Tweet, tweet, tweet….

I see that there is no playing harmonica on the green mile.

U have to create and stand out no matter what the cost. It is TELEVISION-

Well, Taylor seems to have gone on a tweeting frenzy last night…at least for him. Three tweets over the course of three hours…not bad.

No playing harmonica on the green mile? I can only assume that he was talking about American Idol. “The green mile” being the path to your destiny. As for this: U have to create and stand out no matter what the cost. It is TELEVISION-

….this is something I really want to try and understand. I get that it’s television, and I get that’s AI is not really about the music or the artistry. American Idol, the show, is about entertainment on television. One has to be unique and creative and memorable. What I wonder if music really wasn’t Taylor’s primary motivation, but attention was? He played those shadow shows with LiMBO to sold out houses. He was raw, passionate and determined. There were no rules for Taylor Hicks when it came to the music. But something in him has changed. You can see it on stage on the off chance that he’s doing a concert, you can hear it in his voice. Because of his involvement in Grease and his disinvolvement in his music, Taylor has lost music fans. He seems so far away from the music right now…although he doesn’t let his fans in much, he hasn’t even mentioned music in a while. Is he writing? Is he recording? Or is he sitting in front of the television, watching AI Rewind, reliving his glory and making up excuses for his career? What I want to know is was the cost worth it?

Tweet about this, you blue eyed soul bastard…I’ll be waiting. 😉


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  1. I get what you’re saying. Maybe a different way of looking at Taylor’s career over the past number of years is by looking at how we have evolved in ours. When I left home for college, there was a path I was going to take, mostly designed by me, but expectations were there. I was very vocal and opinionated about my way being the best way for me. Life happened – my goals changed a bit, the path I took bears no resemblance to the one I originally started on, but years later, I am actually okay. Given the goals I started out seeking, no one, including myself could have seen that I am on the right track for me.

    I know Taylor has been quoted as it being all about the music. All I can say is thank God my passion and thoughts were not immortalized for all to critique. My core beliefs have not changed, but on the surface it would be very easy for me to be called out for selling out (for lack of a better description

    I haven’t seen him in concert for at least two years, and I don’t keep up with most reviews, so I’ll take your word that the connection to the music is not quite what it was. I think AI gives us a false sense of immediate gratification with these musicians – we get to see them every week for how many weeks and we beciome accustomed to expecting that. When it doesn’t happen, it is a shortcoming of the person we are following.
    I acknowledge he signed up for a life in the spotlight, perhaps what he envisioned during those AI moments is not the reality he actually wants now.

    I know that some minds won’t be changed about this, but I do believe that genius, whatever form it manifests itself, can’t be forced or mass produced. Like good wine, it takes time. I am not saying the guy is a genius, have no idea nor does it matter. As an example, take Harper Lee. (disclaimer – no comparison to Taylor whatsoever – just an example) – She wrote one incredible book – then only a handful of short stories and articles. All these years later, her gift to us has not been diminished because she wasn’t constantly published. From what I’ve read, she changed her life to focus on writing. It just didn’t happen as she planned – that’s just all we’ll be getting from her. And that does not make her a sell-out.

  2. hicksaholic Says:

    Where did that picture come from? He looks like he was having fun.

    You make a lot of very valid points. Excellent post.

  3. O’Gara’s, in St. Paul, MN. AI shadow concert
    Where my infatuation kicked into high gear.

  4. Honestly, I don’t think he ever expected to make the show. He was doing everything he could to be memorable in case he didn’t make it. That was why he played the harmonica on the Green Mile.

  5. He was watching AI and I have to assume most past contestents enjoy watching the show and form opinions and comparisons of the talent. If you notice when it gets down to the top 40 some, the people start talking about being in the top 24, would be a life changing event and a dream come true. All the contestents want to be noticed for their talent and to be able to earn a better living. Taylor, due to his grey hair, quirks, dancing and singing stood out on AI. Should the show go on another 6 yrs, that would make 16 yrs of AI. He will be one of the few contestents remembered 20 yrs down the road, due to his individuality and charisma, so it is not just about the music on TV. Grey, I haven’t seen or heard T making excuses for anything. He does not seem far away from the music to me. Blueberry, I wish I had your talent for thinking and expression and writing.

  6. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Blueberry, you, too, have a gift…excellent post. I think the operative word is expectations. Reminds me of that song “Is that all there is” ..I think Peggy Lee was the singer. Perhaps our gift as Taylor Hicks fans was season 5 of American Idol…guess we just need to be grateful for that.

    I know I’m grateful for that picture. 😉

  7. I was lucky enough to see a shadow show during his Grease tour and I saw the same passionate Taylor that I saw on his first tour after the AI tour. I don’t think he has changed In fact, I think the shadow show I saw was even better than his full band tour. The fact that Taylor has had more doors open for him and is trying different things is good. Anything he can do to become a bigger name is good it will just make it possible to have a longer and more lucrative career. It’s ok if some people want to see only Taylor the Bar Singer that’s a personal preference but I’m fine with whatever he chooses to do. As a fan of other artists I have to say that something always seems to be happenening in Taylor’s world while some other artists have longer periods of being away from the fans. I can’t imagine watching clips online from shadow shows from any other artist as much as I do Taylor. Every time Taylor does a song it’s going to be different a lot of artists never change it up much.

  8. Love the picture.. Taylor looks good with the longer, darker, tousled hair… but its the look on that face that draws me in. The child inside ready to burst out and have some fun!

    Taylor’s hair is grayer now, and shorter too. The impish look has been replaced with a pasted on smile. I know Taylor is probably really enjoying his life as a grown up. I read that his net worth is 2 million!

    But is he still having fun?!!

    I do not for one minute doubt that Taylor still has it all inside him. He can let it go… When he figures out that its not Rocket Science.. It does not have to be perfect. Trying so hard to be someone you’re not just makes you nothing. Raw.. vulnerable .. and fun. That’s the Taylor I’m wanting back.

  9. Sweetay… I think the Taylor you want will be back. I really think right now what he needs most is to disappear after Grease is over and live some real life for a change…. Wind down… sleep… date… see friends and relatives and have no set schedule for several months. The man has to be beyond burned out!!

  10. U have to create and stand out no matter what the cost. It is TELEVISION
    While I agree that one has to stand out and be different in order to get noticed, I do not agree with the “no matter what the cost” mentality.

  11. lol

    what did it cost Taylor?

  12. LOL-Freckles, that’s a loaded question.

  13. hicksaholic Says:

    I figured it was probably the different personality (kind of over the top) that he used for AI. Maybe he thinks it cost him some fans who were turned off by that personality.

  14. Seems Tay-Tay was in a bit of a confessional mood….or has a cold. 😉

  15. With ” No Matter what the cost” I think he was refering to his green mile walk to the judges paying the harmonica. Especially since it was just after his green mile tweet. He had been warned that he would be disqualified if he played it. So he may have felt that making himself stand out would be worth the risk and maybe it would be ok since he wasn’t using it during a song performance.

  16. Um…there are so many things I can say about that interview. OMG.


  17. Um, I don’t know what a “donk” is, but I have a feeling it’s not good.

  18. Dee, I think you are correct about your take on his tweet. Your 2:56 post.

  19. Those DJ’s on that sports show are “I would if I could” type of guys. They wer turning themselves on with the speculations about Tay’s and Ace’s love life. Taylor should have denied , denied, denied, no matter the truth. Having not been on the boards during AI, I thought Kat was madly in love with Tay when he won Idol. That is just from watching her body language. He was all about winning the darn thing.

  20. itsallgrey Says:

    February 17, 2010 at 2:56 pm
    Um…there are so many things I can say about that interview. OMG.


  21. I doubt she was “madly in love” with him. I do admit that they looked good together and it’s too bad something couldn’t have fruitated from that relationship.

  22. Dee-he may have been referring to what you posted but that statement can be taken alot of different ways-especially with fans who saw him one way and he turned out to be another way. It’s all a matter of perception.

  23. Blueberry your post was fabulous…..yes if we could all live real life the way we envisioned it when we are just starting to live in the real world. I am sure we would all be more careful about our declarations !!! Especially if we were scrutinized and quoted over, and over and over…well you get my drift.

  24. If it wasn’t for the scrutinization and rehashing of quotes to do with Taylor Hicks-all the message boards, blogs, fansites would be shut down.

  25. Well you are right about that CF. That reminds me, he has said TV is a visual medium and the like about 35 times. How many times has he said it is all about the music?

  26. Kat McPhee did a radio interview with Ryan Seacrest shortly after Idol ended and she said, “Taylor wasn’t her type”, “that he was old looking” and “Taylor kept to himself”. Kat has had a long-term relationship for quite a awhile and is married and I don’t believe for one minute that she would risk that relationship and sleep with Tay Tay. What Tay Tay is implying is called, “wishful thinking” and talking out of his ass. The end.

  27. What the hell is a green mile anyway?????

  28. CF: I’ll be out your way on the 28th thru the 4th. My husband booked my ticket last night and reserved our room. OMG!!! I can’t wait!

  29. If it wasn’t for the scrutinization and rehashing of quotes to do with Taylor Hicks-all the message boards, blogs, fansites would be shut down

    but it is not always the same lament everywhere else..Taylor Hicks is not all about the music’

    Anyone who attended the show at the Magic |Bag can tell you ..for Taylor Hicks it IS all about the music. You can decipher his career all you want but when you are at a Taylor Hicks show like that one you know where is soul is.
    And it is in his music.

  30. Taylor Hicks is not all about the music’
    Thanks for validating my point Anne. He lied and told peeps that he was indeed all about the music and sold that line to millions upon millions of seriously misguided people who voted for him. Most of the peeps who voted for him did so because he stated that he simply wanted to make “good music” and be a working musician. He also stated on more than one occasion that as long as he made 90k/per year, had a 401k and was able to take care of his family that was all he needed. Now since Grease, he’s bumped up to limo’s, 5 star hotels, and most likely can afford a higher grade of coke.

    “No matter what the cost”…..indeed.

  31. You can decipher his career all you want but when you are at a Taylor Hicks show like that one you know where is soul is.
    And it is in his music.
    I’m well aware of that Anne and The Magic Bag isn’t the only place where that passion lies. It’s evident in all of his shows-at least the ones he’s sober on.

    Grey-As usual you hit it right square on the nose with this blog and in your thoughts. CONGRATS! Yet again!

  32. Hiya Snow! Missed you these past few days…welcome back 😉

  33. SS have you seen a picture of Nick Cokas? Taylor is not her type cause he’s old looking? LOL Nick is 19 years older then Kat and looks it!

  34. Fairhope Says:

    February 17, 2010 at 6:25 pm
    CF: I’ll be out your way on the 28th thru the 4th. My husband booked my ticket last night and reserved our room. OMG!!! I can’t wait!
    Woohoo! The sun is out and it’s beautiful here in LA!

  35. Thanks for validating my point Anne.
    ————————————————————————————–Oh believe me CF….I am not validating you point…my statement

    Taylor Hicks is not all about the music’…refers to the constant lament here, certainly is not my feeling. My opinion is totally me he oozes passion for his craft. Maybe not a popular opinion here but it is mine and I stick by it.

  36. Its the same old song ….
    Taylor isn’t doing what you want…we get it. Maybe, however, he isn’t the one who needs to change. If he had wanted to keep playing bars and making Under the Radar and In your Time over and over again, he never would have gone on Idol in the first place. Clearly, he wanted to expand his possibilities, and he has. People change and grow. He is trying new things, and finding new ways to entertain people. That doesn’t mean he has lost his passion for music, maybe he has discovered that he has passion for acting as well. I think he has always just wanted to entertain and make people happy…and now he is learning that he is capable of doing more than he ever imagined. Doors opened for him in areas he never imagined and he’d be a fool not to take advantage of whatever opportunities he is offered that interest him. Its called growth, and its a good thing.
    Maybe its your idea of what he could or should be that is too small. And as far as feeling lied to…I don’t feel that at all. And knowing all that I know now, if he was back on Idol tomorrow, I’d still vote for him. All I wanted was for him to have the chance to do what he loves, and enjoy his life. And since he appears to be doing just that…its all good as far as I’m concerned.

  37. mxmsup…PERFECT!!!!You said it well. Agree 100%

  38. There was a lot of coughing going on in that interview.

  39. Yeah, Freckles, maybe there was some Kat hair in his throat.

  40. God, I can’t believe I just typed that!!!

  41. I voted for him because he was a good singer and entertaining. How does anyone come up with saying he lied and fooled millions of people?

  42. Fairhope Says:

    February 17, 2010 at 9:31 pm
    Yeah, Freckles, maybe there was some Kat hair in his throat.

  43. Grey, here’s another interesting subject for a blog….in case you get bored. 😉

  44. msmxup… I could not agree more. Well said.

  45. msmxup Says:

    February 17, 2010 at 8:33 pm
    Its the same old song ….
    Indeed it is.

  46. hicksaholic Says:

    That interview was unfortunate. I don’t really think Taylor and Katharine even liked each otherthat much, much less had anything going on between them. I wish Taylor would have not left it hanging out there like they possibly did.
    Apparently there was also a question about CL and the interviewer said “he got what he needed and moved on.” To which Taylor replied “no he didn’t and next question please.” Not sure exactly what that meant. One person on the BB took it that CL was using him for her career’s benefit. To me it could have meant he was protecting CL’s reputation. It was odd he left Katharine out to dry but closed the subject pretty quickly with CL. Guess one was not real and the other was.
    I have to agree that music is still Taylor’s first love. Going to see him at Workplay and Beau Rivage I couldn’t argue differently. I do think though he wants to make money and entertaining people in other ways is an option. If only we could read Taylor’s mind….

  47. Same old song? Would that be “Beauty School Dropout?”

  48. Thanks soulaz…now that song is twirling in my head and I can’t get rid of it. =(

  49. FH~ LOL!
    You are a riot!

  50. Taylor Hicks is all about the fame, not the music! He lied to you when he said he was all about the music. He’s a good actor, so maybe acting is his calling.

    He wouldn’t have done some cheesy musical if he was all about the music!

  51. Kat McPhee said Taylor is old-looking and she’s right. These words came out of her mouth when Ryan Seacrest interviewed her on the radio, so don’t look at me. I also remember the soul patrol totally bashed her for saying these things about Taylor.

    I don’t blame Taylor for trying to stir up something, even if it’s not true.. his career is all but dead.

  52. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Snowstorm Says:
    February 18, 2010 at 10:21 am

    Kat McPhee said Taylor is old-looking and she’s right.
    No, she’s not, I would say she looks older than he does, but I’ve never seen her up close in person…on tv she looks to be about his age….I have seen him…he looks like a kid……she was probably right when she said he wasn’t her type…he’s not near phony and elitist enough.

  53. Are you kidding me? Gray hair makes anybody look older than they are!!

  54. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Snow, have you seen Taylor in person, not 2 feet in front of you??? if you have, and still say he looks old, I’d say you need to visit your friendly neighborhood Optical center. And why do you care? You obviously don’t like him.

  55. Yes, I have seen Taylor in person and up close and his face looks like he’s 32, but NOT THE HAIR. If I didn’t know who Taylor was and had seen him on the street, I would say Taylor is in his mid to late 40’s. Gray hair is aging… PERIOD!

  56. Aging, maybe…sexy, DEFINITELY 😉

  57. Pokey, give it up… you can’t win this argument!

  58. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Just listened to it. I think he’s trying to stir something up too with the Kat stuff and didn’t say it to be taken seriously. I didn’t think he was implying that CL was using him, I think he was implying he would like to erase that era of his life “lets just say I didn’t date her – next” I never believed it was genuine anyway. He’s never protected CL, even when she got raked through the coals and one would have thought he would.

  59. Is it my imagination or has Taylor gone completely white? It’s not even salt and pepper anymore.. it looks white!!

    Taylor, Taylor… go visit a professional hair stylist. Why in the world would you walk around with completely white hair? It looks awful!!!!

  60. Go for the George Clooney look.. salt and pepper.. now that’s sexy!!

  61. It’s not completely white. I think it is hard to tell because it is so short, but there is definitely black in there.

  62. George Clooney is sexy. No doubt about it.

  63. Hey Snow…I thought for you it was all about the music…not the hair. You seem to be a very superficial person… so your opinion is really not very important. JMO. And I am not trying to argue..just stating a FACT!!!!

  64. If you want to be a singer/actor/entertainer it’s ALWAYS about how you look…. ALWAYS and that’s a FACT!!!!

    YOU MUST ALSO HAVE THE TALENT because without that, your good looks mean NOTHING!

  65. Snowstorm Says:

    February 18, 2010 at 11:55 am
    If you want to be a singer/actor/entertainer it’s ALWAYS about how you look…. ALWAYS and that’s a FACT!!!!

    I guess if you can’t appreciate or recognize pure, raw talent, you would have a point.

  66. Short hair always looks more gray. Clooney’s hair is longer so it looks more salt and pepper. But I don’t rule out all white hair as still being sexy.. Richard Geer is proof of that. LOL.

  67. Wow, I feel so sorry for Susan Boyle, Barry Manilow, Ringo Starr, and the late Roy Orbison and so many others who didn’t make it due to their looks. Sure Snow, anyone can tell its about looks. Thats why Rueben and Fantasia got the most votes and won AI.

  68. Rosie, there are some Fanilow’s that would be offended by your implications. 😉

  69. Hey, iag blog. It has been a while since I came here, but I spied something given to me on facebook today that made me look up Taylor again.
    The son of a guy I knew in high school in Memphis has a son, Will Tucker, that plays soul and blues at BB Kings down on Beale Streat in Memphis. This kid is 16 years old and is already the house band at BB Kings. Take a listen…his new CD is called “Stealing the Soul”, which made me think of Taylor. The song playing on the website is original. and this is from BB’s. The boy can play the blues!

  70. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Snowstorm Says:
    February 18, 2010 at 11:55 am

    If you want to be a singer/actor/entertainer it’s ALWAYS about how you look…. ALWAYS and that’s a FACT!!!!
    Aww, poor, old, homely, ugly, grayhaired Taylor is doomed to stay in that ice cream cone forever. Are YOU kidding me??? The man looks fine. And whether or not he looks old is a matter of opinion…I think he looks young.
    Looks are not something he has to worry about…I just betcha Miss McPhee put the make on him and got turned down. 🙂

  71. Kat went from her daddy to her much older boyfriend, not tay’s type at all. She seemed to lack the fire and drive to win the thing and her mom hovering as her voice coach was annoying. Tay is so good looking and sexy. I can’t believe so many are saying it would be great for him to take Kevin Eubanks place on the Tonight Show. I think it would be the kiss of death for him career wise and emotionaly, but maybe I’m missing something. I may be the only fan anywhere who thinks he could be an actor and wants control of whatever he does. The Tonight Show wouldn’t allow that. Anyway no one has asked him to join the show and fans are just going off on the usual tangents.

  72. PSA-I agree. If one has the chance to get close to Taylor in person, it’s easy to see that he’s in his 30’s. His skin is smooth, clear and his hands are very young looking also. I think with the grey hair, it’s easy to forget just how young he really is.

    Taylor doesn’t strike me as being drop dead gorgeous, but he is a nice looking man.

    Now Richard Gere is HOT!

  73. Rosie, My guess is that article was written out of fun and to be taken in jest. It’s not surprising that a select few are taking it way out of context.

  74. Kat sure looked like she had a crush on Taylor. But remember they were in competion with each other. He did not reciprocate and saw her only as a competitor – a rival. She realized this and probably was a little ticked off. She married her long-time older boyfriend, had a child and made a few movies. Too bad because they would have made an ideal couple. I don’t think Taylor would ever be interested in Kevin Eubanks’ job. He wants to be the star, not a second banana and comedy foil to Jay. I’d like to see him on the show now and then as a performer. Jay has always been fond of him, so it might happen.

  75. Yeah, his hair seems to be completely silver. Now and then he probably takes a handful of Just for Men and scoops it over the top of his head. It really looks heavy handed and phoney looking. There has to be a hairstylist connected to Grease who could help him get the effect he wants and still look good.

  76. OMG! OMG! “He’s protecting Carolyn Lyders” “They were really in love”…I think I’m gonna throw up!!

  77. Katherine McPhee does not have any children, but she is married.

  78. I think Hicks was putting the make on the lovely ladies and getting turned down. He put the make on a gorgeous blonde contestent and she chose Ace, not Tay Tay. Taylor is a ladies man and a playboy. He’s got you old women so fooled.

  79. hicksaholic Says:

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you’re right about that.

    FH- not a big fan of the CL/Taylor relationship huh? Or is it just the lovey dovey, protecting part you hate? Based on what some fans say based on past interviews unlike his past girlfriends who still remain friends with him he and Caroline didn’t part on good terms. I do think he was really in love with her but maybe she screwed him over. At one point I figured Taylor succumbed to temptation and cheated on her but now I wonder if it was her that screwed him.

  80. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Oh, I agree with you Snow…I think Taylor is a ladies man, and definitely a player…but , I think even a horn dog like Mr. Hicks draws the line somewhere…..Fooled? Nah. We know. That’s why we like him. Why don’t you like him?

  81. Such drama regarding Taylor & CL….could it not be just as simple as their careers got in the way…which is most likely what happened. Painful for both parties, but they are both probably ambitious.

  82. FH-LOL! I think you still don’t believe the relationship existed between T and CL. It really doesn’t matter one way or the other because what ever it was, it’s over with.

    Ange-Somehow I don’t think that Jay was as close to T as everyone has been led to believe. I personally think Jay was having fun with all the PR and in the moment because T did look a bit like him and he had just won AI and nothing more. Jay Leno will only book A Lister’s on his show-especially since he just regained control of The Tonight Show. Don’t look for Hicks to be on any guest list anytime soon….unless he lands a TV/movie role or even a hit record. And I certainly don’t see Taylor taking over Eubanks position. Taylor is an average guitar player at best-by his own admission.

  83. I think he and CL were in love and think the careers and distance got in the way. I had no idea until I read elsewhere today that some thought she was using him to advance in her career. Some fans think no one is good enough for Taylor.

  84. Rosie, CL didn’t need Taylor to advance in her career. WTF goes on in some of these people’s minds baffles me at times. If anything, she could have helped him by providing him with valuable resources in the media and proper PR. She made it clear in her early interviews that she wanted to go to Washington which she has done. CL is very ambitious and serious about her career. If anything, Taylor was a liability.

  85. Taylor and CL were weird from the very beginning and I doubt this was a genuine relationship. Didn’t she leave her fiance to go to Hawaii with Hicks? Then after they were caught rollin in the sand, she said they were only friends. What a phony!!

    After she was bashed left and right by fans, never once did he defend her. He must have been aware of all hate blogs about her. In the end, I think they both used each other and that’s not real love.

  86. If anything, Taylor was a liability.

    Really????? I can’t see either one being a liability or an asset to the career of the other. I think they were two adults enjoying each others company for awhile, No big mystery, except in people’s minds

  87. Anne-All I meant was that Taylor being a traveling musician and with the Gypsy life that he leads can be viewed as a liability in some political circles. CL made it clear what she wanted regarding her career and she most likely would do better with someone who is in the same social standing and in the same career as she is.

    Now you can take that any way you want because I could care less.

  88. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I will openly say I never believed CL was a real relationship and I don’t think that’s her in those beach photos either. That’s just my gut and if people think I’m crazy so be it. I missed most of the drama while it was happening but read about it after the fact and it screamed publicity stunt to me. It was too over saturated for it to be genuine. I also don’t see how an unknown news anchor can help bring connections to an American Idol winner with publicists and powerful people behind him. That entire situation was just sooo odd. Didn’t his friend even write a letter to the fans assuring them the woman on the beach wasn’t a skank? That is not normal behavior. Taylor was very famous at that time and it’s possible they were doing some kind of damage control.

  89. OH LORD are we reverting into some kind of TIME WARP!
    PLEASE let the CL thing die! Whatever it was…. it’s long over with.

  90. Lets assume Taylor and who ever he dates and all his friends are normal and behave in a normal fashion. Perhaps it is the fans who are not normal people and have wild imaginations.

  91. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Or perhaps fans are naive? My cousin works in publicity for celebs and worked with Jennifer Lopez for a long while (while she was with P Diddy in fact) and I know the lengths they went to in order to do damage control and make mishaps look different. Things you would absolutely not believe and that’s the point.

  92. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Dee, I’m not trying to start trouble, I’m just being honest in my opinion that I never bought that story and realize there are things we are not privy to.

  93. NYG-I have to admit there was some pretty awesome photochopping skills going on back then….LOL! I still have the pic with Taylor carrying a giraffe wearing a wedding dress. Fricking priceless!

  94. All the mysterious issues discussed here – What was the real story behind the beach pictures/PR cover-up/damage control by a publicity agent/photoshop new pictures/and CL change of job locations. Doesn’t it all boggle your brain at this point? Who Cares? Old News! Common people, think of all the rock stars who “donk” all those girls, on the beach or wherever, and it just gets them more publicity, and makes them more famous, but it hurt Taylor’s career? Jen and John can’t get enough of that kind of publicity! I think the whole mess was a set up. It happened right after Taylor was on AI Season Six Finale. Remember Clive’s speech that night?? Hmmmmmm!
    My real question is: Why does “Snowstorm” waste his or her time posting all this stuff to Taylor Hicks blogs when he/she obviously hates him? First time I saw that user name was during the CL mess. Maybe Snowstorm is still being paid to write all this stuff., and Maybe his/her job is to generate negative Taylor Hicks stories? Like a negative PR AGENT? Who would pay for that kind of thing, to make Taylor Hicks look bad??? Hmmmmmm!

  95. They actually have jobs for people to visit blogs and spread rumors/lies?? I could do that job. If someone here is doing that, let me know. I REALLY need some extra cash. 😉

    I’m sorry, but that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. WOW!

  96. I don’t think anyone has to pay for him to look bad. He does that all by himself. Now, I adore the guy, but come on…if he just wanted money, then he’s got it. But fame…meh, not so much.

  97. For Dee:… madness takes its toll –

    NotYourGrandma, regarding, “He’s never protected CL, even when she got raked through the coals and one would have thought he would.”
    That is exactly part of what continued to fuel the rumors and that story. One part of me wonders if perhaps Hicks welcomed that whole MFOYA situation. His pals were reading it so I imagine he did too, certainly it brought up a ton of attention. Fanboards were on fire. LOL

    But then again, consider what Babydoll brings up; a staging ground for negative feedback, info, rumor milling, etc… on purpose and for pay. Who is to say that behind the curtain at the MFOYA situation was none other than the man himself? The Truth IS out there….

    Regarding the photoshopping in the way back machine, the giraffe stuff was freaking hilarious.

  98. Sometimes some of you really hit the nail on the gray covered head.

  99. Looks like I hit the nail on the head at 10:49pm. last night. Thanks guys for proving me correct about the fan imaginations and odd behavior.

  100. Spinshack~ LOVE RHPS!

  101. I know this may not be proper since I am so out of the know, but what is MYOFA?

  102. or oops, MFOYA?

  103. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Hopefully I’m understanding this correctly Rosie. Fiercely mothering a total stranger and assuming you know all the intimate details about his life because you read it in Us Weekly isn’t odd behavior. ahaha.

  104. luv 2 be entertained Says:

    NYG, I believe something odd was going on with CL as well. Nothing can convince me that it was just an “innocent” relationship.

    One thing I do know – he was definitely “dating” another woman with short blonde hair that looked remarkably similar to CL around that same time period.

    Pala Casino anyone?

  105. Only been a lurker in the past but reading these comments, I can’t help
    but throw my opinions in. This seems to be a place where any opinions are
    acceptable so here I go.

    First of all, I must say that I love Taylor. But I, like some of you, have been
    most disappointed with some of his decisions. To me, it has become apparent that Taylor made a huge mistake by not staying with 19. Before you start throwing tomatoes let me explain my point.

    I truly believe Taylor hungers for fame. He loves the attention and nothing seems to matter more to him than acceptance in the industry. Much has been written about the 19 contract, how much they keep, etc. but if you do they math 50 or 60, whatever, percent of 4 million cd sales is much more than 100% of 31,000 cd sales. But forget the money, the fame and respect that the Idols who are still with 19 is undeniable.

    With that siad, it seems Taylor has been relegated to small venues and musical theatre. This is good if this is what he wants. Many musicians would love to be in his place, but Taylor was awarded a crown – a winner –
    he was on a springboard for success and chose to walk away thinking he could do it his way without their help.

    As Taylor’s star has faded, many Idols, winners and contestants, have achieved fame. None have been more deserving than Taylor yet have
    climbed higher. I don’t need to name names – you know who they are.

    Now Taylor says he may go Country. With so much crossover music now in Country, that could work for him. However, as he holds back, others are breaking in to that genre every day. Danny Gokey begins touring with Sugarland soon – tremendous exposure for Danny – a great decision on his part. I’m not a Danny fan but I predict his career will soar as a result of this.

    Taylor seems to deny support from those who could help his career. He may have had to compromise with TPTB on his first cd but it seems they have allowed other Idols to do their own thing in their follow up cd’s.

    Many of my points have already had mega discussions on several boards.
    My opinion and observation is just this – I have and am watching and reading about the careers of many Idols that the Machine has launched. These artists seem happy with their lives and their success. While Broadway is an achievement to certainly be proud of, it just doesn’t seem to fit Taylor IMHO.
    The roadhouse musician, the musical purist, the guy who wants to do it himself just doesn’t fit musical theatre. I think he is actually making more compromises by doing it himself than he would have ever had to make with the Machine.

    Taylor’s career is his business and his alone. However, it serves us well – whatever our career paths may be – to listen and take advice from those who are more experienced, but first we have to admit that there are those who just might know more. Taylor had the best of the best at his disposal, regardless of what one might think of AI and 19, they have proven to have the knowledge and expertise to make stars …. with little compromise on their part. They seem to be doing they music they love.

    And finally I must comment on Taylor’s relationship with his fans. He gives us autographs, smiles in pictures with us, and warms our hearts with his
    presence. But he withholds so much from his fans.
    Reaching out to fans in personal ways is building the careers of David Cooke, David A, and others. Adam played for school children as he handed out donated musical instruments for them – Taylor ?? We are living in an age of instant communication and information. This can be abusive to those who have fame but it can also provide a way to connect with and enlarge their fan base.
    Taylor’s tweets are teasers – they tell us nothing or very little at best.

    Taylor is losing many of his hard core fans who are frustrated, bored, and finding new Idols to support. I am one of those. I will always have a special place in my heart for him, I will attend another Broadway show, another shadow show, but I have no hope for another tour of any size. I have lost that special feeling I once had, the excitement is gone. I wish him well, and
    every decision he makes is his to make. I just hope the eventual result does not put him back on the Chicklin’ Curcuit by default.

  106. This is exactly what I don’t understand – how is this any of our business? Accusations have flown over the past couple(?) of years about fans being overly invested in Taylor Hicks, but, simultaneously there is an “acceptable” indepth analysis of his personal relationship(s). While I understand the discussion on the professional life because we do listen to the music (okay, okay…when there is music), we are not a party to the relationships and shame on anyone who is and then tells tales. A photo taken of two people living their lives does not give us license to act as if we “know” what is going on in their lives. Can you tell I am not a fan of the gossip magazines? Some sage advice that fellow fan Snow has dispensed many times – we all need to get and live our own lives! Yeah, I know, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but have a little pride and don’t lower yourself to the lowest common denominator! It is not attractive on so many levels.

  107. I agree blueberry. The CL debate, is she or isn’t she, was so ridiculous.
    I never understood how anyone could go so far as to analyze that poor
    girl right down to her jawline. This is just a small example of the cruelty
    in our world today. Taylor’s personal relationships are his – they do
    not belong to us for analysis or criticism especially in public forums.

    I will never understand the meanness toward Taylor. Obviously these people are not his fans. Why they prefer breaking him down rather than finding
    someone they can support is pathetic. They are pathetic people who must
    live miserable lives. Their opinions are not justified by publishing them even
    though they too have the right to think whatever. But why do they feel so
    inclined to publicize something that could be so hurtful? I hope I don’t know any of them personally.

  108. I’m highly amused by BabyDoll’s comment. He’s well past the point of anybody caring about negative comments about him. Nobody is shelling out money to keep him down, but I’m probably not going to convince anybody, so whatever.

    I do agree with what Spinshack said. Think about it… one simple statement from him would have ended all the madness, but we got nothing from him. He let the rampant speculation go on and on. There were no threatening law suits against the blogs, which clearly libeled him and his assumed girlfriend. This all leads me to believe that he somehow had his fingers in the pie. Don’t forget the roadie who wrote that ridiculous letter to fans. Any statements issued should have been handled by his publicity rep, not by some fruitcake roadie.

  109. Welcome, Soulsister!!

  110. soulsister, although I admit the bashing that poor lady endured at the hands of fans, was downright cruel, the whole thing was puzzling from the very beginning, so I can’t blame the fans for reacting the way they did.

    If that was really her on the beach, the tabloids had a field day when it was discovered that she left her boyfriend/fiance to go romp on the beach with Hicks. It made Hicks look bad as well because it portrayed him as someone who steals other guy’s girlfriends. You must consider the fact that a big majority of his fans, at the time, were these God-fearing, goodie-two-shoe types.

    It was an all-around PR disaster for him and handled horribly.

  111. soulsister Says:

    Sometimes when someone really has something to hide, the rumor that
    is out there may be better than the truth, so the person doesn’t deny, sue, etc.
    Taylor’s non response to MFOYA sorta made me wonder. Ignoring the rumor doesn’t make the rumor true but it distracts the gossip from other truths when the speculation is so off track.

    This is just a general statement not meant to imply anything specific.

    It would have been sweet if Taylor had made a statement defending CL
    if not himself.
    Something as simple as “say what you want about me, but leave her alone”
    would have been a respectable thing to do. Even if she dumped her BF, she did not deserve what she got. Oh.. and in case you can’t tell, I thought the whole thing was rubbish, silly, and childish….. I didn’t believe it even for a second.

  112. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Luv to Be, I know that there are quite a few people who saw another short blonde haired lady in Pala Casino with Taylor. But I guess people want to dismiss and ignore that and just pretend nothing unusual ever happened. Weird.

    There’s this reality star named Tila Tequila, there are about 10 blogs devoted to “outing” her lies. Really amusing.

  113. Anyone have an advil? My head is hurting.

  114. ****passes blueberry advil****

  115. NYG, so there was another short blonde haired lady in Pala Casino with Taylor? Hello? It was probably CL!

  116. luv 2 be entertained Says:

    Considering there were a handful of witnesses to the CL look-a-like blondie that was with Taylor after his show in Pala, its safe to say his relationship with CL was quesstionable at best.

    Taylor is definitely a playboy and that is totally fine. But the fact that he likes to project a wholesome image is gonna end up causing issues/problems for him such as the whole MFOYA debate.

  117. Soulsister, I was agreeing with you all the way until to got to the part about his communication with his fans. Taylor had and has the craziest fans of any Idol, Perhaps it was because he was different and somewhat mysterious and therefore it seems people formed their own opinions of him without knowing him. Some did see him as good and saintly and mothered him. Some here on this blog, still to this day think most who voted for him had heard his early music. Fans wanted a piece of him one way or another. It was like they owned him and thought he owed them. never in the history of show business, has anything as creepy and bizaar, as the CL saga. Even now some say he owed and explanation or should have sued the blogs. In my real life, I don’t pay attention to crazy delusional people. Why would Taylor pay attention to a few crazy online fans who didn’t want him to have a real GF and fantasized about doubles and imposters and call girls? The real world of the 30 some million who watched AI wern’t reading fantasies about Tay on blogs or examining ear lobes or ankle birthmarks. Adam Lambert and other Idols and stars have saner fans who do not read into everything they say or do, don’t say or do.

  118. luv 2 be entertained Says:

    Sorry didn’t see your earlier post NYG! You are so right about the denial. Trust me when I say that woman was NOT CL!

    It don’t really understand why its so hard to believe that Taylor was juggling more than one blonde at a time. He’s a hounddog!!

  119. luv 2 be entertained Says:

    February 19, 2010 at 2:17 pm
    Sorry didn’t see your earlier post NYG! You are so right about the denial. Trust me when I say that woman was NOT CL!

    It don’t really understand why its so hard to believe that Taylor was juggling more than one blonde at a time. He’s a hounddog


    It might not be that people don’t believe it – it’s not that uncommon for a single (or even not so single) person to see more than one person at a time, is it – it’s more like so what?

  120. NotYourGrandma Says:

    I didn’t see the woman but I know it was proven that CL was on air in Milwaukee while this woman was seen in Pala. I think the girl was maybe a party girl type. Bad for his wholesome image. So they spun a story about a respectable news anchor. For me it was just about the photos. The chick on the beach looks like someone else. I’m sure he’s dating and has got something going on, but I don’t think he would ever publicize it (another reason it seemed contrived with CL).

  121. I feel like a real witch today, but bravo NYG, bravo!!!!! I will be able to sleep tonight now that I know this. Now if we could just solve our economic mess with the same dedication and passion…

  122. Taylor seriously daited someone in B’ham right after the CL saga-even took her to Italy in May of 08 and the fanbase for the most part had no clue. Whatever the deal was with CL, T’s learned to keep his private life out of the media.

  123. OMG…you people must be really bored with your own llives…for God’s give it up…..and you people call other fans nuts & obsessive. ??? Get a grip !!!!There is not nearly as much obsessing on other blogs as there is on this one….FACT

    I thought you people prided yourselves on “it”s all about the music” and left the “CRAZY” stuff to the other fans. Like I said before ..they were two adults that dated for a time …BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL

  124. That would be “dated” and not “daited”…sorry

  125. anne Says:

    February 19, 2010 at 2:40 pm
    OMG…you people must be really bored with your own llives…for God’s give it up…..and you people call other fans nuts & obsessive. ??? Get a grip !!!!There is not nearly as much obsessing on other blogs as there is on this one….FACT
    ROFLMAO! Now this IS funny. Clearly you are just as bored and obsessed because you obviously read and pounce on anything you disagree with. If we were on a huge drool fest over Hicks, you wouldn’t be calling us that but supporting it.

  126. luv 2 be entertained Says:

    Anne, it really should be no BIG FREAKIN’ DEAL! I don’t care who he dates. But when he tries to pretend he’s all sweet and nice to continue bilking his more naive fans, well, I find it annoying.

  127. Oh and the drama surrounding their romance was fueled by TMZ who the hell in their right mind would even read their garbage…

  128. I do agree with you Anne on the TMZ saga. Aren’t they part of that Splash nonesense? Good Lord! I remember when those pics came out. That’s what opened the Pandora’s Box to begin with. Fans pitted against each other and a full scale war occured for months. It was an ugly, dark time indeed.

  129. luv 2 be entertained Says:

    blueberry – People should care because there is still that core group of TH fans that believe that he farts flowers and will continue to spend the remainder of their life savings following him around. Sad.

    He was lying about the “nature” of his relationship with CL.

    lying catches up to you. Hence, MFOYA. That’s all I’m saying.

  130. Dang, I miss all the good stuff.

  131. Well, if that really was a party girl on the beach and not CL and I’m not saying it is because I have no idea. The problem comes from the scheming and cover up. It blew up in their faces. They were naive to think that fans would not come up with the truth… Idol are over-invested and it’s the nature of the beast.

    Can someone tell me how it was determined that it was CL on the beach? I wasn’t following this too closely at the time. Was it the tabloids that said it was CL or did the fans come up with her name or was it the roadie that wrote the letter? I know fans were trying to find out who she was.

  132. luv-I do NOT think T farts flowers and is perfect by any means, but I do strongly believe that relationship was 100% legit. MFOYA was a sad, pathetic blogger whose only motive was to cause havoc in the fandom-which was accomplished.

  133. MFOYA…and hence…

  134. cf, so why didn’t he defend himself or CL?

  135. “Taylor seriously daited someone in B’ham right after the CL saga-even took her to Italy in May of 08 and the fanbase for the most part had no clue.”

    So, how did you come to know this and nobody else did?

  136. I don’t know Snow. Maybe he saw it as a battle not worth fighting. To what degree Taylor knew about MFOYA is not known. But I can say for a fact that sometimes it’s not always in ones best interest to try and defend themselves. If someone is hell bent on destroying a person and goes to the lengths that some bat shit crazy ass peeps have done in the past-it only adds fuel to the fire.

  137. So, how did you come to know this and nobody else did?
    Snow-Some people did know and some saw the pics that were taken on that trip. The point I was making is that he’s learned to keep things on the down-low, which I don’t blame him for.

  138. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    First of all, why all the defensiveness over this Anne? “You people, you people.” So what, I believe he was lying through his teeth about CL, but I still like the guy. You obviously don’t know that Harvey Levin, founder of TMZ is not only an attorney but focused on evidence law. TMZ is legit. It’s not garbage. They are the first to report almost everything. Michael Jackson anyone? Whatever, Clay’s fan base didn’t believe he was gay. Snowstorm, his/her camp told the press it was CL and his friend wrote a letter leading them to CL. lol If no one argues that, no one is going to question it. CF, I remember he dated someone before too but most didn’t know. His private life is never for public consumption, before or after the CL saga. Luv, I agree. Blogs like MFOYA don’t pop up and thrive when everything is innocent.

  139. cf, where are the pics? I wanna see, lol!

    I have a different theory why he’s never said anything about MFOYA… he loves all the speculation about him and it keeps people talking about him. Who doesn’t love a good mystery? It feeds his ego.

    As far as him being a southern gentleman…. false! A gentleman does not let his lady get bashed and trashed by strangers on the internet.

  140. nyg, so I’m confused. I know the roadie/friend wrote a letter to fans. But, did he come out and say it was CL? Or did the fans figure it out after he wrote the letter? Then, after the letter, did the media confirm it was CL?

  141. SoulSister.. I appreciate reading your thoughts and would like to make a few comments. You are very mistaken to think that Artists get 50-60 % of their sales.
    Here is a little quote from Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails:
    “One of the biggest wake-up calls of my career was when I saw a record contract. I said, ‘Wait – you sell it for $18.98 and I make 80 cents? And I have to pay you back the money you lent me to make it and then you own it? Who the f**k made that rule? Oh! The record labels made it because artists are dumb and they’ll sign anything’ – like I did. When we found out we’d been released (from their recording contract) it was like, ‘Thank God!’. But 20 minutes later it was, ‘Uh-oh, now what are we going to do?’ It was incredibly liberating, and it was terrifying.”

    Lyle Lovett said in ’08 he hasn’t made a dime on record sales in 20 years. Here’s the link if anyone wants to read it.

    I could go on and on. Artists have been historically taken to the cleaners in major label contracts that is why so many are going Indie now. In the past the labels only got money from the record sales now they want a piece of everything including concerts and merchandise. Plus many of the deals give the record labels ownership of the music rights forever. As long as the Artists are selling in huge numbers they are fine but it’s when the sales dwindle that many of them find out they have no money. It’s like a huge Ponzie scheme.

    You also said that the artists with 19/AI machine were happy. Well, Kelly for one is not. She stated in a concert the other day that they would not let her record what she wanted and called them “Suits”. She also stated she had two more records to do under her contract with them. I would bet she will be dumping them. But even that is a problem. 2 more CD’s could drag out for 2 years or more. I read a complaint from one artist wanting out of his contract that was getting screwed because the label put out a BEST OF CD that did not count toward what he owed and would not let him record a new CD because it would compete with the Best OF one. The Suits have lots of tricks and it can be hard to get out of the contracts unless they feel they’ve already bled you dry.
    I’m not going to argue that Taylor should or should not have signed with 19. It could be years and years down the road for the final verdict on that one. It could very well turn out to be a good move considering he owns all his music forever and is in charge of what he produces. So time will tell.

  142. Blogs like MFOYA don’t pop up and thrive when everything is innocent.
    Unless you have been victimized yourself and have been the sole subject of this kind of evil, you have no frigging clue. And yes, they do indeed pop up out of jealousy, hate and pure ignorance. Most of those blogs rely on second hand information from people who they deem as “in the know” which is not the case.

    I have no clue what MFOYA really had as proof and don’t give a flying fuck. All I do know is that it caused alot of turmoil and many friendships were divided over that mess. Many of us took it personally-not because of Taylor, but because of the fall-out it caused.

  143. Dee-I agree with you on that. Musicians only make pennies-literally off their hard work and have very little creative control over it. Prince basically told the major label he was with to FUCK OFF and formed his own label. In his words “Let the baker bake the bread”. That was around the time he dropped his own name and become “The Artist formally known as Prince”. I didn’t understand any of that till recently.

  144. Snowstorm Says:

    February 19, 2010 at 4:03 pm
    cf, where are the pics? I wanna see, lol!
    😉 ya neva know what may be coming your way my cyberfriend 😉

  145. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Is this the IAG blog? I think I made a wrong keystroke somewhere?

  146. hahaha-I think the storm has passed PSA. We all vented, got it out and now we move on. That’s why I love this blog. =)

  147. There is a stigma when an Idol gets dropped from the label. You all seem to forget that Taylor had little/no success with his music. There’s just no recovery from that.. perhaps because you really are expected to be a superstar. Hey, you just won the biggest contest on earth!

    I really don’t know if signing with 19E would have helped his career, but it would have helped him get more positive promotion from them. Instead, Idol treated him like the red-headed kid nobody wants anything to do with.

  148. Dee, Kelly is not signed to 19E. She was in the beginning, but she got out of the contract. I believe The Firm handles her. She is signed to Sony Music Group. 19E and Sony are not the same.

  149. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    CF, are you saying you had an entire blog devoted to you and it thrived and became really popular and it was based on lies???? I do not understand why friendships would be divided because of something written about Taylor on a blog. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

  150. blueberry – People should care because there is still that core group of TH fans that believe that he farts flowers and will continue to spend the remainder of their life savings following him around. Sad.

    He was lying about the “nature” of his relationship with CL.

    lying catches up to you. Hence, MFOYA. That’s all I’m saying.


    I don’t believe that Taylor;s “hard core” (whatever the hell that is) fans believe he farts flowers or that he is perfect. If anyone wants to spend money to follow him around the country ..what the hell does that have to do with you long as they aren’t asking you to pay their bills

    Exactly how did Taylor lie about the nature of his relationship with anyone…The only thing I ever heard him say was Yes he was seeing someone.And that for God’s sake was …what 2 years ago. GEEZ!!!

  151. My take, & only mine, is still that 19M didn’t want to sign him, they only wanted Daughtry. Never did I see, where it was stated that they didn’t want to sign him or that he didn’t want to sign with them, just that he signed with someone else; we’ll likely never know. Not everyone who signed with them has been happy. Ruben & Fantasia & Kelly & Clay all have had their troubles with them. In the long run, I believe Taylor did the right thing by owning his brand & music no matter how tough that road has been & will be.

    As far as MFOYA, just plain evil. Unfortunately, they succeeded in hurting Taylor, CL & the fans. Taylor trying to defend himself or CL, would only have given them more reason to ramp up their evil ways.

  152. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Anne, some people don’t believe he was really “dating” the news anchor. That it was for show. That the whole relationship was publicity and damage control which is why certain things made zero sense. It’s old news but in recent interviews when asked about her, it sounds like he does not like her and wants to forget a bad time. Makes one wonder why. Obviously people are going to think back to the drama of 2 years ago and wonder what exactly happened.

  153. As far as MFOYA, just plain evil. Unfortunately, they succeeded in hurting Taylor, CL & the fans. Taylor trying to defend himself or CL, would only have given them more reason to ramp up their evil ways.
    Exactly and that is what they were hoping for. IMO-if Taylor would have stepped in to defend himself or CL for that matter, it would have opened up the hole even more. The anger and hate that spewed from that was a nightmare. I remember when the sisters were claiming that CL’s ex boyfriend was MFOYA. LOL! That poor guy got dragged into the pile too. I felt bad for him.

  154. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I don’t know about that CF. If you were dating a celeb and his fans were saying terrible hurtful things about you online that were not true, and your man never once tells them to knock it off, would you be ok with that? I don’t know any woman that would be fine with that. I don’t see how it could have gotten any worse by him defending her since we all agree damage was done.

  155. I disagree. I think he should have said something or at least try to do something to stop them. The whole thing hurt him very much. Didn’t hurt CL because she was never in the public eye.

  156. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I think it hurt both of them Snow, but mostly her in the grand scheme of things because she wasn’t know for anything else.

  157. Sure, it hurt her, but not to the extent that it hurt Taylor. She is not trying to sell music or tickets to shows. She has her little local newscast in Washington and the rest of the country could basically care less about her.

    Did this hurt Taylor’s career? Sure it did. I bet a lot people didn’t want anything to do with him after this controversy. I’ll bet it hurt his pocketbook.

  158. Casino Girl, Beach Girl and CL are different women. They were all a front because he’s GAY!

    This is gonna be fuuuuuun!!!!!!!!!

  159. luv 2 be and NotYourGrandMa, The fact is Taylor and CL dated for about 10 months. No one knew about the relationship until the beach pics surfaced. I thought it was some of the locals who identified the woman as CL. Taylor did not come out with a press release and inform fans who he was dating. He never will. You may hate me, but I have to say mfoya, and the nonsense of beach gal being someone other then CL makes no sense to most. Had either Tay or she, said a single word in response to the mfoya nonsense, they would have been raked over the coals, not only by the mfoya posters, but by the press. Headline: Taylor Hicks, season 5 winner of AI, says his current gf is Caroline Lyders and admits he was caught on a beach with her. He denies the claims made by mfoya, that the gal in beach photos was a high class call girl, and that his pr team searched for a respectable double and found CL, who agreed to go along with the ruse of pretending to be his GF. Who, what, when, where and why means good journalism. Even good journalism, requires readers to have the ability to read and understand. Yellow journalism is what cowards put forth for sensationalism. The past year and a half, I seen (nobodies), just women making comments about Taylor Hicks, raked over the coals by others.

  160. The BB mommas are already planning the wedding for him and some blonde anchor in Milwaukee. Lawd have mercy!

  161. IAG or someone please either email me who the hell MFOYA is or just give a quick summary?? Seriously, I missed SOMETHING, and apparently it was big. I had no idea there was a question about if Taylor’s relationship was real with CL.

    My take on it in the beginning was that Taylor was smart not to sign with 19E. Everyone who did sign with them had to pay big bucks and go through lawyers to get out of the deals. The only one that I know of (that’s my limited understanding) who hasn’t tried to get out of their contract is Carrie Underwood.

    I thought it was smart that Taylor was going to own his music and make legit money from selling it. From a business standpoint that’s good. However, he needs someone to market him. He cannot do it on his own. So the $12 he’s making from every CD as profit I think that some should be spent MARKETING himself. Something other than teen angel. And WTF is a whomp?? I thought that was just stupid.

    FH~ girl, you crazy!! But dang. you light up this board like a cheesy christmas tree. 😉

  162. My work here is done for now. But I will be back!

  163. CL was not hurt. She learned that Taylor Hicks had crazy fans. Taylor wasn’t hurt, but he found out post AI win and fame, that his female fans had issues. SS, be real, most who have ever heard of him, know nothing about his hookup with CL.

  164. rosie, his fans left him for David Cook, Danny Gokey and Adam Lambert. His fans left him. Is that real enough for you?

  165. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, how do you know there wasn’t so much more to the story? You can’t possibly know that, unless you’re him. I do think CL was hurt in the process. I just googled her and here’s what came up first- Milwaukee Buzz: Exclusive: WISNs Lyders responds …
    Caroline Lyders Complaints – Fraud and lies
    Caroline Lyders TV News’ Scammer Fake Girlfriend for Hire
    Ripoff Report: Caroline Lyders Scam Artist, Unethical Bait

    If I googled my name and that’s what came up I would not be happy. Wtf, why wouldn’t she try to get this removed off the internet if it was all B.S?

  166. Oh . . . my . . . fucking . . . God

  167. I hear Danny Gokey is doing really well. Did someone post here that he’s touring with Sugarland soon?

  168. He’s so cute….

  169. Touring with Sugarland is pretty awesome. I’ll bet he will do better than Taylor.

  170. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    February 19, 2010 at 6:13 pm
    I don’t know about that CF. If you were dating a celeb and his fans were saying terrible hurtful things about you online that were not true, and your man never once tells them to knock it off, would you be ok with that? I don’t know any woman that would be fine with that. I don’t see how it could have gotten any worse by him defending her since we all agree damage was done.
    Question: How the hell do you defend yourself effectively against lunatics that are measuring every inch of your woman’s body structure, getting forensic experts involved and launching a full scale attack on the fandom?

    Answer: You don’t because no matter what is said, they will believe what they want anyway. You hold your head up high, see it for the bs it is and walk away. Some battles aren’t worth fighing.


  171. Snowstorm Says:

    February 19, 2010 at 8:23 pm
    Touring with Sugarland is pretty awesome. I’ll bet he will do better than Taylor.
    Well, I didn’t post it here for that. Danny made it clear that he wants a music career and he has set his eyes on the prize. He will certainly do well. I didn’t like him much during the show but after hearing these tunes, I can see why people did. I will buy his music for sure.

  172. A lot of that girlfriend s**t was not done by Taylor fans ,but fans of another AI season 5 contestant….do we really need names…you all seem to think that Taylor’s fans are the only crackpots….well this contestant has some real NUTS in his fanbase and they lived on Splash at that time. They were spiteful and distructive to anything Taylor and some still are.

  173. Who amongst us can bestow sanity, order and harmony to the kingdom of Sir Taylor? No one can. Word is the raw egg fell off a wall and in fairy land, the egg needs to get fried asap, and consumed, lest it be spoiled for ever. Some wise souls, decided to hard boil and fancy paint their favorite egg, so it would last longer and perhaps be way more valued.

  174. Snow, I thought you were smart. NYGM pegs me wrong and that is fine and I do not bother defending myself. Luv 2 b and nygm, seem to be in the stands but in the bleachers, unable to see and grasp the vital plays on the field.

  175. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    CF, there’s three words on how you defend yourself against false claims being made about you: Cease and Desist. It’s a simple procedure. Anytime someone googles her name, that’s what they see, front and center. If that’s not a battle worth fighting for, what the heck is? Doesn’t make any sense at all.

    I’m not a fan of Danny Gokey, he has no charisma and the Taylor comparison annoyed me. But I heart Adam L.

  176. CF, many fans saw his silence as guilt.

  177. Snow, I just used Kelly as an example of one who had been upset with 19 and left. She was signed with the Firm but currently she’s signed with StarStruck run by Reba McEntire’s husband. Her lastest complaint is against the label which controls her music and that is RCA. RCA is under Sony BMG but so is Arista, JRecords, Columbia, Epic. Truth is there are so many companies, labels, & managament firms and people who are connected to Idol in some way it’s hard to keep track of them.

  178. Speaking of the far reaching tenacles of Idol this particular production of Grease started out on Simon Fullers reality show, so it would not surprise me if Fuller doesn’t also have a stake in the touring of the show too. So, maybe Taylor’s ties are not as severed as we think. If he’s making some money for Fuller maybe fences are being mended. LOL. Just a thought… Discuss among yourselves. LOL.

  179. It’s not far reaching Dee. I’ve thought that from the beginning and posted about it way back on these early blogs. CAA plays a major role in booking American Idol winners/contestants and that is who got Taylor his role. Mario Tirado-Taylor’s booking manager at the time has other AI clients he’s booked for Broadway.

  180. Glad my thoughts were amusing to some of you, but I’m not a nutcase fan, and it’s not conspiracy theories, cause here are the facts! I know that Taylor is the only Idol WINNER whose post AI CD was not released first, and he had no early release of a promotional single before the album came out, even after his coronation single debut #1 and went GOLD. Then there was the 2 month delay on the release of any single off the CD for radio play, and it was not even the song that he promoted on all those TV shows, and he had no video produced by the record company at all! Really? For the Winner? Those are just facts. And then after all that, they just said his sales numbers were “Disappointing”? Well of course they were! However they had commercials from Target featuring Daughtry’s CD, The Fourth Finalist “Non-Winner”????? Who Changed the Rules? WTH? Yeah, Yeah, We know………..
    Well, that was years ago, and it opened the door to AI promoting 3-4 non-winner contestants from the top 10. But to do that after Season Five, they had to bring down Taylor’s huge popularity to try to make their point. If American Idol can make someone a STAR, they wanted them to know they can take it away as well, and the rest of the winners should sign the contract. I DO believe they DID do that to Taylor Hicks when he did not sign on with 19management with them. They lost their cut of this popular talented artist they felt their show created, who was now NOT under their control, and they made an example of him. I believe they planted all sorts of negative publicity about him, and that anyone who still liked him was a nut. As a fan of the show and Taylor Hicks, I’m still MAD.
    We know those contracts are not favorable to the artist, and they MUST tour to make any money. Anyone see Cadillac Records? It’ the nature of the Beast, but I do think Simon got sick of hearing “You were wrong about Taylor!” Actually, Simon was right! Simon said he was “MAGIC”!

  181. Common Snowstorm, Give me just one positive comment about Taylor.

  182. BTW, Hedda Hopper was famous for writing things in her column that would make or break a career in the golden age of Hollywood. I would think that the internet and U-Tube is being used in much the same way. JMO
    Don’t Stone Me.

  183. Interesting points babydoll and good post. But I have to say that as long as T is using the American Idol title anywhere near his name, he’s still connected to them.

    Whatever happened between Taylor and AI is something that we will never know. But I do agree that some sabotaging went on behind the scenes and that Taylor didn’t get the proper PR.

    He seems to be getting good PR now-according to the fans, so all looks good for Hicks. I may be upset sometimes because he’s not producing the music, but as people have pointed out-it’s his decision, his career. He must do what is best for him. I do sincerely wish him all the best and have given some thought on going to see Grease before it closes.

  184. The Fuller connection to Grease must be why Taylor gave him a “thank you” on “The Distance”. He probably was instrumental in letting Taylor promo the CD & sing a song from it during the Grease tour.

    In the book “Nowhere To Run”, there is a passage during one of the interviews with Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, that I found telling. He talks about how many great artists get lost in or are cut from the record companies, because, all of the money, promo, & time go to those who initially sell the most, whether they do so, because of talent or luck. This was written in 1984, so, nothing has changed. If you don’t get mega sales out of the box, or if your sales decline at some point, bye-bye.

    Since, Taylor’s first week sales were very good, it made no sense to me, that the record company, as Babydoll says, screwed around with the single, didn’t push to radio, didn’t have him make a video, panned him in the press, & pushed his CD release date to after Black Friday & Daughtry’s release. They make you or break you, and they decided to make Daughtry at Taylor’s expense(JMO).

    That’s why, no matter what happens with Taylor’s career, I prefer he’s in control of it, rather than under their control.

  185. hicksaholic Says:

    I love this blog.

    Babydoll, you make sense on the whole example thing because of him not signing. I guess we will never know unless Taylor shares at some point. There were also rumors Taylor was difficult to deal with post AI. That could have been Taylor feeling he was so popular he could call more of the shots than past winners, it could have been he wanted more creative control of his music, or maybe he’s just an asshole, who knows? But that stubborness or lack of cooperation probably didn’t help. But maybe that came after his decision not to sign. Based on the contract Taylor signed with AI I feel sure AI or its related companies could say anything they wanted about Taylor and he had no recourse so them spreading negative publicity is not that farfetched if they felt it necessary to make him an example. I believe winners after Taylor have fallen back in line.
    I never believed the fake girlfriend thing. Too far fetched for me. And as long and as much as I have followed Taylor I don’t understand the whole MFOYA thing other than it was a blog that had a lot of supposed evidence that CL was a fake girlfriend. Crazy if you ask me.
    Dee, I do remember now that you mention it that Taylor is semi back in the Fuller fold. I often wondered if TPTB might take Taylor and try to fashion a major comeback. That would be true poetic justice if it’s true Taylor snubbed AI only to be dubbed the least successful winner and AI turned around and decided to reinvent him as a success. Would make a good PR story.

  186. hicksaholic Says:

    When does Taylor quit Grease? The big music fest at Gulf Shores is mid May and although Taylor wasn’t asked to perform maybe he could show up and perform with some of the acts. It really pisses me off because I truly believe Taylor has more than enough talent to perform at this event but his AI connection or lack of success prevented him from being included. Ray la Montagne, Government Mule, Allison Kraus, Flaming Lips, Ben Harper, Fhish front man Alex ? somebody are coming along with a gazillion up and comers. To me it’s an insult Taylor wasn’t asked given his history in Gulf Shores as a performer and the fact his grandmother still lives there.

  187. I noticed that one of the themes of the past few threads is that tay is a ladies man, a player, a hound dog. Umm, how exactly does anyone know that? He dated the same girl for over 4 yrs and he and CL were steady for awhile. I take everything I read on blogs with a grain of salt, but just wonder why this hound dog rep seems to be a recurring theme. Hicks, Grease ends on the 23rd. Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  188. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    We don’t know…those of us who speculate are lumping his lifestyle with the young musicians that we actually do know…most of them keep late hours, impossible schedules, they drink, smoke, take advantage of willing , shall we call them groupies for want of a better word, and a big percentage of them do drugs…You’re correct …unless one of us is privy to the secrets of Taylor’s day to day living arrangements , we don’t know..We’re just guessing. He may be that oddity, a celibate, teetotaling, non smoking entertainer…ok, scratch the non-smoking..we know he does that. 😉 But, bottom line is we’re fans,( most of us) and we should accept whatever lifestyle he lives, and just enjoy his music.

  189. Hey! What the hell? Where did everybody go?

  190. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “Taylor Hicks is all about the fame, not the music! He lied to you when he said he was all about the music.”
    I don’t get why some fans keep concentrating on one thing he said. I imagine with so many things going on at once, and a microphone in your face, it will have you say something without even thinking. It’s three years later and people are still stuck on something he said. Reminds me of when you tell your little one something without even thinking because you’re in the middle of ten different things at once, and the child stomps his foot and says “But you SAID we were going to the park. You lied!”

    When Bruce Springsteen gave an exclusive deal of his album to anti-union Walmart, his fans called him on it. They said he sold out. Bruce Springsteen has made pro union and working class part of his mantra for many years. This was his response:
    “It was a mistake,” he told the New York Times. “We were in the middle of doing a lot of things, it just kind of came down and really, we didn’t vet it the way we usually do.”

    Admitting that he had “dropped the ball”, Springsteen said that instead of handing the album to Wal-Mart, “given its labor history, it was something that if we’d thought about a little longer, we’d have done something different”.

    He added: “Our batting average is usually very good, but we missed that one. Fans will call you on that stuff, as it should be.”
    There is not a person on this earth who hasn’t smacked himself or herself in the head and said “What the heck was I thinking when I said (or did) that???” No one is immune. Give it a rest. It could have been nothing more than answering a question to get someone out of his hair or get something over with quickly so he could move on to the next thing he was doing.

  191. littlewing Says:

    Hey everyone. Haven’t been posting much these days, can barely read it all anymore.

    One has to be unique and creative and memorable. What I wonder if music really wasn’t Taylor’s primary motivation, but attention was?

    He said he just wanted to get his voice heard, and he certainly did. A true student of music with a good strategy who took it all. But yeah, I think something is missing too and agree with a poster upthread who said he should take some time off to chillax, regroup, and refocus.

    “The green mile” being the path to your destiny

    Thank you. I’ve never known exactly what that phrase meant. I am so glad he did it! I was hooked at that point 🙂

  192. PBF-It’s not just the one thing he said but the overall attitude he presented and the way he presented himself as being. He sold a campaign to millions of voters and potential fans that he was indeed all about the music and that he truly wanted to make a difference to help bring the music back for real working class musicians. Taylor in many ways presented himself as a modern day Joe Cocker, James Taylor who are working class musicians with hit records. Many of his early interviews reflected on those words and thoughts.

    Peoples goals do change and I get that. But Taylor seems to have conveniently swept his own words under the carpet and replacing them with entertainer, actor and whatever else gets him attention.

    As Bruce Springsteen said….fans will call you out on that stuff, as it should be.

    Taylor’s tweet of “not matter what the cost” goes much deeper than some care to believe.

  193. As Bruce Springsteen said….fans will call you out on that stuff, as it should be.
    And that is exactly what some of us are doing. Some of us are acknowledging that we haven’t forgotten his early words or his passion and if he can’t acknowledge that himself then shame on him.

  194. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Peoples goals do change and I get that. But Taylor seems to have conveniently swept his own words under the carpet and replacing them with entertainer, actor and whatever else gets him attention.
    I’m not sure his goals changed. I think it is more a matter of finding ways to stay gainfully employed, while also building up a following. If he made another CD right now, no matter how amazing, it would not sell well. That’s the hard reality. He doesn’t have the following he had when he made the TH CD. I give him credit for being the little engine that could. He has gumption and spirit. He’s not giving up. He could go off somewhere, never to be seen again, and live off what he made. But he wants to work. Anything can happen. A tv stint may be a hit where people fall in love with his singing voice all over again. I’m sure whatever he does, even if it is tv, he will import his music in it. Heck, every time the man sings on a tv show, his CD sells the next day better than it ever did. This could turn out to be a good thing.

  195. PBF-You know why my feelings run deep with all of this and I will leave it at that. But I do agree with much of what you said.

  196. hicksaholic Says:

    I think a lot of what both PBF and CF says is true. Taylor does love music and that’s been his path toward fame. I think he wants fame and attention. His grandmother told me when he was 10 or so he told her he was going to be famous one dat and own a Lamborghini. So I don’t think he will just be happy being a broke musician. I think he wants validation that he is a talented entertainer with something to contribute. Music is the logical avenue but I think he is open to other paths. And I do think money is an issue. He has said on numerous occasions you have to keep working while the phone is ringing.
    I think a small but well seen role on tv could be a big boost to his career. I guess he’s too old for Glee unless he’s a teacher. Let’s make him a teacher that gets involved with a student. That should loosen up his AI image.
    Does anyone ever post in the mornings but me? I feel like I’m on time delay.

  197. hicksaholic Says:

    Sorry famous one day

  198. I hate that show, Glee.

  199. hicksaholic Says:

    Glee seems well suited for Taylor to me other than it might continue his AI persona. It is really popular.

  200. Oh O’Gara’s……..

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