O is for Over Reaching…


Oh Taylor…you’ve done it this time. Sometimes you just really crack me up.

Would that have been 2006?


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  1. I think media types make too much of things. I have heard him say that before. Its nothing new. When I heard it , it seemed all he was saying was that he wanted to have a diverse career as Frank and some others have. Frank was a singer, actor, Broadway star, tv host, nightclub act.
    No where does he say that he is as good, just that he would like to be as diverse. And just for me, I’d rather watch Taylor any day. Hes a lot more entertaining than old skinny blue eyes.

  2. Agree with henry8. As multi-talented as Sinatra in a variety of mediums. MUCH MUCH easier on the eyes!

  3. I am in agreement with hickifino and henry. He wants his career to be as diverse as Sinatra

  4. Argeed…there is nothing wrong with wanting it all when the talent is there. I have heard Taylor say this before as well..don’t think Taylor knew he would enjoy acting so much and that he would be as good at it as he has become. It has opened up a whole new window of opportunity and Taylor is going to try it all.

  5. The problem is, Sinatra EXCELLED as a multi-talented entertainer. Hicks just looks like he’s floundering around trying to find something that works.

    …don’t think Taylor knew he would enjoy acting so much and that he would be as good at it as he has become
    “as good at it”??!? He’s had ONE part, with the SAME lines, for over a year now!! He’s not going to win a Tony for Teen Angel!! There is NO way he’s going to be Sinatra, he’s not that talented.

  6. casualfan Says:

    YKW Says:

    October 29, 2009 at 6:44 am
    The problem is, Sinatra EXCELLED as a multi-talented entertainer. Hicks just looks like he’s floundering around trying to find something that works.

  7. casualfan Says:

    Sintra DID have it all and he did indeed do it HIS WAY. Blue Eyes was sexy, savvy and very talented. He ran with the best, did the best, had the best and ruled Vegas in his time. He carved his OWN career, his OWN identity. To try and compare Taylor to Frank is just laughable.

    YKW-I’m officially giving you the “Post of the Year” award. 😉

  8. jerseyirish Says:

    I just think Taylor was saying he wants a carreer that is versitle mentioning Sinatra and Elvis that they did it all, sang, broadway, movies etc. Not that he would become them just have options to do different aspects in the entertainment world.


  9. WaitForMe Says:

    He said Sinatra and Elvis? This will catch the attention of my retired parents, who live in Naples. Maybe he said that on purpose. 😉

  10. casualfan Says:

  11. I’m a little confused. What does being easy to look at have to do with his music?

  12. as good at it”??!? He’s had ONE part, with the SAME lines, for over a year now!! He’s not going to win a Tony for Teen Angel!! There is NO way he’s going to be Sinatra, he’s not that talented.
    I respect your opinion of Taylor’s talent but don”t agree with it AT ALL!! Do you have a view of the future denied to the rest of us?

  13. Blue Eyes was sexy, savvy and very talented. He ran with the best, did the best, had the best and ruled Vegas in his time. He carved his OWN career, his OWN identity. To try and compare Taylor to Frank is just laughable.
    Now you see beauty really is in the eye of the beholder..Sintra sexy…not to me ..never liked his looks or persona at all ,but to each is own’
    However carved his own career??? according to most with the help of some pretty shady characters.
    At 34 his career and his life were really on the rocks until he took , can you believe it, an acting role (did he sell out on his music) in From Here to Eternity, By the way did a great job of the part.
    I don’t think anyone is comparing Taylor to Sinatra (god I hope he never becomes Sinatra) just saying that is kinda the kind of career he would like to carve out. Nothing wrong with that.
    jerseyirish …I guess I read it like you did …just options to explore. that’s all he meant.

  14. One thing Sinatra has in common with Hicks: both parodied on Saturday Night Live:

  15. Some are missing the point that Taylor is a showman and has repeatedly said in the past he is an entertainer and has been Performing since he was a teen. He has said before to reporters that he studied Sinatra footage to learn from the best and one can see he watched Elvis performances. Most likely he noticed Sinatra’s phrasing and demeaner as he sang and Elvis moves and sex appeal and incorporates a little of each into his act. He said he did not have the best voice on AI and used everthing in his arsenal during his 90 seconds. He does the same with his Grease role and has had great reviews. Once again I will jump in to say I think he could be a great actor and aiming high is a good ballsy thing. Thank god the writer is not as jaded as some of you.

  16. Funny how different fans react to the same article. There is a thread on this article on the BB where I jumped in as Tyme to defend the writer of this article against those who thought he was a naysayer and unfair to Tay.

  17. I think the only reason he turned to acting is because he failed as recording artist. I think music is still his passion, but the general public didn’t like his “throw-back” style, so what’s he going to do now? That doesn’t leave much options for him in the entertainment field.

    It will be interesting where he goes from teen angel.

  18. I thought the article was pretty factual. As a fan of his music, I really don’t care what the facts are, as long as I can enjoy his music. Time will tell if he is a good actor or not…….will depend on the role he takes.
    But I disagree with Taylor because I truly thought he did have the best voice. It certainly wasn’t about the package on AI season 5, for me. (which is moot because I’m Canadian & couldn’t vote)
    Just because one may agree with the article (the truth hurts sometimes) doesn’t make one jaded.

  19. Just because one may agree with the article (the truth hurts sometimes) doesn’t make one jaded.

    So true, Barb. Unfortunately, if anything is said about Taylor that is a tad bit unfavorable, there will be hell to pay for it.

    Here’s what the interview says:

    When asked who he models himself after, whose career he plans to achieve, Hicks is bold. “I think (Frank) Sinatra is the obvious model. Sinatra or Elvis, those are the guys who really did it all. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

    When asked whose career he plans to achieve, he says Sinatra. Here’s an idea…How about your own?

  20. Oops, sorry Rosie, I misread your comment, you weren’t saying the writer was jaded, nor those that agreed with the writer. My apologies.

  21. Tis better to aim at the sky and hit the barn than to aim at the barn and fall in the manure pile!

  22. Well, here is what is a mystery to me. Why do people spend their time checking up on someone they consider to be a floundering fool?
    Personally, I don’t follow artists that I think are floundering fools, I would think it a waste of my time.
    At this time I see a very clear plan being worked out. But even clear plans must be adjusted from time to time.
    As far as old Frank was concerned, it amuses me to see people parrot what they were told to think about him by the doting press at the time.
    This is what I see with my own eyes and brain. He was a good song stylist but not a paticularly good singer. He was an excellent actor.
    He benefited greatly by a slavish press that considered him cool and valued their kneecaps.

    The article about Taylor was run of the mill rather neutral in its approach.

  23. Very true Barb, I like that. And Taylor has always aimed for the sky. It is true he thinks big. Might as well. Thinking small gets you nowhere.
    Wasn’t it Brian Less that said. “Taylor has always been famous, the rest of the world just didn’t know about it yet”

  24. Fame is fleeting, especially for American Idols. You have to deliver an outstanding product and, if you don’t… NEXT!

  25. Tis better to aim at the sky and hit the barn than to aim at the barn and fall in the manure pile!

    Barb. I love this ….soooo true. I think that is what I like about Taylor’s attitude… DREAM BIG and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!

  26. Listen, we must be realistic. How many acting roles are there for a 33 year old, gray-haired southern guy with a heavy southern accent with NO acting experience other than playing teen angel in Grease and appearing on reality TV? His options are so limited.

    Frank Sinatra was an Italian guy from New Jersey with one of the most outstanding singing voice in history. How in the world does Taylor Hicks pick Frank Sinatra as someone he wants to emulate, is beyond me. I can see Elvis, but Frank Sinatra?? What??

  27. I *heart* Snowstorm. *blushes*

  28. And I can certainly see why it would be beyond you. Both of you.
    You seem to think small and are not creative in any way.
    Don’t forget, Frank did not not have an outstanding voice even tho he was a great song stylist and his career WAS in the crapper at the age of 34. But he was diverse. He reinvented himself and the rest is history.
    But at the time the entertainment world was laughing at his attempts to go into acting. Big time laughing.
    You just never know, do you?
    Small minds laugh and belittle. Larger minds dream big.

  29. I want to clarify I found nothing wrong with the article and defended the writer on the BB. I do have a problem with those who are jumping on Taylor for stating he’d like to have a career as an entertainer as did Sinatra. Taylor would like acting roles, TV appearances, hit records and Vegas gigs as Sinatra did it all. Sinatra also did a little comedy and Musical theater acting and singing. Some think just because he made a name for himself singing on AI he either has to continue on the same path or is a failure. Taylor used more than just his voice to get gigs before AI. How many times have you heard or read that he said he is an entertainer. That is what Elvis and Sinatra were entertainers. So what is wrong with Taylor mentioning them as to what career path he’d like to take. Now if Bucky or Chris or Elliott said it, it would be funny. But this is Tay who said it, Mr. Charisma, the risk taker. He did not say he wants to be Sinatra, just have an all around entertainment career like Sinatra. I’ve read that one of his favorite things to do, pre Utube was to pool money with his friends to sit for hours watching video of succesful singers and bands. He studied Sinatra, Ray and Elvis and many who made it. That was the best thing he could do given he wanted to make a living getting booked in clubs. It helped him win AI. He watches and listens to the other Grease actors for tips.

  30. Henry, some are so stuck on Taylor didn’t get played on the radio and sell millions and the where, whys, shoulda, and couldas. Some even prefer him to stick to tiny bars in the south as long as they could write his set list. They forget what he sang to win AI, how he sang, moved and looked. They mocked him when he was reserved in interviews and said a dozen of you knows and they mock him when he seems comfortable and bold and lively. The opposite are some fans who expect every writer to praise Taylor like they were a member of the BB.

  31. jerseyirish Says:

    Henry, I agree Sinatra’s career was down and he reinvented himself to achieve his goal and make his mark in the entertainment industry.

    Rosie, I have always remembered Taylor saying he wanted to be an entertainer that involves more then just sitting on a stool in a smokey bar, and being on Idol has opened some doors for him to be seen other than a singer/songwriter. I didn’t take that he said he wanted to be Sinatra or Elvis just that he wanted more than just a singing career like they both did.


  32. henry8, your arguments are so laughable. Times have changed from 50-60 years ago when Sinatra was trying to make it into show business. How in the world do you compare old times to what’s happening today in the here and now?

  33. The point is also that Taylor Hicks is absolutely NOTHING like Frank Sinatra. Other, than maybe both have stage presence, but Taylor has no where near the voice of Sinatra, or the looks.

  34. This entire thread is hysterical.

  35. Henry, I appreciate your opinions, I really do. However, what I don’t appreciate is you going elsewhere and talking shit about me. If you would like to discuss that you think I’m an idiot…we can talk about it here. We’re adults, right?

  36. James Cagney, Dan Ackroyd, Christopher Walken, Steve Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Bruce Willis, Kevin Spacey, Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Robert Downey Jr., Harry Connick Jr……………all singers that can act, or actors that can sing.
    All that remains to be seen is: can Taylor act?
    It is the role that he gets that will be the deciding factor of this question.

  37. Snow, I can compare because I can read. There are always lessons to be learned from history.
    Straw, yes, I am an adult and for that reason I will not be told where and how and what about I can post.

    Franks voice and looks are better than Taylor? hahahahahaha
    Guess I’ll go listen to and look at some pictures of Frank. NOT 😆 😆

  38. Sure, it happens. Jennifer Hudson came from Idol and look at her now. She is the exception, but it’s possible. The females have emerged as the stars coming from Idol, not so much the males.

    Adam Lambert remains to be seen. Sure, he has all the buzz, the same way Taylor did… means nothing. If his cd is crap and is blasted by the critics, Adam Lambert will soon be saying, “Hello, Broadway”!

  39. Oh Henry, that is absolutely ridiculous. The competition TODAY is no where near what it was 50 years old. Hello, 2009!!

  40. ****passing margarita’s around****

  41. Right Henry, everybody loves a pudgy, gray-haired Southern singer, over an iconic, legendary singer, who REALLY has done it all in show business.

    You’re right… I’m wrong. My bad. *snickers*

  42. *drinks a margarita*

  43. Two LEGENDS!!!!!!!! Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra.

    Grey-Thanks for this thread! ***downloading Franks music***

  44. Why are people even trying to compare Sinatra’s voice and looks with Taylor? Taylor meant he wants a varied entertainment career similar to the career Sinatra enjoyed. It is a different time and place but what does that have to do with Tay wanting a variety of entertainment venues? Vegas, movies, recordings and tv existed then and now. More people jump from one to another these days then in the past. Grey and others think Taylor was comparing himself to Sinatra and Elvis as far as style and success and I didn’t take it that way. I do feel like I’m in the twilight zone on this one. BTW, Constantine who does not have even half as good a voice as Tay and who looks like a drunken greese ball, managed to get a tony nomination.

  45. O is for over-reacting.

  46. Been trying to find the Sinatra parodies from SNL by Joe Piscopo and Phil Hartman, but SNL has done a good job of removing their skits from utube.
    They were so funny! The only one I could find I already posted earlier with Eddie Murphy as Stevie Wonder (Life’s an Eskimo Pie) and it wasn’t even from utube.

  47. O how could anyone find Sinatra handsome or sexy! He was a rather short skinny little guy who probably had trouble getting a date for his prom. Guess fame and power have always been sexy to some females.

  48. Elvis does Frank:

    Where can I get a jumpsuit like that!?

  49. My dear old departed mother lusted after Frank in a bad way….(I didn’t find him attractive, either, but who wants to lust after the same person that your mother does, anyway? — kinda gross)

  50. O is for over-reacting.

    O is for opinion. Mine. 🙂

  51. casualfan Says:

    Frankie had class…enough said.

  52. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie, do you really think Taylor would have bothered with Broadway if he had been a successful musician and recording artist?

    Fact of matter is, he has a failed music career, so now he’s reaching for anything that keeps him working. Nothing wrong with that, but it is what it is. I personally do not see any succcess with acting, other than getting another small Broadway role or perhaps doing another reality TV program again.

    If he’s really serious about acting, then I would suggest acting lessons and being really focused and working hard because this field is far from easy, especially for a former american idol.

  53. LOL. DO we have any more doubts as to why Taylor is hesitent to open his mouth and share his thoughts??? Damned if he does…. damned if he doesn’t. LOL. I think people attach too much to the words that come out of his mouth.

  54. A great spoof: The Sinatra Group (bad recording, I’m afraid)
    “I got chunks of guys like you in my stool!”

  55. Frankie had class…enough said.

    WHAT !!!!!!

  56. casualfan Says:

    I love a good parody and think it’s great they can still show humor while paying the likes of Sinatra tribute. It doesn’t take anything away from him and the fact that he’s still and will always remain an important part of our musical/movie history. 😉

  57. Rosie, do you really think Taylor would have bothered with Broadway if he had been a successful musician and recording artist?


    Do you think if Frankie’s musical career hadn’t failed miserably at 34 years old he would have tried acting…his singing career had come to a halt and he needed to reinvent the wheel.

  58. Snowstorm Says:

    anne, again comparing something that happened 60 years old?? Don’t you understand… times have changed? It’s not easy today to make it as a singer. There is tons of competition and you better be super talented!!

    Again comparing Sinatra’s looks to Taylor Hicks? No way on the same level! Hicks is a pudgy Southern guy and a thick accent. WTH??

  59. LOL. DO we have any more doubts as to why Taylor is hesitent to open his mouth and share his thoughts??? Damned if he does…. damned if he doesn’t. LOL. I think people attach too much to the words that come out of his mouth.
    Right you are! LOL. A sociology or psychology student could do a thesis on Taylor fans!

  60. casualfan Says:

    I think everyone has to reinvent themselves to keep up with the changing times-especially in the entertainment business. There is always someone with more talent, better looks, personality and with better connections.


    According to what I’m reading, Sinatra had an established career before it started to show decline but reinvented himself successfully several times.

  61. Snowstorm Says:

    How many acting roles is a pudgy, gray-haired Southern man going to get… NONE!

    Taylor has trouble remembering song lyrics. How in the world is he going to memorize acting lines? I see nothing but failure here, sorry.

    Best stick to music.

  62. Chairman of the Board Says:

    I fucked up little cock-suckers like that American Loser for a warm-up before I hit Vegas!! How dare he compare himself to me??!? Elvis here can’t fucking believe it either!! E!! E!! Get that whore off your face so you can hear what I’m saying!!

  63. With Gene Kelly (now Gene is one of my faves……..dancing on roller skates!!)

  64. casualfan Says:

    I saw that one Barb. I love Gene Kelly too. I also love Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, JR and many others from that era. Those guys were cut from orginal cloth and there will never be another of these.

  65. Totally off topic, but, other than Charlie Chaplin, I have never seen such awesome balance on roller skates as Gene Kelly had.

  66. casualfan Says:

  67. casualfan Says:

  68. Chairman of the Board Says:

    Gene, scheem!! He was good at ironing, if ya’ know what I mean!

    Hey, Casual Fan, dollface…. wanna see my show sometime? 😉

  69. Chaplin skating blindfolded in Modern Times (huge Chaplin fan, sorry for those who don’t like silent films LOL)

  70. casualfan Says:

  71. NotYourGrandma Says:

    He used to say he wanted to follow the same career path as Van Morrison – but then he had to do the acting stuff. Van never did the acting stuff, so he had to change his answer to a recording artist that fit that bill. Frank and Elvis. But I’m pretty sure his original answer (Van M) is what he really wished he was doing.

    Sinatra is perhaps the best male vocalist of all time. If you know anything about vocal technique (breath control/singing from the diaphragm) you’d know Sinatra was the master. Talk singing is one of the hardest things to do. Saying he’s not that good a singer is like saying the William’s sisters aren’t that good of tennis players. Whoever wrote that sounds like a dipshit. Taylor puts a lot of emotion in his music, and has a nice tone, and good range, but he’s not a vocal master or the greatest singer ever. Some of you need to get out more.

  72. anne, again comparing something that happened 60 years old?? Don’t you understand… times have changed? It’s not easy today to make it as a singer. There is tons of competition and you better be super talented!!

    Again comparing Sinatra’s looks to Taylor Hicks? No way on the same level! Hicks is a pudgy Southern guy and a thick accent. WTH??
    Oh yes SS I completely forgot your the only one who knows anything. I happen to think that Taylor is super-talented….no need to reply we know what you thin on that subject…we will just agree to disagree.

    As far as the looks thing (what ever that has to do with anything) I once turn down a date with a nice guy but he looked like Frank Sinatra and I just couldn”t get past that…yucky. IMO. On the other hand I think that ex-pudgy grey haired guy is very handsome and sexy. I married a very handsome grey haired guy (grey @ 28) The southern accent just adds to the sexiness,

  73. casualfan Says:

    Well that’s your opinion Ann and you are entitled to it. You venture up on this blog and berate those of us who you deem as speaking negatively of Hicks but you are quick with that wooden spoon yourself.

  74. casualfan Says:

    NotYourGrandma Says:

    October 29, 2009 at 2:05 pm
    He used to say he wanted to follow the same career path as Van Morrison – but then he had to do the acting stuff. Van never did the acting stuff, so he had to change his answer to a recording artist that fit that bill. Frank and Elvis. But I’m pretty sure his original answer (Van M) is what he really wished he was doing.
    Perhaps Taylor should try being Taylor and not attempt to pattern his career after anyone else. I’m not an Elvis fan but he was orginal, had his own style and helped to shape music into what it is today. Same goes for Van Morrison. These guys are originals-Hicks is not as long as he continues to mimic others.

    And you are so right about Frank Sinatra having a superior voice. Just listening to all these videos proves this and the man has more than earned his rightful place in musical/entertainment history.

  75. Hey CF…no quicker than amyone else. I did state that that was just my opinion..seems to me if it is not a neg.opinion thrown Taylor”s way it is not an opinion of much merit on here. There have been some today saying that Taylor has no talent…I disagree.. Frank Sinatra is the greatest entertainer ever..I disagree. I was berateing no one, could you please enlighten me as to how I berated anyone. You can speak as negatively as you like and I thought I could speak positively without incrmination Oops guess not! By the way that’s Anne with an E…not berating ..just doesn’t look like my name without the E

  76. casualfan Says:


  77. casualfan Says:

    Chairman of the Board Says:

    October 29, 2009 at 1:53 pm
    Gene, scheem!! He was good at ironing, if ya’ know what I mean!

    Hey, Casual Fan, dollface…. wanna see my show sometime?
    Sure! For good music, good talent and entertainment. But no kool aid please. 😉

  78. Are you all playing six degrees of separation? Why are people still comparing Taylor to Sinatra? Chairman of the Board, you bore me. Snow, apparantely you haven’t watched many movies. There are bald actors, old actors, fat ones and ugly ones. You must also not listen to Tay interviews to hear people say how slim and handsome he is or mention the Clooney look a like thing. Sinatra and Elvis are long dead, as is everyone featured except for Nancy S. Taylor is alive and wants to expand his career and is way too busy to read any of our opinions.

  79. Snowstorm Says:

    rosie, Taylor is gaining weight again. Did you see his last interview. His face looks huge. Looks, like Taylor never visits the gym.

    Sorry, I haven’t seen any movies lately with pudgy, gray-haired, Southern men, with a thick accent who looks like he’s 50, but is really 33. Taylor will never get big-screen movie roles. You are delusional if you think he has any kind of shot of acting in movies.

  80. O is for oy.

  81. Snow, my point was actors come in all shapes and sizes. I haven’t noticed a weight gain but in the past month heard radio guys say he looked slim.

  82. Chairman of the Board Says:

    Who’s dead??!? And I don’t care if you’re bored, either. You smell bad, Not So Rosie.

  83. Chairman, sorry for saying you bored me, it was just the the dirty talk. Tay is away so there has been no news or sightings and this Sinatra crap got on my nerves. Oy is right.

  84. Anyone want to discuss Silent Movie actors? Seems the average age of posters here has gone up to 90.

  85. Pretty sure I have a headache. This isn’t helping.

  86. Oh, and I find it interesting that next summer he says he’s going to go back into the studio. Anybody want to bet on which genre he records this time?

  87. Snowstorm Says:

    If he doesn’t go country, I give up.

  88. Wait. I thought he already did country.

  89. Snowstorm Says:

    He went country for one song.. that’s not country. He needs to do a totally country album. Forget about that AC pop blues crap.. not working.

  90. littlewing Says:

    Chairman of the Board Says:

    October 29, 2009 at 1:53 pm
    Gene, scheem!! He was good at ironing, if ya’ know what I mean!

    Hey, Casual Fan, dollface…. wanna see my show sometime?

    LOL. Not even sure what that means. I came up after Sinatra’s heydey and was always more into rock and blues beats to care about his type of music. But I do recognize his place in music history.

    Like Sinatra and yes Elvis, Taylor has charmisma in spades and if he has expressed an interest in acting then I say more power to him. Though yet unproven, I think he can do it . . . maybe no Oscars on the horizon but many great actors don’t have an Oscar or Tony gracing their shelf.

    Hey, maybe one day we’ll be callin’ him Taylor Flicks.
    Ha, I crack myself up.

  91. littlewing Says:

    charisma, not charmisma. geez.

  92. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “This will catch the attention of my retired parents, who live in Naples.”

    What part of Naples? I have about 100 cousins, aunts, and uncles in Castel Morrone. My uncle owns a restaurant there that was a castle at one time.

    Frank Sinatra was a god.

    The article says that he is trying to model himself after Sinatra, and he is also trying to be versatile. There is nothing wrong with that.

  93. He’s not comparing himself to Sinatra, he’s saying he wants to have a diverse career like Sinatra.
    As for attraction, never found Sinatra to be attractive, but Taylor I find to be pretty attractive, even when he gets pudgy. It just all depends, on taste.
    Never say never. He could have a smaller supportive role in a comedy movie, I think that was what he was talking about in an earlier interview. I mean look at Seth Rogen, pudgy guy, doesn’t have good looks like Taylor, but he’s doing pretty well in movies. Comedies really don’t require looking like Ashton Kutcher.
    Can’t wait to see what comes next summer, I think he said recently that he can’t let the cat out of the bag right now.

  94. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “O how could anyone find Sinatra handsome or sexy! He was a rather short skinny little guy who probably had trouble getting a date for his prom. Guess fame and power have always been sexy to some females.”

    Oh dear God I need the smelling salts. Note to all Italians-do not read this thread. LOL Rosie, negative Frank talk in front of an Italian is like saying there is no God.

  95. littlewing Says:

    Snow: He needs to do a totally country album.

    Don’t agree. Yes he can do country all day long, he’s got bluegrass roots, but just cause you grow up in the South doesn’t mean you embrace country. (in my experience). But I think he’s just too rooted in the diverse musical influences of his upbringing (Soul, Blues, Cajun, Zydeco, Southern Rock, etc. to ever have to resort to Country as his niche.

  96. Just never thought I’d ever go to a Taylor Hicks fan site and be able to watch Gene Kelly, Sammy Davis Jr. Tony Bennet, Charlie Chaplin, Nancy Sinatra, Dean Martin, Old Blue Eyes plus be able to listen to the Nelson Riddle Orchestra. If that isn’t entertainment enough, we have disjointed conversations, soothsayers, weight guessers and dirty joke tellers and conversations with the dead.

  97. I’m not going to say that Taylor can’t act because I was blown away at how comfortable and funny he was on the Grease stage. I did not expect him to do so well so I’m not going to under estimate him again. He always seems full of surprises. As far as weight and roles don’t a lot of celebs spend time with trainers getting their weight down for a role? So NO problem there. And as far as learning lines, Taylor seems to be able to lose himself in the music so I could see him losing himself in a role and ad libbing if he has to. I see nothing wrong with trying out different career paths. The fact that Grease has been a success is quite a feather in his cap. Success in any area in this celeb business just opens more and more doors.

  98. I think I need to go into hiding for awhile. The last few days here have been – hate to say it – a bit like the scary boards. It’s been a long time since I’ve tortured myself over there, and now it’s infecting this blog? I honestly don’t know how to respond to some of the bickering that’s been going on here. Maybe I need to get a better sense of humor or something.

    I really do fee bad for Taylor sometimes….

  99. LOL. Meg. I think a poster a couple days back predicted the bickering would begin to settle in since Taylor was taking a few days off. LOL.

  100. Oh please! Don’t feel sorry for Taylor. He’s having the time of his life. He thinks we are all nuts!!!

  101. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “Sinatra is perhaps the best male vocalist of all time”

    Do you think even better than Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban? I think the best male vocalaists of all time, in this order, are Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and Frank Sinatra.

    “Some of you need to get out more.”

    Maybe some people weren’t exposed to a variety of music as children. When I was a child, Sundays were reserved for my father’s albums-Mario Lanza, opera, Tony Bennett, Glenn Miller, Andrew Sisters, etc. Mon-Fri was when the radio was on. One station had oldiies from my mother’s time,, another station had the fifties music. I was born in the sixties and grew up with that, and then the 70’s and 80’s had a lot of great music. Then the kids came along and the whole process started all over again, exposing them to your music, and getting to know the top forties of their day. Taylor can sing, there is no doubt about that. I’d love to see him go far. But there is so much out there, from many years past, that is also excellent music.

  102. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “LOL. Meg. I think a poster a couple days back predicted the bickering would begin to settle in since Taylor was taking a few days off. LOL.”

    I just responded because Frank Sinatra was in this thread. LOL As for Taylor, I’m not good at keeping up with whether he’s working or off-too much work to do, and too much kid raising to do.

  103. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Here’s one of my favorite performances. Speaking of amazing vocals-

  104. Purple, do you have any Glenn Miller, Mario Lanza or the Andrew Sisters to bring over here? lol I feel like cutting me a rug!

  105. Just what makes that little old ant think he can move a rubber tree plant?
    Everybody knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant . . .

  106. PurpleButterflies Says:

    Rosie, I really don’t think that my father is willing to give up his albums. LOL

  107. Hey, I just read on ning that I was posting with Ms Joni on the BB TV thread. My purpose there was to convince those doubting thomas that taylor could be a great actor. Heavens I hope she doesn’t read this thread and now I’m off to see if I told her he was ballsy. She posts as CRAZYWOMAN, so she must be one of us.

  108. Just what makes that little old ant think he can move a rubber tree plant?
    Everybody knows an ant can’t move a rubber tree plant

    ’cause he’s got high hopes, he’s got high hopes, he’s got high in the sky …apple pie hopes

    That’s what makes life worth livin’!!!!!!

  109. mamaforpeace Says:

    Rosie, you crack me up! You have the best sense of humor:) And that is all I have to say about this thread!!!

  110. Dean Martin, now he was great and easy to watch. Sinatra, not so much (for me), and Taylor, well, I am so outta the loop….I think I need to actually start reading some stuff to catch up…. I think you are all so entertaining…fun thread.

  111. I’m with Caryl!

  112. Thought there was someone missing from this singer/actor discussion so went and found an iconic little song you might all recognize . .

  113. Only two more comments and I’m not coming back here…

    Rosie, you are the greatest!

    SS, you drive me nuts! Seriously, how many times in this thread did you say “Taylor is a FAILURE as a recording artist?” LOL Do you HAVE to say that a certain number of times per day or something? Like OCD or something? (And it’s not true either. Well, maybe by YOUR definition of “failure.”) And on Taylor being “pudgy” you are wrong. I don’t know what it is but cameras put at least 10 or 15 pound on him. You see him in person and he looks totally different. My sister saw him with me in Austin and took a picture with him. Her reaction? “I can’t believe how thin he is! He’s so skinny!” (She had her arm around him.) I stood 10 or 15′ away from him in the Continental Club for about 45 minutes. He is SLIM and handsome. Extremely…

    These arguments were such a waste of time! Taylor was talking about having a varied and diverse career, not trying to compare himself to Sinatra or Elvis.

    Goodnight…. maybe Goodbye….. (Oh, no, Charcoal will jump on that one – it was one of his cliche’s)

  114. Caro Says:
    Dean Martin, now he was great and easy to watch.

    Dean was/is my favorite of the Rat Pack . . talented singer / entertainer with a gentle manner . . always thought he was under-appreciated.

    Not the best example maybe but one of my favorites . . .

  115. casualfan Says:

    Thanks AH for posting Dean Martin. I agree with him being under-appreciated. I spent part of the day on YouTube listening to great music by various artists from the Rat Pack and got quite an education. This is musical history and it’s awesome!

  116. NolaMar . . just saw your comment . . was running through Dean Martin videos on YouTube.
    Any thread is what you make of it . . respond to what appeals and ignore what doesn’t if don’t want to deal with it.
    Since I rarely comment but have posted two videos in this one, obviously the music is what appealed to me in this one.

    Have to put up this . . old and corny I know . . but it makes me feel happy.

  117. casualfan Says:

    We can’t have a Rat Pack party without Sammy 😉

  118. casualfan Says:

  119. casualfan Says:

    I think someone mentioned Michael Buble…This guy is truly under-rated.

  120. Hahaha CF . . I was trying to decide which Sammy video to bring over and picked the same one.

  121. casualfan Says:

    I wanted the orginal version but it was disabled.

    I remember my Grandpa LOVED Sammy Davis, JR and Dean Martin. When I was a kid (very young) we use to watch the Dean Martin roasts with all these wonderful stars. Great stuff.

    While we are taking this musical journey into music….remember this? This was my mom’s favorite song of all time. Every Saturday we use to go shopping in downtown New Orleans to all the fancy department stores and she would be whistling this. (I miss my mom-sniffles)

  122. One more before fall asleep . . couldn’t leave without adding another prominent member of the Rat Pack.
    Enjoyed quite a few videos of this artist before settled on this one.

  123. casualfan Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh….another classic! Judy Garland. Thanks AH!

  124. casualfan Says:

    Going off in a completely different direction here. This thread has been fun and a learning experience. Now sit back, light a candle and let this music take you away….truly an enlightening experience.

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Taylor listens to this also 😉

  125. Great, great music. Good artists never really go away, it’s good to remember the talent and charisma they had. My daughter listens to Dean Martin, as well as Lady GaGa, and so many other genres. It’s good to see that she can appreciate talent.

  126. http://www.boston.com/news/local/articles/2006/05/18/a_rat_pack_encore/

    ”Never underestimate the older consumer,” Mayfield said. ”There’s an engaged consumer that’s still interested in music, and when the right thing comes along so that it’s properly promoted, they’ll respond.”

  127. I appreciate old things, but mostly old people. To sneer down one’s nose based on age is simply wrong. Old people have loved, laughed and lost. They are the backbone of every good country and they still love music and film. Being able to appreciate old music as well as old film gives a person more depth of character.
    And they have money to spend on concerts and CDs. Alot are just learning about the internet……..to keep the brain active and alive, they are just a treasure to be loved and not mocked or locked away.
    I became a fan of silent movies when I was 11 years old. While my friends were listening to Pink Floyd and Led Zeplin, I was listening to piano accompanyments to silent films………I also love classic rock, new rap, there is no bad music.

  128. “There is no bad music” was what my 100 year old grandmother taught me.
    She also taught me “You can shit on me, but you don’t have to rub it in!!”

  129. Want some pizza, Dean Martin style?

  130. PurpleButterflies Says:

    “There is no bad music” was what my 100 year old grandmother taught me.
    I like all types of music from Pavarotti to Flo Rida and Lady GaGa. The only music I don’t like is twangy country music. Country/pop is nice, but the twangy country music gives me a headache.
    Casualfan, my mother used to take me downtown on Saturdays too and sing the same song. Very good memories.

  131. casualfan Says:

    Barb Says:

    October 30, 2009 at 8:24 am
    I appreciate old things, but mostly old people. To sneer down one’s nose based on age is simply wrong.
    Couldn’t agree more Barb. People who make fun of age, weight I have found are basically unhappy people themselves and need to direct their negativity on things they fear most. What they forget is that one day-if God willing, they will be “old” themselves and will have packed on a few pounds.

    PBF-I love all types of music and the poster is right….there is no bad music. The only music I have problems with at times is the old traditional country twangy stuff. It works on my eardrums but I can’t deny it has it’s rightful place as all other music does.

    One of the truly good things I have to say about Taylor is that he reminded me of all the good music that is out there and because of him-I’ve become more versatile and listen to more genre’s….even hip-hop (sometimes)

  132. I actually like this….listening on my HD computer….pretty darn cool.

  133. I expect my teen to have this song on her ipod very shortly.
    Great beat, not too much of “that note”, LOL. I like it, too!

  134. LOL! I had to replay it a few times before I caught onto it. I think it will do very well, especially in the dance clubs. Adam is very hip and lives the part so no doubt he will do well. He’s highly creative and colorful. Enjoyed him on AI and look forward to the full release of his cd.

  135. PS-That would have made a great album cover! Don’t ya think? He’s got a Prince thing going on there. Love it!

  136. Adam is awesome. It’s definitely a different genre than I’m used to listening to…but I like it.

  137. casualfan Says:

    For some reason that song reminds me of this Duran Duran tune…my favorite. This bands is VERY underrated-IMO.

  138. Casualfan, I love Duran Duran too. Have loved them since the 80’s. 🙂

  139. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Listening to Adams song reminded me of of Michael Jackson style to it, liked it!!


  140. casualfan Says:

    Simon La Bon plays the harmonica which I find very interesting.

    As Adam would say: “Simon La Bon is SICK!” ***hormonal fall-out coming*** ***swoons***

  141. Not sure if Adam’s CD is going to be something I will buy but I love to see him sing on stage. I really think he might just become huge. We may just start hearing the reporters someday saying that Daughtry can’t live up to Adam Lamberts sales numbers. LOL. That would be different for a change. LOL.

  142. casualfan Says:

    LOL Dee-You may be right. The music business is a huge revolving door. There’s always someone waiting in the wings.

  143. mamaforpeace Says:

    The song is very disco, and I can’t stand disco. Also over-produced, IMO, a very synthetic sound. This being said, it may be very commercial. I really liked Adam on AI, but I was hoping for more of a Freddie Mercury style. Love the picture!

  144. casualfan Says:

    I can totally see that song remixed by dj’s for the dance clubs and everyone dancing and having a great time.

    In the 70’s I was into the disco scene and not into the rock bands. Now that I’m older, I’m into the rock bands and not the disco scene.

  145. I can’t stand Glambert! He seems so very full of himself. I’ve never been into entertainers who have to be so in your face and flaunting themselves all over the media. This guy trips my trigger faster than anyone I can ever remember. The song? Just my opinion, of course, but I think it’s crap. I’d never buy it, but then, I can’t imagine myself ever buying anything this clown puts out. I repeat, JMO.

  146. I’m really disappointed in Adam’s song. I agree with M4P. Just too disco and too pop sounding. But yes, probably very commercial. I like that picture better than the album cover. Adam has an amazing voice, but if that’s the type of music he is going to use it for I’ll not be purchasing his records. I think he could make some phenomenal music though, with the right songs. They might not be the kind that sell millions though.

  147. Hmm . . I’m not getting disco from Adam’s song . .
    Not sure of the fine line distinction but to me it is electro / techno-pop and definitely dance friendly . . am on second time through and can’t sit still !
    Not my usual thing but kinda like it . . possibly better than the 2012 movie soundtrack thing. Realize it’s suppose to be grand drama but talk about over-produced . . then what do I know – I absolutely hate the Titanic theme song 😀

    meg . . by all accounts Adam is a genuinely nice guy . . what you see as full of himself, I see as the confidence to be himself in a very tough critical business. Different stokes . . . .

  148. mamaforpeace Says:

    If you are going to go techno, this is the way to do it. Now THIS is techno with soul, but then Jamie Lidell is a genius!


  149. mamaforpeace Says:

    My, my!!! We went from Frank Sinatra to Jamie Lidell! Thank you, Taylor Hicks, and oh, yeah, IAG, for letting this happen.

  150. I just listened to Adams song. I better not hear any more complaints about over produced music. I have ears. That was not good.

  151. mamaforpeace Says:

    October 30, 2009 at 8:38 pm
    My, my!!! We went from Frank Sinatra to Jamie Lidell! Thank you, Taylor Hicks, and oh, yeah, IAG, for letting this happen.
    It’s all about the music MFP woooooooooohooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. MFP-That is Tech with a 60’s bite to it-at least IMO. 😉

  153. henry8 Says:

    October 30, 2009 at 8:55 pm
    I just listened to Adams song. I better not hear any more complaints about over produced music. I have ears. That was not good.
    Ever been in the club circut Henry? This is exactly how club scene music is. It’s meant to be overproduced as you call it. Adam hit his niche with this song and I think it will do well for the market it’s targeting. He’s made no secret that he wants to produce club music.

    Wait till the club DJ’s work their magic in the re-mixes…this song will be great.

  154. No that will never be a great song.
    It may be considered great, it may be very, very commercial, it may make him and the record label a ton of money, it may win awards and be known around the world but it still won’t really be a great song.
    But whatever floats your boat.

  155. casualfan Says:

    henry8 Says:

    October 31, 2009 at 12:46 am
    No that will never be a great song.
    That’s your opinion of course and it’s respected.

    Adam clearly wants to have fun with his music, entertain by being a well rounded performer so he will have no problems. He’s a natural entertainer, has no need to jump genre’s and the future is bright for him. I can see Adam easily developing a cult like following.

  156. I want to file an official complaint about over produced music. As per the instructions included with federal form OPM-2009, I am hereby submitting public notice of my intention to file the aforementioned form 72 hours prior to actual submission of the OPM-2009 form to the appropriate governmental agency. It is my intention that the filing of OPM-2009 shall serve as notice to all aggrieved parties that all American citizens have the right to complain about whatever they want to complain about.

  157. Wow! Taylor gets crap from idol, the press, radio, his fans, and now dead guys? No breaks for you, Mr. Hicks!

    Adam’s song is perfect for the dance clubs. I have no doubt it will do well. Adam seems to have a cult following already, and he has all of those entities that give Taylor crap on his bandwagon, probably, even the dead guys. LOL!

    Speaking of dead peeps, I’m off to see MJ’s “This Is It” movie today. He was a big fan of Gene Kelly & Sammy Davis, Jr.

  158. casualfan Says:

    Haha! Well it IS Halloween afterall. Even the dead guys have the right to party!

    Have fun at the movies and wishing all a safe and goolish holiday!

    May you dance safely and warmly naked under the moon tonight-if that’s your choosing. 😉

  159. Adam’s song will do very well in the clubs….like the sound, the words really don’t matter much. “shrug”. Mamaforpeace, Lidell was interesting, I haven’t heard him before and will look for more of his music. One of my favorite remakes, techno style is “Spirit in the Sky”, can’t remember who does that take on it, but it’s very good. Anyone here know? Happy Halloween everyone. Again love this thread Grey, it’s very interestin’

  160. casualfan Says:

  161. I agree with you, Henry8. It’ll never be a “great” song. And as for Halloween, Lambert is the perfect freak for the season —– IMO.

  162. Caro . . not sure which one you mean but here’s a remix I like because it has some spunk . . (afraid I thought the original was a monotonous yawn )

  163. Happy Halloween everyone! Yall dressing up? I’m a hippy, Lennon glasses, my old guitar and all lol!

    Nice Rat Pack videos posted.

    Not a fan of Lambert so I’ll keep my mouth shut lol.

    Taylor’s latest tweets are hilarious, wonder what he’s wearing.

  164. Just a few short years ago, the kiddies were dressing up AS Taylor Hicks! LOL.
    Happy Halloween!!

  165. casualfan Says:

    Perhaps T is going as devil angel tonight. Having fun, having fun, having fun….that’s what it’s all about.

  166. Grey,
    Medics are somewhat close, but not the one. You are fabulous to look for me. My daughter informs me that there are hundreds out there..(LOL), which could make finding THE ONE, a little (Lot) more difficult. I actually like the original, but really like most techno, thanks to above mentioned kid. This is from you tube, not as smart as all of you, so here’s the link. Love this one…. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xek58Z14V0 Happy Halloween, the kids are crowding my street…I’ll run out of goodies for sure at this rate.

  167. Had a chance to see Tay’s tweet pic right before he decided to remove it. Looks like he was at a happening party. I didn’t recognize Adam’s voice and that sound isn’t my style. That’s the right way to go, release a single from the CD in Oct. and create a stir and then follow with the CD a few weeks later.

  168. It is nice that Joni Hicks joined and enjoys the BB. I had no idea it was her despite the fact she said she told Tay to sell beach condos in 2004 and 05. i just thought she was someone who knew him. When I reread what I had written in that general Tay on Television thread, I had to laugh. Not only did I call him ballsy but came across as an over the top fan. Hope you all got to see the tweet pic before he woke up and deleted it and hope you all saw the pics of young Tay on Caryls plus the shirtless ones on the BB. Don’t eat too much candy. Love handles, flesh on the lower back and hips, broad shoulders thick thighs and muscular calves are sexy on a man. Taylor will treat those who see him at Epcot Sun. and Mon. No tricks and then a trip around the world!

  169. Darn didn’t see the twitpic! It’s being discussed over at the BB but some of it is being deleted so it’s hard to tell much about what was in the pic?

  170. Finally saw the pic. Much to do about nothing. LOL.

  171. casualfan Says:

    Don’t see what the big deal is about any pic. He most likley meant to email it to someone and accidently posted it on Twitpic. It’s over and done with. Next…..

  172. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Dee, Same thing didn’t see all the hub bub about the pic. He was out having fun, I thought it was funny. People forget he is a single guy and just doing his thing.


  173. Snowstorm Says:

    Saw the picture and I’m sure most of you will not like what I have to say, but here goes. My first thought is the picture was obviously taken inside a gay club/bar. Is this Taylor’s way of letting fans get a clue into his psyche? What is most telling is the picture is now deleted. Which tells me, “Oops, that was not supposed to get posted”. Just the fact that he deleted it, means that he was embarrassed by the photo.

    Hey, I don’t care one bit if he has gay tendencies, but it’s wrong to mislead fans when you know you are a heart trob. You really need to be truthful about that part of your life. Nothing pisses off fans more than being deceived. Look at what happened to Clay Aiken. Other than a very tiny fanbase, nobody cares about Clay anymore. On the other hand, Adam Lambert was honest and it didn’t affect him at all. Adam is more popular than ever before and his fans don’t really care about his sexual orientation.

    Things have a way of coming out in the end. It’s really a shame Taylor decided not to be real.

  174. casualfan Says:

    Oh SNAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  175. Forgot to thank AH for looking for “Spirit in the Sky” for me…Thanks!! I have a feeling it’ll take a whole lot of looking before I find the right one. Have a good day everyone!

  176. Caro-I LOVED that “Spirit In The Sky” video. Thanks AH for sharing.

  177. Dang – I should have been reading this thread long ago…now I have hours of music video watching to catch up on – LOL

    If Taylor doesn’t end up with as versatile and successful of a career as Mr. Sinatra (RIP), it might be because he doesn’t have the same ‘connections’…cough mob cough cough

    As for the comments posted by SS (yes – all of them) I have only this to say:

    SS -You have to deliver an outstanding product and, if YOU don’t… NEXT!

  178. I want to run away from home and I think SS broke my computer plus I’m speechless.

  179. hicksaholic Says:

    Damn- just got back from Nashville and missed the “bad” twit pic. Poor Taylor- He’s damned if he doesn’t let fans see his “real” side. He’s damned if he does. Since I didn’t see the pic I can’t comment on the gay club thing but I don’t think Taylor is gay(not that my opinion matters).
    If you ever get to Nashville you have GOT to go to the Bluebird Cafe. Nashville’s best songwriters sitting around campfire style each singing one of their own originals along with stories about the songs etc. It is incredible, so good I had to go two nites in a row. I have got to see if any of the songwriters I saw did anything for Taylor.

  180. A gay club at Halloween would be a blast. Don’t blame him for going. I’m sure being in the entertainment industry he has tons of gay friends and aquaintances. This isn’t new to him.

  181. I think my Blood Pressure is sky high.

  182. Maybe you should get some meds for that, Rosie.

  183. SS, don’t you think your statement, theory, is a bit much even for you and CF is like, oh yeah that’s what happened. Give the man a break.

  184. Why is it too much Rosie? Because it’s out of your realm of possibility? And I’m not sure where CF said that’s what happened.

  185. Iag, I can’t even discuss this subject of fans picking apart Taylor at every bend in the road. So I won’t.

  186. Let’s not be naive here and hide your heads under the sand. If he was straight, he would be going to a straight bar in LA on Halloween, where the chances of him getting laid by some beautiful starlett or model are 100%, but instead looks like he chose a gay bar. Hmmmm!

    This really explains a lot. Heard some rumors that when he lived in NY for Grease, some of the female cast members were really hot for him and he shunned all of them. He chose Teen Angel for his first acting role because that’s really him. One of the gayest roles ever. Hmmmm!

    Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe this is a sick joke he is playing on his fans. Who knows? I only know what is see.

  187. that should read… I only know what I see… not is see.

  188. rosie Says:

    November 1, 2009 at 11:22 am
    SS, don’t you think your statement, theory, is a bit much even for you and CF is like, oh yeah that’s what happened. Give the man a break.
    You don’t know what’s fact anymore than we do. Snow was just making an observation of what she observed and nothing more. Your imagination and speculations often run wild themselves.

  189. Well said, cf!

    I feel bad for you Ro, cause I like you, but something that’s put in front of you, speaks volumes, at least to me anyway.

  190. For those of you who have not seen the pic don’t assume it WAS a gay bar. I did not get that vibe, it could have been anywhere.

  191. Cl was female and he rented a house and was ignoring his career , living in a cold climate just so he could be with her when she came home from work. He flirts with the pretty females who interview him and haven’t seen him glance at a guy. The twitpic was of two men and Fair’s statement was logical. No one knows if he took the pic or tweeted it, yet Snow is comparing him to two gay Idols who have never been known to date a woman, plus she is saying he needs to come out of the closet and be fair to his fans. She made the most crazy statement, psycho babble based on her imagination that I have ever read about the man. She also said he wanted to let fans in on his psyche but then changed his mind.

  192. It was a picture for craps sake . Why make up fairy tales, no pun intended, about it! Last night I had post deleted on the BB for refering to some posters as freaks, now I wish I could sic the entire BB on Snow.

  193. Snowstorm you don’t KNOW anything. Just because you and others would love for something to be true doesn’t make it true.
    I personally do not give a crap.
    I’m am at a loss as to how anyone KNOWS which type of bar that was by looking at one picture. I read something in a rather obscure blog that gave me a bit of information some may have missed. T has some gay and straight buddies from Grease that hang out together on occasion. Those same buddies say Taylor is definitely not gay. I think they may know more than I , or snow , or anyone here.
    Nothing wrong with the pic but there was a bit more too it than I noticed at first glance and I can see why it was decided to take it down.
    Leave it there, take it down, I don’t care one way or another.
    Taylor I am as sure as I can be has been in every type of a bar at one time or another.
    And snow, you are just a very weird person that assumes a lot of things that don’t exist. But since you are as unimportant as a gnat on a flea it doesn’t make a lot of difference what you may or may not think.

  194. Right Dee.

  195. And rosie I don’t get why you are so sure that was two men.
    I mean it could have been and I don’t care one way or the other but it really looks more like a woman to me.
    I would have to get a little more up close and personal to be positive about that.

  196. BTW, one tends to take photos of things they are Not Used To Seeing. Logic…

  197. CL was a scam. That whole “thing” was awkward. I remember looking at a picture of them in NYC “clasping” hands. I thought that was weird. You “clasp” hands with a small child to cross a street, not your girfriend. Whether that was CL on the beach or not doesn’t matter because he was major awkward there too. The kissing pic on the towel….awkward! Awkward is my word of the day, btw.

  198. rosie, if Taylor has nothing to hide, then why delete the photo? Hello, the photo was totally gay and doubt that was taken at a straight bar. Just my honest opinion based on what I saw.

    Do you know what a beard is? Caroline Lyders was a beard and she was nothing more than that. Sorry to crush your fantasties.

  199. Look at the twit pic closely. I think there is some “tackle” showing!! Maybe that is why it was taken down. TACKLE!!!!

  200. So glad SS is here to tell us what photos are awkward or weird and share all her inside knowledge and expertise with us. Now I’m off to dig through my husband’s computer for gay porno sites because seeing how we have been clasping hands for years ,I must just be his beard masking his true gay lifestyle.

  201. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie, Taylor said so himself in an interview, which I clearly remember… he said his tweets are a way to let his fans into his psyche.

    It came out of his own mouth, hon.

  202. Seems you convenienlly skipped the info I had snow. 🙄

  203. Dee hahahahahaha

  204. jerseyirish Says:

    I opened the pic laughed closed it that was it, didn’t read anything into just he was at a party having fun and shared something he may have found amusing. It may have come down because folks started reading things into. Like someone said earlier hes damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.


  205. Dammit Snowstorm! You got credit for my post! I’m gonna go fold clothes.

  206. OMG! Or maybe we are one in the same??????????

  207. He takes pictures of things and places that are novel to him. Sorry I brought up CL as I forgot some are delusional and think he and she faked months of their life. Snow, don’t you know every secretly gay man would choose to hide his gayness by donning a sequined suit and play teen angel, that is when he is not busy scouring the country for a look a like for his female whore. Can I refer to some of y’all as goofy in the head?

  208. Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Pick me!

  209. Hey rosie, I think that would be most around here. 😆

  210. Well, I know what P is going to stand for. Yep.

  211. P??? Who knows.

    I have a question that maybe the people here who know everything can answer. Do gay people like people who pretend to be something other than what they are?

  212. I’m 100% certain that Taylor has the craziest fans out of the 80 who made the top 10 on AI. Archie can look and act like he is 12 and Cook can get away with mocking his fans even when posing for pics with them. Clay can have his hissy fits and Adam can just about have sex on stage, feel up both men and women, pose with snakes and yet all the above have fans who love them and respect them. Did some fans expect Tay, due to his gray hair to act like their fathers? Did others think they had a shot with him? I think he is the only celeb ever who had fans freaking out over him getting it on with a woman on the beach. I know he is the only celeb ever accused of hiring a woman to pretend to be his girlfriend. I recall when Nola as Raj, was new to the fandom and so enthused. I was tempted to warn her that some fans were nuts.

  213. I think this whole thing is hysterical. If anybody has that pic and wants to share, just email me. I have some friends who didn’t get to see it.

  214. casualfan Says:

    Looks like some folks got into the candy last night and hasn’t come down yet.

  215. casualfan Says:

    itsallgrey Says:

    November 1, 2009 at 2:37 pm
    I think this whole thing is hysterical. If anybody has that pic and wants to share, just email me. I have some friends who didn’t get to see it.
    ROFLMAO! I know where there’s a fine group of dedicated Taylor fans photoshoping away as we speak-maybe they will give it to you when they are done.

  216. Snowstorm Says:

    Rosie, do you know about bi-sexuals? This means a man or a woman bats for both teams. They are attracted to both men and women and sleep with both. Shocking, isn’t it?

  217. Who knew you could get sexual education on a TH site? ahhaahhahahahah

  218. And, Rosie, he has a bat and “balls”!

  219. casualfan Says:

    Snow-A very close friend of mine was bi-sexual. He was also married to a female and he was drop dead gorgeous. The wife accepted it because she loved him and made the choice to support him in his world. She learned there are many, many wonderful people in the gay community and they are very close-knit and support each other like family. I know this because I was the wife. Our marriage of course didn’t survive but we remained friends. My ex-hubby wasn’t feminine, didn’t “look” gay, act gay or wear fem clothes. He dated many beautiful women in his single days as well as men. I’ve been to more than my fair share of male gay bars, attended many private club parties and yes-seen some wild stuff. I just don’t get why people can’t wrap this around their obviously very limited minds.

  220. This has turned into the most amusing thing I’ve seen in a long time!! Thanks for making my day!! 😀

    Have I told you lately that I love you Rosie??? (1:36 & 2:21!) ROFLMAO!!

  221. Snowstorm Says:

    Henry8, what’s the point of bothering with you? Even if Taylor made the announcement that, “yes, I’m gay”, you would still find a way to spin it into total denial.

    You not only drank the kool-aid, but you are totally drunk on it.

  222. Well then fair, why doesn’t he twitpic those. I give up. Carry on you goons.

  223. casualfan Says:

    henry8 // November 1, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    I can not tell you how extremely uncomfortable those people make me talking about things that they have absolutely no idea about.
    The blogger and regular posters consist of a known nut, a known stalker that was told to hit the road, and an old writer of slash fiction
    ROFLMAO! But yet she keeps coming over here.

  224. Twit pic his bat and balls? Now that would be freakin awesome!!!!!

  225. Okay…new subject. What time does his show start today. Can’t wait for video!

  226. Snowstorm Says:

    cf, thanks for sharing. That’s great that you remained friends with your ex and you weren’t bitter over a difficult situation.

  227. casualfan Says:

    henry8 // October 31, 2009 at 11:45 pm

    Whoops, Chill I did like the bwaak , bwaak touch but I take back my chicken remark.
    Be sure to tweet him again and tell him.

    I only looked at the picture quickly this morning before I ran to work and got a laugh out of it. Just looked like a good time but someone saved it and I took a closer look tonight. Well still looks like a good time but not exactly what you would want on your public twitter. I would love to hear the story of just how it happened.
    Someone thinks that Taylor is standing way in the background in that picture. So being dumber than the average ass , I enlarged it a little and lightened it and I’m not sure. It does look like him but can’t be sure. But what it did do was make other details much clearer.
    I can hear them now OMG, delete, delete, OMG.
    And the beat goes on…..

  228. casualfan Says:

    Welcome Snow. I was hurt naturally in the beginning, but I found it better to find an acceptance and continue on with our friendship. I made many new friends and had a lot of fun.

  229. Good Grief . . . same sh** – different catalyst . . .

    Have seen the photo . . looked like a Halloween party . . def a female in lower right – 95% sure French maid/saloon-girl/whatever costumed person was too . . white T-shirt guy might/might not be TH . . could see very little of room . . ?? how the hell you can pronounce the place to be Any kind of specific venue from that photo is beyond me – could have been a private party in a hired hall for all we know.

    That the conversation devolved into that and stirred the CL pot fascinates me.
    A. If anyone actually cares about either . . Why ??? . . how exactly does it affect Your life ?
    B. If someone has never been in an adult relationship that involved holding hands walking down a street . . I sincerely hope you find one someday.
    C. RE: that NY picture . . here’s a bit of little known information – little known because those of us involved chose to keep it that way. The effort to keep resurrecting the NY photo as proof of Anything makes me think it’s time to mention it.
    The clothes TH and CL had on in that NY street shot were exactly what they had on at around 3:00 PM at a little place called Bubba’s BBQ. The restaurant is a short drive from Bethel Woods where TH was opening for EW&F that night. BTW – We were already there when they walked in before anyone tries to make it into a stalking issue.
    No one else paid any attention to them . . we were seated so that two of us could observe their table without being obvious . . in other words as far as they knew they were in a fan-free zone.
    We had No reason to think they were anything but a genuine couple. Neither did the waitress . . when I complimented her on keeping her cool she mentioned – between giggles and pumping me for information – how sweet it was that they were holding hands when she brought their drinks.
    We accidentally stumbled into TH’s private life and yes there is more to the story . . and no I’m not posting it.
    Okay there’s this …. cheese sticks, Bubba Burgers – 1 with American cheese, Cokes = $28.46 . . Silver Bus gang’s memory = priceless.

  230. casualfan Says:

    I personally was having a good time just talking about all the different types of music and having a great little party here. All this shit got stirred up because one poster brought up the subject of the twitpic and the CL saga which we could all do without.

    Anyone got any cool vids to post about music? Anyone?

  231. casualfan Says:

    Gotta start somewhere-woooohoooo!

  232. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ha! I was wondering when THAT topic would come up! Didn’t see the picture, don’t care. Don’t care what TH smokes, inhales, sniffs, or who he chooses to sleep with. I DO love cowboy boots, though:)
    Yes, more music, please!

  233. Ah thanks for your tidbit. I hope you all realize the only twitpics we will get from Tay will be golf courses and views of the cities he visits or maybe Mickey Mouse. Maybe Taylor will tour SE Asia for a few months and come back with a bride. He can’t date in the USA. He can’t in fact do much at all in the states or Canada due to the nuts, sexologists, and phony shrinks.

  234. Snowstorm Says:

    I don’t care about CL either. Someone else mentiioned her (Rosie) and I still think that relationship was not how it appeared to be. I remember reading other people’s impressions that saw them together and they said she was not the same person in the beach photos. But, like I said, I don’t know and I don’t care. I do not know CL and have never layed eyes on her. I only know what I have read about her and Taylor from other people. MFOYA could have very well been a jealous fan who was out to destroy Taylor.. she, he or whatever it was was certainly convincing, but I have absolutely no clue.

    All I doing is expressing my thoughts on a picture that Taylor posted. Taylor posted a picture that sure looks gay to me. Is he gay? I have no freaking clue. These are just my opinions.

  235. CF and MFP . . agree and sort of wish I’d stuck with my usual ignore and leave . . but every once in a while . . . .

    Anyway . . happened to be listening to Sweet Hands from GPN’s Bonnaroo set when checked in so went and found the video . . the bit at about 3:20 kills me every time they do it 😉

  236. AH: What I get out of your post is….You either paid for their meal or you swiped the bill. Weird.

  237. Wow, did I miss a lot! I have enjoyed all the videos that have been posted. I keep reading this site because it’s so damn entertaining..every single bit of it. (Thankyou Grey.) I will remain on the sidelines concerning Taylor and the pic, I don’t care enough about his private life. What I do care about is the music he puts out there. His looks are a side benefit. And some of ihis music is very, very good and the rest I just don’t listen.

  238. casualfan Says:

    AH-That’s the first Grace Potter video I have listened to. She’s great! I love women musicians with a strong stage presense. Thanks!

  239. casualfan Says:

    Hey Caro-I agree. I was doing some Fall cleaning the other day and ran across an original IYT cd that I got from a close friend of T’s last year. To me THAT is GOOD music from him. The song “Somehow” really touches my soul.

  240. That’s all you got out of it ? nothing else registered with you ? . . weird.

    btw we did pick up the tab – was supposed to be anonymously – manager blew it when pressured. _ And if you knew anything at all about me you would know that was only posted to refute the same old been there done that speculation made up-thread . . no other reason – we’ve sat on it for over 2 yrs . . don’t play the reindeer games – never have.

  241. casualfan Says:

    Oh yeah-here we go!

  242. casualfan Says:

    Erin Mitchell is another one with a strong stage presence.

  243. mamaforpeace Says:

    And now… for something completely different! One of the very best French singer song writer. Died too young!

  244. Damn . . need a one shot edit button . . that was (obviously) in response to Fairhope’s comment . . and ends that conversation on my part.

    Glad you liked Grace . . she and the Nocs really are something special.
    Looking for that got me going through the whole set from that show . . thought I’d bring over another one that shows her softer side.

  245. spinshack Says:

    Laughing my ass off at the discussion. Here I was hoping Mr. Hicks was dressed as that woman in the blue dress. *dreams dashed*

    One of the issues that the folks at MFOYA (there was not just one, it was rather like a small club) brought up and discussed quite often in private chats was that perhaps Hicks’ indeed, was gay. Some pics were shown, that might have impact on that theory. No idea where the pics came from and I did not keep them for posterity. lol

    I’ll say if it ever comes out he’s gay I won’t die from surprise but then, I really don’t give a damn.

  246. spinshack Says:

    AH my DMan became a big fan of Grace when we watched that on-line performance of the band at Bonneroo. Terrific damn band.

  247. casualfan Says:

    Well damn AH-You just recruited a new fan for Grace Potter. She really rocks. Thanks for the vids.

  248. casualfan Says:

    MFP-Where the hell did you dig him up at? LOL! I’m not laughing at him-just threw a good one at me. =)

  249. Grace Potter, now there’s a voice. I’ve been listening to a lot of Janis Joplin; I know, I know, you either love/hate her.

  250. And Robert Cray….definately.

  251. mamaforpeace Says:

    Ok, one more:

  252. casualfan Says:

    Maybe T should have worn this for Halloween

  253. As with Taylor . . following Grace and the Nocs has introduced me to other musicians . . The New Mastersounds being one . .

    This jam session from last year’s Mile High Festival in Denver just seemed to beg to be added to this thread 😀

  254. mamaforpeace Says:

    CF, if you are French, you just know Jacques Brel. Part of the culture.

  255. Now why on earth would anyone want to copy and paste that post of mine? Oh, could be someone who didn’t like something I said. You do spend a lot of time stalking me don’t you? Don’t tell me you haven’t took a closer look at a picture to see who was who because I know better. And I thought it funny that a picture was put up that probably wasn’t meant to be but who knows.
    I would suggest you get off my back, because I know where I can find many old posts and other things. And did you say you were the drop dead gorgeous wife? Did I not understand that post with the too much imformation correctly? haha
    Someone thought the person in the picture was Taylor , I didn’t think it was. Big. Ass. Deal.
    And it wasn’t the tshirt guy by the way. Good Lord, that doesn’t resemble him. 🙄

    AH, thank you for that post. I had heard that before. it was obvious to all but the nuts that T and C were a very real couple at the time and IMO anyone who thinks differently has a serious problem. And why they cared I have no idea. Anyone who is in a restaurant and a celebrity walks in pays some discreet attention. And no one but people here care where or why the picture was taken. They are the ones with the phycho babble nonsense.

    Snowstorm, you do not know me at all. The fact is I could not give a shit less. I would not deny anything. But I do deny that you don’t know a damn thing and most of the time recite “facts” that have no basis in truth.
    And believe me absolutely nothing you have posted is even slightly shocking.

  256. mamaforpeace Says:

    strong woman indeed, who knew who she was. No other like her!

  257. Oh for Gods sake Spin, I have seen the pictures. 🙄

  258. NotYourGrandma Says:

    This conversation is so contradicting. You can see for yourself that Taylor covers his own actions, deleting pics and stuff like that because he’s trying to keep up a certain image for his fans. It’s obvious his image matters to him A LOT. But the same fans that cry “let the man be himself!” refuse to believe he would go to great lengths to save his wholesome image. Same reason he deleted that image from twitter is the same reason he didn’t want the first woman he was ever seen with to be a run of the mill skank. Because some fans would never ever get over that. God, look how some react to simple tweets.

  259. casualfan Says:

    MFP-You are right about Nina Simone. In her biography she is described as the “High Priestess of Soul”.

  260. The Lurker Says:

    Henry , you do have a copy of the picture why not post it so those who haven’t seen it can take a look and see for themselves that it was just an innocent party picture.

  261. spinshack Says:

    Henry8 who and what are you talking about in that long-ass post? hahaha Wow. You’ve seen the pics? Of course you did; you’ve seen it all.

    ROFLMAO Kill me really, just kill me.

    Name of this post O for overreaction can’t be more appropriate. On so very many levels.

  262. spinshack Says:

    Oh wait, it’s Over-reaching… hahaha Over reaction sticking with me – giggle.

  263. Wish I knew how to post that smilie with the referee shirt and blowing a whistle . . .


    Caro . . I love Janis Joplin . . a video of Grace that made me instantly think of Janis was the reason I went from sort of interested to agreeing I needed to see them live . . which led to being hooked for life.

    Went to find a video of Grace doing “Try” and happened across this.
    Have no idea who it is – all the uploader says is :

    Ok My wife sings this song… Piece of my Heart by Janis Joplin, my wife crushes it. She no longer sings with that band. She’s Awesome

  264. The Lurker Says:

    ok found a remaining link to the pic, second party could be a man or a big girl


  265. Sweet Suzi . . would love to see this blues powerhouse live sometime . . she doesn’t stray too far from NYC very often though . .

  266. Snowstorm Says:

    Um, I hate to be a party-pooper, but can you please stop posting all these videos? This tiny little blog does not have enough bandwidth to support all these vids. It takes my computer 5 minutes to even open this thread and another 5 minutes to refesh!

    IAG – it might be a good idea to start a new thread!

  267. Well, Snow, My computer brings it right up. There must be a conspiracy to keep you off this site.

  268. Since I wasn’t around reading and posting during the MYOFA saga, and since I also like to run on with my mouth when it comes to Taylor, I wish to state something. There was no skank woman on the beach with Taylor. Everyone in his life and hers knew it was CL. There has never been anyone one else named or identified. There was and is no rent a ho. Those who believe Tay and CF went to elaborate lengths to cover up something must consider the fact no mag rags were writing that Taylor was on a beach with a whore. CL news station was gettin hits and knew he was dating her. The only delusional peeps were those reading, posting and believing the nonsense on MFOYA. You all have traveled, have you ever run into your double? Have you ever run into a double of a sports figure, movie or TV star? Did they even have the same haircut as their double? So those who believe there was a ho, should ponder the lengths that Tay and CF supposedly went to in order to passify a few online fans. Two hundred million people watched him win AI and how many peeps were going online to read Mfoya nonsense. Yes I did bring it up earlier today in order to prove Taylor is saddled with a few nuts who call themselves fans.

  269. mamaforpeace Says:

    No problem here either! Must be your computer, Snow.

  270. Lurker, can’t he get that removed if he wants to? I assumed when he deleted it it was gone.

  271. casualfan Says:

    I think he should have left it up. It would have run it’s course in a day or two and with the exception of the few lone nuts busy photo-shopping and analyzing if that is really Taylor (I don’t think it is) no one really gives a damn.

  272. CF, I think I love you. High five.

  273. It was the screwballs who were mulling over photos in private chat rooms on Mfoya, according to Spin, and posting like maniacs about a fake GF crap, that to this day say they don’t care if he’s gay or who he dates. These same fruitcake hypocrites are the ones who keep bringing up the gay thing.

  274. The Lurker Says:

    Like CF says it doesn’t really look like Taylor in the background, but it was
    either Taylor who took the pic or someone he knows because he posted the pic to his twitter.
    but alot of people havenn’t seen the pic to see what all the hoopla is.

    and unfortunately Rosie if you post something yourself it is public domain, you can’t post then go oops.

  275. CF, no one thinks that sailor guy is Taylor. lol Some think he took the photo and a few think some guy standing in the background is Taylor. P should be for PROOF.

  276. casualfan Says:

    rosie, I didn’t say the sailor guy. I was referring to the poor bastard that is standing up in the back that everyone is now a victim of mindless babble, analyzing.

  277. No problem loading the thread here either . .

    Have been on YT running through my blues favorites when should be doing RW stuff but had to drop off this one.
    Some of you may be familiar with Janiva Magness . . she has several awards in the blues world . . she can heat it up with the best of them but this song . . . well just listen . .

  278. casualfan Says:

    AH-That song really hits a nerve doesn’t it. Good vid

  279. AH, Wow, again, wow, I love this thread, all the Taylor crap aside. Just perfect.

  280. casualfan Says:

    ***passing margarita to Caro***

  281. Damn good drink….now I’m Really happy. Thanks CF Hope you’re having one too! Not that I wouldn’t drink alone……

  282. mamaforpeace Says:

    HA, beautiful, thanks. If only talent alone was enough to make it big…

  283. casualfan Says:

    Having one right now. The entertainment has been so well-entertaining here today that I couldn’t resist.

  284. mamaforpeace Says:

    OK, but I’ll have a glass of wine:)

  285. casualfan Says:

    ***passing glass of wine to mama***

  286. Gotta get some last minute paperwork done, I guess I enjoyed my weekend too much. Must put down the drink, must put down the drink. Damn. And Monday again too soon. Good, Bad and Ugly, loved this thread. Grey, it sure did take on a life of its own! Goodnight.

  287. mamaforpeace Says:

    Thanks, CF. Then I should probably join Caro!

  288. Snowstorm Says:

    I agree with CF also. He should have left it and not deleted it. Just the fact that he deleted, means he has something to hide. I also think he wants his fans to think he’s squeeky clean and he’s not.

    I’ll bet he offended a few fans and they are not spending anymore $$ on him, especially down South, where they are easily offended by photos like that. JMHO… take it or leave it.

  289. Nice photo Dee . . thanks for posting it.

    With you on the wine MFP . . working on finishing off a bottle of a superb carmenere we brought home from a restaurant last night.
    Might have something to do with why I can’t seem to stop listening to music and get some things done – LOL

    Have to put up one more of Grace . . this video is what took me from interested to omg – yes, I have to see them live. Think you’ll all recognize this cover.

    Someone may realize Grace technically makes a mistake in saying written by a woman – it’s a common one though. Quick history note: Naomi Neville was a pseudonym used by Allen Toussaint.

    Have to stop playing now. . . .

  290. Snow!!! OMG! I did not expect that from you. I am from the deepest part of the south and I am totally not offended.

  291. Hmmm . . odd . . wonder why some videos “take” and some don’t . . oh well . . it’s worth the click – for those who have been enjoying the music part of this thread anyway.

  292. NotYourGrandMa Says:

    Well since AH shared her story I can share mine over why I don’t believe the anchor story even tho I’m a bit reluctant and it’s probably pointless. Rosie it’s insulting that you call people nut jobs and names when you are speculating and assuming. I don’t think he’s gay, but I do believe he lied big time for his own reasons. I didn’t take part in the blog crap at the time I was too busy trying to get my health back. Now I’m especially glad I didn’t.

  293. Rose, you sound a bit riled up. Interesting really. This entire thread has been entertaining enough to keep me coming back today.

  294. NYG
    I responded specifically to the crack about the NYC photo . . I most definitely had no intention of revisiting the entire ancient argument . . it’s boring as hell, unresolvable and pointless.

    Came back to add another video I thought of . . but think I’m done here for a while . . the music was a lot of fun while it lasted . . thank you to those who contributed either with vids or conversation.

  295. So, because of a tweeted photo that was deleted later, we now supposedly know that this is a gay bar and Taylor is a homo!

    Oh, please. Its a freakin photo of some Halloween party with a girl, yes a female, dancing up on a guy, neither of which are Taylor; who gives a crap? He probably thought it was amusing and posted it, then later on deleted it because either a. He knew people would get offended or b. The Grease camp or somebody else behind the scenes told him to take it down. Is there a conspiracy or secret behind every little thing?
    Taylor is a single attractive guy who most likely boinks women but doesn’t go and tell everyone. And doesn’t like whoring out his private life. OMG!
    Do people still think CL was a fake? Oh please lol, Taylor dated that news anchor. He PROBABLY was so private about it and others he dates because of conspiracy theories such as this.

    “It was the screwballs who were mulling over photos in private chat rooms on Mfoya, according to Spin, and posting like maniacs about a fake GF crap, that to this day say they don’t care if he’s gay or who he dates. These same fruitcake hypocrites are the ones who keep bringing up the gay thing.”

    You hit the nail on the head Rosie.

  296. taylorfan06 Says:

    Bravo to you Christa. Take note all you conspiracy WACKOS!!!

  297. taylorfan06 Says:

    Get a life, will ya?

    Taylor Hicks. Regular guy, warts and all, looking to have a career and enjoying life. “we be simple folk”… Remember? I enjoy what he brings to my life. I have met him on a number of occasions and feel he’s a good guy that would be fun to have a drink with.

  298. casualfan Says:

    AH Says:

    November 1, 2009 at 11:42 pm
    I responded specifically to the crack about the NYC photo . . I most definitely had no intention of revisiting the entire ancient argument . . it’s boring as hell, unresolvable and pointless.
    But some folks continue having the intense desire to bring up the past of what may or may not have happened about a lot of things. They live in the past and won’t let go of the gossip, rumors and lies that fuel their excitement. Blogs are constantly being created by these people because they want and need the attention. It’s a never ending circle and will continue on.

    A perfect example is the “Avenger of truth” who calls herself BSCOPP on twitter. Now MS. BS is in the final stages of her new blog with me as the subject. It’s exciting stuff and just in time for the holidays. I truly am honored that someone feels that I’m important enough to do all that intense research, finding pics and sprouting out more speculations of what they feel the general public is interested in. Blogs are hard work and require lots of dedication. I applaud that person who thinks I’m that special and worth the time.

  299. I was offline for one day and now Tay is gay again? WTF?
    I saw that pic, and if it was me that posted it, I would take it down too, because in retrospect, it looks like there are uhm bits and pieces showing.
    If I was a famous dude I wouldn’t want my young fans to see it. Not for kiddies, I don’t think. But on the internet you can’t simply “un-ring the bell” ……….the pic would be copied so fast your head would spin.
    Great vids of female powerhouses, does our gender proud! Thanks for sharing.
    P next……for “Psycho-babble”?

  300. hicksfan7 Says:

    Snowstorm Says:

    November 1, 2009 at 12:59 pm
    rosie, if Taylor has nothing to hide, then why delete the photo?

    (possibly someone IN the photo asked for it to be removed?)

  301. hicksfan7 Says:

    I have to say …I am a little scared for when the letter “Q” comes up….

  302. Hicksfan7 that’s actually quite funny!

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