There’s an app for that!!

Taylor Hicks released something today. Is it a song? A video? No…it’s an app for the iPhone. Check this out…

Taylor Hicks App

This is the official Taylor Hicks app for the iPhone or iPod Touch.

This app is a must-have for Taylor Hicks fans. It helps you keep up with Taylor Hicks while you’re on the go.

The rich features and unique content in this app include:
– watch the latest videos
– browse photos
– sample their latest music
– read blog posts and the latest news
– engage with other fans across Facebook and iLike
– post concert photos directly from your iPhone to the fan community
– get regular bulletin updates

A Note From Taylor Hicks:
“The past four years have been a blessing and full of experiences that I will never forget. From Idol to Broadway and beyond, it’s been an exciting ride. The best part of it all is sharing the experiences with you. With this app, you can keep up with me from anywhere. Videos, music, photos, personal messages from myself – it’s all right here. You can also submit your own posts and interact with other fans. It’s easy to navigate, fun to use, and a great way for us to stay connected – and best part, it’s free! Talk soon – Soul Patrol!”

About Taylor Hicks:
Alabama’s favorite son continues to be in “The Right Place” since becoming the fifth-season winner of American Idol. Over the past two years, Taylor has seen his Arista debut album certified platinum, performed with the likes of Earth, Wind & Fire, The Allman Brothers and Willie Nelson, toured through Asia, penned a brisk-selling Random House memoir, and made his Broadway debut in Grease (starring as Teen Angel). As of March 2009, Taylor released his latest album, “The Distance,” on his own Modern Whomp Records.

Popular Songs by Taylor Hicks:
Seven Mile Breakdown – Country Mix
Memorial Day Audio Blog
What’s Right Is Right
Seven Mile Breakdown
Maybe You Should

Related Artists:
Hugh Grant
The Wonders
Linda Lewis
Bob Carlisle

Apparently he changed his mind about it being free, because it’s actually 99 cents. Well, at least that’s cheaper than $25/year for broken promises.


72 Responses to “There’s an app for that!!”

  1. casualfan Says:

    These apps are cool. It’s a great platform to reach potential fans and .99 cents is a good price. Hopefully new fans will use this app and not just the same people.

    Someone posted on Twitter about Taylor endorsing a harmonica with Hohner. Taylor has endorsed Hohner for years now but he does not have his own signature series-although I think that would be a great idea. My guess is that Hohner put T’s image on the packaging of the Hot Metal series in generalization meaning that they use images of other musicians as well. If this was a signature series specifically for Taylor, his signature would be on the plate which it’s not.

  2. Well, CF, I’m sure the fans will use it more than Taylor.
    *claps hand over mouth* psssst… Did I say that out loud??!?

    – get regular bulletin updates 😀

    And I’m worried about what Hicks and Hugh Grant have in common… LOL!

  3. Is that paid membership site still open? Did anyone renew and why do I care? Oh my…..

    LOL YKW-You are most likely right but I was trying to be a “good fan” 😉

  4. OMG, that is funny. “Personal messages from myself”. Where have I heard that before? Anybody who renewed on the paid membership site, needs to have their heads examined. You are right IAG, this is MORE broken promises.

    “A great way for us to stay connected.” Connected to what exactly? Other than Teen Angel, there’s nothing going on in his career. And he’s still hanging on to “Soul Patrol”! Someone needs to inform Taylor there’s only 5 people still calling themselves soul patrollers. Even the die-hards went away and want nothing to do with it.

  5. I need a “Snow app” on iTunes, just to give myself a reality check now and then…. hahahahahha!!

  6. Sometimes you “kool fans” try to be so cool. There seems to be more buzz about the kids harp. YKW, I have no clue to what the Hugh Grant connection is to Hicks. In fact I wish you would enlighten me as I can be dense. Did I ever mention that I think the most straightforward way to present a list of Hicks complaints, would be to just give one’s top ten list? You know start a thread and a trend as some would come in with their own top 10. The list of Hicksonian failures and complaints would, I think at least get to 20. No, I’m not baiting, and hopefully no one is as we are a community of people who are interested in Taylor. Seriously, YKW, I don’t get your drift. Didn’t Grant get caught with a prostitute? Grey, the iphone thing is a non thing. CF, I thought you believe Tay has no new fans from Grease or anywhere. I know you know about harmonicas. The three of you are interesting people to me, but often I just do not understand your interest or obsession with all events relating to Taylor Hicks.

  7. Well, I see SS weighed in on the matter. Since we have 31 inches of snow with perhaps 20 plus more expected Tues. and Wed. I’m weary. SS, I think you try to remind Tay of his lacking and many of his fans on twitter. You do not post there as Snowstorm, but from reading, I get that your other half is wacky enough to think he reads your comments and cares. I tend to like your real persona. Give everyone a break, snow, including you.

  8. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Wonder how many people are actually going to download the iphone app? It has to be quite a few for him to make any money off of it.

    I have no idea why he continues saying Soul Patrol or why he would still want to market himself that way. Given his talent, I’m starting to understand why he couldn’t make it until AI.

  9. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I’m no expert on harps-can’t even play one. I simply went to the Hohner USA site and searched for Taylor’s harmonica that the fans were tweeting about. There is nothing on the Hohner site to indicate that he has his own personal signature series of harps. Maybe his management has a PR release forthcoming. I went to the link that was provided in the tweets and only Taylor’s picture is on the packaging of the Hot Metal harmonica but that means nothing.

  10. Oops, I was a tad bitchy last night.

  11. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie, what are smoking? I do not post messages on Twitter regarding Taylor Hicks. And even if I did, why do you care so much? Can’t you find other hobbies other than cyber stalking strangers on the internet?

  12. Snowstorm Says:

    that should be “what are you smoking”

  13. mamaforpeace Says:

    Hugh Grant???

  14. Yeah, I didn’t get the Hugh Grant reference…but that was what iTunes said.

  15. spinshack Says:

    I’m completely lost. So Hicks had his pic on a box for a harmonica but it’s not his signature harmonica, his pic is just on the box? His fans think he’s getting his own ‘brand’ of harmonica and so thought that is why his pics on the box but that’s not true… and somehow Hugh Grant is involved?

    And iTunes has a Taylor Hicks app? First it was free now it’s .99 and what is everyone now able to get their own app? Alrighty then!

    The Rose is mad because YKW and CF are talking about Taylor, yet when we don’t talk about Taylor here folks are mad? I am going mad?

    And Snow doesn’t post on Twitter but everyone and their pet cat thinks she does, yet Rosie likes her fine in real life just not on twitter?

    Taylor continues to say Soul Patrol.. is he saying that on the harmonica box then? You know in caption? (need a pic)

    Is that ‘fansite’ of his, the paying one still around? They ripped me off long ago when I decided erroneously to go ahead and sign up. Paid my money then could not get logged in. Asked for assistance several times and no one ever responded. Never did get in that site. lol $25.00 donated to the TH charity.


  16. Sunny, this is why I love you. 🙂

  17. LOL Sunny! Yeah-You summed it up perfectly!

  18. If anyone ever took Marketing classes in college, the first thing you learn is not every marketing campaign is going to work. When it doesn’t work anymore, you drop it. Soul Patrol, Modern Whomp are failed marketing campaigns and when you keep bringing it up, it reminds people that it failed, thus they want nothing to do with it. Hicks must have skipped those chapters in college.

    Spin, the internet is smoke and mirrors and people like Rosie don’t get it. It’s futile to try to explain to them because the internet is pretty much their lives. It’s weird enough to stalk Idols and celebs every move on the internet, but to stalk fans brings the cray cray to a whole new scary level.

  19. Snowstorm Says:

    February 9, 2010 at 9:13 am
    Rosie, what are smoking? I do not post messages on Twitter regarding Taylor Hicks. And even if I did, why do you care so much? Can’t you find other hobbies other than cyber stalking strangers on the internet?
    SS-Some posters are under the impression that you are “notmyname02/secretstare/candyapples144/josie” and whatever else she uses.

    I believe that “CDC Investigations” reached that conclusion. LOL!

  20. cf, I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m not any of those people. CDC Investigations… what the heck is that?

  21. I see this phone app has one game listed….anyone know what game that is?

  22. Yes some fans are under that impression about notmyname02 being SS and the other names and even having used to name rosie for awhile. I don’t know or care, but notmyname02 stalks me everywhere and posts to Tay on twitter about me. The person who posts here as SS I kinda like. Since I didn’t read the link, I thought YKW was the one comparing Grant and Hicks. I’m not using the paid fansite. The harmonica is for children and I think most fans are just buying it due to Tay’s pic on the box. I think some are buying iphones, which I don’t get, since we can get our Taylor news elsewhere. We have 31 inches of Snow on the ground and are expecting 20 more inches today and tomorrow, and peeps are getting bitchy, including me. Taylor is going to freeze his cockels in DC. Oh and I plead not guilty of cyber stalking. Hi Sunny, you are good.

  23. Ah Soul Patrol. The BB general thread has a thread entitled “What was said early about that Gray haired guy”. It enlightened me to the birth of the SP, a very interesting read. I was surprised that none of the regulars there were a part of the original group of fans, who with their 78 votes, deemed themselves the SP. Things could have been worse since The Gray Geese, Taylor’s Hams and Hickies, were also up for votes. Were any of you peeps one of the 78 original voters for SP? Would you admit it if you were? Where are those early fans who checked out the Gray Haired guy? The SP tag is the smartest marketing plan he had then or now. He told the 100% truth when Ryan asked him where SP came from.

  24. casualfan Says:

    Rosie-Do you really know how the name SP was tagged to T’s fanbase? It had nothing to do with any votes. There’s a guy-can’t remember his name who orginally tagged it.

    Actually, the name Soul Patrol wasn’t invented by Hicks or any of his fans. That term has been around since the 70’s and there’s a magazine called “The Soul Patrol” not related to Taylor.

    And FYI-Most, if not ALL of the “orginal SPrs” are long gone. Most of them got on board because of the MUSIC and ice-cream cones weren’t part of “The Deal” 😉

  25. casualfan Says:

    The SP tag is the smartest marketing plan he had then or now. He told the 100% truth when Ryan asked him where SP came from.
    You should take up some marketing classes. The SP tag is a stupid move on his part or whoever put it there. It only attracts the same people because the term SP has a bad reputation out in the real world.

  26. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I was around when the “Soul Patrol” came about on the AI boards. I think it was Wiseguy or something like that. At the time SP was a good idea. But 4 years has gone by. What’s the point in marketing something that is hopelessly out of date? Try to find 10 new people that want to join the SP today. You’ll probably find oil before you do. How is it smart in any way to keep saying it?

  27. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    CF – we posted at the same time. It’s true that most of the originals are gone. I spent a lot of time defending Taylor’s decisions and even his post AI CD. A lot didn’t like it off the bat and there was a big debate on GC. It wasn’t what people expected. The excuses were that he had no control. It was Clive’s fault. So we waited for the next album. It wasn’t great either. I’ll be the first to say I really wanted to love his new music. But it’s just not working for me.

  28. casualfan Says:

    Wiseguy-That was his name…thanks NYG.

    I have no friggin clue as to what Rosie is talking about regarding any vote. Wasn’t part of any of that.

  29. I’m not going to debate about whether Soul Patrol is a good marketing tool or not. BUT, it does seem to be on the tip of everyone’s tongues. Almost Every interviewer brings it up and if “Who’s Taylor’s fan base?” was a Jeopardy question I bet everyone would know it was the Soul Patrol.
    Sometimes recognition is all that is needed for a marketing tool so for better or worse I think it is what it is.

  30. Don’t care if Taylor has a harmonica series of not but have to admit that is one Hot pic they are using.

  31. CF, I didn’t make it up and Wiseguy or not , it was his very earliest fans who put about a dozen names to call themselves, up for vote, and SP won. Cochem found and posted those fans discussions on the BB and you can read for yourself how SP began. As I said before, those of you who got in early with Hicks on AI boards or GC, think that only people who post online are fans, or fans that matter. It was a great way to make his brand and build and unite his fans during AI. The millions who watched AI knew SP meant Taylor Hicks. Just about every interviewer talks about the SP. It isn’t Tay who brings it up. He’d be a fool to drop it now. Dee is right recognition is good marketing. Due to the factions in the online fanbase, some fans use the term in a negative way to define other fans. But get real, there is no negative connotation in the real world.

  32. CF, you may not know what I’m talking about, but I do know. Guess you aren’t a member of the BB and will have to take my word.

  33. What the big deal about Taylor’s fans have a name or not…the naysayers would be just as negative .That in my opinion is why so many people have dropped of the fan has nothing to so with not being a fan any longer they are sick of the negative bullshit. At least that is why a lot of TH fans that I know quit posting anywhere…but they still support Taylor

  34. Snowstorm Says:

    anne, how dare you call me a stalker. Who have I stalked? This should be good! Hicks should be thanking me that I’m giving him any attention at all. Remember, it’s when nobody pays him any attention anymore is when he has real problems!

    I haven’t been in any fansites in ages, but I’ve read enough, in the past, to know how crazy some fans are… doesn’t mean I’m stalking them!! I also read Twiter occasionally because the crazies amuse me.. still does not mean I’m stalking anybody.

  35. Snowstorm Says:

    Soul Patrol is NEGATIVE. People look at Idol fanbases as weirdos! It’s the same for the Claymates and the Glamberts. Weirdo fans with no lives.

  36. Ange Bleu Says:

    Just wondering. Has anyone heard anthing about Taylor & “Jersey Boys” or his appearing in a Baz Luhrmann production?

  37. An Alabama boy portraying a Jersey Boy???????

  38. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, sounds like you’re living in the past. Today Soul Patrol doesn’t mean anything because that giant legion of fans is gone. The only thing left is that name. And in the real world it does have a negative connotation and unfortunately so does Taylor. He is mocked and the Soul Patrol is mocked. If you want to get a good idea of what the perception is of him out there just read the random comments on twitter. Once in a while there will be something nice that’s not from one of the regulars, but usually it’s just mocking. This is the reality of what’s really going on out there and it’s not pretty. Whatever he is doing presently to gain fans and respect is not working. And if something isn’t working maybe it’s time for a new approach. Just because people associate him with SP or with with gray hair doesn’t mean its a good thing. It would be nice if they associated him with music.

    Also, I was around when SP came up and it was Wiseguy that came up with it. Some others wanted to say it was them. That was an argument too. I don’t know what thread you’re reading, I’m sure there were a few.

  39. One of the very first Taylor fan groups was a Yahoo group started by Wiseguy back in January of 2006. The group of fans who posted there came up with the list of potential names for the group. Wiseguy submitted Soul Patrol . . . Soul Patrol won and the name spread and was later embraced by all the fans. Yes, I was around way back then.

    It seemed so cool at the time, but it passed the point of usefulness after the show was over, in my opinion.

    Oh, and Wiseguy was a really nice man. I met him in Birmingham at the Workplay show in 2006. A group of us went to a karaoke bar and he did a killer rendition of Mustang Sally . . . good times.

  40. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Thanks Soulaz!

    “As I said before, those of you who got in early with Hicks on AI boards or GC, think that only people who post online are fans, or fans that matter.”

    I’ve repeatedly heard that Taylor has all these fans that just don’t post online and that’s why it only seems like his fan base is really small. They don’t use the computer so they don’t follow him on twitter or myspace. They don’t buy music either or go to shows. lol.

  41. casualfan Says:

    Hopefully T will throw some fresh meat out soon because the lions are getting hungry and circling around for food. Guess it’s time for the antelope to go into hiding.

  42. Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play . . . maybe that’s where all the Taylor fans went.

  43. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Hey, I’m an original fan ::waving:: Wiseguy did come up with the SP name. I was on that group but never talked. I don’t even remember what username I had at the time, but I do remember him. I didn’t leave the fanbase because of Taylor’s music or him doing Grease. I’ll support whatever he sells because he’s a good guy and I want to see him prosper in his career. I’m not around much because 1) It was time to get back to real life and concentrate on making my own dreams come true and 2) some of the fans made it very hard for me to enjoy being in the fanbase. I know many who left and don’t post anywhere any more, and Taylor’s music was not the reason why for any of them.

    At any rate, to Snowstorm, I renewed my membership because it is a show of support. You don’t know anything about him. Taylor is a good person. When I asked him if he would do me a favor, he said yes. I wanted him to call Annie. Two hours after I asked him, he said yes and wanted to know when her masectomy was going to be. He wanted to call her the night before, so she was in good spirits for her operation. That’s a man with a caring heart. And lastly, Snow, when you bash the older fans who enjoy watching Taylor or any musician, you are bashing people like my 72 year old mother and my almost 81 year old father. They still go to concerts, God bless them. They also dance every weekend in the summer at the outdoor concerts held at the town green. Music keeps them feeling young. Who the heck are you to declare how older people should enjoy music? Music is a gift given by God and music dates back to biblical times. I don’t recall anywhere that said it can only be enjoyed by those under 50.

    edited by IAG

  44. And the beat goes on…..

  45. NotYourGrandma, I have been reading twitter comments for some time. Many people remember him and are interested in him. I have read good reports about Grease from new fans and nice comments about him in general. Sure there are negative tweets but every celeb gets negative tweets and he doesn’t seem to get any more than anyone else.

  46. Nobody cares if Taylor is a good guy. People outside of his fanbase don’t care if he’s a good guy. People ONLY care about good music and if he doesn’t deliver, he will be forgotten. Having an old fanbase is not cool and will never be cool. If he doesn’t get work in acting, music or in the entertainment business, he will disappear into oblivion. It’s all about $$$$…. that’s the way it is, whether you like it or not. These are facts, but if you want to hide you head in the sand, go right away. It’s no skin off my nose.

  47. Even if disrespectful comments are made about Taylor on Twitter or any place else, they are nothing compared to what is written about Adam Lambert and his fans. Some of these comments are so bad the website should be sued. Photo shopped pictures are shown that are outrageous. No, in this regard Taylor will just have to take a back seat to Adam.

  48. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Dee, in ratio to how many people tweet about him in the first place it’s mostly negative. I’m surprised you don’t see that. I just looked at Twitter.

    lterrence660 RT @HisNameIsTyler #RetweetThis if u think TAYLOR HICKS is the worst American Idol winner EVER!!!

    PhilValdez Anybody remember American Idol winner Taylor Hicks?? He looked like George Clooney..Anybody buy his Cd? Lol

    SaraMeaney Taylor Hicks in Grease? Ummmm…

    hausofmariah RT @HisNameIsTyler #RetweetThis if u think TAYLOR HICKS is the worst American Idol winner EVER!!!

    whiteboytatted add me on facebook “taylor made hicks”

    ZAbutler @tylre @twould got a friend up here whose ex cheated on him w/ Taylor Hicks. He said infidelity is excusable, but not American Idol.

    laurenjwilson @DeepakChopra Taylor Hicks/The Distance, Say/John Mayer, Etta James, Josh Groban, Natalie Cole…

    GlambertObsess @MsGlambert1877 Taylor Hicks?lol uh, sure. The people are good but nothing thats WOW.

    MsGlambert1877 @GlambertObsess Yeahh, not happening. Taylor Hicks and Adam Lambert are the best singers that happened to this thing.

  49. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Every second there’s a new tweet about Lambert and I’m sure some of them are brutal. But the media and the general public is not making fun of him. He’s as popular as they get.

  50. Glad I checked back here before bed. Seems both CF and I were correct. I hate to see the fighting among fans because there is little that is black or white when it comes to music or what you like or dislike about a person. I know there is more I like and admire about Taylor then just his music.

  51. that should say “go right ahead”.

    It’s late!

  52. ZAbutler @tylre @twould got a friend up here whose ex cheated on him w/ Taylor Hicks. He said infidelity is excusable, but not American Idol.

  53. PurpleButterflies Says:

    IAG, you can just delete my comment. The editing made some of it sound very out of context.

  54. Comparing Adam Lambert to Taylor Hicks is laughable. There’s no comparison. Adam has done well for himself post-Idol; Taylor did NOT. That’s all.

  55. The general public and the media are not making fun of Taylor Hicks. Now I have heard a lot of fun being made of Brad Pitt due to his beard. I’ve also heard a heck of a lot of media poke fun at Lambert. If Taylor is so Under The Radar, as you claim in one breath, then why claim in the next breath there is massive poking fun at him. Naturaly Adam is popular right now, but hey, there used to be 1000 or more posts about him on MJ’s, on every thread. Now its down to hundreds. Does that mean fans have already abandoned him? Does it mean his music sucks and he needs to go back to his pre AI music?

  56. PB, I loved your comments, made perfect sense to me.

  57. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I didn’t say the media and the general public makes fun of Taylor Hicks. I said they don’t make fun of Lambert that often and he’s very popular. The media and general public rarely talk about Taylor Hicks so I can’t make a statement like that LOL but when they do, which is rare, it’s usually a jab. I referenced twitter because that’s where once in a while you can find some non-fan posts about him and get an idea of how he’s perceived.

    Brad Pitt is a superstar, maybe they give his beard a hard time and have fun with that, but he gets a hell of a lot of respect. Taylor doesn’t get respect. Are you joking even comparing the two? He’s not your son Rosie. You don’t need to sugar coat the obvious.

  58. I’m not comparing Adam to Taylor or Brad to Taylor. I misunderstood and believed you were implying the gen public and media were poking fun at Taylor. How do you know Taylor doesnt get respect? Respect is different than attention or fame.

  59. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Adam Lambert’s fans haven’t abandoned him as of yet. But who knows what the future will bring him. If he decides to make a folk album, he might lose a few. lol Actually, his post AI music is better than his pre-AI music.

  60. NotYourGrandMa are you my ex husband? lol

  61. Adam has a lot of color in his aura with red being domanent. That makes him interesting.

  62. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Taylor’s public image doesn’t get much respect or attention in the entertainment industry or in the media. Certainly after some meet him in person, their perception might change and they might like him a lot. But sight unseen, people are quick to dismiss him just off the name and image alone. I don’t need to explain it any further. What I’m saying is obvious. I’m not looking to rub it in.

  63. Well the color of one’s aura says everything even if it doesn’t match the carpet. Is Adam’s red aura due to him being a natural redhead? Do I need to purchase 3D glasses or something to view the top 24 contestents? I wouldn’t want to just vote for the best singer.

  64. Wasn’t talking about his hair Rosie.

  65. Wiseguy that’s it; my mind blanked yesterday on him. He and GHD, GrayHairedDude ran that WOOO Radio site and both ran around on the AI boards for Hicks. Gray Charles would show up time to time. Then the fish came on board with their threads and their website and story. Man, Hicks had a great little PR deal going back then…

    Embarrassingly I remember when Wiseguy coined that fan name, Soul Patrol – in fact I think I have that saved in IDOL BLUES someplace. I was on the AI board that day it (the thread) happened. ha. I was such a Tard. *sigh*

  66. hicksaholic Says:

    Anybody see this yet? I copied it from a post at the Boogie. Do you really think Taylor is going to be talking health care reform? If so this should be something to see. Celebrates One Year Anniversary of ‘Washington Unplugged’ With Special Show
    Last Updated on Wednesday, 10 February 2010 09:05 Wednesday, 10 February 2010 09:05 has announced the one-year anniversary of Washington Unplugged, a 15-minute Webcast that streams daily Monday through Friday at 2:00 PM ET. kicks off the celebration with a week of special guests at its Washington bureau. The Webcasts can be viewed each day at Hosted by Bob Schieffer, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent and Moderator of Face the Nation, the daily Webcast is a hard-hitting, politics-centered discussion about the week’s news that features CBS News Washington correspondents as well as political analysts and pundits.

    This week’s news includes the debate on the future of health care, Sarah Palin at the Tea Party convention, and White House’s attempts at bipartisanship following the State of the Union. This week’s guests include U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, Representative Darrell Issa, Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, Tea Party Organizers Jenny Beth Martin and Max Pappas, Politico’s chief political correspondent Mike Allen, former wife of South Carolina Governor Jenny Sanford, former American Idol contestant Taylor Hicks, and a roundtable of the most popular guests on the show including CBS News Political Consultant Marc Ambinder and CBS News National Security Consultant Juan Zarate. There will also be an “Unplugged Under 40” segment on the Georgetown Cupcake Girls, the owners behind Washington, DC’s confectionary phenomenon Georgetown cupcake.

    “The webcast has tapped into an increasing demand for high-quality, intelligent, appointment programming on the web,” said Chris Isham, CBS News Washington Bureau Chief. “It has provided an important platform for our reporters to explore new stories and discover new players. Its format allows informal conversations, produces unexpected insights and it’s quite entertaining.”

    “What’s great about Washington Unplugged is that it gives us a place to report those little stories, the delicious little nuggets of news that there is no room for on television,” said Schieffer.

    “A year ago, we started Washington Unplugged to provide an outlet for people who wanted a more provocative analysis of the week’s political headlines,” said Mark Larkin, Vice President of “The Webcast has been a great success and continues to deliver an in-depth look at the people and news that are shaping the world.”

    Originally launched as a weekly webcast, Washington Unplugged quickly grew in popularity to a daily webcast from Monday through Friday. Anchored by Bob Schieffer, CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent and Moderator of Face the Nation, the Webcast has included such guests as Former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, cabinet members Arne Duncan and Kathleen Sebelius, actors Goldie Hawn and Morgan Freeman and political notables Bob Dole, Newt Gingrich, Olympia Snow, Tim Pawlenty, Tom Daschle, Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour among others. Other regular hosts include CBS News correspondents John Dickerson, Nancy Cordes, Bob Orr and Sharyl Attkisson.

  67. Well, thats different. 😆
    My guess would be that hes just a guest that happens to be in town but not really part of any big discussions. Just a guess.

  68. hicksaholic Says:

    February 10, 2010 at 7:00 am
    Anybody see this yet? I copied it from a post at the Boogie. Do you really think Taylor is going to be talking health care reform? If so this should be something to see.
    Well ya know he does have that Bill Clinton charisma, charm and all the other earmarks of a great politician. Maybe he has set his sites on the White house.

  69. He did get more votes than Bush. x-D

  70. The desperation is so sad. He will stop at nothing to get attention. If he did turn to politics, can you imagine the jokes at his expense?

  71. hicksaholic Says:

    Ok henry8 you must be right. I’m an idiot. I thought he was going to talk health care but I guess he will just be a random guest.

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