Are You Listening to Spoonful James?

Spoonful James is releasing a new album called Are You Listening? It’s being released today. You can pick it up at!! Please, please, please try to catch these guys in concert…

May 7 and 8 Florabama, Perdido Key, FL (CD release shows)

May 14 Strutting Duck Downtown, Auburn, AL (CD Release show)

May 15 Rogue Tavern, Birmingham, AL (CD Release Show)

June 4 BamaJam Music Festival, Enterprise, AL

This is their first “official” music video from the new stuff!

Last month, I was given the opportunity to interview Quinn. Instead of asking the same questions that they always get, I decided to shake it up a little bit!!

Not really different, but how did you get the nickname “Dirty”?

There’s a long story to that and a short story. Here’s the short version. We were in Auburn at the time and as we are all aware, young eager musicians usually do not have very much money or sense. I don’t remember the exact details behind this but for some reason I was in a fight with the water co. on a bill I didn’t want to pay. I lost the argument. Sooo after a few days of protest I broke down and called Wynn who had enough sense to pay his water bill. He said sure, you can borrow my shower. Nothing else, no other information. So I walk in there with a towel on one shoulder and a bar of soap in my other hand. It’s 5PM-ish, still light out. So I walk in there probably wreaking and he and his roommate decided to have a random afternoon party with about 20 folks or so, mostly dates. Now I’m stuck, do I walk away or barrel through, take a shower and leave without even skipping a beat. I chose option B and that’s where it all started. Wynn has a very good sense of humor.

BBQ sandwiches: slaw or no slaw?

Haven’t eaten pork for 10 years, another long story that involves having to walk a pig in the morning. So to answer in the past tense, slaw is a side item where I’m from unless you’re visiting the Carolinas.

What is the cheesiest 80’s song that you can’t live without?

I can live without about 99% of anything form the 80’s but my hairs still stand up to this day whenever I hear Money For Nothing. Is that even considered cheezy? I just think that song is awesome, every second of it from the anticipation at the beginning til you hear the last notes fade out.

Name the most recent song you downloaded to your iPod.

Hahaha, never owned an iPod. I have a Microsoft Zune. Everybody in the band makes fun of it. Newest huh? let me check, Emotional Rescue Rolling Stones. I just love the 1976-1981 disco Stones era. It’s funny if you ever want to piss somebody off, say that to a diehard Stones fan, they will go white as a sheet. Whatever, they used to tour around with Billy Preston during that time, it doesn’t get much funkier than that.

Who’s going to win the NCAA tournament?

Tech? Nah they just lost right? I follow SEC football, that’s about it.

Any chance of you touring north of Atlanta?

Absolutely we are in talks with a venue in Alpharetta, GA about 7 miles north of Atlanta!



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  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone!

  2. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I love his answers! Cool questions. They are obviously-and adorably good ole’ southern boys.

    Thanks for posting this blog. I will have to listen to all the vids.

  3. I think I need to buy some Sinatra Cd’s asap. Wonder if Morph watched idol last night? Sorry, got nothing about Spoonful James, although that was a funny story about the water bill and shower. Morning pig walks can suck!

  4. taylorfan06 Says:

    Not a Sinatra fan, so that is why I had NO interest in Idol last night (among other reasons…) So was that supposed to be current? The poor contestants have to put themselves where they wouldn’t really want to be in the “real” world. Look at poor Mandissa on S5 doing country. Her fate was sealed. From what i’ve read, it looks like Casey may suffer the same fate tonight! The low ratings make sense. Sinatra? The kids are the “audience” for sales. WTF? JMO *salt glass rim, pour, ahhhhhhh*

  5. casualfan Says:

    I see why they did Sinatra. I think it’s awesome they don’t stay with the current thing and put these contestants out of their elements. It makes perfect sense to me. The whole point is to not be so predictable. Good job AI!

  6. datilpepper Says:

    Harry Connick Jr. was a fantastic mentor…he made the show worth watching…the guy is just awesome. The contestants would be lucky to have one-tenth of his talent as a singer, and a musician.

  7. casualfan Says:

    He’s a true character. LOVE him!

  8. casualfan Says:

    I adore his daughter…

  9. casualfan Says:

    I really like this song-hopefully you can play the video

  10. datilpepper Says:

    Aww…she’s a cutie…I loved that..thanks CF!

  11. taylorfan06 Says:

    Here’s one for ya’

  12. Seven Days Says:

    I liked the Spoonful James vids, Grey, thanks for posting them. I have to confess that I like Wynn’s voice on a studio sound even more than live. They did a nice job with the production on that first song. Got a kick out of how Quinn got his “Dirty B” nickname — I’ll always remember Taylor ribbing him about it onstage at Smith’s last summer.

    Heading to CD baby to get myself a copy of Are You Listening!

  13. taylorfan06 Says:

    A wonderful, timeless standard from the amazing Harry Nillson
    with Gordon Jenkins:

    From the brilliant 1973 release, “A Little Touch of Schmillson in the Night”
    A MUST HAVE! An amazing collection of standards from a true original.
    RIP Harry.

  14. taylorfan06 Says:

    David “The White Knight” Bowie

  15. Seven Days Says:
    May 5, 2010 at 5:30 pm e

    I liked the Spoonful James vids, Grey, thanks for posting them. I have to confess that I like Wynn’s voice on a studio sound even more than live.

    I know what you mean about the voice. There is something about his voice, and their music, that just soothes me. Taylor’s used to do that to me, but now it just makes me want to beat him senseless!! 😉

  16. casualfan Says:

    Taylor’s used to do that to me, but now it just makes me want to beat him senseless!!
    LOL! I feel ya 😉

  17. casualfan Says:

    Seems Taylor jumped into the frying pan with his tweet pic yesterday of Delta then deleted it-but not before someone got it. LOL!

  18. Snowstorm Says:

    Well, can you blame him for being rude to fans? Dealing with batty old lady fans who are only interested in raping you, would make anybody lose their cool.

  19. casualfan Says:

    back on track…

  20. casualfan Says:

  21. Soothe me baby, in your time.

  22. Well Grey I guess it is just a matter of Taste. Wynn’s voice just grates on me. It always seems slightly off tune. LOL. They are good musicians though.

  23. datilpepper Says:

    Who’s the tall drink of water with the mop haircut singing back-up and playing the harp? Looks familiar…haven’t seen that guy in a while.

  24. taylorfan06 Says:

    How cool is a Led Zep cover!?! Love that distinct growl of Taylor’s AND that harp! Always the showman, clapping his hands getting the audience involved. Love his energy. Great job boys.

    I have this on my iPod but haven’t seen the video. Great find, cf!

  25. casualfan Says:

    SS-No I don’t. The clock is ticking down anyway so it won’t matter much longer…..

  26. casualfan Says:

    Dee Says:

    May 6, 2010 at 10:51 am
    Well Grey I guess it is just a matter of Taste. Wynn’s voice just grates on me. It always seems slightly off tune. LOL. They are good musicians though.
    But Dee, Wynn has the right stuff, the talent and the passion for his music and that’s the important thing. Very few artists actually have ‘the voice’. SJ are well within their scope of their craft.

  27. casualfan Says:

    TF6-There’s some good vids of SJ’s over on Check them out when you get the chance.

  28. Love Spoonful James as musicians, but vocally not so much.. When Taylor and Wynn sing together on stage there is no question who has the better vocals. (and as much passion for the music) Taylor almost has to regin in his voice so he doesn’t overpower Wynn’s much weaker voice.

    IMO…there is not one of Spoonful James that wouldn’t change places with Taylor…. given the opportunity

  29. Fairhope Says:

    Off subject. Today was my last day working as the HR Manager at a Belk Department store. I’m moving on to another job. As I was leaving one of the employees got on the overhead speaker and said: “Attention Associates and Customers! Taylor Hicks and Cindy are leaving the building!” They are gonna miss my weekly updates on Tay.

  30. CF, I’ll keep trying to listen. Maybe Wynn’s voice will start to grow on me. I used to feel the same way about Willie Nelson but now I like most of what he does and his voice doesn’t grate on me. LOL.

    Fairhope, good luck on your new job. Just this of it as a brand new set of people to “Taylorize”. LOL.

  31. casualfan Says:

    …there is not one of Spoonful James that wouldn’t change places with Taylor…. given the opportunity
    Not everyone seeks glitz,glamour and national reconition. Maybe all they want to do is play their music. Working musicians are the best. 😉

  32. casualfan Says:

    that would be recognition, not reconition. damn spellcheck

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    I almost forgot. Happy 65th to the amazing Bob Seger!

  34. taylorfan06 Says:

    A GREAT ride indeed!!

  35. anne Says:
    May 6, 2010 at 5:42 pm e

    Love Spoonful James as musicians, but vocally not so much.. When Taylor and Wynn sing together on stage there is no question who has the better vocals. (and as much passion for the music) Taylor almost has to regin in his voice so he doesn’t overpower Wynn’s much weaker voice.

    IMO…there is not one of Spoonful James that wouldn’t change places with Taylor…. given the opportunity

    Really? Really? I bet they wouldn’t trade places with him. You know why, because Spoonful James is actually making music. They are working musicians. They have gigs…actual music gigs. Not the side show at balloon and wine festivals. They have so much passion for the music that they have continued to make more, without the aid of a six figure salary, a marketing firm and an ice cream cone.

    As for the differences in Wynn and Taylor’s voice, they are different…but that’s okay. I would never say Wynn has a weak voice.

    I bet in two years Spoonful James is still making videos, and where’s Taylor going to be? Not making music, I bet.

    I think something that this fandom doesn’t realize or won’t acknowledge is that Taylor’s career may just have seen it’s best day…several years ago. I know I keep waiting for more and more music…but I don’t think it’s coming. I would love to be proved wrong. I would love to see that he still has that type of passion that he exhibited as a raw 19 year old. But for me, modern whomp has a slick, manufactured sound. It’s nothing compared to what drew me in in the first place.

  36. henry8 Says:

    You do realize that Wynn retired from music at one point. They had a going away gig and all that.
    He was able to return because of the extra attention and a bit of change he received due to his association with Taylor Hicks.
    I like his music and hope he does well but its doubtful any one of us would ever have heard of him except for his “brother” Taylor.

    Now will this see the light of day? Who knows?

  37. WHAT? You think Spoonful James is above playing a Balloon and Wine Festival gig? Where does that come from? I don’t know them personally but I would bet they would play at an outdoor gig like that.
    I must admit I don’t get this idiolized notion of what a “real” working musician would or would not do. Spoonful of James disbanded for years and just got back together when Taylor started becoming well known. From what I read and someone correct me if I am wrong they have not been supporting themselves with music for a long time but are doing it on the side. Working real jobs and doing some music gigs on the side how does that make them any more real a musician than Taylor? He was doing the same kind of gigs they are doing right before Idol. I don’t know whether they would have taken the path that Taylor took but, I bet none of them would look down on anything that he is doing. I bet they are happy for him and if Taylor asked them to perform with him anywhere even the Balloon Fest I’m betting they would be there.
    I have no illusions. Taylor may not become any bigger star than he is right now but this is his shot and he’s taking it. He’s doing his best to get that bigger audience by spreading into other entertainment areas. It may work out to his favor in the long run, maybe not but it’s worth a shot.
    If it doesn’t I have no doubt that he will be back working some of those same clubs making music with more cash in his pocket so he can do it full time and not have to work on the side.

  38. casualfan Says:


  39. taylorfan06 Says:

    Yeah! It’s Friday!!!

  40. taylorfan06 Says:

  41. Well, Grey’s post exasperated and befuddled me. Don’t you recall that at 29, Taylor was at his wits end and was about to get a real job because he wasn’t making enough to support himself. He auditioned for and won AI and in doing so has hepled out LIMBO and Spoonful James and others to continue to play music. Taylor now has money in the bank and will be able to continue to do music and other performing art. If he were selected to be on DWTS’s he’d be exposed to millions of viewers for a few weeks, and thus when he decided to tour could fill venues. Wynn, Quinn and the bunch would be thrilled to play Epcots food and wine fest, but never will because they aren’t good enough and are not famous. Why do some begrudge those things Tay does for money or fame? You would not have heard of him or any of his past musician buds had he not gone on AI. I suppose you’d prefer it if a few multi millionaire women each gave him a few million, if it meant he could play in your small hometown clubs. He has no need to whore himself out, he is spreading his wings and proving to himself what he is capable of doing. Some fans whine, whine whine…

  42. casualfan Says:

    Wynn, Quinn and the bunch would be thrilled to play Epcots food and wine fest, but never will because they aren’t good enough and are not famous.
    LOL! Yeah, ok…whatever

  43. taylorfan06 Says:

    We’re heading towards a “revolution” here. ALRIGHT!

    “we’re all doing what we ca-aa-aan!”

  44. crazymomelon Says:

    Dee and rosie –
    you are soo right.
    Anyone who thinks Wynn Christian wouldn’t trade places with Taylor Hicks today is delusional .
    ‘Working musician’ means just that. I’ll wager that Spoonful James has never turned down a paying gig based on any kind of ‘artistic integrity’. These guys are cut from the same cloth as Taylor R. Hicks. Hicks got a break – well deserved imo – and he is taking full advantage of it for as long as it lasts. You think Wynn Christian wouldn’t? Dream on, girls.

  45. There ya go…these guys had to give up their “real” music to actually work for money…but their integrity is not questioned !. Taylor is also working his money making jobs and keeping his name out and will continue to get gigs large or small. He loves it every bit as much as Spoonful James and has been much more successful at it.

    And yes Grey I do believe Taylor’s voice is much stronger and a better voice. Have you seen them on stage together? It is not hard to see that Taylor has a much better quality to his voice. But I think Wynn may be better on guitar.

  46. taylorfan06 Says:

    Here’s an example of that. Taylor sounds real goooooood!

  47. taylorfan06 Says:

    How about one more?

  48. taylorfan06 Says:

    Oooops! I goofed. I meant this one.

  49. taylorfan06 Says:

    Sorry. I was trying to bring “Lady” here. I’ll have to try again.

  50. taylorfan06 Says:

    How about this?

  51. taylorfan06 Says:

    And another…

  52. Lady and Bring It On Home are my favorites that he did with SJ, so romantic and sexy. Taylor just has it.

  53. casualfan Says:

    Do y’all like meet somewhere before you gather here to defend the Christ Child? I mean seriously, it’s always the same people that preach to us when there’s a difference of opinions. You complain about us whining when you yourselves do the same thing-not only here but on other blogs so get over it.

    For all who say that SJ’s hasn’t the talent that T has…LOL! I’m willing to bet that T disagrees with you on that. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have recorded 7MB OR jam with his close friends whenever he gets the chance.

    It’s gonna be really interesting to see what happens to Taylor after Grease. I have the feeling it’s not what most of you are expecting. 😉

  54. Farewell concert Spoonful James @ Workplay (01/10/2003)with Taylor Hicks

    Set 1: (aud/sbd)
    Have You Ever 5:15
    Right Down Here 8:19
    Ain’t No Way 4:02
    Memphis Train 4:15
    Cover Me 6:10
    Never Make a Move To Soon 20:13
    Badge + 5:10
    Too Late + 7:14

    Set II: (sbd)
    Big Legged Woman 6:45
    See You Burn 6:51
    Lovin In My Baby’s Eyes 3:37
    Take Me Like I Am 5:38
    Them Changes 6:10
    Too Many Things 5:57
    A Hundred Souls 12:55
    Your Time is Gonna Come + 9:26
    Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad + 14:38
    Steady Rollin Man + 5:46

    7 Mile Breakdown 7:12

    + w/ Taylor Hicks

  55. CF, I definitely think Wynn and the guys are talented. I may not like Wynn’s voice all that much but he is extremely talented. My only point is all the references to “Real or Working Musicians” is a little too idealistic for me. I don’t think Taylor walks on water or anything but I also don’t think that Spoonful is any better than Taylor because they happen to be playing gigs like Taylor did for 10 years before Idol. Taylor is trying to make a living just as Spoonful are doing by working real jobs and playing music on the side. As far as what I expect of Taylor after Grease, I haven’t a clue. I like the fact that he is puts himself out there and tries new things. I don’t see anything wrong with making money either. He barely got by for 10 years and not having any money is not something anyone wants to go back to if they can help it. Taylor is young he’s got time to still try to make it big. He’s grown up around elderly musicians still making music so I’m sure he knows he’s got plenty of time to go back to the clubs. But at least this way he won’t be playing the clubs in his old age wondering what might have happened if he had just tried everything possible to break through to a higher level of stardom.

  56. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’m sure that Wynn is probably a great musician, but I don’t have the same experience with him like I do with Taylor. I didn’t see Wynn on a music reality show, or live in concert 4 times, or in a Broadway musical, or even talk with him on 5 different occasions. Nor have I bought his entire cd catalog, or a live concert dvd, not to mention having over 350 of his songs on my ipod.

    With that being the case, I have to come to completely appreciate the musical “depth” and artistry that is Taylor Hicks. Unfortunately, it turns out to be apples to oranges when comparing these two guys. But, any friend of Taylor’s is a friend of mine. He and Taylor are both friends of mine on FB, along with Brian Less, Brian Gallagher, and Loren Gold.

    I think that Wynn is a great friend to Taylor, and vice versa, and that both support each other with their careers. It’s probably a friendly rivalry which keeps them both on their toes.

    7MB is a great song written by Wynn (and Taylor?), but I also love songs that were written solely by Taylor including “Heart And Soul”, “Somehow”, “Soul Thing”, “Hell Of A Day”, and “Hold On To Your Love”, among others.
    Vocally, and as a performer, I’m more partial to Taylor (obviously) as an artist, but I would definitely go to SJ concert if they were ever to come to So. Cal. I do like his style of music, and would much rather hear his “real” music on the airwaves instead of the schlock that radio is playing now.

  57. taylorfan06 Says:

    Finally… off to bed.

  58. taylorfan06 Says:

    I miss vinyl. night y’all!

  59. hicksaholic Says:

    Spoonful James played last night and are playing tonight at the Florabama. Wish I could have gotten over there to see them but I’ve got plans for Mother’s Day. I hope they had a great crowd. To me, they seem like great guys having fun but don’t have the charisma on stage that Taylor has.
    Fairhope, good luck on your new job. I was in your neck of the woods last night at The Washhouse. Great restaurant.

  60. CF and everyone else. Iag stated all opinion are welcome when she started this blog. More people posted here the first year and I wish more people on all sides of the Taylor issues would post here now. That’s what made it fun for me, reading different opinions on all things Taylor and being able to respond. This is the only place where the negative nellies and the OTT fans are not ganged up on and shamed and that is a good thing. I get insight and new thoughts from ALL posters.

  61. Agree Rosie.

  62. taylorfan06 Says:

    For some reason, this song was running through my head…

  63. casualfan Says:

    Grey-Perhaps you should rename this “The Runaway” blog.

  64. CF…I don’t think anyone was preaching…just giving an opinion and stating how we feel about Wynn’s voice…never about is abilities as a musician or a songwriter….I love 7MB and as I said I think SJ are great musicians…..but seeing Wynn and Taylor together..sorry but I think Taylor’s voice is stronger and better then Wynn’s. It is just my opinion and I was merely stating it not preaching

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

    btw – i wasn’t making a statement with the poison video, if any thought that was the case. i’m not that passive aggressive. i just loved the song.

    no analysis needed. move along…

  66. casualfan Says:

    Anne-I personally don’t give a rat’s ass who sings better than who. Neither does the general public…so get passed it.

    TF6-You’re too funny. 😉

  67. CF…..there is nothing to “get passed” I fear that my opposing opinion got you riled…..

  68. casualfan Says:

    Nope, you didn’t get me riled about anything. It’s all good.

  69. Just dropping in to preach to the choir. We can all try to refrain from hissy fits. I had one about a week ago. Breath and relax and resit being called lame, stupid, ignorant, old lady, a rapist, a music idiot, an out of touch peep ready for the looney bin human being. It will happen to all who give their honest opinion about Taylor, his fans, music in general, and other musicians and singers. Happy Mothers Day to all moms and the so called loons who wish to mother Hicks.

  70. casualfan Says:

    There’s a huge difference between applauding someone verses defending someone. Some feel the intense desire to continue the latter.

    Having that said…wishing all a great Mother’s Day if you are a mom or not. Cheers everyone!

  71. casualfan Says:

    Just because….

  72. taylorfan06 Says:

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

  74. What is wrong with anyone saying Taylor Hicks is a far better singer than the lead singer of Spoonful James? I can say so plus say he has a ton more charisma, is far better looking, may well have more knowledge of music, can play the harp better and did win AI. I can’t say he wrote a better song than SMB and it would be subjective anyway. I will say Taylor works as hard past and present and works harder and smarter. But so what. I don’t follow SJ’s, the Limbo guys, the guys from Passing Thru or so many others. Some fans don’t want to tie up Hicks into a box or over analyze any or every career move he makes. Sure as Pete, some fans make excuses and some at times, many times, seem over optomistic about his future music success. Guess I just don’t get any problems with anyone giving an opinion.

  75. casualfan Says:

    Can’t go wrong with the Stones TF6-Great video!

  76. taylorfan06 Says:

    Happy 61st to the incomparable William Martin “Billy” Joel.

  77. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think Billy would be proud of this rendition:

  78. taylorfan06 Says:

    Brian Less is quite the “piano man” himself. And what about Jeff Lopez with his “circular breathing?” WOW! The Taylor Hicks Trio, indeed!!!!

  79. taylorfan06 Says:

    A little more Billy. 30 years later and still sounding GREAT!

  80. taylorfan06 Says:

    A classic (with a mustache to boot)

  81. taylorfan06 Says:

    Taylor (with brace harp)

  82. casualfan Says:

    The Blues BBQ quartet was great! I would have loved seeing T doing more of those.

  83. I think it would be safe to say that no one could disagree with the fact that Taylor surrounds himself with wonderfully talented people. It still amazes me how Taylor can do a shadow show and even though it’s been weeks or months between practice with the muscians they pull off a wonderful professional show. Many bands don’t gel that well even with constant touring.

  84. casualfan Says:

    Taylor is long time friends with both Brian and Jeff-they are his brothers of sort, so it’s easy to see. I disagree with the last sentence though. There are many, many bands who do indeed gel together like family with constant touring. This is true especially in the independent musicians world. Most of these guys travel in small quarters, work for close to peanuts and are cut off from their families, so they rely on their bonding and therefore make better musicians. It’s their mutual love and passion for their craft that feeds and nourishes them. I have the utmost respect for these musicians.

  85. taylorfan06 Says:

    dedicated to all the “road” warriors. it takes a village…

  86. taylorfan06 Says:

  87. taylorfan06 Says:

  88. casualfan Says:

    As much as I enjoy Taylor live, I am not impressed with his rendition of “Main Street”. Just don’t think he did the song justice-at least in mo.

  89. Fairhope Says:

    Hey Hicks you were just up the street from me! I love the Washhouse too. Tommy usually takes me there for Christmas or our anniversary. Did you smell the oil Friday? It was very strong at my house. The wind was whipping pretty hard out of the south. Turned out to be a beautiful weekend though. Maybe we can meet at the casino in two weeks.

  90. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf- omg! taylor’s voice is stellar on this rendition. i love this performance. like nysom, i think bob seger would be proud of this rendition. making it his own, taylor’s usual passion was there and it kept me wanting more. (i almost sound like pauler) that was like a killer 2 minute ai performance, from taylor’s world on the stage. very nice encore piece.

    had you heard him do this before? i’ve heard it many, many times and i rate it way up there with his best performances, covers or otherwise. the vocal itself, so strong, just gets me. big time!

  91. taylorfan06 Says:

    i mean, isn’t the type of sound that everyone is screaming for?
    …maybe not everyone, i guess…

  92. taylorfan06 Says:

    hey, check out who’s #1! Click on the “celebrities” icon. Become a fan.

  93. taylorfan06 Says:

    Make that the “celebs” icon. But I bet you figured that out. Taylor has some lead don’t cha think??

  94. casualfan Says:

    Sorry, TF6-I just don’t care for it but that’s ok. He does plenty of other live music that I really enjoy.

    Re: the thing. I belong to more than my share of those things and don’t need another one, but thanks for the invite. 😉

  95. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I want to explain too that “Mainstreet” holds something dear to my heart going back into my teen life and for me at least-no one can come close to the original. I feel the same on some of Jackson Brown’s music too. Also, Taylor has some original music that I don’t think anyone can perform or should. These performers are all unique in their own way (Taylor very much included) and some of their songs were written specifically for their style uniqueness. That’s all I meant.

  96. taylorfan06 Says:

    God Bless Lena Horne (June 30, 1917 – May 9, 2010) RIP
    A tribute by Jeff Lynne from the much underappreciated, “Armchair Theater” released in 1990. ***** 5 star cd. Check it out! Seriously!!!

  97. taylorfan06 Says:

    God Bless Cyndi Lauper. Love her and LOVE this song!

  98. taylorfan06 Says:

    Trump fired Cyndi! I’m still in shock.

    And cf- it’s all good. You can say potato and I’ll say pota-toe.
    And vice versa. Fans til the end…

  99. taylorfan06 Says:

    Just one more from Jeff. For your listening pleasure…

    I though about putting this on a cd for Taylor. Maybe for the next time.

  100. taylorfan06 Says:

    Another gem written by Jeff. Performed by ONJ. GREAT soundtrack!
    Cheesy movie, but a cult classic.
    OMG it’s been 30 years!!!!! (sounds a little fast? no?)

  101. taylorfan06 Says:

    btw, she played a MUSE. how’s that for a segue??

  102. taylorfan06 Says:

    One last one. I LOVE this band. A gem that has resurfaces on a remastered “Out of the Blue”. Enjoy! And good night… zzzzzzzzzzz

  103. hicksaholic Says:

    We definitely need to meet at the casino. We know several people that have bay homes – may have mutual friends, who knows? I’m bringing a friend with me for the show and I have another friend driving us there and home but just gambling not attending the show. I hope Taylor sings several songs. I guess he will either do acoustic or have whatever band is there for the competition accompany him. It will be different than a shadow show but like cf reminded me we will get to hear his judging comments so that will be entertaining. Should be pretty funny. I’m waiting til right before I go to mention it to my husband. For some reason he gets irritated every time Taylor’s name comes up. Oh well…… life is short. Gotta enjoy it while you can.

  104. TF06, While I often enjoy Celebrity Apprentice and saw it last night, it is so not reality TV. It is so staged and edited and the celebs are not slaving away with their tasks, or even in my opinion coming us with all the ideas on their own. Am I the only one who thinks the Donald’s daughter, Ivanka has more business sense than his son?

  105. Rumor is 63 yr old Elton is likely to replace Simon. Wonder if CF thinks that would be a non classy move, as the paycheck would be about 33 million.

  106. casualfan Says:

    Elton being on AI would be a savvy move and I would love to see him sit in Simon’s chair. He’s had a very successful career and has more than earned that right.

  107. Hey gang, I’m floored by the amount of responses here for our little video post and new album shout by Grey. First, thanks to Grey for allowing us to get our music to your ears. As you all know, indie bands have a tough time getting the word out. Also I couldn’t help wondering about some of the posts I’m seeing so I figured I’d clear up a few things if anyone is interested.
    Back in 2003 Spoonful did in fact split temporarily. My father was very sick and my heart was not in it so we disbanded. We were also wrapped up in terrible management and the only way out was to disband. Shortly after Wynn, Patrick, Eric and Mitch Jones (on bass) formed The Wynn Christian Band, released an album and toured the Southeast extensively. A few years later we started jamming again and found out how much we missed it. With the freedom of not being tied to any company or label we were just out to have fun with it and still are. I remember calling Taylor to let him know we’d gotten back together and were playing in Auburn and told him to come jam with us. He said…”Heh heh, that didn’t take long” It was in this conversation that he told me about auditioning for Idol and that he wouldn’t be able to make the gig. You all know what happens next.
    Lastly, I wanted to put in my two cents on this competitive back and forth and how we view things. Its much less complicated than you think. We like to play music. Taylor likes to play music. One thing we’ve never done is compare/compete with each other on our skills, tastes, interests, decisions, haircuts etc… Because we are all friends. We just simply like to play music. Personally I think Taylor is an outstanding showman and I’ve never seen someone rile up a crowd like he does. We know we will never be able to please everyone all the time and we’re good with that. We put ourselves out there now not because we’re trying to be successful, we do it because it’s fun. Our only hope is that a few folks enjoy it, God knows we do.


  108. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie, i only watch CelebApp because i find it entertaining, the same goes for Survivor, and the like. I’m watch it and when the season ends, I’m onto something else. I don’t read too much into it, they’re just guilty pleasures.

    My favorite show though is 24. Jack rocks! I’ve seen every season and love the action, and twist it provides every week. I’m sorry to see it go, but it had a great 8 year run. I can’t wait to see how the storylines play out. Anyone else watching this great show?

    Re: AI, now that’s a show i’d like to see cancelled. It’s so bad on SO many levels. I’m glad to see the rating drop year after year. I’m glad it introduced me to Taylor, but that’s where it ends. JMO

  109. taylorfan06 Says:

    I forgot to add that Reginald Dwight (Elton John) is too good for that show. I hope the talk is not true. But if it is, what a thrill for the contestants, not they can appreciate him like those of us born in the 60’s and 70’s.

  110. casualfan Says:

    TF6-Why do you hate American Idol? You liked it just because of Taylor? Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, David Cook, Daughtry and many others wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for that show. Sorry, but I don’t get the hate.

    Elton John is a HUGE fan of Idol..always has been. It makes sense they would only want an A-lister celebrity to fill Simon’s spot. There are lots of young people who respect and admire Elton. The man commands attention in whatever he does.

  111. Hey Quinn, thanks for adding your point of view to this little mess!!

  112. datilpepper Says:

    Bottomline…it’s all about the music. That’s why we’re here is it not? A lot of talented folks make good music. And wonderfully, we get to chose favorites. Our job is to listen and enjoy. And cough up a few bucks for CDs and tours. 😉

  113. I love AI because it did discover some unknown talent and is done live and and the people have the say in who wins from the top 24. The first 6 seasons were the best. The extra judge, the loss of Paula, the instruments, and some mediocre top 10 singers, led to a present viewership that is less than half of what it was season 5. Why vote or care when the 6th or 8th place person is heard on the radio and the winner is not. They should have supported all of their winners. But I still watch and hope it stays around and improves. Paula, Randy and Elton would work as judges. I don’t think I’m going to care for the X factor, since the judges have more input and control.

  114. casualfan Says:

    itsallgrey Says:

    May 10, 2010 at 4:47 pm
    Hey Quinn, thanks for adding your point of view to this little mess!!
    AMEN! This is why I get so frustrated when comparisons are made. It makes no sense to pit one Artist against each other by way of comparison…especially when the musicians are close friends. The bottom line is that it is indeed ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.

  115. casualfan Says:

    We put ourselves out there now not because we’re trying to be successful, we do it because it’s fun. Our only hope is that a few folks enjoy it, God knows we do.
    This is the heart and soul of a true working musician. It’s not about the limo’s, the 5 star hotels…it’s about passion and the hunger of bringing good music to people.

  116. taylorfan06 Says:

    Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, David Cook, Daughtry and many others wouldn’t be where they are today if it weren’t for that show


    cf – that is exactly PART of the problem, as well as saying we wouldn’t know Simon Skowell, “Dawg” Jackson, or Skara because of that show. Ugh!! Paula i liked.

    The thing is I LOVE MUSIC and I LOVE TAYLOR HICKS. No surprise there. Taylor is a great topic, and the main one here. I like that about this site, as well as the “community” here.

    When Taylor first started the judges really praised him and saw him for who he was. He was “interesting” – Simon Cowell. In 5 years, they “never had anyone on the show like him” – Paula Abdul. Unfortunately their opinions waned because with as much charisma and talent as he obviously possessed, they really didn’t want him to win. But HE DID!

    I give many thanks to the people who loved what they saw and voted their fingers off. (didn’t they change the voting rules after season 5?) I’m so grateful for those fans, because i never picked up my phone once. They helped to bring an amazing artist, an amazing, passionate artist into my life. He fits in perfectly with the many. many other artists who have brought me joy with their music since i was a little kid. Music was always around me growing up and that’s never changed. I am very glad about that because I LOVE MUSIC!

    Unfortunately, music really does suck today! but i have plenty of music to keep me content. I do actually find some current artists and songs, besides Taylor that move me as well, and i’ve happily added them to my vast collection.

    the majority of contestants from that show just don’t move me the same way as Taylor. They do nothing for me musically. i haven’t bought their music and have no plans to do so. Taylor is just different – he has “something.” (no pun there, btw) Many of the contestants are just lack luster or clone of others.

    idol really uses the contestants as pawns to line their pockets. that’s really nothing new, it just show business, but i just don’t think it’s anything admirable or something that has to be rewarded with more viewership. i really think that many people have smartened up to what this show is all about and have moved on. the schtick has really grown stale and the show just bores me (and others) – the “judges” even more so! they should all be scrapped like “rubbish”, as simon calls it.

    i hope that gives some clarity. now let’s talk MORE TAYLOR. lol

  117. taylorfan06 Says:

    with as much charisma and talent as he obviously possessed, NOT TO MENTION POPULARITY, they (AI) really didn’t want him to win. But HE DID!

  118. Seven Days Says:

    Quinn, I enjoyed reading your point of view. Thanks for checking in! Can’t wait to hear the new album, and congratulations!

  119. I enjoyed reading what Quinn had to say. 🙂

    If Elton John replaces Simon it would VASTLY improve that show!!!

  120. Oh and I forgot to say that I really like the song “Why Don’t We Just Go Home”- cool song! 🙂

  121. taylorfan06 Says:

    This song spells it all out: i-l-o-v-e-m-u-s-i-c
    Enjoy! Early morning tomorrow. Good night.

  122. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    This thread is ridiculous. This line: “Do y’all like meet somewhere before you gather here to defend the Christ Child?” made me LOLOL. And the catty Christ Child Defense Team should be embarrassed because they just got owned.

  123. NotYourGrandMa You are entitled to your opinion even though it doesn’t make any sense to me. LOL. Don’t see that anyone got embarrassed. Guess I missed that.

  124. I’m gone for a while and it’s the same ol same ol. lol Put up another musician, other music and the same folks have to demand MORE TAYLOR. Really, there’s nothing new to talk about regarding him these days and rehashing old stuff is simply… old.

    Did Christ Child speak get deleted? Boo.

    Enjoyed the youtube tunes.

  125. taylorfan06 Says:

    sunny – the site is called “it’s all grey”, featuring a picture of Taylor.
    just sayin…

    I do what i can to throw different things into the mix that tie into the groove here. btw, Taylor said the tour dates will be posted soon on his FB page.
    How’s that for something new? And I think his last performance of Grease on the 23rd is news many can be happy about. Oh, and he’ll also be singing the national anthem tonight @ the Cleveland/Boston game tonight on TNT.

    If you want to keep it all about the “music”, here’s double for ya’ll:

  126. taylorfan06 Says:

  127. taylorfan06 Says:

    Goofed there. Her’s more “music”. Works for me!

  128. taylorfan06 Says:

    The title of this one says it all for me. LOVE the Who! Miss Keith.

  129. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ll let the “music” do the talking…

  130. taylorfan06 Says:

  131. casualfan Says:

    Sunny Says:

    May 11, 2010 at 11:21 am
    I’m gone for a while and it’s the same ol same ol. lol Put up another musician, other music and the same folks have to demand MORE TAYLOR. Really, there’s nothing new to talk about regarding him these days and rehashing old stuff is simply… old.
    I think there’s something on T’s FB about new shows coming up but you know how that goes. The T camp is famous for tossing around just enough catnip to keep the hungry tigers interested.

    I can’t imagine Taylor taking on a tour right after Grease. No doubt he’s tired after being on the road for 2 years.

  132. taylorfan06 Says:

    Another “music” favorite. Ann Wilson really had the pipes!

  133. taylorfan06 Says:

    Oh, that song is from the “Dreamboat Annie” lp. A must have! 5 stars!
    Released in 1976. What a great “year” that was….

  134. casualfan Says:

    Can you fish out any Spoonfull James vids TF6? You know…without Taylor Hicks in them? 😉

  135. I like this site just because there are discussions about a mix of artists, old and new. A single artist can’t have something going on all the time. Not enough to keep a site going every day.

  136. casualfan Says:

    ****jumps up and down that Grease is almost over with**** wooohooo!

  137. Let me jump with you. For real!!

    Let’s hope that he doesn’t do that again.

  138. casualfan Says:

    Let’s have a Margarita Par-Tay on the 23rd!

  139. taylorfan06 Says:

    I may have said “tour by mistake. here’s the quote from Taylor’s FB page:
    “Who’s ready for some Taylor Hicks show dates?! They’re coming soon…stay tuned!”

    “show dates” is the operative term there. i don’t think that Taylor is one to let cobwebs grow under his boots. didn’t he once say, “you can sleep when you’re dead?”

    I really do think he has something in the works regarding some live shows. i can only hope he’ll make his way to sunny California!

    In the meantime, enjoy this:

  140. taylorfan06 Says:

    Here’s one for cf, by request:

  141. taylorfan06 Says:

    And one more (oops, how did Taylor get in there?)

  142. taylorfan06 Says:

    Great performance, if I do say so myself. I love how Taylor just always moves with the music. Entertaining? Abso-fuckin-lutely!

    Isn’t “fun” the best thing to have? – Dudley Moore (Arthur)
    Love that movie, and I love that quote!

    These boys sure do know how to have fun! And good for them!!!

  143. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf said, “Let’s have a Margarita Par-Tay on the 23rd!”


    And I say, “Why wait!?!” (refer to song at the top of the page.)

  144. taylorfan06 Says:

    It’s a Taylor Two-fer Tuesday. Same title, different song.

  145. taylorfan06 Says:

  146. casualfan Says:

    “show dates” is the operative term there. i don’t think that Taylor is one to let cobwebs grow under his boots. didn’t he once say, “you can sleep when you’re dead?”
    I don’t think he meant that figuratively…LOL! With him, it’s a wait and see what happens kind of thing…ya know?

    On another note…I would love to see him back on the road with his music, but hopefully he will take some time to recharge his batteries and be back on full power.

  147. casualfan Says:

    Any Clay Aiken fans lurking around here-here’s a great little tidbit about him. Seems he is getting back to his roots and in his comfort zone with the older melodies….WAY TO GO CLAY!

  148. Does it sound like Clay is doing an album of all covers?

    Yes, CF as much as we want Taylor to get on the road with some music, I hope he does take some time to recharge. Young or not this has to take it’s toll. I remember one interview where he said one of the hardest parts was different Hotel beds. That would really be hard when you think of it, to not be sleeping in your own bed for years.

  149. casualfan Says:

    I have trouble sleeping in hotel beds myself and I don’t travel all that much. Life on the road is really hard, especially when you don’t have a “someone special” to really share it with. As much as I want to hear new music of T’s, I don’t want him to kill himself in the process.

    Well rested Taylor=Happy, happy fans! 😉

  150. Wonderful news about the new Tay shows coming! Thanks. 🙂

  151. taylorfan06 Says:

    “I live in hotels, tear at the walls, I have accountants pay for it all…”

    Could this be about Taylor?

  152. casualfan Says:

    haha! I think that can be said about most on the road entertainers TF6.

  153. taylorfan06 Says:

    right on sistah!!!!

  154. casualfan Says:

    And we all thought the whack jobs all resided in Tayland….this takes the cake! ROFLMAO!

  155. taylorfan06 Says:

    RATS! He didn’t quite make it to the prison. Not all the crazies are locked up…. yet.

  156. Grey was correct was she thanked Quinn for his input and called it “this little mess”. That made me smile. No one’s granny said this thread is ridiculous and Sunny said it was the same old, same old. Perhaps it because some repeat they want Taylor to just go out and play music and sing somewhere while others point out he is making money and keeping his name out there, so he can fill venues and record new music. So who is ridiculous? Who is right? It is the same old arguement, but I don’t see peeps objecting to other singers and musicians being featured here. Everyone who works wants to make money and get appreciation for what they do. Those who enjoy what they do for a living are blessed. Some even give up high paying careers to do what they love. We just comment on Taylor and other singers and musicians as a hobby. We just give opinions, yet some like to insult others for doing so.

  157. casualfan Says:

    And the beat goes on…..

  158. casualfan Says:

  159. casualfan Says:

    Is it me or did T screw up the words around the 2:15 or so mark? LOL!

  160. taylorfan06 Says:

    all skate, everybody skate.

    that clip was pure Taylor, with those ticks and that. that was an “in the zone” rehearsal for sure.

    thanks for the clip, cf. i liked those sessions videos. raw and just great!

  161. taylorfan06 Says:

    This is a GREAT Boz Scaggs song that I would LOVE to see Taylor perform or even record. He would definitely do it justice!

    Check out Boz’s version from his “Come On Home” cd. I can’t believe it was released in ’97!? WOW! Every song on that cd is right up T’s alley. Everyone check it out. I’ll have to find some of those songs to add here.

  162. taylorfan06 Says:

  163. taylorfan06 Says:

  164. casualfan Says:

    that clip was pure Taylor, with those ticks and that. that was an “in the zone” rehearsal for sure.
    Completely agree TF6-100% pure Taylor Grade A. I prefer those rehearsal videos to the live show vids mostly because no one is yelling, catcalling or being disrespectful. He’s having fun-right down to his scat….love it!

    btw-I simply adore Boz Scaggs.

  165. taylorfan06 Says:

    I also highly recommend Boz Scaggs “Greatest Hits Live” DVD. 16 amazing performances with all the hits! It was recorded in HD and sounds amazing in surround sound. Buy a copy on Amazon, as well as his “Come On Home” cd. You will love them!!! Honest.

  166. taylorfan06 Says:

    Some more Boz in HD. I LOVE THIS SONG!

  167. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    To those who don’t seem to understand my “ridiculous” comment and “embarrassed” comment … let me clarify. *eye roll* Each time a musician is brought up the defense team starts up with the stupid comparisons as if its a competition – in this case comparing good friends. “Taylor has better vocals than Wynn” “Taylor’s better at this and that” and we even got some “they all would trade places with Taylor” and “without Taylor no one would know them” My God, it’s just so rude. Some even came in with their own version of events in regards to SJ’s past. Why must you push others down just to bring Taylor up? Why so insecure? One is not better than the other, they are different. And to those that are certain that they would all trade places with Taylor, you might want to think again. Those guys have wives and children. They have a home. Family. Stability. Love. They’re going to trade all that for what Taylor has? A hotel room all by his lonesome, Clay and higher credit limit? Doubt it.

  168. And with that, I’m closing comments on this thread.

    Thanks, notyourgrandma, for articulating so well what I’ve been trying to say. 🙂

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