Lee DeWyze….oh yes.

This kid has an amazing voice. I can’t wait to hear more from him…

Check this out…my two favorites in one video. πŸ™‚

Here’s Lee before AI…


43 Responses to “Lee DeWyze….oh yes.”

  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    Yawn! Just not getting a “wow” factor here. My bad?

  2. casualfan Says:

    Here’s an interesting little article about Simon Cowell. Hope this link works..


  3. spinshack Says:

    He’s playing the role of Daughtry this year. *yawn*

    Looks like Andrew Gokey (Garcia) blew his wad in Hollywood. I see him likely make top 10 but he’s just not got it. ha.

    I think I’ve gone Lesbian this season. I fell in *love* with Siobhan Magnus last night. She’s so completely odd and fabulous.

  4. taylorfan06 Says:

    i’ve said it before, and i’ll say it again – SIMON IS AN ASS! i really dislike him and hate how so many put him on such a pedestal. it’s one thing to be honest, but quite another to be rude and mean. …not to mention boorish.
    he’s one of the main reasons i just can’t watch that show. the t-shirts. the nipple play. the bad haircut. THE EGO. who really needs any of that?

    i think there’s much better tv than ai. does anyone watch “the middle”??
    FUNNY show!

  5. When everyone else was saying AI would be boring this year, I thought it would be a great year. The girls are better overall then the guys. Siobhan was my favorite girl from the start, she is different and I think will be full of surprises. Crystal, Katelyn and Lilly are also good singers and interesting. All the early favs have fallen by the wayside. Andrew looks like he wants to take a nap. Lee and Alex are my current favorite guys, but that can change with a song. The judges give mixed messages and I think the original 3 judges were better. I may even begin to vote. taylorfan06, The music business is brutal and I often agree with Simon.

  6. taylorfan06 Says:

    rosie – i do understand about the dog eat dog world about the music biz. I don’t think clive or phil ramone, or whoever, who also know the music biz would approach with a different style. simon style is just nails on the chalkboard to me. he’s a grumpy, overated bore. …but i know he laughs all the way to the bank. more power to him i guess. but do i have to like it? N.O.!. just my opinion here. i know i’m not alone on that one.

  7. mamaforpeace Says:

    Lee is my favorite right now, and the dreadlocks girl.

  8. casualfan Says:

    I also like Simon. I know that he mostly does it for drama purposes, but I also realize that his comments are nothing compared to how these contestants will be treated in the industry or even the media-case in point….look at some of things that has been written about Taylor.

    TF6, If you ever have the chance to see Simon’s biography please do. It will shed new light on his personality and you will see that he’s actually a very nice and genuine man. At least I think so. The show will be lost without him.

  9. hicksaholic Says:

    Lee and Alex are my favorite guys but both lack confidence. They’re just lucky the competition is so weak. I like Crystal, Siobhan, Lily Lacey and Didi from the girls. But Lacey had really disappointed me since her great Hollywood performance. Didi is very fragile and may not be able to handle the pressure. Lilly seems to take it all in stride as does Crystal. Maybe they are like Taylor and have had to handle a lot of rejection before.

    I have to agree that Simon seems to be especially brutal this year. I really felt for Didi last night. I even felt sorry for Katie and she annoys the hell out of me.

    If there is justice in the world, Haeley will go home tonight. I know this may not be under her control but has anyone noticed her bottom lip and top lip are two different colors?

  10. hicksaholic Says:

    I have to agree cf. The end of Simon on AI is the end of AI.

  11. I have mad appreciation for Cowell. He’s quite the evil genius and that’s undeniable.

    I like Crystal and Siobhan and Casey for the “ear candy”… rawr, and Alex, vomiting, mullet-boy has a cool voice. Is it just me or are all the guys but Casey super short? I mean Ry’s looking tall next to some of them.

    Oh and I kinda like Corpse Bride, Lilly Scott. She’s odd too.

  12. I have to agree the show will not be the same without Simon…with that said I can’t stand the man….I liked Simon alright until Season 6..I can understand him being harsh on the contestants to show what the recording business is really like..however to put those mentality challenged people who they know have no talent through for the purpose of ratings is deplorable…When Simon called that young man with the cranial deformity a bush baby and said he looked like a monkey…that was it for me…I could have no respect for a grown man who could be so insensitive to another human being. Thinking someone like that is entitled to respect is beyond my comprehension.

  13. hicksaholic Says:

    I think you’re right about the boys’ height. What is Ryan, about 5’7″? Aaron Kelly must be 5’3″ or so then. Andrew Garcia is really short. Big Mike is tall. Tv does not require height for guys. Kris Allen is really short too.
    I don’t think Simon is really that mean. I think it’s all for tv although i think he has a sarcastic personality. The bush baby comment was unfortunate although those two guys laughed all the way to the bank so maybe their feelings weren’t hurt.

  14. May I remind everyone here and on other boards, that Taylor was given the longest pimp segment on the history of AI. Simon was a huge part of pimping Tay that Levon night, which IMO contributed to Tay’s mementum. Simon saying he had been wrong and going on to say he heard more positive comments about Tay, was huge. So was the long harp walk repeat, all the great comments from Paula and Randy, and allowing Tay to do his spazzy thingie and SP shouts, and jumping around with Ryan. The problems began after his win and we don’t know what went down.

  15. Should say momentum.

  16. casualfan Says:

    Danny Gokey is at #1 on ITunes with his CD. CONGRATS to Danny for a job well done! I didn’t care for Danny during Idol, but his cd is really good. Adam is tearing up the charts also with his new single.

    More stars in the making because of Idol giving them a chance at having their voice heard as far as I’m concerned.

    Now T needs to get back in the studio and get some music out there. He’s got TALENT, TALENT, TALENT! woohoo! πŸ˜‰

  17. casualfan Says:

    I LOVE this song….

  18. Ha, the Bush Baby Incident was really horrible in that yes, the boys seemed a bit deficit, mentally, but seriously, it was spot on. That said, much of what Cowell does and says is for television, it’s why/how he has earned the right to own a 2-freaking story bus to travel in.

    Listened to Lee’s “Use Somebody”, I love Kings of Leon, he does a decent acoustic version of the tune.

  19. littlewing Says:

    I like DeWyze pretty good. He is my husband’s pick of the guys. My fave guys are Big Mike Lynche, Casey James and Todrick Hall. Mike seems to be quite a rarity these days, that is, a black dude who’s theatrically trained who plays acoustic guitar and I love his r & b, gospelly vibe. He’s got it. Casey James, what more to be said? Dude shreds and though his vocal delivery needs a little tweaking. I thought Kara was way off base stating that he lacks that “grit” and that it is more like “dirt”. What?? Dude has an unmistakable blues-infused gritty growl, but at least Randy gets it. Todrick Hall has that sweet gospel overtone that made me an early fan from his audition. I just love him, Oz scandal notwithstanding.
    Plus, on a shallow note, he has the prettiest eyes and sweetest looking face.

    Siohbon, Crystal and Paige are my fave girls. And I like Lilly Scott too. I think for the first time ever, I have a girl crush on Siobhan Magnus. I knew she was a serious contender when she did Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games last week. This is shaping up to be a good season.

  20. Freckles Says:

    I will be honest, I don’t like anyone. I watched the show one week. I don’t like the contestants, I don’t like the judges anymore. I just cannot stand to waste 2 hours of my life watching crap. I haven’t watched a full season since Jordin Sparks won.

    The show was dead as soon as they started making all the changes. With Simon leaving it will just be more evident. I don’t know how anyone can stand to watch Kara dole out non-compliments to people. All she ever talks about is herself. It’s even worse than Simon. Ellen hasn’t done a thing for the show. NOTHING in my opinion. Her comments stink, she has no music background to draw from, and watching her say after horrible performances, “As a music lover, I enjoyed it.” Whatever. I need an eyerolling icon on here.

    The whole show is dead. They are beating a dead horse…

  21. It’s true the show isn’t what it once was. When I watched season5, I was thinking one of these guys will win, get a contract and be rich, because back then winning mattered. Clay had done better then Ruben but their race was so close and Ruben wasn’t much to look at. Not to beat a dead horse, but when they dissed Taylor and gave all the attention to Chris and Kelly, peeps at home knew winning AI was no big thing. The AI machine kind of wrecked itself by not supporting all winners, everyway possible. We all know there were plently of ways to get Tay played on the radio and build up his win post AI. Him not being front and center on the wall beginning season 6 made watching, rooting and voting for someone to win, not as big a deal. There are about 7 interesting and talented contestents this season and thus I’m hooked.

  22. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I agree about Clay. I still say that something happened to some of his votes because IMO-he should have won that season.

    None of us know why AI didn’t properly support Taylor as the winner of that season, but I think Chris and Kelly grew more popular than Taylor because their music was more appealing to the mainstream public.

    The important thing is that it appears that Taylor has moved on from all that stuff and onto other things. He’s chosen to take the positive things that AI gave him and not dwell on any conspiracy theories or what may have happened. He’s handled all of that in a true professional manner and I applaud him for that.

  23. hicksaholic Says:

    I think it’s fairly simple:

    1)Chris and Kellie’s music were in a much more popular genre. TPTB didn’t know what to do with Taylor.

    2) Taylor was the first winner to not sign with both 19E and 19M(?) and by some reports was difficult to deal with. The difficult to deal with may have come from creative or business differences so it does not necessary mean Taylor was wrong.

    Of well…..I agree he’s moved on and chosen to take the positive things AI gave him and not dwell on the past as cf said.

    With AI rarely do you get drug in at top speed when the show starts. You’ve got to get to know the contestants before you start caring. It’s probably a little early to say whether the season will be a good one or not. I thought Jordan’s year was a snoozefest and I really didn’t care much for Cook and Archuleta. Last year Adam livened it up for me.

  24. spinshack Says:

    I’m a little surprised no one seems to like Kris Allen, I hear his song about 86,400 seconds in a day and that Pieces song too. (My car’s CD player died a horrible death and I’ve not replaced it yet…)

    Kris and his little monkey face has actually grown on me. I never have heard gLambert yet – sure he’s all over TV but Hell at least little Kris is selling Fords. LOL

    Kara is full of doggie poop, Casey was not that bad vocally. Think about it the guy’s been hammered as a piece of Cougar meat since the start – now he’s having to sit there in front of millions and perform in front of her salivating huge jaws. ha. That’s gotta be strange. Cool, TX is a small town, Ft. Worth not that much of a cosmopolitan environment either.

    I’m spending too much time on twitter, hahaha feel the need to hashtag. #JustStandingUpforFellowTexan *giggle*

    Talking to one of my sisters (at H.Hour) we deciced this year might be bloody entertaining after all . We both love Siobhan, Crystal, Corpse Bride, Casey and that Alex Lambert kid with the mullet. This year there are a lot of N00bs to music, not overly populated with folks who have cut records, played extensively *cough* Carly Simon *cough*. So we’ll see actual growth of a contestant similar to the early years. Our 2 cents after Margaritaville. πŸ˜›

    You guys expecting a great fucking talent right out of the gate forget the early days of this show.
    NOOO I’ve not been to Happy Hour. /sarcasm

    Littlewing, I have to say, Fraudrick is a nice looking guy.

  25. casualfan Says:

    For me at least, AI is a growing process. The contestants are expected to grow into their own a little each week. That’s what I notice the most anyway and that’s how I vote. I do not expect great talent out the gate, in fact the “dark horses” usually reveal themselves well into the competition. I love those dark horses and Kris Allen was a true contender last season. I do love Adam, but I’m glad that Kris won.

  26. spinshack Says:

    gLambert was my fave because he was so fun, Kris a bit boring. But that said, again, I’m hearing Kris on the radio and not mAdam.

    Hokey sure getting his share of publicity with his new album. Sadly my sister is a fan of his. lol

  27. The only ones I liked from last season are Kris and Allison. Season 6&7 were a bust for me. This yrs group has more personality, everything from shy, cocky and odd hippy types.

  28. “Fraudrick” LOL. I don’t know all the facts, but Todrick recently stated that he was going to pay those people back. I hope he keeps his word, and soon. I really like his voice.

    I like Kris Allen’s southern vibe but he’s too laid back for my tastes. Glambert was my S8 fave too. He is hitting big in Australia, I read he shot to #1 on I-Tunes there. I thought Gokey sounded good Thurs nite, though I am not into that style of country. But good on him. I did note he looked fine in that jacket and shirt, and loved his exuberance w/Ryan.

    Lee DeWyze may well be the dark horse of this season. I also think Alex Lambert is talented and will come into his own and surprise everyone. Plus, he is damned cute πŸ˜€

  29. casualfan Says:

    Gokey is a hottie. He just signed a lucrative deal in Milwaukee, WI for an optical wear campaign that runs a few years which I think is awesome.

  30. Ahahaha so now we’re going to have Gokey Goggles as an eyewear line? Stab me.

    I wrote a little ditty today on the TH Repetitious Interview Questions Drinking Game we’d talked about a while back. Out of pure boredom, I reckon. lol

  31. I’ve been listening to some of Crystals pre AI music and she is a talented singer and song writer. It seems an unfair advantage to have her and Lee’s pre AI music out there on the net. It remains to be seen how each of them will handle the various themes. With that in mind, how did Blake Lewis ever make it to #2, and thank goodness he did not win.

  32. hicksaholic Says:

    Potential hot Taylor news. Mj’s is reporting Norman Gentle aka Nick ? announced he is doing a 4 month long Vegas run this summer with two Idol winners and a couple of other finalists. General consensus is Taylor is definitely one of the winners involved. I guess it would be billed as American Idols and feature performances by all possibly similiar to the AI tour. Just guessing though.

  33. Oh dear!

  34. casualfan Says:

    That would make sense hicksaholic, but on the other hand…Taylor did say recently that after Grease is over, he’s going on an extended vacation. Guess we will find out when it happens. I can see Clay Aiken being included in this project.

    If T is involved, I would go see that. His music would be getting exposure and that’s the bottom line at any rate.

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    Yeah, I posted that on the Boogie as a plus. And it is music not BSD so that’s a plus. I just hate to think the press might lump him into the “that’s all he can get” category but maybe I am just thinking a little negatively out loud(which I felt I could do here without getting stoned). I mean Vegas is great and a perfect fit for Taylor. I love Norman Gentle and the thought of him hosting really makes me happy. The only drawback is the whole Idol connection and what I am afraid will be “if you can’t sell enough you can still do this show.”
    I guess if Taylor is singing live though at a nice venue I should be thrilled.

  36. casualfan Says:

    I guess if Taylor is singing live though at a nice venue I should be thrilled.
    If it gets his MUSIC out there and more exposure for live performances, I’m for it. πŸ˜‰

  37. hicksaholic Says:

    cf, you’ve really been positively positive regarding Taylor lately.

  38. The thing is nothing he has said in recent interviews gave any indication of such a thing and I’d think it would have been pitched awhile ago. Mr. Gentle might steal such a show, and the thing with random top 10 or top 12 performers being thrown into the mix with the two winners, is a worry. On the other hand, Tay belongs in Vegas having his singing heard by the masses. Bottom line is Tay is used to star billing and doubt he’d go for this.

  39. casualfan Says:

    Bottom line is Tay is used to star billing and doubt he’d go for this.
    Taylor isn’t that much of a Diva Rosie. He’s well known for sharing the stage with other musicians and often loves to put the spotlight on others. I can totally see T doing something like this. But I’m not going to spend my time speculating. We will find out when and if there is a press release. Untill then…..enjoy the music where you can find it. πŸ˜‰

  40. taylorfan06 Says:

    From the seed planted from yesterday’s reading here, I had a real crazy dream about Taylor’s new gig in Vegas. The only clear part i remember was seeing the marquees and crowds related to his performing, and seeing T himself. It was a chaotic scene and very surreal since it was a dream.

    I also remember coming here but unable to read the reactions from posters which became blurry as i woke from the dream. strange indeed. i myself was happy for him working but worried about any potential backlash.

    is there any more news of the reality of this vegas/idol thing? whatever may come, i hope T will continue to become the star he deserves to be and builds on his growing fan base. i know i’m way overdue to see him live again. the last time was the roxy which is just about a year ago now.

  41. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ryan Bingham. I highly recommend his cd Mescalito. Someone described him as a cross between Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen.

  42. mamaforpeace Says:

    One more:

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