It’s right around the corner, people…

Okay. I’m putting a toe in the water to see how it feels. That’s it. Just a toe. I’m not going back there…not back to the world of the crazies, am I? That’s why I have this blog, so that I can talk about Taylor in a realistic way. We don’t talk about him in the “OMGIWANTTOHAVEHISBABIES” and “IKNOWIFHESEESMEINTHEFRONTROWHEWILLFALLINLOVEWITHME” way. We talk about Taylor in the musical sense, sometimes even the business sense. We discuss what he should do, shouldn’t do, is doing, isn’t doing, what we think he’s doing, what we think he’s not doing. Not of it really means anything…it’s just conversation.

So, that being said, on Tuesday, I’m putting my toe back in the water…with the Soul Patrol. This concert should be pretty interesting for me. I haven’t been to see him since 2007, and I think I’ll be able to see the whole picture from a clearer perspective. At least I hope so. Unless I get sucked back in…and I really don’t want to do that. Just the thought of it makes me shiver a little bit.

I’m pretty happy from my little corner of the Taylor Hicks fandom. The drama isn’t too deep, and the arguments are rare. And I like it that way.

When I recap…I’m going to do it honestly. No bullshit, no lies. 🙂

I don’t pretend that Taylor reads here. I would assume he would have more pressing matters than reading a blog about himself, but I’m gonna say this just in case:

Dear Taylor,

On Tuesday, I’m going to be in the front row. I’ll be the sort of excited one sitting next to my friend that I drug there, who is secretly hoping that she doesn’t see anybody she knows there. And, just in case you want to make a long time fan’s night…just in case you’re feeling generous, please play Bulletproof.

Or I could go with:

Dear Taylor,

Don’t play Bulletproof. Your guitar playing sucks and you sound bad when you sing it. (Reverse psychology…get it?) Well, except for the guitar playing part…you are getting better at that.


And because enough people haven’t asked me if I’m going to this concert, the newspaper had to put an article in. Ugh. I know alot of you have seen it, because it’s already been discussed in the last post. I thought it was a pretty fair article, although I did get drunk when I read it. I’m telling you, we definitely need to market the Soul Patrol drinking game.

“But it fits the bill for me, because I’m such a visual and a musical performer.”


“I never take it for granted, because I know what it’s like to struggle,” Hicks said. “You have to stay out there and work it.”


Here’s another article for good measure. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂


142 Responses to “It’s right around the corner, people…”

  1. Have a great time. Looking forward to your recap. I’m betting No Bulletproof.
    I don’t know why just a feeling. I think sometimes Taylor does a song for no other reason than just to send a message. LOL. I think that first night he had a message to send and once it was sent that was it. LOL.

  2. casualfan Says:

    No doubt you will have fun Grey! I think you will find yourself enjoying the show much better this time around. At least that’s the attitude I’m going with when he’s in my neck of the woods. Gone is the kool-aid barrels I drank from and gone is the bags of woo dust I use to dip into. Seeing Taylor as a ‘working class musician’ is way better-imo than the rest. Doesn’t matter to me if his jeans are on tight, what color shirt he wears…never looked at those things. I prefer to see the man on stage doing what he does best….performing with his passion in THE MUSIC. 😉

  3. You may not get “Bulletproof”, but you’ll probably definately get “The Runaround”…. hahahahahhahahhaa!! Oh, snap!!

    Have a great time, Grey. 😀

  4. casualfan Says:

    YKW Says:

    August 6, 2010 at 11:22 pm
    You may not get “Bulletproof”, but you’ll probably definately get “The Runaround”…. hahahahahhahahhaa!! Oh, snap!!
    LMAO! Double snap!!!

  5. hicksaholic Says:

    Anxious to hear your recap, IAG, and the reaction from your kinda embarrassed friend.

  6. Why do I get stressed reading that your friend doesn’t think Tay is cool or that it is embarresing to attend a Hicks show? I just get stressed in general about him playing these small clubs and not filling a few of them. While I’m hooked on him, never ever again will I get invested in anyone’s career. He looked so sweet at the R&R museum. SIGH…

  7. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Will be anxiousy awaiting your review IAG….I’m one of those who long ago stopped drinking the kool-aid, but I’m still a fan. It’ll be refreshing to read an unbiased honest recap.

  8. Actually, my friend has traveled around the country with me to various Taylor concerts in ’07. She actually thinks Taylor puts on a hell of a show, and she’s right…he does.

    Rosie don’t get stressed about it…really not worth it. It’s okay if he doesn’t fill all the clubs. And he’s not really “cool” in pop/music culture right now. Of course, I’m not really a fan of the “cool” people, so I’m good with it. Everybody has their own opinions and everybody has the right to express them. Thank goodness everybody doesn’t like the same music…that would make the world a pretty boring place.

  9. mamaforpeace Says:

    I have been enjoying the videos I watched of this tour. Kuddos to Taylor for working hard and moving from being a bar musician to a stage musician. I like bar musicians, but it’s a whole different set of skills he needed to acquire to deal with larger audiences and a more polished type of performance. I’ll be looking forward to your recap, Grey.

  10. taylorfan06 Says:

    “an unbiased honest recap”????? psa, maybe you should stick with the kool aid and lay off the scoth. lol

    we’re talking about attending a concert here, not performing brain surgery.

    …a concert that we know will be well worth the price of admission. iag, enjoy the show, which i know you will, and the energy the crowd brings to make it just a fantastic experience. i have no doubt that T will do a show that you will enjoy and that i will definitely be staying tuned to for your recap.

    i’m sensing so much drama over a concert. go and enjoy! i’m jealous that i can’t be there.

    i just need to keep it real with SO much overanalyzing… j-MY-o

  11. casualfan Says:

    I hear what you are saying PSA. It IS refreshing when someone can give an honest recap of Taylor that is not clouded by the woo dust. If he’s a bit off key, looks funny in something…it’s OK to state that as one’s opinion….at least on this blog without having to be afraid for your life.

    Rosie, no need to be stressed. None of it is in your control or ours, so enjoy what he gives.

    My time for that honest recap is coming in a few weeks so get ready! But….no doubt T will blow me away and put on one hell of a show, as he always does. 😉

  12. casualfan Says:

    I like bar musicians, but it’s a whole different set of skills he needed to acquire to deal with larger audiences and a more polished type of performance.
    So true MFP…so true.

  13. LOL. Rosie. Know how you feel. Lately any time I start worrying about Taylor’s career, I ask myself “Who made the most money last year Taylor or ME?” LOL. Since it sure ain’t me, I figure he can handle his own affairs all by himself. LOL.

  14. hicksaholic Says:

    You got that right Dee. I’m in south Alabama trying to sell waterfront property after hurricanes, increased insurance costs, reduced appraisals, general shitty economic conditions and now to top it all off an oil spill- I bet Taylor is glad he didn’t take his grandmother’s advice a few years ago to get a job selling beachfront properties. He might be having to sing for his supper if he had.

  15. Fairhope Says:

    I saw sugarland last night at The Wharf in orange beach. The last concert I attended there was taylor’s in 2007. Sugarland put on a super show. So different from taylor’s. We had great seats third row. It was sold out. It was an amazing site seeing all those people in the outside venue. Of course we missed Danny gokey. He was singing his last song while we were trying to find our seats.

  16. casualfan Says:

    TF6-He’s coming here to SOCAL. Can you go to any of them? Would you like to go to the san luis obispo show? That may can be arranged 😉

  17. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf – where and when will he be performing besides san luis? my last T fix was at the Roxy last March. can you say withdrawls???? LOL

  18. ifyousayso Says:

    I just something to say about “unbiased and honest recaps”. I don’t believe that people who give overwhelmingly positive recaps are being dishonest; I think they are relaying what they perceived. If one person thinks his jeans are hot, and the other thinks they look stupid, it doesn’t mean his jeans are either hot, or stupid. It’s all in the perception. So I don’t think one person’s recap is any more honest or unbiased than another.

  19. casualfan Says:

    tf6-You can find his scheduled on the ning site. Don’t know the exact dates for CA…sorry.

    ifyousayso, I agree with what you are saying and it’s appreciated. It’s amazing how different one’s perception becomes once we step back and really listen to the music and not be caught up in the trivial things.

  20. I thought I described the scene at Ramshead and Taylor and the band honestly. I didn’t read boards during AI or blogs until 2 yrs after he won. There was no cult type kool aide drinking for me, therefore I never felt the need to break away from any cult type thinking.

  21. It is nice to have a spot, a blog where I can give my opinion without upsetting people. Today some fans were all gushing with excitement over the fact that the magazine section of The Sunday Newspapers, has Taylor’s picture posted. Some guy in FL posed the question “What is Taylor Hicks up to these days”. The writer mentioned Tay’s Grease run and his tour and they obviously interviewed Tay, since they quoted him. Now, the fact that some guy in FL once cared, or still cares enough about Tay to ask the question, yet has no clue what Tay is doing, is not so great a thing. The name Taylor Hicks is known by many, but he has been under the radar for a few yrs. But I wouldn’t dare mention any of this on that thread where all the fans were spreading the joy. So it is all a matter of how you look at things.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Great post Rosie. You sound like you are weening off the woo dust…CONGRATS!

  23. Ohhh how I know how you feel about putting a toe back in the water Grey! I haven’t seen Mr. Hicks since the Beacon, when I think the original Gray was in attendance in NYC ( 2006???). Soooooooo….it was quite serendipitous that I should find myself back at a local venue seeing him just last week…. I had initially decided not to see him, because I’ve tried to ween myself away from this very silly addiction…but I got dragged back in, as he was playing 10 minutes away in my home town!!!!! After a long bbq at a friends house, and with my hubby and kids asleep…I snuck out of the house and went to see Tay Tay at a very local venue…for free!!!. The concert had been going on for about 30 minutes, and with a brief convo with the door man, he let me in without a ticket! Now, I’m not sure if he felt pity for me or not, cause I was still sort of buzzed from the bbq to tell, but who cares… I saw the whole concert for just the price of a couple of drinks for the doorman and one for Bill Will (who said “thank you daaaarrrlin’) Now, I know the SP and some here might look down on me for such un-ladylike behavior and not paying for a ticket, but the concert was F@$#king amazing! And this behavior was completely out of character for me….I have a lot more details and a few pics…but what I’m really saying is that I completely understand the “Taylor Syndrome”. I also sat in the reserved section just next to the merch table where Bill was sitting, so I saw all the after concert activities. After the show, I shook Taylor’s hand for the first time (He said nothing to me, and just looked down the line to see who was buying the next tee shirt or CD). BTW…he has a subtle, yet meaty handshake. I no longer feel any woo dust, but was really glad to see Taylor in a fine performance.

  24. casualfan Says:

    I no longer feel any woo dust, but was really glad to see Taylor in a fine performance.
    And I’m looking forward to having the exact experience here in a few weeks. Great recap. 😉

  25. Cool CF : ) Where are you seeing the corpulant dude?

  26. mamaforpeace Says:

    Corpulant??? Damn! He looks in pretty good shape to me.

  27. J/k … as the kids say mama!! He looked great in person, but many of the recent pics I’ve seen make him look like he has a rather large gerth. He looked great to me in person, but there’s no denying the paunch~

  28. casualfan Says:

    momo Says:

    August 8, 2010 at 12:54 am
    Cool CF : ) Where are you seeing the corpulant dude?
    San Luis Obispo at The Brewery. Quaint little place in a cool little town. Looking forward to it. Was going to the show in San Diego, but this venue works better for us. Hopefully, it won’t get cancelled.

  29. casualfan Says:

    Beer belly and good southern food no doubt. 😉

  30. Hope you have as great a time as I did CF! And Amen to the good southern food and BEER!!

  31. casualfan Says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of meeting T once and was blessed to find him completely at ease and VERY talkative. My friends and I have plans to find a table somewhere in the back, enjoy the show and slip out afterwards. No need to shake his hand, get his sweat on me or stand in a long line for an autograph. Been there and done that. Hell, I don’t even have a picture of him with me although everyone else seems to have one. However, I do have a great pic of me and BW together. Total sweetheart.

  32. casualfan Says:

    momo Says:

    August 8, 2010 at 1:20 am
    Hope you have as great a time as I did CF! And Amen to the good southern food and BEER!!
    Oh hell yeah! A spoke with a close friend of mine who lives in Louisiana a few mins ago and I was in complete drool over her talking about the food down there. I think I gained 10lbs just from that conversation. The food culture on the WC is an entirely different world.

  33. CF, I have to agree, with the very brief few second encounter I had with BW, he seemed like a very sweet fellow. I’m totally not an autograph hound, so when I went up to TH at the table on my way out of the venue, I felt sort of awkward and invasive of his space. I just said, ” excellent show”, so I really didn’t expect much of a response. I hope people realize that I’m just being sarcastic when I poke fun here…..

  34. casualfan Says:

    It’s all good momo. One of the many things I love about this blog is that we have the freedom to be sarcastic and poke fun without ppl getting their panties in a wad. I find it entertaining when they lurk here, don’t post but make the sarcastic comments about this so called “reject” blog elsewhere.

  35. taylorfan06 Says:

    definitely going to the san diego show on 8/22, a day after my b-day.
    what better gift? the gift of taylor…. woooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  36. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m with you… I don’t have a picture of me and Taylor either. Well… I should rephrase- one was taken at the one and only meet and greet I attended. I just never bothered to have it developed.(throwaway camera) It was one I won back in the early days and it was at the Birmingham Theatre. I remember it well. You would have thought you were meeting the pope. They moved us from the outside section of the theatre to an inside section and finally backstage to a long table that Taylor was sitting behind not looking very happy to be having to do it. I remember getting up there, not really having anything of substance to say and almost walking away before getting the picture and Bill Will stopped me and asked if I wanted a picture. He took one with me at an odd angle leaning over the table.
    I decided after that that meet and greets were really not for me. I do think Taylor got more friendly as time went on (not incoincidentally as he started collecting money for each one)

  37. Tuesday’s concert is not a small club. Its a rather large college auditorium. Just bought our tickets yesterday and was able to get good seats. But maybe that isn’t a bad sign.. all the cheaper tickets were gone??? Did college kids actually pay $22 ro see Hicks??

    If that’s true then Taylor should sing Bullet Proof! He may be playing to a tough crowd! lol

  38. I’m glad to know that BW is back in the picture. Kind of like the team is all back together. hahahhahaha

    Momo, I’m glad to hear you had a good time. No doubt Taylor will put on a good show…he always does. I’ve only seen him “off” once…and even that was a good show, just not as good as the rest.

    Sweetay..I’m glad to hear that you’re going to the show. The fact that it’s in an auditorium did make me a bit nervous for ticket sales. But it is what it is. I would have preferred seeing him in a bar, but since it’s really, really close…I decided to go for it. 🙂

  39. mamaforpeace Says:

    momo, it’s all good:)

  40. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    I just attended a Tay show and I have to say that for me, the woo dust is a little less potent than it used to be. I enjoyed it, but couldn’t shake the feeling that he was just going through the motions, especially with the signing and photo session afterwards.

    I was outside of the venue before the show and heard several negative comments coming from passersby…one of them stated, “Taylor Hicks…no way, I’d go if it were Taylor Swift”. *sigh*

    He has a lot of damage control to do on his image. I really don’t know if he cares about that or not…but at this moment in time, it is still VERY uncool to attend a Taylor Hicks show which truly makes me sad.

    I am happy I got to see him, but yet, I almost wish he would just take a break and concentrate on rebuilding his career with a superior set of songs on a new album. I want to see him grow as an artist and not rely on the same songs he’s been doing for years…performing in small venues for a small bunch of loyal yet looney fans that will think everything he does is “magic”.

    If he doesn’t step up his game, I am afraid for what his future holds. But, I realize that it is HIS future.

    Maybe I’m just upset because he didn’t sing Bulletproof…LOL IAG, I hope he does that one for you. It was so refreshing to hear something NEW from him.

  41. casualfan Says:

    I enjoyed it, but couldn’t shake the feeling that he was just going through the motions, especially with the signing and photo session afterwards.
    This is the biggest reason why I would not want to approach him afterwards. For me at least, I don’t want an autograph from someone who feels like they “have to” rather than them “wanting to”. Somehow it cheapens the experience and isn’t real.

  42. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Yes, CF….that’s EXACTLY how it felt. It was very forced and he didn’t look like he was enjoying it in the least. As a fan, if you feel like you are just being a bother its not very rewarding. I wish he would just quit doing them.

    My impression was that he’s there doing this tour to push that merchandise and get whatever income he can still get from of touring the Distance.

  43. I almost got a headache reading here just now. No one’s fault but mine, as I kept thinking of my response to each post. They may have closed off some of the college auditorium seats, since there shouldn’t be that many college age kids on campus this time of year. Now with 5 Tay gigs, under my belt, I don’t know why I’ve never brought one of my CD’s to have him sign it or why I didn’t shake his hand last week or get a picture taken with him. I’ve never even taken a photo of him. He does need to stop glancing to see who is in the merchandise line while he is meeting or signing for the one in front of him. He did not give me a good feeling when he signed my tee shirt and now when I’ve read the same from others it wasn’t just my imagination. He has merchandise on his brain these days, because with the price and number of tickets sold and the bus rent, food, driver, BW, Clay, gas and band members to pay he’s loosing money. I think it is a pride thing with him to get out there and tour, and strutt his huge talent and the fairs and festivals provide him his desired large audience. He is under no delusional thinking about his current fame or prospects of having a hit song, but he has balls of steel, is multi talented and assertive. Kris Allen just opened for Daughtry and Gokey for Sugarland, but Taylor is still into being the big deal and doing it on his own terms. Part of why I’m so into him, is that he is just a bit different and it is fun to try to figure him out.

  44. Luv, did you see any of the looney fans? Spill it!

    Taylor should do a sex tape, that will change his image. His fans reaction would be hysterical!

  45. Rosie, when an entertainer is in it more for the money and not because he loves it, people can sense this. Major turn off. As far as meeting with fans, Taylor needs to suck it up and at least pretend that he’s enjoying it and stop glancing at the merch table. People are there to see a show, not to buy his stuff.

    I don’t know what makes Taylor think he can headline his own tour, so I think it is pride, but he’s no Adam Lambert.

  46. mamaforpeace Says:

    I for one am so glad that Taylor is back on the road. That’s what working musicians do. It would be a good thing if he tried some new material, maybe some prospects for a new cd. As far as what he does before and after the show, I prefer that he leaves all he has to give on the stage rather than saving some for the after show parade. But then I am one who wouldn’t feel comfortable on either side of that interaction.

  47. mamaforpeace Says:

    Raven, you are right, he is no Adam Lambert who is more of a stadium filler. Smaller venues fit his style better I think. Nothing wrong with that. When I saw Van Morrison, it was in a small venue in Reno, and I was really glad it was not in a huge arena. I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. However, Bruce Springsteen was perfect for that.

  48. Luv and Momo, still waiting to hear how you thought he sang and performed and interacted with the audience while he was on stage. I thought he did great with all of that last week. So it seems that within this small group of we “haters”, 3 of us saw a concert within the past week, and 3 others have tickets to see him in the near future. Besides those important facts, we put a lot of thought into describing what we saw and felt. Take that, those of you who diss any of us, or this blog in general. Just watched him singing Nineteen at the festival, and no one I can think of could have done it better, much less as well.

  49. Raven, Taylor is into it because he loves singing and music and entertaining. He also likes being his own boss and calling the shots. He is concentrating on how to best keep that going, and that is also why he does his TV gigs, and did Broadway, the tv press, and is tweeting.

  50. Fairhope Says:

    Wow! I’m reading posts about taylor being not so friendly in the meet and greet lines! Imagine that!! If he hates meeting his fans so much he needs to stop doing it after his shows. It’s a turn off Taylor and it makes your fans uneasy!!! Either suck it up and pretend you like your fans or stop doing the after show m&gs.

  51. lol, Rosie, unless you are in Taylor’s head, there’s no way to know that.

  52. Rosie, maybe Taylor is in music so that he can get layed by as many girls as possible and just make as much money as possible, too. Just sayin.

  53. mamaforpeace Says:

    I don’t really know what to say about that, Raven, except that I tend to attribute the best possible motives to people until proven otherwise.

  54. I am really confused since I have heard most say that Taylor was very nice to everyone getting things signed. I’ve seen video of him making sure those who wanted pics got them and even allowed do-overs. So I really don’t know if people are expecting him to greet them like a long lost friend or what? LOL. I’m sure he has to keep an eye on the line so he can gage his time ensuring that everyone gets pics and stuff signed. The one time I saw him signing things it was behind a fence and he was very nice and signed everything that was handed to him.
    Why shouldn’t he tour The Distance? It never got a real tour. He is mixing in some great covers. It’s not like he’s going to tour it for a year. I think it was a pleasant surprise for his fans that he was hitting the road. Seems to me he is doing it for the shear love of doing it. With the tour bus, band and small venues he is not making a killing. He’s back paying his dues as a working musician. I think it’s something to be commended not knocked down. Just because we have heard the songs off The Distance for a while doesn’t mean he is not reaching new people who have never heard them. I think this short tour is just the thing to get his juices flowing again and get some talk going about him before he stops and writes another CD. The fact that he is re-visiting TV stations and keeping those relationships fresh is a huge plus. He is not going to turn around negative remarks and suddenly get cool with a new CD no matter how good it is. He is going to have to do what he is doing and use that blue collar work ethic he has and just keep going out there touching as many people as he can. He is surpising people and winning them over during his concerts so that is what he needs to be doing. He’s got the ghost show and the Lyric show coming up and other opportunities he is looking at. The man is doing everything he can to keep his name out there and make good impressions. Once a negative image is out there it’s hard to turn around. He’ll just have to keep plugging away like he’s been doing. The fact that he is making great impressions with guys like Ivan Neville and the Jam band scene as well as Eric Claptons guys a few years ago. All this is going to help his reputation. Just to have some cred with great working musicians is going to work in his favor in the long run. Seems to me Taylor is doing fine.

  55. AND now a word from our sponser. LOL.

  56. mamaforpeace Says:

    Well said, Dee!

  57. Great post Dee and I agree with everything you said. He was nice and friendly and chatty when he signed for people after Grease in NY. Last Tues. I was only about the 4th person in line. He signed for the people in front of me, posed for pics and shook hands. Perhaps he kept glancing towards the end of the line, because there was hardly a line at that point. Some of the regulars were outside taking a smoke and the rest of the audience hadn’t exited the theater . I only mentioned it last week because I had heard about Pissy Tay, and really his look was more one of concern. I know he must love seeing new faces and long lines such as he had at the Pig gig.

  58. Raven, one thing I do know is Taylor loves music, singing, performing and entertaining and making a living from doing same.

  59. hicksaholic Says:

    I don’t get the impression Taylor likes interacting with the fans and quite frankly who can blame him? Some of the fans are a little scary and a lot of them are very nice people but probably have very little in common with Taylor.

  60. He has a few who tweet him who annoy me, so I hate to think how they would behave in person face to face with him. lol

  61. casualfan Says:

    Very good post Dee. Rosie, I like your inside view too.

    Taylor sitting down and signing merch after each show is something that not every musician does. I think it’s great and a bonus to the fans to have him do that. No doubt his adrenaline is pumping in full force, he’s probably hungry, hot and tired. I would think that having ADD doesn’t help his plight in having to basically sit still and endure the autographs and pics. But for whatever reason, he does it.

    The negative side to him doing all of that is sometimes certain fans start to feel like they are entitled to him doing that at every single show and they get highly upset if he doesn’t come out. I can see why he’s on the alert and even a little antsy at times. He has cause to be.

    But as I said earlier, I’m over the autograph signing, no need for pictures, video taking or anything else. The only thing I expect—-and I know I will get, is a great performance from Taylor Hicks when he takes the stage.

  62. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    August 8, 2010 at 9:07 pm
    He has a few who tweet him who annoy me, so I hate to think how they would behave in person face to face with him. lol
    His timeline has gotten way passed the ridiculous point with all the tattling, including Taylor in every single tweet, trying to engage him into their cliques and upstaging one another to see who he responds to. It’s the same people who had to “control the show” on the AI boards, start their own blogs/fansites and bully the fans who they deem as unworthy. But these folks obviously need to feel important somewhere so now Twitter is their playground.

  63. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Sorry had to run off before….but I’m back to briefly address some things. Lol

    Raven, yes there were some real “special” fans at the show including several high profile individuals that were up to their usual tricks. Some things never change. And I vote a big thumbs up on that sex tape idea…..purely selfish reasons of course.

    Rosie, my opinion of the show was that Taylor sounded good and had some great moments. However, most of those special moments were when he was performing cover songs. I don’t have a problem with people doing covers and he does an amazing job with them…. Bulletproof is a great example. I just think that without a strong set of new original music in his arsenal he won’t ever be truly in the game.

    The meet and greets seem very painful for him. While he appears to be happy and nice to his fans, if you watch him closely you can tell he hates it. I know that selling merchandise is his number one goal, not necessarily meeting his fans. If that wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have a cardboard poster of himself saying “meet Tayor Hicks” and he wouldn’t have changed into his own t-shirt for the encores. JMHO.

    But hey, the guy has to make a living. Lol As a fan and a former wanna be groupie, I just want him to think more long term and not just about turning around a quick buck. Its not gaining him that many new fans. The majority of the people I saw at the show were the die-hards and he had them already.

    But again, all of this is my opinion and Taylor may be totally happy with where he is right now, or maybe he’ll make me eat my words and come out with a kick ass album to match the kick ass merchandise ; )

  64. WOW. Luv, I’m impressed you have the power to watch Taylor closely and are able to know what he is thinking. LOL.

  65. Good points Casualfan.

  66. taylorfan06 Says:

    Luv said:

    if you watch him closely you can tell he hates it. I know that selling merchandise is his number one goal, not necessarily meeting his fans.


    It statements like this that make me so crazy! Why the all knowing attitude? Can’t the man just be who he is? Who to say he loves it or hates it? It’s just an ends to a means in the career he’s chosen for himself. The times I’ve met him he’s been gracious and animated. But aren’t we entitled to a bad day once in a while. Until you’ve walked in the man’s boots, leave the overanalysis, judgments, and drama out of here. It’s so nice how some here know how he should run his career, behave with the fans, and which songs he should sing. I guess your lives are going so well that you have the time to tell someone else how to run their lives! I just had to get that off my chest.

    I hope that my thoughts don’t get edited here. I’ve always read that this is the place for varying opinions. We’ll see how true that is. That’s also part of the reason I don’t post as often as before. Some thoughts here are just as crazy as the people you judge on the “other” boards for their behavior at T’s shows. Can we get a handle on the hypocrisy??

    Thank you.

  67. taylorfan06 Says:

  68. taylorfan06 Says:

    I don’t get the impression Taylor likes interacting with the fans and quite frankly who can blame him? Some of the fans are a little scary and a lot of them are very nice people but probably have very little in common with Taylor.

    Good point hicks. As T said in “Heaven Knows”, won’t you give me some slack…. maybe a message to the fans? hmmmmmm…..

  69. taylorfan06 Says:

  70. taylorfan06 Says:

    btw dee – i really enjoyed the post you wrote earlier. you make a lot of sense to me. truly! i hope our paths cross at one of T’s gigs someday.
    i also like reading yours posts elsewhere…

  71. taylorfan06 Says:

    that was “elsewhere”…

  72. hicksaholic Says:

    IAG, is it almost concert time for you?

  73. Thanks. Would love to meet you too TF6. We usually play pretty nice here. Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion.

    If a picture is worth a thousand words a video must be worth at least twice that. LOL.

  74. I won a meet and greet back in 2007, and that was the only time I met Taylor. He signed my Under The Radar CD, told me the spelling of my name was pretty (that got me fangirly at the time – “OMG! He looked at me and said the word pretty!”), and when I explained that I was named after a Scottish folk song, the conversation turned into a mini-discussion of The Chieftains and Van Morrison.

    Taylor was very nice and animated with me, but to be honest, I think it’s because I got lucky and the conversation turned to something he was interested in . . . music that he loves. And I was able to honestly tell him how impressed I was with his musical knowledge for actually KNOWING the song I was named after. It was a pretty awesome 3 minutes of my life.

    I guess all the speculation about whether or not Taylor likes to meet the fans, put that moment in ancient Taylor history into my head. And I can’t honestly say that Taylor would have been as enthusiastic if all he had to respond to was a babbling stream of gushing proclamations of love and devotion. Now, I don’t know Taylor from a can of paint, but I have to imagine that it would be hard for him to come up with anything beyond, “Thank you.,” when responding to the gushers.

    Does he still have gushers? Seriously . . . I’m curious to know.

  75. mamaforpeace Says:

    T-minus 1!!!

  76. hicksaholic Says:

    Lucky you MOP!!!

  77. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry not MOP, MFP.

  78. hicksaholic Says:

    You’re probably right- you did luck up. In all fairness to Taylor unless he is extroverted enough to initiate a conversation with a fan most encounters are probably two individuals who don’t know each other struggling to find a way to start talking to each other. Plus I guess depending on the number of people waiting Taylor can’t start asking questions and have a lengthy conversation with just one fan.

  79. You were right the first time Hicksaholic. After she sees Tay they will have to MOP her up. LOL.

    Someone Tweeted this. Hope it’s true.

    Taylor Hicks reaches #20 on iTunes world singles chart with charity single SOS (Save My Body, Save My Soul)

  80. mamaforpeace Says:

    Hicks and Dee, I wish it were MY T-minus 1!!! I was talking about Grey. I’m really looking forward to her recap. Taylor will be in my neck of the woods in a couple of weeks, but it’s just when school starts again. I don’t think I could drive back the 2 hours from SF in the middle of the night, and be alert enough for parent orientation the next day! I saw Taylor twice last year, and I may still catch him later on in this tour… I hope:)

  81. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    “WOW. Luv, I’m impressed you have the power to watch Taylor closely and are able to know what he is thinking. LOL.”
    Dee, if I recall, I stated that it was all just my humble opinion. You are free to make your own assessment. I like that about this blog. I personally got the impression from my own meetings with him that he doesn’t like meet and greets, but feels he has to do it at this point in his career.
    I am not angry at him on that…In fact, I stated that I wished he would stop doing them if he doesn’t like them. He’s only obligated to create great music and good shows.

    I consider myself to be fairly in touch with people’s body language and if you can’t see how uncomfortable he is than i don’t know what to tell you. Like TF06 said, who could blame him when many of his fans probably scare the crap out of him. Lol

    I just want him to write some better music…maybe take a breather for a while to do that. If he wants to reach that next level, I think he has no other options. As Taylor would say, I’m just “keeping it real”. A little tough love if you will. Lol

    Believe it or not, Tay is one of my favorite people in show biz and I only want the best for him : ) I am just one of many opinionated people out there in Tayland who is invested in this man’s career for some bizarre reason that I can’t explain. *sigh*

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    I give T a lot of credit for doing what he has to do regarding his meeting with the fans. With all the hard work he does traveling and performing, and interviewing, I know that I personally would just want some time out to just be alone. All that activity must take its toll. And for being such a private person as he portrays himself, I feel it’s a labor of love for him to give back to the fans who obviously appreciate who he is and how he makes them feel.

    Some here say they don’t care about taking pictures with T or getting an autograph. If you honestly feel that way, that’s fine. Personally, I enjoy the chance to meet with him just to say thanks for what he has added to my life musically. I bet he gets that a lot, but why not give him something back. I’m still taken aback by his handsomeness and beautiful complexion. So sue me already. LOL

  83. taylorfan06 Says:

  84. taylorfan06 Says:

    btw, i love that Ronnie Dunn. Not so much for Kix Brooks. What a poser riding the coattails of Ronnie for 20 years…. I hope Ronnie releases a solo cd soon (not like all the B&D cd’s weren’t actually Ronnie Dunn releases).

    I mean didn’t he write and sing lead on all their hits??? that Kix is some lucky SOB… don’t cha think?

  85. casualfan Says:

    And the beat goes on….

  86. Tay sure got lots of SP mommas, don’t he?

  87. Luv, All I can go by is what I see. The one time I saw him he was very involved with the fans and the clip above of the fans in line, if you watch until the end he is very engaged and talking with everyone the whole time. I personally would hate trying to smile for pictures with everyone. I’m sure his jaw is sore before he’s done. There is no way anyone could give a natural smile that many times. LOL. Is he UP for every single signing? I doubt if he or anyone else could be UP for every single signing. For an admitted shy guy with ADD I think he does well. LOL.
    LUV you are more than welcome to your opinions and you have some valid points, so all is good. I too wish for some new music but I know even a great song is not going to do it for him all by it’s self. I hope somehow he can crack that radio barrier and get some traction with a song on the charts. It might be worth it for him to throw some money out there to move a single up the I-tunes chart to get some notice. I don’t know but I’m sure he’s going to try his best.

  88. casualfan Says:

    I don’t know but I’m sure he’s going to try his best.
    As Budda says: “Either DO or DON”T. There’s no TRY” 😉

  89. casualfan Says:

    Not sure what’s more disturbing…someone who actually videotapes the line of fans to get Taylor’s reaction on tape, or someone who stands in the shadows continuously to watch the lines and to observe Taylor’s reactions with the fans.

    I have never belonged to another fandom and after my Soul Patrol experience, will never partake in another.

    And people wonder why he continuously scans the lines and his surroundings?

  90. casualfan, he scans the lines for crazies. I’m sure he knows who they are. Can’t say I blame him there. Something tells me Taylor has had a few scary interactions with fans. oh, to be a fly on the wall!

  91. As Budda says: “Either DO or DON”T. There’s no TRY”
    Hmmm. I’ll have to think about that. CF LOL.

    As far as the filming. I don’t think they were filming to analyze Taylor’s reactions to fans I think they were just filming the experience. I swear I don’t know how we have turned into a society who films every experience we have. LOL. Just go to any school and watch how many parents are filming every moment of their childs program. I tease some of my friends who do so that their kids are going to be tramatized looking back on something they did in school and realizing they sucked at singing or playing an instrument or whatever when the kids have such outstanding memories of how fabulous they were. LOL. I get some pics and video here and there but I don’t think my child’s every breath needs to be captured. LOL.

    Raven- You bet!! Every Celeb needs to be scanning for the crazies. LOL. At least for Grease he had body guards. LOL.

  92. Yeah, you’re right Dee, looks like he doesn’t have any body guards. The small venues probably don’t have security team. I guess Bill Will is his body guard?

  93. casualfan Says:

    Don’t underestimate Bill. I witnessed him in action at the last show I was at with a nutjob. He handled her very, very well indeed. It was almost as entertaining to watch as the show itself!

  94. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m with you- I don’t think Taylor likes meet and greets. Just my personal opinion.

  95. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf said: Not sure what’s more disturbing…someone who actually videotapes the line of fans to get Taylor’s reaction on tape, or someone who stands in the shadows continuously to watch the lines and to observe Taylor’s reactions with the fans.

    c’mon cf. knock it off with the analysis. it’s JUST a video!!!!
    Dee, once again you are the voice of reason. i like your style!

  96. taylorfan06 Says:

    that should have read “OVER-analysis”. i know i’m definitely “over” it!

  97. mamaforpeace Says:

    As Budda says: “Either DO or DON”T. There’s no TRY”
    Or as WC Fields said: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.
    Sorry… that quote just cracks me up!

  98. casualfan Says:

    TF6-GET OVER IT! If you don’t like…DON’T READ. 😉

  99. casualfan Says:

    mamaforpeace Says:

    August 9, 2010 at 2:53 pm
    As Budda says: “Either DO or DON”T. There’s no TRY”
    Or as WC Fields said: If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There’s no point in being a damn fool about it.
    Sorry… that quote just cracks me up!

  100. taylorfan06 Says:

    i choose to keep reading, thank you. i guess i struck a nerve.
    so sorry. it’s just with all this talk about the “crazies” out there, i see it hitting pretty close to here sometimes… JM(honest)O

  101. casualfan Says:

    TF6-If we all had the same opinions and thoughts on things, this blog would be boring as hell. Even the die-hards love lurking over here for sheer entertainment value.

    Gotta love it!

  102. taylorfan06 Says:

    my point is just about the drama… never cared for the soaps.

  103. casualfan Says:

    You’ll live.

  104. taylorfan06 Says:

    i’ll be livin’ large on the 22nd!!!

  105. Back to the music and his performances on this little tour: Caryl saw him in NY and has posted her opinion on he blog. She thinks he has stepped up his game and so do I. He is not the bodyguard protected Tay from 07, or the shadow gig Tay from 2009.

  106. hicksaholic Says:

    The only thing I might enjoy more than a Taylor concert is him describing his encounters with fans. He was on a sports show as part of the Regions Classaic and made a statement to the effect that you wouldn’t believe some of the things and he would just leave it at that.
    TF6, do you really think there is a lot of drama on this blog? I don’t- I think most of the time the posters just agree to disagree if they aren’t on the same page. The Boogie can have more of a pack mentality and the dissenter can be made to feel a little uncomfortable. Not all the time but sometimes and I do think it’s better now that it was at one point.
    The way I see it is everyone who is posting here or on the Boogie on a routine basis is definitely a Taylor fan or they wouldn’t be here. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on your point of view, Taylor’s lack of commercial success has meant other idol fans don’t come to cause trouble anymore.

  107. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    LOL, TF6, I guess you meant scotch…, I’ll take that over kool-aid everytime…and yes, I respect IAG’s posts, and I know I’ll enjoy the review he/she puts up. No offense to anyone, else, I’m sure their reviews are what they perceive the concert to be. I do realize Taylor’s concerts are entertainment, to be enjoyed, not analyzed, that isn’t my point..just wanted to know how someone who seems to have some of the same thoughts I do, on being a fan, who just can’t seem to let go, and keeps getting pulled back in, feels about his performance on this tour. That’s all. Not accusing anyone else of being biased and dishonest. Poor choice of words on my part. 😦

  108. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    August 9, 2010 at 6:35 pm
    Back to the music and his performances on this little tour: Caryl saw him in NY and has posted her opinion on he blog. She thinks he has stepped up his game and so do I. He is not the bodyguard protected Tay from 07, or the shadow gig Tay from 2009.
    Who’s Caryl?

    Congrats to him Rosie! Woohoo!

  109. He’s killing it in Chicago tonight – lots of blues & funk & harp. Rumor is “Bulletproof” for the encore – we’ll see.

  110. casualfan Says:

    Chicago has always been a good place for him. Blues, funk, harp and soul=Taylor!

  111. Encore was Rod Stewart’s “Stay With Me” and “Bulletproof”! Sorry Grey – hope he repeats it for you tomorrow night.

  112. Omg! Maybe he was confused!! Didn’t I say Tuesday though?!?!

  113. casualfan Says:

    You’ll get a great show tomorrow night Grey! Tonight was his warm-up 😉

  114. I can’t wait to see video of it and HOTYL from tonight. He loves playing in Chicago.

  115. As soon as anybody finds video, bring it over, k?

  116. casualfan Says:

    I betcha he’s at Buddy Guys continuing the par-TAY!

  117. taylorfan06 Says:

    One of my favorites! What about you?

  118. casualfan Says:

    This is MY favorite by far.

  119. Have fun tonight Grey. That was a good set list last night. If you don’t get Bulletproof, maybe you will get ‘What’d I Say’ and ya can uh and ahh and oh along with Tay Tay, and shake your thing.

  120. Not sure when vids will appear – lots of people were doing OH, MI, & both in IL, so, they are on their way to Springfield & won’t get to d/ling their media for a few days, they say. Yes, also a warning there may be fervent SP tonight, though, most names I’ve seen aren’t whackos.

  121. Looks like you will have several feet separating you from the stage.

  122. hicksaholic Says:

    I didn’t realize he was playing in Chicago last nite. Did he have a full house?

  123. Hicks- Reports were it was sold out.

  124. I don’t think it was sold out…they were still trying to sell tickets for Chicago yesterday morning.

  125. OMG. It was Tuesday, Taylor. Tuesday=Bulletproof.

  126. casualfan Says:

    They always say his shows are sold out.

  127. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    The only thing I might enjoy more than a Taylor concert is him describing his encounters with fans.
    Oh Hicksaholic, you and me BOTH! I want some dirt and dish, but then again what if I found myself on the “crazies” list….skeered. Lol

    Dee, I am happy that we can agree on some points. I totally think you are right about the measures he may have to take to get even a great song on the radio or itunes. I’m am seriously thinking that he should put his good looks to use and spend some time on that “casting couch”…LOL

    Have a great time tonight IAG!! Front row is da bomb!!!

  128. Heck why stop at the fans I want a tell all book about Idol. LOL.
    Maybe when Idol is done with we can get the real scoop on what went down.

  129. Yay, I escaped Jury Duty, all the cases were settled. What’s up with the fans so often jumping the gun and spreading the word concerts are sold out? I would love to see vids of the audiences and more wide angle shots of the entire band. Guess I shouldn’t complain since I provide no audio or vids. I really hope this show sells well as I don’t recall him playing in any other college auditoriums.

  130. “I don’t think it was sold out…they were still trying to sell tickets for Chicago yesterday morning.”

    Reggie’s also had a bright yellow notice on their webiste yesterday as late as 7:30 PM (when it was too late to order them online) that there would be “plenty of tickets available at the door.”
    I took a screen cap of it – lol.

    But whether it was sold out or not, sounds like it was a good show.
    Hope the Reggie’s staff was left with a better opinion of Taylor (the man, not the singer) than @pennydreadfully at Fat Fish. An “uncouth prick”??? ouch!!

  131. casualfan Says:

    It’s called delusional thinking Rosie. No doubt in their world, it was sold out!

    On another note…he will probably have a lot of fun playing for the college crowd tonight. He use to play those gigs way back when. It’s alot different than a club and will be a nice change of pace. At least IMO.

  132. casualfan Says:

    I took a screen cap of it – lol.
    hahaha! Good thinking! Now post that in a forum and watch the little angry bees get worked up….I dare ya 😉

  133. hicksaholic Says:

    Is pennydeadfully part of the staff at Fat Fish? What brought on her calling him an “uncouth prick”?

  134. An “uncouth prick”? I wonder what brought that on? Ya never know. Maybe the woman made a pass at him and got rejected. Or maybe he thinks he’s too good for anybody. But whatever, it’s an ouch!

  135. The College is not in session yet. Might be a few summer students there. I bumped on this article about auditorium doesn’t sound good.

  136. casualfan Says:

    hicksaholic Says:

    August 10, 2010 at 3:21 pm
    Is pennydeadfully part of the staff at Fat Fish? What brought on her calling him an “uncouth prick”?
    LMAO! Where is this posted? WTF is an Uncouth Prick?

  137. CF says:
    LMAO! Where is this posted? WTF is an Uncouth Prick?

    I don’t know but it sounds sexy. LOL.

    BUT then how much credence can we give someone going by the name “pennydeadfully”. LOL.

  138. casualfan Says:

    Sounds like a Twit name. T probably thinks of it as a compliment. LOL!

  139. Okay peeps…heading to dinner, then to the concert.


  140. mamaforpeace Says:

    Have a great time, Grey!

  141. casualfan Says:

    Have a great time Grey!

  142. Grey will see that his pants don’t look quite as snug as they do on the vids and he sounds better in person. As I sit here in my ( yellow bellied sap sucker) T.H. tee shirt, I’m wishing Grey a good time. Let the music begin…

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