First off, a couple of new pics from Red Rocks:

And some videos:

Taylor’s tweets are always a source of amusement for me. Lately though, he’s been pushing this tour of his, which is going to be BADASS, along with some BADASS tour merchandise. Hmmm…wonder what kind of things could be so BADASS. 🙂

So, I went to Taylorhicks.com to see all these tour dates he has scheduled. Well, unless I’m missing some, there are only four dates scheduled. Wow…I know there will probably be more, but FOUR for now. Okay, Taylor…you are going to have to let it all hang out in those four dates to even be considered a tour. Gotta love that man!


39 Responses to “Just BADASS!!”

  1. Grey, I know you’ve been busy, but he has 10 tour dates scheduled so far. Balto, Alexandria VA, Vermont, N.Y, Bay City Michigan, Chicago, Nevada, Allentown PA, Maine and The Kimmel Center Charity concert. His sites don’t have them all listed yet, but responded to Griz’s email right away that they will soon have them on all his sites. He also has the SOS song to be released in a few weeks to Itunes, and the Ghost and Don’t forget the Lyrics tv shows. His PSA’s will start airing soon in 7 states.

  2. It was his new agency that responded asap to Griz.

  3. casualfan Says:

    I wonder why his show dates on http://www.pollstar.com aren’t listed except for one. Most musicians use that as a valuable tool as part of advertising.

    Anyway, good to see him on the road.

  4. Thanks Rosie!! I’m glad to know that he has more dates booked! I’m excited to see what he has in store for this tour!

  5. casualfan Says:

    Hell yeah! Us “haters” are lovin the music! 😉

  6. casualfan Says:

    where at in Nevada? That’s the next state over. I would love to go to that one. Thanks Rosie!

  7. Yep CF! Might have been worth my while to hang on while he was in the sparkly suit!!

  8. Aquarius Casino Laughin NV. They have both an indoor and outdoor venue. Hope he will be performing in the smaller indoor one. I think he is trying to line up more fairs. To me Bad Ass would be him doing less from his 2 CD’s and more of the above music. I have a hunch that is his plan.

  9. Oh August 21st is the date.

  10. casualfan Says:

    I saw that Rosie. It’s about 5 hrs from here, but I’m thinking I will hold out of another venue later in the Fall for a special reason. 😉

    IAG-I agree. We’ve watch our man grown from pimpin the Cone to putting on a BAD ASS tour! I’m game.

  11. CF- who puts up on Pollstar? Is it the artist or can fans do it?

    Did a bit of research on this SOS Charity. I think Taylor has hooked up with a huge group. They do a lot of fundraising with music using singles, whole Cd’s, concerts, telethons.They have been doing it for years. Ck out some of what I found.




  12. Disregard the first link. I think that SOS may not be the same. The other two are definitely SOS Children’s villages.

  13. casualfan Says:

    Dee-Pollstar is something the musician or the management does and not the fans. It’s up to the account holder to keep it up to date.

  14. Thanks CF. I guess next time Taylor is in the tweeting mood we should tweet him to update on Pollstar. LOL.

  15. casualfan Says:

    LOL! He should update that before the sites because Pollstar is a national database where everyone has access, including media/press. A close friend of mine is a booking agent so that’s how I know. The first thing she does is update Pollstar when she books.

  16. casualfan Says:

    Dee-Let me clarify. Anyone can sign up for http://www.pollstar.com and IMO all the fans should. You can rate your favorite performer, get great tkts and see what’s going on. But fans can’t update the artists data base.

  17. casualfan Says:

    FH-Here’s somethin’ somethin’ for ya…looks like Tay-Tay is playing peek-a-boo 😉

  18. Fairhope Says:

    OMG! What the hell??? Okay…this is what happened….He saw me in my string bikini….

  19. casualfan Says:

    Yeah, I thought that would get your attention 😉

  20. LOL. Looks like a huge halo behind him.

  21. casualfan Says:

    Dee Says:

    July 2, 2010 at 9:55 pm
    LOL. Looks like a huge halo behind him.
    Yeah, we’ll go with that one…LOL

  22. Fairhope Says:

    That ain’t a huge halo I see!

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    You are bad!

  24. hicksaholic Says:

    That purple shirt kinda frames it doesn’t it? Too funny!

  25. First look at the picture what did you see? The Halo or the Package? Finally proof of who’s the saint or sinner amoung us. LMAO.

  26. hicksaholic Says:

    I swear that picture looks like a preview for “Touched By An Angel”.

  27. FYI:
    SOS (Save My Body, Save My Soul) is now available at Itunes.

  28. casualfan Says:

    What’s SOS? I thought that was a charity that he was performing at in early Fall.

  29. SOS Children’s Villages is the charity. Taylor recorded the song to be used for promotion and fund raising. It is also available through Amazon.

  30. casualfan Says:


  31. Fairhope Says:

    I am starving! Who’s having a cook out??

  32. casualfan Says:

    CONGRATS to the Boogie Board for the Taylor following on Twitter! The BB is one of the few fan-boards of T’s that has allowed the celebration of other music by other musicians. For people who can’t understand that concept, they don’t understand who Taylor Hicks really is at all. He’s about MUSIC and it’s not only about HIS music.

    Taylor definitely has THE BOOGIE 😉

  33. crazymomelon Says:

    Pretty sure that’s ” Taylor IS the Boogie!”


  34. casualfan Says:

    That too.

  35. With regards to that halo pic, is the stiching on Tay’s jeans normal stiching? Guess I need to check out mens jeans when I go out tomorrow. It just looks so pronounced and thick. Did ya’ll check out his song on Amazon or itunes? I like it. Hope everyone has off tomorrow.

  36. Yes Rosie, I’ve seen that weird stitching before on someone at the mall. Must be the new thing. LOL.

  37. casualfan Says:

    I haven’t heard it Rosie. Maybe I’ll check it out later. It’s good to see T helping out kids in need. There’s alway a great need for that.

  38. I missed another wild twitter party. So pleased Taylor has loosened up with his fans.

  39. casualfan Says:

    He is communicating with his fans which is a very good thing. From what little I did read, it was all good. Guess I missed any “wild” parts.

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