I’m feeling alright…


Awesome. Just awesome…

That’s what I miss. And Brian Less? He is fantastic!!


68 Responses to “I’m feeling alright…”

  1. casualfan Says:

    1000% Agreed Grey! It’s moments like this that suck us back into the TRH Zone πŸ˜‰

  2. Poke Salad Annie Says:

    Dayum!..Yowza!….oh, yes, this is his magic…and Brian ain’t bad either.

  3. jerseyirish Says:

    All the videos from Epcot have been great, he was really in his element!! πŸ™‚


  4. I miss this Taylor….I want this ALL the TIME. Is that too much to ask?

  5. casualfan Says:

    Caro-you are NOT alone. If only this type of essance can be bottled and recorded onto a cd.

  6. Haven’t seen that happen for him yet. Have seen many performances (with great seats) and there really is nothing lke “live Taylor” is there? When he’s on stage he’s superb.

  7. CF, by the way, I still think I love you.

  8. Dare I say that I’m not sure what you mean by (this) is what I miss or (this Taylor). He did some different songs at Epcot, more old standards and less of his CD songs. I think that is because he knew he would be performing for a crowd of non CD buying peeps, plus the fact he wasn’t allowed to sell his CD there. The more familar songs probably went over better with this audience. So do you mean that you would like him to sing less of his songs and more of other peoples songs? If so then I agree.

  9. Hi Rosie,
    I wasn’t aware that he couldn’t sell his CDs there? Wow. I have been to many artists’ appearances around Epcot and have bought their CDs…I wonder if it was because they were appearing near the country of their musical sound? (ie, irish rock, ect. ) and not at that particular venue. Come to think of it, I have been to the “Flower Power” series at Epcot along with a few others, and didn’t see CDs there either. MMM…interesting. Actually, I really love some of Taylor’s own songs, such as The Fall & Somehow. Ok, this is like writing a book…done now.

  10. Glad you all are giving him some love. Sometimes I think that due to his lack of commercial success, we all at times forget how good he is and even begin to doubt he is that good. He can sure put on a show and his voice is so pretty yet strong. I think he would have won AI had he competed any of the 8 seasons.

  11. casualfan Says:

    Caro, I heart you too.

    Disney has their own agenda and are very fickle on the merch they allow others to sell. Who knows what happened, but hopefully those great performances will prompt people to go out and get his music. I’m not a huge fan of the recordings of Taylor but I do love him live. I thinks he’s a live performer and in his true element on stage. Some musicians are just that way while others sound better recorded. That’s just my humble opinion of course. πŸ˜‰

  12. Taylor is very, very..ok, one more, very talented. Easy on the eyes, too. But I don’t love everything he does. Case in point, Grease. Before I get jumped on, I understand why he did it…ya gotta make a living, I know, I know. I just can’t wait til that particular phase of his career is over. But I love, love live Taylor. I just don’t think he translates that charisma to CD.

  13. casualfan Says:

    rosie, I have NEVER said anything negative about his live performances with the exception of Grease-and he’s even sort of got me with that one.

    Not all successful Artists have great commercial success. They sustain a small, but steady and dedicated fan base and it works for them. Taylor has proven that he can wooo an audience….want to see more of that. I would really, really LOVE to see a bluesy, southern Christmas special on TV with Taylor hosting/Headlining….that would seriously kick some reindeer a$$ indeed. πŸ˜‰

  14. casualfan Says:

    I just don’t think he translates that charisma to CD.
    I agree.

  15. It seems it is hard to get a gig there and I don’t know what they pay the performers but being it is Disney probably they pay well. There is the ready made audience, even though some probably just want to sit for a spell. Guess they figure they are doing the artist a favor and don’t want people spending money on non Disney stuff.

  16. I’m not feeling the hair part! Yuck…

  17. casualfan Says:

    if they are allowed to sell their own merch, you can bet Disney get’s their cut. I use to work for Disney in Orlando back in 91. They had some strange politics going on back then and the subject of many lawsuits from employees siting many different issues.

  18. When I was there in ’03, Off Kilter and Mo’Rockin were playing in Epcot (not where Taylor was) and their CDs were for sale. I have both…I really enjoyed the opportunity to buy new music. Have bought Slim Man’s music at the now defunct Jazz Club in downtown Disney. So I guess I’m surprised that Taylor couldn’t offer his CDs for sale….

  19. Fairhope, Didn’t even notice the hair! LOL…

  20. IDK. Maybe he was all sweaty and after 3 shows it just ended up that way.

  21. You have to see Taylor live or on TV or a video to experience his gifts. When I watched AI rewind Simon said no to Chris due to his lack of Charisma and he said no to Taylor and didn’t think he was commercial. Simon said yes to Elliot, saying he was a good sesions singer, in other words better heard than seen. Caryl first saw Taylor during the Rockefeller White Christmas performance, checked him out and became a fan. I’m not being silly, but his instincts and lack of fear, as in risk taking ballsiness on national TV combined with his voice got him where he is today. The way he does Teen Angel and getting a lucrative Grease contract which allows him to sing a song and sell and sign stuff afterwards, and the way he performed for 6 Epcot shows allows him to continue his desired career path and live well.

  22. No argument from me on why he chooses, again, I get it. But I really try to pretend that Grease doesn’t exist! LOL. So shoot me. I enjoy Taylor my way. OOh, now that sounds….mmmm. And I’m not even drinking!!

  23. casualfan Says:

    LOL Caro!

  24. What do you expect from two in LUV!

  25. smooches to both CF & Rosie. But if Taylor should walk by…well you’re both history! And I so know you understand, and it’s all Fairhope’s fault for saying the word sweaty, so there!

  26. Caro, I’m with you on pretending Grease doesn’t exist. πŸ™‚

  27. Grey,
    It’s my own little world.

  28. One last thing before I go hug my pillows. I just watched him do WRIR. Glad I did since I could detect that he knew he was being seen by a group who hadn’t seen him since AI. He seemed to put his everything into it and I’ve never much cared for that song.

  29. Especially tired tonite, feels like it should be Friday. Busy day tomorrow, it’s goodnite for me as well. Loved that video, thanks.

  30. mamaforpeace Says:

    Oh, man, oh man, oh man!!! Taylor IS the man! When he gets his groove, he is so good, and everything is forgiven, Grease, the cheesy interviews (some of them), whatever. I can’t say this is what I missed, b/c I think Taylor’s delivered quite a bit in the last year. He keeps getting better. There is special chemistry between him and Brian Less. I love seeing them together.
    And exactly what’s wrong with his hair???

  31. Caro and Grey-I’m with you somewhat on Grease but I’m going to look at the positives that I see (believe it or not). He’s getting plenty of experience with different types of audiences and not just the SP, he has a steady paycheck coming in, he is sharpening up his performance claws into becoming an even better performer, all the media junkets that’s attached to Grease is teaching him to be more comfortable with interviews and giving him the experience he wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I think overall this experience has taught him a lot of good things but I do want to see him more on stage doing his OWN music.

  32. taylorfan06 Says:

    I think Grease has been a GREAT learning experience for Taylor and has received glowing reviews in the process. Why is this subject constantly brought up 18 months later? Talk about beating a dead horse people. Get over it and move on!! Pah-leeze!!!!

    I doubt Taylor has any regrets over all the exposure that has come his way since the beginning of the run. We all know that he loves being on the road. It’s just one of the chapters in his life and he has provided us with many live performances along the way. (Maybe not enough for some). I saw him 3 times when he was here in California and LOVED what I saw. THE MAN DELIVERS!!! He seems to be having a ball with his career. Like he says in “Heaven Knows”, “won’t you cut me slack?”

    Let him live his own life and make his own decisions. Focus on your own lives! I think Grease has molded him to be an even a better performer. Who knows what lies ahead for him? I for one think that it will be alll good. I look forward to sticking around and seeing what the next chapter unfolds. Have a little faith in the man and just let him be.

    I have just stepped off my soap box. Thank you. Thank you very much….

  33. taylorfan06 Says:

    BTW – Thanks for the amazing video iag. MAGIC!! He’s got it!

  34. taylorfan06 Says:

    After seeing all the amazing videos of Taylor at Epcot, it truly is sad to see that “real music” has no place in the “fucking pop music” of today! What a loss that is.

    I applaud Taylor and all the lucky people who were there to experience him LIVE! He is a master on stage. And for those who say that they miss that Taylor, he has always been there. You obviously never went to see him LIVE. Taylor delivers everytime!

  35. hicksaholic Says:

    You know I debated on going to Orlando but decided it might not be as good as some of his recent gigs due to it being at a seated venue in Disney as opposed to a bar venue like Smith’s or Workplay. However it looks like he was in top form. I love the “feeling alright” video. Now I need to go back to rewatch and check out the hair.

    I keep hoping Taylor can get back on tv to perform. He would be great on a variety show. I know it’s wishful thinking. It’s ironic Carrie Underwood is getting a Christmas special. She seems so wooden on stage alhough she has improved light years from when she was on AI.

  36. Taylor success with Grease is the reason we are enjoying all the great vids and interviews. Wonderful for us and a boost in popularity and credibility for Taylor.

  37. casualfan Says:

    You obviously never went to see him LIVE. Taylor delivers everytime!
    LOL!-All I can say is “WOW”-That’s intense.

  38. taylor06…very well said and yes the MAN DOES DELIVER !!!! He,s always fresh and NEVER boring. Every show is something new.

  39. Yup, feeling alright, alright! ALL RIGHT!!
    Wish the harp solo was a bit louder, tho, but beggars can’t be chosers!

  40. As you know I saw Taylor in 6 concerts since June and am still blown away by these Epcot performances. He always seems to top himself somehow. LOL Can’t believe how greedy I have become! I wanted to see these shows so bad and was sad to miss them. HOWEVER, the vids & pics & recaps are so great I almost feel like I was there anyway. Haha. If you didn’t already be sure to watch “Don’t Leg Me Down” too.

    (Where is that stick and horse??) I think Grease has been wonderful for Taylor’s career. It might have even saved it, so we need to all just get over it and be ready to accept it if he takes another theater role when Grease is done. There is always that possibility. He has to make his own way on his career path and will pick the “doors” that he feels offer him the best opportunity. (How’s THAT for cliche’ Gray?)

    I came to post an interesting article about being an enthusiastic fan vs a stalker. Very interesting. http://www.cnn.com/2009/SHOWBIZ/11/05/celebrity.stalkers/

  41. LOL That should say “Don’t Let Me Down” not leg. πŸ˜€

  42. I wouldn’t mind a leg down though…..

  43. Thanks for that article, Nola…might have to do a post on that one.

  44. Reading through that article really, by definition, anyone who follows an entertainer town to town to watch the shows could be labeled in that way.

    I mean for that matter, having a blog focus on a celebrity would almost constitute one as a stalker as you follow their every move in their career.

    Ah, totally feeling like a stalker now as I look at IDOL BLUES. lol

    I think with the ability to find out more about celebs and such too, the definition of stalker is being abused & overused possibly somewhat.

    I draw the definitive line that if someone is willing to fight with your bodyguards, find out where you live, secretly locate your phone contact and carry knives or camp outside your house that they ARE a stalker.

  45. Another one!! OMG, Brian G’s sax is simply amazing. I do LOVE “The Distance” live. This is just a partial but it’s great.

  46. Spinshack, SS and I were talking about this a couple of posts back. We agreed that “enthusiastic hard-core fan” turns into dangerous “stalker” when the obsession is combined with delusion. I have admitted, and many here agree, that we are all “obsessed” to varying degrees. (Have I not said for months I was worried about myself? LOL)

  47. OK now this is just FUN. About two months ago, the night before Grace Potter was going to perform in NOLA, she sent a tweet that hinted she might show up at The Blue Nile that night with Marco Benevento. DH & I went. Grace did not show up but it was a really fun night with a lot of local NOLA musicians playing with Marco. I had not really looked at my pictures or vids since then. Maybe ONCE the day or two after the show? But Sept was busy with travel to see TH several times &I I forgot about them. I watched the vids yesterday and found some treasures. I compiled them into one video. It brought a smile to my face – hope you like it too!

  48. That stalker article was interesting. The way Taylor moves around a person would have to be rich to follow him. When he settles down and is known to be in one place he could very well have some over invested fan move nearby and keep track of his comings and goings. If he were to make a lot of money from a CD or a movie role he could afford to have a home and be home often. The lake lot he bought is in a gated community. This article also leads me to think it is a good thing he doesn’t get more personal with his tweets. Taylor has a quadruple stalker factor; handsome, single, an Idol and a musician.

  49. hicksfan7 Says:

    Loving the Disney vids – incredible performances as always, and so FUN to watch.
    and Rosie I totally agree with you on this:

    “I think he would have won AI had he competed any of the 8 seasons.”

  50. taylorfan06 Says:

    Hands down hf7! Mr. “Charisma” Hicks. A real winner.

  51. taylorfan06 Says:

    …and yes, I could see that Rosie! TOTAL agreement!!!

  52. I just get a great big grin on my face watching him strut his stuff on Round In Circles. That was a great way to wrap up his 6 shows. He had some good dance steps and even some cool arm movements and he is such a ham.

  53. hicksaholic Says:

    I often wonder about the stalker thing mainly because friends tease me about being a Taylor stalker but I have to agree with Nola about the “delusion” factor in combination with the “obsession” factor. I doubt anyone could argue any of us are not obsessed but hopefully none of us are delusional. I do however think Taylor does have a few delusional fans.

    The one thing that did catch my attention in the article was calling the band’s manager. I have to admit that when I was trying to find out where Taylor’s AI Atlanta shadow tour was going to be with LIMBO I did a search on the computer and found LIMBO’s Atlanta booking agent and phone. I called him and he helped me find out where it was going to be. I introduced myself to him at the show. He is a nice guy and took special pleasure introducing me to his wife who was probably thinking I was a stalker.

  54. hicksfan7 Says:

    great story hicksaholic – hahhah – that was just ‘informaiton seeking’ LOL

    nowadays – he just lets us all know where he will be performing following a Grease show…

  55. When I was 12, I swore I was going to meet & marry David Soul.
    I’m still waiting. (so in the meantime I married & had 2 kids of my own)
    but I’m still hoping.
    Stalker? No.
    Delusional? Oh yes.

  56. Sorry, I keep throwing random stuff in here but just wanted to say I just listened to the Front Wheels “In Motion” cd (finally got around to buying it and received it in the mail today) and I’m SO impressed!! Really, really like it.

  57. I should start stalking Clay instead of Taylor…

  58. casualfan Says:

    I think obsession is when someone has more pics of Hicks than their own children. πŸ˜‰

    On another subject…There’s some really bad energy flowing in the southern states this week. Mass shootings in Texas and now some bored person is shooting up people in Orlando Fl. WTF is going on!

  59. Yeah, Nola…the Front Wheels CD is awesome! Just some good old fashioned music. Love it!! And Clay is pretty awesome too!

  60. Rosie, you requested a new song from me (sort of), so I wrote one just for you!


  61. Caryl has another hit on her hands!! So great!!

  62. Caryl you are a wild and crazy gal. I did a double take when I saw your blog. Your efforts exceeded my demand.

  63. I had to do it for you, rosie! I like a girl with balls.

  64. Well, that just sounds wrong.

  65. Yes, yes, it does, but it’s funny and we got what you meant! LOL

  66. Wow that video and article about being a stalker really scared me! I will NEVER be one- it’s just too crazy and deranged. You have to live in fantasy land to believe that Miley Sirus is sending you secret messages on TV!!!

  67. casualfan Says:

    There are plenty of celebrities with stalkers and some are getting killed. That’s why celebrites are now being flanked by armed guards, body alarms and some where bullet proof vests. It’s crazy and only getting more insane. The shootings at Ft. Hood and in Orlando, FL is the latest. What a world we now live in.

  68. I guess I can understand why Taylor wants to keep his distance

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