Q is for Quiet

Can you feel the silence?

Taylor loves to shush his band…

And again…


58 Responses to “Q is for Quiet”

  1. hicksaholic Says:

    Great topic as always. I love it when Taylor does the “ssssssssshhhh” You know something good is coming.

  2. I loved watching these three vids and his expressions when he watches one of his band members. What some saw as dorky Taylor on AI is still there but he does what he wants with gusto and it works for me. Sometimes those shushes are for the audience.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    iag, Great topic! He has his own way of conveying what he wants and does it so well.


  4. cendrillon0308 Says:

    The “ssshhh” is pretty good, but the actions that follow the “ssshhh” get me every time. He lets go and becomes the music.

  5. I think when Taylor says “ssshhh” he’s getting in the zone. Plus I think he likes to test the crowd for self-control.

  6. taylorfan06 Says:

    On WATW, Taylor shushes the band during “Heaven Knows/The Maze”, totally getting into the “zone” with a tag of Van Morrison’s “Warm Love”. I always turn that part up louder. It’s very HOT! And Brian Gallagher is amazing on the sax, as usual. Who’s seen that?

    That performance is just one of the many highlights from that concert that I can’t wait to purchase in January. I’m looking forward to seeing the bonus interview.

    WATW would be a great discussion when we get to “W”. Something to consider iag…

  7. Yeah, tf06, we could discuss WHEN it’s actually going to be released.

  8. IAG, It will be released in Jan. and this time I’m taking bets. Doubt it will make an appearance in stores so we will have to buy it on line. Even though I’ve never seen it and I’m taking bets on its promised released, I have not pre ordered it. TF06 and others have hyped it sooo much, that I just can’t imagine it is THAT good. He wasn’t as polished back then and sometimes I still think he turns his back to the audience too much. While I like him giving attention to his band members, big stars tend to do so less often. Btw, is a Daughtry concert as boring as some say? Wonder how Carrie does filling up an hour or so in concert.

  9. Rosie, I’ve seen it…and yeah, it is pretty damn good.

    However, I doubt those dvd’s will ever see the inside of a shipping box.

  10. Great choice for Q! Yes, he shushes then goes into the zone and it’s always the best part of the show.

    I think the DVD WILL be released this time. Just have a feeling…. The cover shots – WOW! I think those alone would bring more interest to the DVD if people saw it in stores.

  11. hicksaholic Says:

    I swear I thought I preordered but was that the first, second, third or fourth time it was to be released? Oh well I will order again if necessary.

  12. I’ll just take a wait and see stance. I’ve always enjoyed those SHHHH….. moments. I agree, the moments after are very, very enjoyable.

  13. it’s SO true – the ‘sshhhh’ is ALWAYS followed by something cool, and yeah the way Taylor blatantly shows his appreciation of his fellow musicians talents, reminds me of Garth Brooks live – he was the same way.

    LOL iag – ‘W’ for When?….hahahhahah

  14. taylorfan06 Says:

    Rosie – WATW IS as good as I’ve said. And I really do think it will be released this time. Too bad the November date was changed.

    I’ve had friends watch it on various ocassions (from HDNet) and even the naysayers were impressed from what they saw. “My Friend” was a highight for many. Some have even agreed to see him live when he comes back to the west coast. So yes, it’s good.

    I hope you decide to buy it when it’s released Rosie.
    Taylor shines onstage. (…but we already know that.)

  15. taylorfan06, I’m definately going to buy it and force my friends to watch it. Well, I think I’ll serve them dinner first or at least lunch.

  16. hicksaholic – come to think of it – I am pretty sure I pre-ordered it too! Woooooo! wonder if that even matters at this point….

  17. I’m headed out of town very, very early in the morning so I can’t spend a lot of time here. “Quiet” was a clever way to go with “Q”. Glad we didn’t go with “Queen”. (For Dancing Queen, you silly people!)

    Rosie, you probably saw this the first time around (you’re a faithful reader-thanks!), but I wrote a review of WATW a while ago. I was very impressed:

  18. Oh, yeah, you did read it before, Rosie. You left a comment. LOL

  19. Rosie and anyone interested regarding Chris Daughtry and his concerts, been reading all good reviews overall; here’s one:

    Daughtry’s Arena-rock Triumph.

    Doesn’t sound like a snooze fest to me. 😉

  20. Sunny, That’s about the best review I’ve seen for Daughtry. The most recent reviews other than this one are generally not very good. Some go so far as to prefer the opening bands. I guess it’s a matter of taste. His second CD is selling well but no where near as well as the first one. He is just not my cup of tea. I like some of his songs but as far as being able to recognize his voice to me he sounds too interchangeable with a couple of other bands.
    I’d much prefer to hear him than to look at him though. I can’t stand to see him hanging off the mic and grimicing. LOL.

  21. Thanks Sunny. That was some great review.

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Sunny, That was a nice review, glad to see he was enjoyed by the folks in Wilksboro!


  23. Did anyone notice D said that his song ‘Home’ was what got him signed?

  24. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I saw that he said “Home” was what got him signed, but I think whatever song he did they would have signed him, they were strongly behind him and supported him from the get go.


  25. PROBABLY so they could use it on Idol when somebody got voted off and every time it was played they made more money off of themselves! aaaahahhahahhahahahh I quack me up.

  26. Rosie-Daughtry was signed before AI ended.

    Sunny-I agree with the overall reviews being good ones. Daughtry is getting good reviews as well as bad ones-the same as any other musician. The good folks who continue babbling on about him giving away 100’s free tkts have short memory spans and forget that Taylor did and still does the same thing at times. Selective memory is well…very selective.

  27. Ok, I stand corrected. It was in July he was signed which was right after AI. Here’s the link to one of his management firms. Interesting read.


  28. Guess I should explain why I brought up Daughtry. I have been engaged in discussions on the BB in a thread begun because some writer said Tay’s music career has fizzled. So Taylor’s defenders came out in force as well as a few who think he should have refrained from trying to organize the top 24 in a revolt for more money and should have signed with 19 management. I’m with the later group although I respect Taylor. It has always been assumed he wrote ‘Home’ during the tour, but he may have written it during AI and being away from his family. Honestly I think they would have signed him without any self penned song. His type of music is current. I also do not know how Tay would have done had he towed the line and signed, been QUIET with all TPTB but he would not have done worse than he has sales wise on his 1st and 2nd CD’s. I do not buy what some say, that D, Jordin, Carrie, Cook and Kelly pay the price and are at the mercy and whim of TPTB. They seem to do the type music they want to do for the most part. They make big money. Taylor’s gift is that he is not a one trick pony and even if he has made mistakes, he is hard working and ballsy and talented and a great visual performer/entertainer. But I do think he wanted his voice heard on the radio.

  29. I have been engaged in discussions on the BB in a thread begun because some writer said Tay’s music career has fizzled.
    Well at least one poster had the guts to speak the truth on the BB. The so called Taylor defenders are in denial and will continue making excuses for him.

  30. hicksaholic Says:

    I also post on the BB and pretty much said the same thing but added you can’t read the future so who knows how it would have gone had he signed with 19 and towed the company line? I suspect he would have been much more commercially successful but that is with the advantage of looking back. I was reviewing some first weeks sales numbers coming off AI on MJ’s and was reminded Taylor came out of the block better than most- better than Jordin, Kris, David, only slightly worse than Carrie or Chris I believe if memory serves me. I think if Taylor had gotten the full PR push he would have continued his rise in popularity. And I know he got all the appearances the winner gets but apparently he got no backing for record sales. Although his music is not as current as some I think with record backing he would have sold a lot and his popularity would have grown. Particularly if he had still been in the spotlight after losing all that weight. But that’s just me.
    Also in reading mj’s it seems Kris (as easy going as he seems) is at odds with the some of the shots the label are calling. God only knows what went on with Taylor given the fact that he was older and probably a good bit more stubborn than a younger moldable AI. Bet they wish they had a dozen Carries.

  31. hicksaholic – personally I am GLAD his music is not as current as some…current music (most of it) is not great….

  32. I would think in an adult discussion when some people have an opinion or express their thoughts on a subject it would be just that…NOT defenders in denial or making excuses. They just see things differently and maybe are just more positive by nature.

  33. All you need is one hit on the radio and CD sales climb. I always get challenged on that statement, but I firmly believe it. I’ve bought plenty of CDs because I liked a song (just ONE song) that I heard by an artist on the radio. The rest of the CD could be crap, but the CD is already bought.

    And I also believe a hit can be MADE by radio if they play it over and over and over. Even if you thought you hated it at first, it can grow on you, get stuck in your head and wind up coming out of your own mouth as you sing along.

    ONE song, played over and over and over. A song like…oh I don’t know…”Home”?

  34. An added push is if that song is played week after week an a hugely popular TV show. A show like…oh i don’t know…”American Idol”?

    I have nothing against Daughtry. That’s not my point. My point is that this should have happened with one of the WINNER’S songs that season.

  35. Caryl, That was the year that AI decided to defeat the purpose of the show which had been that winning the thing mattered. The masses turned in the final 4 or 5 weeks and voted their fingers off for who they wanted to win and get that million dollar contract and the fame. Since season 5 the ratings of AI have gone down perhaps because the audience knows winning doesn’t matter as Clive so stated with words and actions.

  36. hicksaholic, I know I read you on that thread and elsewhere and I’m Tyme there and sometimes speak my mind. I like your posts here and there.

  37. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, Totally agree, the show has gone down since season 5, because they did prove that winning meant little or nothing. They are going to promote who they want. It could have been anyone just happened to be Taylor and Chris that year that changed the format of the show.


  38. ME TOO Caryl = 100% agree – and I have often wondered if radio stations would be willing to take payola from an individual artist or only from big corporations….ha

  39. hicksaholic Says:

    Oh well rosie, I had no idea you were tyme over there. I posted that I appreciated your posts- didn’t have any idea it was you. I think more people agree than disagree on Taylor. I think some of it is semantics but I do believe there are those who can’t stand any rational discussion of the pros and cons of Taylor’s career and choices. That’s why I kind of like this place. Although the boogie is the best place for up to date Taylor news and the most fans seem to gather there. I really wish there was one place that everybody went. I can’t go to all these websites all the time. It’s a shame Gray Charles didn’t last.

  40. hicksaholic Says:

    By the way did y’all hear about Chelena dying? So sad! I can’t believe it. We were just discussing her coming up on stage with Taylor to sing. She was only 42 and looked to be full of life. They said blood clots I believe.

  41. Goes to show just how fragile life can be. I’m battling a life threatening illness myself so I know .

  42. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, I am sending lots of healing thoughts your way.

  43. CF, I’m sorry to hear about your illness! Truly I pray for healing and comfort for you.

    I had never hear do Chelena or the incident until yesterday. My condolences to her family and all her friends. Yes, i have read blood clots on ever board/blog where it was mentioned.

    hicksaholic said: “I really wish there was one place that everybody went. I can’t go to all these websites all the time.” That is what I keep saying…

  44. Wow! Free download of a Jason Ricci concert from 2004. There are many others too. Listening to this one for about 20 minutes now and it’s fantastic.


  45. Nola-Jason Ricci is awesome! He’s very talented, can play the hell out of the harp and designs his own line of harmonica’s. I LOVE that man!

  46. Thanks to all for your well wishes. All I can do is take it one day at a time and take care of myself in the process. =)

  47. This gives me goosebumps

  48. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Sorry to hear about you being ill, you seem to have a good attitude taking it one day at a time, keep the faith!

    Saw some live vid from Nola on Jason, he is one talented young man!


  49. cf, I’m very sorry you have a serious illness. That makes me sad and as JI said keep the faith, take care and be a fighter.

  50. I love him too CF. I keep hoping he comes here or someplace close enough to NOLA to go see him. (“Will Travel” for Taylor Hicks, Jason Ricci, Derek Trucks Band LOL) Missed my chance when he came to Houston not that long ago. I see on his schedule that he’ll be at Smith’s in Atlanta on Dec 13 but that’s just too far away….. sad.. Thanks for putting up the videos. I just watched the Broken Toy one the other day. I thought I got it from here but maybe someone tweeted it.

    Speaking of Smith’s, it happens that I’ll be in Atlanta the day before Thanksgiving with my daughter on a college visitation trip. I thought of a great excuse to stay over 1 extra day so I can see Clay Conner at Smith’s. I don’t understand them having a show on Thanksgiving. I hope there is a decent turnout. (I would be traveling on Thanksgiving Day anyway so why not the day after? We’ll have our turkey meal on the weekend. LOL)

  51. Nola-There are forces at work in getting JR to NO hopefully in the Spring or Summer of 2010 for a special event taking place. More news will be forthcoming when details are confirmed. 😉

  52. I thought Jason was scheduled for a gig in BR or one of those small swamp towns…LOL back in Oct. Maybe that gig got cancelled. =(

  53. CF where did you get that info about trying to get JR to NO? LOL Wow, I hope he was not in BR and I missed it. But then I was gone so much in Sept & Oct I might have not been able to even consider it even if it did happen.

  54. Heard about Chelena, that is so sad! CF sorry about your illness, stay strong.

    Love the shushing he does.

  55. mamaforpeace Says:

    I’d like if he could shush the audience too!
    Taylor, listen now!!! WE NEED ANOTHER SHOW!

  56. Grease in St. Louis for 2 weeks…. Jan 12-24. Maybe he’ll do another concert?

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