All questions…no answers…

The video chat begins:

First off, Taylor’s glad everybody can hear.

Here come the questions….

Shadow tour? Hahahhahaa!!

No golf. Ten feet of snow. He’s got some downtime next week. Stalkers take note!!

Apparently we’re going to talk about the weather. Wow.

Once again…no answers. Obviously Taylor can read, but he can’t give us a straight answer.

New songs for the CD? Yes and no.

Cool gigs…can’t tell you where…gotta keep the suspense up.

Did I see the president? Oh, you’ll never know. Dear God.

Fair and festivals? Stay tuned to the website. Of course.

Nashville? Going in the summer. Okaaay.

Oh, a tidbit…he’s going to hang out with Rascal Flatts Friday night. Could you work that into a tour?

Musical history.

Television? Yeah, but I can’t tell you about it. Of course not, Taylor. Of course not.

Nope, he’s not posing for Playgirl. Oh, I love the bags comment. Nice one.

Dancing with the Stars? Please, no.

Bucky Covington sent Taylor a text. Exciting but Daddy won’t let the kids see it. *sigh*

Maybe You Should is still on hold.

Forgot to take your Ritalin, didn’t ya, Taylor? Dude can’t sit still. That toothpaste taste good??

“gotta keep you guys guessing”? omg.

He did not just sing a line of Just to Feel that Way.

Please say no on the Broadway roles. Please say no….once again, no real answer.

Now, we’re going to talk about BBQ.

Washington Monument pics…more to come.

New music on myspace? I’ll get on my management on it…in other words…”Clay, get on it!!”

The family’s all good. Bill and Clay are doing fine. But what I want to know is…how in the hell are Ray and Lamont?

He’s going to try and do more video chats. I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Spelling lesson of the day: SOUL….S-O-U-L

And then…he’s gone. Yeah.

Oh, and on a side note, the Shiba Inu puppy cam is getting more viewers than Taylor did. I think he maxed out at about 208.


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  1. Oh, and on a side note, the Shiba Inu puppy cam is getting more viewers than Taylor did. I think he maxed out at about 208.

  2. As I said earlier, Taylor is only going thru the motions with these so called chats and it’s all a big joke.

    I didn’t go to the chat obviously, but from what I’m reading here-I’ve lost even more respect for the man.

  3. I listened but did not participate. Blame his answers on some of the lame questions, such as BBQ, Playgirl, meet the pres. are you coming to my town, snow?, golf, will ya do a video of JTFTW, how’s Clay, how’s Clay, what does your hat say, music on myspace,, monument pics, etc etc. The good questions were about his next career moves. He said he’d do a press release about TV etc and MYS has some interest among some country singers. The answers can only be as good as the questions.

  4. The chat was good…it is extremely hard to read all the questions being fired at him…..He is not going to go on a chat line and make career announcements and anyone who think he would is “delusional”. What did you all expect of the chat? If you weren’t interested enough to participate what would make you interested enough to comment…oh yeah a chance to be negative. How could anyone lose respect for someone one you don’t even know by a video chat you didn’t even tune into? Make no sense to me!!!

  5. That’s because the lame questions are coming from the same lame fans who are hell bent on getting his attention and nothing more. They don’t care what his answers are. They just want to hear him talk.

  6. Hey, the Playgirl question was mine. At least I got him to loosen up a bit and make a joke.
    I didn’t get answers to my other more serious questions though. Oh well, it was a fun way to blow off the end of a work day!

  7. oh yeah a chance to be negative. How could anyone lose respect for someone one you don’t even know by a video chat you didn’t even tune into? Make no sense to me!!!
    Yeah, that’s it Anne. Thanks for the clarification.

  8. Now THIS is a true moment. Makind a difference in a kids life is really ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC.

  9. So when he said “bags” was he referring to us old bags?

  10. Bags? Do tell!

  11. When you ask a lame question, you get a lame answer. Most of it was carrot-danagling. The end.

    The only part that caught my attention is working with Rascal Flatts.

  12. Missed the chat, I actually work in TheBigReal for a living, not sit home on my ass all day speculating the odd and random comments Hicks might make on his seldom yet previously promised monthly chats.

    That said, from the post here I missed nothing. He’s an enormous disappointment in the media/fan aspect. *yawn*

  13. Sunny, I missed it too, but you can watch it on Taylor’s Ning site.

  14. That’s why it’s awesome having my own business, two computers so that I can sit on my ass all day, work from home and play on the other computer. The perk is also laughing all the way to the bank. 😉

  15. I have my main office at home CF but I must venture out to work clients, pitch sales, etc. Just adding definition. I too am running my own business aided by a guy versed in trade.

    For a time I was able to stay in but now we’re hitting a peak time in what we do so until end of May I’m one busy Mother… lol

  16. Watched it on the Ning site. I thought it was cute. There is also a link to a very good interview with the AP on the Ning site too. It is one of his more thoughtful interviews. Don’t know why some expect so much from a video chat. I’ve seen video chats from other artists and it is usually just light fun or goofy. That’s all they are meant to be just fun like getting an autograph.

  17. I hear ya Spin. I was kidding around with you on the business thing. Yes, I do have my business inside my home and I’m very grateful for that. But unfortunately I’m part of a corporation which means I have to attend Board Meetings and meet with the Chamber of Commerce once a month. So yes, I do manage to get out like I did today. Since one of my partners lives on the East Coast, seems that we are talking on IM’s all the time so I can’t resist the urge to come here and read then comment. I don’t comment anywhere else and have no desire too. Even if I wasn’t home today I still wouldn’t logged on to see that video chat. It’s the same BS on a different day.

    On another note….this article has some of the SP upset and resulted in Taylor tweeting about it. I find it funny that some thinks that Taylor is upset over this. As he said…he’s laughing all the way to the bank so why be upset over someone’s opinion?

  18. He was not disrespecting Hicks in any way nor was he talking negatively about Taylor. He simply used Taylor to make a point that just because you win a competition, you are not automatically propelled to superstardom. And he’s right in the fact that none of these Idol hopefuls expect to be doing Broadway productions, but instead be performing in an arena live in front of thousands of screaming fans. They want to become pop stars but it doesn’t always turn out that way. Whatever path they end up on after Idol is up to them. Taylor is successful in his own way and on his own terms and he’s happy with that. But to fathom that he would be pissed off by that article is not logical. He most likely took it in jest just as his tweet was to be taken in jest.

  19. Okay, I just watched the chat. Could he smack his lips together anymore? Seriously? I remember there was a discussion on here about that before, and I thought it was silly, but my GOD! KNOCK IT OFF ALREADY! That’s a nervous habit he needs to learn to turn off.

    As for the Bucky text, what do you y’all think it was? Personally, i think it was a forward of a naked fat chick showing that starfish exist outside of the ocean. LOL

    The rest was blah blah blah. He’s tired, he’s noncommittal, and it certainly seems that he felt forced to participate *smack* *lip purse* *smack*

    Maybe You Should is a great song. At least he acknowledges that he obviously isn’t going to make it a mega-hit. I hope he’s right and someone big does record it. It might just be a boost to his career.

    I think he made it pretty clear that financially he’s okay. But that’s about it. Roll in the dough, honey.

    I’m going to bed. Sneeze ya later.

  20. hicksaholic Says:

    I got to ckeck out this lip smacking. I don’t believe I’ve noticed it before but it must be bad if there’s so many comments on it.

    Taylor should answer the questions that are not that important. I don’t like it when every answer is a non answer. I understand some of that but not all of it.

  21. So, Taylor is “laughing all the way to the bank”??

    No wonder he’s such a failure. If you’re doing something for money and not passion, that comes thru loud and clear. Hmm, charging for M&G’s and fanclub memberships, anyone?

    I can safely say if he doesn’t do any work that is critically acclaimed, he won’t be getting any of my money. There are artists out there who can do it 100% better than him.

  22. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Ok Snow. You lost me here. If they offered him a ton of money, at some point he’d be stupid not to take it.

  23. I don’t get the critically acclaimed part. If I like the music or something that a person is doing, it makes no difference if it’s critically acclaimed or not. I will buy what I like.

  24. NYG, I think Taylor is a sell-out. I think he just wants to make quick money and not put the effort and hard work that goes into it. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that he was always poor and struggling, so now he grabs on to anything he can get.

    cf, I always listen to what critics have to say, before I see a movie, buy a cd or buy a book. Although I have made exceptions (like Taylor Hicks), the critics have always been correct in their reviews.

  25. Oh Snow…if you ALWAYS agree with a critic over your movie and cd choices you are SERIOUSLY limiting yourself. I rarely agree with a critic.

  26. I work too hard for my money to throw it away on crap!

    The critic is usually correct – that’s their job!

  27. Calm down, Sparky. 🙂 Okay…okay…you listen to critics. Got it.

  28. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Snow, you can’t say he doesn’t make effort or work hard without sounding ignorant. He’s been on the road for what, 4 years now? Back to back tours, day and night performances, traveling 24/7, 5am interviews. That’s hard work. Sure, I wish he was focusing more on music, but if that’s not paying his bills, something else has to.

  29. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Another thing, ever heard of big stars doing doing crappy movies because the paycheck was too big to refuse? Or promoting mouthwash in Japan because they got paid generously? People accept offers even if their heart is not in it. When the price is right, we ALL make exceptions. The dread locked girl on Idol, Crystal Bowersox, she too is selling out being on Idol, but she said it herself, she’s doing it for her son, to give him a better life. I can’t blame Taylor for doing Grease if he is laughing all the way to the bank. But I’m pretty SURE if he got an offer to tour with Rascall Flatts and make half of that, he would have taken that instead.

  30. Well, did you ever think that’s the reason he’s considered a failure, because his heart is not into it. Things done only for money is not being true to yourself and people can tell.

    Does anybody remember Bo Bice? He didn’t sell out to Broadway, therefore, I have more respect for him.

  31. Damn it Snow, if you respect Bo so much post on one of his blogs about what a failure he is finacialy and fame wise. I’m sure you’d tell his fans he doesn’t have the right songs, PR, look or something.

  32. I guess it’s ok Snow if you know your tastes are the same as the critic. But here in my house we go see what we want and critics be damned. I don’t care if it’s their job or not I’ve seen some really enjoyable movies etc. that were panned by critics.
    And if you don’t think he’s working hard, I don’t know what to say. I’ve heard some of his fellow Idols and band members comment on Taylor’s work ethic. One has to be able to live. Life is full of compromises and since we don’t know Taylor personally, it would be a little hard to know if he is selling out. Just because he’s not following the career path you want for him doesn’t mean he has sold out. Could be just part of Taylor’s long term plans. Why not make hay while the sun shines? Earn as much as possible to have as much freedom as possible… Sounds pretty good to me. If he was my son I’d say go for it.

  33. Snow he’s been getting some great reviews from those so called critics you put your trust in. Are they wrong? The reviews have been overwhelmingly good with only a few negative one here and there. They have said “he lights up the stage”, his part “makes the whole show” ETC. I guess I missed the part where they said “his heart was not in it”
    Did someone offer Bo a broadway show?

  34. You mean…

    Earn as much as possible (screw fans out of their money as much as possible), then quietly disappear into oblivion.

    So many signs already… FACT.. you should Twitter, lots of people asking whatever happened to him.

  35. Dee, people don’t give a crap about Grease! Only his fans do!

  36. that should say…

    you should read Twitter

  37. Dee, this is what Taylor twittered:

    “Im laughing all the way to the BANK”

    What does that tell you?

  38. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Snow, it tells me he’s making a ton of money. If an entertainer can draw in an audience they are VALUABLE. That’s business. I’m not disagreeing that he sold out in some way or another and that Grease is cheesy, but if he’s making some serious cash, more power to him. How can I fault him for that? How can anyone?

  39. If it’s ONLY about money, that means they are a sell-out. BTW, most Idol contentents are sell-outs. They are looking for quick money and fame.

    I really do not think Taylor’s life dream was to be teen angel in Grease, therefore, he’s a sell-out. Especially, after telling fans he’s all about the music and he’s going to change “fucking pop music”. Yeah right.

  40. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Hold on, it’s his job to get money from fans. You can call it screwing money out of his fans but that’s what it’s about. It’s an attorneys job to get money out of their clients. A salesperson’s job to sell a shirt to get money from the potential buyer. A real estate agents job to sell the house to get that commission from a new homeowner. Not sure what standards you’re holding him to, but they aren’t real life standards, they are meant for a martyr or a non-profit organization.

    He’s considered a failure because his music career didn’t take off after winning Idol, IMO due to bad business decisions and making the wrong kinds of records. Don’t think it had to do with his heart not being in music or his heart not being in Grease. I don’t think his heart is in Grease but Grease is making money so he didn’t fail in that aspect. But you failed in winning this debate Snow. lol

  41. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Snow, you’re the same person that says it’s all about money and sales. Read your previous posts. You’ve said that at least 20 times.

  42. People spend money when the product meets their standards. In Taylor’s case, he’s using his Idol fame to rip off people, because the product he offered was so below par. Basically, he’s using every trick in the book to get people’s money. The Idol fanbase is just not intelligent enough to know when they are being taken.

    Maybe Taylor does not have what it takes to have real success and that not only takes being true to yourself, but in offering a product that people are going to love and buy. Taylor’s music is not relevant and you would have thought he would have learned something from his post-Idol cd, but he continued on with the same crappy music and a cd with different genres does not work, especially for a new artist. I can assure you ONLY Idol fans bought that cd and nobody else did. What he did is called pandering to the Idol audience.

    Furthermore, if he was really about the music, he would have spent the time reflecting on who he really is as an artist, working on his music, networking and getting together with other music professionals, knocking on doors and mending bridges & you basically do whatever it takes, instead he jumped into the teen angel role which nobody really gives a crap about — this is what you call SELLING OUT = laughing all the way to the bank.

  43. NYG, sorry, but you have lost the debate.

  44. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Snow, his product at the moment is Grease. He’s selling tickets because people want to see him. They like what they see. They’re satisfied customers. The product at present meets their standards. “The Idol fanbase is just not intelligent enough to know when they are being taken.” Huh? They know if they like something or not. Apparently they like paying money to see him. Or are they not intelligent enough to know if they like something or not? You’re not making sense.

    We don’t know what he’s going to do next, except it seems he’s made enough money where he can relax and now focus back on building his music career. I’m not arguing that he sold out , which i already stated, but if the price is right…

  45. Hell everyone has a price. I can’t knock him for that at all – I’ve been sacrificing my time from what I want to complete – my ‘project’ because I’ve found a revenue source I am good at and it’s lucrative.

    I have also been recently approached to reprise my role as “Tonto”. The “Lone Ranger ” has called and has a gig for me. Thing is do I let the money win out? Life is full of devils. Even seemingly Angel-ic devils… *wink*

    Idol Blues may be reopening…LOL

  46. I was really puzzled by what I heard. A lot of questions and a solo chit chat without any real substance. It appears to date he has no Broadway offers. That might change somewhere down the line. The TV offers are what??? Is he talking about some sort of reality show that may or may not happen??? And the movie is what??? An idea that is being worked on which he hopes to produce and distribute??? An Indie??? He does’t rule out Dancing with the Stars. OMG he must be joking – this is one BAD idea.

    He did mention Nashville and what I believe to be some sort of hookup with Bucky Covington on a Country CD. but this is what most of us have known for months. Nothing new.

    Very disappointing. Taylor, you are talented, handsome and charismatic. What’s wrong? Fire your agent and hire me. I guarantee I’ll do a better job.

  47. People are not going to see Grease because Taylor Hicks is in it. His role is nothing more than stunt casting. It’s like they’re throwing you a little extra to come see the show, but I think most people don’t even care. He’s also gotten quite a few negative comments from people seeing Grease… things like “But if I volunteer to see Grease without Taylor Hicks in it, can the tickets be cheaper?”

    You need to read Twitter from the general public (not fans), he gets a few positive comments, but the negative is overwhelming. He’s gets a lot of sarcastic comments like this:

    givemeasiiiiign: @ladygaga i dont know about the living dress. but i do know about the living legend aka taylor hicks

    or this:

    davidholland: Regrets? I have a few. e.g., I rooted for Taylor Hicks on American Idol a few years back. That one still stings a bit.

  48. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Ok, so, he’s getting paid more than any of them, headlining the tour, is the only one doing the press – all because his name has no value and people would see Grease and pack the house regardless of his involvement. So, if that’s true, why are they paying him when according to you they’ll get the exact same turn out with or without him. They must just like to give money away. Or you’re wrong about this. I’m not all puppies and sunshine about him but wtf? Gotta give credit where it’s due.

  49. It’s called stunt casting… the end.

  50. Snow, you’ve lost credability. Your old theme of he doesn’t sell because his fans are middle age and old woman, carried a little weight. He is not a pop singer, won’t sing songs like Allison, David Cook, Archie, Adam, or even Kerry and does not get radio play. He has charisma and experience and came from an upper middle class background. When he appears on local TV and radio shows, women show up to get a glimpse of him and the men find him real, nice and a regular Joe. It is that charisma thing. It sells tickets to shows like Grease and he delivers and then some and get great reviews. Daughtry sells CD’s, but he does not have that mystic or charisma and neither does Bo Bice or other idols. Fortunately Taylor has perfect pitch, a knowledge of music, a willingness to work hard, good looks and has shown he can not only draw people to a broadway show but deliver the goods, just as he did on AI. I’m so sick of reading its all about the music. He knows and loves music and has repeatedly said he never dreamed of being on Braodway. He was given the chance and found out it was one more thing at which he excelled. So your old proclamation about old fans no longer works. Kids, teens and all enjoy him in his small role. Thus you needed to take on the he sold out theme. Some of the Tay bitching, that goes on here borders on insanity. Some of the OTT fans worship also borders on insanity. You betcha, he’s laughing all the way to the bank, but he has studied and worked hard and paid dues and has taken risks for all his adult life. He calls his shots.

  51. He has charisma and experience and came from an upper middle class background.
    Taylor didn’t come from an “upper middle class” background Rosie. You need to read his book. His entire family worked really hard and it took years before his dad got his dentistry off the ground and into a solid business. By then Taylor was pretty much grown. His grandparents were not wealthy by any means, but instilled stark work ethics which he carries with him today. They are a very average working family-nothing upper about them at all.

  52. crazymomelon Says:

    Snowstorm said,
    “NYG, sorry, but you have lost the debate.”

    Now, I wasn’t on the Debate Team, but I’m pretty sure one of the debate-ers doesn’t get to declare the winner.


    So, what are YOU all about, Snowstorm? I suspect, like my Aunt Florence, you are all about the fight.
    At least Auntie Flo was funny.

  53. He’s considered a failure because his music career didn’t take off after winning Idol, IMO due to bad business decisions and making the wrong kinds of records. Don’t think it had to do with his heart not being in music or his heart not being in Grease. I don’t think his heart is in Grease but Grease is making money so he didn’t fail in that aspect.
    100% agree on this. And I don’t buy into the bbq sandwich story either.

  54. Rosie, do you know what a paragraph is?

  55. Hmmm, I’m always right. The end. 🙂

  56. Snow-We don’t always agree, but I always find your posts entertaining and you know how to get the tongues wagging in other places 😉

  57. cf, if you’re looking for a laugh, so read Tweeter, especially when Auntie and a few other nutjobs go after people who dare not to like Taylor Hicks. Very funny!

  58. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    And what is the point of “stunt casting?” It’s an attraction to bring people into the theater. Snow, I think some of your friends need to do a schadenfreude intervention on you.

  59. I don’t think it brought it more people into the theater… that’s what I’m trying to tell you. Hicks was just an added attraction.

  60. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    And what I’m trying to tell you is WHY do they need that added attraction if it’s not bringing more people into the theater? Why spend the money when the producers could pad their pockets instead of giving it to Taylor?

  61. Where’s your evidence that he is bringing in more people?

    In New York, he really did bring in more people, but on the road, there is absolutely no indication that Taylor is packing the theaters. I honestly do not think he is.

  62. Ah, Snow I see you completely ignored my comment about the majority of critics giving Taylor glowing reviews in Grease. You did say critics are always right. LOL. But then you always ignore something that refutes your argument.
    There is no way I would ever call Taylor a sell out nor would I say that about anyone who already paid their dues for 10 YEARS playing music and barely scraping by. He has earned a few years of making money.
    Hell, Clapton is selling phones and Bob Dylan did a commercial for Victoria’s Secret. I think that proves the point that “Selling Out” is officially an outdated term. Nowadays, artists do what they can to keep the juice going in their careers. It’s not just about money, it’s also about keeping your name and face out there front and center.

    As far as only Idol fans buying his CD, well, when the songs aren’t played on the radio, who knows about it other than your current fan base. I’m sure he would have gone right back out touring instead of Grease but it was not going to attract large enough crowds to make it profitable. He made the statement shortly after he started Grease that he needed to get the juice back in his career and that Grease was doing that for him. We can only wait and see how much he can parlay the good press and renewed interest from the entertainment industry to further his career.

    AND yes I Twitter. I have searched Taylor’s name and yes there are a few negative comments and people wondering what happened to him but there are alot of people saying nice things too. I’ve read non fans saying how much they loved him in Grease and comments from those watching Idol rewind who loved him then and now. You put entirely TOO much credence in the negative comments about Taylor because you can tweet any Celeb and there will be alot of negative comments on Twitter.

  63. People are going to see a show and he happens to be the an added attraction, but no way are they going to Grease just to see him, other than his fans, of course.

  64. Snowstorm Says:

    February 26, 2010 at 11:32 pm
    cf, if you’re looking for a laugh, so read Tweeter, especially when Auntie and a few other nutjobs go after people who dare not to like Taylor Hicks. Very funny!
    LOL-I’m afraid poor Auntie got her panties in an exceptionally tight wad today. Blessed be…..

  65. DUH… Snow, Broadway shows close on the road when they are not making money. We’ve had plenty of comments from fans and critics saying the houses were full. Long lines at the signing tables to get Taylor’s autograph. Have all venues been sell outs? Maybe not but there is plenty of evidence to indicate that it is making money.

  66. Dee, when did I say Taylor is terrible in the role of teen angel?

  67. Dee, until I see it in writing, I’m not buying it.

    Look it, you missed my point completely. I don’t give a flying f*ck about Grease. Music – yes. Anything else – NO!!!

  68. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    My evidence is basic logic. They would not go out of their way to keep him on board (extend his contract, let him do a single at the end) unless he’s an asset. And most radio stations aren’t interesting in interviewing “Sandy” so she can promote Grease. But they are interested in interviewing him. He brought crowds in New York and they obviously wanted him to do the same nationally. I’m not saying he’s the only reason people go to Grease, but he’s obviously boosting ticket sales enough to make him worth the cost. Idol fans are people too and there’s a hell of a lot of them.

  69. I think that both the AI title and Taylor Hicks is a draw for Grease. It’s the combination that peeps can identify with. People in general love seeing an “Idol” up on stage because it gives them hope that dreams do come true. Like it or not, people look up to the AI machine and T is the poster boy for a simple guy making good because people remember him from that season.

  70. Well, you can believe whatever you want. Unless I see hard facts and the production releasing numbers and revenue totals, I’m not buying it. A lot of these cities had poor attendence due to weather and that’s a fact.

  71. I’m not one for number crunching and could care less. What I do care about is T getting back to the music and producing cd’s that we all know he’s capable of. The man has a tremendous amount of talent and that can’t be disputed.

  72. Bravo cf!!!!!

  73. “Long lines at the signing tables to get Taylor’s autograph.”

    You forgot something… you must buy Taylor’s cd to meet your highness. Another way to fleece people.

  74. I think you are the one missing the point Snow. Grease is all about breathing new life into his career. It doesn’t matter in what area of entertainment a Celeb gets good reviews in, because the industry listens and takes note of it. Success breeds more offers. I’m not crazy about Grease either. I never saw it when he was in town but you can bet your booties I was at the shadow show after Grease. It was great.

    As far as proving to you that the tour was a success what’s there to prove? It had a great run when alot of other shows were shutting down. The producers are not going to shell out big bucks for a name that doesn’t draw a crowd. Anyway I’m done with this debate.

  75. In NYC people paid for standing room only in order to see him in Grease.

  76. “Grease is all about breathing new life into his career.”

    You are completely delusional lady, that’s all I got to say. HAHAHAHAHA!

  77. Come on Snow you know what I meant. I have no illusions about his career. Grease was successful and hopfully will open doors to other successes. Success is the only thing that will catch the industry’s attention and that’s what he is trying to do. Will he ever be able to have hits on the radio? I don’t know but success breeds more chances in this business and I think that’s all he is asking for. He may windup back singing in the small bars who knows.
    Oh and I didn’t forget that people must buy CD’s to stand in line to get his autograph but I would call that selling a product not fleecing people. Why should he not sell CD’s. If he just stood there signing autographs for free he never would get out of the theater. LOL.

  78. I don’t see anything wrong with T or anyone else charging for autographs. His name is his biggest asset and he should be able to profit off it if the demand is there. I’ve always thought Taylor made himself too accessible to his fans and gave his autograph out too freely. People use to take anything he autographed and put it up on Ebay. They profited from something of his. Sounds more like he’s finally wised up.

  79. Poor Elliott-not sure if he wanted this kind of publicity but he’s got it. Hopefully he gets his medication that he desperately needs.

  80. hicksaholic Says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m reading all these posts after the fact and Dee is the voice of reason with a little cf thrown in for good measure. Who would have guessed?

    Taylor is going to record with Bucky? I’m a little concerned about this tv project. Reality tv? I am hoping not but I guess I should take a wait and see attitude til I hear specifics.

    Poor Elliott! I hope he’s ok. That will liven up the AI Gives Back show.

  81. Taylor tweeted that he jammed with Rascal Flatts Friday night. I would LOVE to see him open for that band. That’s the big fish that could indeed pull him back into the national spotlight and help to establish his roots in the country world-if that is where he wants to go. Bucky is great and is popular, but someone like Rascal is what T needs. Good for him for making those contacts and having fun!

  82. Should anyone care and not know, the general info section of the BB has a new thread featuring Hicks Grease reviews from 08-10. Lots of mentions of the star power he brings to the role and the show. I don’t do debates. The winners of debates are chosen not for the right or wrong of their position, but on the way they presented their points. Certainly no one would award Snow the winner of any debate.

  83. Just heard that the Chile quake was 900X’s more powerful then the Haiti one. Poor Elliot. The airport won’t reopen for 72 hrs and it seems he is sleeping and living on the street. I hope he has backup insulin and can get out of there asap, as he sounds quite shaken up.

  84. Rosie, He said that he packed enough till Sunday but I’m sure that he can go to the American Embassy and they will help him get more insulin pump meds if he is in need. His tweets were interesting.

  85. This link should get you to the Elliot interview in Chile. They don’t show him, just audio but images from Chile. Regarding insulin, with medics out helping people, he’ll get his insulin. What a horrific situation for him and all those living there.

    Odd really, that massive hit in Haiti and now this earthquake.

  86. Sunny, It’s weird because last night I was watching the History channel about events in the book of Revelation. They were talking about mass earthquakes then a few hours later, this happens. Things that make you go ummmmm.

    I hear there’s a huge wave going towards Hawaii. I have friends there and I hope they stay safe. They say this Tsunami will be deadly.

  87. It sounds like they will have an orderly well planned evacuation for Hawaii. Doomsday, Dec. 2012, will bring out all the fruitcakes. Seriously who would want to live underground in a cave in the artic and emerge to find find 95% of the world gone? We can barely get thru the east coast blizzards.

  88. On second thought they have seeds from around the world stored there so the scientists can create new life. Hope they have Tay’s seed stored, that vital DNA for a clone! lol

  89. HAHAHAHA rosie, Tay’s seed. Whoa. Imagining “it” in a jar… x-D

    I know likely nobody cares, but I have reopened IDOL BLUES – someone thought Maybe I Should.

  90. Never read IB’s Sunny, but I will check it out. 😉

  91. “Certainly no one would award Snow the winner of any debate.”

    I awarded myself the winner because other than a few other posters, (not you Rosie), I’m the only one who makes any sense.

    Oh, and Rosie, just so you know, most of the time I skip over your posts. I don’t have time for your long-winded, mumbo jumbo ramblings. And bringing shit over to another blog is truly pathetic. Shit-stirrer with no life! You’re too stupid to know people are laughing at you.

  92. CF: You’ll like IB Sunny always has an interesting and intelligent point of view.

    Tay’s seed. LOL. That cracked me up. LOL.

    hicksaholic: Thanks for the kind words and you get a Gold metal for reading through all this after the fact. LOL.

  93. See how things get started? Bucky sent Taylor a photo, just happened to be when Taylor was doing the chat. Taylor said he’s setting up appointments in Nashville to do some songwriting. Out of that, someone decides Taylor & Bucky are recording/touring together. Geesh!

    I don’t believe Taylor’s “laughing all the way to the bank” comment, was him saying it’s all about the money. It was a reaction to the article stating Taylor never expected to be doing Grease, wherein the writer is suggesting Taylor’s a financial failure, because he’s doing that, not selling a bajillion CDs.

    On one hand, there are very few real critics, those who actually listen to, see, or read what they’re critiquing & have a history in that business. On the other hand, everyone is a critic, because, all a critique is, is an opinion, and we all have one. I’m quite surprised, Snow! As someone who voices a very strong, though mostly negative, opinion about Taylor & his career, you’re saying you have no opinion on other matters, since, you take what “critics” say at face value.

    Prayers for Elliott & all involved in this new disaster – he did find he’d brought more insulin pumps, than he originally thought. Mother Nature is definitely pissed at the world lately.

  94. My opinions are neither negative nor positive. My opinions are reality-based.

    If I’m spending my hard-earned money, of course, I will listen to critics. I want my money’s worth. I don’t have extra money laying around to spend on crappy entertainment.

  95. I will say this, that’s a good start for him to be jamming with Rascal Flatts. Perhaps they can help him with song-writing and getting his foot into the country arena and perhaps down the road, considering him as an opener. Hopefully, he realized that soul music is all wrong for him. You cannot sing soul music with a country twang.

  96. Snowstorm Says:

    February 27, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Oh, and Rosie, just so you know, most of the time I skip over your posts. I don’t have time for your long-winded, mumbo jumbo ramblings. And bringing shit over to another blog is truly pathetic. Shit-stirrer with no life! You’re too stupid to know people are laughing at you.

    ===============================================Unfortunately, this type of rhetoric seriously undermines any credibility you may have and is never, ever acceptable in any real debate. Some civility, please.

  97. She has it coming to her.

  98. Yes SS, please quit reading me here and there. Stupid peeps like me should just be read for the laughs.

  99. Snow there’s no reason to talk that way to rosie. She hasn’t anything ‘coming to her’ that sounds ridiculous.

    Thanks Dee. Occasionally I write something worth looking at. Occasionally.

  100. spin, so you think it’s OK for someone to go on another blog and talk shit about me and others for nothing more than expressing opinions? I remember not too long ago, you were very upset when they did this to you and you wrote about it your blog. Short memory or selective memory, dear?

  101. Agree Sunny. Snow go sit in the corner for a while Chill out….. LOL.

    Best thing out of your mouth Snow:

    “I will say this, that’s a good start for him to be jamming with Rascal Flatts.”

  102. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Snow, you need to get laid.

  103. well, NYG, you just proved how stupid you are.

  104. What is Tweeter? And where exactly is Elliot? I know he’s in Chilie, but what city?

  105. FH-I thought he was in the main city but not sure. I was under the impression that his hotel was destroyed and that he was out on the street. Haven’t heard any updates lately.

    You don’t know what Twitter is? LOL!

  106. Snow, no selective memory, yes, I use to get riled up when certain TH girlfriends ripped on me but that was then – now I don’t care. lol You’ve told Rosie you don’t like her ripping on you other places, so then you’ve had your say. Fair is fair. No need for war.

    FH by tweeter they mean twitter. Elliot down in Southern Chile for a concert gig apparently, he was on twitter talking about the chaos that ensued. a rather large quake, now tsunami headed to Hawaii and Pacific islands out from there. Crazy nature these days. Put this up in google search:

  107. That had (the quake) to seem like something out of a horror movie, the road collapsing, changing height, etc.

  108. Snow-Just take the toys awary from the kids and they won’t play anymore. I had to learn that lesson the hard way. 😉

  109. taylorfan06 Says:

    How about those Knicks?….. LOL

  110. If anyone is interested CNN has live coverage of Hawaii and the wave. The Tsunami is going to hit any min now.

    Glad to see you back TF6.

  111. Last night on Chill’s blog at 10:33 pm, I posted about our Balto weather. I mentioned snowstorm, dirty snow, and wind swirling. We were on the edge of the SS JI got and had 45 mph winds, light new snow and the 4 foot piles of dirty snow were blowing around. Seems SS read there and thought she was the only SS. and seems some there thought I meant snow. It is getting quite old that CF keeps saying I go to Chill’s and talk about peeps. After reading SS comment about me and in response to someone commenting about SS on Chills I gave a shout out there today to CF and SS. I was not mean or viscious,imo. Anyway, I don’t care where it began and hope it ends.

  112. Rosie, you make no fucking sense. But, keep at it, so I can laugh at you.

  113. Comment by rosem15 on February 27, 2010 10:19 am
    Snow has never upset me. Her old lines about you old women and I’m always right were amusing for no other reason then the frequent refrain. When she is way off base, such as the Grease thing, even some of the most negative gals step in to set her straight. I usually don’t bother trying to reason with her. I guess if I had to pick one thing that bothers me on that blog, is peeps saying they respect this one and that one, in their feeble effort to put down Taylor. If they were posting on blogs for those singers, they’d be using the same tactics, and most likely be using Tay as an example of how to do it right. I bet they act the same way with their husbands and boyfriends. Pick, pick pick. One thing I’d bet money on. If Taylor does read any of the blog posts to get a handle on what fans are thinking, he skips, Snow’s comments. She makes no sense most of the time and he already knows his fan base leans more towards the older then younger. rosie

    Comment by rosem15 on February 27, 2010 10:25 am
    Oh, and hi Casualfan. She just loves to read this blog. Funny how she always claims I’m talking about her over here when I’m not, so I thought I’d give her a mention. She posted she doesn’t trust me. Hey, no need to worry, I’m not an investment banker.
    The only way it’s going to stop Rosie is when you stop posting crap like this elsewhere. You are your own worst enemy and keeping the pot stirred. I had my say with you the other night and left it at that.

  114. taylorfan06 Says:

    oh we’re back to the griz thing. how can one be so delusional AND bitter?

    i do remember griz, but that’s not me. i was posting with her at the same time back at greycharles. those were the good old days when everyone got along.

    btw the ss – that was some response. I look forward to your next syllable.

    on a positive note, i listened to the TH cd the other night, and it sounded great! i hope taylor is happy with where he’s at. I admire his work ethic but truly hope he does NOT do DWTS! I, too, want more music from T!

  115. WOW! Anyone watching CNN? The whales have left and the water is turning brown. They said a few waves have already hit. It does look weird.

  116. Check this out….CNN spotted a man walking along the beach line that has been evacuated. Now if you were out walking on the beach and see that no one is around, the water is now crap brown and nothing but silence…wouldn’t you get the feeling that something isn’t right and get the hell out of there?

  117. Live stream shows some guy on a motorcycle and a few other bikers on the beach watching… lol

  118. taylorfan06 Says:

    personally, i’d be running for de hills. i wish him the best. he needs some giddy up in his step for sure! i’m watching now. thanks cf.

  119. Snow’s off her meds again. LOL.

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