He’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!

Wow..good job Taylor! He even remembered the lyrics!!

And how great is it to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less playing with him again! Sometimes, things just seem to come full circle.

I’m glad to see him getting back into the funk that he does so well. ๐Ÿ™‚

After watching that last one…well, I don’t have any words. That was awesome…and just what I’ve been hanging around for. Way to start off the Badass Tour 2010! Now, I just hope they’re some merch with badass on it!! ๐Ÿ˜‰


75 Responses to “He’s baaaaaaaaaaack!!”

  1. Wonderful wish I had been there. Bullet Proof ??? OK But I must say the last song that Taylor wrote was better IMO. Maybe he was sending a message with Bullet Proof. LOL.

  2. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Loved, loved, loved “Bulletproof”…and “Ain’t Gonna Hurt Nobody”…thought he was in fine voice. Good music !

  3. hicksaholic Says:

    Every time I hear Hold On to Your Love I love it more. It’s perfect for Taylor’s voice and he can do it a hundred different ways.

  4. I loved Bulletproof. I personally think that’s the kind of music he should be singing instead of what is on The Distance.

  5. Someone stated over on Mj’s that they thought he should be doing Country and Blues. I think that’s part of Taylor’s problem IMO. He doesn’t really have a genre. As a fan I enjoy whatever he wants to sing because can do everything so well. BUT from a marketing stand point it makes him a hard sell because people don’t know what to expect from him. He plays at a jamband concert but those people probably would not like The Distance. He says he’s going more country but his concerts don’t sound even pop country.
    I don’t know I may be wrong just my opinion.

  6. I think Taylor should do whatever Taylor thinks he should do. And I totally loved Bulletproof. And I sure wouldn’t mind hearing more like it.
    Why does everyone have to fit in a box? They haven’t made the box that can hold Taylor Hicks. Did I say that? ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. I get where you are coming from Henry8. I just think if he was in “a box ” to quote you, he could be marketed and sold easier. Then once he’s successful on a larger scale then he could do whatever he wanted.

  8. casualfan Says:

    Taylor seems to really excel in funk, soul and blues more than anything else, maybe because those genera’s are mostly old school flavored. That’s his roots and he seems to be going back to those roots and rightfully so.

    Taylor Hicks is a working class musician and IMO-there’s nothing better. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. casualfan Says:

    Taylor recently talked about that in an interview Dee. He asked to define success and what is being successful. There is a difference. Many artists have success in record sales and in airplay, but are they truly successful? Taylor is indeed successful and on his own terms. I and others may not agree with all he does, but I don’t think anyone here can deny that he has great music integrity and has developed into his own. I think the end of Grease, parting ways with previous management and AI has freed him completely.

    Caged animal he is…or was.

  10. casualfan Says:

    On another note…I seriously LOVE this quote. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The fire you kindle for your enemy often burns yourself more than him. -Chinese Proverbs

  11. I’ll agree with you on that, CF. Taylor is successful…and he can definitely say he did it his own way. And even if he goes back to doing small clubs…he will still be doing what it seems he loves best…performing.

  12. Back to the first song. When Taylor tweeted the artist and song here is what I tweeted him. LOL.

    @TaylorRHicks not sure I like this LaRoux. But, I could hear you putting your own spin on this song.

  13. I thought he did a great job with Bulletproof and he funked it up. I was jumping up and down over the fact he hardly did anything from The Distance. I never got why he chose most of the songs on that CD and I grew tired of the CD. I still listen to his TH cd and don’t think there is a bad song on it and I listen to Early Works. I think he was a little lost when he did The Distance. He had figured out that many who liked what he did on AI didn’t purchase his first CD and then there were the fans who did buy it but didn’t care for it. He also read about those who posted they liked his pre AI stuff. Anyway it seems to have a good mix starting out this tour. Maybe now and then he will include other songs from AI, although ‘Not Fade Away’ is a good song to start a concert. Hope he does a few we all love such as Hollywood Nights. Guess what I’m trying to say is he should do what he wants and what suits his voice and performance style.

  14. He is not as successful as he deserves to be. I saw the pics of him inside and outside his bus and he looked so happy. Touring on a bus was his dream. These small venues, 6 band members to pay and the travel expenses, won’t be very profitable with 300 or less tickets sold, per gig. I think he may even lose money. However, I think he has revamped his image, is looking and sounding more edgy and will do more down and dirty numbers and current songs like Bulletproof, and people may pay attention. It is obvious to me now, he felt caged in the cone.

  15. Fairhope Says:

    OMG!! Why wasn’t I there!!! I LOVED Bullet Proof!! LOVED IT! I can’t watch anymore videos. It makes the little green monster come out in me!

  16. Fairhope Says:

    I am going to be the first one to say it…..Why was that Crystal skank there? SHe is in serious need of a stylist!!! What the hell was up with the aqua shoes??? Whatever….call me jealous. He’s too good for her!

  17. LOL. Fairhope…. I to have my say too…. I really don’t care if he is dating some “Crack Ho”…. as long as he keeps doing concerts like this… All is Good. LOL.

  18. Oops take out the first “to”. In my post. LOL.

  19. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    July 26, 2010 at 6:24 pm
    I am going to be the first one to say itโ€ฆ..Why was that Crystal skank there? SHe is in serious need of a stylist!!! What the hell was up with the aqua shoes??? Whateverโ€ฆ.call me jealous. Heโ€™s too good for her!
    LOL! Why you calling Crystal Hunt a skank? And where do you get he’s dating her? Just because she was at the show doesn’t mean anything. A friend of hers tweeted that she was with Crystal at the show and had a blast. Didn’t say anything about T and Crystal being together.

  20. FH sounds like one of the grannies with “He’s too good for her!” Ya know at least a dozen fans are thinking the same thing. She could be in NY for her career, but if she starts to show up at other gigs, then I guess they’d be an item.

  21. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    itsallgrey Says:
    July 26, 2010 at 11:19 am

    I loved Bulletproof. I personally think thatโ€™s the kind of music he should be singing instead of what is on The Distance.
    This old “rocker mom” couldn’t agree more. I loved his cover of “lowdown” a while back,and think he has a Boz Scaggs vibe, big time. Yeah, I know it’s old 70’s type stuff, but that’s what he does best. However, he did a fantastic job covering Ray L’s “Trouble” that’s current. What I wouldn’t give to hear him do that one in it’s entirety.

    Bluesy, jazzy, funky Taylor….and I don’t give a flying flip who he dates…(getting his horns trimmed regularly probably contributes to his fabulous performances.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ nor do I care what he wears, or how many times he wiggles his butt. I’m not blind or dead, so I can appreciate his good looks, however that’s just icing on the cake. I have no illusions that he’s going to see me in the audience and fall head over heels in love , and carry me off to live happily ever after. (that train left over 30 years ago,LOL!) I just love his music, and I’m glad to see him back to doing the type music his voice is suited for.

  22. Fairhope Says:

    Okay, let me rephrase! She is portraying herself as a skank by the way she dresses.

  23. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    July 26, 2010 at 7:48 pm
    Okay, let me rephrase! She is portraying herself as a skank by the way she dresses.
    LOL! I WUV you FH.

  24. casualfan Says:

    LOL-FH, guess you struck a nerve with Henry 8. She’s on Chill’s blog referring to your post about Crystal. LMAO!

  25. I checked out the photos and saw the shoes and braclet which were different shades of aqua. Maybe she has a shoe fetish and she and Tay have that in common. It was good publicity for Tay that the photographer took pics of the young and celebs. I just love his voice and phrasing on Bulletproof. BTW, I think it is fine to lust after the sexy Hicks.

  26. Dee Says:
    July 26, 2010 at 2:59 pm e

    Back to the first song. When Taylor tweeted the artist and song here is what I tweeted him. LOL.

    @TaylorRHicks not sure I like this LaRoux. But, I could hear you putting your own spin on this song.

    So, Dee…you’re responsible for this? Thanks, girl! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Bluesy, jazzy, funky Taylorโ€ฆ.and I donโ€™t give a flying flip who he datesโ€ฆ(getting his horns trimmed regularly probably contributes to his fabulous performances.) ๐Ÿ˜‰ nor do I care what he wears, or how many times he wiggles his butt. Iโ€™m not blind or dead, so I can appreciate his good looks, however thatโ€™s just icing on the cake. I have no illusions that heโ€™s going to see me in the audience and fall head over heels in love , and carry me off to live happily ever after. (that train left over 30 years ago,LOL!) I just love his music, and Iโ€™m glad to see him back to doing the type music his voice is suited for.

    Amen, PSA. Amen.

  28. Fairhope Says:

    Heifer is just mad because she ran out to Payless and bought a pair just like them and then she saw my post!

  29. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    LMAO, FH, you are too much…funny stuff! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. hahahahahaha, they match my turquoise leggings. ๐Ÿ˜†

  31. casualfan Says:

    LMAO! FH! U R hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  32. Loved the disco songs and of course HOTYL is always fantastic! I have to say tho, and this is only my opinion, he looked very awkward and nerdy during the disco songs. He sang them fantastically, but I guess he’s always been a bit dorky in an endearing way.

  33. For those of you that love Bulletproof, here’s the mp3 off of the video:



  34. Tay did not come off the least bit dorky to me in this concert. Here’s what I think. The bright red guitar, the skin tight jeans, the rock band, and choice of songs and less harp playing are meant to show his edgy, hot rocking side. His genre comprises the entire (rock and roll) era, from 1957 onward. Getting rid of the obscure Hey Pokey Way and going with the rocking Not Fade Away, check out the vid, shows his intent to step up the rock aspect. This is not the suit wearing dancing TayTay from AI singing a song from the 50’s. This is guy trying to grab his audience from the get go. I meant by the entire rock and roll era, the last 50 plus years of music.

  35. Rosie, I agree with your post…well except for the part about Taylor not being dorky. For me, that’s been one of his most endearing qualities about him and his music. He doesn’t care what anybody thinks about his dancing, he’s doing it anyway. Good for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Since I know that a bunch of people read here but never post, I want to explain something I said a few days ago. FH was the first one to say it was embarressing that the regular concert attending SP, shushed Peeps in bar and club setting, when Tay sang 19 or MYS. For whatever insular reasons, the regulars think everyone in the audience has that cd and all his cd’s and knows all his songs. They don’t or haven’t, so let the damn gig go with the flow. You’ve heard him sing 19 so often, so what do ya care if the cell cert isn’t perfect or there is talking during the song? He does not want people coming across as his mom or protectors at his concert. He knows how and when to say shh. I get so worked up over the fact that (some) of the regulars think their opinions and behavior is the only correct ones. This blog is a great place. I’d be bruised and battered if I said this on the BB. Anyone who thinks that open discussions or even a little poking fun is a bad think for Taylor is mistaken. I’m into the BB, and there is just as much he should or shouldn’ts and I like this or that over as here. It is just more in depth here and more meaningful. I’m so psyched about this tour and it is so important for him to gain new fans and see new faces and have a different vibe and feedback from his audience.

  37. Fairhope Says:

    Idk…I think he looked pretty hot during bullet proof. I didn’t see dorky at all!

  38. If you want to check out nerdy, dorky and gawd awful, check out the vids of Reben and Clay on their current joint tour. What were they thinking!!!

  39. That would be Ruben, not Reben– or does Rueben spell it like Tay R. whatever

  40. casualfan Says:

    I would love to see Clay and Rueben. Saw R a few years back live and he was at the top of his game. Awesome performer. Sure Clay is the same.

  41. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Hi everyone. Can I interupt to ask a favor? A couple of years ago, the troop drive, AKA, me, did a drive and got all the fan clubs from Season 5 to help the Dream Foundation. dreamfoundation.org The Dream Foundation was the first organization created that helped grant wishes to terminally ill adults. The terminally ill recipient wanted to go to an American Idol concert. That was her wish. But she was too ill to travel. So I recruited all the fans from all the idols in Season 5 and everyone went through their goodies-autographs, concert videos that they put on dvd’s, pictures, etc an sent them off to the Dream Foundation. The woman received lots of great things and was very happy. She loved all the idols from Season 5. She passed on shortly after, and her young son kept everything to remember his mother by. The woman and her son would watch American Idol Season 5 together in bed because she was sick, and it was their special time together. Anyway, I received word that the Dream Foundation is in need of donated air miles. For the first time, their air mile donation is depleted. They have a waiting list of terminally ill adults and they have no air miles left. There are lots of Taylor fans who travel all over to see him, and they may have air miles saved up. If anyone has any air miles that they want to donate, it would make a dream come true for an adult who does not have much time left. This is the link to donate. https://www.dreamfoundation.org/airline-miles.html Thank you!

  42. casualfan Says:

    Wish I could help your cause PBF, but my miles are already earmarked. I’m guessing the SP is using up their miles to fly to T’s shows-especially with the economy being as it is.

    Good luck with your venture.

  43. PurpleButterflies Says:

    So I recruited all the fans from all the idols in Season 5
    Correction. That should say I recruited all the fans from all the idols in every season, not just Season 5

    Thanks CF. I just told them that I would put the word out. I’m not having a drive or anything.

  44. casualfan Says:

    Someone must have left the window open in the basement of the psycho ward. There’s some seriously f****d up peeps in Twitville and in the blogosphere.

  45. casualfan Says:

    You always have a heart PBF. I do wish I could help, but my thoughts are with them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  46. So, it’s field trip day at the Soul Patrol Home for the Mentally Deranged, is it? Do I go and read, or do something really exciting, like wash my dishes? Tough call . . . ๐Ÿ˜›

  47. casualfan Says:

    hahaha! Go wash your dishes soulaz. It’s not the dedicated fans doing it. They are all over on ning and on the BB celebrating T’s concert tonight.

    Some slipped thru the net and are roaming free. I’m off to play the Sims3. At least my Sim leads an interesting life.


  48. casualfan Says:

    Did I ever mention that I’m writing a treatment for a suspense novel based on some of the crazies in Tayland? It makes The Silence of the Lambs look like a cartoon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  49. I think I upset some this morning with my one post, but at least I don’t have a draft of a novel in the works. Fact is stranger than fiction, therefore may I suggest a non fiction book.

  50. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I wasn’t referring to you. I don’t remember what U posted.

  51. casualfan Says:

    I’m contacting LMN with the script. If T wants to break into television, I’ve got the role of a lifetime for him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. CF, I know ya weren’t referring to me. What is LMN? I tried to follow the dialogue on ning chat and the BB about the cellcert. I tried to get in on two cellcerts last yr and it wasn’t worth it. Just wait 24-48 hrs and watch the vids. Anyway, although I’m not a big fan of Soul Thing, I checked out the vid on the BB from Sunday night. He completely reworked it as a jazz number and damn he is good at fiddling with and rearranging a song. The band did great with it. When I checked out his tour venues, I noticed so many cater to jazz. Taylor always has his music thinking cap on. Hopefully he can gain some new fans in these very small venues and go from there.

  53. Checked out ning and the bb. The fans are witty tonight, in top form with their comments. It seems that tay has won over, big time the conservative audience, most of which have never seen him. Taylor defntly will be the Cockroach of all AI top 10. All ya all were smart to get into him and know real talent. He just has that extra something to stick around. So proud of him! What a way to win over this small group of mostly boomers and put on a great show.

  54. casualfan Says:

    I think he will Rosie. He’s a music dynamo as we all know and he seems to be giving it his all. Tay has always had a good following on the EC. The test will come over this way on the WC.

    LMN=Lifetime Movie Network.

    I haven’t been to ning.com since the day I signed up and don’t plan on returning. The night I did go in there, Griz and her minions were in full bully mode and I vowed to not go back there. Hopefully, whoever manages that site is now monitoring the chat logs. Most of the peeps that go there only want a place to chat and celebrate Taylor. They don’t do the drama crap and are tired of the drama queen antics.

    Never have been on a cellcert. Like you, I’ll wait for the video.

  55. Well i must come clean and confess I listened to the cellcert and it was FANTASTIC. Even did Dust my Broom…freaking amazing!!!

  56. taylorfan06 Says:

    taylor is amazing live! no question. i’m looking forward to him coming out west. i’ve got to see him again. the videos are great, but there’s nothing like being there. BIG difference!

  57. hicksaholic Says:

    DAMN! I would have at least checked out a cellcert. I’m a bad Taylor fan. I didn’t keep up with his every move today.
    I want to go to FWB when he comes but I wonder if he will be as laid back at Military Appreciation Day as in a club.
    I think we all agree that Taylor is an amazing live performer and that trait alone will keep him in the public’s eye longer than some of the flavors of the day or as rosie put it so well, the cockroach of all the AI contestants.

  58. casualfan Says:

    Looks like Tay had another great show last night…..not that we expected anything less.

    Love the fact that he’s doing Military Appreciation Day. His heart is really into the Troops and children.

  59. I’m a bad Taylor fan too- they are having cellcerts and I don’t seem to care at all. I do prefer watching the videos. CF, good luck with your novel! Sounds very interesting!

  60. casualfan Says:

    Thanks! I’m thinking of the title “The Dance of the Puppet Master”

  61. LOL! ๐Ÿ˜€

  62. hicksaholic Says:

    I swear your novel could be a blockbuster. We just need the fan stories from both sides, Taylor’s and each fan. Bet that would be a hoot!

  63. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I got the idea when someone emailed me a password protected blog last summer because I, along with a few others were being seriously bashed among other things. I read through the threads and couldn’t get passed how ignorant and evil some of these so called fans can be. My first thought was to start my own blog up and print the entire forum for the public to view but decided against it. It looked like great suspense thriller material so I’m going with it.

    I’m consulting with a professional ghost writer right now and looking at major publishing houses. Seriously, Tami Hoag can’t make this shit up. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  64. Fairhope Says:

    The first chapter better be about me!

  65. Are there one or more secret blogs out there now ? Do some of the members also post on open blogs? I think people talk about other fans in pm’s.

  66. moonpie3 Says:

    CF -Thanks! Iโ€™m thinking of the title โ€œThe Dance of the Puppet Masterโ€

    LOL! She is *hitting lightly* into the heart of all good Taylor Fans.

  67. hicksaholic Says:

    I don’t think I’m crazy enough to devote a whole chapter to (although my family disagrees). But I guarantee you Taylor could give some stories.

  68. Just the Myofa CL thing could fill two chapters. He may be the only celeb to have ever been accused of using a double as a beach vacay coverup.

  69. casualfan Says:

    Not touching Myofa or the gf issue. The book is a psychological suspense thriller and not an anatomy of a fandom. It’s not like I will be outing peeps in a tell all book.

    If you guys are seriously interested in knowing more about this, I will be glad to email pw’s to the blog I’m writing as a teaser for the book. It will be open for discussion of course once it’s live. The blog isn’t about bashing, outing or hating on anyone. It will be strickly about the book. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. taylorfan06 Says:

    Dedicated to you, cf

  71. hicksaholic Says:

    I want to see.

  72. Ha ha! Great video of the Beatles. Did you guys see Sir Paul McCartney at the White House last night on PBS? They had some seriously great musicians there singing Beatles songs. Paul and Stevie Wonder sang Ebony and Ivory- it was wonderful! Really enjoyed it. Elvis Costello was there, even the Jonas Brothers! Ha ha!

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

    I really LOVE that T’s rendition of “Bulletproof”. I had it in my head when I woke up this morning and just had to watch again. I really think that T would love to have a “commercial” hit. That might really help to get a bigger audience at his shows. I hope he gets that “hit” with his next cd! This guy is just to good to be so continuously overlooked on radio.

  74. taylorfan06 Says:

    “…just TOO good” can i get an amen?

  75. hicksaholic Says:

    an amen!

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