Do a little exploring…

I’m not a big country fan, but I am a music fan. I watched the CMA awards last night and was pleasantly surprised at the amount of genre mixing. There were some awesome performances. Here’s some of them:

I know some of you out there have some weird thing about not liking Daughtry because he was on AI the same season Taylor was. Let’s try to get past that. Open up your ears and listen to this, Vince Gill and Daughtry sound really good together:

Here’s another one. Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews.

Kid Rock and Jamey Johnson

And this…this was the best version I’ve heard aside from the original. These guys are very talented musicians.

I thought Carrie Underwood did a pretty decent job. A friend of mine told me a story this morning that her son was watching the CMA’s and said, “Wow. That’s Carrie Underwood? I guess American Idol can really change your life. She used to be just a normal girl and now she’s hosting the CMA’s.” Yes, it can change your life, if you play your hand right.

Taylor Swift is my secret musical love. I love her music and I think she’s very talented for as young as she is. So, of course, I have to include her. She is singing Fifteen, which really holds a special meaning for me.

Oh, and Sugarland. Love them too.

There is so much great music out there and it’s silly to limit yourself to one artist or one genre even. Let yourself go explore. You might be surprised at what you find.


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  1. You were certainly blessed with a different set of eyes and ears than I have.
    I have never heard a more talentless individual than Ms. Swift. She is just another pop star that has to use auto-tune to be even listenable.
    She is one of the worst live performers I have ever seen.
    Country has went so down hill that I could not watch much of it but did see a vid or two. I was not impressed.
    Gill has always been a favorite of mine, but that duet was just weird.

  2. I enjoyed the Vince Gill Daughtry duet and have always enjoyed D’s voice on most of his songs. Swift is country’s and America’s squeaky clean sweetheart and I know she is a good song writer but she can’t sing. I caught her Fifteen performance last night and figured they used the teens to try to drown her out. Carrie Underwood is everywhere and her CD sold the most of any female artist for 2009 its first week. When you are an A lister you can call the shots.

  3. henry8, you are not Taylor Swift’s audience. If you even bother to listen to the lyrics in her songs, she speaks to teen girls, not middle age women and grannies.

    Although, I agree with you, Taylor’s voice is not the best… teen girls just want songs they can relate to and tend to not pay attention to someone’s voice.

    She’s loved by her audience and her songs have a hook for her demographic.. teen girls. They rule the charts and they always will.

  4. taylorfan06 Says:

    Sad but true. Popularity can win over talent. There’s no accounting for taste. I’ll just enjoy what I enjoy.

  5. Popularity has little to do with it. It’s about having good songs that your particular audience can relate to and people tend to listen to lyrics (hooks) more than the the music and arrangement.

  6. jerseyirish Says:

    It was nice to see Chris out of his usual genre actually liked the duet. Love Sugarland also very talented group. The Zac Brown band was awesome. Chesney, Johnson, Kid Rock and Taylor Swift didn’t care for. She is way over rated, just find her annoying. I think she appeals to a much younger age group, my daughter is 19 her and her friends have never taken to her either.


  7. I have to admit I like Taylor Swift’s music. It’s fun. And I’m impressed by her as a person. I read an article about her- she was an A-student in school and is very involved in the decisions concerning her career. A smart chick.

  8. Ha. Not even sure why I bother. Unless it’s Taylor Hicks, most people on this blog can’t be bothered to try and discover something new.

    The thing about music is that it’s about how it makes you feel. That is subjective. I have music that I listen to that can pump me up, bring me down or just be in the background. You can argue day and night about what’s good music and what isn’t. You like what you like. On this blog, I just try to bring up all different kinds of music so that people can have different experiences.

    I happen to like Taylor Swift. I think she is a hell of a songwriter for such a young girl. Does she have the best voice I ever heard? Nope. But that doesn’t matter. Her music sells. It sells because it talks to people. Maybe they are all teenage girls, maybe not. That doesn’t matter either. What does matter is that there are lots and lots of different kinds of music, and if you don’t expose yourself to different kinds, you’ll never know what you like. There is so much more than Taylor Hicks out there.

  9. I think for a young girl Taylo Swift”s songwriting abilities are great.However her voice is god awful and her stage presense is lifeless and awkward. Good for her that her dreams have come true…but from a listening point of view I sure wouldn”t buy her cd and snow, before you comment on my age being a barrier both the teens in my life think her voice ,in their words, sucks.but being boys they think she’s cute.

  10. Guess I’m young at heart. (Or immature? lol)

  11. Her songs are for mostly teen girls.. not teen boys.

  12. Britney Spears can’t sing either but it doesn’t hurt her sales any. At Least Taylor Swift writes music. That’s more than Britney does.

  13. Grey, I agree-it’s best to continue moving on and not wasting time with some peeps.

    Listened to all the vids-I did enjoy Vince and Chris and feel that Chris can easily cross into the country scene and make a name for himself there. Every time I hear the man, read his tweets and see how well he communicates with his fans, I like him more and more. It’s funny….I started listening to Daughtry because of all the slack he was getting from some in the SP. Glad I did because I would have missed some great music.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE seeing stars like Vince Gill pair up with upcoming talent. It shows a mutual respect and desire to see these new musicians succeed.

    I’m not a country music fan by nature but with all the pairing up and cross-overs-I’m becoming one.

    Thanks for the awesome videos and continuing to make it all about the music. 😉

  14. Ok, Am I the only one who thinks Dave M is a hottie? Oh My………..

    The Devil Went Down to GA is BAD A$$-LOVE IT

    Jamey and Kid Rock definitely have the “bad boy” of country music thing going-reminds me of the pack-Waylon, Johnny, Hank.

  15. Grey and CF we all know there is so much more than T.H. out there. The proof is that so many of us watched the CMAs. Personaly I know there is more that I like about Taylor than just his music and that is why he is the only singer I’ve ever followed so closely. After Elvis died I bought 90% of his music and read books about him and watched documentaries and movies and became obsessed for about 5 yrs. That wasn’t just because I couldn’t get enough of his music as some I didn’t even care for, it was due to the fascination with the man. That is the same with Hicks. This is a Taylor fan site so you guys will have a hard time trying to tell we fans that Taylor in anyway sucks.

  16. Actually rosie, No where on this blog does Grey claim this is a Taylor Hicks fan site. Taylor may have been the reason for starting this blog, but overall it’s about music.

  17. My thoughts about Swift is that Country music promotes her like crazy because her youth and the cross over type music she does draws young country fans. That helps everyone in country music make more money. The young fans tune into see her and they see all the rest and are more apt to think country is cool and download.

  18. CF, Did we Tay fans just land here by accident? lol

  19. You aren’t catching what I’m saying. Read carefully what my post says. 😉

  20. I think insinuating that because we would rather listen to Taylor Hicks than Taylor Swift we don’t explore music or know much about it is insulting. I love every kind of music there is out ther except rap. I love big bands…the Dean Martins ..Nat King Coles (both way before my time) blues, rock & roll, soul, jazz, I love them all I just don’t like Taylor Swift’s voice or the direction country music is going in. As I said before her song writing talents may be great but her voice is awful to MY ears !!
    What makes anyone think that because some of us don”t like it we haven’t listened. I have… I just don”t like it.Can’t it be as simple as that.
    And Snow…now you have to be young and a female to buy music. I didn’t get that memo!!!

  21. taylorfan06 Says:

    way to go anne. you make sense. i love taylor. his persona. his songs. his live performances. there’s just an intrigue he has. i do wish he was played on the radio though. his songs are worthy and i think much better than most played on the air. why does music all have to sound the same today? it’s too bad the music buyers today are such sheep.

    besides taylor though. my musical taste is quite varied, from classic rock, to pop, country, classical, disco, and metal. with over 11,000 songs on my ipod i can’t be labeled as someone who doesn’t “explore”, and anne is right when she says it is insulting. i mean give me a break here.

    i appreciate all the music taylor has brought into my musical life since 2006, from ray charles to van morrison, to little feat, the allman brothers, randy newman, and traffic, and sam cooke, among many others. he is a real artist that that has depth like many of his influences. i have turned some friends that “get it” onto his music. some others i guess don’t care to “explore”. which is what we’re talking about here, right?

    anyway, i guess there are no wrong answers here. just people sharing their views about taylor and music in general. i totally understand that youth is who primarily buys the records that make an artist a star. just because they are played on the radio and topping the charts, doesn’t really mean it’s good. examples here include the black eyed peas, taylor swift, most rap acts, beyonce, and even the current mariah stuff. i hear it but just can’t say it’s good. mostly overrated is how i see it.

    i don’t begrudge any of them their success, but it’s my right to shake my head when i look at the latest billboard charts. music in general isn’t very good right now and hopefully that will change, but i won’t hold my breath.

    the current artists i love right now include green day who put out their best cd so far with 21st century breakdown. forget this country crap, “explore” that cd. it’s amazing! i also like “uprising” by muse. a great song that stands out from today’s flat top 40. i wish i could list more but that’s it for me. we just like what we like. and as much as i like music and try to stay current, i just don’t “get” most of what’s played today. there’s so little that will really hold up 5 years from now. i mean is there???

  22. TF6, I agree with what you are saying about most music today. I think the passion of being a working musician and creating something has been lost and it’s more about the money and being popular, along with shock factor. That’s why I love seeing well known established musicians team up with the newbies. It’s a great fusion of the two worlds and both can learn from each other. These videos that Grey put up reflect the chemistry. Would love to see more of that in the music world.

  23. anne Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 3:26 pm
    I think insinuating that because we would rather listen to Taylor Hicks than Taylor Swift we don’t explore music or know much about it is insulting.
    It’s also insulting that whenever someone here has a strong opinion that’s not favored in the Hicks fan community that some feel the need to fly over here and berrate that opinion.

  24. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf – i love how you used the word “popular” in your post because it’s the reality of what sells. unpopular doesn’t sell obviously. please pass the memo onto ss after she gets off her high horse. of course she feels differently.

    regarding your other statement to ann though, it’s just different strokes for different folks. we each have our own reality here. i’m actually with her. bottom line: it’s freedom of speech. we can agree to disagree.

  25. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Thanks IAG for posting these vids..I didn’t watch the CMA awards and these are all new to me… while not a country fan, I’ve always liked Vince Gill and some others that are considered country…love listening to Willie Nelson admonish mommas not to let their babies grow up to be cowboys….Taylor Swift is not for me, but she’s all the rage with the younger set. If you like her, fine. Same with Carrie Underwood…There’s no denying their talent..Chris Daughtry is also very talented…but I can never distinguish if I’m listening to him or Nickleback unless it’s a video. My tastes run to Jack Johnson and Colbie Caillet. I like some of all types of music…not just Taylor Hicks. I wouldn’t dream of telling someone the music they like is not good…that’s a matter of personal opinion…or tell someone in the music business what’s wrong with their career moves…I just enjoy what I enjoy…I can think for myself. But I do listen first and then form my opinion. And I appreciate when someone introduces me to a new artist .

  26. I would be insulted if someone told me I was stupid when it came to Math, history, politics , the economy, current events or even I suppose literature. But if someone said I didn’t know music or art I would not be offended. When IAG or others posts some vids of other artists I pick and choose which ones to listen to or skip. You can’t force any of the visual or performing arts on anyone or put down those who don’t partake. So many on this blog either get defensive about being a Taylor fan or feel a need to say they explore and know all sorts of music. What’s the big deal?

  27. Jennifer Nettles is so incredible. That’s all for now while I catch up on posts.

  28. I’m not getting where some folks are getting that anyone is directly slamming anyone for only liking the music of Taylor Hicks (did that make sense?)

    Seems the original msg has gotten lost once again.

  29. taylorfan06 Says:

    hello! cf – it was implied by iag. you must have missed that.

  30. taylorfan06 Says:

    the way i see it, Steven Tyler IS Aerosmith. Who would see them live without Steven? Not me. That’s for sure. The band must be hitting the pipe again. It’s the the same as Bon Jovi without Jon.

  31. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Wow, Perry was not happy reading that online. It is all around sometimes we just don’t always see what goes on with others.

    I enjoy all types of music, have gotten interested in some that iag has posted here. May not follow them but do enjoy their music.


  32. I wish I could figure out how to bring you tube vids here, but I do hope you’ll all take a moment to check out my link to you tube for this Solomon Burke video of Try a Little Tenderness. I hate to admit I’d never heard Solomon before! I’ll be loading up on his CDs now…guess he’s been around forever! Sheesh.
    Also, thankyou Grey for taking the time to bring these over…listened to all of them…liked most, really loved the Zac Brown one. Okay, here’s the link, please, someone indulge me.

  33. Caro, it’s easy to do. When you are on the page where the vid is simply copy the link up in the address bar at the top and paste it here into the Reply box. That should carry it over. 😉

  34. Caro, Thanks for the vid! I love his soul passion….”come on children, sing with me” LOVE IT!

  35. Again, and I can’t say it enough. I love you CF. And had you heard of Solomon Burke?? Am I alone in this?? I love this guy!! Thankyou for bringing it over for me. Now that’s just plain nice.

  36. Caro Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 6:29 pm
    Again, and I can’t say it enough. I love you CF. And had you heard of Solomon Burke?? Am I alone in this?? I love this guy!! Thankyou for bringing it over for me. Now that’s just plain nice.
    Back at ya Caro and no, I have never heard him before. THIS is what Grey is talking about in her blog-at least in my opinion. Being open to different types of music and enjoying other musicians is what it’s all about! 😉

  37. It’s also insulting that whenever someone here has a strong opinion that’s not favored in the Hicks fan community that some feel the need to fly over here and berrate that opinion.
    I didn’t fly over here to insult anyone or berate anyone’s opinion..I merely stated one of my own. It has nothing to do with being a TH fan My opinion is that there is no one on here who only listens to and only likes Taylor Hicks…so to imply that we only listen to one artist or one genre and we should open our ears and listen to other music I do find insulting. I am not a child and have listened to Taylor Swift and I don’t like her voice and THAT has nothing to do with liking Taylor HIcks. However I would say by her record sales and popularity that I am in the minority and that is fine with me.

  38. CF…thank you for the Solomon Burke video..he has always been one of my favorites. I can’t believe his voice is still great and he is an excellent performer.

  39. I think the Solomon Burke video was done at Massey Hall in Toronto a few years ago.

  40. ****mixing up some Long Island Tea****

    A direct quote from Taylor Hicks to me once….”I can make a long-island tea that will knock you on your a$$ 😉

  41. anne-Thank Caro. She had a problem bringing over the video but had posted the link. I just helped her out.

  42. Anne-I do apologize if I spell your name as ANN at times. My mom’s name was Ann-Pearl so that’s all I knew.

  43. mamaforpeace Says:

    Obviously, I opened my ears since I watched the CMA altough I am not a country music fan! I usually find something I like in all genres, from classical to rap. Some genres I prefer to others and tend to listen to that more. I don’t like Daughtry and it has NOTHING to do with Hicks. I don’t like voices that have what I think of as a bleating sound (sorry, but that is what it sounds like to me), plus I find him too generic. I respect people who like him (different strokes for different folks), and I don’t expect everyone to like Taylor Hicks. I thought Keith Urban was fabulous yesterday, and I always enjoy Sugarland. Just catching a glimpse of Dave Matthews, and I want to hear more. So please, don’t assume that not liking another singer has anything to do with hating all who are not Hicks. I feel sometimes that if someone doesn’t have something negative to say about TH, they are considered obsessed and close minded. Balance, people, balance!
    This may not be a traditional Taylor Hicks fan blog, but the title It’s All Grey, and the amount of times Th is discussed, I thought it was at least a place for those who are interested in him (as well as other music, sort of like Gray Charles). Am I wrong?

  44. I know, I so agree. Like Tommy Castro, too. I lean towards the blues. And I do enjoy seeing all the vids here, it’s always great to hear something new.

  45. hicksaholic Says:

    On the contrary I think you are in the majority ay least with the posters here. I agree Taylor Swift is a very good “commercial” songwriter. She is a better lyricist than tune writer. Her lyrics do speak to young girls. She is pretty in a princess kind of way and her self confidence soars. She appears to be a genuinely nice well grounded girl. But her singing sucks IMO.

  46. hicksaholic Says:

    She is so self confident she doesn’t even flinch when she hits those bum notes.

  47. I”m not very techie so I can’t bring this over ..go to You Tube;; Garnett Mimms..Cry Baby …another one of my favorites along with Jerry Butler.

    Thanks Caro Love it.
    Cf. I think the “e” is the British spelling .. thanks

  48. mfp…you said that so perfectly.

  49. mama-I like your post about this not being a “traditional fanblog” for Taylor. This blog-at least for me is a balance of different types of music with Taylor being the center point. It’s interesting to see the posters that come here post their opinions. At times it does get one sided but someone is always there to pull the conversation back to the middle road.

    I feel too that at least for some of us there is still too much water under the bridge with some posters to cross over on. I’m working to find where the water isn’t so deep but at times it gets hard.

  50. I like the diversity of posters here, and certainly am glad that it’s not all about Taylor. Obviously you can be successful without being mainstream. It’s all in how you define success. I am genuinely happy for Taylor, and enjoy most (certainly not all..) of his music, but I enjoyed many other artists’ music before him, and will keep finding new artists (to me, anyway..) along the way. After all, I come here to mostly discuss music!

  51. In that article I brought over on what Wyonna Judd said about Taylor Swift reminds me of what Taylor Hicks always says. “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”.

    It will be interesting to see where Taylor Swift is in 10 years. I remember Tiffany and Debbie Gibson. They were marketed for the teen crowd and Debbie Gibson won a few awards for her music and I believe Tiff did too. But when they grew up their audience was lost.

  52. Caro Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 6:57 pm
    I like the diversity of posters here,
    We all do provide great entertainment don’t we…LOL

  53. Anne, Listened to a few you tube vids of Garnet Mimms…his voice is very clear and reminds me a bit of Sam Cooke. CF, A long island tea would be really appreciated about now…..why isn’t it Friday night yet?

  54. MFP,
    I enjoy your posts….thoughtful, well written. You should have an iced tea, too!

  55. And we are good thread highjackers too-sorry Grey

  56. well hell-I didn’t know Taylor Swift sang this song. I always thought it was some gal by the name of Jodi something. I actually like this cheesy tune.

  57. Grey, Isn’t this the direction you wanted this thread to go?

  58. jerseyirish Says:

    Caro, I enjoy Solomon Burke also, very soulful passionate singer.

    cf, Have always loved Sam Cooke, my folks were big fans of his music, heard lots of it growing up.


  59. This is adorable

  60. No interest in discussing what seems to be the secondary topic here, but mention Dave Matthews and I’m all over it. I’ve been a of his fan for longer than I care to admit. In fact, Dave was my #1 musical obsession before TH came along.

    CF, no, you’re not the only one who thinks he’s a hottie.

    Some vintage Dave, minus the band.

    Dave Matthews Band’s latest single from their newest album, Big Whiskey and the GroGrux King, You and Me.

  61. Wow, guess I should proof read my posts before I hit submit …

    Don’t know why the first video didn’t show up. Just hit the link.

  62. One more and then I’ll just sit back and listen. 🙂

  63. just tried to hit the play on the embedded video but I guess YouTube doesn’t want it circulated. Will have to go over to watch.

    Thanks for the link….

  64. Where is IAG? I don’t think I understood her 1:pm post and she seemed upset. Maybe I need to read in between the lines. I do love Long Island Tea but have no idea how to make one. If I knew I think I would buy the ingredients for the weekend. hint hint…

  65. there’s a serious party going on there Wonder….wow!

  66. 1 part vodka
    1 part 1800® Tequila
    1 part rum
    1 part gin
    1 part triple sec
    1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
    1 splash Coca-Cola®

    Mix ingredients together over ice in a glass. Pour into a shaker and give one brisk shake. Pour back into the glass and make sure there is a touch of fizz at the top. Garnish with lemon.

    This really packs a punch…oh the stories to be told with this sip of paradise. wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooo!

  67. DMB knows how to throw one hell of a party, CF. The estimate at the Central Park gig were upwards of 800,000 people.

  68. Um, that should be “was upwards.”


  69. Wonder-I have never really paid attention to DMB. Now I will be. That last video you put up seriously kicked a$$ and made me want to be at THAT party. WOW is all I can say.

    Hearts to ya for giving bringing that gift to us.

  70. It would be very interesting to see both Taylor and DMB share the same stage. We would all drowned in the drool. Good music indeed

  71. Always loved Dave Matthews Band. Talk about a long, successful career. And so damn good, all the time. I like a unique sound and there’s no mistaking or copying Dave Mathhews.

  72. Glad y’all are enjoying Dave. Here’s one more that will rock your socks. I dare you not to be on your feet by the time this one is over.

    DMB with Robert Randolph at Red Rocks.

    One of my sincerest wishes is to see Dave and Taylor jamming out on stage together some day. That would be my idea of heaven.

    Oh, and the number for the Central Park gig above should be 80,000 not 10 times that. Geeze.

  73. Just on his website and see that he has several dates in LV. Going to check and see if tkts are still available.

  74. One of my sincerest wishes is to see Dave and Taylor jamming out on stage together some day. That would be my idea of heaven.
    I would camp my a$$ out in front of the venue for a week if that happened. 😉

  75. Oh, CF, for the Dave and Timmy show?? That is a must-see if there’s any way you can be there. Those two are incredible together!

  76. yeah-on the 10-12 of December. We are only 6hrs away from there.

  77. Do it, CF! You won’t be sorry.

  78. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ahem! About that Long Island tea… I have a glass of wine and feel a bit tipsy (shameful for a French woman!!!). I think that tea would just knock my socks off before I had a chance to know what happened!

  79. I didn’t even bother to finish reading all that was here , this was enough.

    Ha. Not even sure why I bother. Unless it’s Taylor Hicks, most people on this blog can’t be bothered to try and discover something new.

    The thing about music is that it’s about how it makes you feel. That is subjective. I have music that I listen to that can pump me up, bring me down or just be in the background. You can argue day and night about what’s good music and what isn’t. You like what you like. On this blog, I just try to bring up all different kinds of music so that people can have different experiences.

    I happen to like Taylor Swift. I think she is a hell of a songwriter for such a young girl. Does she have the best voice I ever heard? Nope. But that doesn’t matter. Her music sells. It sells because it talks to people. Maybe they are all teenage girls, maybe not. That doesn’t matter either. What does matter is that there are lots and lots of different kinds of music, and if you don’t expose yourself to different kinds, you’ll never know what you like. There is so much more than Taylor Hicks out there.

    No SHIT. I do not need lectures on other music. I am absolutely, positively sure that I have more knowledge of music and other artists in one of my little fingers than you will ever have in your lifetime. Maybe you should take your own advice when it comes to Broadway.
    My favorite musicians will never include teen-age pop crap. It didn’t even when I was a teenager.
    And country music until recently was not a place for teen pop music. It was a place for people who had lived a bit of life and knew what it was about. If it wants to change I can’t stop it but its a shame.
    George Jones is right.
    Money buys these people their place in ths sun, not talent.

  80. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thank you so much, guys, for all the music. Love myself some Dave Matthews, but that last one was… wow… INCREDIBLE!!!

  81. Well, shucks. I don’t have time to click on any of the vids so all I have to offer is that my middle name is Anne and I spell it with an “e” too. Whew! Glad I got out that bit of riveting news.

    Oh and, I’m drinking ice tea and I’m FROM Long Island. Does that count?

  82. mamaforpeace Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 8:43 pm
    Ahem! About that Long Island tea… I have a glass of wine and feel a bit tipsy (shameful for a French woman!!!). I think that tea would just knock my socks off before I had a chance to know what happened!
    LOL! mama-the first one I had I wasn’t told what it was. It tasted just like Ice tea and I had 4 of them! When I stood up to go to the little girls room, it got me. OMG-I will never forget that night. It was my 21st birthday.

  83. Wonder-shows are sold out except for the first one which is on a Thur. The tkts available are in the Mezz section. But I have someone I can call who may can help. Thanks again for the awesome videos.

    A huge LOVE you shout out to Grey for allowing us to post videos. We LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, actually, I am surprised you remember it at all! LOL!

  85. As usual, some great videos…this is a great blog. I’m going to read for a little bit, then get some sleep. Sure glad tomorrow is Friday! And Caryl, you are the so funny!! Nite everyone!

  86. taylorfan06 Says:

    Henry8 – you are both wise and a proud fan of music, including Mr. taylor Reuben Hicks. I’m glad to see you here. We definitely have a common bond. It all gets down to having a connection with an artist. ANY artist.

  87. Had a great day today here. Not only were we entertained with great videos from great artists, we had an assortment of drama and some comedy thrown in.

    Thanks for the laughs…goodnight all!

  88. I’m late to the party here again…. I just watched that Zac Brown vid on YouTube. LOVE that fiddle! They were good.

    I love the Daughtry/Vince Gill song too. I have loved CD’s voice since AI. Hope as the day goes on I can watch more of these. I completely missed all the vids in the previous post. (How do you all have time to watch all these? LOL)

  89. Solomon Burke!! Yes!! Loved that performance! (Though he seems to think pretty highly of himself. The cape at the start? LOL) Would love to hear more of him.

    My 17 year old DD seems to like Taylor Swift, though I don’t think she did at first.

    I love DMB too. Hope to watch more of these!! So much RL to take care of… (Only thing – I don’t like when musicians use their music platform to constantly preach their politics… I want to come hear/watch them perform, not attend a political rally.)

  90. Explore this! Here is something really different. Very neat.

  91. Oh I’d no idea CMAs were a few nights ago, ha. (Dummy me thought it was last night.) x-D

    I don’t watch award shows but some good tunes came out of it. I just put up that Daughtry tune and while it’s really good it hit me a bit sad. There would have been a great opportunity for Hicks if he’d been asked to showcase some of his new material that has a definite country lean. Instead he’s bobbing about in that ice cream cone. :cries

    (I like little Taylor Swift too. shhhh She may not be the best vocalist but she does have a knack with delivering a modern sound with her phrasing, her lyrics.)

  92. Damn, there is just something about Dave Matthew’s voice that is just so awesome.

  93. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, That was neat watching the two of them play the same guitar!


  94. As is typical to my tastes, I prefer the rockin DMB to the acoustic. LOVED that Central Park video! I’ve always loved his version of All Along the Watchtower, one of my favorite Jimi Hendrix songs (written by Bob Dylan of course.) Here are two fabulous videos. If you only watch one, watch the that 2nd one!!! (Also from Central Park)

    Dave Matthews Band: All along the WatchtowerUploaded by don_andy447. – See the latest featured music videos.

  95. I love Dave Matthews Band. It took a while for them to get as popular as they are now so, that gives me hope that Taylor could have hits in the future. I heard Dave say once that the free fan vids on the internet really helped build their fan base and their popularity.

  96. Jimi Hendrix studio version with film footage of him.. Looks like t his player does not embed…. There is a live YouTube video of him performing it, but I like this studio version better.

    Jimi Hendrix – All Along The Watchtower Uploaded by seboze. –

    (Well, we’ve gone from country to rock. LOL)

  97. Try this one:

  98. I also watched the CMA awards show and I actually shocked MYSELF by how much I liked the Daughtry duet with Vince Gill (Love Vince!), I will admit that Televised award show was the first time I actually heard Taylor Swift sing – I don’t listen to radio hardly at all.
    Overall it was a good program and I enjoyed it – thanks for the recaps IAG.

    Also – have ALWAYS loved Dave Matthews.

  99. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Funny you should put up Jimi Hendrix, my son’s band the other day was practicing a cover of “Watchtower” and “Purple Haze”, they sounded pretty good!!

    Aslo love Dave Matthews, another performer that really gets into the music!


  100. Yes, CF. I really like Adam too. I just hope all the hype they are giving him doesn’t backfire. It seems like he’s on the road to be huge so I guess we’ll see what happens.

  101. I am totally fine with Adam becoming ‘huge’ – but I am so glad I have never heard anyone refer to Mr. Hicks as “Glamtastic”….LOL ugh

  102. Adam said in that article that he is being comfortable in his own skin and likes himself. He is a strawberry frecked faced blonde so I guess he didn’t like his looks all that much. I have no clue why women are gaga over his looks and find him sexy. He said he doesn’t understand it either, so I assume all his sexy moves and actions and crotch grabbing are intended to appeal to gay guys. I predict many of the over the top fans will fall by the wayside in a year or two and others will hound the radio stations to play him. He should make a ton of money touring next year with his new CD. I hope Adam fans don’t come over here to yell at me, but while I know he has a good voice and range he is not on my top 10 list of favorite AI contestents as far as talent and singing. Well maybe he’d make my top 10 guys.

  103. hicksfan7, I agree and someone explain to me why so many women, some on the BB find him so sexy.

  104. um…yeah – Adam has many good qualities, I am sure, but ‘sexy’ is not one of the things I would call him….definitely dramatic though…

  105. I do believe ‘less is more’ can apply just as well to male entertainers! ha

  106. Yep. Taylor didn’t do a certain little move until the 2nd night at Workplay. So now we enjoy the Anticipation of another such event. Heck Taylor was subtle even on AI.

  107. Which move was that Rosie?

    Speaking of Taylor moves, I’ve never seen any comments (maybe I missed them?) about this, though I have mentioned it a few times, and was thrilled to see it caught on this video from Houston. This was so classic to me, and a perfect ending to a great show. It just brings a smile to my face to remember it and see it again. (I’m talking about the ending!!!)

    Taylor Hicks @ Warehouse Live,Houston:Gonna Move from bonnie cheung on Vimeo.

  108. What Move! ‘Woman’s Gotta Have IT’ You know, love attention and tenderness and IT.

  109. Nolamar, thanks for bringing that to my attention as I hadn’t watched that video. I’m not sure he plans those things, er moves in advance. I enjoyed the whole thing, his tee shirt performance and rooting around for the right harp and his guitar playing. He just looks so masculine singing from his heart and doing his best to entertain. I think a few of us managed to steer this thread back to Tay, for the time being.

  110. I did not take that video. I was photographing during it though. 😉 In case you didn’t notice Rosie, several of the pictures I submitted for the contest elsewhere, and one of them in the finals (one of YOUR favorites, #6,) came from that song. I got two of (what I think are) my best pics of Taylor EVER at the very end there, not even counting #6. I lowered my camera a moment too soon and missed the heel click. I keep forgetting – I want to try and get a screen shot from it.

    You are right, it came back to Taylor. (Did I do that? No, it was not me….) Is that OK? It IS his picture at the top of the page after all. 😉

  111. Nola, I know you are more caught up than me despite me being 6 months ahead of you with the vids. However, I want to make sure you’ve seen Tay’s AOL rehearsal of Hollywood Nights. For me that is raw, real Taylor and the big back up band of pro’s is a plus. On the multimedia , Taylor covers thread on the BB it is there under pissy Tay, plus there are other treasures to be found there.

  112. Rosie in al fairness, I don’t see the big attraction to Taylor myself. He’s got nice eyes, but I don’t find him hot at all. I think Adam is hot mostly because of his self-assurance and even cocky attitude. Plus Adam has a really nice voice when he speaks-but this is all my opinion.

    I also believe that Adam is targeting a specific audience and will be very successful. There’s a ton of money to be made in nightclub music and that’s right up his alley.

  113. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, Never saw that vid from Warehouse, wow. Also got a kick out of him looking for the right harp. Loved his exit.


  114. My favorite dance club music of all time……this guy is HOT

  115. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Love that song, you can’t help but move while listening to it!! 🙂


  116. Oh, yes, Rosie, I have seen all the Rehearsal videos and HN is my favorite! LOVE it! Saw those early on in my journey this year.

  117. I know JI! That has always been one of my favs. I had to purchase the Roxbury cd to get it and I’m glad I did. They have some really cool music on that cd. I love different types of music.

  118. CF, I’m very fair. I find Taylor hot due to his bone structure and physic and self assurance, manliness, cocky attitude, natural self esteem, voice, knowledge of music and honesty and just being ballsy, from what I’ve read thru out his life. He to me is a great performing artist/singer, due to all of the above and I have not the same opinion about Adam. But, it isn’t fair to compare any artist or person in the limelight. They are all just people who happen to have a job/career that others notice.

  119. Ok, lets be serious CF and everyone else. Let’s say we were all gorgeous and 27 and in a club. Taylor Hicks was there singing and Adam followed him and sang his best. Who would you most like to notice you and talk to you? Do I need to go on with any more details or follow up? Would Adam even notice you? So my question remains why do women of any age see someone at all sexualy appealing when it comes to Lambert. Perhaps the show AI creates fantisies.

  120. mamaforpeace Says:

    If we are talking sexy voice, come on, CF… Taylor, hands down! They are both sexy in their own way. Taylor is very masculine, Adam exudes sexuality. And you can recognize that someone is sexy without being necessarily attracted to them. There are women I find sexy, but since I am not gay, it’s lost on me.

  121. casualfan Says:

    November 13, 2009 at 7:39 pm
    Rosie in all fairness, I don’t see the big attraction to Taylor myself. He’s got nice eyes, but I don’t find him hot at all. I think Adam is hot mostly because of his self-assurance and even cocky attitude. Plus Adam has a really nice voice when he speaks-but this is all my opinion.
    Rosie-this is my post from earlier. Where you get that I’m comparing is beyond me. I stated my opinion and that is all.

    I follow an Artist because I appreciate their music, passion and talent and above all because they are true to who they are. I don’t see that in Taylor anymore and I know I’m not alone in this because he’s lost a majority of his online fanbase and the dwindling membership numbers along with his cd sales reflect this.

    These are my feelings, my opinions and I have every right to them just as you have every right to drool on and on about Taylor Hicks and his balls and whatever the hell else you want to drool about. To come here and berate me because I feel this way is not ok.

    We can all agree to disagree and leave it at that.

  122. BTW-I have 4 cd’s of “The Distance” where Taylor signed the liner, cover, jacket, cd and the poster in all of them. Any takers? I’m giving them away.

  123. cf – if you are being real about that – I sure would LOVE one of those. I have only one CD of The Distance which I purchased the day it came out at Wal*Mart, and of course have not been able to get to a Taylor concert since then, so I did not get it signed.

  124. hicksaholic Says:

    cf, I want one too.

  125. hicksaholic Says:

    oh yeah, so much for peace and happiness. Oh well, it’s all good.

  126. CF, nothing I’ve said on this thread is worth getting worked up over. I thought we were just compaing two guys sex appeal and talent. I did not berate you, I merely stated that many of the attributes you listed for Adam, I find in Taylor. I ended my post by saying they are just people who happen to have a job/career that people notice. CF hang on to your Tay items as they may be worth a lot of money when he becomes a big bad assed actor. JK. or Not… We all need G.C. right about now.

  127. Hope everyone has a nice weekend. We may see the sun here for a bit on Sun. and it will be about the 10th time since Oct. 1st. CF I was just joking around with you. Will Q be for quitting Taylor?

  128. The problem I have with the Taylor Swifts of the world, she is where she is because she is so good looking. The young people have become so shallow, (maybe because of tv), that seems to be the most important thing to them. I know, I am old, but I will pass up a TS cd anytime and grab me a Patsy Cline. That woman had a mature and pure voice when she was in her early 20’s. I doubt if Patsy Cline would be cool and good looking for the young people these days. But, each to their own, I am more about music than looks. I will bet there are tons of people that could write songs, but they never get the time of day because they don’t have the look. And that is just the way it is.

  129. anne Says:
    November 12, 2009 at 6:52 pm

    I”m not very techie so I can’t bring this over ..go to You Tube;; Garnett Mimms..Cry Baby …another one of my favorites along with Jerry Butler.

    Let’s see if this will embed . . same song but used this version for the album cover and the Solomon Burke references in the viewer comments.

  130. Anne also mentioned Jerry Butler . . nice choice . .
    from the uploader’s notes:

    Jerry Butler American soul singer, songwriter, known as “The Ice Man” because of his cool demeanor while singing often intensely emotional lyrics. He is also noted as being the original lead singer of the legendary R&B vocal group, The Impressions, as well as a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.
    At age 18, Butler wrote the song “For Your Precious Love”

  131. AH, I was familiar with the name Jerry Butler and with that song but didn’t know he wrote it and had never seen him perform. Now that is my kind of music and singer and song writer. I’ll check out more of his stuff. Teens love songs with lyrics about teens and young love but they also do appreciate great songs and the best of the classics.

  132. jerseyirish Says:

    AH, Love Jerry Butler, that song always gets to me, he performs it so well. Thanks for bringing it over, haven’t heard it in awhile.


  133. Sorry Oliver . . but I disagree that Taylor Swift is where she is only because of her looks. She has talent – her songs may not do much for me but I appreciate that she is a good songwriter – better than many older and more experienced artists. And she does have some nice personal qualities that make her appealing to people who care about more than the music.
    She does appeal mostly to a certain demographic true – but that is luck of the draw so why shouldn’t she capitalize on it ? No different than Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers or many others in the past . . if they are lucky and clever they can transition to an adult career like some previous Mouse-eared types managed to do.

    All that said . . I also agree that she is not a good live performer – i.e. auto-tune is her bff – and it does bother me a bit that the industry seems to happily ignore that when they are so quick to skewer others for even one bad night.

  134. Rosie and JI . . Anne mentioned Jerry Butler up-thread I just did the legwork.
    I wanted to know more about The Impressions too so have been doing some hunting. One thing I discovered is that JB and Otis Redding co-wrote the fabulous “I’ve Been Loving You Too Long”

    I’m not bringing one of their versions over though . . I opted for one of my absolute favorite all around musicians. In addition to his brilliant guitar work with both the Allmans and his own band Gov’t Mule . . Warren Haynes can wring the last drop out of a song with the best of them.

  135. jerseyirish Says:

    AH, Wow, never heard that versioin, that was fantastic!!! 🙂


  136. Wow for Warren Haynes singing that song.

  137. BTW . . I do recognize this as a Taylor Based blog . .
    but so was GC and the discussion of other music was a big part of the appeal for those of us who hung out there. Seems reasonable to assume the music conversations were what caught Taylor’s attention also. How many times have we seen someone comment that Taylor becomes more animated when an interviewer gives him an opening to talk about music – not just his music but music in general.

    I visit here when I have time because
    > there are people who are interested in talking about music
    > people are allowed to say what they think – within reason – even if some of it does seem like a looped recording.
    > of the freedom to wander in and out of the main topic when an ” oh look a rabbit ” moment happens. [maybe some of us have a touch of Taylor’s ADD too]
    > you all create some pretty interesting threads to read through 😀

    As to talking about Taylor . . obviously I do very little of that . . but keep in mind that for some of us 2010 will be four [4] years of being part of this TH online world.
    I still check out most interviews and videos that people are raving – or laughing – over . . and am a happy camper if can get a good audio download. ** I am still around and am still interested to see what happens with Taylor’s music . . but I really don’t have much of anything left to say.
    Trot out some truly new music then we’ll talk.

    ** constant source of irritation that Taylor doesn’t make better use of audio from his shows as a way for current fans to recruit. The “visual performance ” mantra does not hold true for everyone – personally think “live performance” is more accurate and encompassing.
    Hmm . . guess I did have something left to say . 😉

  138. hicksaholic Says:

    Jerry Butler is my all time favorite. I have all of his albums. Unless it’s changed recently he is on the city council in Chicago. I begged our band committee for our Mardi Gras ball to try to get him but he probably is too high. I love unique voices and Jerry Butler’s is unique.

    Went to an oyster cook off in Bon Secour today and ran into Joni Hicks. I introduced myself and we talked Taylor for 10 or so minutes. Really nice lady.

  139. hicksaholic Says:

    Jerry Butler’s album “The Iceman Cometh” was my favorite album growing up. They don’t make music like that anymore.

  140. hicksaholic Says:

    I think you’re right- there is a distinction between visual and live. Taylor is best experienced live.

  141. mamaforpeace Says:

    For those who appreciate Tom Waits and his quirky sense of humor:

  142. AH…Thank you so much for bring those videos over here. I love that old dop wop style soul…I love any artist that you can feel the music through…that’s why I am a fan of Taylor Hicks and not so much Taylor Swift….I just hear words I don’t feel anything. not that I don’t think she has some good songwriting ablilites and she certainly seems like a very sweet and sincere young lady. I do like her demeanor very much.

  143. jerseyirish Says:

    mfp, He always looks and sounds half gone, but funny as all hell.


  144. Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, The Partridge Family, The Osmond Brothers, New Kids on The Block, Backstreet Boys, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift . . . there will always be a market for young, attractive musical acts that tap into that “becoming sexually curious, but still a little naive” tween market. I say good for them all. The kids need something to listen to.

    I like Adam Lambert quite a bit . . . I think he seems to be an intelligent, articulate, extremely talented young man. And while I am not in a “lustful state of mind” over him, I think he’s very good-looking and just exudes sexuality. To state these things is not to indicate in any way that he is superior to Taylor Hicks. I don’t understand the need to respond to a compliment about another AI alum, or any other artist, with a defensive statement about Taylor. Sometimes it’s just not about Taylor.

    I just about never post anymore . . . not sure why. I guess I just can’t think of anything to say all that often these days. But I DEFINITELY watch the videos here, and enjoy them all. I’ve always been of the opinion that there is no such thing as bad music . . . there is just some music that I don’t prefer.

    So, thank you for posting all the great music and allowing me to surreptitiously enjoy it along with you all.

  145. I don’t compare contestants from Ai and certainly not Taylor and Adam. It is like comparing nuts to a banana. One is soft and the other hard but both work well on top of ice cream, especialy when surrounded by whipped cream and a cherry on top. We tend to have good discussions about Taylor when he is doing something new or after one of his gigs or an interesting interview. He doesn’t do anything to cause gossip such as dating or getting arrested, and his hairstyle and clothing have been the same for awhile. It is a good thing other musicians are featured and I’ve discovered some right here on this blog. Having said that, some of us do jump in to defend Taylor when we think someone has dissed him unfairly. It is a fact that his online fan posters have dwindled greatly since 2006, but that is to be expected given his lack of big commercial success, radio play and not being on TV or in magazines. I disagree with CF that he has lost all those former active fans due to him selling out and not being true to himself. How would she know that? It is her stated reason for why she is having a going out of business give away of her signed CD’s. Don’t think we can know why others have left.

  146. hicksaholic Says:

    November 14, 2009 at 7:10 am
    cf, I want one too.
    I’m totally serious. Email Grey giving her permission to give me your email addy and I will contact you.

  147. How would she know that? It is her stated reason for why she is having a going out of business give away of her signed CD’s. Don’t think we can know why others have left.
    Too many assumptions is a dangerous thing to do Rosie. I’m not having any “going out of business sale” as you say. I have private autographed stuff that Taylor has signed as well as pics that I will keep and I don’t share. My reasons for giving those cd’s away is frankly not your concern.

  148. MFP .. had seen that Tom Waits clip before but still made me laugh . . love him – hoping the local theater picks up The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus when it’s released in Dec so can see him as Mr. Nick.

    soulaz . . I think my DH still has a crush on Annette. I’m glad you post sometimes – like to see other long-timers names. I come and go depending on what’s happening on this side of the computer screen – no longer feel the need to know what’s going on all the time. Suspect there are others who quietly keep track too.

    Went back to YT for a while and ran across this silky beautiful Solomon Burke song . . “Flesh and Blood ”

  149. Love the SB vids AH. Thanks for sharing

  150. Like the Garret Mimms Cry Baby but LOVE Janice’s version more! LOVE Janis period. Oh, now I’m on gonna be on a Janice YT hunt and up all night. LOL

    Never saw this before. A strange video, not the best quality but a gem nonetheless.

    I loved Allison Iraheta’s version on AI too. I bought it. She’s amazing! I actually wanted her to win. Thought she SHOULD win.

    JI that’s really cool your DS’s band is covering Watchtower and Purple Haze. Wow, glad to see the younger generation appreciating the good music. Reminds me that when I went to Marty’s in B’ham after the 2nd concert, the band playing that night, Earthbound, did -oh what was it! Damn! It was a Doors song I think. Just cool. The young crowd there obviously weren’t familiar with the song but seemed to like it. I loved that they covered it.

  151. Here is Janis’ studio version. Allison did not do it in as high a key, but I love her low husky voice too.

    (I remembered – The Doors song Earthbound covered was Love Me Two Times.)

  152. Oh, man, more great Janice blues..

  153. cf – regarding: I’m totally serious. Email Grey giving her permission to give me your email addy and I will contact you. –

    how do I go about emailing Grey?

  154. jerseyirish Says:

    NolaMar, They have written quite a few of their own, my son writes the music and the lead singer does the lyrics, they are pretty good together. They are putting together a promo CD with 4 orginals and a Johnny Cash cover to bring to clubs. They did a cover of “In the Still of the Night” which was fantastic, it started as the song does then they stepped it up, was impressed.


  155. JI . . that is great . . let us know when we can give them some $ support with that CD.

    NolaMar . . now I’m going to have to spend some time with Janis – such a hardship 😀 . . if you get to Cleveland you have to see her section in the R&R Hall of Fame – made me cry, for real.

    Drive by is to drop off a version of Watchtower I was listening to . . the Warren H / Dave M combination seems to fit in this thread . . Branford Marsalis adds a nice twist.
    BTW this is from Warren’s Christmas Jam 2006 show – captured either from the TV airing or DVD. You may remember Taylor made an appearance that year.

  156. Not a Daughtry fan, it has nothing to do with the Idol competition I just never really cared for him. Not a fan of Taylor Swift either too much auto tune.

    Mad love for Dave Matthews Band though!!!

  157. Aging Hippy – GREAT video – had not seen that one before – the three of them are ‘smokin’ hot! Loved it.

  158. hicksfan7 Says:

    November 15, 2009 at 10:15 am
    cf – regarding: I’m totally serious. Email Grey giving her permission to give me your email addy and I will contact you. –

    how do I go about emailing Grey?
    Sorry, You got lost in all these great vids. Email her at: 😉

  159. Thanks CF – did it. (I want to push the ‘easy’ button) haha

  160. I’m finally listening to these videos. I have nothing against Daughtry, in fact I’ve said before that he probably should have won AI. He’s what they’re looking for. BUT his voice annoys the crap out of me. Nobody else is bothered by his vibrato? omg, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through one of his songs. I have to turn it off.

    Kenny Chesney and Dave Matthews: nice.

    Well, I’ve got a lot t listen to! I’ll be back…….

  161. Sorry, can’t listen to the really Country country music. (That Kid Rock and Jamey Johnson song.) Trying to decide if I want to go into why. It has to do with being a yankee living in Texas. There are some very close-minded people here. NOT EVERYONE!! But I could tell you stories………you’d be surprised by the prejudice that still exists in our country. Prejudice against ANYBODY who’s different.

    Don’t jump on me if you’re from Texas. I didn’t say everyone is like that. But anyway, country music stirs up a lot of bad memories for me.

    “What does that have to do with anything?” you say? Yep, you’re right. I’m babbling. Back to the music……..

  162. Where is everybody? guess I missed the discussion. boo…..I’ll just keep talking to myself.

    “Fifteen” is a sweet, sad song. I think it can touch older women. Well, it did me. It takes you right back to that age and that boy you were sure you’d marry one day. (bastard!)

  163. caryl Says:

    November 15, 2009 at 5:01 pm
    I’m finally listening to these videos. I have nothing against Daughtry, in fact I’ve said before that he probably should have won AI. He’s what they’re looking for.
    I’m glad Chris didn’t win AI. He carved out a successful career without having the title but having the opportunity of having his voice and talent heard. I think Adam Lambert is better off too.

  164. Well, I’ll wrap up my comments by thanking you all for giving me a really pleasant Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed all the music you shared. Thanks!

  165. hicksaholic Says:

    You think Texas is close minded- come to Alabama.

  166. Try Mississippi

  167. Not sure if this is of any interest here but for the blues fans, check out this Net link to some great music.

    This is from kink based in Portland, OR. They have a variety of 24/7 stream channels where you can find all kinds of music. Cool stuff. 😉

  168. Here’s the link to the station….

  169. Another musician with a whole lotta awesome!

  170. woooooooohooooooooooooooo!

  171. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!

  172. taylorfan06 Says:

    cf – thank you for the linda ronstadt videos. My #1 female vocalist EVER!!

  173. I put up some Jackson Browne in an earlier thread. “The Road” and “Running on Empty…” Also, was looking at/downloading Ronstadt videos not that long ago myself. She’s had an amazing career. ( Both of them really send me tripping down memory lane.

    Thanks for the blues station link CF. AOL music also has some really great blues channels to choose from online.

    Linda, I’ll watch that version of Watchtower as soon as I can! Looking forward to it. It’s 1:20. I basically am just dropping by myself after waking up on the couch and on my way to bed. LOL Have yet to watch the Taylor Swift videos but will force myself. I’ve seen parts of videos that DD had playing on MTV or VH1…. Didn’t really sit and watch & listen too good. I don’t like the saturation. I mean that girl is already EVERYWHERE, even doing commercials on TV. I feel like she’s being crammed down my throat, but should be fair and give the girl a closer look.

  174. mamaforpeace loved that Tom Waits interview, he’s one hella cool cat.

  175. mamaforpeace Says:

    Isn’t he, though! Kind of a beat generation poet. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Tom Waits is an acquired taste for some people.

  176. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Caryl-I know what you mean about the predjudices. Years ago a man from the South got an attitude with me when discussing the Civil War. I am from CT and to him, I was one of the dreaded Yankees. He had everyone lumped together. I let him rant and rave, and then I finally sprung it on the nitwit that none of my ancestors even lived in America during the Civil War. They were all in Italy. The man shut right up. The next time you hear something predjudice, inform the person that over 22 million people came over from Europe to Ellis Island, and many settled in the North. We are of European descent-some Iralian Americans, Some Irish Americans, etc. And our ancestors weren’t even here when the Yankee hatred started.

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