Blueberry PopTart meets PopEater!!

Taylor Hicks, of “American Idol” fame, having a drink with flamboyant Popeater blogger Rob Shuter at The Townhouse on East 58th Street . .

Oh yes…what’s the Townhouse, you ask?

Click here to find out…

Now, I’m not saying that Taylor is gay because he went to a gay bar…I just think that him being spotted there is pretty awesome. 🙂

Also, some pics from the Habitat build…



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  1. casualfan Says:

    ROFLMAO! LOVE the title!

  2. Oh. Yes.

  3. casualfan Says:

    And his last name is TAYLOR! OH YEAH!

  4. casualfan Says:

    I can totally see T as a construction worker. Orange vest, hardhat, flannel shirt, workboots, jeans, toolbelt…..oh my!

  5. This blog topic and the above 3 responses are so Queer. What a fairytale it is to even hint at Hicks being gay, because he has the balls to meet whomever wherever, knowing he will get a press blurb from the meeting. Way better to post photos from his habitat effort, and to just respect his talent and enjoy and give him the consideration you’d grant a friend or to most.

  6. taylorfan06 Says:

    Nice segway. I LOVE JAMES TAYLOR!

  7. taylorfan06 Says:

    …that’s JAMES “TAYLOR”

  8. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf- can you find the following videos:

    “If I Had A Hammer” or “If I Were A Carpenter” to set the mood?

  9. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, The only person who is hinting anything is you. Grey stated in her intro that she wasn’t insinuating anything.

    TF6-I will look for those vids. 😉

  10. casualfan Says:

  11. casualfan Says:

  12. taylorfan06… Get it you are lacking real balls, but let’s be real. Segway to dissing Taylor Hicks alert! He done good, using his tools in Bham. He did his thing in his meeting with Shuter. Peeps who suggest less than, think less of Hicks, period.

  13. casualfan Says:

    In honor of a great dance song

  14. Grey, no disrespect. Love your blog and the freedom of speech.

  15. mamaforpeace Says:

    My question from the prvious thread stands: IF Taylor were gay, would it make any difference to any of you? Would it be more difficult to be a fan? Would you care? I’m really curious about this!

  16. casualfan Says:

    I answered your question on the previous thread MFP. No, it doesn’t make any difference because one has nothing to do with the other. Although no doubt some who think that he’s the second coming of Christ would be shell shocked and walk away.

  17. casualfan Says:

    I think what Taylor did for HFH was a great thing and I even commented on it while everyone else was on the KG kick. To me at least, who T meets up with or where he meets them is not news worthy. Humanitarian projects, charity events are way more important-at least for me anyway. The rest of the stuff is mildly entertaining if not boring.

  18. No mama. But your ? raises the ? to me as how did you even come to consider it as a possability.

  19. taylorfan06 Says:

    taylorfan06… Get it you are lacking real balls, but let’s be real. Segway to dissing Taylor Hicks alert! He done good, using his tools in Bham. He did his thing in his meeting with Shuter. Peeps who suggest less than, think less of Hicks, period.

    Rosie – wtf are you talking about?!???? I think it’s great, the work Taylor and Brian are doing for H for H. The segway I was referring to was the Handy Man video from the amazing James Taylor. My post had nothing to do with Shuter, if that’s where your pea brain was.

    I’m all about the good work and construction going on for H for H. I say Bravo to everyone helping out, especially Taylor. Get over yourself already and write something that makes more sense next time.

    And cf, thanks for the videos. Of course, you knew better that SOAC was also a relatable video here. Always a good job from you.

  20. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie – i guess you have good intentions, but proof your posts before you submit. It’s hard to make heads or tails on some of your recent posts. What are you talking about?? Keep the drama to a minimum please.

  21. Sorry TF06. Balls and ballsiness are wrong when it comes to other fans. I also read wrong and was a jerk. However, I do so enjoy a bit of drama and spice, now and then.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Here’s to T for Runnin down his dream 😉

  23. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, exactly the way I feel… one has nothing to do with the other. And Rosie, am I wrong or did other poeple raise the question??? It seems to me to there is a lot of talk about “it’s all about the music”, but there is so much speculation about sexual orientation, drug use, prostitutes, whatever… I guess I don’t have much of an interest in any of that.

  24. Ange Bleu Says:

    The Townhouse? A meeting with PopEater’s gossip blogger Rob Shuter? Is this the guy who wrote the article about how Taylor so wanted to date Kate Gosselin? I think the whole thing was baloney. I’m not saying Taylor was set up, because I don’t know. I’m saying the whole thing was goofy and suspicious. I think Tay was invited there to be interviewed and after that things went in a different direction than anticipated. There is the possibility that a publicist was involved. Taylor is broadminded enough to go the Townhouse, but in my opinion he shouldn’t have, because it later could be held against him. Originally Shuter may have had something else in mind, but when the Kate thing came up, he grabbed on to it and ran with the story.

  25. casualfan Says:

    MFP-This fandom has been littered with those speculations since the beginning so this blog is hardly breaking ground on anything. Myspace accounts dedicated to the “Pole of Soul” have been around for years and they aren’t paying homage to your everyday garden variety poles. Fanfic/slashfic and the peeps who have openly written chapters about Taylor doing Bill in the back of a candy apple red Chevy while cruising down the Vegas strip has been around and still going strong on some sites. The drug use talk is from Taylor’s own words in his book and the hookers are a right of passage in the entertainment industry.

    A few years ago I gave Taylor some golf balls with the inscription “Sometimes it’s not all about the music”. You have to take it all in stride and humor.

  26. casualfan Says:

    Taylor is broadminded enough to go the Townhouse, but in my opinion he shouldn’t have, because it later could be held against him.
    If anyone is holding that against him then they are the ones with the problem and not Taylor. He should be able to go anywhere he chooses to have a good time. As Rosie pointed out….it is an upper class establishment and I can guarantee you that there are many celebrities that go there.

  27. casualfan Says:

    I do agree with the Shuter thing. I think that Taylor made the comment regarding KG only in passing and most likely a snark more than anything else. Shuter deemed it funny and passed it on. KG is a drama magnet so anything said about her will get picked up by the media hounds who love the gossip.

  28. Here’s a thought…. Construction worker + Gay bar = ….

    Just sayin’ 😉

  29. blueberry Says:

    It must be comforting to have your life fit in a nice, tidy box.

    Now I’m off to work with children, many of whom are damaged by someone. Reading this this am has just made me unbelievably sad.

  30. casualfan Says:

  31. casualfan Says:

  32. Wow. The drama that ensues. Interesting.

    Here’s my two cents…I could care less if Taylor is gay or not. However, if he is, and he has the balls to come out, even if he’s inching out, then I have more respect for him than I ever have before.

  33. casualfan Says:

    reminds me of construction sites……****blushing****

  34. casualfan Says:

    DISCLAIMER: None of the vids I posted has anything to do with being gay. This is in tribute to all the awesome alternative dance clubs out there with really cool music! oh yeah……

  35. casualfan Says:

  36. I would have liked to have seen Taylor with the Pop interviewer. There was a video way back of an interview Taylor did where the interviewer was very Gay. Taylor was nice but seemed so “straight guy” uncomfortable it was humorous. LOL.

  37. taylorfan06 Says:

    When I first saw this post last night, I initially saw the HFH pics and thought we were on a different topic. After reading the header, obviously not! Love the videos, great music. I still love the disco. Sounds soooo goood!

    cf, can you add Brooks and Dunn’s “Hard Working Man” to the mix which ties in with the HFH pics? I know it’s changing gears a bit but, I Love me some country also! The lyrics are perfect for Taylor.

    “I’m Hard Working Man, I wear a steel hard hat…” Ronnie Dunn Rules!!!

  38. taylorfan06 Says:

    Is there a video for Pete Townsend’s “Keep On Working” also out there?
    Great song from the GREAT 1980 cd, “Empty Glass”. LOVE that cd!!!!!

  39. Snowstorm Says:

    I think it’s entirely possible that Taylor swings both ways. Remember when he sung Dancing Queen? That’s about as queer as they come. Teen Angel is a gay role. You mean to tell me he was offered other roles, but that was the role he chose? He wants to play a role that is reminisced of Liberace? Alrighty then.

    I think the old women who think of Taylor as a romantic/sexual fantasy figure would stop being fans if Taylor came out. The same way Clay Aiken’s fans disappeared.

    If Taylor is gay, he should come out, that must be torture to be living a lie.

  40. Dee…I remember that video..very funny.

    I am very happy that Taylor had the opportunity to give back to the people of his home town. He seems like a giving and thoughtful person.

    I just don’t get the whole gay speculation ,seems like a waste of time to me.
    If nobody cares why discuss it?

  41. Mr. Popeater gave Tay props in that article for drinking Bud in a champaign crowd. SS, seriously would a gay guy in the closet, have the balls to wear a purple velvet jacket, and ham up Teen Angel wearing a sparkly suit? Tay does his own thing and that NY club is a world away from any Alabama gay club. My parents took me to a NY cross dressing club when I was 10 or 11. Seems to me the speculation began when Tay wore the purple jacket and in some circles it never ceased. That is the price of fame and Tay was born to be famous and handles it well.

  42. Snowstorm Says:

    Yes, a gay man in the closet would wear a purple velvet jacket and ham it up as Teen Angel. Taylor is probably confused about his sexuality.

  43. Tay wore an interesting work outfit, but I wish he’d worn work gloves and a hard hat.

  44. Sunny, I loved the Village People video. I remember going to a disco and dancing to WMCA and looking like a fool. Those guys made a ton of money off of a few hit songs. They were all over TV.

  45. taylorfan06 Says:

    that one said:

    “I think it’s entirely possible that Taylor swings both ways. Remember when he sung Dancing Queen? That’s about as queer as they come. Teen Angel is a gay role. You mean to tell me he was offered other roles, but that was the role he chose? He wants to play a role that is reminisced of Liberace? Alrighty then.”


    Speculating again/always. So Teen Angel is a gay role? Well stop the presses. FRANKIE AVALON IS GAY!!! Give me a fucking break with the theories, Sherlock!!! Does that logic also apply to the songwriters of “Dancing Queen”? OMG, Benny & Bjorn are also gay? Were there marriages a sham?

    I’d rather focus on the humanitarian efforts T and the rest are doing for HFH here. I’m more for substance over cheap gossip and rumors. Snow, you don’t know the man. Isn’t that what you’re always telling us? *jumps off soapbox*

  46. Fairhope Says:

    OMG! He’s gay? Taylor’s gay????? I think I saw somewhere where he and Clay Aiken were dating or was it Adam Lambert? IDK…

  47. Fairhope Says:

    Oh and that’s why he brushed off my advances! It couldn’t have been that I am 46 and plump and married and…………

  48. *giggles* wow blueberry, odd how this post/topic/YMCA videos would make you sad. I can’t imagine that. At all. So was it the fact T worked on HFH (which I’ve done as well, here in Dallas, and NO ONE cared but well perhaps the lady whose house I was working on…) or is it the YMCA song? It was a long time ago (when that song came out) and thinking about time can be depressing…. or is it the joking around about the Gay word and Tay? NOT that there’s anything wrong with that…but wait, that rhymes… so what happened to little Bill Will y’all? LOL

  49. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I’m with you….I love the music from the 70’s. Give me Donna Summer over Lady GaGa anyday. Even soul music was better.

  50. casualfan Says:

    A CLASSIC Taylor moment!

  51. taylorfan06 Says:

    …yes he makes me proud. does he you?

    “…having the time of your life..” dance, taylor, dance.

    why is taylor SUCH an addiction? (do i need a spell check there?)

  52. taylorfan06 Says:

    i just LOVE that DQ video. SO much fun! THANK YOU, cf!
    ALWAYS lovin’ some LIVE TAYLOR!!!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

    Did anyone catch the flying panties around the 4 minute mark?
    Do you think anyone has ever thrown any boxers on the stage?…

    Can someone ask that at the next meet & greet. I doubt he’s been asked that question before…. …or has he? hmmmmmmmm….

  53. casualfan Says:

    Interesting question TF6…LOL I remember that night well. Panties were flying, someone have him some flowers and he did a little side skip with them…really cute. T had someone waiting for him in the wings backstage because he kept going back there while the band was playing and would come out after a few then go back again. He was totally wired that night.

  54. casualfan Says:

    that would be “gave” and not “have”

  55. I cannot believe some of the things I read on here you tear this man apart on a daily baisis lots of times not even knowing what your talking about I have never seen an artist so picked apart!

  56. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    March 23, 2010 at 5:32 pm
    OMG! He’s gay? Taylor’s gay????? I think I saw somewhere where he and Clay Aiken were dating or was it Adam Lambert? IDK…
    haha-T and Adam would make a nice couple. They are both tall and have hmm….big boots.

  57. casualfan Says:

    On another note….looks like AI wants for Miley Cirus to be a mentor which I think is great. Seems they are wanting to give the show a fresh look and give the contestants an inside look at what is going on in today’s music. Not a Miley fan but she’s got talent and is making good for herself. Good for AI for changing it up a bit.

  58. taylorfan06 Says:

    With that voice, I see Miley as the next Brenda Vacarro. Actually, I think she’s already there. To quote Austin Powers, “That’s a man, baby!”

  59. taylorfan06 Says:

    Jealous of you cf. I heard amazing things about that Seattle show.

  60. mamaforpeace Says:

    IMO, she hasn’t been around long enough. You need a little more experience to be a mentor in any field.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    Who thinks tf6 would be upset if Taylor came out? HA!

    Now. did I say that he’s gay? No, I said it was possible. He sure gives out lots of clues doesn’t he?

  62. casualfan Says:

    Miley has been around for a long time MFP. Perhaps you need to read her autobiography. And where does it state that someone has to be around for an ex number of years anyway to mentor anything? If someone knows their craft and has a huge success rate, then they will make a good mentor. I have worked with tweens/teens who have been around harp playing for a long time and they have made excellent mentors for the younger kids. It’s not about age but more about maturity and experience which Miley has.

    I think she will make a fantastic mentor for these contestants. They can relate to her because they are of her generation and same music era. It’s great to have the legends mentoring, but on the other hand Idol needs to shake it up a bit.

  63. mamaforpeace Says:

    It will be interesting to watch. And just for the record, I don’t hink you have to be a legend. I could see someone like Alicia Keys for example… a few more years of experience, and no famous daddy (and IMHO, more talent). I agree that Idol needs to aim for younger mentors.

  64. casualfan Says:

    I don’t think Billy Ray has any talent. He was a one hit wonder and seems to be riding on his daughters coat tails-but that’s my opinion. Never thought much of him to begin with.

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf – you need to check out Billy Ray’s “Trail of Tears”. GREAT SONG!
    I think there’s a video.

    There are MANY artists out there that I’m not a big fan of, but they do have a sampling killer songs.

    Examples: Alison Moyet, Andrea Bocelli, Anita Baker, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Bryan Adams, The Clash, Depeche Mode, Earth, Wind & Fire, Elvis Costello, Eminem, Evanescence, Garth Brooks, Grateful Dead, Jimmy Buffett, Lenny Kravitz, Loverboy, Motley Crue, Nazareth, No Doubt, Paula Abdul, Pink, Radiohead, Robert Palmer, Roxy Music, Sade, Simple Minds, Talking Heads, and U2.

    Don’t get me wrong, I DO like these artists, but my criteria is that I could not make a full cd of their songs -that would be 10-20 songs per artist.

    Don’t get on me for this post. Music is subjective and this is just MY opinion. I picked big names to make a point. On the other hand, there are many, many, MANY one hit wonders that I love! The End.

  66. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I like some of the One Hit Wonders myself. I’m only referring to Billy Ray. He was never my cup of tea.

  67. taylorfan06 Says:

    Understood. I may have been overindulgent. I just decided to go for it.
    Billy is one of my one hit wonders but for “Trail of Tears”, not “Achy Breaky” Good then but did not hold up for me.

  68. casualfan Says:

    I was right about Miley….she surprised a lot of peeps…GOOD JOB MILEY!

  69. taylorfan06 Says:

    Just watched the AI recap – O M F G ! ! ! !
    What a nightmare group. They really picked this group out of the 100’s of people they auditioned??? I’ll say it again – O M F G ! ! ! !

    Why do they like that Siobhan? What’s with that shriek? Is that her signature? I could go on… HATED IT!

    Show over! And don’t get me started on those “so called” judges…

    And Miley’s baritone…. YIKES!

    *tiptoes off stage*

  70. casualfan Says:

    LOL! TF6 you’re a riot! Haven’t paid to much attention to AI this year but I’m hearing horror stories about it. Too bad they landed bum talent this year. Last season turned out really well because of Adam and Kris but for me, Season 5 still reigns as King. All the talent of 5 made that season unforgettable and Taylor was the Christmas star on an already beautiful tree. (That was poetic) LOL!

    *slinks back into the shadows* 😉

  71. blueberry Says:

    Sunny Says:
    March 23, 2010 at 6:06 pm

    *giggles* wow blueberry, odd how this post/topic/YMCA videos would make you sad.

    There are so very many levels on which I could answer this…Without sounding sanctimonious, I’m not alone in seeing the struggle (and that is not nearly strong enough of a word) people go through on this issue and it tears my heart to see this bantered about so sophomorically. I am not so shallow that I feel this just because of the innuendo regarding Mr. Hicks, although that innuendo does indeed strike me as sad. I guess I’m to the point that I don’t want to not address what I see as meanness – disquised as humor.

    No, as you probably know, I am not bothered by the HFH or YMCA references. Really?

    Apologies for bringing this back to this sad commentary, but
    I didn’t read this question until now.

  72. hicksaholic Says:

    Well, I wish I had been at the Seattle show. I have been to a lot of Taylor shows but all of them have been within a reasonable driving distance. For some stupid reason I pride myself on the fact that I have never flown to see a Taylor concert. I guess it makes my Taylor addiction seem a little more normal.
    But I think if I had the opportunity to go again to a few of the classic ones I’ve missed I would take whatever transportation I could get to get there. The Chicago HOB is another one I missed and also the one at the end of the AI tour.
    I don’t for one minute think Taylor is gay although that is only based on my intuition not any real facts. If he were I wouldn’t care in the least. I’ve never understood all the hatred and prejudice against someone who is doing nothing to hurt anyone. I save my disgust for abusers- of children, animals, spouses or old people.

  73. casualfan Says:

    There was only a few peeps even bringing up the subject of Taylor being gay and I doubt the tone for this blog was intended for that. Seems to me that Grey was only enjoying some light banter and wanted us to have fun. Most likely the poster on the previous blog that planted that here in the first place didn’t have the best intentions but that’s ok. I think we are all mature enough to see things as they really are so IMO-no harm, no foul.

    My intuition tells me that Taylor has a wonderful sense of humor and with him it’s all mostly water off a ducks back anyway. For anyone who thinks that this blog or the posters on it intend in anyway due harm to Hicks or his career is sadly mistaken. We are ALL fans of his and will continue supporting his music. I know that I can be the Negative Nelly of the blog but if I didn’t ultimately like Taylor, I sure wouldn’t be hanging around. As negative as Snow can be-I believe she/he is a fan and is just frustrated-as some of us are. I doubt she/he means any harm, so I just blow it off…most of the time.

    Just bring us back the music Soul Man-we’ll be waiting. 😉

  74. casualfan Says:

  75. casualfan Says:

  76. casualfan Says:

  77. I liked Lee, Crystal, Siobhan and Casey last night. Tim Urban who sang and moved and slid and play acted to Crazy Little Thing Called Love was a scream. The young girls like him so I guess he will go on tour with some other marginal talent. I felt sick listening to Paige. Season 5/top10 best ever.

  78. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie – the show’s a trainwreck. I guess you didn’t get the memo.

  79. I didn’t watch last night but from the clip above Miley is kind of under dressed isn’t she? LOL.

  80. Ange Bleu Says:

    Been reading your posts. Don’t believe for one second that Taylor is gay or has identity confusion. Around attractive women he acts like a cat eyeing mice. You can almost see him drool.

  81. taylorfan06 Says:

    There are SO many videos of Taylor that I just NEVER tire of. “Trouble” is way up there, as well as “the audition.” Thanks cf.

    I REALLY HATE Randy’s comments on “Trouble”, He did not like his performance – the big dummy! He’s even moaning as Paula speaks. And it also REALLY bothers me when he says “for me, for you.. (STILL) in his critiques. There’s another drinking game!

    And for once Simon got it right, (well sort of) the except being the “styling” remark. He can never just keep it positive for T. He really hated that T was so popular. He’s another dummy!

    Taylor, the sport that he is keeps his wits and “smiles in kindness…”
    His presence can NOT be denied on the stage. Did any of this year’s performers ever see S5?

    For them to even attempt doing “Trouble” and “CLTCL” was ridiculous. T set the bar high, and I bet the judges remember how much better of a job T did. T definitely entertains!!!! I think the judges have to miss T a little bit, no?

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    AB says:

    Been reading your posts. Don’t believe for one second that Taylor is gay or has identity confusion. Around attractive women he acts like a cat eyeing mice. You can almost see him drool.


    I agree with that one 100%. Great analogy there.

  83. casualfan Says:

    Ange Bleu Says:

    March 24, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    Been reading your posts. Don’t believe for one second that Taylor is gay or has identity confusion. Around attractive women he acts like a cat eyeing mice. You can almost see him drool.
    There are bi-sexual men who do the same thing…just saying

  84. Freckles Says:

    Well, if Mr. Hicks would like to drool over me, I’d let him. It’s all I’m going to say 😉

  85. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf – you’re making sense also…
    I know first hand about that kind of stuff.

  86. I do not believe there is such a thing as a true bisexual. Those that swing both ways once they are adults are just nut jobs, without morals. Guess this is one of those times I need to write JMO. I haven’t noticed Tay drooling over any guys.

  87. One last comment directed at our dear blueberry. I don’t see anything “mean” being said or insinuated about Mr. Hicks here. Yes I guess it’s a tragedy that anyone address the Gay issue with anything other than somber tones, please never, ever utilize childish, sophomoric jabs at humor; this is a serious issue that always needs talked about with great care and Political Correctness….By the way do you even know any Gay people?

    Saying, “I don’t want to not address what I see as meanness – disquised as humor.” IS being sanctimonious, by the way. It must be a dry and serious world where you live.

    Dee, I said the same thing watching the show, she was in some long tank top and what looked like denim underpants. (Miley)

    I thought last night’s episode of AI was one of the best (VFTW) shows of the season. It’s like most of the contestants are elbowing and kneeing one another to be the Worster pick. Timmeh was brilliant in his attempt to do a Taylor Hicks’ rendition. That slide incredibly hilarious.

    Remember when Hicks did this song? LOL The missed mic kick was a riot.

  88. Snowstorm Says:

    oh Rosie, you’re so funny! So wonderfully naive.

    Had some time today and read Twitter. If anyone wants a good laugh, go read Loretta’s tweets to Taylor. Guaranteed to make you laugh. Crazy at it’s best!

  89. Freckles Says:

    TIMMEH! I love that! ROFL

  90. blueberry Says:

    Sunny Says:

    March 24, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    ….By the way do you even know any Gay people?


    Last comment on the subject for me, as well. I’m not sure why an answer to your question is necessary, but, yes I do know gay people (that just sounds ridiculous). I am passionate about this because of those people I dearly love who have been hurt by “humorous” comments. I speak up because sometimes I feel complicent with my silence. I’m sure you may have a hot button issue that garners similar passion.

    I wouldn’t consider my world dry and serious all the time. I do have the normal ebbs and flows I imagine most people do, but, on the whole I am grateful for what I consider a rich life with lots of love, laughter and challenges. I am not sure how my very limited online presence allows you to make the supposition you made.

  91. Snowstorm Says:

    If I were Taylor, I would be really frightened by Loretta. I wonder if he blocked her at some point. All of her tweets are for Taylor and almost none of her tweets come through on the feed.

  92. taylorfan06 Says:

    The missed mic kick is CLASSIC. He didn’t skip a beat.
    I love how he did a “real” mike kick on WATW.
    I got the joke. I do believe that Taylor has a great sense of humor.
    Last night’s “interpretation” of CLTCL was a REAL joke. But they’re “all” horrible!
    I do like how these “contestants” are choosing songs Taylor did – NO COMPARISON, on any level. I can only hope that continues.
    Taylor Hicks/Season 5 = Best Idol/Season. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. taylorfan06 Says:

    I just love how Taylor shakes his body at the end of “CTLTCL” – It puts a smile on my face.
    The energy and fun he has is so infectious.

    Lovin’ all the T videos here (again). It’s a little like deja vu from a few weeks ago.
    I really need a Hicks Concert Fix (HCF)!!! STAT!!!!! Are you reading this Taylor??

  94. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    March 24, 2010 at 1:29 pm
    I do not believe there is such a thing as a true bisexual. Those that swing both ways once they are adults are just nut jobs, without morals. Guess this is one of those times I need to write JMO. I haven’t noticed Tay drooling over any guys.
    Yeah-like Taylor is REALLY gonna drool over some hot guy in public so the bible bangers can leave him?

    Why is it that when the gay subject is approached, all common sense flies out the window.

    There are alot of bisexual men who do drool over women in public because they don’t want for anyone to know the truth. And how the how does ones bisexuality make them a nut-job? Their morals aren’t for you or anyone to judge….again, common sense out the window. IF Hicks ever did come out and say “Yeah, I’m bi” then you would find a way to justify it and it wouldn’t be considered a “Nut-case” now would it.

  95. casualfan Says:

    how the how
    That would be “how the hell”

  96. I’m thru with discussing the nonsense about Tay’s sex life. For whatever reason it seems to turn on a few who post on this blog to think Taylor is bisexual. I have common sense and that is why I don’t make ridiculous speculations about other peoples sex life. Most people are attracted to the opposite sex, but some are born differently and prefer the same sex. It is my opinion that those who could care less if they sleep with either sex, have no morals and may choose a pig or goat. It is a different story for those people who denied they were homosexual and married but later came out of the closet. That does happen and I’m fine with that. I think one either is one or the other. My opinion is a moral one and has nothing to do with Taylor Hicks. I Have no problem with gay people .

  97. casualfan Says:

    Those that swing both ways once they are adults are just nut jobs, without morals.
    Apparently you do indeed have a problem with them Rosie or you wouldn’t have wrote what you did. But that’s ok. You live in your own world with rose tinted glasses and only see what you want to see in your obsession with TH. You have no problems discussing where he goes on his time off, his finances, what class of clubs he attends, who he’s with or his balls, cockles or whatever your in the mood for at that second. But as we all know….we only have our opinions and nothing else. 😉

  98. taylorfan06 Says:

    Can I get an “Amen” to celebrate Elton John’s 63rd B-day Today?!!
    LOVE me some ELTON!!!!! My original “idol”.

  99. casualfan Says:

    AMEN! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  100. taylorfan06 Says:

    My Baker’s Dozen Favorite EJ Songs from the early 70’s
    (in Chronological order):

    1 – Skyline Pigeon
    2 – Your Song
    3 – Levon
    4 – Tiny Dancer
    5 – Honky Cat
    6 – Rocket Man
    7 – Crocodile Rock
    8 – Daniel
    9 – Elderberry Wine
    10 – Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting
    11 – Harmony
    12 – Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    13 – Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

    Elton & Bernie were the BEST, next to Paul & John, of course.

  101. Yardbird Says:

    The word is segue.

  102. Freckles Says:

    I like Bennie & The Jets myself. That’d be my #1

  103. casualfan Says:

    The first song I remember from Elton John is “Crocodile Rock” I remember we use to dance with that because my best friend’s name was “Suzie”…..good times indeed

  104. casualfan Says:

    The word is segue.
    We do a lot of segueing on this blog yardbird. Much like Taylor 😉

  105. mamaforpeace Says:

    Personally, I like late EJ more than early. Same with Van Morisson.

  106. taylorfan06 Says:

    Favorite 80’s ELTON JOHN – Baker’s Dozen(Chronologically):

    1 – Nobody Wins
    2 – Empty Garden (Hey Hey Johnny)
    3 – Blue Eyes
    4 – I’m Still Standing
    5 – I Guess That’s Why That call It The Blues
    6 – Sad Songs (Say So Much)
    7 – I Don’t Wanna Go On With You Like That
    8 – Healing Hands
    9 – The One
    10 – The Last Song
    11 – Simple Life
    12 – Believe
    13 – I Want Love

    What do you think, mfp?

    Elton has such a great catalog of songs over the years. It’s not easy to condense his songs into a small list. I threw a sampling of favorites here. I could listen to his music all day, and have, especially yesterday. It was wonderful! Cheers, Sir Elton (non alcoholic beverage, of course0

  107. casualfan Says:

    This is one of my favorites of his…

  108. casualfan Says:

    Shame on you TF6-You left out Nikita

  109. casualfan Says:

    And this one…”Blessed”

  110. casualfan Says:

  111. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf, you crack me up – both of those just missed the list. My bad!
    Just TOO much good stuff from EJ!

    I was actually listening to “Nikita”, as I was typing…. seriously! Syche!

    On a related note, Diva Diana Ross celebrates her 66th b-day today.

    I could do a top 10, but I’ll refrain from the indulgence this time. LOL

  112. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ve always loved the video for “Club At The End of the Street”. Thanks for that.

    Can You find the “I Want Love” video with Robert Downey, Jr?
    It was shot in one take, btw. Very Cool!!!!!

  113. casualfan Says:

  114. casualfan Says:

  115. casualfan Says:

    Beautiful song written for the late Marvin Gaye

  116. casualfan Says:

    TF6-You and me can have loads of fun with all this great music. I adore the 70’s music era. The soul was true soul, dance was true dance and all the genre’s stayed in their own. These musicians are one of kind and will never be duplicated. Today’s sound is crap.

  117. casualfan Says:

  118. taylorfan06 Says:

    “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” was the first CD I ever bought back in 1985 at Wherehouse Records. I actually own 3 configurations – the original, a one disc version, and the 30th Anniversary edition. “GYBR” is my #1 Desert Island Classic.

    Incidentally, “Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting” was the first 45 I bought back in Sept., 1973. I t had a 2 song b-side, “Jack Rabbit” and “Whenever You’re Ready (We’ll Go Steady Again). I wish I still had that one.

    Lastly, I highly recommend his “Peachtree Road” cd from 2004. There’s a great song, “Turn The Light Out When You Leave” that is the best, among others, of course. ! A review I read at the time said it would make a great country cover. Maybe Taylor could look into that one. “maybe he should/will” lol
    Definitely check out that song!!!!! Elton’s still got it

  119. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf, you’re the best! And i TOTALLY agree about the 70’s. thans for “I Want Love” and the ms. ross (showing respect) videos.

    I was at a friend’s house playing hearts last night and she was playing a 70’s channel on sirius radio. it was total nirvana. best decade ever!!!
    Night and day from today’s “music”. can you really call it that?

  120. casualfan Says:

    I agree. I appreciate today’s entertainers but they don’t compare. Back then it was real. That’s why I was so attracted to Taylor in the first place. He has that “old soul” and passion in his music. And before someone comes here to trash the 70’s music….get over it! All the musicians you worship today built their foundations on that “old music”. (I put the name in the post because I go into moderation) 😉

  121. casualfan Says:

    I CAN”T put the name….

    ***damn, need spellcheck***

  122. taylorfan06 Says:

    ..funny, funny stuff. i get the drift, dawg!

  123. taylorfan06 Says:

    welcome the the cf, tf06 show, folks!!! we’ll be here all day.

  124. taylorfan06 Says:

    ..and yes, do NOT talk about the weather. bitter cold.

  125. taylorfan06 Says:

    i think we ALL know about moderation. hee hee hee

  126. taylorfan06 Says:

    Can we go way back, way back, way back…

    How about one for Taylor?
    The Chiffon’s 1963, #1 classic, “He’s So Fine”

    HIT IT, CF…..

  127. casualfan Says:

    a bit before my time, but cheers!

  128. casualfan Says:

    Here we go!

  129. taylorfan06 Says:

    Thanks a great double. Too bad about that lawsuit, but George ultimately owned the song. RIP George.

  130. taylorfan06 Says:

    How about “Something” (by the Beatles, simply stunning) or
    “Bangla-Desh” (wonderful charity single) or to “segue” back to Taylor,
    his cover of “Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So” (REAL magic)

  131. taylorfan06 Says:

    And who doesn’t love “Compared To What” ????????

  132. *Looking around*

  133. I don’t love “Compared to What”. It’s OK. *feeling ornery*

  134. This was one of the funniest performances by Hicks on Idol, he totally rocked that purple jacket. *giggles*

  135. This one was great fun too. I always liked this paisley shirt. He made some wacky faces too in this performance. *loved it*

    Timmeh needs to do something like this next week. The floor spins rules.
    *sprinkler dancing*

  136. taylorfan06 Says:

    “Living for the Cit-tay” Great choice Sunny. Always the entertainer, that Taylor. And yes, he “totally rocked that purple jacket.” *fist in the air*
    Definitely a crowd pleaser! ..that Paula, they broke the mold with her, boy.
    That was so fun to see again. Gracious, charismatic, and HOT!
    Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! *side bends* how could i resist??

  137. taylorfan06 Says:

    The version of “CTW” in Ohio 4/27/07 is the ultimate. Al Carty on bass and that “cowbell” – I’m not sure about a video but the audio…. one for the vaults (and the ipod). Try to make it real…. Sock it to me Mama! Yeah!!

  138. taylorfan06 Says:

    …not to mention Brian Gallagher’s sax solo. Listening now.

  139. I loved watching that Living for the City clip!! Gotta love it…I miss him. 😦

  140. The audience loved his ‘Living For The City’. I was so excited that night watching him and voted for hours. The finale show the next night was super TV entertainment, down to the nerdy Clay Aiken look alike, to Prince, Eliott’s mom, Tay playing the harp and the bonus was him winning. His dad was always ready to cry with joy. Oh if only he could be featured on TV on a regular bases. There is good reason so many peeps ask what happened to that guy. They enjoyed him or at least noticed him. That jacket cost over $1600.

  141. taylorfan06 Says:

    Nice recap Rosie.

  142. Taylor just had such joy being noticed and being acknowedged for his talent. You could almost feel his delight at being watched and adored by millions. This years talent is down, because Paula was not in on the selection. Look how many winners and successful top 10 that Simon was against in their auditions. Kara is a flake who runs on at the mouth. Every week this season, she and Simon talk about finding a relevant, current singer. Randy and Paula knew music and talent.

  143. I do miss Pauler. 😦

  144. casualfan Says:

    Not sure who Pauler is but I miss Paula…LOL

  145. taylorfan06 Says:

    Interesting commentary Rosie. It’s true that “scowell” did pass on T and D, and Kelly C., and Jen H? anyway… I do think Kara is a real load. The gloating and gushing can really be over the top. Randy with his “yo yo yo’s”, and “dawg”, and “for me, for you” , not to mention a lot of nervous laughter after performances is just beyond… And I’ll never forget his trash talk critique of Taylor’s “Trouble” on S5. Ellen… please. No real thoughts, just jokes and sunshine. Hook,please… So glad that next year is IT!!!

  146. casualfan Says:

    Simon is all drama and he knows his jabs pulls in the ratings. That’s why I don’t take his snark seriously.

  147. taylorfan06 Says:

    I did like Simon’s humility when he said he was “wrong” (how hard was that?) when Taylor did “Levon”. “They saved the best for last” – Paula Abdul (a short lapse in reality). Luv ya Pauler!

  148. If you watch all of AI5, Randy was behind Taylor 100%. Randy didn’t trash talk Taylor’s Trouble, he just said it didn’t allow him to show off. I still don’t get Simon’s meaning when he said it is not just about the singing, and Tay should be singing backup. He was admitting he had a good voice. He couldn’t have been that down on his looks, as hair could be dyed and Tay was not some fat fugly guy. Simon was for Ruben and Mandissa and neither of them sounded top 40 or pop. So why did he have a problem with Taylor? Didn’t he pass on David Cook? Simon is just not good with the original selection of who goes to Hollywood. He embarresed himself once again, this year by saying Paige had the best voice of the girls. His telling Jen Hudson, she had gone as far as she could go is legendary as well as his dissing her looks. I still recall him saying Pickler was better than Underwood. Bottom line is Paula and Randy have not made mistakes, much less ludicrous ones, and Kara wrote the suckiest of finale songs, and is worse this yr then last with her comments and demeanor. Ellen, is out of her comfort zone; Ryan does his best and is savy and knows this season sucks. Simon may have even sabotaged the top 24 selection, as he now wants to make money off of the X Factor. For me, for him, he knows Kara is an ass and is playing along to show just that.

  149. Tay tweeted he was upset about having to miss sitting in with Bryan Adams. The Right Place, was one of 3-5 Tay songs that would have found an audience on radio which would have purchased his CD’s. There are people in the music business who are as surprised as the SP, that Taylor did not make it.

  150. hicksaholic Says:

    Rosie said “There are people in the music business who are as surprised as the SP, that Taylor did not make it.”

    What music people are there that are surprised? Just curious. I’m always trying to understand how Taylor got NO radio play.

    Rosie, I remember the season five final two competition show. Unbelievable memories! I voted the entire 4 hours and couldn’t sleep at all because I was so excited. Not sure what hold Taylor has that would get me to do that but I have never come close to anything like that before or since. For the memories of that one unforgettable season of AI alone I owe Taylor Hicks.

  151. casualfan Says:

    I’m always trying to understand how Taylor got NO radio play.
    Hicksaholic-I think that’s one of those mysteries that we as fans will never be privy too. Taylor knows the answer and he’s not sharing. Perhaps it’s time to put it to rest and move on….obviously Taylor has. 😉

  152. casualfan Says:

    For the memories of that one unforgettable season of AI alone I owe Taylor Hicks.
    Haven’t you already paid any debt that you feel you owe him by purchasing his music, attending his shows and being a fan? Just curious.

  153. taylorfan06 Says:

    Off topic. I’d like to wish a belated birthday wish to “The Queen of Soul” herself, Aretha Franklin. The same day as Elton John, How could I forget?
    68 and still going strong. “Think” about it, she deserves the “Respect” because she can “Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody” and make you feel like “A Natural Woman”. Let’s “Rock Steady” and “Daydream” on the “Freeway of Love” in tribute. “Until You Come Back To Me”, Aretha, “I Can’t See Myself Leaving You”. “I Say A Little Prayer” that your b-day was blessed. “Baby I Love You” and never you mind about those “Chain of Fools”.

  154. hicksaholic, I just have a hunch that some of the musicians and song writers who have worked with Taylor as well as others in the business, thought he would sell more CD’s. I think people respect that he has a good voice and feels the songs. I’m one who’d buy a Cd of him doing all covers. I still don’t get KIR, WDB or NFF being included on his last CD. I’m also not into his talk about the next CD being all country and country radio didn’t accept him. He was upset about not being able to perform with Bryan Adams, and that leads me to believe Tay is worried about his music future. Big Sigh, cause I want his cockels to be warm……….

  155. casualfan Says:

    Just emailed with Bryan Adams! He wanted me to sit in in Montgomery AL. Damn.
    Sounds more like a disappointment than being upset. T is a professional and knew there would be missed opportunities. He will have more of them…hopefully.

  156. hicksaholic Says:

    Thanks rosie.
    I have to agree I’m not into KIR, WDB, or NFF on the cd either although I will say anything Taylor does live is normally good so my opinion could chamnge.
    Hate that about Bryan Adams and Taylor.
    Cf, I guess I have repaid my debt to Taylor because I have been to a number of shows and bought a number of cds. But I will have to say I’d buy a ton more to go through another season 5 AI. It was just so much fun and so different than anything I have ever experienced.

  157. hicksaholic Says:

    Rosie, I want whatever to be warm that keeps him touring.

  158. Oh well, he looks cute as a button in the 2nd pic above carrying that siding. He tweeted a pic of the ghost he mentioned the other day, so the ghost of Mr. Shea is proud to have Tay in the theater. Tay says he loves his job, and I guess the applause and money are warming his cockels for now.

  159. casualfan Says:

    Hicksaholic-I understand about what you are saying. I was only curious.

    I agree with the live thing. I didn’t care for his first post Idol CD but in concert, he made those songs come alive and I enjoyed them. I don’t think “Wedding Day Blues” would do anything for me. That song is a little too silly and over the top but he had fun with it and I guess that’s all that matters. I think “The Distance” was a huge crossroad for T and it will be interesting to see which way he turned with his music. Time will tell-hopefully

  160. casualfan Says:

    Guess we’ll be seeing Taylor Hicks on “Celebrity Ghost Stories” soon.

  161. PurpleButterflies Says:

    I do not believe there is such a thing as a true bisexual. Those that swing both ways once they are adults are just nut jobs, without morals. Guess this is one of those times I need to write JMO. I haven’t noticed Tay drooling over any guys.
    According to that mindset, if Taylor was bi, he’d be a nutjob with no morals. What would have changed? Don’t you just like him for his music? Does it really matter if he’s gay or goes both ways? When you like a person’s craft, their sexual orientation shouldn’t even be part of the equation.

    You wouldn’t notice him “drooling over any guys” because not all gays and bisexuals do that out in the open. What anyone’s bedroom habits are, are really no one’s business anyway.

    If Taylor is gay or bi, the only two groups that this will make a difference to are Fundamental Christians, and those who were in love with him and oddly thought they could be his friend or more. The rest won’t care either way. For me personally, I don’t care if he is screwing goats. I just like his music.

  162. PurpleButterflies Says:

    it is an upper class establishment and I can guarantee you that there are many celebrities that go there.
    Shepard Smith has gone there. People insisted he wasn’t gay. He was married to a woman too. They’re divorced now. Men came out to say that they were picked up in gay bars by Shepard Smith. He won’t come out of the closet like Anderson Cooper did. It’s kind of sad that some feel they can’t come out. It’s also sad that people stop following them because they’re gay. People need to remember that Jesus let a prostitute wash His feet. They need to love the person even if they think what the person does is sinful. Anyway, I loved Shepard Smith until he froze his face with botox. LOL

  163. Lord have mercy, a palm Sunday Christianity lecture. Does Tay have any fans of other religious persuasions or non believers? I’m not the one who is fascinated by the idea Tay may be gay or bi, nor am I the one outing people on this blog. Who is SS and why would we care what he does?

  164. casualfan Says:

    He won’t come out of the closet like Anderson Cooper
    Anderson Cooper is gay? Damn-what a waste! =(

  165. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, If it’s not the bible bangers then it’s the smut writers and the cockle admirers. Get a grip! All of us are nutcases 😉

  166. casualfan Says:

    Speaking of nutcases….there’s a serious pair over on Twitter literally in a battle. One is convinced that Taylor is going to sleep with her and she’s asking for an engagement ring and the other is calling her all kinds of names and calling her out for being a liar. LOL! Now I know we are a bit over the top here and other places but damn! Which eggs did these two hatch from!

  167. Fairhope Says:

    Where on twitter, CF? I want to read it.

  168. casualfan Says:

    Fairhope Says:

    March 28, 2010 at 4:06 pm
    Where on twitter, CF? I want to read it.
    You’ve got mail 😉

  169. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Anderson Cooper is gay? Damn-what a waste! =(
    I know, right? He is so freaking yummy.

  170. mamaforpeace Says:

    “If a bullet should enter my brain, let the bullet destroy every closet door.” Harvey Milk

  171. casualfan Says:

    Rock Hudson was gay and very masculine. No doubt millions of female hearts broke on that revelation. He was a total hottie!

  172. hicksaholic Says:

    Cf, I want to see too.

    I’m getting worried about the goats.

  173. Wonder if Tay knows he is about to get engaged. The general public did not know Hudson was gay until he had AIDS. He even got married to twart off rumors, at the height of his career. I loved him in Giant, with E. Taylor, Jimmy Dean and can’t think of the name of the guy who played his son.

  174. casualfan Says:

    haha Rosie. Their was one woman a long time ago who actually planned her wedding to Taylor and bought the wedding dress, the wedding cake and had invitations made. When she found out about CL, she flipped the hell out. Don’t know what happened to her. Hope she didn’t harm herself.

    I remember Rock Hudson in “Mcmillan and Wife”. I remember the movie “Giant” vaguely. AIDS has taken so many from our lives. Very sad.

  175. CF I remember reading about the gal with the Wedding Day Blues… just wow. Things and people like that were what aided in starting the entire MFOYA snowball; it was just too easy. There were so many nuts running around on-line then regarding Mr. Hicks it was like a big ol’ jar of Planters.

    I want to read the twitter insanity too… just give a hint at the names. Or, be brave and just write them…I mean this is the honest, open site, right?

    As far as the issue of bi-sexualism, being Gay or a Lesbian, we’re all sexual beings (some more so than others) and how we express ourselves should not be the basis for affixing labels pertaining to one’s mental condition.

  176. Just remembered it was a young Dennis Hopper, who is now in bad shape from cancer, who played the son . I saw Giant on TV at least two times all the way thru. It is one of those movies, like Forrest Gump, that if you are channel surfing, and come across almost any scene you can get hooked all over again. James Dean died before the end of filming. So many celebs have a nut or two who get fixated on them, and it must be scarey considering a few have been killed.

  177. casualfan Says:

    James Dean-Tragedy

  178. casualfan Says:

    I agree Rosie. I think stalking has been around for ages but wasn’t taken seriously until the tragic death of the young actress Rebecca Schaeffer in “89”. In the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s on in, celebrities have had their share of over-zealous fans with some crossing the line into actually becoming dangerous. Now celebs carry body alarms, guards and whatever else they can put between them and the general public. Scary world we live in.

  179. The internet and twitter etc. make it worse. People with scizophrenia, think people on TV are giving them messages. Just imagine a fixated fan reading a celebs tweets and thinking the person is talking to them. I kinda wish I’d been reading during the myofa era and prior. By the time I got involed there were less than a handful of what I’d consider scarey fans. Taylor was up bright and early and in the air, then got delayed on a connecting flight. Guess it is safe to assume he really is off on a real vacation. Time for fans to go nutty, once again. Just to make it clear, I was talking about a constant switcher, with the bi thing, kinda a sleep with anyone, anytime thing. Don’t make me have to say “some of my best friends are…” lol

  180. casualfan Says:

    One guy tweeted that Taylor was “also on the plane flying over the Isle” so I’m guessing he’s someplace tropical. Probably doing some deep sea diving/fishing which he loves.

  181. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, Don’t worry about it. We all get nuts on these boards so it’s ok. I’m the first to admit that I’m a loon in the Net world and it doesn’t bother me. I tend to have true moments of sanity-especially in the real world that makes me proud. 😉

  182. Ange Bleu Says:

    Anderson Cooper came out of the closet? When was that?? I noticed when he and Taylor appeared together on some show (maybe his show) he seemed so fascinated with Taylor, just couldn’t keep his eyes off of him. He oggled him from top to bottom. Taylor only seemed interested in who was more grey haired, he or Anderson. Anderson was. Nope, I don’t think Taylor is either gay or bi. He may have some problems there, I don’t know, but if he does I don’t believe sexual identity is one of them.

  183. IDK, it’s no surprise to me that Taylor frequented a gay establishment, considering the line of work he is in, he surely has made a few gay friends. It’s a non-issue methinks.

    I had seen Cooper mentioned awhile back on Queerty, like he hadn’t come out of the closet yet…I landed there reading up on Lambert:) I think it’s neat that Anderson seemed taken w/Taylor….Having said that, I don’t think Hicks swings that way, JMO. Rosie, I disagree w/ your stance on bi-sexuality, but won’t argue the point as I respect your opinion(s).

    On a lighter note, “Trouble” was the pivotal moment for me on AI. Sealed the deal. Pauler knew 🙂

  184. I do have some inside scoop on Cooper. At one time, I don’t know about now, he was dating Jeff Lewis from the show Flipping Out. LOL. I’m not crazy about Cooper but Jeff just cracks me up and I think he is cute too.

    As a side note Rickey Martin just came out of the closet.

  185. casualfan Says:

    That’s another sad event about Rickey Martin. He is gorgeous! Why do all the good looking men always end up gay?

  186. littlewing, I also respect your opinions. I’m not a sexuality expert and lots of peeps disagree with me.

  187. I have a question to throw out there. If anyone who posts here just happened to find they were staying in the same vacation hotel as Taylor, would you report back to other fans about where he went, what he did, how he looked, down to the color and fit of his bathing trunks? Being single, for several years I have gone on spur of the moment vacations alone. I think if I was where Tay was, I’d watch but not really stalk him. I know I would not be tweeting or posting online to the SP as I don’t do that on vacations. I think I’d give a little summary of my sightings when I returned home, on those few places I post. Anyway, I know I’d keep a low profile while spying a tad and yet respect his privacy. Just wonder what others would do.

  188. casualfan Says:

    To be honest Rosie, I would most likely tell my close friends about him being there, but I wouldn’t take his pic, take notice of what he’s wearing or going and I certainly wouldn’t report it on any fanboards, twitter or facebook. I’ve have more than my share of celebrity sightings and they just want to be left alone. For me at least, it’s an invasion of privacy and as tempting as it would be…I would leave him in peace.

  189. Fairhope Says:

    Okay CF…you know I facebooked every celebrity sighting I had while I was out in LA the beginning of this month. I thought it was a hoot. I didn’t talk to any of them or ask to have a pic with them. So yeah, I would facebook that I just saw Taylor. Then I would have great sex with my husband! LOL!!!!

  190. Hey Rosie, I read the end of your 8:44a post and totally understand where you are coming from on the pitfalls of switch-hitting. Hell I’m no expert either. It just seemed a little ott, what with the earlier mention of goats 😉

    If I were staying at the same hotel as Taylor, if given the opportunity I’d have to tell him I am a fan but would not stalk or report on his comings and goings. Tho, I’d likely comment on what he was wearing or how good-looking he is, lol.

  191. I tried to be real with myself about how I “think” I would act. I would report my sighting, same hotel stay, how he looked when I got back, on the few places I post. I’d say hi, who knows, most likely say I’m rosie, and get him to sign my cocktail drink napkin or something. I’d be a bit giddy about the whole idea of just happening to be in the same place. Therefore being single and having freedom of time, I may do a little tracking of his whereabouts. Wouldn’t set the alarm or stalk per say, but give some of my vacay time and effort into tracking, kinda like using a metal dectector, where you have more than a 50% chance of finding gold or silver or a small diamond in the sand. I would wish I had packed my powerful binnoculars. By day 3, at the pool or beach, I’d go buy some binnoculars, and position myself far away to get a view of him on a reclining lounge. Don’t know what that or any of it would do for me, but I’m just keeping it real, since I posed the question.

  192. Sunny: I don’t love “Compared to What”. It’s OK. *feeling ornery*

    Me either! On Taylor, I don’t know about all this country talk…if it’s anything like Gokey’s self-described ‘soul-country’, then I’m not interested. I was glad to hear that he covered Travis Tritt’s “Trouble” though…this is where Danny’s shines, at least to me. But I digress.

    I would like to see Taylor delve into a more southern-rock style; we all know he really wanted to do Hank Jr. on country night. 🙂

  193. Rosie I thought about it. I doubt that I would approach him at all. I’m shy and it would just be too weird for me. The couple concerts I’ve been to I didn’t even wait to try and spot him after. LOL. I can’t imagine how it would feel to have a big crowd of people waiting to get an autograph or just get a look at you after a show. If I did happen to see him somewhere I was at , I would probably tweet it or put it on facebook. But, it would be just to say “Hey guess who I saw.”

  194. taylorfan06 Says:

    Hey everyone: Let’s talk about something that really matters.
    Check out Taylor’s site below:

    Sign up and become a member. You can add yourself to Taylor’s fans.
    All ages, and genders (well m/f) btw.

    Definitely check out the photo section. View the slide show. Talk about the man of 1000 faces. It appears he’s enjoying the ride.

  195. taylorfan06 Says:

    Also checkout:

    Click on the “celebrity” icon. Guess who’s #1???!!!

    Become a fan!

  196. I would totally tweet about it and sneak phone camera shots… lol

  197. Haha, Sunny will be stalking Casey when he goes back home. Whata you want bet, that if he makes top 3, we see Sunny on TV at his homecoming.

  198. Hahaha rosie I was at Jason Castro’s homecoming, took pics galore, wound up getting within 10′ of him, ‘backstage’ by going through some bushes; then acted like I was suppose to be there… security guy let me stay. I even had some shrubbery leaves in my hair. It was like Sunny-Commando… So when Casey comes home, yeah I’ll be there. rawrrr. hahaha

  199. hicksaholic Says:

    That’s hilarious! Idoltry should do a special segment on the crazy fans. It would draw a lot of viewers I bet.

  200. spinshack Says:

    It was hilarious fun. Embarrassed my kiddo and TheDMan I blogged about it. Here’s theLINK to read my CastroTard adventure.

    New FanTard moment, Casey James sang “Hold on I’m Coming”. Ah the mental image… he’s absolutely gorgeous.

  201. It was a good show tonight. Casey, Lee, Crystal and Mike did well. Tim Urban is fun and he sings better than Sanjaya did. Why does it seem that Ryan is in love with Didi, WTH?

  202. taylorfan06 Says:

    Ryan is only in love with MEN rosie (and himself).
    Open your eyes on that one! GAY! GAY! GAY!

  203. This has become the let’s see who we can out thread. tayfan06, How exactly do you know Ryan is gay? Ryan should love himself, he is one hell of an MC, came from near obscurity in the business to become a multi millionaire before he was 30. Idol wouldn’t have been the success it was without his fine tuning, especialy during the first few season. Guess I’m a grouch but i get tired of people picking on so many in the entertainment business.

  204. casualfan Says:

    LOL! I don’t see Ryan as gay myself and I’m usually pretty good with the gaydar. I’m still shocked about Anderson Cooper. That totally went over my head.

  205. hicksaholic Says:

    I thought Lee was great last night and I finally thought Andrew lived up to his billing. I thought Siobhan was bad but not as bad as Didi and I’m afraid Didi is in trouble. Loved the judges asking Tim why he keeps smiling while they criticize and Simon’s comment that he can keep smiling because no matter how badly he sings the people will vote him back. He deserves to go but probably won’t. Crystal still reigns but I was with Simon, didn’t really like her in stilettos and all dressed up. She looked a little uncomfortable.
    I’d like to see it come down to Lee and Crystal. Although Casey’s cute and sings adequately there’s nothing real special there to me.

    I guess with Taylor on vacation we’re on a T break.

  206. freckles314 Says:

    CF~ I was shocked about Anderson Cooper too. I mean, that’s just sad.

    I don’t watch much AI. I watch Biggest Loser on Tuesday nights now, but I did happen to catch Casey James last night. He did really well. I can’t say that I’m a fan, but I was impressed. Of course, Ellen and Kara were stupid, but at least Randy and Simon saw the same talent I did. I was surprised.

  207. freckles314 Says:

    CF~ I was shocked about Anderson Cooper too. I mean, that’s just sad.

    I’m in moderation?

  208. freckles314 Says:

    it’s because I said stupid isn’t it?

  209. casualfan Says:

    LOL!-Freckles, if you mention anything “wheather related” you go into a holding pattern also. 😉

    I don’t get the whole Kara thing either. I wish she would just go away.

  210. taylorfan06 Says:

    Garcia is GROSS! Ditch the googles geek.

  211. freckles314 Says:

    THE GOOGLES! OMG! I’m rolling! I know you meant goggles, but…that just struck me funny as hell!

  212. PurpleButterflies Says:

    I was shocked about Anderson Cooper too. I mean, that’s just sad.
    Look at the body on his boyfriend.
    Here is a picture of the two of them together. They’re both gorgeous.

  213. freckles314 Says:

    They do both have hot bods. But how effing sad. Seriously, I had no clue. none! One of my friends is going to be devastated, she doesn’t know either and she loves him like I love Taylor.

  214. OMG, Did Ya’ll all hear that B. Will stood as best man in Sunset Island Wedding for Taylor and Sara, on Mar.31st? Beautiful ceremony for beautiful couple!

  215. casualfan Says:

    LOL! You guys should read this….fr***ing hilarious! Read down for the casting for the remake of “The Wizard of OZ” 😉

  216. casualfan Says:

    freckles314 Says:

    April 1, 2010 at 10:22 am
    They do both have hot bods. But how effing sad. Seriously, I had no clue. none! One of my friends is going to be devastated, she doesn’t know either and she loves him like I love Taylor.
    ***sobs with Freckles***

  217. PurpleButterflies Says:

    They do both have hot bods. But how effing sad. Seriously, I had no clue. none! One of my friends is going to be devastated, she doesn’t know either and she loves him like I love Taylor.
    ***sobs with Freckles***
    sobs along with the both of you. Just to depress the both of you more, look at this video. Not only does he look extra yummy with those muscular and sweaty arms, but he’s sweet and caring too. One of my fav videos.

  218. taylorfan06 Says:

    So much celebrating of the gays here. How about some shout outs for John Travolta and Tom Cruise?!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  219. Snowstorm Says:

    Hey y’all, Taylor Hicks sighting reported on TMZ! Taylor spotted on vacation in Hawaii with a blonde that looks like the San Francisco treat! Remember her? Looks like they hit off! WOW!

  220. casualfan Says:

    John Travolta and Tom Cruise?!!
    Tom Cruise is a self centered pig who I have nothing for. John Travolta on the other hand is awesome! He gets better and better with age.

  221. casualfan Says:

    I remember that vid PBF. Anderson Cooper has always come across as a genuine humanitarian.

  222. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    April 1, 2010 at 10:22 am
    OMG, Did Ya’ll all hear that B. Will stood as best man in Sunset Island Wedding for Taylor and Sara, on Mar.31st? Beautiful ceremony for beautiful couple!
    HaHa Rosie-It would have been more interesting if Taylor married B.Will and Clay C stood in as Best Man.

  223. PurpleButterflies Says:

    So much celebrating of the gays here. How about some shout outs for John Travolta and Tom Cruise?!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!
    John Travolta is gay? I missed when that came out. Sigh All the good ones are gay. I don’t like Tom Cruise but I love John Travolta.

  224. Cf, Only on this gaity thread would your April Fools suggestion have worked. See we are still outing celebs. Once again zero facts to support Travolta, or for that matter Tom being gay. Since some of ya’ll are sexology experts, would those two be considered gay and hiding in the closet or bi? Both are great actors, but Tom is better than John and has the past movies to prove it. Anyone see Born On The Fourth Of July?

  225. casualfan Says:

    While we are on the subject…..I didn’t know that Cher’s daughter had trans-gender surgery. Her or “His” name is now Chaz and she has a penis. Cher had a hard time dealing with all of this, but I think she’s supporting her daughter’s decision.

  226. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, Get over it. If you don’t like the subject, then don’t read.

  227. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    April 1, 2010 at 12:32 pm
    Cf, Only on this gaity thread would your April Fools suggestion have worked.
    Sweetie, You’re the one who opened the door in the first place with YOUR April Fool’s rumor.

  228. freckles314 Says:

    Well, I’m not a fan of Tom or John, but neither one is gay. (That we know of…MUWHAHAHAHAHA!)

    I know…A. Cooper is just…he’s just DAYUM HOT! Still like him, but makes it harder to fantasize when he swings his bat for the other team. HA!

  229. casualfan Says:

    TF6-Ever watch “RuPauls Drag Race”?

  230. casualfan Says:

  231. Cf, you seem to be lacking a sense of humor. The name Sara is a girls name only, so how could I have started a gay rumor? I asked a question on the sexuality topic, gay vs bi to those who think Travolta and Cruise are gay. Whatever happened to your promise not to post after me, since you think I take what you say personally? Seriously, I’m not trying to start something with you, but please lighten up. You are not in a position to tell me where to read or not and what to post.

  232. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, You should follow your own advice. I’m not the one who got upset…you are. You like to come here and plant comments and wait for peeps to answer then you take offense if it’s not what you want to hear.

  233. casualfan Says:

    Another dance club favorite…

  234. casualfan Says:

  235. CF, I’ll allow you to have the last word. Good Enough…

  236. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie said:

    “Once again zero facts to support Travolta, or for that matter Tom being gay. Since some of ya’ll are sexology experts, would those two be considered gay and hiding in the closet or bi? Both are great actors, but Tom is better than John and has the past movies to prove it. Anyone see Born On The Fourth Of July?”

    There are many gay men out there. past and present, that are great also actors. (ie., James Dean, Montgomery Clift, Rock Hudson, Sal Mineo, Marlon Brando (bi?), Tyrone Power, Robert Reed, Raymond Burr, and some even said Cary Grant and Randolph Scott were more than roommates back in the day.) More and more will come out of the woodwork (closet) as time goes on….

    I’m not trying to belittle the talent of any of them. It takes nothing away about what i think about them as people or actors, I’m just stating some facts. And YES, JT is gay! I have a pilot friend who filled me in info on that one many years back.

    And Rosie – you DO need to lighten up. You misread cf ALOT!

  237. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I totally agree with all you said. And no, their sexuality takes nothing away from them being human and great in their chosen professions.

    I do admit to liking some of Tom’s movies, (LOVED Jerry Mcquire) but I just don’t care for his attitude, but then again..these people go thru alot and no doubt their “attitudes” are a reflection of how they are portrayed.

    I always get amused when someone says that “No, he’s not gay because he drools after women”. Those types are usually the biggest closet cases.

  238. taylorfan06 Says:

    Even Curt Cobain admitted to bisexuality. I love their music! He was a genius. Partial lyrics to the GREAT song “All Apolgies”

    What else should I be? All apologies
    What else could I say? “Everyone is gay”
    What else could I write? I don’t have the right
    What else should I be? All apologies

    All in all is all we are…

    Let’s face it. There are many talented gay (and straight) people in the arts, be it acting, music, fashion, design, as well as law, medicine, airlines (including pilots), beauty, and hollywood pr.

    “Can’t we all just get along?” – Rodney King

    Life is wonderful no matter what! Embrace diversity y’all!!!!

  239. casualfan Says:

    Life is wonderful no matter what! Embrace diversity y’all!!!!
    Well said TF6…well said

  240. taylorfan06 Says:

    Can I make a request for “People Are People” by Depeche Mode, cf?

  241. taylorfan06 Says:

    How about “No Matter What” by Badfinger also? LOVE them!

  242. casualfan Says:

    I LOVE Depeche Mode 😉

  243. mamaforpeace Says:

    A couple of things: James Dean was bi, not just gay. He once said “I don’t go through life with one hand tied in my back” when asked about rumors, which was a pretty gutsy thing to say in the 50’s. I am a big James Dean fan, though he was long dead when I discovered him as a teen-ager.
    Ugly Betty, the TV show, has a young high school guy who has been pretty much portraited as being gay from the beginning of the show, but now in the last couple of episodes has realized he IS gay. I think it’s wonderful for all the young people out there who struggle with feeling of inadequacy (and fear) b/c they are attracted to members of the same sex. It makes me hopeful that we are moving to a place where we will indeed respect people for who they are and what they contribute to society rather than their color, abilities, or sexual orientation.

  244. hicksaholic Says:

    I’m feeling in the know- I have known for a long time that Anderson Cooper was supposedly gay.
    I love Anderson Cooper- I remember seeing him trying to help the animals after Katrina. He is a wonderful blend of professionalism and compassion IMO.
    Like all the little April Fool’s Taylor jokes too.
    Unfortunately I locked my car keys in my car today and it took me a long time to convince my husband that it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke.
    AI9- can’t believe Tim survives to murder a Lennon McCartney tune next week. I will have to say though he probably wasn’t any worse than Didi and Siobhan this past week. I hope Lee and Crystal bring it next week. I’m ready to fast forward this season unless of course Taylor is invited to perform.
    I thought Ruben did great and was not very impressed at all with Usher or Will I Am (or whatever his name is) or Diddy Dirty either. Naturally all the bump in sales went to them not Ruben. I don’t get current musical tastes.

  245. Ruben outsong them all and sang live and without all the dancers, light shows etc. He looked good but his clothes were way too big. I assume you all know Anderson is Gloria Vanderbilts son. I think Anderson does a good job on his show and even when he sits in for Regis, but I’ve never found him handsome, but have friends who do.

  246. hicksaholic Says:

    I knmew Anderson Cooper was a Vanderbilt. Don’t really find him handsome as much as a great guy, someone with empathy for others but successful in his own career. I find him to be an excellent commentator, who cares about what his sexuality is?

  247. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry knew

  248. mamaforpeace Says:

    I liked Usher!

  249. Ange Bleu Says:

    Just looking at some T’s pics on MSN. In my opinion the absolutely worst picture Taylor ever took seems to be the one most frequently shown on the internet. Even some of his most devoted fans seem to like it. It’s the one where he is facing the camera and smiling. He’s wearing a Three Stooges haircut (at least one of the stooges). He’s also wearing a brown jacket that seems several sizes too big & the rest of his outfit is what appears to be black. He has a goofy look on his face and appears to be mentally challenged. He has zilch sex appeal — actually appears sex neutral (This might have been what started the speculation that he might be bi in the first place) & his nose appears to be unusually wide (hmm maybe what my bf said might be right). I’ve come to the conclusion that this picture will never go away. It will stay around for years to come & continue hurting T’s image.

  250. hicksaholic Says:

    I know the picture of which you speak. LOL

  251. casualfan Says:

    There’s so many pictures of T around that I have no idea what pic you are talking about. But I think for some at least-a picture has nothing to do with their speculations and I’ll leave it at that.

  252. casualfan Says:

    Everyone have a safe, fun and happy holiday weekend!

  253. Happy Easter to all of you… and Straw, where oh where can she be?

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