday, Rosie:)

  91. Happy Birthday, Rosie!

  92. casualfan Says:

    CF When is your T day?
    Hicksaholic, It’s on the 24th but I discovered John Mayer will be at the Hollywood Bowl on the 22nd with great seats still available. He’s looking really, really good right now.

  93. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    CF, I HIGHLY recommend that you go see John Mayer. I just went and he puts on an amazing show. I’ve seen him twice and this one was even better than the first.

    Mayer has the ability to make you feel like you are truly appreciated. He never stopped talking about how much he loved us and thanked the crowd profusely throughout the show. He was funny and engaging with the audience. He answered questions from fans off the cuff. He actually made references to the city that he was in to make the fans feel special.

    To top it off, he did a mean version of Ain’t No Sunshine *died*

    Taylor really could take a lesson from him. I was in a crowd of over 15,000 and far away, but I felt more of a connection to him than I did when Taylor was 20 feet away from me. *sigh*

  94. casualfan Says:

    Thanks luv. I’m thinking that’s the way I want to go. I’ve been wanting to see Mayer for years now. I hear he puts on one hell of a show and gives it his all. I’ve seen Taylor many times and there’s all kinds of great vids of his shows available to view.

  95. Peeps, thanks for the Bday wishes. I just watched Tay’s first Bama beach promo. Adding Mayer to the list Tay should take lessons from. Hmmm, who do you think should take lessons from Taylor?

  96. Mayer needs the money and there are no vids of his performances. Good Call CF, but so sad we will be denied the pleasure of your review and Tay feedback. lol

  97. No doubt Mayer is an amazing musician. I was so disappointed though in how he comes off as a person recently. His interviews objectifying women, talking about sex and about his obsession with masturbation well just really disappointed me. He sounded like he has some major problems.
    Yea… I know it’s suppose to be all about the music. LOL. I must say though after reading those interviews I never want to listen you “Your Body is a Wonderland” again. It sheds new light on the song and gives it new meaning on several different levels. LOL.

  98. casualfan Says:

    Dee-LOL! No doubt.

  99. casualfan Says:

  100. casualfan Says:

    And Rosie, Yes this is a Taylor musical influenced blog and John Mayer does have a Taylor connection.

    John Mayer supported Taylor during AI and was at the Viper Room when T performed there along with LMBO. Also, there was talk about Tay and John doing music collaboration at one time. Would LOVE to see that happen one day.

  101. John and Taylor wrote a song together for the first CD but it didn’t make the cut which often happens. At the time I remember Taylor saying maybe it would be on the next Album but the next one obviously went in another direction. It’s there in the vault so to speak so maybe someday Taylor might use it.

  102. Happy Birthday, Rosie . . . 🙂

    I remember hearing that Taylor and John Mayer had collaborated on a song, and was kind of disappointed when it didn’t make it onto the CD! While John Mayer has had some PR issues of late, I don’t think it takes away from the fact that he is a very talented man. My understanding is that his current tour is his way of getting his focus back where it should be. On the music.

    I kind of get the impression that Taylor’s current tour is doing the same thing for him. Although his focus was shifted away from live music for very different reasons.

    I hope that Taylor and John, both unique and gifted artists, find the right path that leads them where they want to go, musically. For the sake of their own integrity, and for the benefit of their fans.

  103. CF When is your T day?
    Hicksaholic, It’s on the 24th but I discovered John Mayer will be at the Hollywood Bowl on the 22nd with great seats still available. He’s looking really, really good right now.

    You gotta do BOTH !

  104. casualfan Says:

    Can’t do both. I’ve seen Taylor already.

  105. taylorfan06 Says:

    No question, Taylor over John Mayer ANY DAY! I think he’s a real tool and when he sings the words just fall out of his mouth, like Cheryl Crow.

    To see and hear the band that backs Taylor is another part of the reason why I always try to see him when he comes to my neck of the woods. Those guys rock!!! (any combination T puts together). Never been disappointed in T’s shows and don’t think I will be on the 22nd. CAN’T WAIT!

    As I’ve said before, seeing T on video is nice, but seeing him live in that venue… MAGIC! I love how the power of that “voice”, just feels the room. You can also feel the emotion in his performances. He has left me awestruck on a few occasions. Very moving (literally and figuratively) performer.

    Since he’s such a “star”, I bet tickets for JM will be much higher than Taylor’s. IMO, even at the same price, T is the better value. Now Tom Petty, now that could be a different scenario…

    From the 1979 release, “Damn The Torpedoes”, Mr. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers:

  106. taylorfan06 Says:

    that was “fills” the room….

  107. taylorfan06 Says:

    This was the B-side of DDMLT, “Casa Dega”. AMAZING song! Enjoy, especially if you’ve never heard it before. LOVE IT!!!!!

  108. taylorfan06 Says:

    Beautiful song and video:

  109. casualfan Says:

    Tom Petty is great….thanks for the vids TF6;)

  110. hicksaholic Says:

    I would have to go with Taylor too. I’ve seen plenty of the “big” stars and for whatever reason they don’t give me the pleasure watching Taylor perform does. But I can understand, cf, only so much money and time. Although I hope the abundence of Taylor video doesn’t get any other would be ticket buyers to opt out.

  111. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    To everyone who thinks John Mayer is a “tool” because of his mouth, well I kind of agree that he suffers from “foot in mouth disease”. Lol However, he did address that issue with the crowd in a very sincere way. He told everyone that he knew his actions had made it harder to be a fan of his and that going forward his focus is on the music. We’ll see if he can stay out of trouble ; )

    I think that Mayer doesn’t have a lot of “filter” between his brain and his mouth and that thoughts come out so fast that sometimes he doesn’t reel himself in when he should. On the other hand, some really brillant stuff comes out of that brain of his. If you read his blog you’ll see how intelligent he is. I really appreciate his honesty even when what he says is not always what I want to hear.

    Plus, the concert itself was really great. He told us he would check to see how long they would let him play for his encores and he went above and beyond to make sure he maxed out his time on stage. Awesomeness : )

    CF, in case you were a little unsure about going, he tweeted this:
    Planning something so beautiful for the Hollywood Bowl show… Stay tuned…
    4:21 PM Aug 14th via Twittelator

  112. Well, well. I am totally torn about this blog. I thought it was a Taylor Hicks blog.
    I have heard Cassy, Danny G and Taylor sing.
    The first 2 can’t sing at all. They may be nice people, but I would never go see them or buy their music.
    Now Taylor Hicks can sing and is good looking to boot. I’m hoping I can see him at Epcot this year.
    I do have other singers that I like, just none from AI. Just Taylor.
    Love country, real country. Not this autotuned stuff they try to pass as country now days. Love jazz, blues and soul music too.
    Oh, I don’t watch the videos you all post here.
    Y’all have a great day.

  113. Luv2. I know that John said he was sorry for the things he said. But it’s hard to take back once it’s out there. I feel like I got a glimpse of the inner man and it wasn’t pretty. I for one am a little tired of stars doing damage control when what they have done or said is affectling their bottom line. I’m a long Mayer fan but it’s going to be a while before I can the images he put in my head out. LOL.

  114. taylorfan06 Says:

    Another GREAT post Dee. Besides his cocky personality, I just don’t care for his voice.

  115. casualfan Says:

    Thanks for that Luv! I’m really excited about going to see John and your post only confirmed it for me. He’s an exceptional musician in the truest form.

    We all have demons and vices that we battle in our lives and celebs are no exception. None of what was said or done can take away from the man’s talent and I personally respect the fact that he has chosen to address it head on and not bury his head in the sand-unlike others who have and continue to do so. 😉

  116. crazymomelon Says:

    Intelligent people have the ability to control what comes out of their mouths, at least on average. I’ve no doubt John Mayer is intelligent, therefore what comes out of his mouth and is demonstrated by his actions is deliberate. Being a smart ass doesn’t play with the hoi polloi. The apologies strike me as woefully insincere; a publicist’s suggestion to win back offended fans.

  117. CF, I see ya changed ur spots. Seems you and a few other confused carole about this being a blog where we think Taylor is talented and can say he is more talented than Gokey and Casey, without being told we are so wrong. It would be nice to see you defend Tay once in a while as you defend and praise John Mayer. We lost the discussion of Tay’s brilliant performances since you have chosen to turn it into a Mayer is exceptional, in the truest sense of the word forum.

  118. should say, you and a few others confused…..

  119. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    August 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm
    CF, I see ya changed ur spots. Seems you and a few other confused carole about this being a blog where we think Taylor is talented and can say he is more talented than Gokey and Casey, without being told we are so wrong. It would be nice to see you defend Tay once in a while as you defend and praise John Mayer. We lost the discussion of Tay’s brilliant performances since you have chosen to turn it into a Mayer is exceptional, in the truest sense of the word forum.
    You’ve got issues.

  120. casualfan Says:

    If Carol is confused then she needs to go back and read previous blogs where Grey herself has discussed-and encouraged us to talk about other musicians.

    And who the hell said that any of the other musicians are better than Taylor?

    You are obsessed about Taylor Rosie and it’s not healthy. Step away from the kool-aid and look at what you are saying.

    I’m done explaining myself to you and the IGNORE button is now on.


  121. Rosie,

    While this blog features Taylor’s picture at the top, it is NOT a Taylor only blog. There are lots and lots of great musicians out there that deserve to be discovered. If people want to come here and talk about other musicians, I have absolutely no problem with that, in fact, I welcome it. There is only so much that can be said about Taylor.

    Yours in don’t tell other people what they can post on my blog,


  122. FYI, at 2:36pm yesterday, as a tiny peice of my long post, I said Gokey and Casey had lesser talents and voices than Taylor. At 6:51 pm, Cf responded by saying, “To say those two artist have lesser talent is outright wrong”. Thus, I would think Carol and others who read here would be confused about the main purpose of this blog. That was my point or issue or whatever cf wishes to call it.

  123. Rosie…I’m over it.

    This blog will continue to be about music. All kinds.

    Quit fishing. They aren’t biting.

  124. Ange Bleu Says:

    Tay should be the STAR of this blog, the others, good or bad, the featured players. But just the opposite is happening. They, especially John, are the stars & Tay is sort of a featured or supporting player.

  125. Ange Bleu & Rosie, sip …. sip !

  126. Um…If you want Taylor to be the star of a blog, then go start one. I don’t know how else to say it.

    I think it’s important to listen to all kinds of music, not just Taylor. There is so much out there, it’s amazing. If people reading this blog want to bring other music to focus on, then so be it. There might even be something *gasp* better *gasp* than Taylor. Oh yes, I went there.

    Because for some of us, this post AI Taylor just doesn’t cut it. That’s why when I listen to him on my iPod, it’s his old stuff…or his live stuff. The Taylor Hicks CD and The Distance, in my opinion, was just fluff. I’m still waiting for him to settle down and really start recording some good stuff. Until then, I’ll be listening to other artists, too…thank you very much. 🙂

  127. Cherry is my fav flavor! LOL!

  128. IAG,
    I wuv you!

  129. Right back atcha, Moonpie!!

  130. casualfan Says:

    Some sects preferred grape flavor and look where it got them?

  131. casualfan Says:

    I remember another Gray as in Charles who was the premeire blog that Taylor himself posted on because it was all about the music and other musicians as well.

    Taylor himself talks about other musicians and even gives links to their music often. He enjoys sharing his love and passion for what he knows and loves. I see nothing wrong with this blog being a celebration of all kinds of music and musicians.


  132. mamaforpeace Says:

    One of the things I am most grateful to Taylor Hicks for (and I am not the only one) is that he helped me rekindle my love for music that had been a bit dormant till he came on the scene. Even if he doesn’t ever put out a fabulous album, I’ll always be grateful to him for that. It would be so sad ( and counter productive) if the focus on Taylor meant that we couldn’t talk about other musicians. And, you are right CF, that is actually what got me hooked on GC. I discovered so many new artists. So thank you Taylor, and thank you all Taylor fans who shared your love of music with all of us.

  133. casualfan Says:

    I completely agree MFP. Like you, Taylor rekindled my love for music and for that I’m grateful. I’m now listening to other artists as well and it’s a wonderful feeling to know they are out there doing what they love and are able and willing to share it with us.

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