Hey… maybe we have…??

I received this in a tweet this morning… ahhh, the things you don’t know about me!!

And see? I thought maybe it was just me… for me, the guys were kind of a toss up, but Lily Scott getting booted over Screechy Stevens??!? Really, America?? Really??

And oh yay!! This week we get to hear her sing The Rolling Stones… I guess it’s true. I really can’t get no satisfaction.


20 Responses to “Hey… maybe we have…??”

  1. I think we are going to see more and more articles like this. It is indeed the most boring season. And now the X-Factor is coming!!!!!! Here are a couple telling articles about the X-Factor. Does it sound familiar? All I can say is they must not have as tight a gag order on the contestants as Idol does. Maybe someday Idol Alumni can have their say.



  2. It’s not the most boring at all, Dee, I’m finding it the most entertaining actually. Entertaining not in great listening and music, I can turn on my CD player, iPod, etc for that, rather in the comedic vein of entertainment. I think what this season is pointing out, this is NOT a show based on finding Great Music/Musicians.

    Sure there are a few singing talents (Siobhan, Crystal, Casey) but overall this season is emphasizing wacky entertainment, shock and faulty judge casting. Sad when we actually see that Pauler was a necessary part of this show.

    For me, the judging panel seems as if they’re ‘acting’. Like they are reading from pre-written scripted guidelines manipulated by the producers. It’s likely always been this way but this season it’s much more apparent. They have had roles in the upheaval of the contestants still on the show and those who have left.

  3. Yep, Sunny, I’ll have to agree with you. The judges have obviously always played the part, but wow, this year is crazy.

  4. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Thank you Dee for posting those stories…yes, it does sound familiar…I guess I’m not as into checking these types of stories out as a lot of you, but I do appreciate you sharing….I come here to check for Taylor news, and I’m always rewarded.

    I think we all agree that Taylor wasn’t supposed to win, but he had a good storyline, and was supposed to be interesting. He certainly was. When Simon & Co. finally realized he WAS going to win, they went to plan B. Let him win and then drop him. It helped that he was hard to manage.

    The similar stories from UK’s X-factor just corroborates what we pretty much know, by now…Taylor was one of the most talented contestants to grace the AI stage. He could have been marketed to become another Carrie Underwood…If he had been manageable. A lot of “Ifs”. I guess he’s doing the best he can, just like the X-factor former contestants and winners. It’s all about the $$$. Used and tossed.

    That’s why I don’t invest much time in the current AI contestants. None of them except Crystal stands out to me. I think AI is on it’s last legs…I miss Paula.,too..flakehead that she was, something is missing with her gone.When Simon leaves that will be the end. He is an evil genius. The fall of Rome is coming.

    I’ll just keep listening to my Taylor compilation CD’s, and hoping he keeps making music for us. Grease will be over soon, and who knows what surprises are in store …Can’t wait. I’ll still be hanging around.

  5. See your point SUNNY. For me It was entertaining at first, but some of the performances just make me cringe more than laugh. LOL. We’ve just been watching as a family to make fun of them. However, we haven’t been watching the results show mostly because we don’t want to have to re-watch clips from the train wreck perforamances or put up with Ryan’s manufactured suspense…. Plus the fact that we really don’t care who gets voted off. LOL.

  6. mamaforpeace Says:

    I think this season is going to be a train wreck, and I am afraid I am not going to be able to look away. For some sick reason, I am finding it entertaining!

  7. The big downfall began with having 4 judges last year. I loved the combo of Randy, Paula and Simon. While I did not 100% agree with them, they seemed to not only know what they were talking about, but seemed to care about the contestents. This years judges are a mess. Kara talks too much, Ellen has the popularity of her own show to consider, and isn’t that funny. That makes only Randy and Simon worthy. The four of them are all over the place and confuse the contestents. I was shocked Lilly was elimenated. She, Toderick and Alex, all brought something to the show.

  8. hicksaholic Says:

    And Randy is only worthy if you like hearing”man that was dope” for the good performances and”man it just alright for me” for the bad performances.

  9. Hicksaholic.. you forgot “Pitchy”. LOL.

  10. taylorfan06 Says:

    …and you can’t forget “yo” and “dawg”.
    randy is a broken record y’all..

  11. casualfan Says:

    I find it interesting so far-from what I’ve seen and very curious to see how the top 10 starts to pan out. This may turn out to be a very good season. Seems a bit premature to judge so soon.

    But I agree that having 4 judges and with Paula leaving the show that the formula has been severely compromised. Simon leaving will be a fatal blow-IMO. Like him or hate him…Simon provides humor, honesty and is refreshing.

  12. Okay, so I just listened to the Taylor podcast. I thought maybe there was going to be some big news he was going to let us know about, but oh no, instead, the drinking game came out. Shot!! Shot!! Drink!! Drink!!

  13. Just a tad off topic: I read on the BB today, sorry I don’t recall who’s post, that had AI promoted Taylor properly they would have had another Carrie Underwood on thier hands. The poster acknowledged the who’s to blame facts, but still the idea caught me off guard. I can just imagine a different scenerio, as in promoting Taylor up the mountains and over the airways, as Mr. voice and excitement, the deserved winner of AI and don’t miss him if he appears anywhere near you. The fact good voice, but little charisma Carrie could play the game, look hot and do all she has, coming from little performing experience, says so much. Tay had the experience and the rest, and with TPTB’s help and support. the possiblities are endless. Yea, I know, past history but STILL SHITY…

  14. Grey, did you get drunk? What happened to his tweet about being on the Early Show and Fox, Tues. and Wed.? It was up for a few hrs, then gone. Guess I’ll check out the podcast. If you want new info, check out Wonder’s 3 part interview. I found it revealing that he said it is more stressfull, considering his cost decisions, to have his own label. Somehow, I knew it would be.

  15. casualfan Says:

    Anytime you run your own business it is more stressful and can be a challenging-yet rewarding experience. I love having my own business but I also have a Board of Directors that go along with it but it does have it’s ample rewards. Taylor did the right thing in forming his own label. The possibilities are endless and there is much room for creative thinking, innovative ideas and introducing new concepts. Smart move on his part or anyones part if they have the opportunity.

  16. casualfan Says:

    itsallgrey Says:

    March 15, 2010 at 7:43 pm
    Okay, so I just listened to the Taylor podcast. I thought maybe there was going to be some big news he was going to let us know about, but oh no, instead, the drinking game came out. Shot!! Shot!! Drink!! Drink!!
    Maybe he will make some sort of an announcement in the up coming months. No doubt he has something in the works.

  17. casualfan, I do know a tad about being in business for yourself. The write offs can be a bonus, until one decides to collect SS. My creative self, was more invested in my 7:44pm post. The what ifs, as far as his rightful claim to fame, inspired my comments. My second post was about the money, practical issues, given the reality of what went down. For me, rewarding means the fame, success and recognition he deserved, as such an engaging performer on the most watched show of the decade.

    Edited by IAG

  18. Since we are wondering today. I wonder if the real reason Taylor and the Label parted ways had more to do with his age, his musical style and the economy than any thing else. We all know the music industry seems to be in love with youth right now. His musical style is not quite the popular Rock or Pop. If they had started him out in Country with his first CD maybe things would have gone better maybe not? But with the economy baring down he was let go along with Ruben and Katherine. If the economy had been better they may have kept him around for a couple more CD’s the way they did with Ruben. I’m really not convinced that things would have turned out better if he had signed with 19. It really didn’t for Ruben and I think he’s still with the 19 managment. I just think the industry just wants the young & easy to package musical artists.

  19. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I was only posting my comment and not specifically addressing you. I didn’t see what your full comment was since it was edited but I can only guess.
    Since you take everything I say personally I will refrain from posting after you.

  20. hicksaholic Says:

    Rosie, you’re right about Carrie. Until very recently she was the most robotic performer I’ve ever seen. It hurt to watch her. Now she’s loosened up a little and seems more at ease but I still wouldn’t remotely call her a good performer.

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