I’m going to Hollywood!!!

Been waiting for this….

I have been waiting for more footage of him singing Ain’t No Sunshine for 3 years now. So awesome…oh, and if you want to listen to it over and over, watch this…


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  1. At last !!! We have the soul patrol’s “Holy Grail” Taylors, Ain’t No Sunshine” from Hollywood week. We all knew it was out there somewhere and the rat bastards at AI would not release it to us!!

    That look he gives at the end of the song still enchants me!!

  2. casualfan Says:

    Great find IAG! I watched Taylor go through his AI experience first time around but haven’t watched AI Rewind. It works for me to look forward to what the future holds for him instead of looking at what the past held for him. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I love seeing the updated comments from the singers. Most all of them look better than they did on the show except for Chris and Katherine. Chris looks about the same and Katherine looks much better with dark hair. Love Ace and Kellie’s short hair and of course Taylor shines like a movie star. LOL.

  4. jerseyirish Says:

    Dee, I also love hearing his updated comments about the season. Out of them all he is the most polished and has that star quality to him. Loved hearing “Aint no Sunshine” his delivery was perfect!! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I never saw that before. Wow.

  6. hicksaholic Says:

    I love that look at the end too. It seems to express his attitude that says tell me that wasn’t good. It almost looks like he was backed in the corner and fighting for survival.Taylor really came into AI determined to prove himself. Obviously he did. It seemed like each week he got more comfortable and more confident. I wonder if he was easier to work with once he realized people were appreciating him. At the beginning of AI you saw a lot more of those looks than you did later on. Another attitude moment was when they asked him why he wanted his voice heard and he said because I got one.

  7. So funny what Bucky said: I thought he was the chaperone, but when I heard him sing I thought, Oh crap, he’s gonna win this thing.
    ……………and yes, so true, this was the Holy Grail! (but he has sung it since)
    Been waiting so long to see this, wish they would have just shown it in the first place!!

  8. The ones under 18 like Lisa did have to have a chaperone and he could easily have been mistaken for the dad of a 16 yr. old. Funny thing is Bucky was just a year younger than Tay. Taylor also looked older because he wore a sport coat. Am I the only one who thinks Tay is a complicated dude? One thing for certain, he was and is ballsy.

  9. I don’t think he looked older, just more sophisticated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Yeah, Rosie, I agree… he is one complicated dude…but that’s his attraction.
    We had never seen anyone like him on AI before…neither had the three stooges…they just didn’t know how to deal with him. He was unique in a cookie cutter industry….so , he doesn’t sell millions of CD’s…Simon was right, and before everyone throws stuff at me, you gotta give him that…But, who the hell cares…Taylor seems happy….I’m happy for him, and thanks to AI , I get to hear him sing and if I’m really lucky, eleven days from now I’ll hear him sing live for the second time at the tree lighting ceremony in Jacksonville, Florida….Thanks for finding that clip. I’m not one who would travel all over the country to see him, but since he’ll only be an hour away, I’m going. I want to see the magic again.

  11. I watched Hollywood Week for the first time last night on TV at 12:30 am. LOL Could have gone to bed and caught it here without the commercials. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was not a fan of AI until sometime later in the season and even then did not see every episode. So this is a real treat to me to see it! And WHY did they not air that whole thing during the season? it was SO good and so unique. “Ain’t no, ain’t no, ain’t no,………… while dropping to his knees? WHOA! (They didn’t show his group number either.)

    I loved Bucky’s comment! Yes, everyone thought he looked much older than 29 and he really did. How many 29 yr olds have gone gray? Loved how he played his “trusty harmonica” in the commentary. ๐Ÿ˜‰ That was cool.

    No tweets from Taylor for 6 days now!! Is he mad at us? Did they take away his phone for being naughty?

  12. Nice you are going to the thing in Jacksonville PSA! Wish I could too. Do you think it will be a full concert? How far is Jacksonville from NOLA? LOL

  13. The magic is seeing him live. And I’ve traveled quite a few times in the New England area for that magic. I thought he looked like an adorable dork with a powerful voice on AI, and he turned into handsome man with a powerful voice by the winning finale. His talent is undeniable.

  14. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    About 550 miles, NolaMar…and he’s supposed to be on for an hour or so. I’m thinking he’ll sing some holiday songs, and a couple from The Distance.
    This will be the second time I’ve seen him live…I went to his first solo concert in Jax in 2007. I won a meet and greet from HQ, and got to see him up close…he was tall, thin, subdued, and looked about 18 years old in spite of that gray hair (I would have added extremely handsome, but that’s a given)..I couldn’t get over how young he was…he looked so much older on television. And when the concert started, he just exploded onto the stage…and what a performer he is, LOL, you have to see him live to appreciate him fully.

  15. hicksaholic Says:

    You’re right about seeing him live to fully appreciate Taylor. Although I don’t follow him all over the country I have traveled reasonable distances in the southeast to see him and my only regret is that there are not more concerts for me to go to. I wish I could go to Jacksonville but even from Mobile that’s a good ways away.

    Nola if you go, pick me up on the way.

  16. I looked it up. It’s 500 miles. I won’t be going. Sorry. I would be happy to pick you up if I was going. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. PSA, yes, live is incredible. Until June of this year all I had seen was AI, one concert here at HOB, and videos. I went to a slew of concerts between June and Oct. so I can’t complain. It’s just is seem like, when you get right down to it, “I just can’t get enough…” (sorry…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) I’m glad you are getting this chance since you have not seen him since ’07!

    I was up late last night watching many of the WP videos. I’ve still only seen a small number of them. Wow, just wow! I mean I thought that at the shows, but how nice to be able to relive it through those wonderful videos.

  18. He looks older on videos and when he is performing and in photos when he smiles due to him wearing out his face from playing the harp and all the grimacing he does when he performs. The wrinkles show up on photos but relaxed in person his skin and face look his age or a tad younger. I noticed on one of the Epcot vids when he played the harp his neck was moving in and out like a bullfrog. As been said many times they were a great top 10, all nice talented people, but I think Hollywood week Taylor was still a little mysterious for the rest. I assume he did great with his group song although we’ve only seen that tiny clip.

  19. casualfan Says:

    I feel that Taylor won AI mostly on his ability to effectivly market himself as a whole package. He had the experience which the others didn’t.

    Having that said….ALL of the contestants (at least in my opinion) have talent and ALL deserve to have a successful career. It takes a lot of guts and determination in getting up in front of millions to realize your dream-especially in front of the critic Simon. I especially love watching all of them grow each week and develop into their own. I’m looking forward to what this new Season brings us. Ellen is going to be a valuable asset to the show and I’m excited for her.

  20. hicksaholic Says:

    I noticed the video with his neck moving in and out like a bagpipe. I guess all those years of playing he has built up his neck muscles or whatever you need to be able to do that. His neck is pretty thick. I wondered if that was all the blowing exercise he gets. No double entendre intended.
    No Nola I was kidding. I wish I could go but unfortunately the waterfront real estate business is not quite good enough for me to justify such a long trip. However if he is at Workplay or Smith’s any time at all I’m there.
    I wonder if I will think back when I’m on my deathbed” damn I should have gone to ______ Taylor concert.” If so hopefully I won’t say it aloud to my husband or he might expedite my death.

  21. Speaking of water front property…how are you holding out tonight hicksaholic? THe bay is calm but the wind is whipping at the back of my house. Does that mean the western shore of Mobile Bay is getting rough?

  22. jerseyirish Says:

    Fairhope, Stay safe, hope it passes by you.


  23. Thanks JI. Bay is still calm. Blast of wind just now. But from the northeast which is good for me.

  24. I think Taylor will have the last laugh when it comes to age because when he is in his 50’s people are going to be saying that he looks exactly the same as he did 20 yrs ago. LOL.

  25. hicksaholic Says:

    Thanks for asking. Too busy yesterday getting stuff off the boatdock, getting the boat out of the water etc. to post. It’s still pouring here and water is covering boatdock deck but hopefully it will go down as quickly as it came up. Just a pain to get everything back to the way it is supposed to be. Unfortunately we had just decorated the boatdock for Christmas for our resident party on the Fowl River large riverboat so we had it all up Sunday and back down yesterday. We will have to get it all back up. But that’s the way it is if you live on the water. The good outweighs the bad however.

  26. He shoots that expression at the end of his Hollywood performance that I use to wait for watching the show. Just freaking fierce. rawr

  27. If you want to know what Taylor will look like in his 50’s, take a look at his dad! LOL!

  28. The reason Taylor won AI is because the Idol fanbases hated Katherine McPhee. In other words, he was the lesser of the two evils. As soon the show ended, their support ended as well.

    As course, if Taylor had made the effort to be more commercial and marketable, they might have stuck around.

  29. Snowstorm, sometimes it’s not all about money.

  30. Aww Snows back. It’s been kind of peaceful while she was not posting. LOL.

  31. Snow, I don’t think he was “the less of the two evils” as you put it. He was good at marketing himself and he does have charm and personality. He was never in the bottom three and people did love him. As far as what happened to him afterwards, he’s in a better place than he was before and that’s the important thing.

    To be honest, I thought Kellie Pickler was going to win or at least it come down between Kellie and Taylor.

  32. Snow-Good to see you back. You add color and spike up the conversation. It was getting somewhat mundane. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    speaking of the lesser of two evils…

  34. And the beat goes on….

  35. iag – this is GREAT!!!! and totally FUN too – I don’t even have cable TV so I haven’t seen the AI Rewind – thank you so much!

    LOL – Legacy – ‘holy grail’ – I love it!
    CF – like you, I am always interested in Taylor’s future, and future plans, but sure is a good time to look at the old stuff again, or in this case – for the first time! ha

    Season 5 was the only one where I actually liked and enjoyed all the top 10 contestants, but to me Taylor was (and is) the Shining Star – and I also agree that he looks so much younger in person.

  36. HF7, He DOES look much younger in person. My heart didn’t race, my knees didn’t weaken, I didn’t blush or stutter like most experience at the site of him, but he’s a nice looking fella.

    btw-Interesting tidbit….Daughtry is performing at the CMA Awards. I didn’t know he had a lick of country in him…LOL!

  37. Daughtry at the CMA’s? Why does that strike me as funny?

    Hey, at least he’s putting himself out there.

  38. I agree Grey. I laughed when I saw that myself but I give him credit. He’s obviously successful-in spite of what some nay sayers have to say about him and he’s very much in demand.

    Adam Lambert will be performing at the AMA Awards doing his “For Your Entertainment” song. I’m looking forward to seeing the way he executes on stage-will be very much entertaining.

  39. Daughtry teamed up with a country singer on his last CD. Forget who it was Didn’t care enough. But I guess that was his ticket to the CMA’s. I guess Chris’s last CD is not doing nearly as well as his first and I’ve read a lot of bad reviews. So it will be interesting to see if his next CD does better. This one may just be the sophmore slump. LOL. I’ve read some really bad concert reviews too. Quite often they mention that the band still has not gelled as a group. Seems strange to me that they have been playing together all this time and we are still hearing this complaint. Taylor seems to be able to put multiple band members together who can really play well as a group. I like some of Chris’s songs but I can’t stand to see him sing. Can’t take the way he hunches over the mike stand and grimises.

  40. I doubt his bad reviews on this cd will hurt him in the long run. Sophmore cd’s usually don’t do as well as the first and he will probably do better with his next. He’s already made a name for himself and that is the important thing. If he goes back on tour with Nickleback or some other big head liner that will only help him further and continue given him PR.

    I don’t care for all of his music but he is commercial friendly and his songs have easily flowed onto several different charts. I’m tempted to go to a concert of his just to see him live. I have had the pleasure of becoming online buddies with a lot of his fans and they are all really cool. I also enjoy his official fansite. I haven’t seen any bashing of other fans, conspiracy theories. They over all seem to enjoy his music and act like typical fans.

  41. On another note….if anyone here follows Vince Esquire, check this out…..Vince will be in the studio with Greg Allman after the first of the year recording with Greg on Greg’s new cd. Musicians supporting and helping out their fellow musicians win my vote. For them, it’s truly all about the music. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. Considering the mess country music is right now, hell anybody could fit in.
    Anybody thinking about going to one of Daughtrys concerts, don’t worry about getting tickets early. Theres a ton of them out there for sale. Floor seats and all. Should be a blast.

  43. mamaforpeace Says:

    Re. AI Rewind, I saw Elliott Yamin’s audition the other day. Had not seen it before. He was great! Didn’t hurt that he sang “A Song for You”, one of my favorite songs of all time (not written by Donny Hathaway, but by Leon Russell, btw)! I think Elliot was one of the best voices on AI ever.

  44. Elliott has an incredible voice, he was a favorite of mine from AI 5. And he’s so damn cute. I don’t think that Taylor won because Katherine was hated, (Katherine also has a great voice) but rather because the man knew how to “woo” the viewing audience. And he has talent. Of course, just my opinion.

  45. Wow what a beautiful voice, love his version of Ain’t No Sunshine! He was the best and thats why he won. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. PS Elliott was my second pick thanks for bringing a video of his over too.

  47. hicksaholic Says:

    I believe that Taylor and Adam were the two most hyped AI contestants ever. I also think both are the most unique. Neither may be as commercially successful as others like Carrie but there was more talk about Taylor and Adam coming off AI than anybody else.

  48. I love Elliott’s voice – I loved that he ‘brought it’ every week during AI, and I love that he has the duet with Tay on his CD. Good stuff.

    I had been so hoping for a Taylor/Elliott finale.

  49. mamaforpeace Says:

    I don’t know why Taylor doesn’t let his voice shine more often. Too often it’s drowned out by the instruments, but he is the BEST when he sings acapella!
    And that look at the end of ANS is the same look he had after Do I make You Proud (“I know I nailed it! Try to tell me I didn’t!!!). Look at 3:37.

  50. henry8 Says:

    November 10, 2009 at 6:45 pm
    Considering the mess country music is right now, hell anybody could fit in.
    Anybody thinking about going to one of Daughtrys concerts, donโ€™t worry about getting tickets early. Theres a ton of them out there for sale. Floor seats and all. Should be a blast.
    Thanks for the info Henry and I will take that into consideration. Getting up close to the stage WILL be a blast. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  51. Caro Says:

    November 10, 2009 at 7:42 pm
    Elliott has an incredible voice, he was a favorite of mine from AI 5. And heโ€™s so damn cute. I donโ€™t think that Taylor won because Katherine was hated, (Katherine also has a great voice) but rather because the man knew how to โ€œwooโ€ the viewing audience. And he has talent. Of course, just my opinion.
    Elliott is a cutie-pie and I like his voice. Kat is damn good and her vocals are great. Her new song is awesome and should get plenty of airplay.

    Yeah T did “woo” the viewing audience into a win…too bad he couldn’t “woo” the public into buying his music.

  52. Over-zealous fanbases wreck careers. I warned fans a long time ago and was accused of being a troll. Well lookie here… I WAS RIGHT.

    Radio does not like organized Idol fanbases such as the Claymates and the Soul Patrol and because you ignored my warnings, Taylor got no radio play to speak of. Constantly calling radio stations that are NOT even in your area, bashing music critics opinions, letter-writing campaigns, fan wars and other assorted craziness has hurt Taylor’s career.

    Adam Lambert is heading down the same road. It’s really a shame because the kid has talent, but his crazy fans are ruining everything. Kris Allen, on the other hand has no where near the craziness of the Glamberts, and his single is now in the Top 40 and getting more and more attention.

    If the SP had only listened to me and backed off, things might have been different for Taylor.

  53. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, as he said himself in that first video, he is a visual performer. It’s hard not to be wooed when you “see” him. Great if a singer is both a great recording artist and a great performer. But if I have to choose one, I’ll go with the latter. I think his skills at recording will improve. We’ll see!

  54. Well mama, Hopefully T will get more Broadway gigs so he can showcase his visual performance even more. That seems to be his calling.

  55. mamaforpeace Says:

    Or live shows, I think he and we would prefer that!

  56. Mama, I loved watching those 5:40 moments of Tay’s final AI journey. The general public connects DIMYP with Taylor Hicks so perhaps he should sing it more often in concert.

  57. I wished Taylor had his CD out in time for the AMA 2006 show, so he could have performed. He looked slim and hot that night and any song off of his TH CD would have gone over well had he performed it live. Daughtry will be around awhile but I’m not so sure Adam will be singing at the 2010 AMAs. Taylor has to go forward from here and keep reinventing himself. sigh

  58. jerseyirish Says:

    Never saw Elliots audition, he has such a pleasant voice, he was my #2 pick for season 5.


  59. MFP-You are right about the live performances. No doubt WATWF will be flying off the shelves when it come out. Isn’t that live concert footage?

  60. mamaforpeace Says:

    Yeah, well I don’t have much hope for that one! Considering how long it’s taking to release it, it must have some problems. And I hardly believe it will be flying off the shelves, considering TH isn’t exactly a household name right now. And, btw, I know you were being facitious, I just thought I would be nice and say “cheers”!

  61. I really hope it does well. He does shine as a live performer and I would love to see more of that.

  62. Thanks for the info Henry and I will take that into consideration. Getting up close to the stage WILL be a blast.

    Hope you make it and have a good time. Chris deserves it.

  63. Thank you Henry and yes…he does deserve success as do the rest of them.

  64. hicksaholic Says:

    YEAAAA!!! Happiness and peace.

  65. Where am I? lol

  66. NEXT UP – work some magic on Snow….LOL

  67. My son-in-law’s mother was a big AI fan and LOOOOOVED Elliot. If not for her I would never have watched the show. Hated the whole concept of an “IDOL.” She was over one night when our kids were in town and could not miss it so I was forced to sit down and watch it. Taylor and Daughtry caught my eye (or ears I should say.) Not even sure which night that was.

  68. hicksaholic Says:

    Have you gone to see Daughtry in concert? I watched from the beginning and loved Taylor but will have to admit that I thought Lisa and Paris were the frontrunners after the audition. My other favorite during the show was Elliott.

  69. Daughtry got my attention here ๐Ÿ˜‰

  70. taylorfan06 Says:

    WATW Rules!!! If you’ve never seen it, you’re in for a real treat (especially if you have surround sound). I’m not sure how many times I’ve actually seen it since i first recorded it in Oct. 07, but it just gets better and better with each viewing. It’s a definite keeper and could earn Taylor new fans.

    In my world, this dvd would definitely fly off the shelves. It really is that good and deserves to be seen! I look forward to buying it in January. Too bad they didn’t stick with the November release date. It would have made the perfect Christmas gift. Again, in my world, that WOULD have happened!

  71. LOL! I seriously LOVE this girl

  72. The “naughty little minx”

  73. here is MY American Idol

  74. Wasn’t on AI of course, but Kelly reminds me of Joss

  75. mamaforpeace Says:

    Season 5 was THE best!

  76. I agree mama. That’s why I don’t understand why some of the SP hates on Daughtry and even Kat as they do. Grant it, it’s just a small group who continues on with their contrived smirks on tkt give-aways and attendance being down at concerts, but Hicks had and still has the same problem-as with many musicians.

    ALL of these people are TRUE PROFESSIONALS, they ALL HAVE TALENT and are ALL successful.


  77. Sorry, OT but there is a lot of action on the NING site with the Veterans Day tributes. Dozens of blog posts and some videos.

  78. Not my favorite from Elliott but he still displays the soul and passion that he’s know for

  79. mamaforpeace Says:

    Actually, I thought Elliott was pretty good on this vid! No hate on my part, just I like some better than others. I liked Paris and Elliott more than Kathryn. Liked Chris, but honestly, I am not a fan of his cd, it sounds too generic for me. Of course, I didn’t like the first TH cd either (for different reasons)!
    There is really no accounting for taste! For example, yesterday on DWTS, they had Michael Buble. I know a lot people really like him, but to me he is just boring. Nice voice, seems to be a nice guy, but just flat, no passion. So I just don’t get what other people see in him.

  80. That’s what it’s all about mama! Our diversity in music is what makes it all interesting-at least for me.

  81. Very few seem to hate Daughtry and those that do claim he sold out to TPTB and has little talent. So many fans expected great fame and success for Taylor and I think when that didn’t happen they looked for others to blame. The only time I was incensed by D’s success was the night of the 07 AI finale. We were all looking forward to see Tay return to AI as the reigning champ and instead saw Davis praising D to beat the ban while Tay wasn’t even given the time of day. I don’t blame D for that but Clive Davis. That was just not the night to praise D and poor Tay and Kat were discussed like losers. That was just wrong and showed that Clive and the rest only cared about money.

  82. That was just wrong and showed that Clive and the rest only cared about money.
    Well of course they do Rosie. They are in the business to make money and make the stars who will make them the money. Daughtry brought Clive in millions. That’s the nature of the entertainment business.

  83. CF, they make money two ways, the first is from the succesful show American Idol and the sponsers. The 2nd way they make money is from the CD sales. D would still have sold CDs had Clive saved his comments for another night or year or just refrained from commenting. He seemed to forget without the show AI and its popularity due to people having the chance to see undiscovered talent and then voting for who they wanted to win, there would be no CD sales for Chris or anyone. For me and many others AI is an audience driven entertainment show and you expect the winner to be given his due as the reigning Idol on the night the next winner is announced. The show comes first and CD sales second with the general public.

  84. It is what it is Rosie and I don’t see where it even matters anymore-if it ever did.

  85. Hope all is having a great Veteran’s Day and is able to set aside a few moments to reflect on our soldiers. Thanks to all who are defending our beautiful country and protecting our freedoms. YOU ARE LOVED!

  86. Such a pleasure to watch the Elliott video! I really adore the guy and wish his mom could be here to enjoy his happiness. Casualfan, you are right, it is what it is…life goes on. I really did like all the season 5 contestants and haven’t seen a season packed with as much talent as those top 10. And Kellie Pickler just makes me smile; I’m so happy for her success.

  87. PurpleButterflies Says:

    NolaMar, you did an EXCELLENT job with your video! I really loved it!

  88. Speaking of Going To Hollywood, Tay said in a radio interview today that he has had movie and tv offers for when he finishes with Grease.

  89. taylorfan06 Says:

    OMF’NG! Has anyone seen Pickler’s new look at the CMA? She went from girl next door in ’06 to I don’t know what?!? I thought she was 23. She looks 40!

    Word to Kelie: Less IS more. Fire your stylist (I hope there’s someone to blame) and get back to your old self. No pun intended. You WERE cute.
    Just sayin… (I can’t be alone)

    And one more thing – what is Danny Gokey doing there. Did he get a contract?? Lucky sap if he did.

  90. Found a photo, TF. Looks like Kellie went Hollywood:

  91. Yes Danny DID get a contract and a good one. He’s working on his cd now and from what I hear it’s gonna be good!

  92. RCA Records in Nashville has Danny

  93. Kelly is a cutie no matter what she does ๐Ÿ˜‰

  94. hicksaholic Says:

    I watched the CMA’s and I’m sure I will watch the AMA’s and have to admit I get a little jealous seeing Daughtry and Kellie and Carrie there and wishing it was Taylor. Not that I dispute they deserve being there. What about Taylor Swift? Talk about doing it all at 19. Unbelievable! She is one hell of a commercially viable songwriter, very self confident, very pretty and seems like a well grounded individual but I swear she can’t carry a tune. Without autotune her albums would be dead in the water.

  95. taylorfan06 Says:

    I agree hicksaholic. I would have loved to see Taylor singing 7MB on stage tonight at the CMA’s. He worked have worked it like he does! You’re also dead on about that other Taylor (Swift).

    I love Vince Gill but the harmonies with CD just did nothing for me. A dull performance and another generic song.

  96. taylorfan06 Says:

    that was “would have worked it…”

  97. taylorfan06 Says:

    …or even better yet, it would have been REALLY cool to see and hear Taylor (Hicks) perform “Nineteen” tonight (Veteran’s Day) on the CMA’s. How perfect would that have been? I could see a standing ovation (and tears) for that one. Who’s managing him?

  98. hicksaholic Says:

    Too bad Taylor’s not a girl. They could send him to a personal trainer and put him in 18 gorgeous outfits and throw a few dancers around him like Carrie and who would notice if he could sing or not? Not that Carrie can’t sing but Carrie is like a dress up Barbie doll.

  99. hicksaholic Says:

    Also Kellie Pickler looks 40. As cute as she is her stylist should be shot.

  100. taylorfan06 Says:

    Total agreement again hicks. It’s hard to believe that Carrie got entertainer of the year last year. Stage presence is bad and not a great live singer. But good for her to release her new cd the same week as the cma’s – not that i’ll be buying it though. Total barbie doll. I always felt that way about her. Again less is more.

  101. mamaforpeace Says:

    Carrie Underwood is not my cup of tea, but I think she has star quality. She is beautiful and has a good country voice.
    My fav tonight was Keith Urban. And the little bit we saw of Dave Matthews. I’m not a country music fan, but it was fun to watch.

  102. taylorfan06 Says:

    The show and music really sucked for me. Country music was the best in the early 90’s with the likes of Clint, Vince, Wynonna, Brooks & Dunn, and Shania. I really miss her.

    There are many out there very angry about TS not being country and the whole show being a sham. I could care less myself but I do understand it. Oh, also, THANK GOD FOR DVR’S! And yes, TS does sing flat (like a pancake). I forget who said that earlier, but GOOD ONE!

  103. taylorfan06 Says:

    November 12, 2009 at 12:51 am
    โ€ฆor even better yet, it would have been REALLY cool to see and hear Taylor (Hicks) perform โ€œNineteenโ€ tonight (Veteranโ€™s Day) on the CMAโ€™s. How perfect would that have been? I could see a standing ovation (and tears) for that one. Whoโ€™s managing him?
    His management has nothing to do with him or anyone else being on those shows. Musicians have to receive an invite. Taylor has no song on any charts, is not popular except within the fandom. Why would they invite him to any awards show? Maybe he will perform at the Tony’s this year as Teen Angel.

    I’m not being flip, I’m just saying that it would make more sense for him to perform on an awards show that is geared towards what he’s doing in his career.

  104. hicksaholic Says:

    Speaking of Brooks and Dunn did anybody catch their look when Sugarland invited them on the stage to speak to their fans AFTER Sugarland beat them for best duo? It was like wtf. I think sometimes the winners should just graciously accept instead of pointing to others as more worthy to win than them. Taylor, if you’re reading take note in case you ever have to give any more winner’s acceptance speeches.
    I wanted Keith Urban to win too. I thought he was great. Kenny Chesney is really good too.

  105. (Thank you PurpleButterflies! )

  106. I’ve heard that both movies and television has been interested in Taylor. I know he’s said he would be interested in a supporting part in a comedy. But considering the name of the director/producer most mentioned, I don’t think it would be comedy. I hope if he’s offered something substantial he does’nt turn it down because he feels he lacks experience. I also hope his extended run with “Grease” doesn’t hinder his chances. Taylor – J’adore tout simplement vous. Au revoir et bonne chance, cherie.

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