Do they know it’s Christmas?

Click here to get your Christmas present from Taylor!!


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  1. Taylor is a nice guy.

  2. Love the Video from Band Aid. Thanks Grey!

  3. I used to LOVE Band Aid back in the 80’s, especially Simon LeBon. He was my favorite back then. 🙂

  4. I didn’t like the music after 1984. Guess most who liked this group are now 35 – 40yrs old.

  5. Rosie, 25 years ago I was in England and sooooo loving this song. I just turned 50 this year, so yeah, I’m old, but this was IT for me THEN! Love the song and thanks for the flashback!

  6. BONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Paul Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    ****sorry**** hormone surge…

  8. I’m missing some of the posters we used to have and the good mix and Tay discussions. Gee, no one here to even comment on his Xmas gift to fans. No comments on his Xmas music. Some couldn’t handle SS calling them fanatics , old, out of touch and worse. It began to be too negative here for some, or too snarky. Brightlite, really was a bright light. JI is a sweet soul. Nolamar’s rediscovery of Taylor was refreshing and spirited. Caryl’s wit and self effacing comments were so human and she was always fair and kind. Henry, going over the edge in defense of Tay was fun. People popping in from the BB and other spots, giving their thoughts on the blog topics, gave a balance. Grey has always been patient, and while more of a Tay and tay fan cynic than me, let the conversations take on a life of their own. Some posters spent a winter Sat. afternoon pretending they were in a retirement home, making silly comments , due to SS’s putdown of older women. Now most of those peeps, have grown weary of the same old stuff from SS and CF and Sunny praising her.

  9. Just so you know, I don’t care what anyone here would say about Grey’s blog link to Tay’s gift or his Jacksonville vid. It is just, that as usual CF ignores him and goes on to talk about other artists and posts vids of others. Where did the mix go? Why act like Taylor doesn’t matter? My goodness at least act like the man exists, since he is a part of the blog topic. Want to see a good Christmas video, watch him sing It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.

  10. Rosie, Maybe if you would look at the previous blog, you will see that I did indeed address his gift to the fans and it was NOT negative. 😉

  11. You are having a meltdown Rosie. You say you enjoy a mix of conversation but when a video or subject about another Artist comes up you claim that I or someone else here is ignoring Hicks. Which is it?

  12. taylorfan06 Says:

    That’s the Christmas spirit cf.

    What a generous gift from a generous Taylor!
    Great concert, amazing sound!!!!
    Merry Christmas everyone! (Yes, everyone.)

  13. I agree TF6 and I said just that earlier on the previous blog. Taylor taking the time to have that done for the fandom was really nice and will hopefully bring in new fans who haven’t heard him live.

  14. To my friend Rosie 😉

  15. I can’t download the thing. Not enough memory???

    What movie is this from? “Just let your Soul Glow” Ha! Ha! I’m watching it on BET. LOL

  16. Fairhope Says:

    December 21, 2009 at 9:49 pm
    I can’t download the thing. Not enough memory???

    What movie is this from? “Just let your Soul Glow” Ha! Ha! I’m watching it on BET. LOL
    “Coming to America”?

  17. CF, I did just check out the prior thread and read your comment. My melt down is not due to anything Taylor has done or not done. I just wish that more people would post their thoughts on Grey’s blog, because it used to be such a happening place. There is no need for any side of any issue to go on the attack or get all defensive, angry or agressive. I can’t abide those who sulk in a corner or give up. That is why I enjoyed both Henry and Morph. Life isn’t black and white or nicey nice 24/7, and yet people act like discussing a singer on a damn blog should be all sweetness and “yes I agree and thank you”. And you betcha I’d like a tad more pro Taylor props from even the cynics. I’ll put in my order for all the above.

  18. Rosie, people left because they are bored! There is NOTHING to talk about regarding Hicks. What is he doing besides Grease, which he’s been doing for the past two years? His record flopped, so there’s nothing to talk about there, but if you like his stuff, than play it 24/7 at home, if that’s your thing. His concerts are sporadic and mostly attended by fanatics (yawn).

    As far as his free gift… a big whoop-dee-do. You can see clips of this concert on YouTube for free too (without downloading anything). Trust me, nobody is downloading that concert except fans!

  19. I cannot speak for others, but I haven’t been posting lately because the players on this board spend too much time fighting among themselves. I already did my year in kindergarten. Sure it was fun at the time. But I have no desire to repeat the experience.

    I am enjoying my gift from Taylor. Its really good!

    SS mentioned boredom. I must admit.. I am easily bored. Many of the posters on this board are so predictable. If you have read one of their posts.. you’ve read them all. They never change… but not Taylor. He is the one person that has never truly bored me. I wonder if maybe it is less the boredom thing with the complainers and more the “He’s not doing it my way!” thing.

    IMO Taylor doesn’t seem to take a lot of direction. So if you’re a fan hoping to roll Taylor out and cut him up into another one of your Christmas cookies… You may as well forget it and move on. There are plenty of bland flavor of the moment “stars” already on the table. But I guess some of you already knew that, as evidenced by the Daughterly vid. They look so pretty and people eat them up! But they leave you felling empty and wishing you had saved your appetite for the meat and potatoes. I doubt if Taylor wants to be compared to meat and potatoes but you get the idea.

    Happy Holidays to all!

  20. LOL Sweetay! You coming over here in defense mode is VERY PREDICITABLE! Black meet kettle….kettle meet black. 😉

  21. You want to talk about blandness? Who can top Taylor Hicks’ music in that dept? Except for 7Mile, which is actually a great song, everything else on that cd is the epitome of blandness. You want to hear REAL soul music, check out Robin Thicke.. that’s what you call soul music!

    Maybe if he taken some of the advice his well-meaning fans have given him, he wouldn’t be such a failure. Trust me, I don’t hate him. It’s just a shame that he chose to pander to fans like like Rosie and Sweetay and not let the real Taylor shine through. It’s almost like he doesn’t believe in himself anymore and he doesn’t care anymore.

    I don’t believe for one second that he went on a show like AI to be a failure because he’s back to a struggling music career and he has himself to blame. And his “free” gift is a joke… he’s probably laughing at dumb fans who bought this lock, stock and barrel.

  22. Snow-You keep everyone on their toes…Don’t ever stop being you!

  23. Has anybody heard if he’s doing any shadow shows in January or February?

  24. No Grey I haven’t heard anything. Hopefully he will get something going by Spring. Taylor made mention somewhere that he was tired. Wouldn’t surprise me if after Grease he totally drops off the map for awhile to recharge his batteries then onto where ever the roads lead him. I wish him much success.

  25. Thanks CF for posting a vid from Robin Thicke. This one is my fav from Robin. Of course, Taylor would never do a song or vid like the following. His elderly fans would either disapprove or keel over from a heartache. Soul music is about SEX.. it’s NEVER lame and bland!

  26. I never listened to Robin Thicke Snow. Thanks for the intro. I do like his voice and his soulfulness. All the talent out there constantly amazes me. So many Artists with so much talent. To corner oneself into one Artist is a true travesty.

  27. Robin’s rendition of Al Green’s song is a good example of fusing “old school” music into something that’s hip and accepted in today’s music world. He did a great job with it and the young folks will identify and enjoy. 😉

  28. NotYourGrandma Says:

    The frequent posters here don’t fight amongst themselves, they fight with people who freak over any criticism of Taylor and come on here defending him or complaining about the tone of the blog blah blah blah. If you want to see some fighting amongst themselves, do check out the “Boogie Board.”
    I agree with SnowStorm that people are just bored.

  29. Thanks for the Christmasy vids Grey. I’ll put up some later, just hitting and running today.

    Rosie writes, “Now most of those peeps, have grown weary of the same old stuff from SS and CF and Sunny praising her.”

    “Her” her who? Snow, CF? Hey I said I liked that NotYourGrandma too so is she bad too?

    So it’s all my fault I suppose? Why people such as JI, Caryl and NolaMar aren’t coming here anymore, me & Snow & CF? Now that’s idiotic kindergarten mentality. Read on twitter why TH fans aren’t posting here, apparently this site inhabited by those “Unacceptable fans” – hell in fact I seem to be at the top of that list. It’s an honor. *bows*

  30. NotYourGrandma Says:

    Soul music originates from gospel music and blues. It actually has nothing to do with sex.

  31. People are bored not only with non-news in Tayland but with the mentality that we aren’t allowed to celebrate music of Daughtry, Lambert and others along with Hicks. Those same folks doing the complaining are all on blogs that are putting up videos of other artist’s besides Hicks themselves.

  32. One of my favorite Christmas duo’s of all time

  33. Soul music has evolved, just like every other genre. Soul music originated from gospel 40-50 years ago!

  34. Hey, if Taylor wants to do soul music from 40 years ago, let him to it, but he will not gain a big enough audience to get any kind of measurable success. The end.

  35. taylorfan06 Says:

    that robin thicke creeps me the hell out. the balls taylor has, that guy lacks. put him in a dress with that voice. WORSE than nails on a chalkboard. i couldn’t even get through the song. listening to the whole cd would be absolute torture!!! why is this guy popular? one of the great mysteries of life.

    taylor hicks has a VOICE and if you don’t want to be a fan and just want to criticize his every move that’s your choice.

    the bores are the people who have to spread their negativity down your throat. coal in your stocking (again) – you scrooges know this message is you. Happy fricking holidays to your asses!!!

  36. taylorfan06 Says:

    snow (scrooge) is the predictable one here. cf, you’re a close second. at least scrooge wised up and turned his frown upside down.

    in that vein, it would be nice to see some him here make their new year’s resolution to see the glass half full. maybe they’ll be a lilttle happier. hope springs eternal.

    worry about yourselves more than taylor. he’s fine.

  37. taylorfan06 Says:

    she’s BORING AS HELL, also!

  38. TF6-Your crazy.

  39. haha! That’s the reason Robin Thicke is invited to sing on ALL the shows and Taylor is not (oh wait, Taylor sings BSD in Grease!). Robin Thicke is also never played on the radio, but he beats Taylor by miles and miles. Robin has got some awesome talent and his songs are soulful and contemporary… not stuck in the past.

    Taylor doesn’t know what the hell he is. It’s not soul… I don’t know what the hell it is.

  40. Shit, you should be thankful I’m paying the guy any attention. No attention at all is the worst.. just remember that!

  41. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf – it’s you’re crazy.

    snow – listen to your shit and i’ll enjoy the music i enjoy. agree to disagree. isn’t that your mo here anyway? attention craver and queen hater!

  42. taylorfan06 Says:

    yes, and that robin thicke is one scary talent. ooooooooooooooooo.
    way different strokes indeed!!!

    i’ll listen to that shit if i’m suffering from insomnia thank you very much.
    or if i need a coaster for my drink. i hate his bouffant also. ewwww!!!!

  43. taylorfan06 Says:

    being thankful does not come to mind in regard to you ss (the line forms here…)

  44. OMG, you are absolutely nutz. Robin Thicke is one of the best looking men I’ve ever seen in my life (tall, dark, handsome) and he oozes sex. His voice is one of best I’ve ever heard. He just became a father too, so congrats to him.

    If only Taylor has taken a cue from him.. he wouldn’t be stuck with all the crazy grannies stalking his every move.

  45. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    Wow such hate for Robin Thicke!! Now did he really deserve that? Its the holidays after all….Lol

    Look, bottom line is, nobody can deny that Taylor desperately needs to update his style. While his voice is very gritty and Robin Thicke’s voice lends itself more easily easier to the modern soul sound, I still think Taylor can do something to update his approach.

    As I’ve suggested before, why can’t he start out by doing a cover of a modern hit that is out right now and put his own spin on it? He needs to start incorporating a younger spirit to his music while still retaining that “old school” vibe.

    Why couldn’t he have done it at the High Noon Saloon? Nope, instead he chose an old Elton John song….and he can’t even get the lyrics right?
    Now, I love Taylor but seriously, with all the amazing talent out there, if you can’t even remember the lyrics for one additional song on your setlist you just look like a total HACK!!

    If he is gonna be among top performers he needs to up the professionalism and start to work hard on his songwriting or start using songs from people who know how to write hits and put his whole self into it and let it all hang out!!!

    Please Taylor I’m begging you…just try it….what do you have to lose?

  46. Me and few others are the only ones that make this blog interesting.
    Yes, you should be thankful and so should Hicks that I’m paying him ANY kind of attention.

  47. WOW TF6-That’s intense!

  48. luv2b-Cookies and Jager Bombs mixed together can befuddle the mind 😉

  49. Hahaha, Lots of good ones from tayfan06. Robin, son of Allen, must have told daddy he wanted to be a singer, so dad used his connections in the business. He barely has a voice, lacks creativity and charisma, and never even grew a pair. But he is a good fit for Snow. Had no idea that people were tweeting about this blog. Sunny I don’t blame anyone for anything. Don’t think Tay had SS on his gift list or mind. Afterall, it is me whom he panders to and likes to please.

  50. Working on my list to Taylor, in care of his Dad and step mom. Should I stop at a dozen suggestions for ways he can please me? Hummm, #13!

  51. I’m sure that boredom is only one of many reasons why. Yes, there definitely are predictable posts, some sniping etc. but, for myself, too little free time is the main reason. When I do have a few minutes, I’d just rather read the blog and listen to some of the videos rather than engage in some wornout, futile discussion about good versus bad fans etc. Reading here is to me a pleasurable thing, not something to raise ny blood pressure.

  52. I like Robin.. but that’s not Taylor. For Taylor to sound like that he would be doing an imitation. And yes, it probably what would bring him “success”.

    IDK sometimes I just don’t get it. Were you all watching the same Taylor as I was on my TV during that first audition? Did you vote for him all during the shows while he was just being Taylor? But now … he can’t be himself anymore? He has to succeed by “RE-INVENTING HIMSELF?

    I like Taylor best when he is being Taylor. The more Taylor gets into himself the better the music.

    Of course that is just my opinion and I am not always right and no one needs to trust in me. lol.

  53. luv 2 b entertained Says:

    “luv2b-Cookies and Jager Bombs mixed together can befuddle the mind”

    LMAO!!!!!! True, so true…

  54. rosie, I’m just going to ignore your crazy-ass babble. It’s best to laugh at you, like everybody else does.

    The ONLY thing Taylor cares about at this point is get as much money as possible out of you and could care less whether you like him or not. It’s all about money at this point.

  55. Who cares about AI from three freaking years ago? It’s in the PAST, dead and gone! What is Taylor doing in the here and now? NOTHING! except flying in ice cream cones.

  56. What happened on AI 3 years ago is all some have to hold onto Snow. It was the beginning of a great thrill ride in Tayland and some don’t want to get off. It’s hard for some to witness Daughtry, Pickler and others from that season be more successful, getting the radio play, and more music sales than Hicks and they can’t get past the bitterness. Talking about the likes of Daughtry and other Artist’s continues to throw salt into their wounds.

    That’s their problem and not mine or yours. Water off a ducks back 😉

  57. Hopefully this video will play

  58. CF and SS, you just don’t get it that fans of Taylor like his voice, many of his song choices and business decisions. They respect his vast knowledge of music and other singers and love how he performs a song live. They like his runs, growls, and soulful singing and arrangements. they like his harp playing and his increased guitar skills. They like what little they know of him as a person and most also happen to think he is hot and sexy. While I would love for him to do a CD of covers, I don’t want him to have to reinvent himself and doubt he will. It is SS who wants him to reinvent himself to sell CD’s. It is CF who thinks fans are pining away in misery that others on his season have done better. There are a few who harp on D, but even there it is due to thinking he was promoted and Tay was dissed by TPTB. You don’t even seem to be able to understand why Sweetay posed her question. You liked Taylor on AI and during his 07 tour, but now you want him to change his music and performance style.

  59. LOL! Well this is different 😉

  60. True classics never die

  61. What no “Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer”! I’m certain that is Snow’s favorite. I saw the singer song writer perform it on Fox, due to it being the 30 yr. anniversary of the song.

  62. On another good note….FOX Broadcasting will start their Jan TV lineup promotion using Adam’s “For Your Entertaintment”. Whatever damage was done by the AMA’s is mending itself. Good job Adam!

  63. The only rational posters on the subject of loosing the MIX, have been blueberry, Sweetay, taylorfan 06 and myself. The others have just called people fanatic, sore losers, or post vids like a maniac. But mainly it is the same old Taylor is boring now, he screwed up, he didn’t listen, he has old lady fans, he doesn’t care, he’s tired, and he should sing like this one and that one. Then when anyone says something different or positve, the same old crew go into their same old mantra. Way to go guys!

  64. This is going to be a “hit and run” ’cause I’m more than a little busy these days. But I just have to wonder – and this is a rhetorical question – why do some of you think that just because others here don’t like D’s music and can’t stomach ANYthing Adam Lambert (I’m a perfect example), it’s because we think Taylor is the only good thing in music today and we’re bitter about his career path. That’s so far from reality, for me at least. Yes, I like Taylor’s music, but I like many other artists as well. They may not be the ones mentioned by other posters, but they are nonetheless legitimate artists with successful careers. I respect other posters’ music choices; I’d appreciate their respect of mine in return.

  65. taylorfan06 Says:

    you summed it up rosie. there’s A LOT of the same blah, blah, blah from the usual bores here. that negativity is a major turn off for me. these know-it-alls should manage tay’s career since they have all the answers. but being who they are they just enjoy complaining more and more. i guess they get a charge out if. “birds of a feather…”

    the phrase “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” obviously does not apply here to those, regarding taylor. instead it’s the “if you don’t have anything nice to say, sit next to me” mentality. negativity and sarcasm does get old and again, “boring”, as well as taking away the fun. i think there are other sites that thrive on that mindset where they would be welcomed with open arms.

    i don’t understand why those people don’t just move over to those sites e and leave us more supportive fans to gather here and enjoy the various topics, especially the true taylor topics.

  66. taylorfan06 Says:

    meg you make a lot of sense also. i agree with 100%. i’m not a fans of d’s (mainly because he sounds like SO many others). I do like Adam’s song “soaked” though the rest of his cd is plenty of filler. the music industry is a real mish mash these days. so few originals for me.

  67. ok TF6 and Rosie, you win. You guys will continue on with the school bullying mentality till I leave. As I said before, you guys have this down to a science. You have proven that there is safety in numbers.

    Perhaps you can all get with Grey in turning this blog back into the “well balanced” blog you all want. Y’all are the voice of reason. 😉

  68. There’s some of your balance Taylor fans! ENJOY! and GOODBYE!

  69. Nooooo! CF come back! Come to Dixie…it’s snowing in the pines!!! Thanks for posting Alabama, been waiting all season to hear that song.

    Always remember Christmas cookies and Jager bombs will turn a frown upside down!

  70. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    “i don’t understand why those people don’t just move over to those sites e and leave us more supportive fans to gather here and enjoy the various topics, especially the true taylor topics.”

    So you think the people that post here should leave and go somewhere else and you and the “supportive fans” should stay here. Maybe you could even change the name of the blog to something you prefer, like Taylor Can Do No Wrong. com or The True Fans of Taylor Hicks or Taylor’s Support Actually, you could just start your own blog.

    But here’s a question, there’s plenty of cheerleading sites around, why does this have to be one too? I find the freedom of speech refreshing. Good and bad. Also, I don’t really view this as a typical fan blog, more of a discussion site. Maybe that’s the difference. Anyway, if you don’t like reading what’s being said here, just don’t read it. You know? For example, many of the Boogie Board posters are a bit too radical for my taste, so I rarely read that site. It’s not my cup of tea.

  71. Hey peeps, just enjoy the singers you like. I am a TH fan, I like him just the way he is, I think he is vey talented. I enjoy lots of other singers too.
    The main thing is not how he or she looks, it’s the voice. With me it has to be different, I have to recognize it over the radio, or I am just not interested. No point in putting TH or other singers down. You know, that seems rather silly. Just spend some time on the web and see how fans fight on the web, not just fans of singers. Any kind of celebrity. Makes me realize it is not good to put any celebrity on a pedestal. In the bigger scheme of things, they just are not that important to fight over. Merry Christmas everyone.

  72. taylorfan06 Says:

    oliver – i agree with everything your post says. your sentiment has been said in various ways by many here over the years. it’s a very universal theme that most agreed with way back when until some wanted to point out mistake after mistake that they thought th was making with his career. just let him make him choices and see what happens. i don’t agree with all that he’s done, but i’ll still support him as an artist. he definitely is talented and his music works for me, as well his live performances. especially his live performances! i think there is still a future for taylor hicks. (it’s too bad there’s a market for taylor swift – but that’s just life i guess (and marketing)).

    notyourgrandma – (?) so typical for people to run with the “perfect”, “can do no wrong” credo which is just a cheap defense mechanism on the part of those who go that route. th is human and i treat him as such. he hasn’t done anything so appalling that i think about not staying in his corner. he delivers good product, gets overall good reviews, but without airplay, it’s tough. some of you may really crack in his shoes, but th continues to forge ahead. i look forward to his next venture. i hope he ends up surprising some of you.

    a little slack please?

    there are many elements that contribute to a person’s popularity. i like many other artists that i wish would get their due. anything is possible. bottom line – i’d rather be an optimist than a pessimist, and that’s the issue i have here sometimes – just way too many negative nellies. what are YOU doing that’s so great? that’s the question i have for you. i guess it may just be easier to put down someone else’s life to make you feel a bit more superior. why don’t you become a household name yourself and then we can talk about that.

    oh… Merry Christmas.

  73. taylorfan06 Says:


  74. Here’s the deal:

    If you don’t like what you read here, then don’t read it. If you don’t want to discuss Taylor the way that I want to discuss him, then don’t post.

    Bottom line is that, TF06, as much as I respect your opinion regarding Taylor and others, you have no business telling any of my posters to leave my blog. If you would like to start your own blog, go ahead. But this blog is what it is. You can deal with it, or you can leave.

  75. taylorfan06 Says:

    loving the double standard

  76. taylorfan06 Says:

    …and who did i ask to leave????

  77. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    “i don’t understand why those people don’t just move over to those sites e and leave us more supportive fans to gather here and enjoy the various topics, especially the true taylor topics.”

    This is where you asked people to leave.

  78. taylorfan06 Says:

    nygm – the thing that needs to leave here is the NEGATIVITY! you do have to admit that there has been a bit too much of it for a while now. And it just seems to grow like a fungus. Not good for me. Not good for others.

    No one needs to leave except the NEGATIVITY. Now let’s have some fun…

  79. taylorfan06 Says:

    “Isn’t fun the best thing to have?” – Dudley Moore (Arthur, 1981)

  80. “Not good for me. Not good for others.”

    Is someone holding a gun to your head to visit this blog? This isn’t the right place for you. This blog is based on honesty, reality and opinions, not delusions. Go to the Boogie Board, where Taylor farts flowers! Myself and others would never dream of going on the Boogie board, because we know that’s not the right place for us.

    Do any of these grannies know what free will is? They just can’t take it when someone criticizes their precious Tay Tay!

  81. If you want nothing more than be supportive of Hicks, go to the Boogie Board… it’s as simple as that!

    I’m sure they will welcome you with open arms. They need all the posters they can get! Get in on the action before that site dies away! 😉

  82. taylorfan06 Says:

    SS – I knew it was just a matter of time until I received your wrath.

    I guess I never received the memo – ” This blog is based on honesty, reality and opinions, not delusions”. Did you create this blog? I really don’t think that iag would be so strict describing HER blog or agree 100% with that statement. It is very alienating. Anyway…

    I will not cave to the bully you are. I am not delusional and don’t appreciate your put downs. (not the first time) I’m a nice person that enjoys many of the topics here. I like sharing my views in a fair and balanced way (unlike fox news – but that’s for another blog entirely.)

    Forgive me for seeing th and his career with the glass half full mentality. There are others here as well that are on the same boat as me. You bully them also.

    Taylor, like any artist, makes his decisions that can either work or not work. Unfortunatey, some strategies have failed and that’s a shame. Let it be my choice (free will) to stay in his corner and enjoy what he offers. What’s the big deal about that?

    Why do have to antagonize so many with your words. If you could just kindly stop your pouncing, there could be much more harmony here. There’s more to life than tearing apart and being nasty.

    I klnow that some have left here who have left here because of you. I will not be one of them. Mellow out and stop bullying. You are mean. Why can’t it stop?

  83. taylorfan06 Says:


    I know that some have left here because of you. I will not be one of them. Mellow out and stop bullying. You are mean. Why can’t it stop?

  84. She’s a mean one that Ms Grinch. Speaking of balance, MJ has posted a very balanced opinion about Taylor on her blog. It is the lead article about the release of Whomp at The Warfield. Taylor hasn’t been discussed much at all during the 6 months I have read MJ’s. So you all may find something true and something to disagree with should you decide to read the Taylor piece. SS, I also was refering to your put downs and nasty comments. You have such a fear of ageing it is sad. You must have allowed the media and societies focus on youth to devalue you as a female and fear being an older woman some day. Betty White said she wants Robert Redford for XMAS. Angela Lansbury is still working, and Doris Roberts made the show Everbody Loves Raymond a hit. Put the scrooge in you to bed for Xmas and have an uplifting New Year.

  85. WTF? You’re the one who’s a BULLY… YOU TOLD PEOPLE TO LEAVE!! I only suggested that this blog is not right for you because YOU cannot handle ANY criticism whatsoever of Hicks. If you are bothered so much, why the hell are you here?

    Again, is someone holding a gun to your head to read and post here?

  86. I actually can’t stand older women who act like stupid idiots over AI singers who are young enough to be their sons.

    The horny grandmas really creep me out. Understand Rosie? Otherwise, I have absolutely nothing against older women. I know lots of intelligent older women who have respect for themselves and have busy and fullfilling lives. Those women are my role models.

  87. taylorfan06 Says:

    I told NO ONE to leave! Where are the names? STOP your nonsense!!!

    I can handle the criticism of Taylor but just feel MANY times that it’s unwarranted.

    You’re the one with the gun. Put the the gun dow and walk back. LOL

  88. taylorfan06 Says:

    Fans come in ALL ages. Can we deal with that?

  89. You grandmas ruined Taylor’s career… can you deal with that? How would you feel if you were a young male singer and you have horny grannies for fans? Would you like that? Jeesh, put yourself in his place.

    Poor Taylor needs to go away for a year, and hopefully you old gals will forget about him. It’s his only chance.

  90. “i don’t understand why those people don’t just move over to those sites e and leave us more supportive fans to gather here and enjoy the various topics, especially the true taylor topics.”

  91. Snow, sure I understand. You just put older women in a box as does much of society. Old men can marry and lust after young attractive women, but the same isn’t allowed for older women. When you get older, you may wish for some more air holes in the box society has built around you. It is a new world. Years ago women didn’t drive much, didn’t have credit, and weren’t allowed in law or medical school, for the most part. Now they can do, say or be whatever they desire. But people like you still try to box in the older ones and make jokes. Just remember some jokes get OLD.

  92. taylorfan06 Says:

    give it a rest snow. common sense does say that it makes more sense for yours/others thoughts to be on those hater sites. just sayin…

  93. I don’t even know about any hater sites. The Mj articles talks about his 2nd rate CD, says he will never have a hit CD, calls Grease cheesy and I’m surprised SS isn’t over there commenting. Mj also thinks he is super live and talented and retro. I need to regester, so I can comment. Happy they used that hot photo for the DVD. Yea, I’ll finally get to see and hear WATW.

  94. Jesus, Joseph and Mary…I am so tired of this bullshit. I think it’s clear that Snow doesn’t think older women are good for Taylor’s career, and I think we all know that TF06 can’t handle any criticism of Taylor. Can we please fucking move on? There is no right and wrong, only opinions. No wonder nobody has ever allowed people to post their true feelings about Taylor on various sites.

    Taylor is where he is today because of successes and mistakes that he has made over his lifetime. Guess what? So are the rest of us. We all are in the same boat.

    The thing that’s different about this blog is that criticism of Taylor IS allowed, unlike any other Taylor site that I’ve seen. You can come here and post if you want, or don’t come here and post. Like I said before, I don’t care. I’m not going to beg anybody to stay or leave.

    I do know that going around in circles is getting very old, very quick.

  95. Santa Claus is being featured on the Biography channel. Perhaps all the little children would like to come in from the sand box and watch something fun.

  96. Rosie, just so we’re clear… I feel the same about dirty old men the same way I feel about dirty old women. You are BOTH creepy! Old men lusting over Brittney Spears is ewwwww!!!

    Taylor will never look at you, or anybody from the fanatics blog twice, so why make complete fools of yourselves? Can’t you see how you and that crew of loony women have destroyed Taylor’s career?

  97. Snow you put so much power into the hands of people who posts on blogs. Will Taylor ever look at you? Will Taylor ever read or follow your advice? How many times have you called me creepy, a fanatic, a dirty old looney woman and cussed me out? How many time this past year have you informed people that you are always right about everything? How many have you insulted who have made comments on this blog? When one ages, they don’t change. They just seem to become more of who they were when younger. When you reach 50 or 60, you will switch gears, and become one of those old sour pusses who put down teens and younger generations.

  98. hicksaholic Says:

    I am really happy to see all the positive posts about Taylor at mj’s. Hopefully it will encourage a few new people to listen to his live Workplay performance and perhaps gain a measure of respect for Taylor as an artist. Ideally though you should “see” him perform. He is a visual performer.

  99. SS, Just so you know, my background, degrees are in Social Psychology. The study of, experiements and theories of how people behave in group situations. Good news! As far as I can tell, from reading your posts, you and everyone else fall into that broad, (normal human behavior) category. Time for me to come in from the playground. I see CF is still on the sliding board and IAG is still trying to balance those on the seesaw. I did want one more ride on the bouncy horsey, but Tay Tay promised me that if I came inside he’d buy me a unicorn. So I’m off to clean the sand from beneath my toes and wait for my surprise.

  100. hicksaholic, he did gain some new members at ning, after his free Workplay gift announcement. The cover of WATW is hot. MJ has a lot of readers, so who knows.

  101. “Snow you put so much power into the hands of people who posts on blogs.”

    Rose, unless a site is private, anybody in the whole wide world can read here and they do. 🙂

  102. “They just seem to become more of who they were when younger.”

    My grannie reads this blog and she thinks you are nuts.

  103. My grannie reads this blog and she thinks you are nut
    ————————————————————————————–To bad she couldn’t go to some TH concerts she might have a real good time.
    As for the horny old grannies….hope your still feeling that way when your older…which I suspect you are. No young person I know is as cynical as you are…THANK GOD. It’s a long life to be so miserable…let it go Snow…just let it go.

  104. I think Snowstorm is really Taylor in disguise! OMG! It’s Taylor!!!!

  105. pearlpattie Says:

    You know what? I THINK YOU’RE ALL NUTS!!!

  106. pearlpattie has done weighed in from that most neutral, open minded place in the Universe of Taylor. She has declared us all nuts, on Christmas Eves Eve, and done so in all caps, so even the deaf can hear. We need all quietly line up at the New Obama Mental Health Care Clinic. I’ll be the one impersonating Taylor and SS will be the one in disguise as Joni. Sunny, Iag, CF, and No One’s Grandma will try their best to pass for sane. All the rest of the past and present posters will wear festive Christmas sweaters, as they hope to be fed some cookies and Rolling Rocks, before being tucked in. Word is Taylor appreciates all his fans and plans on visiting us next week. His PR honcho, will explain to the news media’s that Tay understands why some of his fans have lost it. While in line, I hope someone throws those pretty colored beads!

  107. I want to be a pistachio nut!

  108. Me, My preference is to be one of Tay’s two nuts, or at least be able to describe them to the press. Pistachios are so tasty once you crack them open with your fingers. Nuts are salty and salt was so valuable a commodity in acncient times. I’m certain the Obama team has allowed for salt licking in the clinics. Tay will visit us there. He values his nuts.

  109. FH-You are great!

  110. I agree CF. Fairhope reduces whatever to the most simplistic format.

  111. FH isn’t over invested, keeps it light with a great sense of humor. It’s water off a ducks back with her as it should be.

  112. mamaforpeace Says:

    Considering the message of the vid that IAG posted for this thread, it’s kind of ironic (and sad) that people kept going on their same old rant! I hope all of you have a warm and merry Xmas, and let’s all just have one little thought for all those who don’t know it’s Xmas. I believe there is power in universal thoughts, so let’s send out good ones:)

  113. Y’all are so sweet! I love my girls! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

  114. taylorfan06 Says:

    …of course TF06 can take criticism of Taylor. Grow up iag! Let’s “fucking move on” to 2010! (you’ve certainly got a way with a phrase there.)

    Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Just curious…

    kinder, gentler fan

  115. Merry Christmas Everyone!

  116. Haahahaha!!


    Merry Christmas to you, TF. 🙂

  117. only 14 minutes left to wish you all a Merry Christmas – been busy celebrating!

  118. Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! Albeit belatedly, to everyone of you posting away, to those reading who declare they don’t read here, to those reading who are afraid to post here and to the person who volunteers to step into the quagmire of the Taylor Hicks’ fan world on a regular basis, Grey.

    I experienced my first white Christmas – we had snow Christmas Eve. It was amazing. My baby girl said it was her favorite Christmas present.

    Here’s a song for you all: “Same Old Lang Syne” Complete lyrics, apply somewhat to a bit of everyone. Enjoy.

  119. hicksaholic Says:

    Sunny are you in Texas? I’m in Alabama and although we have had snow a few times in my life never on Christmas Eve or Christmas. I bet you were excited. That really adds to the holiday spirit especially if you hardly ever get snow.

  120. Here in MN we got WAY too much snow! ha Has made getting around places quite difficult this Christmas. At least the skiers, sledders and snow-angel makers are enjoying it! My nephews had a great snowball fight – it is the heavy wet snow that makes awesome snowballs!

  121. Hold on! I didn’t finish reading this thread because I have to clear something up before I forget. I’m the one who said SOME fans think posting here makes them ‘unacceptable.’ I didn’t say that I think that.


    I liked coming here because we could say what we think and have an intellectual discussion without anyone calling us ‘bad fans.’ I stopped posting here and EVERYWHERE because I’m trying to get on with my life. I still do twitter, but that’s all.

    But as long as we’re talking, I will say that it became obvious to me that there are fan politics going on behind the scenes that I had no clue about. Of course I know that people have their own groups that they feel comfortable with, but I had no idea the lenghts people have gone to to build WALLS to keep ‘unacceptable’ people out. That blows my mind. Really. I think it’s going on with people who have been around from the beginning.

    This fandom has broken off into tight little groups that meet who-knows-where to talk about one another. Again, thinking about this is blowing my mind, but apparently I’ve been talked about and placed in some category.

    I’m so naive. I thought we were all just fans. I don’t dislike ANYBODY. I have an open mind about EVERYBODY. Have you ever heard me say an unkind word about anyone? So even though I’ve always been an equal opportunity fan, I’ve been placed on the ‘unacceptable’ list. It’s like kicking a kitten.

    But, it doesn’t really matter anymore because I need to focus on my family and myself now. The whole online thing was an escape which I sorely needed but I’m ready to deal with the real world now. I’m not avoiding certain blogs, I’m avoiding ALL of them, even Taylor’s official sites. I don’t want to sound like I’m above it all or whatever. For me, it’s just a waste of time. There are more important things.

    Oh- how did I finally realize that there are groups of people who won’t associate with me for whatever reason? When I posted the interview from Taylor, there are ardent fans out there who completely ignored it. And what’s really sad is that he did the interview for the fans. That’s the only reason he wanted to do it.

    Taylor told me he read that the fans thought our first phone call was one of the best interviews he had ever done. He said, “Let’s schedule an interview and we’ll talk just like we did before, OK?” So those fans who had nothing to say about the interview didn’t hurt me, they hurt Taylor. He did it for you and you ignored it.

    Now, the posters here also ignored it and I know that you’ll say something like, “I wasn’t interested.” That’s fine except that you claim to be about music discussion. So what was up with that? Apparently you guys have a problem with me, too.

    But, as I said, it doesn’t matter anymore. I just had to set a few things straight before I disappear forever. This online thing is a hard habit to break, obviously, since I’m here now. But I’ll get there.

  122. No snow, no rain-only sunshine here! 😉

  123. This online thing is a hard habit to break, obviously, since I’m here now.
    Yes indeed it is Caryl. I read an interesting article the other day about some college students being addicted to FB and Twitter to the point of failing their classes and ignoring their families and socialization in the real world. The group interviewed decided to only devote a a few hours a month to the Networks in order to break their addiction.

    Life is too short to be wasted on getting upset over the mundane matters of cyberworld 😉

  124. Life is too short to be wasted on getting upset over the mundane matters of cyberworld

    cf – I totally agree with you – I would make that my NY’s resolution but I always tend to break those – hahhaha

  125. Caryl–I really didn’t want to post here for reasons of my own. But I’m not sure if you will read it if I post elsewhere.
    I just have to ask one thing and comment on another.
    First, where is this unacceptable list and who keeps it? I guess whos on it would depend on whos keeping it. I’m sure I would be on some peoples but maybe not others.
    About the interview, I read it and loved it, I think, but I am not positive that I posted on your blog but I know I mentioned it elsewhere. I think Taylor finds you easy to talk to and I hope you are not going to stay gone all the time because he needs fans like that. And I would love to hear another interview from him with you.
    No, in the grand scheme of things the online fandom is not important in most ways. But to me it is important that Taylor stay around so we all can have his music to enjoy and I think he needs some online presence to help with that.
    And I think that a fan he is comfortable talking to is a good one to have around. I am seriously hoping that you don’t disappear altogether.

  126. Sunny Says:

    December 26, 2009 at 9:39 am
    I experienced my first white Christmas – we had snow Christmas Eve. It was amazing. My baby girl said it was her favorite Christmas present.
    I remember my first Christmas. Living in Louisiana didn’t give me any opps for that. When I moved to Nashville back in the 80’s my first Christmas there was a white one. Good memories indeed.

  127. IMO-One of the best musicians in my time.

  128. mamaforpeace Says:

    I thought this was interesting… 25 best selling albums of the decade from Amazon. The Beatlles at #5, Nora Jones at #6. And Susan Boyle (a bit of a throw back, I would say) this year has the #1 selling album by a female ever. There has so much discussion of TH being not current enough in his style, too much of a throw back, but IMO, it would be a great mistake if he put out music that was meant to be commercial rather than what he really wants to sing.

  129. mamaforpeace Says:

    Love 2 Be Entertained said up thread:
    “Why couldn’t he have done it at the High Noon Saloon? Nope, instead he chose an old Elton John song….and he can’t even get the lyrics right?
    Now, I love Taylor but seriously, with all the amazing talent out there, if you can’t even remember the lyrics for one additional song on your setlist you just look like a total HACK!!”
    Taylor making up lyrics on the fly, for whatever reason, is actually one of the things I really like, kind of like an improv in jazz. Probably was at the source of his tagging. For me, it is more of a trade mark, not a weakness.

  130. Taylor making up lyrics on the fly, for whatever reason, is actually one of the things I really like, kind of like an improv in jazz. Probably was at the source of his tagging. For me, it is more of a trade mark, not a weakness.
    Moma-I totally agree with you on that. That only adds to his personality and shows he’s not a drone. I have always enjoyed the tagging and the outright quirkiness he displays on stage. He’s a live performer for sure.

    I may not always like the recorded music he puts out, but I do love his live performances and really hope he has more in store for next year.

  131. mamaforpeace Says:

    December 26, 2009 at 5:54 pm
    I thought this was interesting… 25 best selling albums of the decade from Amazon. The Beatlles at #5, Nora Jones at #6. And Susan Boyle (a bit of a throw back, I would say) this year has the #1 selling album by a female ever. There has so much discussion of TH being not current enough in his style, too much of a throw back, but IMO, it would be a great mistake if he put out music that was meant to be commercial rather than what he really wants to sing.
    I think Susan Boyle helped to remind us that music-no matter what era it’s from never goes out of style.

    Nora Jones-Classic blues, jazz infusion….LOVE her! The Beatles-They speak for themselves.

    Taylor Hicks-Done speculating.

  132. Henry- Believe me, I had the same thoughts you did, that Taylor needs some level-headed fans to stick around online, but…now don’t take this the wrong way…I decided his career isn’t my responsibility. MY career is and I need to get back to it.

    I’m still a Taylor Hicks fan and I DO hope I can interivew him again. But hopefully it’ll appear somewhere that gives him better exposure than my blog.

  133. Oh Lord, I don’t think its my responsibility either. If it was he would be bad off. LOL
    I will write of this else where.

  134. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    I don’t think he needs to change the genre of his music (maybe keep the songs more simple.) I really think his problem is his image and it’s what detracts other types of fans. I’ve read comments on twitter that say stuff like “I don’t care what everyone thinks of you, I still like your CD.” It seems his cheesy image is upstaging his talent. Caryl, I don’t know you. But I read your that interview. And like 99.9% of the things I read online, I didn’t comment. It’s possible you’re taking it too personally. Honest, lots of people just don’t comment.

  135. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Henry, just wanted to thank you for reminding us that you don’t really want to post here and then post here and then post here and tell us you’ll post it somewhere else. I’m pretty sure that every single comment I’ve read from you on this site, starts with “I shouldn’t post here,” “I don’t want to post here” and “this is the last time I’ll ever post here.” And then once again, you post here. What is going on?

  136. It was a shame that most here thought they were too cool to comment about Taylor’s interview with Caryl. It pissed me off. He discussed music and we have music lovers here and yet not even on this blog did anyone discuss it. Caryl, people read every where, and I think it is true, that some pm and email each other to talk about other fans. People are pm,ing me now on the BB, and well I don’t like to do it, so I don’t. it leads people to think you are talking behind their back. So at least those who think there is something fishy about me, at least I say things out in the open. I can’t imagine Caryl being on anyone’s unacceptable list. Caryl, I hope you drop in here and there to tell us how you are doing.

  137. Part of the problem with this fandom is that people have taken things way too personally.

    As I said earlier-Mundane matters in cyber-world are just that…mundane

  138. NYGM, So what! The nit picking of who said and did what, and changed their minds is nutty.

  139. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, you’re assuming a lot. I know my reasons for not commenting on Caryl’s blog had nothing to do with being too cool. I just didn’t comment because I didn’t comment. There was no ulterior motives or significant reasons. LOL.

  140. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    No Rosie, constantly stirring the pot and making issues out of non-issues is nutty. Either post on the blog or DON’T. There’s no need to remind us all every single time (not once or twice) that you really shouldn’t. And sometimes when you don’t post there’s no reason for it too. You are constantly pointing fingers at people on this blog (nit picking of who said and did what), telling them what they are doing wrong, comparing them to one another, announcing you’re disappointment and you have the nerve to say others are being nit picky. lol.

  141. I’ve read all your above posts and I’m not gonna comment.


  142. NYG-The pot stirring saga is a bit old via Rosie. That’s why I have decided to put on my IGNORE button…LOL

    FH-I simply adore Chunky Monkey! I also have a weakness for Caramel Sutra.

  143. The point is that when the interview was new I mentioned it over here twice. I know lots of people read it and didn’t comment on Caryls blog and that is fine. But she has been contributing on this blog since I have. an entire year. We talk about music here and Taylor here. So I thought surely someone would make some comment here about that interview. They comment about way less important things he has done. It would have been nice to have acknowledge Caryl. I said way up thread that I wish more people posted. Every single one of us has complained about what someone has said. But it was stated all opinions are welcome. In case you didn’t notice some get on Henry’s case here, no matter what she posts. Maybe Caryl’s feelings were hurt, perhaps henry’s feelings have been hurt in the past. I disagree with CF. People can get hurt by others in cyberspace, but what do I know and why pay attention to anything I post. SS says everyone thinks I’m crazy babbling loon.

  144. So now I’m the big pot stirrer. Geesh.

  145. No, no, no, it’s not that I took the lack of comments personally. Actually, there were plenty of comments.

    Here’s the thing. Some of TH’s fans play games with one another. I’ve been around long enough to know that much. The regular posters here pretended the interview didn’t exist because they were playing some kind of game with me. Why? I have no clue. No, I’m not being too sensitive or taking it all too seriously. It’s a fact.

    You will continue the conversation here by belittling me and making jokes about this topic and asking me for proof or WHATEVER, but those of you who’ve been playing games with me KNOW that you’ve been doing it. That’s all.

  146. Caryl, I read the interview and posted how much I enjoyed it. Not sure what you are talking about but I know a lot of people enjoyed it and it’s a shame you let a few get to you. I hope you reconsider but if not I wish you well.

  147. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, honestly, you are constantly complaining, or a better word might be nagging and telling people what they should be doing. Why don’t people comment on Taylor’s Xmas present, why don’t they comment on Caryl’s blog, why do they ignore Taylor? You’ve made it clear that the posters here have failed to impress you and cannot adhere to your standards of what a good poster should be. We get it, we all suck. This place isn’t what you WISH it would be. People comment about what they feel like commenting on and where they feel like commenting – they don’t need someone nagging them, telling them what they should be doing or where they should be doing it.

    I already explained that I did not post on Caryl’s blog for any specific reason and it surely wasn’t personal. She’s alright by me. And Henry, from what I’ve read, she’s mostly condescending in her posts and never fails to remind that she’ll never post here (or other places) again. If people get on her case, I’m not all that surprised.

  148. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Caryl, a lot of the regular posters here seem seem to have lost interest in Taylor for the post part. It’s possible that the reason they didn’t comment on your blog was because of that reason and not because of YOU. Maybe they don’t care what he has to say anymore? Not saying that’s a fact, but It’s a definite possibility.

  149. NYGM, now you seem to be speaking for the blog, by saying a lot of regular posters here seem to have lost interest in Taylor. Gee who are they? You were just commenting on Taylor hacking the words to a song. You adressed Henry as though you were speaking for the blog owner. I never nagged anyone to post on Caryl’s blog, I merely brought over the news she scored an interview. I asked about Tay’s Christmas gift, because that is what the blog owner posted on this thread. It is a fact that some posters here and elsewhere play little games such as on occasion ganging up on another poster. I have no idea if there were games people played in reference to Caryl’s interview. BTW, I don’t keep track of who stirs the pot but SS, has called me and everyone else who posts on Taylor Hicks and Other Guilty Pleasures loons, crazy old ladies and worse. A lot of those people also posted here. But SS gets a pass, because she puts down Tay and fans who enjoy him. Double standards.

  150. For anyone who likes to read MJ’s blog and enjoy’s Kelly Clarksons music, here’s some good little morsels to feast on this holiday season. 😉

  151. Well said NYG.

  152. Mamaforpeace. I agree with both of your earlier comments.

  153. Dee, I think you misunderstood.

    NYG, it’s possible you’re not in on what’s gone on in the past, so you don’t know what I’m talking about.

    CF, I EXPECTED your response to be that you weren’t interested but we both know you read the interview. I don’t know why you have a problem with me when I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I gave you free tickets and never revealed who you are, as promised. You refused to acknowledge the interview. Why?

    Hm.. It’s an interesting psychological study, actually- all of this, the online fandom. What is each person’s motivation? What are they trying to gain? Would make an interesting research paper.

    Anyhoo- IAG, I’ve always liked you. Keep allowing a fair and open exchange, OK? That’s the best thing about this blog.

  154. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, you’re pretty confused and grasping at straws. I’ve never commented on Taylor hacking any words to any song. Show me the post – you won’t find it. I couldn’t care less about that. I also used the word “SEEM” to have lost interest, which makes it clear that it’s just an observation of MINE and only MY opinion and not a FACT… so how could I be speaking for others? I only speak for myself. You keep bringing up SS and all the injustice. You’re acting like we’re all in nursery school here. Games, ganged up ETC. Who really gives a shit? Not me. So what would you like? For her to be burned at the stake? Banned for life? A public apology? You can’t arrest someone for saying mean things about you or another blog. And frankly, she’s sorta more interesting than the posters she supposedly drove away.

  155. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Caryl, I don’t know anything about what went on in the past. I just know I didn’t comment because I usually don’t comment on interviews.

  156. caryl – where can I see the interview? what is the name of your blog?


  157. CF, I EXPECTED your response to be that you weren’t interested but we both know you read the interview. I don’t know why you have a problem with me when I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I gave you free tickets and never revealed who you are, as promised. You refused to acknowledge the interview. Why?
    Caryl, Not sure where any of this is coming from but I haven’t addressed you at all on this blog except for the comment I made at 3:58 today. I do agree with points that NYG made in her post but that was regarding everything and not you personally.

    Regarding interviews-Taylor has done alot of interviews Caryl and sorry but no, I haven’t read your interview with him. If you are capable of tracking IP addy’s on your blog then you will know that I’ve only been on your blog once and that was a long time ago. Other than that I don’t know what you want from me. By the way-Is there a by law written somewhere that says that one has to acknowledge something?

    Regarding Tkts-Since you brought it up, I will address it. I told you those tkts were for Julie so her and her daughter could see Taylor in person and see how he is live in concert. I also thanked you for those tkts. Why you are bringing up anything else is beyond me.

    Also, You gave me a hand written msg with your picture asking me to give that to Taylor in hopes that he would grant you an interview when Grease played in TX. I gave you Greg and Kim’s info to contact them to set up an interview with him.

    You are coming across as someone who is stricken with paranoia and it’s starting to get a little annoying. You are obviously in need of attention and I hope you get it. If you want to continue this, you can email me. Otherwise I really have nothing more to add to this subject.

  158. NYGM, I don’t recall you posting here until recently. Once again, it is not for you to say who is more interesting a poster than others, or who is a nag, or to assume many here are not that interested in Taylor. Some are more than others. You obviously are not that interested in him. This blog has worked because there was a mix of opinions and ideas and people could say what they wished. All blogs work best when people are not calling other people names. Many of us here have had arguements and been called names or teased or called others names. We don’t seem to hold grudges and go on as usual. Snow and I have done that. I don’t know you and perhaps you would enjoy more people talking negative about Taylor. That is not what I want and I’m entitled to express that here. Don’t you think it best we just both end this back and forth stuff between you and I? My decision is to end it.

  159. Iag is not going to enjoy reading these posts. Gee Christmas did just last one day. I’m backing off all arguing even if someone calls me a wacky, fucking, old lady pervert, nagging pot stirring bitch, times 10.

  160. hicksfan7, It is Taylor Tuedays blog, link above right.

  161. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Rosie, I can absolutely say who I find interesting. Why wouldn’t I? And I can also comment on if someone is nagging non-stop when they are. And I can also make observations about my perception of things – correct or not. Or is there only someone special that’s allowed to do such a thing? Yes its a blog, not a sorority. I don’t know if you’re old or a pervert or what, doesn’t matter to me. And I don’t care if people say negative or positive things about Taylor. I’m not trying to change their opinions about him or tell them what to do and where. I didn’t realize we were really having a back and forth. You can end it, sure, but you’ll just start it somewhere else. LOL.

  162. You can end it, sure, but you’ll just start it somewhere else. LOL.
    LOL! You are a few hours late on that hon.

  163. mamaforpeace Says:

    Why do some of these threads end up reminding me of a soap opera???

  164. LOL! Because peeps are bored in Tayland. They can claim they aren’t but truth is they are. The conversations on this blog today have made no sense to me…even by my standards.

  165. Positive news keeps rolling in for Susan Boyle…..I’m so happy and excited for her.

  166. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Casual Fan, you’re right about her finding somewhere else. LMAO. Funny too, Rosie’s weak argument is that I don’t care about Taylor but I bother calling him a “hack” that can’t remember lyrics. Then goes on to state one can’t discuss things with “stupid people” anyway. I guess the person that can’t tell the difference between “NotYourGrandma” and “luv 2 b entertained” (the one who made the hack comment) is a genius and the one who can is stupid.

  167. Okay…enough is enough.

    I’m closing comments. Geez.

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