V is for vision…

Watching American Idol again brings me back to this idea of Taylor Hicks’ vision. Throughout the years, I’ve thought maybe Hicks’ vision was unfulfilled. I’ve started to think that I’ve been going about this all wrong…obviously it’s my vision of Hicks’ career that’s unfulfilled. I’m sure when Taylor was on top of the world, so to speak, in 2006, he probably wanted to over saturate the concert tour market, then do a cheesy part on Broadway, while releasing two mediocre CD’s and remaining the whipping boy of American Idol.

What I expected was this guy…so passionate about his music that he couldn’t control it.

That look at the end of Ain’t No Sunshine and Taking it to the Streets was hunger. It was hunger for respect, attention and validation. Was it really the look of Teen Angel or Beauty School Dropout?

I get that everybody makes mistakes. We all do it, however, part of growing as a person is recognizing your mistakes and not repeating them. What does Taylor Hicks need to do, you ask? I will give you my opinion.

1. Drop the Soul Patrol gimmick. He stopped for a while, then started back up again. It was cool at first, but then it took on a negative connation. Ugh.

2. Record a live album. This is where his strong suit lies. When Taylor is on stage, he is on. That cannot be translated in the studio. By live album, I don’t mean a two year old DVD of performances. I mean the tagging, the harmonica, even the guitar that he only plays part of the time, the messing up of the lyrics…all of it put together is an experience, and that’s what Taylor is good at selling. Invite some friends, Taylor.

3. Get back to singing the music that made a name for yourself on Idol. He needs to sing some more blues…he needs music that he can connect with, and that is what’s missing from the last two albums. Anybody can sing a song, but when an artist can make you feel a song, make your heart ache with the pain of a shared circumstance, that’s artistry. I’m not saying Taylor isn’t making my heart ache these days, but it’s for all the wrong reasons.

4. Start playing little clubs again. If your audience is in the Southeast, then play in the Southeast. Supply and demand, baby.

5. Be nice to your fans. Don’t charge for meet and greets, Taylor. Who does that? Yeah, I know…some people do. But seriously?

6. Keep your promises or shut your mouth until your plans are certain. Give the people what they paid for. Not just in concert, but on the fansites, too. The blogging? The vlogging? The audio blogs? No better way to not get respect than breaking promises.

You’re probably asking yourself, why does she continue to hang around? Not really sure at this point, except it’s kind of like gambling. You just know the next hand will pay big. I just think that one day that passion is going to return, and when it does, I want to be there to see it.

DISCLAIMER: All of the above is my opinion. The end.


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  1. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Oh, yeah, I had forgotten that “serial killer, eyes rolled back in his head look” when he was coming down from singing “Taking To The Streets”. That’s what he does best. Bluesy, jazzy songs. His version of “Dust My Broom” was classic. I’ll keep holding out hope, too IAG, that he gets back to “the one whut brung him to the “Big Dance”.

  2. Taylor’s performances of ANS and TI2TS where born from desperation. His need to succeed and be accepted was splayed out on the stage with a take me as I am mentality. And our souls were filled with hope. We never saw TV Taylor in that raw zone again.
    Maybe Taylor needs to be that desperate again.

  3. OMG, poor Taylor. Yes. he’s probably made a lot of mistakes, but here’s hoping he’s learned from those mistakes. He probably thought touring with Grease would bring him a lot of new fans & help him sell more records. Yeah, he’s made some new fans, but he didn’t sell too many albums. Taylor needs really hot songs to go anywhere. So far, he hasn’t recorded anything that any segment of the public considers dynamic. And why doesn’t he let his fans know what he has lined up for the future after Grease. What’s the big secret? Usually when an artist says, “I can’t at this point reveal what I’ll be doing” it means he has no offers. There’s been a lot of speculation, including an offer from Baz lurhman, but that remains to be seen. Simon Cowell has told him he should be in movies, and I understand he’s taken several screen tests but what’s happening – where does he go from here?

  4. Excellent post, IAG. You speak for many.

  5. Wonderful post IAG. As usual, you hit the nail on the head and as YKW said-speak for many of us.

    Ange Bleu-I have no clue on what he’s up to and to be honest, I think most of his “I’ve got something in the works” translates out to “I have nothing”. With Taylor it’s a wait and see type thing.

  6. Hmm, a list of suggestions for Mr. Hicks to read during the blizzard. I think he didn’t get played on the radio and thus his CD’s didn’t sell so well, especialy The Distance. He is not invited on TV shows to strutt his stuff and wow an audience because he does not have a hit song, or any song being played on the radio. The solution, your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps he needs more aqua in his aura to bring him better luck.

  7. He is not invited on TV shows to strutt his stuff and wow an audience because he does not have a hit song, or any song being played on the radio.
    Taylor’s invited on shows and radio interviews because he’s pimping Grease. The producers are using an American Idol as a draw to their shows and to garner the PR at a cheap rate. And you are right…there is NO music to promote.

  8. hicksaholic Says:

    “Maybe Taylor needs to be that desperate again.”

    MN Sue, I think I have said this exact same thing before. It’s the same as what IAG is talking about, the lack of hunger and rawness in his performances now. Although his live performances are still great. It’s just the recorded songs that lack depth (generally) It’s almost like AI was the prize and that’s why he wanted to win so bad. He felt like if he won his talent was validated. Once he won he hasn’t felt that need.
    But it all gets back to lack of radio play. I have just about decided Taylor burned all his bridges with TPTB in the music business and if he was Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Barbra Streisand rolled into one they still would refuse to play his music.
    I had not heard of actual screen tests that Taylor had taken. I would love to see Taylor succeed as an actor. I just don’t see that natural acting ability in him but maybe his characters would just need to have some of his own personality in them to help him succeed. He seems like someone pretty easy to read to me. You can tell when he’s really excited about something versus him faking excitement.

  9. You may have missed my drift. I meant if he had been played on the radio, he’d have sold more CD’s and singles and would be on Prime time TV on occasion. Then there would be no need for anyone to make a list of shoulds or shouldn’ts. No one would be saying he made any mistakes and he could shout out SP and wooo all over the place. The reason he wasn’t played on the radio, is the key.

  10. This is a good calm discusion and you all have some valid points. I really think Taylor could follow all the points above and still be right where he is at now “a musician without radio play”. I’ve thought alot about it and that must be the key to that next level of stardom, Radio Play. Artists not nearly as talented as Taylor have gotten hits on the radio. And even if you don’t like some of the songs on the Distance many of them are better than some of the so-called songs on the radio today. So I guess it’s back to how does he get played?
    Sign with a label? That Won’t help unless they are willing to put out the big bucks. However, they don’t seem to want to do that for the genre of music we want to hear from him. It’s a sticky situation.
    I’ve heard John Mayer say that the music he does with his Trio is the kind of music he really wants to do. It has more of a bluesy, jazzy feel to it much like what many want from Taylor. BUT John says that it’s his Pop songs that pay the bills. If John doesn’t feel he can get the hits playing the kind of music he prefers that says a lot about the state of music today. I think Grease has done wonders for keeping Taylor’s name out there and the fact that he’s gotten mostly rave reviews keeps Hope alive that he can moved up to that next level. We will just have to wait and see what’s next. I don’t really feel he needs to make any announcements as to what is next. Most artists play it close to the vest because of the fluctuating nature of the business. Until something is signed on the dotted line it’s not a go and sometime even after that it can still fall through. So let’s not be too impatient. LOL

  11. Rosie, Dee is right. We are all having a nice calm discussion here and seem to be enjoying it. You should stop taking things so seriously-No one else is.

  12. And Rosie, I consider Taylor’s color in his personality to be green with blue hues. It’s a strong personality type that is cool and calm. Someone who loves nature and loves to have fun. That also means he’s smart and can be very mysterious but also loves his privacy. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. I am really happy that you all are enjoying your nice calm conversation.

    Taylor would approve. lol At least the Taylor of today.

    You probably would bore the crap out of the AI Taylor. The one always full of excitement … never knowing what he would do next.

    OK.. I am going to say it and you all can jump all over me… but I’m thinking meds. You just don’t go from a wild crazy can’t sit still bundle of energy and then morph into someone who can hide in a cone for two years. Not saying illegal drugs.. but maybe someone treated his ADHD?

  14. That’s a pretty interesting concept, Sweetay…if they did…it took the passion on stage right out of him.

  15. Sweetay-I doubt anyone here will jump you for your statement, but there are “fishermen” out in these waters who might take your comment and turn it into a crap fest on their blog.

    LOL about the ADHD. If thats what is going on then maybe he should get off the meds. It’s messing with his creative process.

  16. I have to say before I go any further I haven’t read anything written in the comments yet, so if I’m repeating something, forgive me.

    HOWEVER, where have I been? When was the full version of “Ain’t No Sunshine” from AI released. That was awesome. My goodness I miss THAT.

    I agree IAG with all your points. A live album. It’s what I’ve said from the beginning. Nothing captures him like his live singing. His voice is so different live, than from a studio. In the studio the passion is gone. Weird how that works. I hang on too. I hang on because I still believe in him. I still hope that he will give me a product that makes me weep in emotion. Maybe I’m hoping that the magic I felt in the beginning will return. I don’t know. But I’m still here too. Still waiting. It’s nice that we can all wait together.

  17. It’s funny you bring that up Sweetay. Actually, I met someone from his hometown that knew him way back when. And they talked about what a WONDERFUL guy he was. How he was the NICEST guy ever and EVERYONE loved him. But that he had two aversions. Everyone overlooked them, of course, because he was the greatest guy ever. I have been hesitant to post about this for fear of being flamed.

    But let’s just say, our little innocent Taylor that in the beginning many believed to be an angelic virgin was something a bit more sinister. And perhaps with his new “lifestyle” the passion is gone because he is no longer succumbing to his demons. Who knows??

  18. You know what I mean, passion begets passion.

  19. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Drugs (illegal or not) numb a person. People do them because they don’t want to feel things. It would explain the disconnection. It’s possible he’s treating his own ADHD.

  20. NYG, perhaps it depends on which drugs. Some drugs enhance feeling and emotion.

  21. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    True. But drugs that people use for ADHD are amphetamines which I don’t think enhance emotion. Ritalin, Adderall would be the legal meds. And the illegal would be cocaine and speed.

  22. You are talking about drugs he may be taking now…I was talking about before. LOL I got you.

  23. Sinister? Oh, I like it…

  24. The big reason I’ve not said my last word on my TH blog or deleted it – the same. I still hope to see that guy I fell for on that show. That guy who showed such fierceness evident in TITTS, etc.

    Thing is I’m not sitting around ‘waiting’. I’ve moved on, I’ve changed, in many ways. That does not mean I’m not keeping an eye out for what he may do next, I am.

  25. Freckles, instead of aversions, did you mean weaknesses?

  26. Freckles Says:

    February 10, 2010 at 7:44 pm
    You are talking about drugs he may be taking nowโ€ฆI was talking about before. LOL I got you.
    LOL! Freckles, I think most of us here realize that T has “walked in the snow” and Lord knows what else in the past. Of course there are few who still denies that he smokes.

    But it’s all part of being a musician. No doubt before AI he had his down spots and needed a pick me up.

  27. I’m completely lost trying to figure out what you guys are talking about. Two aversions! Aversions are things one avoids because they don’t like them or they cause the person pain. Freckles, you said people thought he was an angelic virgin. A virgin hasn’t had sex. Then others post about legal and illegal drugs and either having had taken one or both kinds pre AI, but not now, or visa versa, to explain his change in music and behavior and passion. I wish you all would explain to me what you are trying to say. I know coke speeds one up and Ritilin does so when used by someone without ADD. Sedatives and booze are depressents. Could you all just spell it out so I get what you mean? Were his aversions vices like booze and coke and now he just does booze and takes ritilin and thus he lost his passion. Is sex involved as a vice/aversion? I’m lost, but ready to be enlightened. Oh and CF what gave you the idea I was taking things posted seriously. I was just joining in the discussions.

  28. LOL. This is taking a strange turn. Sweetay where do you get that Taylor has calmed down? Have you not watched any recent clips of interviews? He’s still squriming, and moving with the same tics he’s always had. LOL.

    As far as not being the Taylor full of excitement. The excitement of winning AI can not be sustained for years. It would be a little weird if he did. Reading the recounts from the Shadow shows he sounds like the same leave it all on stage kind of performer he always was. I’m sure after being on the road as long as he has with all the press and business he has to deal with if he has lost some energy who wouldn’t?

  29. He most likely is tired. It has to be hard both emotionally and physically not having a permanent home to go to, snuggle in the bed under a warm down comforter and sleep for days. Not to mention not having home cooked meals or your own toilet to visit. Living in Daddy’s basement isn’t exactly comforts of home either. It all takes it’s toll eventually.

  30. Yes Dee. For those who think he had passion on AI due to being on or off some kind of meds, I assume you beleive he was on the same meds during the AI tour since you liked the after gigs with Limbo. So are you saying he switch meds when he went into the studio in Oct. 06 to record the TH cd. and that is why you find that CD not to your liking? hahahaha

  31. Oh and I want to be able to see the colors in Taylor’s aura? Do the colors change depending on what meds he is taking? When he consumes jager bombs and gets a buzz, does his aura vibrate? I’m getting turned on…

  32. I heard that when he runs for political office, his slogen is going to be; “Everyman deserves his own Toilet to visit”.

  33. Spin said:
    I still hope to see that guy I fell for on that show. That guy who showed such fierceness evident in TITTS, etc.

    Thing is Iโ€™m not sitting around โ€˜waitingโ€™. Iโ€™ve moved on, Iโ€™ve changed, in many ways. That does not mean Iโ€™m not keeping an eye out for what he ma do next, I am.

    Spin and I are taking the same drugs, too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And Rosie, you can’t take drugs to see the aura. You either see it or you don’t. Tough luck, toots.

  34. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Someone with ADD or ADHD will have a different reaction to coke or any kind of stimulant. It doesn’t speed them up, it has the opposite effect helping them to focus, just like if they take Ritalin. Often people with untreated ADD/ADHD abuse stimulants as a form of self medication. If a normal person takes any of the above they will just be over stimulated. I don’t think he was taking any kind of drugs while filming AI, but there were rumors I remember about using them during the AI tour. He self admittedly has a history of drug abuse, so the possibility that he’s abusing them presently is not far fetched. If so, that’s too bad. Seems like a lot of people in the entertainment business fall into it.

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    The coke rumor has come up over and over. Being from Alabama I’ve heard it from a number of people supposedly that know. Obviously I don’t know if it’s true. Even if it is is it different than he was preAI? I think pretty much everybody here loved him on AI and they love his live shows so I guess Rosie or whoever brings up a valid point. Was he off drugs on AI and on for his recorded sessions or vice versa? I can’t find the correlation. Unless he was on coke preAI and during his shadow gigs. Still wouldn’t explain AI but maybe that was an aberrition(?)
    I didn’t realize that about the effect of coke on people with ADD or ADHD. That is interesting.

  36. There are some other rumors I want to talk about. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Yes, vices is what I meant. Things he did that perhaps he no longer does to avoid possible bad publicity. His image was squeaky clean, and as far as I know, he was anything but. I call them aversions because from as far as we know, and as far as we would find out, what I can tell is he is not doing what he was doing.

    As for the snow swimming, absolutely. Apparently lots and lots. And as for being a virgin. No the man was not even close. He loves the ladies. A LOT. Perhaps it’s understandable to why he hasn’t or had not settled down with anyone in particular. Apparently his escapades are quite legendary. Considering with whom he chose to spend his “evenings” and with how many. Our little virginal Taylor was VERY far from being a virgin. And from what I hear, he prefers professionals.

    If you cannot glean from that what my meaning is, then I will leave you to ponder.

  38. Okay, so what I’m getting from this convo is that Taylor might do coke to keep him focused and he likes prostitutes? Am I getting this right?

  39. So, really he’s no different from any other rock star, except he doesn’t get radio play and he doesn’t tour?

  40. I don’t know how much clearer I can make it without just coming out and saying it. I guess if you all hate me after repeating this, then whatever.

    But yes. Prostitutes. More than one at a time. Parties of coke and women. That’s what he was known for before AI. Known as much for his extracurricular activities as for his singing.

    He was busted for marijuana and never actually charged with possession, remember that little article? As far as I can tell, that was the least of his worries on getting busted. Which is why I found it so funny when he would say that his father would beg him to quit music and go work at the bank.

    Take it as you will. Hate him/love him/not care, whatever works for you. I happen to still adore the man. Not sure why. And as I mentioned, I cannot say whether this previous behavior as extended into the “new” Taylor. I would think not. Because the man cannot fart without a SPer up his butt, you know.

    Now, again, I was told that everyone loved him then as much as they do now. I asked how this information was never leaked out. And she said, why would we do that?? He’s a great guy. No one wanted to stand in the way of his dreams. She said you could not meet him and not just like him. He has that something.

    So there you go. Take what I said with a grain of salt or gospel. I can’t say that I know for absolute 100% fact this is truth, but the person I met seemed quite forthright, and it took some pressing to get that from her. She said that she didn’t want to ruin my image of him. So…there again. Do with it what you will.

  41. Guess W will be for “What rumors” and X will be “X rated Hicks”.

  42. Ruin the image? Oh no, baby…you just enhanced the image. You don’t have to worry about people being mad at you on this site. We kind of like him that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Bad Boy Tay Tay. ๐Ÿ˜†

  44. It has been obvious to me for a long time that lots of people who knew or know him loved the guy. He seems to be a man’s man with so many guys liking him , and none of his ex girlfriends speak badly about him. One would think someone would have dished any dirt, right after he won, or during his run on AI.

  45. If I could be serious for a monent but I’ll probably just be moderated. ๐Ÿ™‚
    For quite some time and after reading his book T has struck me as someone with a heart of gold and powerful appetites that pretty much raised himself. He led a typical young muscians life.
    At some point he may have decided that if he ever wanted two cents to put together he was going to have to clean up his act.
    AI was his ticket to some form of success and his way to prove he could be a success. I think it would be nice for him if his fans could let him change if that is what he wants.
    Its not important to me what kind of lifestyle he leads, then or now, I just want to hear his music. All of it. And leave him alone to develop, change, or stay the same as he needs to be.

  46. I find it disappointing that what started out as an interesting discussion has sadly deteriorated into speculation and undocumented heresay commentary about drugs and alcohol. IMHO it does a disservice to Taylor to continue this line of thinking. That said, I do agree with some of the early points — especially the need for a live album (and an acoustic and Christmas one,too), as well as the comment about paying for M&G’s. Part of Taylor’s appeal was his accesibility to his fans. I understand that they take time and effort and his schedule is booked, but I’ve also seen times when people have paid for an M&G, and he has to leave after a few minutes. Everyone pays the same, but some M&Gs are crowded and allow little “quality time”, while others have just a few people. If they are going to charge, there should be different levels for the number of people. Then there’s the “promises kept” issue. THHQ rarely had anything new to make it worth the membership fee, and the “special gifts” to new members left a lot to be desired.

    I too miss the “passionate”, exciting, and fun Taylor from Idol. I know he still delivers in his live concerts, but unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to see one recently…and that brings me to one of the “mistakes” I feel he’s made — the lack of concerts in the Northeast and Mid Atlantic area where he has many fans and the potential for more. By touring so much in the south and Southeast he’s “Preaching to the choir,” because he already has fans there.

    I also feel he took too long to get his first album out. He had a HUGE wave of popularity and recognition after his win. By the time the CD came out people had forgotten who he was because they hadn’t seen him (don’t get me started on the way that Ford commercial, which most many HATED, helped form people’s impression of him. They were not interested in a CD from the guy who did that!)

    I believe he or his management misjudged the scope of the vengence, and the far-reaching influence of the Idol management. In a way I think the PTB felt this “young punk” thumbed his nose at them and their knowledge/experience by refusing the first song they gave him…and by performing in the shadow tour during the Idol tour. (The PTB didn’t get their “pound of gold/flesh” from that action. With that “company attitude”, his biggest supporters — Randy and Paula began to follow the party line, by ignoring anything he did. Idol has tried to rewrite history by eliminating Tay’s photos from the opening and the audition wall. (That was the best part of the auditions, seeing Taylor behind the contestants!). That bitterness has, according to rumors, has helped to blacklist Taylor for radio play. They must absolutely hate that Rewind is running season 5 this year, especially when one of their people considered it one of the best years on Idol.

    I feel Taylor has been poorly managed from the start. In several areas the Soul Patrol did a better job of promoting his concerts than the promoters. Performers who came along about the same time have become household names and are seen everywhere. The BIG question, of course, is does Taylor really WANT major stardom, they way we’d like to see him get it?

  47. This information is not shocking. Many musicians are bad boys. I do remember after he won, he had a group of religious fans, born-again christians, fundies, whatever you want to call them, who thought he was holier than thou. They were all over the message boards saying he was a virgin and what a good boy he is…blah, blah, blah. They don’t understand that American Idol manipulates the audience into thinking Idols are a certain way and it couldn’t be further from the truth.

  48. A venue will not book him, if he can’t fill the venue. In his last concert, he had to give away free tickets.. that is money lost! His hardcore fans just don’t get it. It’s ALWAYS about money – PERIOD!

  49. Okay, perhaps the conversation has deteriorated into rumors. I will concede that.

    But my point from all that was this: His dramatic change may be from not living the way he was before. Whatever way that was. Passion begets passion. I doubt anyone will disagree with I say that “Beauty School Dropout” doesn’t promote passion inside of me. And if you are stuck singing the same drivel, where in that life does it promote a passion and love for music?

    Maybe he is just tired. Maybe he is only thinking of $$. Whatever it is, it’s not working.

  50. SS, I remember when I worked in the city several years ago, Weird Al was in town, and on my lunch break I went into a little coffee shop. Inside the shop was someone from the venue passing out free tickets to see Weird Al. I remember laughing because I thought if you cannot sell enough tickets, what’s the point of doing the show.

  51. Are you comparing Weird Al to Taylor Hicks? Give me a break.

  52. Freckles-That’s only the tip of the ice-burg. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  53. Taylor might have to go back to playing bars, lounges and the Florabama. He will be back to what he was doing before Idol. But, if you love to perform and music is truly your passion, you do what you have to do. He actually might have a better chance of attracting a more diverse audience, other than grandmas who follow him around.

  54. I don’t care about what he did or does in his personal life. But, the rumors do leave me with questions. Like how does this person know he used prostitutes? Were they a prostitute? Were they also using prostitutes or were they just there to watch? LOL. Also did the prostitutes love him so much they gave their services free? Doesn’t seem to me he had much money to throw around. LOL. Same with the drugs. Were they using too? I would not be surprised if Taylor dabbled in drugs but my guess is that he used what others offered. I think Taylor was pinching his pennies too much at that time to pay for it himself. LOL. I’m just making light of this BUT as a rule I don’t Play the Rumor Game “someone said this or someone heard that from a so called reliable source.” My moto in my life is always give someone the benefit of the doubt. It has served me well.

  55. cf~ I am finding that out.

    SS~ was I comparing Taylor to Weird Al? Maybe I was. Neither one can sell tickets.

  56. “Neither one can sell tickets.”

    You got that right. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. I think his ability to sell tickets is what has cause Grease to run so long.
    And like it or not thats a good thing.

    Snow, you said it was all about the money. And then you turn around and say he might have to go back to the Florabama. Hmmm.
    Let me see if I can explain this.

    Sell or not he would probably like to make a new album some day.
    Plus I believe he likes living well.

    Albums cost money. Living well costs money.

    Grease pays well. Florabama doesn’t.

  58. LOL!

  59. This conversation reminds me of something. Does anybody remember Taylor was going to sue a music promoter for releasing his songs on I-tunes? I forgot the guy’s name, but anyway, this guy made a statement to the press, that if Taylor didn’t back off, he was going to reveal some juicy details regarding Taylor. Very interesting, indeed. I think they settled out of court because I never anything about it anymore.

  60. Rumors are like telephone tag, and the first thing that crossed my mind when reading about all the coke parties and prostitutes, was did he charge it to his grandma’s credit card. He admitted in his book to using legal and illegal mood alterators, as well as crashing in several young girls apartments with his band. The prostitute rumors could have come from that. But whatever, I don’t think such substances or actions have a thing to do with his music. He needs to look and behave more polished now, simply due to his fame. The whole TPTB thing, and AI treatment post AI. is one damn shitty thing to me. Since I don’t know the music business and how radio works, I can only hope there is no blacklist with his name on it.

  61. Henry, so in other words, he cares more about money? I get it now. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  62. If he wants a new album, he needs to get signed. He already proved with his last album that he can’t do it on his own.

    Hello Henry… his last cd was a failure. Are you going to deny this?

  63. SoulForever Says:

    I, too, found V for Vision grabbing my interest so I stayed and began to read the comments. The thoughts were interesting and seemingly valid. However, as I continued to read, I found more tabloid trash scattered here than between their pages.

    How did such an interesting discussion about Taylor and his career deteriorate into using coke and prostitutes? None of the “speculation” here has offered any proof; just this flimsy comment….”but the person I met seemed quite forthright, and it took some pressing to get that from her.”….pahleeese! Truth or not, I’m not interested in smearing a man who simply wants to make a living doing what he loves. If I found my way here via google alerts so can others who will take these rumors and gladly spread them as truth.

  64. I guess the solution at the time was Grease. I just don’t believe that it worked out like he wanted it to. It’s too bad, really. Seeing him in concert is an experience. Even my non Taylor friends that I dragged to the concerts with me loved it…and they weren’t even fans.

    I hate to say this, but maybe he should do Vegas or something like that. Someplace where he can find the passion again. I don’t know.

  65. SS, he can do another CD on his own, due to having made money fron Grease and having not blown his money. Henry didn’t say the next CD would sell well, just that she believes he wants to do another CD.

  66. Snowstorm Says:

    February 11, 2010 at 11:00 am
    This conversation reminds me of something. Does anybody remember Taylor was going to sue a music promoter for releasing his songs on I-tunes? I forgot the guyโ€™s name, but anyway, this guy made a statement to the press, that if Taylor didnโ€™t back off, he was going to reveal some juicy details regarding Taylor.
    hahaha-I remember that SS. Juicy details indeed.

  67. God, I hope he wants to do another CD. I would hate to think that “The Distance” is all he has left in him. Ugh.

  68. Odd posters love to come over here to defend rumors or speculations regarding Hicks but why is it that when there’s a rumor being spread about a fan that those rumors suddenly becomes fact? The same rule should apply to everyone and not just to the Holy One.

  69. If he signs with a record label, he doesn’t have to shoulder the burden of promotion and distribution. Who wouldn’t want that? Indies don’t make any money. That is all.

  70. Well I guess I should prepare myself for whatever they plan to call me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Grey-Vegas wouldn’t be a bad thing for him. He can do a little blues show type thing and it may be successful. The Osmonds were laughed at but carved out a nice niche in Reno.

    It would be interesting to see T do a show with none of the hard core peeps going to it. Would be a good indication of how many new fans he really has gotten with Grease.

  72. IAG, he’s not a big enough name to do Vegas. I doubt he will draw any crowds in Vegas.

  73. Freckles Says:

    February 11, 2010 at 11:22 am
    Well I guess I should prepare myself for whatever they plan to call me.
    Don’t loose any sleep over it Freckles. The ones who do it are nothing but shit stirrers and losers.

  74. I would not go as far as saying his album was a failure. Problem is that unless you order via online you can not find it. I think he was counting on these online sales for this album. Therefore promotion is a good thing and having an album available is also a factor. I’m always hearing about what a big saler Daughtry is but his last album didn’t fair well either. I agree with some that he has lost his passion for the music that he used to love. Maybe all the negative attitude concerning him has a factor in his passion. If no one else cares why should he? I will wait for him to regroup and do his thing again. I know it’s in him if he wants to. As far as the other rumors…does it really matter?

  75. The press is not going to pick up and run with anything mentioned on this blog. Neither is any online Hicks fan going to quit being a fan due to Freckles comments. Why would a non Hicks fan, even bother to come here to read about his or anyones visions. No need to worry SoulForever. I hope you make more comments in the future.

  76. SoulForever Says:

    Thanks, Rosie. I just commented on what I read. I don’t know anything about rumors about fans nor do I want to. I rarely comment about anything….anywhere and it’s not my place to defend Taylor’s actions or non-actions. But, starting rumors about someone’s personal, private life is an unworthy pastime. I enjoyed the blog but I’m done here…..thanks

  77. He did well at the casino in Biloxi. There are so many hotels in Vegas with shows and many have opening acts. Then there is the fact that the audience tends to be older in Vegas and so I think he could do well. Plus if he puts on a good show , even as an opening act, word would spread. The middle age and older crown would love him. Who wants to go to Vegas for 30 yrs and only see Wayne Newton? YUK

  78. Rosie, No non Hicks fan would bother going to any of the fansites, blogs or anywhere else pretaining to Hicks so don’t single out this one. Word is out that this fandom is way passed the wonky stage and the real world no longer gives a damn.

  79. I love Vegas! I would pay to see him out there. I paid to see an Elvis impersonator, Taylor would be WAY more fun.

  80. Celine Dion is going back next year for a 5 year project. Hopefully this time I can go see her.

  81. CF, I think you meant to use the word Random, instead of Odd. I hate to see anyone chased away or hurt, as I believe the more the merrier and better the discussions.

  82. Again, he’s not a big enough name to do Vegas.

  83. Yeah Freckles it would be kind of fun. He does seem attracted to the sparkly suits and he can glitz up the cone with some swanky lights and have a cool vehicle to arrive in.

  84. rosie Says:

    February 11, 2010 at 11:43 am
    CF, I think you meant to use the word Random, instead of Odd. I hate to see anyone chased away or hurt, as I believe the more the merrier and better the discussions.
    I didn’t use the “odd” in my post Rosie. I think you are referring to that other poster Soulwhatever

  85. Ok, I see it now. I should have put a comma behind the word Odd…sorry about that.

  86. Interesting, ” If I found my way here via google alerts so can others who will take these rumors and gladly spread them as truth.”

    For one thing you have to have the alerts set for Taylor Hicks to get TH alerts, that would mean you follow the guy anyway.

    Secondly rumors fly about celebrities all the time, that’s why we have sites like TMZ.com and Radaronline.com, etc.

    Speaking of snow, it’s snowing in Big D today. I mean real snow… ha.

  87. Snow, (I would call you by the new name I gave you but it was edited out)

    I do believe he has made money on the last album. And that seems to be the criteria for success. The man ain’t livin in a cardboard box.
    And just by the way, it is a very good album.
    The music and the musicians beyond good. Its quality all the way.
    3 songs on it that I don’t care too much for but they are still good music and the voice is great as always.
    I have read that the 1st album on an indie label can not count their VENUE sales at soundscan. Don’t know it thats true. But I read the reports of it selling by the boxes full at Grease at $20 bucks a pop.
    And it seems that most of than is his.
    It seems the entertainment world like all others judge success by numbers and dollars. And as one of his grease costars said “with Taylor around we sell lots more merchandise”
    As far as I am concerned who knows? and who cares?
    Off to work.

  88. Good points Spin.

  89. Their selling that mediocre cd for $20? Are you serious? That is a complete and total rip-off. haha.

    Wow, they must really be desparate to meet Taylor Hicks to buy that! ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Snow-Some fans are actually standing around and watching how many cd’s are being sold. I’ve read on another blog how a few months ago the poster saw Taylor and actually stood in the lobby to watch how much merch he was selling then reports back on the blogs about it. Sorry, but that’s excessive and very obsessive.

  91. henry, why do you need to resort to name-calling? Have I ever personally called you a name… no, I haven’t.

  92. I really think there are many reasons why his fans backed away, but one BIG reason are the fans who attack other fans. Many people didn’t want anything to do with the ugliness of bullying other posters. It left the impression that many of his fans are at the bottom of the barrel.

  93. Snow-Bullies don’t know any better. All they can do is resort to name calling and push people around who don’t conform to their way of thinking. They come here to play their games then go back to their own school yard and brag about it to their buddies which no doubt get a laugh. This mentality has been going on for a few years now and by the same peeps. It won’t change.

    Personally I’m glad you post here. You do add color to the blog and have the knack for keeping us on our toes. It’s not boring over here. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. Thank you cf! We usually agree with each other, but when we don’t agree, we can usually agree to disagree and leave it at that, which shows a lot of maturity.

  95. I abhor gossip and find it is usually spread by people with very little self confidence and don’t much like themselves. Just Saying !!!!!

  96. LOL That cracks me up.

  97. ***passes margarita to Freckles for keepin it real*** ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. cf~ Cheers!

  99. I can’t believe what I just read from SS and CF. SS, you’ve called several peeps names on this blog and or insulted their intellect, common sense or age. Cf. keepin it real, you and your chums bullied me on Morphs. The so called OTT fans also name call and poke fun. I understand the need for different blogs and that cliques form, but I don’t like it. I’d call two or three people toasting each other and praising each other , at the expense of another posters to be inconsiderate. I also include myself in the wrong doers.

  100. How about we get back to the topic of the post? ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Rosie, if I single someone out and have called them a name, it’s because they have called me a name first – that’s called defending myself. I don’t back down.

    I have generalized and called his fans, fat and old, which everyone knows is true, but I have never singled someone out because that’s not in my character to embarrass anyone.

  102. If I may defend myself for a moment…

    Despite what you all might think, I was hesitant to post the “rumors”. I believe I made that quite clear.

    Secondly, I also made it very clear that what I said I could not verify 100% because I don’t know Taylor personally, and that what I was posting was heresay and could be believed or not.

    Thirdly, I think it is quite funny that someone would say that I lack self confidence and don’t like myself very much. I think that statement is completely judgmental.

    And fourthly, I don’t recall ever in any post putting down anyone on here. Not once. EVER. I see that I acknowledged CF. I call the being polite.

  103. CF. SS, youโ€™ve called several peeps names on this blog and or insulted their intellect, common sense or age. Cf. keepin it real, you and your chums bullied me on Morphs.
    No one bullied you on Morphs Rosie. You posted repeatedly-as you do here, continuously fishing, picking out things from posters posts then dragging them over to different blogs to start up more controversy. So don’t you dare preach to me about what I say. I may read other blogs but I DON”T go around posting on different sites about what is being said here. Get over it Rosie…it’s not all about you.

  104. And fifthly, I don’t even know what morphs is. As far as I know I have never bullied anyone in my life. I’m just not the kind.

  105. Freckles, It doesn’t matter. The more you try to defend yourself the more it will be used against you. Anyone taking offense to what you said has the problem…it’s not you.

  106. This is what I find so odd about his fans. They cannot accept that Taylor Hicks is a human being and may have faults. Does it kill the image they have of him? So odd.

  107. I just find it fascinating how some people truly are. CF, thank you for being civil. It’s apparently a rarity among Taylor fans, sadly.

  108. SS~ Exactly. No one should be on a pedastal because it is a LONG WAY DOWN.

  109. Surely, these fans can’t be that naive about musicians? It must have something to do with American Idol and that they are role models to be looked up to. It’s just not true, people.

  110. Well, I believe Adam Lambert had to have blown that right out of the water.

  111. Freckles, I never accused you of anything. We just met. My post was for CF and SS, who were acting like goody goodies. CF I’m not dragging stuff to other blogs or fishing for anything. I posted on Morphs for a whole month before I ever posted on other blogs. I didn’t know the rules of the fandom and thought people could jump in anywhere and say what they wished. I seem to recall being called a loon from day one and a troll soon after, and having certain peep follow my every comment with snark. But it is old business and naturaly we see it differently. The END.

  112. Ok, Rosie… I apologize.

  113. CF Iโ€™m not dragging stuff to other blogs or fishing for anything.
    yeah, ok Rosie

  114. Adam Lambert was smart to get everything out in the open. You either accept him with all his warts or you don’t. The majority of music fans don’t really care about the warts anyway.

    Didn’t Taylor admit to all these things in his book anyway? So what’s the big deal?

  115. Freckles, I LOVE Adam Lambert. Randy Jackson recently commented that Adam was the most unique contestant they ever had on the show.

  116. I never read the book. From the interviews he just kept repeating everything I’d heard a million times and didn’t much care to have to read it in print. He talked about prostitutes in the book? Gonna have to look that up now.

  117. “Iโ€™m not dragging stuff to other blogs or fishing for anything.”

    That is a big, fat lie. You said something very mean about me in the Girlfriends blog and I called you out on it.

  118. Yes he did SS but all of that is quickly forgotten.

    You are right….Adam told the truth from the beginning and either one accepted it or not. He was honest about wanting to be an entertainer and an entertainer he is.

  119. I don’t know about prostitutes, but I think he admited to drug use.

    But, like I said he’s a man and a musician, so does anybody really care about this?

  120. I don’t think most fans, well at least the ones still posting , think Taylor is a saint. Some just get all worked up because they like him and want him to do well. They wrongly think that anything negative written about him will hurt his sales. Could be they think he reads everywhere and his feelings would be hurt. Some simply may just not enjoy freedom of speech among his fans.

  121. He’s probably learned to just blow it all off. It doesn’t really matter anyway at the end of the day. We are all just cyber blips.

  122. I’ve been following Taylor since day 1 and I remember the law suit against the preAI record promoter he left his record with in hopes of it being played on the radio. I remember after he won AI and fans were appalled when videos surfaced showing him smoking. I remember talk of Taylor being gay until those Hawaii pix surfaced, then the talk that he was with a prostitute in Hawaii, not the news anchor, Caroline Lyders, he was linked to at the time. I realize Taylor is an imperfect human being as we all are. However, I don’t believe everything I read, here and elsewhere, just because someone said so.

    I’m not ready to buy the pre- and post-idol drugs and prostitutes orgys yet, but nothing surprises me anymore. Unless you are the Jonas Brothers or Jordan Sparks, drugs, alcohol, and random sexual activity are often tied to and engaged in by musicians and their entourage. As far as I am concerned, Taylor is an adult. Adults have free will and are accountable for their actions. Tiger Woods is a good example. If the rumors are true about Taylor, he has been extremely discreet. I have never seen him look like he was “under the influence” of drugs/ETOH even though Simon did ask him if he was drunk. Who am I to judge anyway?

    Also, ADD/ADHD individuals have difficulty focusing on a task and completing tasks. They have a tendency to jump from one thing to another, never completing anything. This doesn’t sound like Taylor on AI. He seemed focused and delivered the goods. The mannerisms were probably nerves and energy, not ADHD. Adults with ADHD often take Adderall to help them focus, not cocaine or speed, but often they still remain hyper. Cocaine usage still provides the euphoria the user is craving whether ADHD or not. (I am an RN who works with another RN with ADHD and a family member has ADHD.) Did Taylor ever say he had ADHD?

    As for Taylor’s music/career, I have concerns that irreparable damage has been done which will prevent Taylor from being a huge success. According to Idol stats, Taylor ranks #10 of all idols in earnings; yet, no other idol has endured more undeserved criticism and dissing by the music media; particularly, when tied to American Idol. He would need a super hit, super album, and/or super manager to overcome the negative publicity to move to a higher level of success.

    I loved the TH album, but it was poorly marketed with no accompanying video and resulted in the sale of far less units than it should have. The long awaited “The Distance” was a hodge-podge of songs, some good, some awful. Again, poor management/marketing. If he had chosen 19 or MYS for the video, I think the album would have been more successful. I don’t know what red tape caused the 2-year+ delay in releasing WATW; however, a more timely release, when Taylor’s image was still salvageable, would also have been better received. That’s 3 strikes against him.

    Putting out another similar album will attract little more than his fan base. His Beau Rivage concert was sold out when I saw him in September; but he couldn’t give away enough tickets to entice people to see him perform three days later in Texas. It’s a real dilema. I’m sure Taylor and his management team have spent many a day trying to figure out a course of action to promote him.

    Taylor may be satisfied with playing smaller venues in selected areas of the country/overseas where attendance is very good. As an AI winner, he will continue to get offers from time to time to appear/perform. He may also get another Broadway part…time will tell.

    I continue to follow Taylor although not as passionately as I did in 2006-08; probably, because there is not much going on and I don’t have the time to frequent the forums and blogs I used to. I hope he continues to tour down South. I’ll always be a big fan. I want him to be happy and respected whatever he is doing.

  123. Take a look at this video and tell me that this is just passion fueling the music. I don’t think so.

  124. LOL Grey!

  125. Actually JC one of T’s family members confirmed that he did have ADHD or ADD-can’t remember which. Back then-especially in the south that type of thing wasn’t discussed and rarely treated. Self medication was pretty much the norm which is probably still going on. ADD people are very creative and usually highly intelligent.

  126. I really get tired of hearing about Off the Wall Taylor fans as if he has more than anyone else. I visit several sites only a couple are for artists. The other sites are business sites and believe me there are crazies everywhere. Every board has a few members who seem to take pleasure in throwing out negative comments and getting everyone stirred up and then the discussion goes down hill into name calling. It happens all the time. Must be something about the anonymity that brings out the worst in people.

  127. That video is painful to watch. Hard to believe that some fans were moved by that performance.

  128. Only watched part of it. Is that the one was he was slurring? Yeah, driven by pure passion and soul. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  129. Y’all think some fans are cruel to Taylor….poor John Mayer is being nailed, baked and then slow cooked on an open fire. Hopefully Hicks will NEVER find himself in this situation.


  130. We all know what was driving that performance. ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. 100% Grade A Jagger Bombs and then some….

  132. Just watch that vid on Utube and he was changing it up like he does his other songs. Heck I liked this softer version better than the one on In Your Time. He was channeling Ray, but Ray was often on the needle, herion, and Tay wasn’t and isn’t. One think I know that was NOT a coke uped performance. He may have had some drinks and just decided in that smaller familiar club, among fans, he’d do it however the hell he wanted. He looked cute as a button and sexy to me. I also know quite a bit about drugs and their effects.

  133. Couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of that video – the minute that woman started yelling over the song, I was done.

    Taylor’s true or rumored demons don’t concern me – everyone has skeletons in their closets. If he is using pros, at least, he doesn’t have to worry about emotional ties or settling down. I do remember the story of Byrd, the idol vocal coach, telling Taylor’s fellow male contestants, that they needed to get him laid.

    On topic, if he’s going to do live CDs with friends, I’d much rather it be Keb’ Mo’ or Wynn or other Bama friends, than former idol contestants.

  134. The last time he was at Smiths he said he had been buzzed the prior time.

  135. Don’t misunderstand me. If I was single, and that fine man was willing, I’d let him rock my world, and I’d die trying to rock his. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I don’t care what the man is on or not on.

  136. I still remember the first time I saw that vid on the AI boards. The thread literally had hundreds and hundreds of posts…no lie. Most of the posts were defending him and saying that performance was art. LMAO!

    One thing I will say, he was just as popular as Adam Lambert is now. It’s just too bad he didn’t capitalize on the popularity.

  137. Despite what you all might think, I was hesitant to post the โ€œrumorsโ€. I believe I made that quite clear.

    —————————————————————————————-Then why do it.
    Thirdly, I think it is quite funny that someone would say that I lack self confidence and donโ€™t like myself very much. I think that statement is completely judgmental

    At no time it I say YOU lacked anything….However I did say I find gossipers lack self-confidence and I stick by that statement

  138. It’s gonna snow! It’s gonna snow! Okay, now let me go catch up on y’alls posts.

  139. John Mayer is a douche. He reminds me of the boy in high school who slept with the hot girl in school and then bragged about to everyone, ruining the girl’s reputation as the school slut.

  140. I love Freckles. Wow! That was fun reading. So back to what I was saying…It’s gonna snow in south Alabama!!!! It’s gonna snow! It’s gonna snow!

  141. OMG! Just saw the video (or as much as I could stand)! What the fuck???????

  142. FH-If you are talking about the video with T singing Georgia-his ass is fried. Whoever the hell says that was full of passion is nuts. I thought he was going to fall off the damn stool. Good Grief.

  143. FH~ I love you too! ๐Ÿ™‚ And enjoy that snow. We got 12 inches over the last two days. I know it could have been worse. Thank goodness I don’t live in the DC area.

  144. *sniff sniff*

  145. Snow flurries! Little tiny snow flurries!!!! Next snow update in 1 hour!!!

  146. Stoned, drunk…he was something!

  147. Please take my snow. The official amt. for Baltimore is 79.9 inches so far this season, but there is more where I live. I’m happy for you Fair and for Sunny.

  148. Taylor would rather eat brussel sprouts than turnip greens.

    Taylor has a tattoo of that “Keep on Truckin” dude from the 70s on his left buttcheek.

    Taylor is actually a red head . . . he dyes his hair gray to look more “old timey.”

    Taylor once ate an entire bag of Cool Ranch Doritos ALL BY HIMSELF.

    Taylor randomly challenges strangers to a “thumb war” but then just kicks them in the shins and runs away after saying, “1, 2, 3, 4.”

  149. I totally believe you soulaz. Might as well cause probably some friend of a friend told you and that makes its so.

    I have the whole night from Smiths Olde Bar on DVD and I love it. The whole thing is fantastic, one of his best.
    He already said he did a little too much celebrating that night, I am so glad that he did because I love that performance. Drunk or sober, hes just damn good.

  150. hicksaholic Says:

    Really enjoying reading this thread. Thanks Freckles, Flower and JC and all others who posted. The discussion is about Taylor’s vision and passion and the reasons for it or lack of it. I think it stayed pretty much on track and civil. Freckles, I enjoyed your comments and did not find them offensive. Some want to ignore the elephant in the room or at least don’t want to discuss whether or not he’s there.

    Fairhope, it’s raining on Fowl River. Supposed to go downtown to stay at the hotel for Mardi Gras weekend but the snow might cancel the parades. I want to see the snow- I just don’t want to drive in it. I am so glad we only rarely get it. I don’t think I could stand 80 inches in a winter.

  151. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    And this is why I’m so glad to have discovered this site…..no worries about what I’m going to do until football season starts up again….I have laughed my bohunkus off at some of the comments….great discussion…if that dang Taylor Hicks would just listen to all of us, we’d solve all of his marketing problems, not to mention keep ourselves entertained with little snippets of what a friend, of a friend, of a friend reluctantly said. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ” You’ll never hear one of us repeating gossip, so you’d better be sure and listen close the first time” Soulaz, you get my vote…Hilarious post. ๐Ÿ™‚

  152. Soulaz, I will remember that if he EVER challenges me to a thumb war. Thanks for the tip! LMAO!

  153. I was going to add one more juicy tidbit to the list of rumors I have heard about Taylor, but I wasn’t sure if it would be too controversial or not.
    Oh, what the hell . . . here goes:

    Taylor is all about the music.

    Oh, and about that thumb war shit, all I can say is that my shins hate that bastard. Fool me once, Taylor, fool me once . . .

  154. Freckles Says:
    February 11, 2010 at 5:40 pm e

    Donโ€™t misunderstand me. If I was single, and that fine man was willing, Iโ€™d let him rock my world, and Iโ€™d die trying to rock his. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I donโ€™t care what the man is on or not on.

    I love this post!!

  155. What can I say…he’s effin’ sexy! *giggles*

  156. hey pssst!……I heard from a friend of a friend who heard from their cousin’s fourth cousin’s autie’s step dad’s uncle 2xs removed that Taylor is really Bill and Bill is really Taylor and that Taylor has weird fantasy’s about Ray and Lamont-his gold fish which are really both cats working undercover for the CIA. shhhhh-this is all on the down-low. ***tip-toes out of thread***

  157. OMG, CF!! I always knew he was weird that way!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  158. I woke up at 4 am with the image of Taylor wearing one of those brown fugly shirts, hosting a drug and sex orgy in his old apartment. He had moved Ray and Lamont to safety, and cleared his tables of his harps, to make room for the stash. He decorated by putting a blanket over the moth eaten couch. In order to have enough money for travel and to pay his band, he put all this elaborate orgy expense on his granny’s credit card. There was no left over pot roast in his fridge, just mustard, beer and 3 old mushy apples. Anyway, I decided to not believe this latest rumor, but pleased it may have killed once and for all the gay rumors.

  159. soulaz~ seriously you had me rolling with the whole shin thing. That was hilarious!

    cf~ I always knew there was something weird with Ray and Lamont. They are, as it seem, CIA catfish. Explains EVERYTHING!

  160. Wow that woke you up at 4am. I never have interesting dreams like that.

  161. LOL Rosie @ brown fugly shirts. Thank goodness he had the use of a stylist even for a little while.

  162. Donโ€™t misunderstand me. If I was single, and that fine man was willing, Iโ€™d let him rock my world, and Iโ€™d die trying to rock his. I donโ€™t care what the man is on or not on.
    I know what you’re saying! Wooooooo! Ya done put my thoughts into words!

  163. Freckles, you should read Heart Full Of Soul, as it is not boring and he seems quite open and honest. He has a chapter on his Asshole years, and talks about drinking and drugs, and the low life of being on the road and poor. He was waaaay more open then I expected.

  164. Seriously, Taylor does have a good sense of humor-even though at times it is dark but he can do well in a comedy or romantic comedy if that’s his calling.

    Rosie-Yes, that book was pretty good but I suspect that it was somewhat sugar-coated pertaining to certain vices. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  165. I remember during Idol they had Brian and Sam do a little snippet on Taylor. They said something about he was very quick at dishing out the jabs, and that they were still laughing over some things he said because they just got them. He’d been on AI for weeks at that point. LOL

  166. Oh, vices? Are we going to talk about vices? hahahaha

  167. Lots and lots of vices. IAG~Why don’t you get us rolling?

  168. itsallgrey Says:

    February 12, 2010 at 9:30 am
    OMG, CF!! I always knew he was weird that way!!
    pssst! Lamont was spotted last night outside the “Bait and Tackle Shop” playing his harmonica. Passers by were throwing fish food in his little cup….(he’s such a sleeze)

  169. Oh, the Bait and Tackle shop…

    Lots of fishing going on there..

  170. CF~ It’s so crazy that you know all that about Lamont, because I heard from a co-worker’s brother’s cousin’s best friend’s babysitter’s father’s great uncle’s electrician that Ray was walking around the park in a trench coat and sunglasses, randomly flashing his nakedness to people walking their goldfish in the snow.

    No wonder Taylor is crazy, he’s got CRAZY CATFISH!

  171. Cold ass rain! And if one more person calls or texts me a picture about all the snow at their house, I’m gonna go through the roof!!! I don’t even want to go to facebook.

  172. FH, sorry sweetie. Trust me, rain is better than snow. I know it may not seem like it, but it is.

  173. Freckles~Doesn’t surprise me. Ray was always the loopy one from what I hear. Once, a co-worker’s grandma’s gardener’s uncle’s best friend said that one day Ray was so plastard over the tequilla laced fish food that Lamont fed him that he was babbling on about how Taylor had a strange fetish with plastic dolls. (who knew?)

  174. I’ve benn married longer than I can remember and I would still “do” Taylor! What the hell does being single have to do with it? But Taylor may be the one to die!

  175. Okay. I’m going to facebook. Dammit to hell!!!

  176. FH~ I would want him, no doubt. But the hubby isn’t to hip on it. As a matter of fact, he used to be so jealous of my obsession with him. LOL He still is a little.

    CF~ Plastic dolls, eh? I think I could see that. The kind with the perma-O lips. Taylor is a man after all, they always want to stick it in whatever orifice is available. Ahem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  177. You know, it’s like warm apple pie.

    I crack myself up!

  178. Just a couple thoughts/questions/observations as I emerge from lots and lots of snow:

    *interesting post – agree with alot of the points made, but did not expect the incredible turn the comments took – you can’t make this stuff up!

    *I forget who confessed to “pressing” a Taylor acquaintance into revealing info about his past. My burning question – what compelled you to “press” this reluctant person? This was a need to know situation how?

    *this is circuitious so bear with me. We talk about the talented “desperate ” Taylor and I somewhat, although not entirely, agree that pain brings passion, brilliance etc alive, especially in the arts. Given that, and the almost universal conclusion that Grease is painful for Taylor to do – he’s desperate to do it, because there is nothing else…then does it follow that coming off of Grease, we’ll see the brilliant Taylor again? Just trying to find something good in all this….

    *I realize I have not taken Randy Jackson seriously enough. Who knew.

    *Oh, and alot of the people I know must be musicians because they may have at one time or another dabbled in drugs. WTF?

    *Love the “die trying to rock Taylor” thing. That would be one very long line!

  179. Freckles Says:

    February 12, 2010 at 1:02 pm
    You know, itโ€™s like warm apple pie.

    I crack myself up!
    LOL! That was fun! Thanks for the laugh Freckles. It’s good to see when posters have a sense of humour and not take things seriously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  180. Okay now I’ve been told it is snowing at my work…WHERE I JUST LEFT FROM AN HOUR AGO!!!!!!!! FML

  181. *I forget who confessed to โ€œpressingโ€ a Taylor acquaintance into revealing info about his past. My burning question โ€“ what compelled you to โ€œpressโ€ this reluctant person? This was a need to know situation how?
    Blueberry, You make it sound like this poster has done something that no one in the fandom has done before. What she asked or did pales in comparison to most of the antics that have been put into action by some hard core fans. There have been several fans who saw no shame in getting on their knees to service Brian Gallagher for info on Taylor.

    No offense to you at all, but perhaps you should direct your burning question of what compelled them to do what they did.

  182. Who is Brian Gallagher?

  183. I’m not aware of the BG story, I just read what was here on this post and commented o that. Struck me as odd, that’s all.

  184. Well blueberry, I asked and pressed because I’m nosy. LOL What do you want me to say? I definitely didn’t “service” anyone…

  185. Well blueberry, I asked and pressed because Iโ€™m nosy. LOL What do you want me to say? I definitely didnโ€™t โ€œserviceโ€ anyone
    Asked and answered – fair enough. But what does this have to do with anyone servicing anyone???

  186. That’s ok blueberry. There’s not much that doesn’t strike me as odd with Taylor or this fandom-myself included. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Freckles-Brian Gallagher played wind instruments with Taylor during his tour back in 07 or 06-can’t remember which. He’s a hot looking guy but a slut dog. A friend of mine who lives up in WI went to the country fair with her sister that year where T was performing. Afterwards, my friend and her sister went bowling with some of the band members and the sister ended up in the bed with Brian. Come to find out Brian went “bowling” with a lot of fans who wanted to get next to Tay-didn’t work. The only info that she got out of Brian was that every morning on the bus Taylor would wake up with a huge hard on and had to go to the bathroom. Apparently T has a huge schlong that can be quite intimidating.

  187. You missed my point.

  188. Well, that’s something else for me to drool over. LOL

    CF, you are the coolest person ever. Seriously, have I told you that today?

  189. So are you Freckles and back at ya. Although the majority of the SP wouldn’t agree with your assessment of me. But then again, I’ve always walked to my own beat and was never into popularity.

  190. Me either. I try to be respectful, but beyond that I don’t really care.

  191. I hear ya. Sometimes respect is hard to maintain-especially when one is coming at you in a defensive mode. While it’s appreciated that so many feel the intense desire to “defend” Taylor, I’m curious to know if he would ever return the favor for them. I have yet to hear of such a phenomenon but perhaps we can consult with Ray and Lamont on that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  192. Well if anyone knows Taylor, it’s my coworker’s brother’s wife’s stepfather’s cousin’s grandfather’s electrician who hangs out exclusively with Ray. I mean, when I hear something from that source, I KNOW it’s absolute fact. LOL

    As for the BG thing…it kind of cracks me up that someone doling out tidbits of information (esp. a male) would mention that Taylor has a huge angry schlong first thing in the morning. I’m rolling over that.

  193. Yeah, I hear that Ray loves to flap his fins about Taylor and Lamont both. Lamont isn’t any better. He always swims in the trashiest toilets in town….according to my friend’s best friend’s fiance who is an attorney who sued the local septic service for flushing Lamont down into the sewers many, many years ago. It was a nasty, nasty scandal. B’ham still hasn’t recovered fully from that.

  194. YOU GUYS ARE CRAKING ME UP. LOL. If I was a Groopie (which I’m not LOL) I’d do BG and never ask a Taylor question at all. BG is a Hot Looking Guy all by himself. LOL.

  195. Did Ray ever tell you about the time when***leans over to Freckles*** Ray was laying on his back taking a relaxing swim in the toilet and a drunk Taylor comes in and not seeing that Ray was in there-sits down to “take care of business” because he was too shy to score with a chick at the local bar? Although the conversation was muffled-for obvious reasons, Ray heard T’s roommate pounding on the door for Taylor to come out because he had to go himself. Talk about scandals. Ray was so traumatised that he lost all his fins and hid in his tank for a week!

  196. Don’t even get me started on what Cleatus-the lab Taylor owned said about him……oh my!

  197. Oh to be with Taylor one morning when he woke up.

  198. It’s getting dirty around here. Well at least I was right about the inches, maybe I underestimated. Could be BG was just having some fun , telling the girl what he thought she wanted to hear. Taylor got a great review in the Washington Post and the writer thought he sang beautifuly and acted like AI Tay. Tay tweated he worked out this morning and judging from how he looks, I think he is taking care of himself, and staying in shape for his next adventure. He seems to be sporting some popping pecks the last 6 months.

  199. Do your dance! Grease is ending May 23rd in Cleveland. He loves those late May beach trips and Ya’ll may get a glimpse of his new and improved pecks. I hope he is offered something good and will work on a new CD for early 2011. Let the guessing begin.

  200. That’s great Rosie! I’m sure we will all hear about T’s next adventure in due time. I’m sure it will be interesting.

  201. Well, we can hope it will be interesting.

  202. What I find interesting is there was a write up about him in DC-maybe it’s the one Rosie is talking about. Anyway, Taylor said in the interview that he is doing a shadow tour with Grease and something about his band being lined up. Now I had to look at the date of this interview which says Feb 10, 2010 but I fail to see any shadow tour schedule. Maybe he’s got something lined up that hasn’t been announced yet. It’s almost March so time’s a-wastin Tay-Tay! Flex your pecks and get your cockles moving buddy!

  203. CF, I read that article too and I think it was more of a compilation of what Taylor has been doing and how many things he’s done along with Grease. I don’t think the reporter was speaking necessarily about shadow shows to come. Although it would be nice if he could squeece one more in. LOL.

  204. oh ok. Thanks for clearing that up. It very could be that. I was just a bit confused.

  205. I wish he would do a show closer to me! I’ve been dying to see him again.

  206. I doubt he will do another gig before the end of Grease. We don’t know what he has to pay the band to fly in and stay at a hotel. The small clubs and $25.00 tickets are not big money makers. He had to fork out big bucks for that 2 day Workplay gig. No one knows, what if any profit he has made from The Distance. There were big names involved with getting it out there. The $20 price as Grease, some goes to the venue. Lord knows what he pays for legal and accounting advice, security managers and handlers. Just to maintain the caliber of a star, when you are not raking in the dough from CD sales, or arena sales is a worry. Fans bitched, begged and whined for well over two years for WATW, never ever considering the expense versus profit for him. All you need do is read the credits at the end to get the fact it is a loss for him. There were so so many peeps to pay. I love the guy and his talent and drive. I bore many here with my passion and praise, but I do enjoy others input. Even when the so called “haters”, knock him right and left, a simple thing such as an image of bad boy Hicks, rumor or not, or an old vid of a sexy performance, pissy Tay, good guy Tay, harp blowing Tay, stirs the libido. The fun is reading different opinions and slants on his past, present and future. Some of ya’ll are so smart and write so well. He has some intelligent fans and some fans who make jokes and some who tend to be negative. I laugh, sometimes worry, but always enjoy the other fans, even when I disagree. Can’t give a reason why he drew me in, or why I care, but I don’t give a damn for reasons and go with the Hicks flow.

  207. Due to Tays recent tweets and twitpics, could Sandy and the teen angel be an item? She is little, (blonde)?, a singer and actress, and a co worker on the long and lonely Greasy road. Tay, of little words , may be spilling the beans.

  208. For me at least, I could care less if he’s with Sandy or whoever else he wants to be with. I got over caring about any of that a long time ago. His finances don’t concern me either. What and who Taylor pays is not my concern. If someone wants to worry about any of that-it’s their choice. No offense to anyone, but how is it any of our concern anyway? Lord knows we all meddle in every aspect of his life. I say leave his bank balance out of it.

    And just for the hell of it…I think he’s seeing someone and has been for awhile. I’ll just leave it at that and move on…..

    Good night all

  209. CF, so sorry you’ve lost the fun, the joy, and intrique of being a Taylor fan. I’m into Taylor and numbers and his earnings, happiness, career, wherabouts, and love life and friendships. CF, with all the opinions expressed on this blog, about what he should and shouldn’t do career wise, one would have to be Ignorant to dismiss his bank balance. Anyone posting here or at any other Taylor blog or forum, cares in one way or another. I agree let him be, but I shall post whatever comments I wish.

  210. As usual Rosie you personalize things.

  211. I’m having a Mardi Gras party at my house today. You are all invited. First, though, you have to come and help me clean this damn house!

  212. And CF….quit dropping hints about mine and Taylor’s long term relationship! If my husband finds out…………..

  213. hicksaholic Says:

    We’ve got a room at the Admiral Semmes(Radisson) last night and tonight. My husband rides tonight. I don’t stay in the room though. My girls do. Got a big brunch tomorrow with a band. Mardi Gras is fun! Have fun at your party, Just let them drink and they won’t notice the dirty house.

  214. dayum in that video – is he on heroin? LOL My gawd terrible wailing and singing and how he looks. *facepalm*

  215. Regarding John Meyer apparently he said some really stupid things and well there are always consquences for that. *I should know… lol*

  216. If the rumors from all of the cousins three times removed are to be believed. all the guys, except Josh & Felix were “doing” fans. Guess Taylor didn’t pay them enough to hire professionals.

  217. Well, I think in most cases the entourage (or whatever you want to call them) use the star of the show to get nookie. With all these women willing to do just about anything to get one snippet of information, can you honestly think they wouldn’t take advantage of the situation?

  218. Could be Tay and Sandy are an “item.” He says he likes tall, dark-haired girls, but most of the girls he’s dated have been petite blondes. Go figure.

  219. Eh… a man’s a man. Often ruled by a part OTHER than his brain.
    Hey, works for me!

    As for questions about GREASE…..trying to appreciate it from Tay’s POV…
    The check arrives on time and it’s good.
    No booking hassles.
    Nice venues.
    Reservations taken care of.
    The customers are sober (for the most part) and go home early.
    The crowds roar when he appears.
    The costume lady handles the laundry.
    Local press welcomes him.
    There’s time for real meals and hanging out in different cities.
    And the work is not a grind.
    What’s not to love?

  220. Hey, Taylor tweeted us a picture. AHAHAHAAA!!!

    I love the title!!



  221. mamaforpeace Says:

    We wonder why Taylor isn’t getting the success he deserves, but I just saw the movie about Fantasia. Terrible acting, but what a voice! It was the first year I watched AI, and I was sure she was going to be a big star. So what happened? Too black, not commercial enough, made the wrong choices??? I don’t know. But if I compare her to Carrie Underwood, the big AI success story, Fantasia has more talent in one note then Carrie in all the scales. Ha, but Carrie is very commercial! Pretty blonde, wears clothes, oh so well, knows how to play the game probably, country music, whatever. Taylor isn’t the only one who should have been more successful.

  222. I’m laughing my ass off at that pic he tweeted. Tay may have read here and wants us to know that CF’s rumor was on the mark. That pics warms the cockels. The comments are funny. I love his tweets and pics and can’t imagine him blathering like some of the other idols and stars. Tay’s auro is on vibrate tonight baby, wooooo! Grey this may be his favorite blog.

  223. itsallgrey Says:

    February 13, 2010 at 8:14 pm
    Hey, Taylor tweeted us a picture. AHAHAHAAA!!!

    I love the title!!


    Yep-That’s exactly the way BG described it! hahahaha!

  224. hicksaholic Says:

    That twitpic is hilarious and quite a change from Taylor’s typical tweet.

  225. That tweet showed some humor, nice naughty humor. More of that please, Mr. Hicks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  226. He turned it sidways on purpose. Knowing Tay’s sense of humor, I think he told the guys, what to say if they were in a compromising situation and pressed for info about Taylor. But if it gives Fairhope happy dreams and fuels our lust all the more, let it live. Could be a FACT, (ladies) ? !!!… Just love that elipses.

  227. I’m with you Sunny-more of that humor is needed.

  228. Taylor was out in DC and enjoying the sites. I seriously doubt he was sending some sort of underlying message as in “FU” to anyone like some seem to think elsewhere.

    Rosie, I think all pics are uploaded into that default position. You can rotate the pic to stand upright but it interferes with the caption reading.

    Happy V Day to all! Hopefully, husbands, boyfriends and other significant others will get some attention today, tonight and not be directed to Hicks.

  229. CF, his lawyer and accountant are also in the photo. I agree about the no FU. This blog would make him laugh and swear on occasion, both are good for the soul.

  230. Rosie, you’ve lost me. There’s no one in the Monument photo that he tweeted.

    I agree about the making him laugh thing. T certainly has enough to laugh at and not only on this blog.

  231. MD-T’s attorney is one of the nicest of the peeps he’s got around him. He deserves the Tolerance of the Year award with all the BS he’s had to endure over the years with some fans. He’s a true and dedicated friend of Taylor’s. God bless him.

  232. There is a pic of Tay, Clay, Dominic and the other two, touring the White House. Posted on Chills and elsewhere. Taylor looks like a star in the photo. I’ve given up trying to convince others that diversity and different opinions are a good thing. His money, love life, career and looks are discussed elsewhere, and sometimes the guessing games become like rumors. If I don’t agree with others, there is a nice way to say so.

  233. Rosie, You are wise in giving up trying to convince anyone of anything. All you can do is be yourself, have fun and take it all in stride. One of the reasons I like this blog so much is that our fearless leader allows us to express our opinions and yes….even be judgemental at times while others would never allow that.

    It’s all good! This is only cyberspace and not to be taken too seriously.

  234. Don’t think Taylor was giving us a big FU(fuck you for us non-pc folks). I think the old bags at chill’s are just jealous! Hicks: sounds like your Mardi Gras party was a little more high class than mine! On county road 1 where I live (runs along the bay) the Krewe of Mullet Mates parades. All we have to do is walk to the end of the driveway. THe only parade that is more redneck is the Joe Cain parade! LOL OMG! I celebrated way too much and am feeling the pain.

  235. LOL! You’re probably right FH. I didn’t want to say it, but glad someone did. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Happy MARDI GRAS to you my cyber friend.

  236. mamaforpeace Says:

    Really? some people are upset about that picture? Why??? I think it’s pretty funny and clever.

  237. FH-Seems you have caused quite a stir with your “old bag” comment.

    (that’s my girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  238. Mama, some people don’t really have a sense of humor…nor do they expect Taylor to, I guess.

  239. Interesting tweet from Daughtry’s wife today
    Mrsdaughtry….its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame. Song of Solomon 8:6

  240. IAG , who is it that didn’t like Taylors picture? I must have missed that.

  241. Is it old bags or old baggage?

  242. I think it’s a well known fact that are some fans out there who don’t think Taylor should do anything that a good Christian boy wouldn’t do.

  243. Seems some peeps elsewhere think they are prettier than us so this goes out to all the beautiful ones at Grey’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  244. Here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for the ones obsessing over which hotel T is staying at. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  245. Hey Taylor! If you have a strip pole in your hotel room, hopefully you have a hottie giving alot of “somethin’-somethin'” HAPPY V-DAY!

  246. hicksaholic Says:

    I was at the Joe Cain parade yesterday. Lots of people there because the weather was beautiful. Joe Cain is redneck but if you really want redneck you should come to the Order of Riverrats parade on Fowl River. Mardi Gras Day tomorrow and then it’s all over for a year. Thank God- I can only party so much.
    Back to CF’s discussion of Taylor’s love life- I often wondered if he and Caroline Lyders still saw each other but pretended otherwise to prevent the crazies from following her every move. From the little the fans heard or saw she seemed like a classy intelligent woman and definitely Taylor worthy(or perhaps given some opinions of Taylor as a person, too worthy for Taylor).

  247. It’s odd anyone would think the obelisk sideways pic that Hicks’ featured is any sort of “fuck you” to anyone. It’s well known the phallic indications of an obelisk or anything of that sort of shape, but for Mr. Hicks to address ladies in any sort of Fuck you would be a.) outside the commonly perceived thought process he’s a Southern Gent and b.) unwarranted and c). rather nutty.

    I took it as a ‘salute’ lol Hi Five Boner, especially when paired with “Ladies….”

    Hope everyone had a nice Valentine’s Day!

  248. Yeah, I agree Sunny. It would appear that he’s just having some fun with is lady fans. SCHWING! LOL

    I half expected with all the videos up the line that we would be seeing the beautiful people by manson. LOL (that’s a favorite of mine)

    Hope everyone had a great V-day!

  249. Seems someone on another blog is engaging in a blatant and classic flip-flop; she proposes a ‘rumor’ that obelisk pic to be a message to certain fansites – a Fuck you; then adds, a few comments down how abhorrent she feels negative suggestions and dirty fan-war instigations are… LOL

    Irony; I am a fan.

  250. When i was driving around the other day listening to Early Works, I was struck by how talented and creative Taylor was at a young age. The music and the lyrics jived so well. He explained his motivation/inspiration for writing Son Of A Carpenter on WATW. Listening to the song in the car, I get he was comparing his then status in the music world, to the lowly carpenter on a huge and glamorous project. That was so creative and perhaps he will write another vague meaning song in the future.

  251. These are the times when I’m grateful that this is the only “fan” site that I visit. Too much drama elsewhere…

  252. The only Pre-AI song I like of his is “In Your Time.”

  253. In Your Time and Somehow are my favorites.

  254. hicksaholic Says:

    I think Taylor may take some creative liberties about his songs motivation/ inspiration. I think at some point he said SOAC was about Linda Ronstadt. Never have figured that one out.
    I love”The Deal” (fits his voice perfectly IMO), “Somehow”, The Fall (Nashville session version) and “Hold On To Your Love”.

  255. Hicksaholic-I think CL was perfect for Tay and exactly his type of woman. Too bad that relationship didn’t pan out for whatever reason. Hopefully he will find-or has found someone who can fulfill everything he wants and needs.

  256. rosie Says:

    February 15, 2010 at 8:35 am
    When i was driving around the other day listening to Early Works, I was struck by how talented and creative Taylor was at a young age.
    That’s because back then it really was all about the music. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  257. spinshack Says:

    February 15, 2010 at 8:01 am
    Seems someone on another blog is engaging in a blatant and classic flip-flop; she proposes a โ€˜rumorโ€™ that obelisk pic to be a message to certain fansites โ€“ a Fuck you; then adds, a few comments down how abhorrent she feels negative suggestions and dirty fan-war instigations areโ€ฆ LOL

    Irony; I am a fan.

  258. shitstirrer Says:

    Speaking of CL, doesn’t she work at a news station in DC now? Could be he’s been seeing her every night since he’s been there. On his tv at least.

  259. hicksaholic Says:

    I think she does unless she moved again. Him doing Grease in DC is what made me think of her. I hope Taylor does find a girl to date seriously if that’s what he wants. However if what CF or Freckles said about Taylor liking prostitutes and more than one at a time that might be a deal breaker in a long term relationship. LOL

  260. Hicksaholic, you make it sound like Freckles and myself are the only ones who ever spoke of that subject which is not the case. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock these past 3 years, this subject has been talked about-along with much deeper things than simple prostitutes. If T is doing high class call girls, at least it shows that he’s being discreet and knows the women won’t talk about it afterwards. Surly you don’t think he’s celibate.

  261. I’ve come out of my hang over and am catching up. What? I made someone angry?? Who? Little ole me??? Gotta go over there and read.

    Did I not read over there that Tay was giving us a “big FU”?

  262. Looks like it was NOLA and Henry who said he was given us the big FU. Now why would they say that? Taylor, big man, come give me the big FU!!!!

  263. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Oh for pete’s sake, he’s a 33 year old horn dog musician who smokes probably snorts on occasion and you can bet your sweet a$$ he’s not celibate. He’s got a sense of humor, and so do I…thought the tweet was hilarious, even if I am chronologically challenged.

  264. LOL! So did I PSA.

    FH-Have I told you today that I seriously HEART U! You’re the best!

  265. hicksaholic Says:

    No Cf- I’m not one that thinks Taylor is celibate and I’ve heard enough from college kids where Taylor has played both musically and otherwise to know the coke rumors are likely true or at least were at some point(and certainly some point since AI) so no I’m not in denial regarding Taylor. But I am guessing both high class calls girls and coke usage if he still does both would limit his ability to have a successful long term relationship with one woman unless she was very forgiving.
    I think the tweet is hilarious and shows a lot more personality than a normal Taylor tweet. He needs to do more of that even if it drives some fans away. He really needs to lose that AI nerdy nice guy reputation.

  266. Ha,ha ha at the high class call girls who won’t talk, yet CF will and hears such rumors via her aura. How about the false rumor being said on this blog, that some fans were upset by Tay’s momumental twitpic. See how rumors are started. Trust me celebs have way more then their share of false rumors spread about them. OXY- Moron= high class call girls. Moron= Saying people don’t talk about what goes on behind closed doors, yet saying you hear and suspect what does.

  267. Who said anything about fans being upset over Taylor’s pic?

  268. Grey-I believe you just got an interesting subject for the next chapter of IAG….compliments of Taylor Hicks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  269. hicksaholic Says:

    What interesting subject? I’m confused.

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