The Grammys!!

I love, love, love Pink. I love her voice…awesome performance!!

Not a big fan of Lady Gaga, but when she actually sings, she has a great voice…and Elton John, what can you say about him?

Dave Matthews Band

Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles

What was your favorite performance?


33 Responses to “The Grammys!!”

  1. PINK’S performance ACED the evening completely! I was astounded by her talent and the artistic heights she rose too, Literally. She owned the Grammy’s and it was beautifully done. It was scary watching what could have been a disaster but she has a strong physique and is raw and pure art. Nothing short of phenomenal – Amazing! Where was her standing “O”….? Me, me and my husband were standing up and clapping with the rest of the viewing audience! All other acts paled in comparison. Pink you are a consumate professional. Don’t try to top yourself, you’re already there! As for Beyonce who is very talented I’m a little tired of her hair flinging and she lost me at grabbing her crotch in the beginning of her performance. Sexy is one thing but a woman grabbing her crotch mimicking a guy, yuck!

  2. Pink stole the show and yes I was impressed with Gaga. Bocelli sang Bridge Over Troubled Water, better than anyone ever has or will. Taylor Swift can’t sing, period. Dave Matthews, all I could think was how much better Taylor would have been singing that song with that huge orchestra. Elton is a class act and man.

  3. Beyonce is completely overrated; she’s where she is for who she knows for the most part. Note, no Kanye in sight. lol

    Pink is one of my favorite female artists. She’s amazing. Lady GaGa while having a really cool voice and EXCELLENT marketing skillz just needs be wary of jumping the shark . lol I do dig her. Our drummer, Dan, creams himself over her, ha.

  4. See, Rosie..we’re not talking about Taylor in this post, because we’re talking about the grammys…and he’s never been there. 🙂

  5. It’s called six degrees of separation.

  6. Not sure why the need to bring Taylor into every post is necessary. And Rosie-sorry but Dave Matthews has Tay Tay beat by miles and miles.

  7. what I meant to say is that there’s no comparison. Both are different in their own way and have their own style. Sorry for the screw up.

  8. CF, at least I watched 90% of the Grammy’s and commented on some of my favorites. Did you see Dave Matthews last night? Don’t blame me for mentioning my thoughts while listening to him and watching he and the band. I’m not the usual culprit who brings Taylor into every thread and my opinions and thoughts are as valid as everyones.

  9. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree with you Rosie. I’ve always heard how wonderful Dave Matthews is and he didn’t seem very special to me. I think Taylor could have run circles around him. I thought Jennifer Hudson was fabulous. Missed Gaga so I can’t comment although I would have hated to be sitting behind her. I don’t really care for Bocelli. Pink was very good. MJ’s kids were beautiful and so classy although Prince looked nervous as hell. How anyone can sing like Taylor Swift with a straight face is beyond me. Her confidence level is incredible given the fact that she can’t sing worth a shit.

  10. If Taylor could run circles around Dave Matthews, then Taylor would have been invited to the grammys. He would be selling out tours and have a huge following.

    Hey, Taylor could run circles around Dave’s grammys.

  11. I didn’t watch all the Grammys but did see Pink and Elton & GaGa. Both performances were great although I could have done without the circus act of Pink. LOL. I was so afraid something would go wrong when she was hanging upside down spinning that I could not even listen to the music. LOL.

    My favorite part was when Stephen Colbert was doing the intro and the camera scanned the rows of artists up front and they had a look on their faces that seemed to say, “Who the F…… is this Guy? and why is he here? ”

  12. hicksaholic Says:

    Love Colbert!! Apparently Taylor’s favorite was Pink (from an interview today with a Bham radio station) so IAG y’all have the same taste.

    I don’t know -maybe Dave Matthews is great but he just didn’t show me a lot last night. I don’t care if he has won 100 Grammys. I obviously have weird tastes because Taylor Hicks is a much better live performer IMO.

  13. Heck, I made a simple comment. Dave did not excite me with his voice or perfomance, his emotion or vibe last night. Since the song was one Tay could easily pull off, my mind went to thinking Taylor would have added some zest both voice and movement wise and would have aroused the audience, rather than nearly lulling them to sleep. Everyone has different opinions about what they enjoy hearing and seeing. Thus grey and CF. think Dave did better than Tay could have done and that he is better and that is why he was nominated. My mentioning it was no different then CF and Grey’s once again pointing out when and how and where Tay sucks, or fails. Elton has written and song so many great classic songs. Lady Gaga has grown on me and I think Madonna is jealous of her. Jennifer Hudson can outsing Beyonce and she and Carrie are the biggest stars to come from AI.

  14. Colbert was messing with the music stars and I loved it.

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    The more I hear Jennifer Hudson the more impressed I am. I always knew she had a great voice but it seems like she has developed the ability to really properly emote(is that a word?) the song she is singing. Carrie has also really improved as an entertainer although she is not one of my favorites. She is gaining confidence and becoming lesss “wooden”.

  16. IAG: You and I are cut from the same cloth. I loved Pink. I actually got goose bumps on my arms…

  17. I know, FH. She is awesome.

  18. mamaforpeace Says:

    I LOVED Dave Matthews!

  19. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, I didn’t say that Taylor Hicks sucks or even sucked. You are the one who brought up the comparison thing between him and Dave Mathews and I simply didn’t agree. I even went back and corrected myself in another post.

  20. mamaforpeace Says:

    February 1, 2010 at 8:38 pm
    I LOVED Dave Matthews!
    So do I MFP. Dave is one of the few musicians who still has that music intergrity I was talking about earlier. He’s done some TV work but he never forgets where his passion lies and keeps the music in the foreground. What’s interesting is that on FB-alot of musicians have also been discussing how the intergrity of the music today has been compromised and how the priorities of the industry have changed. Bands like The Dave Matthews Band is the real thing and I hope they will be around for years to come.

  21. Here’s an interesting article about Taylor Swift and her Grammy win…

  22. Cf, Yes, I know what you posted. I was a bit grouchy due to Iag’s chastising me albeit with a smilie face. I have no problem with anyone liking or preferring any singer or songwriter or musician. Red grapes vs green. Taylor does not have the pure voice of Carrie Underwood, or her looks, and does not sing songs in such a popular genre. He wasn’t blessed with J. Hudsons vocals, or Andre Bocelli’s. But my opinion is he can equal or excel Dave Matthews and many others who have garnered fame, success and grammies. It matters less than a swipe of an ass in a golden bidet, what I think about him or anyone. We all just have decided that making comments about him or others , with others who do the same, is somewhat enjoyable for us.

  23. Pink was fantastic! I also enjoyed the Bocelli-Blige & Elton-Gaga duets. Nobody can convince me that Swift girl can sing – just don’t get it. I really like Dave Matthews, but, I did think to myself during his performance, that his dancing is worse than Taylor’s.

  24. Now that I’ll agree to, Dancin…I didn’t think it was possible for a performer to have worse dance moves, but Taylor definitely can move better.

  25. casualfan Says:

    He may not be able to dance but hell…he’s got his groove on in other places.

    I would LOVE to see both him and T on stage at a concert.

  26. Oh, now that would be a concert to go to…

  27. cendrillon0308 Says:

    I loved Pink’s performance also. She’s got some serious skills! One observation-all of the artists seemed to be actually singing, not just lip synching. Thought that was cool.

  28. Pink was absolutely amazing. To have that kind of vocal control while twirling around in the air. *sigh*

  29. PurpleButterflies Says:

    My favorite performance was Andrea Bocelli and Mary J Blige singing Like A Bridge Over Troubled Waters. Oh my goodness, I got chills. Andrea Bocelli takes my breath away every time. Mary J did an excellent job keeping up with him. There are not too many singers who can do that. She really impressed me. Even Celine Dion got drowned out one time when they sang The Prayer together. I really have to see him in person. My mother and one of my sisters have seen him in person and they said he was amazing. There are no words to adequately describe that man’s voice.

    I liked Pink’s performance. I have always loved Dave Matthews, but he seemed “off” to me. Something just wasn’t right. Taylor Swift-sigh I’m disappointed. I wanted Lady Gaga to get best album.

  30. casualfan Says:

    I’m really getting into Pink myself these days. Actually, I thank Adam Lambert for that. After his risque’ performance at the AMA’s I looked up Pink’s performance with the crotch grab and fell in love with her. That’s one chick who has definitely made her bones in the music industry and is going nowhere but up.

  31. My favorites were Pink, Lady Gaga & Elton John and Green Day.

  32. I love Lady Gaga. Part of me thinks she is a dude in drag, LOL, but I really like her music.

    As for Swift, there are artists who are better taped, and others who are better live. Swift is SO MUCH better taped. Her vocal control isn’t very good, and I’m sure she has to sing things several times to be spliced together for a recording. Sad, but she is incredibly popular.

    Pink always does well. There was another awards show where she did a trapeze thing, and it blew my mind that she could still breathe, let alone sing.

  33. I’ve said this before-I think that Swift is more of an image than anything else. I do admit that I like some of her music but it has the mainstream appeal for the teen crowd and that’s who downloads the music the most. Another plus on her side is the fact that she’s country. Country fans are fiercely dedicated while the country musicians take care of their own.

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