Karaoke anyone?

So, yes, my plea for a shadow show has been denied. Shocking, I know. But instead, I could go see Taylor at a karaoke contest. Wait…is this deja vu? Didn’t he already win a karaoke contest?

Before everybody gets their panties in a wad, I get that it’s for charity..and that’s a great thing. Celebrities helping others is never bad. It’s just…I don’t know…a concert might be a good thing for the fans, too. And something about the term “cameo appearance” just sounds very cruise ship-y to me. Anyway, I’m not going, seeing as I already have plans, but I hope the event is a success.

In other news, I heard that WATW has been delayed. What? Say it ain’t so, Taylor. Although, when I looked on Amazon this morning, they said I could get it tomorrow if I ordered one day shipping. So, could it be? Could it finally be time for Whomp at the Warfield to make it’s official appearance? I already have a copy, so I won’t be getting another…but for those of you who have been waiting, the time just might be near. Although this guy didn’t seem to like it too much.

Oh well, everybody has an opinion, right?


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  1. taylorfan06 Says:

    That review is definitely one “man’s” opinion. “Forced voice”, “a poor man’s Van Morrison”. That’s not what I saw/heard. I have my HDNet “copy”, which I have seen I don’t know how many times (because it really is THAT good), but I definitely want a physical copy. I placed my order w/ Barnes and Noble and should have it in my hot little hand as early as today!

    It is true that the release is official this time. I’ve read from people who received it on Monday and yesterday. There are documented pictures as well. I hope you’ll decide to buy yourself a copy iag. Just because…

  2. That whole $100. ticket Karaoke gig is so cheesy. Granted for a cause I guess but reasons for being there? Exposure. Money.

    Wow. Cruise ship? No, less than that, who advises him to do this sort of thing? Let us all recall Simon Cowell’s “Like a drunken dad at a wedding” comment and sigh just a little. lol

    Sadly outside of fans that is the Only review on the DVD. I will have to send up one myself after I receive it in the mail. Will go along with IDOL BLUES sayonara posting.

  3. I checked out the above gig and it sounds like a good time. Wish you would go and give us a recap. I think Taylor will sing and mingle. A mingling singing Tay is a good thing. He may be more comphy, without his regular fans and it is for charity.

  4. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    I don’t know how to react to this announcement of the “cameo” appearance. On one hand, its for a good cause, BUT on the other hand, its just tragic. Ugh!

    As far as the WATW goes, I am taking a wait and see attitude on ordering. I need to wait and see if I want to plunk down 15.00 for video of a concert that is 3 years old when I’ve already seen it live so many times.

    Sorry to hear you’re not getting your shadow show IAG : (
    I am still keeping my fingers crossed that he does one in my city. Now THAT I would pay good money for!!

  5. He did not do Dallas either so we’re in the same boat, Straw. I could have travelled to Houston but sadly had already planned B’Ham and that fell through.

    Fate thy evil hand that fuckethed up my plans. *in shakespearean accent*

  6. Tonight there is a big celebrity Tournament of Roses party at the Pasadena Convention Center. It is written up in the LA times. Taylor will be co DJing the gig. Some of the celebs attending are Matthew McMonaughy, Courtney Cox, LeAnn Rimes, Sela Ward, The Simpsons, Melissa Joan Hart, Alyssa Milano, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, and Jerry West. People from Alabama will be there and this is all good for Taylor. So is the charity gig. I’m off to pick up my copy of WATW from B&N. They have some in stock and are holding mine for 3 days. Yipee!

  7. mamaforpeace Says:

    He looks so darn cute on that picture!

  8. Common, Lighten up on the “Drunken Dad” thing. Taylor loves mingling at the Celebrity Events, and it is also Grease publicity for the town he is in, and when some people say he is forgotten, then why is he the celebrity DJ at an event full of celebrities? He has learned to always have fun, and never takes his “Idol Winner position” too seriously. I mean, who really has more name recognition out there, David Cook, or Taylor Hicks??? Even bad publicity is good. In the long run, he will be most remembered!
    Really, It’s all about the 19 Management Contract. I really believe that this weird radio ban will lift as Taylor works the crowd at the country radio stations, and they will embrace the boy from Alabama. I knew he would work his way into the media coverage of this Alabama Game. I bet we will see him in interviews talking about the DVD being released in stores, and it is his LIVE performances that people like the best. It’s a fabulous opportunity to do it with all those Alabama Media people all over that game! He is a very charming Media Magnet! Go For It Taylor!

  9. casualfan Says:

    I do love that pic!

  10. Snowstorm Says:

    A cameo at a Karaoke gig, huh? *sigh* That’s what you get when you fly ice cream cones 8 times a week… you don’t get taken seriously by the entertainment industry and you get stuck with crappy gigs. You have to work hard post Idol, but Taylor preferred to play golf tourneys and go frolicking on the beach in Hawaii with a skanky looking blonde.

    DJing some gig with tons of celebs, but sadly he is no where near in their league. Well, if he’s smart, he will take advantage of the situation and try to make connections.

  11. casualfan Says:

    Sunny Says:

    January 6, 2010 at 11:45 am

    Wow. Cruise ship? No, less than that, who advises him to do this sort of thing? Let us all recall Simon Cowellโ€™s โ€œLike a drunken dad at a weddingโ€ comment and sigh just a little. lol
    I seriously love Simon. It will be a travesty when Simon leaves AI and the end of the show. The man may make snarky-if not mean ass comments every now and then, but he’s highly respected in the record industry and is usually dead on accurate.

  12. casualfan Says:

    Snow-When someone devotes their time working with charities and giving back to the communities, it is in no way a crappy gig. Taylor has done many, many things for charities-even really small ones that his fan base is not aware of because he has a genuine desire to make a difference and not for getting attention. This I DO know to be fact. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. SS, You must be kidding about the golf and beach comment. Celebs play golf and he was on the beach during his short break from his 07 tour. No one would call that woman skanky looking. Anyone who doesn’t think Taylor is working all the angles is nuts. Anyone who watches AI knows Taylor got a raw deal, and believe it or not they will be rooting for him, just as they did for Jen. Hudsen. Even non fans don’t enjoy seeing someone treated unfairly.

  14. casualfan Says:

    Rosie-CL was NO skank. She’s beautiful, intelligent with a wonderful career and awesome personality. I met her briefly a few years back and she was all class. Anyone who knows her or meets her has nothing but good things to say about her.

  15. Snowstorm Says:

    Normal people don’t care about charities.. they usually give to charities they like and that’s the end of it, but when you make your career revolve around charities, that’s like a “last-ditch” effort to get attention from people who think you are soooo noble. Fact of the matter is, nobody knows Hicks, so it could be BS fakery on his part. I don’t trust ANYONE coming off AI who uses charities to get attention. Too many people have been taken, due to naivete.

  16. Snowstorm Says:

    No Rosie, I am not kidding. Taylor should have been working his ass off, during that period. No way in hell did he have it made. Being the winner, guarantee you NOTHING!!

  17. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t care who the hell that blonde was, but making out and foreplay on a public beach is not classy. There was absolutely nothing positive about those photos. I really do believe that right after those photos were shown, all over the internet, is when his fans started to leave in droves.

  18. It is a celebrity Karaoke benefit for adoptions. The key word is celebrity. SS, you saying Taylor did not work his ass off in 07, shows you are nuts. The beach was secluded. Guess you want to have Adam Lambert stoned for groping Pam Anderson the other day. Taylor is class.

    edited by IAG

  19. Snowstorm Says:

    It was not secluded! Celebrity Karaoke, huh? Who are the celebs? Cause I saw no one mentioned, except a cameo by Hicks.

    Chris Daughtry & Elliott Yamin had the right work ethic post-Idol… NOT HICKS! Hicks is a lazy sack of shit who sleeps till noon!

    edited by IAG

  20. casualfan Says:

    Those pics really had nothing to do with the masses leaving. It was more of the aftermath that occured that caused the main riff. Taylor’s fatal mistake with that nightmare was not having proper publicity in place to maintain control of the situation. It could have been stopped before it really got started but went ignore-at least in public.

  21. Snowstorm Says:

    Does anybody remember that fruitcake roadie who wrote a letter to fans? Whose idea was that? I guess that was supposed to be “damage control”?? Completely laughable!

  22. Snowstorm Says:

    So many PR mistakes… but it all comes down that Taylor should never put himself in that position. Go have sex behind closed doors, never in a public beach.

  23. casualfan Says:

    That beach was on private property owned by the hotel/resort that Taylor and CL stayed at-so yes, it was private. Taylor didn’t do anything inappropriate and didn’t ask for those pics to be taken of him enjoying his down time with someone he obviously cared a great deal about at the time.

    What’s done is done and all T can do is move forward. Hopefully the focus will get back to the music with tours, cd’s and whatever else is in his path.

  24. Snowstorm Says:

    cf, you are obviously naive about those kinds of situations. Bottom line, you don’t put yourself in that type of situation. I’m sorry, but to me it looked like they were going to do it right there on the beach. To me, private is when there are ONLY two people there, but there were obviously people there at the beach and obviously the paps were there as well, so no way is this “private”.

    His music career is dead. The sooner you start to accept this, the better off you will be. Trust me, it’s dead.

  25. All Maui’s beaches are public. This is a fact.

  26. mamaforpeace Says:

    comment deleted by IAG

  27. Snowstorm Says:

    commented deleted by IAG

  28. Snow you’re referring to Teddy aren’t you? LOL “Does anybody remember that fruitcake roadie who wrote a letter to fans?”

    His last name escapes me this minute but have it someplace in archives from That Site that shall not be named. He has/had a MySpazz site too.

    He wrote to That Site often. He chided me for even posting anything to do with That Site several times. What a card. haha. I did a post on him once involving baseball…it was a hoot. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Regarding whether Hicks is washed up man, he’s still plugging away so I don’t write him off. Too he does work very hard, there’s no doubting that at all.

    BabyDoll, I AM kidding around. It’s hilarious to see how serious some of you folks get.

    Que sera, sera…. baybees. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  29. It’s hilarious to see how insane Snowstorm gets

  30. Snowstorm Says:

    Sunny, yes, his name was Ted and he posted on GC many times… what a fruitcake. It was funny how fans kissed his ass… of course, so they could get next to Hicks(any way they could). What is That Site?

    There’s no doubt in my mind, his music career is washed up. There’s no comeback from Idol. Has there been any Idol comebacks? Not any, that I know of.

  31. Snowstorm Says:

    Yup, he was working hard at his golf tournaments and perfecting his suntan.

    Chris Daughtry worked 100x harder than Hicks post Idol.

  32. casualfan Says:

    Snowstorm Says:

    January 6, 2010 at 6:46 pm
    cf, you are obviously naive about those kinds of situations.
    I may be lots of things but being naive isn’t one of them. I know about what was and what is so let’s not go there. Generally, I respect your opinions Snow and I’ve even taken your side on many things, but some of things you have said here today is way out of line-even by my standards not to mention hurtful and vindictive.

    FH-There are many private beaches in Maui dear. They may be owned by the hotels/resorts that are attached but they are still considered private.

    Regarding T’s music career-Snow unless you have a crystal ball and a corner on the music market, you don’t know that his career is finished as you say. In Taylor’s defense, I will say that he has a passion and creativity in him that is well driven and still has valuable tools and contacts at his disposal if he wants to use them. No matter what lies ahead for him, he’s not a wash-up or a failure by any means. Just because he doesn’t fit into what your criteria is for success doesn’t make it so.

  33. Snow, why MFOYA of course. What a nutty little run that was back in CL days. Poor lady she was put through the red pen wringer.

    I don’t care if he was rolling in the sand with her or whoever that was; it was SO odd how so many fans were either planning a wedding and picking china patterns or damning her to Hell – and meaning it. The entire ordeal was like something out of a fictional novel about When Fans Go Mad or something. The archives are really something. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  34. Not to change the subject, but I would like to nominate SnowStorm as Head of National Security… she doesn’t fuck around!!! She would profile like hell b/c she doesn’t give a crap about being “PC”.


    Carry on!! Hahahhahahha

  35. mamaforpeace Says:

    You are so articulate, Snow Dear! Regarding the pics, I guess I never paid them that much attention b/c I don’t remember much about them… just TH on the beach with a pretty blonde. Oh, well, don’t think I missed much.
    Regarding charities, I think it’s wonderful when anyone with any kind of celebrity status participates in raising money for a good cause.

  36. GOod to see you pop in YKW! Yeah Snow’s not one to pussyfoot around. PC not in her vocab.

  37. The reason I know all of the basics about Hicks is I’ve been a huge fan since he won and checked out the basic and current info about him by googling him in the online news. That is how I found out right away about the beach pics. Unlike all of you I wasn’t on the fan sites, blogs and boards then. You all created your own reality and it was distorted. Most people who voted for Tay, bought his TH CD. and perhaps his older CD’s knew NOTHING about the beach thing. They did not read Splash, MFOYA or anything online. If Taylor had to even today depend on 1500 BB members, and those on other blogs, and his 5000 twitter followers, and 900 ning guys, many cross posters, he’d be washed up. It is my opinion, that you all take yourselves too seriously. You are in fact all a select society who like to post comments about the man and his career. Didn’t Clay and doesn’t Adam have a huge online presence? What does it mean? It means shit. Polls mean shit, as does anything AI. It is up to the person who happens to have a good voice and the balls to have made it to the top 10 on that popular reality show, to do what they wish and can with their life and career. I would have bet against Carrie Underwood, doing so well and being an A lister, just from having watched her season. I knew shit about her. I thought Hudson had a great voice, but was quirky and goofy, fat and awkward. Who knew she would or could act? If you liked Taylor then, think he can sing and has balls, mystic, and can do even more then praise him and have some faith. If you think he failed you or himself and is washed up, then exit. He reminds me of me in so many ways. Perhaps that is why I like him and follow his career.

  38. Sunny said PC is not in SS vocab. That is true.

    edited by IAG

  39. Have no clue why my post needed an edit. See ya!

  40. It needed editing because it was nothing but baiting.

  41. And why was my 5:49 post edited? What the heck is going on Iag? Can’t recall a sentence or word left out or edited from that post. Mama and me end up looking like the cray, cray’s and SS like the word of reason, and Ms. Pleasant. WTH and so be it. In my mind I feel like the Voice Of Reason and Fairness and Niceness and Sanity. WTF is going on! Do you not get it that SS likes to read the responses to her posts?

  42. Well, I’m tired of reading name calling. So…just like always..if a poster is going to resort to name calling, then that post will be deleted. As for the baiting, I’m tired of that too…Snow has had so many posts deleted since she’s been posting here that I don’t even put “edited by IAG” on most of them…I just delete them.

    My blog, my rules. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. casualfan Says:

    Rosie, You should check out your own postings before you accuse any of us about posting any gossip about Hicks. You yourself has many times posted about his personal life, baited posters to see who will pick it up and wanting for some scandal about T and a lady to hit the media. No doubt you will go trolling over to your other home to glorify your post for the attention. Don’t act like you are better than any of us because in some ways, you are much worse.

  44. Baiting from me! Are you kidding me? I responded to the fisher woman who throws in line after line in her feeble attempt to at least make some waves or bubbles.

  45. casualfan Says:

    Ok Rosie….Peace Out!

  46. This review is a little snarky because that’s his style but I think he liked it.

    I wish everyone would just ignore Snow’s negative comments about Taylor’s career. Let her think what she will. She has a right to her opinions. I have a right to mine too and mine is that Snow only posts to enjoy the fuss she causes so stop taking the bait and see what happens.

  47. Oh sorry, I forgot that the voice of resaon and judgement of all posters on this blog is CF. CF, once in awhile give me a break as I do you and everyone else here, including SS. How sad that you think my year plus of posting comments here is about me looking for Taylor scandal with a woman, that my main concern is his personal life, and that I have a home base where I go to seek attention. You know what. Coming into this online fandom is an eye opener as to how women deal with other women. What about me me first posting at Morph’s and trying to fit in with you all, don’t you get? I was just a new and neutral poster, albeit a fan of the man. Let peace prevail among all of us. Sorry, I just didn’t get Grey’s deletions.

  48. Snowstorm Says:

    Sunny, as I recall, his fans bashed the hell out of her, out of jealousy. They wanted to be her. I wouldn’t be surprised if they got her fired from her job. I would also not be surprised if the crazies did real stalking. MFOYF was most definitely bizarro world to go to the extent they did. Those women had no chance with Taylor. Heard a rumor that is was a group who called themselves The Jail Patrol, but don’t know if that’s true. I guess these women partied with his band while on tour and bragged about it on some fansite.

    Screw PC… speak your mind!

  49. Snowstorm Says:

    Listen… it’s been three long years and Taylor has done nothing in music. If he hasn’t done anything by now, he’s not going to do anything ever, unless he drastically changes his style and image, but that’s hard to do because he’s an Idol. Being an Idol is a drawback.

  50. casualfan Says:

    LOL! Snow-There was indeed a group called the Jail Patrol and I think they ran the Soul Pole or something like that on MS. I knew one or two of the women in that group and they really werent bad. Just fans out for a good time. I think most of them have moved on back into reality.

    2007 was one wild ass ride in Tayland.

  51. Ha. 2007 was a little crazy.

  52. *giggle* CF 2007 was indeed a wild ass ride. I recently started going back and reading some of the old archived posts, etc saved from that period after a convo with some old Gray guy (lol). I amaze myself how I allowed the backlash I received from a lot of the ladies back then affect me so strongly. I guess it was because I’d never seen such wild viciousness directed at me by people ‘protecting’ someone they did not really know nor that person being protected NOT knowing them.

    You have no idea what sort of emails and threats I received. T’was a freaky time. For a long while I checked out my street, watched who was around when I ventured out, almost expecting one of the freaks to pop up. Like this song:


    You know if you try to research on-line those old Radar stories they’ve for the most part disappeared or been somewhat modified; they’re hard to find. Lois Gibson, apparently from what she said, became almost fearful for her safety after coming out and saying she thought there were 2 women involved per the MF allegations. The writer who broke that on Radar also seems to have gone underground somewhat… lol

  53. spinshack Says:

    Interesting looking at my statcounter – seems ‘interested parties’ are also trying to go through my past posts. hahaha. I think I’ll put IDOL BLUES on private for a week or so… some still have not given up that ‘ghost’.

  54. Snowstorm Says:

    Sunny, MFOYA were psychotic stalkers. C’mon now, who in their right mind would put up pictures with red lines comparing them? Who would go to all that trouble? Somone with mental problems, that’s who. But, the real crazy came out when people, like yourself, and others, were threatened. Defending a total stranger, who you don’t know anything about. See, that’s how AI fucks with your mind. These Idols are in your living room a couple times a week and all of sudden you know these people? NO, you don’t. They are strangers to you. And they are not going to hook up with you ever! So, to stalk this guy at all his gigs is a total waste of time. I’ll say it over and over again to these women… go do something productive with your life. All you need to do to be a good fan is buy his music and attend a show if it’s in your area, but to hop on planes is crazy behavior. It’s up to Hicks to make his career a success… fans cannot do this for him. You end up hurting him.

    All it takes is a few cray cray’s to ruin everything and Hicks had plenty of them. Luckily, I think a few got bored and left, which is a good thing.

    rant over.

  55. spinshack Says:

    Yes Snow, a few in the MF crowd were ‘bent’ rather oddly (although one was merely a hired gun); that said, there were many stalkers that emerged from the ‘other side’. You know the side who thought they were ‘fighting evil’. *chuckle* Anti-psychotics needed to have been passed out in large quantities in 2007. lol

    I don’t know if they got bored or someone hauled them to the local sanitorium and heavily medicated them.

    You know one of the more ‘dedicated’ slayers of perceived evil either worked for a nutter-bin or was an in-patient. I use to get hits from a particularly vicious individual (whom I won’t name lest, as in Beetle-Juice style, they reappear…) whose commentaries and rants both on MFOYA and my site traced directly to this mental hospital. *nervous laugh* hehehe

  56. Taylor had a good night and was exposed to lots of celebs. He sang, TITTS and a bit of Sweet Home Alabama, smiled, posed on the red carpet and looked pretty handsome. He was the celeb shown and interviewed the most on the local Tv news. Taylor does hold the Idol record, by far, for the most fans flipping out over a heterosexual kiss. Didn’t know calling someone who post like a prude, a Prude, was a no no!

  57. spinshack Says:

    He sang TITTS? That just looks odd. *giggle*

    Where is the info on this ‘record’ he holds regarding the Idol heterosexual kissing moments and have there been many Idols really followed about and documented for kissing? Ahem, in a heterosexual format that is… Is there a website or a meter someplace for this record? Curious minds want to know.

    Are there records for the most homosexual kisses too? Then likely since most of the former contestants who were Gay yet did not tell all, Lambert wins that one, hands down.

    And so if there are these records that everyone but me seem to know, let me inquire, is there a certificate or something they receive then for that as well? A statue perhaps?


  58. Maybe the winner gets a years supply of chapstick.

  59. Why would he sing Taking it to the Streets?


    Here’s an idea…why not sing one of his own songs? omg.

  60. Didn’t he sing it on Idol? Maybe that’s why. The people there that don’t follow his every fart would remember who he was…

  61. It would be awesome if Alabama got tromped tonight. I am so sick of Alabama fans…many who never finished 5th grade.

  62. Well A.I. is dropping the ball here. Now they need their own lip smackers branding and can label them according to the contestants!

    Vote on your fave by buying their flave!

    Man, I should work in marketing. Wait, maybe I do… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    FH yeah it was one of his ‘break-through’ performances. (TITTS) I feel like I need a set of pasties when I write that…

    Hell if he wanted the folks not following his windy moments to remember who he is, then he should have done that winner song he loves so well “Do I Make You Proud” one hand on his heart, while waving the other one dramatically in the spirit of a true Karaoke event. heeheehee

    I just read the strangest Hicks’ fan blog and the word “reverent” in several of its forms used prolifically in a post. This someone who has apparently travelled to every single one of Hicks’ shadow concerts. She hasn’t let rain, sleet, gloom of night nor blizzard stop her from hitting a show. It was fascinating. (we’ll put it in Chapter 4)

  63. Fair! Don’t you dare! Blasphemy I say! I have to agree though with your assessment somewhat, as have spent much time in the state. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I’m a BAMA fan (almost included hash marks, twitter in my brain) for the win although I have had many enjoyable moments in the past at UT in Austin. Tonight it’s all ROLL TIDE!

  64. Ange Bleu Says:

    Saw Taylor on channel 4 last night. Believe he was in Pasadena for the big festivities. Just didn’t recognize him at first – & was totally surprised by the way he looked. He’s gained more than a few pounds & his hair appeared somewhat darker. Now I’m all for the darker hair, but the weight gain, ugh! Taylor, Taylor – eat less, exercise more. Join a gym, work out with weights. I want my favorite AI to look gorgeous forever.

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

    The gray stays. He still looks like the silver fox to me. I don’t think he looked heavier either. I’m looking at a still of him right now. When’s the last time you saw him Ange?

  66. He sang titts, I think because as part of the festivities, they had an LA idol contest where celebs could sing, and also because he does it well. I’m not a FB fan, so I won’t be watching the game. Shame on you FH. for putting down your state. From what I’ve read, fans said he looked like he lost weight, but he is heavier than he was from Nov. 06- Nov.08. The super short hair also makes his face look fuller. His best side is his left side and several of the pics showed the right side angle, which makes his nose look wider. Have any of you noticed, that the side of his nose with the tiny moles is wider? BTW, i’m glad I don’t have to qualify my posts here with JMHO.

  67. TF06 she said she saw him last night on channel 4; it’s in her first sentence.

    He looks different in many pics, some taken within weeks of one another. Sometimes he looks heavy and chunky others not so much. Sometimes he has these bags and wrinkles underneath his eyes that make him look 50, other times not; guess it depends on the lighting sometimes, camera angles, etc.

    The Silver Fox, it’s been used already – attributed to this guy my Mom drooled over:

  68. taylorfan06 Says:

    Boy Sunny, you sure are literal. I meant BEFORE last night. Let’s read between the lines. OMG!

    I’ve heard Taylor, and other gray haired dudes referred to as Silver Foxes. It’s kind of a general term to me. Maybe it was originated with Charlie Rich, I don’t know because that was actually before my time.

  69. casualfan Says:

    I haven’t seen any recent pics of Taylor.

  70. Ange Bleu Says:

    Last time I saw him in person was at the Roxy in spring of ’09. He was quite slender then. Yes, I’ve noticed the difference in his profile – his right side is definitely his best. My boyfriend insists that Taylor, at the urging of either l9 Entertainment or AI producers, had plastic surgery on his nose in either late ’06 or ’07 to make it slightly more narrow. He believes Taylor’s gaining weight has caused it to widen again. I don’t know about this because I simply cannot see any difference from now and the time he appeared on Idol. I believe it has more to do with camera angles, his weight and light effects.

  71. casualfan Says:

    I can’t imagine Taylor having any type of plastic surgery. I think with Tay it’s what ya see is what ya get. I think T simply gains weight every time he goes back home because he’s actually eating home cooked meals or his daddy and him sneak out to their favorite little restaurant to chow down on the good stuff.

  72. casualfan Says:

    Here’s an idea! For all who are trying to Trend Taylor on Twitter……Now that Alabama is Trending, start tweeting Taylor hicks WATW and include Alabama in the tweet. The tweet will go into the al trend.

    Just a thought….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  73. taylorfan06 Says:

    Ange – WTF. First of all, I really doubt that T had plastic surgery on his nose. Who was he the elephant man ? T is good looking and people would have been talking about this long ago. If it were true.

    Second, if it is true about the “procedure”, Would weight gain widen one’s nose. You are being very silly. Imagine if Kirstie Ally’s nose widened with her weight gain. She’d have a nose for a face.

    Third, it could be time for a new boyfriend.

    Be good to yourself.

  74. mamaforpeace Says:

    Sometimes you guys really crack me up!!!

  75. Hahaha, Taylor has the same nose he had pre AI and post AI. Tell the boyfriend his nose is growing long because he is telling lies about Taylor. I just watched WATW and it is 10 times better than I imagined. He does a long interview where he sings Son Of A Carpenter, In Your Time and explains why he wrote those and The Fall. He sits on a stool and talks about the tour, the fans and the band and music, music music. He is very natural, soft spoken, sincere and you can tell he is obsessed with music as he goes on about Badge and Naked In The Jungle. He sports a 5 o’clock shadow and after having just watched his concert, the contrast in his demeaner is something to behold. For the first time, I get why some are angry and disappointed about him doing Grease. Damn he is good and thank goodness this performance with that great band was filmed and now made available. He deserves to still be filling large venues around the country. I’m so sad that is not the case, as I think a large audience and knowing he was being filmed gave him game. I wish him the best and hope things turn around for him.

  76. Being “literal”? Whatchoo talking about Momma? TF06 you did not quantify your statement with ‘before last night’ man you jumped all over dear Ange straight on. Just saying perhaps you should state your communiations more efficiently. That is all.

    Yeah Rose, see, that is what so many folks already know about him. It’s disappointing comparing THAT Hicks with the “Grease”-ed out Taylor. So much freaking potential.

  77. *communications* lol it’s been a wild ride watching the Bama game.

  78. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie – the concert gets even better with additional viewings. And what about that band? I saw him twice live the week before WATW was taped and he really knows how to put on a show. What I saw at those shows was leaps and bounds from what I saw on AI.

    I’ve been to a number of big name concert over the years, and I have to say that the energy and “magic” from his live performances ranks right up there with the best of them. Before that first concert, I had read all these reports from the fans that you HAVE to see him live! I tried not to put a high expectation on it, but he totally blew me away.

    At that first concert (The Grove In Anaheim) he did “Hell of A Day/Another Brick In The Wall”, Supertramp’s “Goodbye Stranger”, and The Who’s, “Going Mobile”. Definitely an amazing show! That is part of the reason a remain a fan today. (and no I don’t bring cookies).

    We also share an obsession with “music, music, music”. It’s in his blood and it’s SO in mine. I hope everyone who hasn’t seen WATW yet is planning to buy a copy. Or two.

  79. taylorfan06 Says:

    sunny – i actually give people here credit to understand my previous statement. I stand by it and think that the point was clear. there’s really no need to question my “communiations”.

  80. Don’t be an ass with me TF06, I qualified my misspelling. I’ve had too many fucking issues in that 2007 past to have much patience for you, comprende compadre?

  81. *I’ve ‘known’ TF06 a looong while.*

  82. Everyone needs to buy WATH.

  83. Or you could buy WATW! It’s late.

  84. taylorfan06 Says:

    I know you did correct yourself sunny. I couldn’t resist I guess, from your attack. I really wasn’t trying to be an ass, I just was defending myself.

    I do apologize.

    I am curious what the issues are from the past. This site wasn’t even around here then. I really don’t think you know me, but being a fellow fan (since you’re here), i think you’d like me.

  85. casualfan Says:

    Rosie-My roommate and I are both getting the DVD so no worries. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie said,

    “Everyone needs to buy WATH.”
    “Or you could buy WATW! Itโ€™s late.”


    You can really crack me up Rosie. I still have WATW on my DVR (watched it again last night). My physical copy comes today! WOOO HOOO!!!!
    There are SO many amazing performances on this DVD.
    And “how about that band?”

    I look forward to “W” here for “Whomp”. Will that be the case iag?

  87. taylorfan06 Says:

    Maybe “U” can be for “Underappreciated”. Just a thought…

  88. casualfan Says:

    I look forward to โ€œWโ€ here for โ€œWhompโ€. Will that be the case iag?
    I’m thinking that IAG is a little more creative than that but it’s better than leaning sideways with “wooooooooooo!”

  89. taylorfan06 Says:

    LOL, cf

  90. taylorfan06 Says:

    Sunny said, *Iโ€™ve โ€˜knownโ€™ TF06 a looong while.*

    Very cryptic sunny. I’m curious what you mean here.

  91. spinshack Says:

    No I like the sideways Wooooo! for “W”, CF. lol We all admire that so much. It was really a rather clever little schtick for the A.I. show.

  92. Nuts I say.. how bout enjoying Taylor’s music..enjoy the ride.

    hope all is well with you Sunny. I looked for you in B’ham. Sorry real life interupted your trip.

  93. taylorfan06 Says:

    I just listened to the original version of “Hell Of A Day” from UTR. It may be my favorite TH song (so far). At 276 play, it also ranks #1 on my iPod as well. I love the rasp and the passion Taylor delivered on that song. With those steel guitars, this could have definitely worked at country radio. But of course I’m just speculating. Anyway, just wanted to share…

  94. taylorfan06 Says:

    I just stepped outside my door to take out the trash, I had a little surprise waiting for me when I opened the door. A small brown package was just sitting there. …cut to the chase…. I just got my copy of WATW! Playing “Heart And Soul” right now. WOW!!! The sound and picture are even better than my HDNet copy. …and that Josh Smith solo. OMG. I mean, clutch the pearls! Excuse me while I enjoy the “brown-eyed handsome man.

  95. taylorfan06 Says:

    …rounding third….

  96. music is all that really matters, tf06. enjoy the watw.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  97. Here’s a link to a new interview with Elliott Yamin. He says he’s having some trouble keeping his career afloat. I remember he got off to such a good start with his first CD. He had a couple songs on the radio and videos on TV. At the time some Taylor fans were upset that he seemed to be getting the traction that we wished for Taylor. BUT, alas seems it was short lived. He said in another interview that it was much easier to get DJ’s to play his songs with the first CD and although he was visting the same stations, it was rough this time around. Elliott has such a fantastic voice it will be a shame if he fades into the background. For me it just puts things into perpective about the music business. It’s not always just about the talent. Taylor was right about Grease whether we like it or not! He needed the traction it gave him. It garned him good press, tons of visits to TV and Radio stations. It has kept his name out there. It has opened doors and I suspect it has opened a few doors we have yet to find out about. When I think about how I’d rather he be doing concerts rather than Grease, I’ll remember Elliott and how hard the music business is. As an independent you have to generate a buzz all the time to keep in the game. To get to that next level he needs radio play which may or may not happen. As long as he is keeping his name out there and still making contacts it could happen.


  98. Taylor is unique among AI contestents. Kelly has the best voice and both she and Carrie should have long careers. Heck, they are already set for life. While Clay had tons of fans, he hardly got radio play, and have no clue what he and his fans are doing. Pickler should continue to make money, due to her personality and singing real country. Cook hasn’t made much of an impact and I bet many of his fans have departed. Daughty should continue to do well, and the jury is out on Kris and Adam. Jordin sells singles well so far. While many may disagree with me, Taylor is the only one who is unique and has balls and the real love and knowledge of music. He was himself on AI doing what moves he could in 90 seconds. While watching WATW and seeing him spin around and hop and do moves some may consider dorky, that old fondness crept up on me. Daughtry has the tats, chains, and goatee to fit into the rock scene, sorta like SS wants Taylor to fit in today. Daughtry, Carrie, Pickler and others try to fit in the scene, whereas Taylor makes his own scene. That is why he won AI and that is why he will continue to be a winner on his own terms.

  99. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    This karaoke event is D-list celeb type stuff. I also think Grease for almost 2 years was a terrible idea. He’s getting some small mentions here and there but he’s not making a real impact. I guess he just wanted the paycheck. Which is fine too.

  100. taylorfan06 Says:

    tif says,

    music is all that really matters, tf06. enjoy the watw..


    Thanks for that tif. It IS really all that matters.

  101. taylorfan06 Says:

    Dee and Rosie – It was a pleasure reading yours recents. A lot of insight and good points were made. It really is a jungle out there.

    One thing that really stood, after watching WATW, again, was how uninhibited Taylor was on stage. All those “dorky” moves, as some people say, are just part of him on stage. I really saw the Joe Cocker influence.

    Regardless, I’ll continue to support Taylor and see him every time he makes it to So. CA. I’m so loving WATW and plan to share it with friends. Some friends that watched it with me on HDNet said that they would see him with me after seeing WATW. I remember how some saying, “he really is good”. And those were friends who were not really fans.

    WATW is a definite keeper, and hopefully it will sell alright and new fans will be made from seeing it. I have a fair share of music DVD’s – concerts and videos of many artists, but I don’t think they sell as well as movie releases.

    One last thing. Another favorite concert DVD is “Inside Job” by Don Henley. I’ve close to worn out this dvd with all the times I’ve seen it. It really is that good. It has 17 songs, 3 being Eagles classics. He does a re-worked version of “Hotel California” at the end that has to seen. I crank it up everytime! If anyone else here has seen this dvd, or was there live, leave a comment.

  102. JumpedtheShark Says:

    AKA: GoC, SexySapphire, etc
    Happy New Year
    OMG, we are remodeling and I’ve been googling furniture and wall to carpet colors, decorating ideas, and this blog appeared. I have been out of the Taylor loop for almost a year so imagine my surprise lol.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and wish everybody well. I see IAG is still going strong! Good for you Straw! Hope Taylor is doing well also.

    Have a great 2010!!

  103. taylorfan06 Says:

    BTW – The Don Henley, “Inside Job” concert DVD was recorded on May 25th, 2000 at Fair Park Music Hall in Dallas.

    I also highly recommend the “Inside Job” CD. Favorites include: “Taking You Home”, “For My Wedding”, “Everything Is Different Now”, “Working It”, and “Miss Ghost”. And “Annabel”. Hell, it’s all good. Check it out!

  104. casualfan Says:

    Being all about the music IS what really matters and that is what drove this blog to begin with and often leads to posters such as myself venting. When there is no music out there from a talented artist that we obviously all admire-it gets frustrating. Some of us felt that Taylor put Grease ahead of seriously promoting his latest CD therefore ignoring the music.

    I do agree with Dee in Taylor needing the traction of Grease to stay afloat but on the other hand-what is he staying afloat on? When he does have interviews, it seems the main focus is his role in Grease and the CD or his music is an afterthought. He hasn’t really gained any significant number of new fans that some claim, he’s lost fans. He may be creating more connections for himself in the entertainment field but he’s not connecting to his fans or taking care of the fans that he has left.

    WATW is a heart breaking reminder of an era that was awesome, fresh and passionate and yet tragic because at that time it really was all ABOUT THE MUSIC. Now it’s all about what works for Hicks.

  105. taylorfan06 Says:

    Whatever fans did leave, I hope they’ll find their way back. And I hope new fans are made also. WATW is definitely the Taylor they’ll remember.
    The right song along with AIRPLAY could make all the difference. Maybe even better management. T does have a way of finding venues that keep him out there.

    All I can say is that I love what T has added to my life over the last 3 years and I plan on sticking around. The ones that have left have missed out, but their priorities may be different. 2010 could be a great year for Taylor. Who knows what ‘s in store? We’ll see…

  106. hicksfan7 Says:

    I was happy to receive an email from B&N today that my DVD has been shipped – I read the short negative review (C- really? poo) – but will wait to give my own letter grade until I have the DVD in hand…ha

    Also, I plan to go back to read the comments here – ‘real life’ been keeping me pretty busy lately.

  107. CF I understand where you are coming from. We all want Taylor to get to the next level and are impatient for it. From the sound of recaps talking about the long lines for autographs he may indeed be making new fans. However, if the only thing Grease does for him is to make the industry take a second look and view him as a moneymaker then I think it will be worth it. That’s where his opportunities will come from. I’m still not ready to count Rocky out yet! LOL. He’s working incredibly hard and he still could breakthough to a higher level of success. Whether he does or not that doesn’t take away from his talent. I think he’ll always be able to make a living with his music and his starving days and his Dad being worried are over.

  108. casualfan Says:

    Well said Dee and you are right. I believe that whatever happens, he is indeed blessed with having the financial means to take care of himself hopefully for the rest of his life and to provide for his “future” family-if that’s in the cards for him. He is genuinly humbled by his fortune of winning AI-or even getting the chance to be on the show in the first place.

    Guess one has to take the bitter with the sweet right? LOL! One WILD ride indeed but I’m hanging on. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  109. casualfan Says:

    Anyone who is a TRUE harmonica fan needs to check out this link for a great cd download! Jon Gindick does harmonica jam camps all over the world and works with some of the best harp players. Jason Ricci has done many workshops with Jon. This guy is awesome and has been very inspirational!


  110. hicksaholic Says:

    Been gone a while. Had to take my daughter to Vanderbilt for an operation.
    I think Taylor works hards trying to keep his name out there. I don’t begrudge him Grease even though I feel sure he would rather be touring or recording if it was financially feasible.
    I’m glad Taylor had fun in Pasadena although I am totally in Fairhope’s camp wishing Alabama had lost so we don’t have to listen to the majority of their fans who didn’t graduate 5th grade. Unless you live in Alabama as Fairhope and I do you wouldn’t know what we are talking about. Unfortunately a lot of Alabama fans live through the AL football team and feel success there is more important than moving our state higher than 49th or 50th on most “important” issues.
    I am anxious to hear about the pre BCS party with all the celebs though. My brother and sister-in-law went to the game and the party too (I believe) with Sela Ward. My sister-in-law is good friends with Sela. They were staying with her and her family and going to the game together. Maybe I will get an unbiased observer’s opinion if they saw Taylor.

  111. I hope you all get your copy of Whomp soon. The long bonus of him talking and singing is well worth the price. The bonus part is also food for thought for blog topics for IAG. My mind wondered, now what would Grey say about Taylor saying this or that and his demeaner. He was sorta like a kid in a music store for the first time.

  112. hicksfan7 Says:

    can’t wait to get mine Rosie – still has not arrived – maybe today!

  113. hicksaholic Says:

    Mine just came today. Haven’t watched it yet but I saw it when it came on. Look forward to seeing it again. It’s been a while. I will have to say though, it still doesn’t compare to being there. I think Workplay would be the best live DVD for Taylor.

  114. hicksfan7 Says:

    I have seen so many incredible live performances captured by fans, right here on the internet, I would pay money for a DVD with just a collection of THOSE – LOL

  115. Hey Tif gal great to see you here! Life is amazingly busy at this point for me and mine but I try to keep up.

    Blogging soon about some developments with my man’s little band from Texas. Seems he’s scored a nice promoter and other benefits. lol

    Music bizz is tough but helps it if you’re loaded with charm like TheDMan. He’s molasses. Perhaps Hicks should learn that lesson, ‘catch more flies with sugar than vinegar…’. lol

  116. casualfan Says:

    rosie Says:

    January 9, 2010 at 12:08 pm
    He was sorta like a kid in a music store for the first time.
    That’s how all of his concerts were Rosie. 2007 was a wild ride on the Net for us but those shows were all pure magic. It was an awesome kind of awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  117. taylorfan06 Says:

    I did enjoy the interview also, but THE CONCERT…. Now THAT’S entertainment!!! Where is everyone today? Watching the “Warfield”maybe?

  118. casualfan Says:

    I’m guessing that some has drifted back into the real world or in complete Whomp Ectasy. I think T has thrown enough scraps out to the wolves to keep them busy for awhile.

  119. casualfan Says:

    I know I said there is no such thing as bad music but WTF! And seriously- are they running out of names for bands these days? **shakes head**

  120. taylorfan06 Says:

    well i do have to say that this is catchier than most music out today. And that video couldn’t have cost more than $10.00 to produce.

  121. casualfan Says:

    LOL! They are trending on Yahoo-that’s what caught my attention. I seriously woe for today’s youth.

  122. Grey, have you laid out the red carpet for Taylor’s visit to your town? Have you picked up his scent? Wish you were going to go see him somewhere and report back to your peeps. Seriously I do wish you’d get to see him in Grease, because the vids don’t translate well. Did this post count as nagging?

  123. taylorfan06 Says:

    Yes, grey, if nothing else, you really NEED to see that very sparkly teen angel outfit in person. It shines almost brighter than taylor. You may want to bring a pair of sunglasses with you. You also need to HEAR the amazing roar from the crowd when he appears on stage. It was deafening when I saw him last March. And he’ll sing SMB afterwards!

    You could also talk to him after the show and have him sign stuff, and get a picture with him! And you could tell him to get the fuck back on the road, and share how you feel about him still doing grease. I’d definitely like to hear how he responds to that. There’s a lot in it for you. You really should go! Please buy your tickets today! LOL

  124. Nope, girls…unfortunately someone else will have to do the recap. I’m definitely not going to Grease. ๐Ÿ™‚

  125. In my minds eye, I suddenly saw my two year old.
    Arms crossed, lip stuck out, stomping their foot saying “No, No, I won’t do it.” I don’t know why. ๐Ÿ™‚

  126. Yeah, Henry…something like that. ๐Ÿ™„

  127. LOL Grey. As much as I love Taylor and agree Grease was a good career move for him… I couldn’t make myself go either. LOL.

  128. LOL! Grey-You echo my sentiments. I’ll go to the shadow tours, hell I even bought the Whomp but not going to see Grease.

  129. casualfan Says:

    TF6-LOL! By your description of Taylor in Grease, I’m envisioning a circus with Taylor as the Barker and we can all have our pictures taken with him and the pretty pony….LOL!

  130. casualfan Says:

    WOW! Simon Cowell really shakes the Idol tree today….tick toc….


  131. taylorfan06 Says:

    Some could speculate that Simon’s “move could help to boost ratings. Even though the show still pulls respectable #’s, they have declined since Season 5. I think it’s shitty that Taylor was not in the new promo. Total slap in the face for the pockets he helped to pad back then. SCUMBAGS!!

  132. hicksfan7 Says:

    I was SO stinking excited when Grease came to Mpls Orpheum theatre – and I was NOT let down in the least – and ‘yes’ – the roar for Taylor when Mr. Teen Angel came down in the cone was one of the BEST parts!!

    cf – re – the Vampire Weekend-A-Punk video – reminded me a little of the old ‘bubblegum” rock of the past – didn’t care for it then either – ha, a total waste of the estimated $10,000 and also of the 2:21 it took to watch/listen…hahha

    Wonder what it will take to get Simon back on the AI payroll after this season – doubt he can stay away…JMHO

  133. taylorfan06 Says:

    “Grease” was definitely a good time. Oh, and that grey haired gave it a nice shot in the arm. I smiled the whole time he was on. He is definitely captivating on stage, as we all know (WATW, AI, etc) I’d love to see him in a beefier role for sure next time. Baby steps… (Not necessarily Broadway).

  134. What the heck is the X-factor anyway? Is it all singers or a bit of everything like America’s got Talent? I have no doubt Simon is leaving because the article said he owns the show so he would make a lot more money than AI could pay him. I think even he is feeling that AI is on it’s last legs. It has lost the young viewers and we know how the advertisers feel about that. LOL.

  135. The show hurt themselves when they said America got it wrong when they chose Taylor as the winner. I used to faithfully vote for who I thought did best each week, because I thought a million dollar record deal was a big thing for an unknown talented person. Had they supported Taylor, the show would be more credable. The promo of all the winners except Tay, with Daughtry representing the winner of season 5. wins the asshole award. The X factor will not be as big as AI was. People loved that power and interaction of rooting for and voting for a young singer.

  136. What Dee asked…what the hell is x-factor anyway???

  137. mamaforpeace Says:

    Simon is a smart business man. He sees the writing on the wall!

  138. Simon strokes his own most of the time. Ego.

  139. rosie Says:

    January 11, 2010 at 5:24 pm
    The show hurt themselves when they said America got it wrong when they chose Taylor as the winner.
    Speaking as a fan-yes, American did get it right. But speaking from a business point of view–America got it wrong. Like it or not Daughtry came out on top that year both in sales and in garnering a huge fanbase not to mention earning many music awards. They use Daughtry’s image in the opening credits for that season because of this. It showcases and markets who has been successful using the Idol platform. The music industry isn’t about respect-it’s about money.

    The show in no way hurt themselves by saying that because the general public doesn’t care.

  140. mamaforpeace Says:

    January 11, 2010 at 9:55 pm
    Simon is a smart business man. He sees the writing on the wall!
    I totally agree with this! I also feel the snark that Simon is giving is mostly done for drama purposes when in truth, the man is only wanting to reach out and help prepare these contestants for the bitter industry they are trying to break into. He’s no dummy and is highly respected. I’m following Cowell to the X Factor for sure. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  141. Fairhope Says:

    January 11, 2010 at 8:13 pm
    What Dee askedโ€ฆwhat the hell is x-factor anyway???
    The “X Factor” is a Britain talent show that Simon Cowell created that is very successful. It’s different from the Idol mechanics because it has a wider age range for contestants and separates the age groups. This will give more voices the chance to be heard.

    It’s going to be interesting to see how Idol fares with Simon gone.

  142. taylorfan06 Says:

    I’ll pass on both shows thank you very much. And it has nothing to do with Taylor, or does it. I never watched AI until Season 5 when a friend told me about a “gray haired guy” I had to see.

    That season was filled with some good talent. I always enjoyed Taylor’s performances but didn’t foresee him winning, not because I didn’t want him to, it’s just that I figure kids voted and they’d vote for Ace, or Kelly, or maybe Paris. It seemed like a possibility in the beginning to me that one of them would take the prize.

    I was glad when Taylor stayed week after week because he was the main reason I was watched. I remember thinking would I continue to watch if he was eliminated. I was nervous about that happening a few times along the way. I’m glad that didn’t happen because it was fun looking forward each week’s show just to see what Taylor would do.

    Soon enough I found out about Taylor’s huge fan base and this was really a voting competition. And Taylor’s fans certainly voted! Believe it or not, I didn’t vote once. I just enjoyed watching. Taylor had such charisma and charm that it made sense that he had this fan base behind. He always smiled and laughed off Simon’s often uncalled for slams. I think it was a bit personal for Simon. He’s all about $ signs and Taylor was not his choice.

    So long story short, I don’t think I’ll ever see another Taylor on that wretched show. I’ll be happy to see it go bye bye. As Paula mentioned during that season to Taylor early on, “We’ve never had anyone like you before. …they broke the mold”. I totally agree with her sentiment. I don’t have to like an artist just because they’re popular and sell music. I listen to music I connect to and from that show Taylor was it.

    And for that nasty Simon. I know he laughs all the way to the bank. Since he has no say in who wins, that the voters decide, his opinions don’t mean shit to me. Sure he can be honest, but he can also be cruel and insensitive. Remember what he said to Mandissa that season in her audition. The man is classless and and an ASS, and a bit of a bore too. I won’t miss him, or the show, one iota. I have seen a few episodes since Season 5, but there is only one Taylor. That works for me!

  143. casualfan Says:

    As Paula mentioned during that season to Taylor early on, โ€œWeโ€™ve never had anyone like you before. โ€ฆthey broke the moldโ€.
    She also said the same thing to Lambert this past season. You are right, the show is indeed about the $ and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a business just like everything else. Like all businesses, people can utilize the tools they are given use the platform to get where they want to go in life.

    I believe that season was the most successful because of ALL the talent and the diverseness of it and not because of one person. I feel that’s an unfair statement to make on Taylor’s end because I seriously doubt that he would want for anyone to that way. Taylor loves to share the spotlight with all of his friends and work colleagues and is very giving in that respect. Anyone who really pays attention to him should know this about him.

  144. taylorfan06 Says:

    From what little I saw, I do think that Adam is also a talent. His standout performance was covering Zep’s “Whole Lotta Love” which ruled! I also liked the finale w/ Kiss. He’s good, but I do have to say that Taylor’s “TH” cd was better than Adam’s. I understand they’re different. A friend made a copy of his cd and I found it a little too poppy, not what I though he’d do. I was hoping for some rock in a bit of a Green Day/Muse way. I do love the song “soaked”. It so stands out from the rest. Give me a cd with that vibe and I’m all over it!

    I do love the tone of Taylor’s voice, and his love and passion for music. I’m impressed with his knowledge of music. It so varied and I’m surprised he is so connected with old soul and artists from the early 70’s, primarily Joe Cocker and Van Morrison. I’m 11 years older than Taylor and he had a real grasp on a lot of this “real” music than I.

    I consider myself to be very knowledgeable musically, but he’s always impressed me there. He is like a sponge. I made him several cd’s that I had the chance to give him this past year and in ’07. I hope he enjoyed them and “soaked” them up as well.

  145. casualfan Says:

    TF6-I agree with T being an “old soul” of music. He started listening to Etta James when he was about 3 or 4 with his Grandma and clung to it ever since. Music never goes out of style and IMO-the 70’s is one of the best era’s of all time and help set the foundation of soul/R&B. Taylor is obviously intelligent well past the point of seeing the potential of these great songs. Not only does he listen to the music…he “hears” the music as well. Not many have the ability to do that.

    It looks like Taylor is well on the road to successfully establishing the name “Taylor Hicks” into a successful brand that will ultimately survive the longevity. People use to laugh at the Osmonds because they essentially sunk in the music business. But they stood firm, looked at their careers as a business empire with great potential and ultimately turned themselves into a family dynasty. Their the ones doing the laughing now…all the way to the bank.

    Taylor is quiet possibly the savviest, smartest Idol to date. The others are just trotting along enjoying the music and whatever fame comes their way. T is taking it to another level….smart move. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  146. casualfan Says:

    And that would be “quite” and not “quiet”

  147. taylorfan06 Says:

    Very insightful and “quite” well said cf. Right on!! The 70’s continue to be my favorite decade. Even with disco.

  148. taylorfan06 Says:

    Even this site snubs Taylor. NO mention of WATW.


  149. taylorfan06 Says:

    It’s all Simon. Simon. Simon. BORE-ING! BORE-ING! BORE-ING!

  150. taylorfan06 Says:

    January 12, 2010 at 10:13 am
    Very insightful and โ€œquiteโ€ well said cf. Right on!! The 70โ€™s continue to be my favorite decade. Even with disco.
    I ADORE 70’s disco! That and the R&B fill up my music library.

  151. taylorfan06 Says:

    Actually the disco IS great! So much diversity from bubble gum, to pop, R&B, singer/songwriters, progressive, rock… Who could ask for anything more? What’s happened since then? Sheeeeeesh!

  152. I’m going to watch two hours of AI.

  153. taylorfan06 Says:

    Take some no-doze rosie.

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