I’ve been waiting for this all season…

I knew he had it in him. It’s been wanting to come out. I sat in front of my television transfixed. I’m definitely giving Lee DeWyze props on this one. I love the sigh at the end, too.

The thing is, this moment reminded me of Season 5. Week after week, it was a “moment”, provided by Taylor Hicks. Moments like this:

It made me realize how much I miss seeing Taylor live. *sigh*


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  1. casualfan Says:

    I hear ya. Lee definitely reminds me of Taylor in so many ways. A dear friend of mine said the same thing this morning. He’s a natural performer as T is.

    I bought the single he sang last night off Itunes. It’s even more profound on the studio version.

  2. Not Bad. I think Maybe Jason Castro did it better. I’ve pretty much stopped watching this year and just watch a few performaces online. I’m just not interested in any of the singers this year. They’ve all been just HoHum.

  3. casualfan Says:

    I do wish peeps would stop critizing Crystal’s harp playing from last night. Some are comparing her skills to Taylor Hicks. Of course she doesn’t match his skills but why the hell are they even comparing her to him? She didn’t sound that bad at all, and I’ve been around some horrid harp players. She’s got soul and that what matters. Perhaps the “experts” would like to get up in front of millions of people to show off their harp skills. It’s not as easy as some think.

  4. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Sadly IAG, I must respectfully disagree and say that that was one of the most overhyped, overpimped performances to ever happen on Idol.

    Casey and Crystal were both thrown waaaaay under the bus to make room for the judges to crown the new winner last night!! It was a ridiculous display of favoritism even for Idol. *sigh*

    Granted, Lee was the better than he has been, but how could he NOT be with a choir drowning out his out-of-tune vocals and the judges telling eveyone how amazing he is. Simon said that he is going to do the bestest version of hallelujah ever thereby also throwing Jason Castro in the under the bus….Lol

    In my eyes, Lee cannot hold a candle to Taylor …he hasn’t been on key all season and does nothing but scream his songs and has absolutely no personality. He is just a pawn because the judges see him as the most marketable and all the girls think he’s cute.

    Whew, that felt good to get that out….Lol Sorry for the rant but I couldn’t seem to stop it…

    Oh well…just my 2 cents….I guess I just don’t “get” Lee and never will.

    Makes me miss Taylor all the more : (

  5. casualfan Says:

    Oh well…just my 2 cents….I guess I just don’t “get” Lee and never will.
    That’s ok. It’s obvious that many people don’t “get” Taylor so that’s another thing they both have in common.

  6. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Oh well…just my 2 cents….I guess I just don’t “get” Lee and never will.
    That’s ok. It’s obvious that many people don’t “get” Taylor so that’s another thing they both have in common.

    LOL!! You make a good point there CF!! Thanks : )

  7. casualfan Says:

    LOL! It’s sad, but true. I have to agree with you on the Jason Castro version. He did the BEST version to date but I still love Lee’s as well.

    Who knows….it may end up being Casey in the finals. The voting public is well known for changing up things at the last minute.

  8. Boy, IAG that was a long wait for very little.
    Well now you can’t help but compare that. Watch Taylor where he opens his mouth so wide, and the voice is sooo powerful. Masterclass Lady mentioned that once how he almost unhinges his jaw. Some people can do that after years of voice lessons for Taylor its just a natural thing.
    What colossal pimping, that was world class even for AI.
    Violins, what about 9 back up singers? Lee does not really have much of a voice but I’ve heard with the voice enhancers and auto tune he sounds quite well in the studio. And thats what AI is desperately looking for , someone they can make a buck off of with a CD. They don’t make their money from live performances and thats why they are pimping the hell out of Lee.
    And Lee doing a high energy show like Taylor……..dream on.
    I hadn’t watched this till you put up the video, and sorry I didn’t have a moment.
    Well, not until I listened to Something again.

  9. spinshack Says:

    Dear Grey,
    I want some of whatever you were smoking.
    Sunny 😛

  10. AHHAHAHA Sunny!! That cracked me up!

  11. I never stated that this performance by Lee was perfect. It wasn’t. I’m not denying that. He’s very pitchy…alot. But what I was comparing was the feeling that his performance gave me. Taylor used to give me that same feeling week after week, with a couple of exceptions.

    For me, it seemed like Lee was “into” the song…his expressions, his voice, even the little sigh at the end. That’s probably what reminded me the most of Taylor. His body language always told the story after his performances. So, no, I’m not calling this the best performance on Idol, or anything like that. I’m talking about how it made me feel.

  12. What I like about Lee is how far he has come over the season. He seems to care, more than the rest. He went from a little mouse to a sly rat determined to win. I agree with Grey on this one. He has the passion for music. His other performance last night was also good .

  13. I agree it was the most pimped performance ever and Lee is the most pimped of any top 3. The produces and judges know the ratings have been going down every week and that people everywhere are saying the talent is lacking. Now they managed to create a buzz with their pimping and gotten peeps off their couch to vote either for or against Lee.

  14. casualfan Says:

    Funny, I thought Crystal was the one being pimped this entire season as “the one to beat”.

    I don’t give a rat’s ass who AI puts all the pretty flashing lights on, I vote for who I like as with most of America.

    In the end it really doesn’t matter…America will vote for who IT wants and not what the judges want. All three have music careers at this point. 😉

  15. I agree IAG. Lee did seem to be filled with emotion on that song. Certainly the best preformance I have seen him do. He seems like such a nice sweet guy. He doesn’t have the strongest voice or very good breath control but I like the earthy quality to his voice. I just can’t see any of these last three being able to put on a whole concert by themselves. Crystal comes the closest but she needs to show some fire in her belly. She’s so laid back and I always feel she’s a little self conscious which takes away from the performance. I don’t know….. I guess we’ll see who ends up the winner and what kind of artist they try to turn them into. LOL.

  16. mamaforpeace Says:

    The question I had at the end of the previous thread was: why did Simon hate Taylor but loves Lee??? I think Taylor is a better singer and entertainer (though he does tend to go off key as well), but there is definitely a similarity between the 2. I think I can answer my own question too:) Lee is going to be a lot more submissive than Taylor was ever willing to be. It could be a good thing for Lee. This was definitely the most boring AI season IMO. And I think they should go back to not letting contestants use instruments. It takes away from the performance I think.

  17. Simon gave Tay credit a few times for being a good singer, but he didn’t like his dancing. I like Lee because in some ways he reminds me of Taylor and I like that type of music and singers. Lee will sound good on the radio and Simon knows that. Could be Simon was jealous of Tay’s charisma and angry about his trying to take control. Simon seems to be in LUV with Lee.

  18. casualfan Says:

    Simon is all about the money and has never denied that fact. I respect him immensely for being honest as to his intentions. He’s going to promote who he thinks will line his bank account. My guess is he-along with the AI machine see that Lee’s voice is more commercial than the others so they are promoting him more. If you look back at the history of AI, that is exactly what they do.

    As I said earlier but has fallen on deaf ears…vote for who you want to vote for and enjoy the music. What or who AI pimps, shouldn’t matter.

  19. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I thought Lee’s performance was awesome. I loved his phrasing and it was very moving. But the song is an emotional one anyway. Overall, Lee’s done extremely well with his song choices time and time again. Crystal was off last night and has been the last few shows. Maybe her dude needs to go home, because ever since her bf showed up her performances have gone downhill. I have been rooting for Crystal but Lee deserves to win too. I really like Casey, but last night he was not as good as he needed to be. Also, I don’t think they care if it’s Lee or Crystal. Last year they wanted Lambert to win and he was less commercial than Kris.

  20. I think part of Simon’s problem with Taylor was Taylor appeared older and Youth counts in this industry. Taylor said one time that he wished he had lost the 25 pounds before Idol rather than after. He definately looks younger when he’s thinner. Simon kept comparing him to someone’s Dad and I think he just couldn’t get past it.

  21. casualfan Says:

    I agree about Crystal. I do like her very much, but she seems tired. Maybe her diabetes is catching up to her. Stress will cause the sugar levels to go haywire and cause the body in general alot of turmoil. She’s not getting much rest, so that’s not helping.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Dee-I think this interview with Simon shoots down your theory about the age thing. 😉


  23. Don’t mind some of the songs on Lee’s pre-idol CDs, but, don’t care for him on the show. He doesn’t remind me of Taylor, in the least, Crystal does in more ways.

    That performance may have been the best Lee’s had, but, to me, that’s not saying a lot, especially, since Taylor created his “moments” and Simon/idol created that one for Lee.

    After 9 years, I’m used to the pimping, and it never affects who I vote for, when I rarely do, or who’s CD I buy later.

  24. I wasn’t on boards or blogs until 2 yrs ago, and truthfully I never noticed any pimping seasons 2 thru 7. Then last yr I read around and peeps said they were pimping Adam and until a few weeks ago that they were pimping Crystal this season. Last night the hype by Simon before Lee sang was unfair. He told the audience they had not heard Halleulia like Lee was going to sing it. The audience was primed for something great. I don’t recall that having been done before.

  25. Fairhope Says:

    The smell of oil is super strong tonight. Can you smell at your house Hicks?

  26. Ange Bleu Says:

    I think Dee got it right. Aside from country, for the most part, a beginning vocalist needs to appeal to a younger audience in order to be successful. Younger fans, 12 to 30, are the more serious record buyers. Simon took one look at Taylor, pegged him as a old-looking, badly dressed, badly groomed hayseed who would never appeal to this demographic. He didn’t want him taking up the time and space of someone who actually might have a chance to win. He was looking to personally benefit financially from someone he felt would be accepted commercially.

    To me the X-Factor is more akin to America has Talent. It’s somewhat based on the same premise only for fall and winter viewers. It’s probably has a “come one, come all” set up. As long as they have talent everyone is welcome. On Talent the winner gets a gig in Vegas. I don’t know what sort of prize will be given to the winner of X-F, but I have read that some of the winners have fared badly post show.

    No, I don’t think Simon has any personal bias about age. He’s only interested in the person who can make him the most money.

  27. Ange Bleu Says:

    I meant to say in the last sentence in the next to the last paragraph, “some of the winners in the UK have fared badly post show.”

  28. I see your point Casualfan but I really think that’s the way Simon felt at the time. I think the reason Simon has decided to not count someone totally out because of age is thanks to Susan Boyle. He made a ton of money on her and he’s not going to close the door on that happening again.
    Angie’s got a point too the X-factor does seem to have a different setup.

  29. casualfan Says:

    I think some are reading way to much in to what Simon Cowell is doing or not doing. According to a few-he’s the root of all evil and the right hand demon for Clive Davis. In the end, it really doesn’t matter who wins the title. They are going to promote who they feel has the potential to make them money. AI is a business and businesses are in to make a profit. The contestants are just a product line. It’s up to each contestant to take what they are given and carve out their own path. The entertainment industry is all black and white. There is no gray area.

  30. casualfan Says:

    I doubt if anyone here likes this kid, but I found him interesting. Liked the percussion and the dancers. Snappy song.

  31. I don’t think Simon cares so much about age, what he has a problem with is people with minds of their own.

  32. casualfan Says:

    Here’s an interesting little article I found on Simon’s “pimping” of Lee’s song that claim. I especially love the last sentence.


  33. Ange Bleu Says:

    What’s Taylor suppose to be doing next week on Idol on the Red Carpet? Does this mean interviewing on the Red Carpet a la Joan Rivers? Have they ever had this before? Or does it mean he’ll be appearing on Idol, After Hours, the way he did last year?

  34. casualfan Says:

    Elliott cracks me up. He’s busy assessing the current contestants originality when his own career is in serious peril.

  35. casualfan Says:

    Ange-Every year various contestants participate in the Idol finale to one capacity or another. The ones who commentate from the contestants hometown seem to have more fun and gets more airtime.

  36. The TV guide channel does an hr pre AI show. Brooke White and Guerini are the host, but as CF said peeps are in the 2 hometowns, and sometimes former contestents due interviews with fans outside the theater. I assume if Tay is outside the Nokia beforehand, he will have a seat inside to watch the Finale. Former idols are also shown on the red carpet.

  37. casualfan Says:

    If I were Taylor, I would do my job then get the hell out of there, catch a plane to somewhere warm and tropical. Find out who won on Twitter 😉

  38. casualfan Says:

    But it would be cool to see all the previous winners up on stage together doing some sort of song-in honor of Simon leaving. “Hit The Road Jack” for some reason comes to mind….

  39. Or this:

  40. Casualfan:
    “But it would be cool to see all the previous winners up on stage together doing some sort of song-in honor of Simon leaving. “Hit The Road Jack” for some reason comes to mind….”


  41. casualfan Says:

    On a nostalgic note…I always think of Taylor when I hear this very moving song.

    For you T….;)

  42. hicksaholic Says:

    I’ve been out of town- whirlwind 36 hour trip to completely redo my daughter’s courtyard. But I’m ready for Taylor tonite. Can’t wait! I’m going to look for you Fairhope. Should I just yell Fairhope every few minutes til I find you?

    I like Lee but will have to admit he sings off key quite a bit. I think the huskiness or tone of his voice is what helps him. Almost everyone agrees that his autotuned recordings are great. Maybe they really are looking for another Taylor Swift. Crystal probably deserves the win but she didn’t have the room for improvement that Lee did. All in all a pretty ho-hum season.

    The oil spill gets more depressing by the day. Specializing in waterfront real estate like I do makes it even worse. I guess we will have to see what direction the winds blowing to decide whether to go on the boatdock. Now there’s a possible tropical depression in the Gulf. That’s pretty scary.

    Fairhope and I will give our review of the show at Wind Creek when we get back.

  43. casualfan Says:

    Hicksaholic-Sorry to hear about the oil spill problem. I suspect that situation will have catastrophic consequence for many states and will effect the entire US in time.

    I can’t help but giggle when hearing that Lee sings off key at times. Guess no one notices that Taylor also sings off key at times and is often shaky when he sings. He often covers it up by flying into a harp frenzy, but since it’s T, it’s ok for him but not others.

    It’s all about the music and I enjoy what they give….off key or not. 😉

  44. casualfan Says:

    Crystal probably deserves the win but she didn’t have the room for improvement that Lee did. All in all a pretty ho-hum season.
    They BOTH deserve the chance to win. They have BOTH worked their asses off to get where they are and they BOTH have an equal shot.

  45. Don’t you know Taylor has perfect pitch? Looking forward to FH and hicksaholic reporting in about tonight.

  46. casualfan Says:

    Having perfect or Absolute pitch doesn’t make one a great singer or composer.

  47. Ange Bleu Says:

    For what it’s worth — Heard that staff & Big Cheese of TMZ online have been notified by an even bigger Big Cheese – nothing remotely flattering towards Taylor & have been told to remove the semi-decent article & very attractive pictures of Tay that appeared a month or two ago. Hard to believe.

  48. Yes it is hard to believe Ange. Where did you hear that?

  49. casualfan Says:


  50. Ange Bleu Says:

    I just went over to TMZ to look for the story. I believe it had to do with Taylor working on homes for Habitat for Humanity and showed some pics of him. I could find nothing but old stories. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place or something. Couldn’t find anything. Maybe my boyfriend’s contacts iwere right, maybe not. Will go over there again & look under something else. I may be wrong about Habitate for Humanity,

  51. casualfan Says:

    Or maybe HFH doesn’t want to be associated with that gossip site. If that’s the case…good for them!

  52. Don’t know what is there now but there definitely was a story about Taylor helping with Habitat with Humanity on TMZ shortly after he did that. It was only semi decent, they did their best to pick an unflattering picture. But it wasnt’ too bad.
    Would someone go so far as to want even that removed?
    Probably. Can you say where you heard that story?

  53. I think the boyfriend is jealous. Isn’t he the one who said Tay had plastic surgery to have his nose slimmed?

  54. Ange Bleu Says:

    Maybe so, Rosie. He likes Taylor, enjoys his music, but can get a bit resentful if I talk about him. And yes he believes Taylor had plastic surgery. I’ve compared a video of his audition for AI with recent videos but I can’t see any difference other than his weight.

  55. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I don’t see Taylor having plastic surgery. AI had to practically beg him to go near his brows during the competition, so what makes someone think he had plastic surgery? Those peeps are morons….

    TMZ is hooked up with Radar online and they are both rags.

  56. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Ange Bleu, not buying your “boyfriend contacts” story. No big cheese is asking TMZ to remove flattering articles about Taylor. That’s absurd. He wasn’t on TMZ.com he was on their other site called Toofab.com. That’s why you can’t find it.

    CF, TMZ and Radar are owned by two separate entities. Don’t know about Radar but TMZ is a legit news source and they break a lot of stories.

    Also, people keep talking about Simon Cowell and how he wants so and so to win so he can pad his pockets. ??? How does he pad his pockets when he has no stake in American Idol? If you do your homework you’ll see he’s just an employee. I don’t care what people say, Simon Cowell is smart and he’s usually right on the money and I think he’s probably a very nice person in real life. He was wrong about Taylor not getting past Randy and Paula, but he admitted he was wrong and that he liked Taylor. He was right that Taylor wasn’t commercial. He never said he wasn’t talented.

  57. That TMZ story is on toofab now but it was on TMZ when it first came out.

    I doubt anyone would have taken the story down, No one would notice so why would they?
    But Simon does have a stake in AI other than just an employee or at least he did. But I wouldn’t even attempt to go in to all the connections. Its just too convoluted, it makes my brain hurt. so whatever.

  58. casualfan Says:

    Here is some background on Simon Cowell. Being the owner of Syco Music and very high up in Sony Entertainment, I would say that yes-Simon Cowell does indeed to a degree have a stake in Idol.


  59. casualfan Says:

    The reason for TMZ’s success is because of the ongoing obsession that we have with celebrities and their scandals and personal lives. Sorry, but I don’t call any of that real news. I do think TMZ is the lessor of the evils, but I still rank them with the gossip rags.

  60. casualfan Says:

    Someone wanted to post this link in response to NYG but apparently she’s in moderation…so I’m passing it on. 😉

    Judging from the comments on this article, it does look like it originally came from TMZ….just sayin


  61. hicksaholic Says:

    Well…. back from the Wind Creek. It was well worth the $15 or so price of admission. Taylor sang 6 songs broken into two song sets. He sang The Distance, What’s right is right, Battlefield, Maybe you should, Nineteen, and Seven mile breakdown. I thought he sounded incredible- I couldn’t quit smiling.
    I’m guessing there was between 1200-1500 people at the outdoor amphitheater. Most were there for the two girls competing for the $100000 prize but Taylor had a lot of people some of which I recognized from prior concerts. The two girls were really good, both could go far. The girl that won was absolutely incredible. My favorite Taylor judging comment concerning her was ” when you were singing I was watching your toes. Even your toes were moving to the music. You were definitely feeling the music through your whole body.”
    Sinbad hosted and I’ve never heard him before but he was hilarious- he reminded me a lot of Charles Barkley. He is an effortless comedian, very unrehearsed and spontaneous. He and Taylor must have clicked because they sat outside in the courtyard after the concert and had dinner. Only reason I know is my group was in the Grill and the waitress told us they were coming in to eat. Once they saw the crowd they must have thought better of it and opted for outside and some privacy.
    Taylor had a booth set up for a meet and greet if you purchased stuff(or I’m guessing if you brought a cd or whatever) I didn’t go over there- I’ve finally come to the realization that it makes no sense for me to go stand in front of Taylor Hicks hand him a cd to sign and make some random stupid comment. Others may not freeze like I do so they may enjoy the interaction. I didn’t get a feel for how many went to it but the usual suspects were there I think(traveling fans).
    A lot of young people there(primarily young white yuppie types for Holly and blacks of all ages for Christina) I only mention this because I was trying to see the reaction to Taylor’s performances. He got the most positive response to Seven Mile Breakdown, 19, and Maybe you should. But I was a little disappointed they didn’t seem to appreciate him as much as I did. Ran into a young Holly fan after the show and asked her if she liked Taylor. She made a face and said Taylor Hicks? He was ok. She saw my look of total disappointment and said Oh he was good , he was good, you’re a Taylor fan, you’re almost drooling over him.
    I guess the thing that I really hate and I don’t know if it will change but it’s difficult to get a young crowd to appreciate Taylor. I guess it doesn’t matter that much, money spends the same from 50-60 year old ladies as well as 20 somethings. But I just wish a few younger people appreciated his talent.
    Joni Hicks was there and looked as good as ever.
    Only real negative of the night- my husband was royally pissed that I went. It is unbelievable but I guess he is jealous of how much I enjoy Taylor. He tries to make excuses like we can’t afford it(if ticket prices are high and out of town travel is involved) or it’s embarrassing to him and he can’t believe I would go knowing he doesn’t want me to but bottom line is he’s jealous of a musician who wouldn’t know me from Adam’s housecat I thoroughly enjoy and makes me happy. I am hard headed enough to think it’s a bunch of bullshit and a control issue so I continue to go when it is reasonable to do so. I have decided life is too short and if something so simple (and pretty inexpensive given Taylor’s pretty minimal fanbase these days) makes me so happy I will continue to go unless I think I am doing something wrong. That’s one more reason to avoid the meet and greets.
    I know this was long but I promised a recap. I didn’t find Fairhope- anxious to hear her review.

  62. casualfan Says:

    I’m soooo glad that you went to that show Hicksaholic. A friend of mine who at one time was a super-obsessed fan lives in Mobile. I tried to get her to go, but she’s long time over Taylor so I couldn’t convince her.

    Anyway, I’m glad you went and had the experience. Thanks so much for the re-cap…very much appreciated. 😉

  63. Thanks so much for that recap Hicksaholic! I really enjoyed reading your thoughts. I’m sorry your husband is such a royal pain about Taylor. I totally agree that it makes no sense to stand in front of Taylor and say some random comment. Once I got my picture with him and his autograph I discovered the same thing- why keep bothering him for more pictures? The cleverest thing I could think to say was “It was a wonderful show”. Something he’s heard a million times. Doesn’t make sense to me either.

    I’m sure a lot of people really did enjoy Taylor, maybe he even made new fans? Who knows? Thanks again for your comments!

  64. hicksaholic Says:

    I hate your friend is no longer super obsessed. I wish I had a Taylor bud in Mobile. My friends have been way too kind accomodating my obsession.

  65. casualfan Says:

    Well, she got back to her real life and is happy. She wishes him all the good things in life, but she’s no longer “in the T zone”.

  66. Well thank you CF, I appreciate that.
    I did add the link but its still in moderation, gotta watch us dangerous folk. lol Lord only knows when this will show up. 🙂
    I was reading the recap, sounds like Taylor had a good time and glad to hear he and Sinbad hit it off. Always liked Sinbad.
    And just my two cents, if I ever get the chance to go, I would just go and enjoy and not worry about what anybody else thought. I would bet money there was more than one young one in the crowd that did appreciate him. I know some that like him.
    JMO but I think he should do something for the very young sometime, kids seem to really like him.
    For me the reason for maybe getting in the line and buying something would just be to help his bottom line. Gotta take care of that bottom line if he is going to have the means to make more music.
    And to each is own but for me I can’t imagine not being “in the T zone”
    Just for me it doesn’t interfere with a thing, in fact in helps me get on with everything else.

  67. Fairhope Says:

    Hicks: Sorry we missed. I was sitting in the middle about 2 rows from the sidewalk that divided the back section of seating. Sinbad was freaking hilarious. I can’t believe he “free-styled” his whole thing. My mother enjoyed Sinbad more than Taylor, I think! Taylor is not the same without his band. Singing to a track is ok but I miss his tagging. I realize he sang all songs from the Distance because he was trying to sell it to the crowd. But I wanted to hear something different. He looked great though. My favorite singer of the night was the guy “Dew” who played the keyboard. And I am like you I will not stand in line to see him to get an autograph that I probably wouldn’t keep.

    I did see a few faces I recognized like the one who follows him to Ross Bridge every year. Her pics are always on the BB. She sat in the row in front of us. Anyway, I came away lacking a total Taylor experience but the event wasn’t really about him. So….it was like having sex and not reaching…..you know!! LOL

    And speaking of sex, my husband hates my obsession too. So Taylor’s name is TABOO in my house.

  68. datilpepper Says:

    Thanks so much FH and Hicks, for the reviews…I sort of got another one from a friend who lives in Atmore, and occasionally uses the Wind Creek pool for her hydro therapy for her neck and shoulder…she’s also a Taylor fan…anyway, she was swimming in the pool while he was rehearsing, and she got her own private concert. She said he sounded great. Left in a white suv, then stopped and backed up to greet a mom and her little daughter that he saw waving at him. Good for you , Tayor.

    My friend hadn’t planned to go to the contest since it was not assigned seating, and she didn’t want to have to be there 2 hours early. She did take her husband to a Taylor concert in Mobile last summer, and he was very impressed with Taylor singing “Dust My Broom”. I threw that in because some husbands seem to have a problem with their wives being Taylor fans. This husband has developed a new found respect for him and his talent, because he actually went and watched him.

    She did comment on the bedazzled ladies of a certain age that were filing in when she was leaving the pool. He still has his followers. Guess we have to face it…he doesn’t appeal to younger audiences. But they wouldn’t like Boz Skaggs or Jimmy Buffett, either. Hopefully he’ll be similar to Harry Connick Jr.and Michael Buble, and while not a chart buster, have a good career from singing his type of music. I know I’ll be a fan for life.

  69. This is great! Two honest opinions on the crowd, the event, the audience and his singing. Thanks hicks and FH. So Taylor is into toes. lol

  70. LOL I laughed at that too Rosie (the toes comment). I also laughed at it because when I saw him perform his feet wouldn’t stop moving for one second! 🙂

  71. Oh and by the way he tweeted that there was exciting news coming our way soon and to stay tuned. I hope it really IS exciting.

  72. hicksaholic Says:

    Sinbad did say to Taylor- you need to do a variety show. I’m sure that was just a coincidence and unrelated to the tweet but Taylor could do a pretty good job on that although it would help if he had help from somebody like Sinbad. That guy is just naturally funny kind of like Barkley. I have finally gotten to the point that my expectations of “exciting news from Taylor” is pretty low. I hope it’s great though.
    I agree Fairhope that a Taylor concert that is looser is better but hey you take what you can get.
    datilpepper, your friend has a wise husband or at least one who is not inherently stupid. I don’t get it, I actually am in such a happy place when I am at a Taylor concert that if my husband wasn’t a complete asshole about it and just went with the flow he might find it to work to his benefit if you know what I mean. Oh well…..
    I read on the Boogie that some who stood in the line for the meet and greet estimated he had 200 or so waiting to see him. from that perspective I hate I missed it because even though I would feel a little ridiculous standing in line to get Taylor to sign something I would like to meet a few fans that I could connect with. I have to admit a few are kind of scary, My 27 year old daughter still has nightmares about the time I sent her and her boyfriend to the Bluegill to stand in line early for a Limbo benefit with a possibility of a Taylor appearance. She swore everybody had sparkly pictures of their cats on their shirts.

  73. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Cf – The article’s ALWAYS been on toofab which is TMZ’s other site. It was LINKED from google as TMZ and when you clicked it took you to Toofab. TMZ doesn’t make things up. They also clear up a lot of rumors on that site, such as the rumors of Angelina and Brad getting divorced (which were printed as fact all over the British tabloids) and TMZ broke that it was BS. It’s gossip yeah, but it’s true. Fans make things up not TMZ.

    Simon Cowell’s company Syco is in business with Sony, and Sony partially finances and distributes artists on Syco’s label. So? None of the American Idol’s are signed with Syco and Simon Cowell doesn’t make money from other artists on Sony’s label unless they were signed by the Syco division. Sorry to burst all yer bubbles. If Simon Cowell owned Sony you’d have a point, but he doesn’t. He only has a deal with them that pertains to HIS artists. He doesn’t make money off of Carrie Underwood – he makes money off of Leona, Susan Boyle, people that are on HIS label.

  74. Sparkly pictures of their CATS! ROTFLMBO!!!!

  75. casualfan Says:

    NYG-I know I don’t benefit, so I don’t give a rat’s ass. 😉

  76. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Oh.. alright CF. I just thought you might want to know you were mistaken. Guess not.

  77. I don’t care where Simon gets his money or what or whom he owns. Two years ago I was amazed when I started to read the sites and read that TPTB wanted this one or that one to win. I’ve never seen that from the 3 judges VFTW is the worst with that kind of garbage and all their nonsense about trying to upset TPTB. They can sign or not sign who they wish. The only one they have to sign is the winner. I do think Simon was wrong to say America made a mistake choosing Tay as the winner. He said was not the best singer, just popular. i believe Nigel said something similar. They should have just shut up, since the show was about the people voting. Pickler was also popular, but had 2 bad weeks and went home. Now she sells a lot of CD’s and does well on tour, due to a combo of popularity, personality and country music.

  78. casualfan Says:

    NYG-Simon himself has stated that he has a stake in who wins on Idol. Now if you disagree with what he himself has said, take it up with him.

  79. hicksaholic Says:

    You are exactly right about Pickler. I’m sure TPTB are taking credit for her success which is a combo of all the things you mentioned PLUS her good fortune of being the opening act for Taylor Swift and becoming her BFF. Don’t discount that factor.

  80. Oh and for the record- Simon DID say not so long ago that Tay was NOT talented. It was in an article that made Soul Patrol very angry, and I couldn’t blame them.

  81. casualfan Says:

    Here’s a not-so-kind article on Simon’s view about Taylor.


  82. Here’s the quote I was talking about. From the TV Guide that came out on April 28th, 2009:

    “I’ve learned over the years that if you think you’re going to find a star every year, think again. Are you going to find a winner? Yes. But are you going to find a star? Absolutely not. Carrie Underwood, Leona Lewis — they were special people. Thank God they happened to walk into our shows. But you can’t say that for Taylor Hicks. He never was or will be a star. He was a popular singer on a popular show. There’s a difference.

  83. casualfan Says:

    NotYourGrandMa Says:

    May 22, 2010 at 5:43 pm
    Oh.. alright CF. I just thought you might want to know you were mistaken. Guess not.
    haha. Your candor is greatly appreciated along with your expertise on such matters. 😉

  84. casualfan Says:

    It was in an article that made Soul Patrol very angry, and I couldn’t blame them.
    Sectors of the SP get pissed off at anything that is not deemed as a holy endearment towards the CC.

    Just sayin….

  85. I thought the show was pitched as America got to vote for their favorite singer each week, and the one that survived won a million dollar record contract. Simon makes it sound as though the premise of the show was vote for who will sell the most CD’s. Rueban, Fantasia, Taylor and Clay were not pop singers or country singers, but America liked their voices. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if Tay could prove Simon wrong about the never be a star nonsense. Jen Hudson already did prove Simon wrong, so then he bitched that she wasn’t grateful enough. While the judges are a big part of the show and they select the top 24, it is the contestents that peeps tune in to hear and see. Simon told Jen she would go no further. She is about to begin work on a huge part in a huge movie. He doesn’t like Tay or Jen in part because they proved him wrong.

  86. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Yeah CF, would love to see that video or article where Simon says he has a piece of Idol. He’s not even a producer or executive producer of the show. I just do research before I make bold statements that’s all.

    Simon never said Taylor wasn’t talented. He said he was a very good singer “its easy to forget you’re a very good singer.” He says he’s not a star. Star and good singer are kinda different. He also hasn’t said a bad word about him since he gave Taylor a standing ovation last year. I don’t necessarily agree with all his statements but I don’t think he dislikes Taylor. An act is an act.

  87. mamaforpeace Says:

    Actually, Simon was wrong about Daughtry when he first saw him… didn’t want to put him through to Hollywood. Remember? He may be right about Taylor, but you don’t have to be a star to be a successful musician. Most who won Idol won’t become “stars”: Fantasia (I love her voice, but I’m not so much into her music), Ruben, Jordin aren’t more successful than Taylor. David Cook and Kris Allen aren’t exactly burning up the charts. Kelly and Carrie are the ones that became stars. I could see Adam becoming one too. We’ll have to see about Daughtry’s longetivity. I admire all of them, even if they are not my cup of tea… to be plucked from obscurity and thrown into the limelight, as they have all been for however long, can’t be easy.

  88. casualfan Says:

    NotYourGrandma Says:

    May 22, 2010 at 9:05 pm
    Yeah CF, would love to see that video or article where Simon says he has a piece of Idol. He’s not even a producer or executive producer of the show. I just do research before I make bold statements that’s all.

  89. casualfan Says:

    “They (Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson) loved him. I couldn’t stand him. I didn’t get it,” Cowell snapped, adding that “at the end of the day you have to find a bona fide recording artist. Just because you win the show doesn’t mean you will sell a lot of records. Chris (Daughtry) is the one who sold the albums, not Taylor.”
    This is taken from the link I posted about Simon. He specifically stated that he couldn’t stand Taylor and that he didn’t get him. NYG-As I said earlier, go argue with him. You seem to doubt his own words. If you want absolute proof that Cowell said that, I suggest that you contact the person who wrote that article.

    You seem content on baiting for some kind of drama so I will leave you be.

  90. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Actually CF I wanted to see where simon said he had a stake in Idol. So why are you cut and pasting insults instead? “I can’t stand him” isn’t “I have a stake in idol” Every Taylor fan has read Simon say this stuff about Taylor. He never said he wasn’t talented. I’m not baiting “drama” I’m just tired of people making things up. Still waiting on that article where he talks about his stake in idol.

  91. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, please guys! Come on! Take it outside…

  92. casualfan Says:

    Now she sells a lot of CD’s and does well on tour, due to a combo of popularity, personality and country music.
    Kellie Pickler needs to have her own sitcom. She’s a riot and has a ton of personality.

  93. And the latest tweet from Taylor says: Happy Sunday!! Everyone!!


  94. I AM AGOG over what POPEATER just posted! Yea for Tay!

  95. I’m so agog I’m Lady AGAGA 😉 That IS a great article! http://www.popeater.com/2010/05/23/…-american-idol/

  96. I don’t want to argue with anyone’s grandma and so I won’t. Simon’s Sony BMG label has always had the right since season 1 to sign the winner and runner up. Simon has a deal where he gets 30% of AI’s profits, and upon leaving he get 10% of AI’s profits for life. That means even after the show ends. How silly it would be if all he got was his salary as a judge. He was responsible for bringing it to America and is a savy business man. I read he gets a few cents from every Idols contestents CD sold, but I don’t know if that is a fact. The other info I read in black and white from the sources. I’m not posting links as the info is all on the net for anyone to see.

  97. casualfan Says:

    Thanks Sierra for bringing that great article over. I wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. Very positive article and actually made me smile. Comments are great too.

    Rosie-I agree with what you are saying about Simon. He mentioned as much-especially in the earlier seasons about his investments in the contestants. And you are right….arguing with someones grandma isn’t very respectful and I apologize. 😉

  98. CF, lol. I’m still trying to do the math of Taylor earning 3.5 million the last 18 months. However I assume his accountant is in agreement with his statement, as Uncle Sam is always around and quite nosy and invested. He would have a ton of write offs. I remember when Tay finally had enough, a few months back and tweeted fans to tell the NYT’s guy that he was laughing all the way to the bank. While the math/figures don’t compute with me and I love math and am way too into Taylor’s business, I’ll just accept and be happy for him. He has a soft cushion to do what he wants and the positive info is out there on the WWW.

  99. CF, lol.

  100. Love the popeater piece and the idea that T grossed 3.5 mil the past 18 months. I’m good at math, but can’t compute this. It is none of my business, so I accept it as fact and so will Uncle Sam. Thank goodness for lots of writeoffs for celebs and peeps in business for themselves.

  101. Fairhope Says:

    Just curious…With Taylor being on the road all this time and having no permanent residence, what does he do with all these gifts the SP gives him? All we’ve heard for three years is how he lives out of two suitcases. Do they think he keeps the gifts??????

  102. Fairhope. I heard him say once stuff gets sent to his parents. I guess someone UPS’s stuff for him.

  103. Keeps and treasures and in his future home displays, or on his body wears, is my best guess, while reading cards and letters and listening to all the home made, compiled CD’s and store bought CD’s. He knows it is the thought that counts, and so many have spent money to see and hear him. Shit, I have to settle for mothers day, Christmas and BDAY gifts. There are charities that accept stuffed animals, CD’s, books, hats, tee shirts, winter scarves and all manner of riff raft. I’ve always thought that expensive soaps, wrinkle cream, super vitamins, and expensive shampoos and conditioners and booze and money would be most welcome. Give me the money anytime.

  104. Fairhope Says:

    I can’t imagine him displaying some of that shit in his home…sorry!

  105. Ha ha, I was trying to be whimsical or in the real world a lame comedian. New ? is who is his mysterious female date to the prom/ AI finale??? Many want to KNOW.

  106. Felicia Says:

    I think his date is Rob Shuter.

  107. casualfan Says:

    I’m guessing he will go a-la-cart Rosie as he always does. But it would be nice seeing with someone on the red carpet. 😉

  108. Some are joking it’s Paula. LOL. That would be a hoot. LOL.

  109. casualfan Says:

    haha-Just saw that Rob Shuter tweeted about T bringing a date to AI. That would be a riot if it is Paula. It being Simon’s last show and all…no doubt they are all going to give him an appropriate send off. It’s going to be a good one.

    He can always appear on stage as Teen Angel and do a parody of TA in honor of Simon…now lets see what the name of the tune should be……

  110. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m sure I probably shouldn’t care but I hope they don’t show Taylor in the Teen Angel suit on national tv. It’ll just prolong the media jokes deserved or not. I hope he looks phenominal and viewers can’t get over how good he looks. After watching that Travis and Justin kid last week AI would be wise to let Taylor perform. Of course against that standard AI would be wise to let ANYONE perform.
    Love the article and almost all positive comments. Would love to see him bring Paula to the AI finale- I think the viewers miss her terribly and having Taylor with her might work to his benefit. Doubt it will happen though. I imagine if Taylor does bring a date he will keep her out of sight.
    After seeing him and Sinbad the other night I wish they could colloborate on something. They really click.

  111. casualfan Says:

    It was a good article but I’m one of the critics who question the $3.5 million claim. As someone who is in the professional media wisely said: “Insider” quotes are NOT a reliable source. Taylor wasn’t listed in Forbes-which is a trusted media source and a reliable source wouldn’t mind being named and quoted. Besides that, the article was positive.

  112. hicksaholic Says:

    I wondered too but can’t imagine the guy would give a specific figure if there wasn’t some backup or it was provided by Taylor. Taylor shouldn’t overstate unless he has lots of writeoffs to lower his tax liability. Some suggested Forbes may have been based on more traditional music sales data and not include all the music, merchandise Taylor was able to sell at Grease.
    The really interesting thing would be how many of those sales were to repeat customers. I say that in part poking fun at myself who is an owner of numerous Taylor cds. If Taylor sells, I buy(but not posters or tshirts or sparkly mini harmonicas or trading cards or whatever other non music stuff he has).

  113. casualfan Says:

    The IRS pays no attention to what is said in PopEater or other gossip tabloids….it is just what they are-GOSSIP tabloids. If the IRS has a red flag on someone, they will go thru legitimate resources. But someone saying “an insider source” usually translates to “I heard a rumor”.

  114. Freckles Says:

    He has trading cards? Seriously?

  115. The news also showed up in Music Industry News. That is a professsional music industry site. Forbes claims no inside info either they are just estimating by projecting earnings off the little bit of sales info they can find.

  116. I think I need an intervention. I vote for him bringing any female to the finale. I hope we get to see him and it would be great if all the past winners and some other contestents are on stage to give Simon a proper send off.

  117. Elliott lives in LA and tweeted that Taylor was in town and they were going to share a stage together again. Guessing it’s Idol stage but doesn’t exactly say they will be singing together. But we can Hope can’t we? LOL.

  118. hicksaholic Says:

    He does have trading cards I’m pretty sure. I remember paying $25 or so to be on his paid fansite a couple of years ago. I was dumber then. I paid because you supposedly had access to tickets before it opened up to the general public. Anyway one of the perks was you were supposed to get some free Taylor stuff but it had almost been a year and nobody had gotten anything and some people started complaining on the website. Then a few weeks later I got an envelope with a little harmonica on a string, some kind of picture, and a car sticker. I was glad my husband wasn’t around when I opened it. If Taylor is going to sell stuff he needs some better stuff.
    Maybe Taylor and Elliott are singing in a bar out there. I’m sure it’s not AI related. Taylor is probably lucky to be interviewing people on the red carpet. But maybe it’s a well guarded secret and it’s a surprise sendoff for Simon.

  119. The rumor of an Elliot Tay duet is running rampant on MJ’s. I think it would most likely be a group thing. Elliot spilled the beans and Taylor is a man of mystery.

  120. I’m pretty sure it’s part of a tribute to Simon’s final season. There are a bunch of former idol conrestants & winners out there. Kris & Carrie are definitely performing. Rumors that Jordin & Blake and Tay & Elliott may be. Bo, Constantine, Brook & Justin are also there.

  121. Hi all! It’s been a while….Seeing the above videos took me to memory lane.. I went YouTubing.. and I think after all the new found interest in Taylor’s possible finale showing, I felt pretty nostalgic. I feel I’ve come full circle in my fandom. Now I can listen and appreciate Chris Daughtry on the radio and look back on why Taylor didn’t make it. I think this performance was the AHA moment it took me to shake loose of my obsession. I think this may be one of Taylor’s finest moments on the AI stage, but it’s also the most derided and under-rated, which helped me let go…. Hey, you can’t convince everyone and I learned I didn’t have to with this one…

  122. casualfan Says:

    I agree Dancin….I think most-if not all the significant contestants will be there to perform and give Simon a proper send off. It would be cool if T and Elliott performed “Women’s Gotta Have It” together. It’s going to be an interesting evening and hopefully will spike those ratings back up to par.

  123. momo– I think I will post that vid, I also thought it was one of Taylors best moments on the idol stage. And I always thought there was a message in the song. I know some didn’t like it but I never cared much what anyone thought. I loved it.

  124. suze4158 Says:

    Another oldster, here. Glad to see the blog still perking along.
    Momo…very interesting post.

    I am of the opinion that the AI6 finale performance was a bit disconcerting. What worked impeccably for Taylor on the AI5 stage, seemed a bit strange and contrived on the AI6 finale stage.
    Taylor’s voice was amazing and interpretation quite moving, but his actions made me squirm.
    I didn’t know he was derided for that performance….(However, his performance outshown Kelly C’s and Carrie U’s, IMO)

    That performance caught me freshly angsting over the realization that AI was not backing Taylor, and he was doomed to be the AI punching boy. Clive’s dissertation on the purpose of AI was to find a ‘recording artist’ that night was the ultimate indignity for Taylor, IMO. So hurtful for those of us who voted for and supported him, too.

    If I were him, I would have a hard time showing up for any of the AI promotional events like this year’s finale….exposure or not. But I know not the truth of the whole matter, so I judge not, either.

  125. casualfan Says:

    He was probably wanting to get the hell out of there to catch his plane to Maui. He had just gotten off a very demanding tour and no doubt AI was the last place he wanted to be at that point.

    For me at least, AI supporting T after his win is well beyond the point of being relevant at this stage. Taylor has chosen to move on beyond all of that and although he didn’t succeed in the music industry as all have hoped, he has moved on to other things and seems happy.


  126. While I do agree he seems to be happy and over it, that AI6 finale had to be a bitch for him. It was as though Clive lacked good taste, judgement and common sense using that night to gush about Daughtry and sales. D’s best song on his CD, Home , being played weekly on AI probably moved at least 2 million of those CD’s. It is one thing to not be supported and another to be mocked and insulted and treated rudely.

  127. casualfan Says:

    “Home” is a great song and very fitting for Idol. Home wasn’t the only hit off Daughtry’s cd. Almost all of his songs were major hits and got tons of airplay because his millions of fans were buying the cd’s and requesting his music to be played. Just because Clive was promoting Daughtry doesn’t mean his was insulting or mocking Taylor. That’s the perception of his fan-base. I agree that he should have acknowledge Taylor, but I didn’t see any mocking or insults.

  128. casualfan Says:

    On another note….I think Taylor’s “Do I make you proud” was the best Idol coronation song to date. He sang that perfectly. I liked it way better than “A Moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson.

  129. casualfan Says:

  130. I am not a big fan of DIMYP. I think it’s a little hokey…and maybe that’s just because Taylor sang it. And at that point, I didn’t think Taylor would sing something like that. Then he released Taylor Hicks and The Distance. Blew that theory out of the water.

  131. casualfan Says:

  132. casualfan Says:

    LOL Grey! DIMYP isn’t something I would listen to on my Ipod 24/7 but as far as Idol tunes go-that was by far the best.

    I liked “The Distance” much better than the “Taylor Hicks” cd. There’s only a few that I really enjoy but it still is better-IMO. But I’m with you…I love the pre-Idol stuff the best.

  133. Tay hated the song they chose for him and DIMYP was intended for Eliott. Taylor said on rewind that he liked it and it fit him and the occasion. I like what he did with it and believe few others could have sang and performed it so well. Paula said he was better than that song. Ragsqueen has a great video of him singing Battlefield at the casino Friday.

  134. I’m just the opposite, CF. I think I’m a bigger fan of the Taylor Hicks CD…and that might have something to do with hearing the songs 297384732 times at all the concerts I attended in 07. 🙂

  135. casualfan Says:

    Well hopefully T will be back in the studio soon to record some of that great music that everyone loves so much. I’m sure he can do more of the “Taylor Hicks” cd format and get some radio play. Pop music is always popular.

  136. Anyone who doesn’t see what Clive was up to just doesn’t want to see it.
    But whatever floats your boat.

  137. casualfan Says:


  138. Daughtry sounds decent or good on the radio and like with Lee, TPTB knew that would be the case. I liked Daughtry on AI, but when he came back a few weeks ago to sing his new single, which sounded like several of his other songs, he was boring and seemed ill at ease. Home was his most main steam easy listening song. Both Home and Bad Day, the year before were good songs, the promotions of them by AI were worth a fortune to the artists. Clive promoting D as the newest and greatest rock god on national TV was worth a fortune to both Clive and D. Watch tomorrow as Kris gives keys to the cars to Crystal and Lee, sings his new single and is introduced as seasons 8 winner. Yeah, that would be Kris, not Adam or Gokey.

  139. mamaforpeace Says:

    The Distance, hands down for me! Never liked the TH cd, though some of the songs performed live by Taylor made all the difference.

  140. hicksaholic Says:

    I like the TH cd better but like some songs off the Distance. The reality is I like pretty much ANY song Taylor sings live. I hope if he and Elliott do Woman’s Gotta Have It tonite that Taylor does well. I have to say on the cd Elliott sounds way better when he comes in on that song. I just hope that doesn’t happen tonite and everybody start talking about how Elliott is so much better than Taylor.

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