Well, hello Taylor!! It’s about time!!

The hip swiveling, harp raping, pissy ass bastard is back!! And I only had to wait three years for it!! Taylor, I’m talking to you…I know you’re not one for flowers, so I’ll accept these videos as a reconciliation gift for the years you spent living in that drippy, melty, soggy, sparkly cone.

Oh, and thanks for the peek at the whitey tighties too!!

Out of the cone and hotter than evah!

Good to see Jeff Lopez and Brian Less too! And how much do I love that Taylor actually played the guitar…

I love the commentary by someone around the 3:30 mark, who says…This song is seven miles long! Ha! That cracked me up!

Then, wow…

This is the Hicks I’ve been searching for…for a long time now. Awesome!


99 Responses to “Well, hello Taylor!! It’s about time!!”

  1. You didn’t have to search , he never went anywhere.
    This was the best show I have seen for a long time. I would swear he has a new sense of self.

  2. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, yeah!!!

  3. A new sense of self would be awesome for him. I would love for him to focus on his music…but I know, I know..the bills still have to be paid.

    He was definitely fired up in those videos. I don’t think I’ve seen him like that in years. He looked happy…good for him!

  4. mamaforpeace Says:

    Somehow, I think if he does what he loves like he obviously did in these videos, he will rebuild a strong following. He might not make millions and be a big star, but he may be a hell of a lot happier, and still be able to pay the bills. And he will have the respect of other musicians which I have a feeling is important to him.

  5. I’m up for whatever he wants to try. LOL. He’s young talented handsome if he wants to try movies or TV more power to him. IMO if he can have success in other things it will spill over to the music later.

  6. Having watched a vid of Bo singing at this fest in 06, where the sound system was rotten, I was pleased Tay and the band sounded great. I was unfamiliar with Back To Louisana and now I can’t get it out of my head. Taylor should not go country as blues, funk and rockabilly all flavored with soul is where he shines. Oh and notice the light, fluffy and unsweaty arm hair.

  7. Someone made a comment that Tay may have had better success had he not headlined his 07 tour, but opened for a bigger name and played bigger venues. I agree and it is hindsight. Just wish he could be a bigger draw now and do a sold out long tour as he deserves it. I think he’d be perfectly content hopping on that tour bus again. He is in Bama unpacking 4 yrs worth of gifts from fans. Would love to be a fly on that wall or there with a van to haul away his rejects.

  8. Rosie said: “Taylor should not go country as blues, funk and rockabilly all flavored with soul is where he shines. ”

    I so agree with you!!!! I know you all hated the sparkly cone but I really think it helped him. I think it helped his voice and his ability on the stage. anyway, these videos ROCK! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. casualfan Says:

    The sparkly cone thing is in the past…..baba bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Taylor is blues. He’s got soul in him, but IMO, he’s not a “soul” singer. With me anyway and it’s obvious in those vids-he’s a butt kicking southern blues-rock performer. Grey, I agree 100000% with what you said!

    WELCOME BACK TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was worth the wait!

  10. casualfan Says:

    The hip swiveling, harp raping, pissy ass bastard is back!!
    ROFLAMO! It’s truly criminal! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. casualfan Says:

    ok, not wanting to start an avalanche of older videos but want to post this. GOOD TIMES indeed!

  12. CF – that’s an older video none of us ever get tired of!

    I had no doubt he’d be back to the music – whatever side trips he may make in the future – he can’t get this type of gig out of his blood, so, he’ll always return to being the hip-harp bastid you love.

    Looking at the schedule – 2 new venues added today – guess he’s putting off that writing break he planned for post-cone.

  13. Fairhope Says:

    What the hell Taylor?? Why all the concerts up north? We need you down in Bama, like…NOW!

  14. cendrillon0308 Says:

    Sure wish Taylor would bring some of that energy south to Tennessee on the way to Bama ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    I made that comment about him opening for a bigger name(at least I think I did). It is hindsight now and to tell the truth back then I was so convinced that Taylor was going to change the face of music and could easily sell out a tour on his own I would have made the same decision. I do think that is why sometimes you need the experts to tell you what to do, something I doubted Taylor was interested in. But whatever, we are where we are here todat and Taylor just has to move forward.

    Hearing everybody talk about the Balloon Fest makes me sad I missed it.

  16. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    So, all the weeping, wailing , gnashing of teeth,and wearing of sack-cloth and ashes, was for naught….He’s back! Actually, I don’t think he went anywhere. He’s been here all the time. Just took a slight detour. Mercy, that boy can sang!

  17. taylorfan06 Says:

    some people have little faith. taylor will always have it.
    his life. his decisions. period! short and sweet.

  18. Who’s been weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth while dressed in their finest ash covered sack-cloths? I totally missed that. And I’m so bummed out, because I have the prettiest designer sack-cloth that I never get a chance to wear! I never get invitations to the cool parties.

    I guess I’ll just go hide in my corner and weep and wail and gnash my teeth. Well, maybe not the gnashing teeth part . . . that sounds kind of unpleasant.

  19. Yay I got my ticket to Ramshead Live to see Taylor. It holds 1600 and during his 07 tour it was sold out way ahead of time. Hope it sells out this time.

  20. casualfan Says:

    And Iโ€™m so bummed out, because I have the prettiest designer sack-cloth that I never get a chance to wear! I never get invitations to the cool parties.

  21. casualfan Says:

    soulaz, some are probably referring to me and I don’t give a rats lovely a$$. It was a matter of time before the “I told you so” comments made their way over here. It’s the nature of the beast.

    My one-of-a-kind designer sack-cloth got ruined at the last burning ritual.

  22. Yeah, yeah, CF… “they” may be saying “I told you so”, but so what?? I hated the “Grease” gig. This is the performer I prefer. Each to their own, right?

    Great vids, Grey! Good music, Taylor!

  23. I checked out Allentown and it is in the boonies but not that far from Philly. Ramshead is 25 minutes from me. Can’t believe I’m seeing him there and at Epcot and maybe even the charity show in Sept.!! I wish Charcoal would drop by.

  24. casualfan Says:

    I agree YKW….great vids and great music. This is the performer I enjoy myself. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  25. I wish Charcoal would drop by too- he’s so much fun. I wonder if he goes to see Tay when Tay is in town?

  26. And where is Snowstorm to drop ice on our parade? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  27. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Good Lord…I wasn’t trying to be offensive, just my feeble attempt at humor.
    I certainly wasn’t saying “I told you so.” You will admit there was some discussion about Taylor selling out, and not being who he was, etc., and probably at one time I, myself, said something to that affect…lighten up people…the Taylor we all fell in love with has just made an appearance…Rejoice! It’s all good. I will now retire to my glass house, and watch these vids again. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  28. For the most part Taylor fans seem to be getting along . When I started two years ago, there was much more contention and opposing factions. He added another gig, the great Birchmere near DC.

  29. casualfan Says:

    That tends to happen Rosie when fans are telling lies about other fans, spreading rumors, digging into each others personal lives then blabbing back to everyone on what they find or think they know. None of that nonsense had anything at all to do with Taylor. Those of us who openly voiced our disappointment in Grease ended up having to defend ourselves.

    Thankfully the toxic waste has went underground, locked their blogs to private members only, blocked their sites or have left the fandom entirely. Now all seems to be slowly mending. There are still a few bullies running around, but they’ve lost their steam because their fellow playmates have left. The IGNORE button also works wonders. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  30. Fairhope Says:

    I’m about to be a bully or better yet HBIC! Dammit Taylor! ALABAMA, ALABAMA, ALABAMA! And I don’t mean north Alabama dude.

  31. casualfan Says:

    FH-You can always move to Bham and stalk his usual haunts. You certainly wouldn’t be the first to do that.

  32. mamaforpeace Says:

    I am so happy to see Taylor adding gigs. Finally!!! I wish I could go to one of them but I am going to spend most of my summer break in France!

  33. Mama, if I had the chance to go to France I’d see “see you later Tay”. Sorry, but going to France would be way more important to me. I envy you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. casualfan Says:

    He will most likely take a break after the first of the year and write some music for the summer. Hopefully anyway. Some peeps are convinced he’s going on DWTS. Sorry, but I don’t see that happening. I have my own ideas on what his “big project” may be.

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m with you – come to Alabama, Taylor. I make my living selling waterfront real estate in south Alabama. How you think that’s going right now? Can’t afford a meal out much less a trip out of town. Taylor, come do a benefit for ME.

  36. I think he will be a part of a music benefit for the beaches and economy. I believe his PSA will start tomorrow. I’d bet the whole band would like to be invoved in a free music gig. I heard some vacationers have decided to vacation in some of the hit areas to help out. Those with only a week vacation and children, I think would like to go where they can swim. Around here, Md., South Walton Beach has been running TV and radio ads all week saying their beaches are fine. This is the first time I’ve heard Florida gulf beaches advertised in Maryland. I also saw the mayor of Gulfport Miss. say that beach is fine.

  37. mamaforpeace Says:

    Sierra, I know it sounds wonderful for most people to spend 5 weeks in France, but I go at least once a year, and most of it is a lot of family visits. Don’t get me wrong… I appreciate that I am able to do it. But sometimes just staying home and taking a few side trips during my summer break sounds really nice to me!

  38. casualfan Says:

    HAHA! Taylor’s BIG NEWS is “Ghost Stories”. I knew it! I had told my roommate a few months back that he was going to do that show after he talked about an experience he had. HAHA

  39. Ange Bleu Says:

    Heard he was asked to appear on DWTS but turned it down. Maybe he’ll change his mind if they give him more money.

  40. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, please! I hope he doesn’t!!!

  41. LOL. Ghost Stories. I had forgotten about that. I don’t remember which theater was suppose to have had the Ghost. I’ve never seen this show. How is it usually done? Is it one of the “camp out at the location shows” or more of a documentary or interviewing?

  42. casualfan Says:

    I don’t believe that DWTS rumor. Some peeps think just because he made reference to DWTS and Kate Gosslin he’s sending out some secret code. Same theory of him tweeting Paris Hilton.

    Dee-I remember the theater ghost, but I thought he had an experience somewhere in GA…maybe it was in Savannah. That place is a hot bed for the unseen.

    MFP-He tweeted it himself.

  43. casualfan Says:

    George Clooney was offered a lot of money for DWTS but turned it down. I don’t blame him.

  44. hicksaholic Says:

    What is the big news? Ghost Stories? Is that a tv show telling people’s experience with ghosts?
    I would love for Taylor to do DWTS if only his true fans could watch. I bet he would be fun to watch. But I’m not up for the comments non fans would make. He would get skewered in the media again. George Clooney doesn’t need DWTS.

  45. It is CGS and I watched some of the clips last night. Hope they use a handsome double for Taylor as he tells his tale. Taylor will have fun doing this. Chill posted a link to a SNL spoof of CGS and it was funny. I didn’t expect all thes shows so soon post Grease and I’m happy he got right back on the horse.

  46. hicksaholic Says:

    When will it be on? Maybe they’ll use George Clooney as Taylor’s double. LOL

  47. hicksaholic, Clooney as his double, lol. New season starts sometime in July. I notice August is still open on Tay’s calendar.

  48. Ange Bleu Says:

    Kate Gosselin received $500,000 to appear on DWTS. Maybe Taylor would accept if he received the same amount of money.

  49. I’m with Hicksaholic, fans would love to watch Tay on DWTS but the judges and people in the media would kill him. Well I hope the Ghost Stories thing goes well for him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. casualfan Says:

    Ange, Unless we’ve all missed something really big in T’s life, he doesn’t have 9 nine kids to feed, clothe and take care of so he doesn’t need to do DWTS just for the money. Clooney and other A Listers have been offered millions to do that show and still turned it down. Regardless of it’s high ratings, that doesn’t always add up to stardom. He has two left feet and I can’t see him coordinating, swinging, tossing anyone around-at least not on stage.

  51. I don’t think he has been asked to be on DWTS and I think he would accept if invited even for $200,000. He wants to be on TV. A whole lot of people liked Taylor on AI besides we who still follow his every move. I don’t think the judges would make fun of him and I doubt anyone would. He has that charisma thing and I think even if he danced lousy, people would still vote for him for several weeks. It won in the ratings over AI a few times, and 20 million watch. How else would he get 20,000,000 people to see him and know he is alive, well and entertaining?

  52. casualfan Says:

    They will announce the list of who’s going to be on the show in the Fall or early next year, so we will know then. Meanwhile, he’s got other things on his plate that are exciting.

  53. Fairhope Says:

    Well at least we’d all get a better view of his package in those prissy little dance outfits they wear!

  54. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    June 17, 2010 at 8:54 pm
    Well at least weโ€™d all get a better view of his package in those prissy little dance outfits they wear!
    That’s exactly what some of the fans are wanting to see. For some, it doesn’t matter if he makes a fool out of himself or not. It’s more about seeing Taylor shake his ass. I really do feel bad for him at times. He deserves so much more than that.

  55. casualfan Says:

    TaylorRHicks MSNBC Tomorrow 12:30-1pm Pacific time. Talking about the Gulf!
    10 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerryยฎ
    Now this is great PR for him! More than 20 millions peeps watch that show. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  56. casualfan Says:

    June 17, 2010 at 8:49 pm
    They will announce the list of whoโ€™s going to be on the show in the Fall or early next year, so we will know then. Meanwhile, heโ€™s got other things on his plate that are exciting.


    DWTS has a spring show and a fall show…the cast last year was announced Aug 17, 2009 …http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2072613/dancing_with_the_stars_2009_fall_cast.html?cat=2 and starts mid September

  57. CF – Totally agree. Taylor has two left feet when it comes to choreographed dancing. LOL. IMO even if the audience loved his goofy charm the last thing Taylor needs is to come across as an affable dunce. He’s still taking hits from some of the goofy stuff he did on AI. I know… I Know… We Love his goofyness mixed in with the Sexyness. BUT it really turned a lot of the AI audience off. So I vote for leaving that in the past.

    That said… I would love to see the more serious Taylor in connection with this Gulf disaster. I think this is a good Taylor for people to see. I hope he becomes involved with some of the concert fundraisers too. It would be Good for Him and Good for the Gulf.

  58. casualfan Says:

    Wonderfully put Dee!

    Thanks Cochem.

  59. hicksaholic Says:

    You said what I was thinking better than I could have. However, I have to agree with Rosie on one point. I think if Taylor was offered even $200,000 to do DWTS he would probably do it. So let’s all hope he’s not offered.
    I am very hopeful with Taylor being so front and center on the Gulf disaster. Ten S/E tv markets are starting the Lucy Buffett “come to the Gulf Coast ads” now and Taylor’s is to follow. There is still a push for a benefit concert. Perhaps due to Taylor’s early involvement he would be included. Also this will help him possibly be included in the Bayfest lineup in the fall. He needs to be heard by young people in an environment free from all the avid fans. Not that the avid fans couldn’t come, just where a younger more casual fan is the majority in attendence, like the Hangout Music Festival. If he could get some younger people to think his music is cool it would help. I think the media’s portrayal of him combined with the albatross of being the AI winner has made many younger “real music” fans unwilling to even give him a chance.

  60. casualfan Says:

    Dear Grey,

    Thanks so much for allowing us to discuss other things besides Taylor 24/7. Yes, it’s all about the music, but other things are important too like the oil spill and other issues that affects all of us, including Taylor.

    We may not agree all the time, but we all discuss different topics at times and it’s greatly appreciated that you allow this. Thanks Grey! I do love this blog!

  61. Taylor was fabulous on TV, very sincere, professional and smart looking. He was very well spoken and that is the most handsome I’ve seen him on TV. One could tell he was very concerned for the area but told people there was still fun to be had at the beaches.

  62. casualfan Says:

    I figured he would be Rosie. That’s why I think stuff like this is great PR for him. The serious and compassionate side of him is who the public needs to see. It helps to establish him as someone to be taken seriously.

    I am often pleasantly amazed when alot of these musicians come out from under their music persona and show us their other side. It’s turned me on to their music and respect is often gained.

    Besides, Taylor went to college and I think studied journalism and marketing so he can utilized those skills.

  63. casualfan Says:

    That would be utilize and not utilized….jeeeez

  64. casualfan Says:

    If all else fails, he can have a great career in politics. He reminds me of a young Bill Clinton.

  65. casualfan Says:

    There’s a great summer series on TNT starting next week called “Memphis Beat”. I would love to see T make an appearance on that show. It’s a laid back, southern humor detective show. The guy that played in “My Name Is Earl” headlines.

  66. mamaforpeace Says:

    Good TV show with great music: Treme, om HBO.

  67. It was much better live. This clip has the sound out of sync with his lips which detracts from his delivery, plus there is feedback towards the end. Yep I thought politician. Thanks Sierra for bringing it over.

  68. Ange Bleu Says:

    Re: MSNBC vid — Taylor is so handsome, mesmerizing & hypnotic in this vid that I had to listen again (with my eyes closed) to fully comprehend what he was saying. On looks & presentation alone, I think he would make a very popular & effective politician.

  69. casualfan Says:

    Jeeez Rosie, I only looked at the video and didn’t notice any of that stuff. I don’t think I’ve noticed any of that with my own husband. LOL

  70. Anderson Cooper eat your heart out !!! LOL.

  71. mamaforpeace Says:

    You guys are so funny! One day he is on DWTS, or doing a movie, the next he is a politician. LOL! I think he better stick to music which is what we all love him for:)

  72. Look at how broad his shoulders look in that suit coat. He sure has a presence. Hey if Ronald Reagen could be governor and president, Taylor could start at the state level a few years down the road. They already love him from winning AI and he is going to be on their tely promoting the beaches. That is a good start for running for state office.

  73. casualfan Says:

    MFP-Haha-just having a little fun but I’m with you….stay with the music.

    Looks like Ryan Seacrest and Larry King are organizing some kind of event for the coast.

  74. casualfan Says:

    LOL-T is fine dining at Nobu in West Hollywood and peeps are telling him to go to IN and OUT burgers=FAIL

  75. crazymomelon Says:

    But..but..In and Out burgers are awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. hicksaholic Says:

    I doubt Taylor would care for the intense scrutiny a politician gets although now that I think of it he may be just fine. We elected a county commissioner down here that was recently charged with his girlfriend’s murder while he was still married, showed up drunk at a BP staging area in his county commission logod shirt, lost his county issued pickup truck for 6 days during Mardi gras, etc… the list goes on and on. Apparently until the murder happened no one really seemed to bother him. So I guess given those standards Taylor would stack up pretty well.
    CF I saw that about Larry King and thought he should include Taylor. It would be nice to have someone on that has actually been to the area.

  77. hicksaholic Says:

    I just listened to it. He did very well, only a few “you knows” but I’m with Rosie, I’d like to see it with his mouth matching the words he’s saying.

  78. casualfan Says:

    Hicksaholic-Not sure who’s involved with that Larry King thing. Is there a list somewhere? I agree, they do need someone from that area to represent the coast. Many celebs live in that area.

  79. I think the show is on for two hrs Monday night with Seacrest and King as the host. I assume the music act have been decided as they need to plan and rehearse. Taylor may not be considered for this one but I’m sure he’ll be a part of at least one of the Bama gigs. His sites say more gigs to be announced. I wonder why he’s kept August open so far.

  80. casualfan Says:

    Looks like Taylor is doing better now that he’s no longer represented by CAM or CAA. He’s doing more for himself then they ever did for him. Good for Taylor!

  81. Ange Bleu Says:

    I’m also wondering why August is open. I know this is when training for DWTS begins and announcements are made. But maybe not – it could be something else.

  82. Fairhope Says:

    Wow CF! I’m there!!!!!!

  83. Fairhope Says:

    CMT is gonna broadcast it. How in the hell do you get tickets???

  84. Wow there are some big names there and that will definately draw people down who may stay over the 4th.

  85. casualfan Says:

    FH-Maybe that link I posted has the info. It says forthcoming. That would be awesome if you can attend that FH.

    Ange-Who knows…maybe he is doing DWTS although he’s got some shows booked in the fall so it will be interesting. Guess we will know when he tells us.

  86. Maybe he’s going to be working on the CD in Aug. Hope…. Hope….

  87. casualfan Says:

    Happy Father’s Day to everyone’s husbands, brothers, cousins, uncles, grandpa’s and dad’s.

    And to Taylor….just in case. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  88. hicksaholic Says:

    Ok Fairhope, It’s my nephew’s company (same as Hangout Fest) putting this on. Supposedly per my sister-in-law, tickets are free. It is the first of several big name concerts at Gulf Shores, all of which my nephew’s company is producing or whatever you do when you organize it all. I WILL be there. We are already trying to find a place for a bunch of our group young and old to stay. Can’t wait! Fairhope, maybe we will eventually meet…

  89. Fairhope Says:

    Hicks: How do you get tickets??? I know they’ve got to limit the number of people.

  90. casualfan Says:

    Congrats to your nephew for taking on a huge project like this. I have always had a high regard for people who take the time to organize events as this for worthy causes. Much success!

  91. Egad, is this the same nephew who is opposed to American Idols? Taylor deserves a spot at one of these events.

  92. Well, Hicks is on a twittering frenzy tonight. Not sure what to make of it. Finally interacting with his fanbase…what’s left of it. Interesting. I want some of what he’s smoking. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  93. casualfan Says:

    Some peeps are not believing that is really him. They just don’t want to see that the CC is a cocky bastard. He should do more of this. It’s good for the soul.

  94. hicksaholic Says:

    It is the same nephew. Maybe at one of the later concerts Taylor would have a shot. There are several people with Buffett besides the big names that I didn’t recognize. Allan Troussaint(?) was one I did. Taylor certainly isn’t on the same level as Chesney or Buffett but it would really help him. I’m not sure who to suggest it to(other than my nephew).
    Not sure about the tickets yet. I will call my brother and get him to find out. I’ll let you know as soon as I do.
    Off to the Boogie to read Taylor’s tweets. Be back to comment.

  95. suze4158 Says:

    Crap. Why did I have to watch that Medicated Goo vid? I thought I was unhooked. Then to watch him deliver info. on the gulf coast like a hunk on that msn vid. Crap, crap, crap.

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