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  1. People can dis AI all they want, slam Simon and discuss conspiracy theories all they want, but it doesn’t change the fact that AI provided life changing opportunities for Taylor and many others to be successful.

    Taylor has grown both professionally and personally and no matter what myself or others may think of his career path-there is no denying that he’s in a much better place than where he was before he walked thru that door. 😉

  2. Ditto, CF! 🙂

  3. cendrillon0308 Says:

    It’s great to see Taylor’s audition again. I get goosebumps when he drops that first note on the judges.

  4. Paula will be missed as she was a good judge of talent and knew her music. I hope Ellen doesn’t become more concerned with being funny and does her best to try to critique the performances. This will be fun to see Tay and the rest of the top 12 comment on their performances. Taylor was cute as a button in the above vid. My cliches are dedicated to Charcoal.

  5. Soul lost and found Says:

    Taylor made me look. Great voice and George Clooneyish.

  6. I had never watched AI before Taylor’s season. Not sure when he caught my eye but I quickly searched online for his previous performaces and the audition. I was hooked from that moment on. LOL.

  7. jerseyirish Says:

    cf, Couldn’t agree with you more, he is in a much better place than he was a few years back, he has grown as a person and performer, and Idol did give him that exposure and chance to have his voice heard.


  8. sallyannlady Says:

    Taylor has come so far in the last 4 years since that audition, I guess it is. He got jerked around by the AI suits, but he wouldn’t compromise, and now he has his own label. His voice has matured and he is in full control when he’s on stage. The man is amazing, and it’s so great to hear his commentary… he’s so cute!! (but wish he’d grow out his hair a bit again….)

  9. It’s interesting to me watching this…and hearing Simon’s full commentary at the audition that I hadn’t heard before.

    “I want my voice heard.”


    “Because I feel like I got one.”

    “Well, what’s happened for the past 29 years?”

    “I’ve been singing.”

    Huh. Anyway, the other interesting part for me watching this is how Taylor’s attitude comes through. Simon was against him from the get go and part of me wonders if it’s because Taylor had an attitude to start with.

  10. mamaforpeace Says:

    IAG, I really believe it’s the looks. Simon is a lot about looks. He thought he looked too old for what he wanted to market. He says it himself… “it’s not just about the voice”.

  11. Could be mama. But I just wonder if the attitude didn’t play a small part in it.

  12. sallyannlady Says:

    October 25, 2009 at 8:48 pm
    Taylor has come so far in the last 4 years since that audition, I guess it is. He got jerked around by the AI suits, but he wouldn’t compromise, and now he has his own label.
    I just don’t get where Taylor got “jerked around” by the AI suits SA. According to what Taylor wrote in his book, he himself caused an upset amongst the AI producers which may have helped paved the way for whatever attitude they gave him afterwards. It’s hard to put the monster back into the box once you yourself lets it out.

  13. itsallgrey Says:

    October 25, 2009 at 9:27 pm
    Could be mama. But I just wonder if the attitude didn’t play a small part in it.
    HAHA! I think both Taylor and Simon are cut from the same cloth in many ways. They both have an arrogant attitude about them, but both are very nice and genuine when they want to be.

    Also, not sure about about the age thing being a factor. Simon Cowell is spending lots of time and investing heavily in Susan Boyle. He strongly believes in her talent and sees her as a breath of fresh air. Simon is about the money. If he thinks he can make lots of it, he’s invested. That’s business.

  14. I agree Simon looked at this grayhaired older looking guy and said he was a backup singer. Simon has always been all about the package. Even Taylor said one time that he had wished he was 20 pounds lighter when he had tried out for AI instead of after. He does look younger & hotter when he is thinner and sometimes I wonder if it would have made a difference. Let’s face it the market is youth driven and if he had looked younger and hotter
    It may have made a difference. Maybe not but who knows. Before anyone jumps on me I’ll clarify that personally, I think Taylor is Hot both ways. LOL.

  15. CF, I think Susan B is the exception. She was just too good of a story to pass up. He is normally about the package especially if he is looking for a singer to push to the popular markets. He is always putting down the girls also who are too heavy or don’t fit the mold.

  16. Simon just makes mistakes. He said no to Daughtry and didn’t care much for Cook and thought Kelly Clarkson was forgetable. Some he raved over their first audition didn’t make it to the top 24. Taylor gave a refreshing original answer as to why he was there.

  17. casualfan Says:

    Simon also gives lip service because he knows the public wants to hear it. I don’t take much stock in the banter that Simon gives because it’s reality tv and most of what he says is for shock value and nothing more.

  18. The difference between Simon’s criteria, re: Taylor versus Susan Boyle is the show format. Idol looks for a pop star and has an age limit. The “Got Talent” franchises have no age limit, and aren’t just for singers.

    IMO, both Taylor’s look & attitude played a part in Simon’s opinion. Although, I believe he has been the brunt of idol’s wrath, I also believe, he played a part in that outcome. As far as, Taylor & Simon being alike, they are born on the same day LOL!

  19. hicksaholic Says:

    I agree with your comments completely.

    Anybody see an interview with Tyler Perry on tv last nite? I connected a lot of what he said to Taylor’s current situation. He apparently is very successful marketing to a specific black audience who relates to his portrayals of blacks. Other blacks find his portrayals degrading. He is very successful but not a celebrity in the sense that everyone is not familiar with his work. He apparently tried to get a major company to invest in his films but they tried to change his portrayals to the point his characters were not what he intended so he refused and put his own money behind the projects. His comment was if I believed in it what other choice did I have? He is based in Atlanta. At the end they talked about him being “king of the chitlin circuit” and he said he could be happy with that.
    I have to wonder if that could be Taylor one day.

  20. I passed a video of Tyler Perry’s response to what you’re talking about hicksaholic on twitter yesterday. I find it inspiring when talented people who obviously want success still stand their ground refusing to sell their soul to the devil. (There, a cliche riddled bit for Charcoal.)

    Regarding Hicks looking younger because he’s thinner now, etc, that’s true for most people. Incredible what dropping weight can do regarding taking years off your appearance and influencing how other people perceive you.

  21. Here’s what I wonder…if Taylor could go back and do AI over, would he have done it differently? Would he have not had so much attitude?

  22. IAG — I think Taylor would check his, “I’m going to change f’ing pop music,” attitude if he could do it all over again. I think he needed AI’s promotion more than he realized and possibly regrets telling them to “f off” after he won.

    I totally enjoyed re-watching the audition. It’s been a long time since I watched that, and it reminded me of why I became so wrapped up in this guy.

    What bugged me about seeing it though, is that Taylor seems to stretch the truth (again.) He has said before (don’t make me have to go look it up) that he decided to use his free ticket to go to Vegas to try out for Idol. Then in the interview for rewind, he says he just went to Vegas for fun and his brother called him and told him auditions were going on and to get down there. Not a big deal, but he’s told the other version so many times, why does he change his story for this interview? It just makes him look smarmy, imo.

    Also, I think he looks cuter when he’s heavier and has longer hair in the audiitons than in the post-Idol interview. He looks very good either way, but I actually prefer the earlier version. I’m sure I’m in the minority.

  23. Actually, onemore, I’m in that minority with you. I prefer Pre AI Taylor, as I like to refer to him.

    I know what you’re saying about the story, though. I think this story just makes it seem more like fate, ya know?

  24. Grey, you like Taylor when he was being real….you aren’t alone.

    If Taylor’s acting career fails him, he can always go to writing fiction.

  25. The only story I’ve heard him relate about his free ticket to Las Vegas was just as he related on rewind. When did he say he chose Vegas for his free ticket in order to try out for AI? Why would he want to change how he was on AI given that he won the thing? What attitude?

  26. That voice is what I loved, his looks (good as they are, I admit) were secondary. I agree, his life certainly is better because of Idol, so good for him. I’m not so “invested” in Taylor as I once was, still haven’t bought his CDs…like the UTR one…that’s the Taylor I enjoy. And still hate that he’s doing Grease. I understand why…but still can’t stand it.

  27. Oh Rosie…you crack me up.

    Caro, you’ve got to get UTR. Soooo good. 🙂

  28. jerseyirish Says:

    Rosie, I’m with you, the version I’ve heard Taylor tell is he got the free ticket and had never been to Vegas so decided to go, and that his brother called him about the audition, which he didn’t know about. Maybe he did know maybe he didn’t, going to that audition got his foot in the door.


  29. Well crap. I knew someone would make me look it up, even though I’ve heard the story the first way at least a dozen times — at least. It’s been in numerous interviews. Here it is from Heart & Soul (this will teach me to post about something Taylor has said in the past. I’ve got other things to do.)

    pg. 164 — “As I boarded the plane to Vegas, I certainly wasn’t thinking anything pretentous — like “This is it.” At least not consciously so. But an objective observer would have noted that hte way things had been going for me of late, this Idol tryout was likely my last shot at breaking into the big time.”

    That’s probably not concrete enough for some. Here’s this —

    pg. 165 — “And so it was really without much serious consideraton of exactly what I was up against that I went all by myself to Las Vegas to take my chances at the Idol audition.”

    How about pg. 165 — “On my free flight into Las Vegas, I remember thiking about the words to…..yada, yada, getting tired of typing,…..was right when he wrote, “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.”

    He talks about deciding to go to Vegas to try out for Idol for about 10 pages in his book. He’s talked about it in countless interviews. He always has said it the same way that I’ve heard until this interview in rewind. Like I said, it’s no big deal, but for people that have heard him tell the other version so many times… just makes me kind of wince to hear him make up a better version and present it as truth for an interview.

    As many times as I’ve heard this story, I have to ask –have you all who had never heard this read Heart and Soul and/or listened to Taylor’s interviews in the past?

  30. Oh, onemore, you’re my Real Taylor Fan of the Day. Somebody will probably put a contract out on you now. *sigh*

    But you’re right…he did change it up and probably just to make it sound better, sound like it was all coincidence. Maybe he forgot what he wrote in his book. Maybe he needs a refresher course in his life. I’m sure one of his superfans would be more than willing to help him with that.

  31. Thanks, iag. I will graciously accept that lovely award you have given me and move on with my day.

  32. hahahaha…

    Rosie, as for attitude, I’m referring to comments like “I don’t think some of these people know who Joe Cocker is.” Right. Nobody in that room knows anything about music except for Taylor. Okay.

    Simon..who has made MILLIONS promoting artists.
    Paula…who has made her own records and actually had a couple of hits. Not to mention her choreography skills.
    Randy…who was a guitarist for Journey and has been around the music business for years.

  33. Grey,
    I obviously can’t communicate well..LOL…I do have UTR, and love it..that’s the Taylor I like. The post idol cd, I’ve heard, do not like with a couple of exceptions…the Distance, not so much, but I do like the duet with Elliott. And Taylor sure does have Attitude, but he’s needed it to get by all these years.

  34. Onemore, I read the book but had forgotten that part. That could be due to the fact I’ve listened to him give the rewind version of events about a dozen times ever since he has been on the Grease tour. He has always told the press that it was his brother who told him he should try out for AI and always stressed the fate aspect of Hurricaine Katrina and his AI try out. He has been giving the AI rewind version for a long time so I guess he thinks it makes for a more interesting story. Grey, I think Caro was saying she has and likes UTR, but hasn’t purchased TD.

  35. Oh, and he’s a such a bullshit artist, (ever changing stories, yada, ect…) and I mean that in a good way….really.

  36. Gotcha, Caro. 😉

  37. Grey, I believe his comment was directed solely at Simon and Tay believes Simon doesn’t get American Soul singers. I’ll leave it to others to comment about any attitude Tay displayed during his AI run. I saw more attitude in Kat, Daughtry, Mandisa, Chicken Little and Paris. Then again I didn’t watch the show looking for attitude and have always assumed Tay’s likeability helped him win the thing.

  38. Rosie,
    I think that quite a few of AI hopefuls thru the years have had moments of attitude, Taylor included. I agree that Taylor’s likability was a huge factor in his winning, but more importantly, his ability to woo the voting audience. Thus my bullshit remark earlier….and I really do mean that in a good way! He is a very smart man. Oh, and ya…that remark was definately aimed at Simon!

  39. I don’t think Taylor tells a story differently for any particular reason other than he doesn’t remember things exactly. LOL. I have noticed several things in Taylor that is consistant with ADD and learning disabilities. Such as not being able to remember schedules or numbers and lyrics are hard for him too. I laughed outloud at the video the other day of the making of WRIR where he says it’s 2007. LOL. He tries to cover it up by goofing around but it was obvious it just popped out of his miswired brain. That’s why he has a hard time with interviews sometimes. I have some of those kinds of problems myself so I can super relate. The brain is a weird thing. Sometimes the memories and words are there to access other times they are not. All it takes is a little bit of extra stress and words get f….up, hence Taylor’s many Taylorisms and his changing tales especially the tales where he talks about how old he was when he did this or that. There are other tell tell hints at his problems but I think you get the main idea.

  40. Dee I agree with you about Tay’s ADD. Have you guys seen the latest 2 vids on his UStream thing? They are for good causes, but that smile is the fakest I have EVER seen. He’s got to work on that.

  41. Not once has any interviewer corrected him when he says he has been touring and living out of a suitcase since Feb. 05. Taylor may have had a lot of attitude behind the scenes such as insisting on doing certain songs, trying to convince them to allow him to play the harp, trying to organize the top 24 and spending his own money for more expensive clothes than the AI budget allowed. Aqua shoes, a few nice suits and the purple jacket were good decisions as was his dance coreography and his camera side gazes. But most of all his song choices were the best that season.

  42. LOL. Rosie. Sometimes he says 05 sometimes 3 yrs, 4 yrs. LOL. And I’ve heard him say at different times that he was 5 when he saw his first snow and heard him say 12 or 13 when he saw his first snow. LOL. Just little things if you are a regular person.. but when you are in the spot light with wriiten and video proof of the differences people may notice.
    I know how hard he has to stay focused to be able to do these interviews and the meet and greets. Sometimes it can be hard to be focused enough to hear and understand what someone is asking or telling you so you can answer. I know sometimes I hear words but not the meanings if I am stressed. Lack of sleep can also screws things up. But all in all he is really improving. Practice and coping skills can really help. Quite often these people are highly intelligent but often don’t some across as such because of their communication skills.

  43. I know another cliche! Please pass the kool-aid. Or is this the wrong thread for that?

  44. The part that always amazes me about the audition tape is watching Paula get “The Whoo!!!” When he sings “Oh, Yes It Will”, her eyes glass over! Then she asks him to sing another 20 seconds, and then Randy hears the vocal licks in the 2nd song, and he knows this guy can really sing the blues in a way that all the others don’t know anything about. I loved those moments! Then Simon does his “It’s not just aobut the voice, and you prove that” meaning he doesn’t like his looks, and Paula goes a different direction completely saying “You’re just a good performer, good attitude, He’s fun, he’s fun….. Wow, she got it in just 60 seconds. I used to hear a comment that people make 11 assumptions about you in the first 60 seconds that they meet you! Obviously Simon had been told something by the producers who wanted Taylor to not move around so much. Simon was prepared not to like him, and Paula and Randy were smitten by his unique voice. They said, “There is nobody like him! They were right. They still are! I Can’t wait for the rest of this to hit the air waves, and have so many people say, Hey, There is Taylor Hicks!!!! Would love to see the ratings go through the roof!

  45. Nope, it seems to be the right thread for that.

  46. “As The Taylor Turns”

    Did Taylor Hicks, bar singer extraordinare, from a small town in Alabama go to Vegas to try out for American Idol?
    Or did a pleasure trip and a phone call lead to the fateful occurrence?
    Is he a born shuck and jive artist or did being on his own since he was a kid making his way through the night life of the southeast bar curcuit teach him the value of a good story?
    Let me know when you figure it out, I’m on pins and needles.

  47. I got a big chuckle out of Grey’s 3:24 comment and another one from Henry’s. Snark can be such fun! I think Taylor is away so expect a small uprising of fan turbulence.

  48. hicksaholic Says:

    I’ve often wondered if Taylor wanted a do over after AI. My guess is yes although he spins it very positively now. But on the bright side, easier to get a ticket to his concerts for the true fans.

  49. casualfan Says:

    I like IYT myself. UTR is great also.

  50. I’m hoping to see his Hollywood performances. That clip of Simon saying that part of him wonders why Tay is there and the other part Can’t wait to see what he does next says so much. I also hope they show the three judges deciding on the top 12 guys to see if by then Simon wanted Taylor. We know what Simon said after Tay performed on the first week of AI. Seems many of the conspiracy theorist like to forget that Simon came on board. As far as looks, Simon did give Elliot a yes and even the tiny cowboy guy, so given Tay could have dyed his hair and looks younger in person, I think his statement wasn’t about looks.

  51. “My cliches are dedicated to Charcoal.” I love you Rosie! LOL

  52. Well, I REALLY need to get on board here and figure out when these rewind shows come on. I was not “invested” at all during Taylor’s season. In fact, hated the whole idea of an “American IDOL.” I only watched the show for the first time because a friend was over and HAD to see it. I can’t tell you which song I saw him perform first somewhere during the season, but I do remember “You Send Me” being the point that I was all for Taylor Hicks and wanted him to win. It’s weird that I never researched online at that time. I was on the internet a lot even back then but never considered looking up the Soul Patrol or any of the contestants, or the show itself. Funny about the different versions of why he went to Vegas….. I think there is something missing here…. I’m off to get my HFOS book and investigate… LOL

  53. ONemore: Taylor had to make more than one trip to Vegas for AI auditions. Maybe the pages you are referring to talk about the last time he went when he auditioned in front of Randy, Simon and Paula. And I saw no “attitude” at all from Taylor during his audition.
    I saw Denver auditions last night and Daughtry had zero personality. He hasn’t improved either because his current interviews from last night were just as bland with a touch of “my shit don’t stink”. Also, I noticed he is trying to “shed” his southern accent. Wonder if he is still with his wife?

  54. Nola we are fortunate that we weren’t a part of his online fandom and that we just jumped in when we wanted and didn’t know the ropes and history of his fans. As for his telling the story of how he ended up in Vegas, he told Leno the day after his win about Katrina, the cab ride and ending up in Vegas. My take is that after he found out the age limit had been raised due to fellow bamian Bo Bice coming in 2nd, season 4 at age 29 the AI thought was in his head for the first time. He may have tinkered with trying out in Memphis and well a free flight for a poor 28 yrs old was a perk, be it to Vegas or anywhere. I would hardly call him a used car salesman, liar or con artist but some jump at the chance to negate his talent, person, winning AI and even his honor and dignity and rights.

  55. ROSIE said, ” I think Taylor is away so expect a small uprising of fan turbulence.”

    LMAO. It does seem to happen everytime doesn’t it? One can almost feel it coming on. LOL.

  56. casualfan Says:

    FH-Yes, Daughtry is still with his wife. I see tons of personality both on his official fan site and on his Twitter. He communicates with his fans using various media/social networking formats and does it well. He’s also not skiddish in letting his fans into his private world by sharing videos, pictures and effective communication.

  57. “But on the bright side, easier to get a ticket to his concerts for the true fans.”
    Hicksaholic, not meaning to beat a dead horse (*waves to Charcoal*) but why did you write that remark? True fans. I’m sure Hicks wants even not true fans to attend his venues – hell let me step out on a limb and say he’d likely allow even folks who don’t really know who the hell he is attend his shows. The True Fans moniker always hits me as odd. Not to be an ass, but really… LOL

    Fairhope not to be appearing as if I’m a The Daughtry fangurl, but he’s seemingly tons of personality; I’ve gotten to get a better feel of him from Twitter. The guy is invested in self-promotion and it shows, he’s quite interactive and quite personable to his fans from what I have seen and read. He’s also quite funny.

    Dee you’re right about the ADD and the confusion with dates, etc… I completely relate to that too; don’t get me started about when I have a lupus flare up how that compounds things. Writing anything concerning dates, places I have to look the facts up most time, they don’t stick in my head. Makes it challenging to recall the right words or string conherent thoughts together sometimes too. ha.

    I don’t fault Hicks in his discrepancies I don’t thinkl he’s working some underhanded ploy to somehow snow the folks. He just forgets at times and he also comes from that rather colorful Southern heritage that often just begs to spin an improved, entertaining story.

    My 2 cents for the moment.

  58. *coherent not *conherent – I am a brilliant typist.

  59. hicksaholic Says:

    Yeah, probably worded wrong- I really meant for anyone who wants to see Taylor to get a ticket. But I guess I was referring to the fact that Taylor has a lot of the same fans follow him all over the country. Maybe I should have worded it hardcore fans.

  60. casualfan Says:

    In a huge way, I should thank the few Taylor fans who have spent their time bashing and dissing on Daughtry because they are the ones that really got me curious as to who he really was. I ventured over and started following him on Twitter, listening to his music and reading up on him in an effort to understand why dedicated folks seem hell bent on trashing him. Same with Kat McPhee also. I found both Kat and Chris both successful, talented and connected to their fans-as it should be.

    I love finding positives out of seemingly negatives. 😉

  61. jerseyirish Says:

    Sunny, I agree if his venture to Vegas had a different spin to it who really cares, he got there, made it through and now we all get to enjoy his music.

    cf, I have nothing against Chris always have wished him well, just like Taylor’s music better. Never got the pitting Taylor versus Chirs, two different takes on music, they both enjoy what they do and appreciate the exposure they have gotten.


  62. I don’t think anyone was bashing or dissing Chris just stateing an opinion. Just as with Taylor Hicks ..Chris Daughtry is not to everyones liking either. I quite like some of his music..personality ..don”t know I’ve never been interested enough to follow him. The only thing I would say…because it is first hand and not heresay is… that my 30 something daughter went to see Bon Jovi when D. opened for him and she said he had no stage personality..but he may be more comfortable with cyber connections ( his personality shows there) and with Taylor it is the opposite is true. Different strokes…

  63. I can’t stand the Daughtry dissing any more than Taylor dissing. It’s so childish for someone to hate him because of some stupid reality show on TV. Unless he’s done something that proves he’s some kind of a-hole or something.??? I voted for Chris that season when I first started watching. (I usually like the rockers.) I did tend to favor Taylor though, even before Chris was eliminated. I bought his CD and really like a lot of it. Have only heard one song on the radio from the new one and didn’t care for it. Funny you mention it Sunny – I thought I had started following him on Twitter but realize I have not seen anything. I”ll have to go check that now.

  64. This discussion is funny. Entertainers tell white lies all the time to attract fans, but because Taylor Hicks came from AI, he’s supposed to be a God with no faults. This is just another form of entitlement from over-invested fans. If Taylor Hicks didn’t meet your impossibly high expectations, then maybe it’s time to move on.

    People look for heros when they select their American Idols. Again, the show has little to do with music. AI misleads the public and sets up an impossibly high pedestal that nobody can measure up to and when they don’t, they get knocked off quickly.

    I also agree with CF and Sunny regarding Daughtry’s tweets. Daughtry’s wife also tweets and both Daughtry and his wife seem like genuine and warm people. On the other hand, Taylor is very closed off, and I sometimes wonder what scary incident, involving fans, happened to him. He seemed to be a lot more open about himself in the beginning. I have a feeling some fans have scared the hell out of him. I think there’s a lot we don’t know. JMO of course.

  65. Snow, I also enjoy Mrs. Daughtry’s tweets very much. I like her inspirational quotes and she gives plenty of food for thought. She’s not afraid to let the fans know when they step over the line and neither does Chris. You are right….they come across as genuine, down to earth people that both love their family. Another thing I respect about Daughtry is that he always gives credit to his band acknowledging they are a team and successful as “one”. You don’t see that often enough.

  66. I agree with you SS that the show and the audience puts them on pedestals and then knock them off very quickly. (Did anyone read Chris Sleigh’s blog giving advice to former contestants? He’s a bit smug at times, but he also made some very valid points.)

    Why shouldn’t Taylor be “closed off?” I don’t know that he is – I don’t know the man, but first of all, it could just be his personality. If not, I know of plenty of reasons why he would be at this point. I’ve only been following this circus since March of this year but have already learned of a couple of scary incidents – one in New Orleans in ’07 and then the beach thing. That beach thing – I about freaked when I read that web site by some fanatic who actually brought in forensics. That would scare the crap out of me! And why should he be open with his personal life? Looked what happened when he went on vacation with his girlfriend. Then, I’ve personally witnessed some things this summer at several concerts that would make me worry for Taylor’s safety, in fact, led me to warn his people about it. I think it would be hard to find a balance between being open and being cautious when your very life could be at stake. That might sound overly dramatic, but it’s also reality. Look what just happened to Leona Lewis a couple of weeks ago, and look at the number of stars who have been stalked, attacked, and even murdered. That has to be in your head when there are big crowds of people mobbing around you.

  67. NolaMar, I agree with you. Taylor should never talk about his personal life and he doesn’t have to in order to communicate with fans. All I’m saying is I don’t get a sense of who Taylor Hicks is thru his tweets, other than he’s very mysterious. He doesn’t reveal much about himself and I think that’s a mistake because fans want to feel some kind of connection and when it’s lacking, they lose interest.

    I also think some very scary things happened to him to make him isolate himself. I know when I attended one of his shows and he didn’t come out after the show, someone who was standing next to me told me that at the last show, a crazy fan jumped the barricade and landed on Taylor’s back. That must have really freaked him out! Where was security? But, sometimes, venue security is not very good and AI does not pay for security.

  68. snow said: “I also think some very scary things happened to him to make him isolate himself.”

    I agree.

  69. I think he has lots of security now. I would bet the Grease people insist on it. (JMHO)

  70. “He doesn’t reveal much about himself and I think that’s a mistake because fans want to feel some kind of connection and when it’s lacking, they lose interest.”

    I totally understand what you are saying here about the fans wanting a connection. I would love more personal tweets. BUT in light of what I mentioned above, do you think that part of the problem of obsessed fans is that they feel like they are connected – feel like they actually do KNOW the object of their obsession? The more a celebrity reveals about themselves, the more these crazies think they know them and feel connected. I think some are more comfortable with revealing themselves than others. I’m not just talking about TH but celebrities in general.

  71. Taylor has people on his staff that take very good care of him, most no one even sees unless a problem arrives. He seems to have a photographic memory of faces just as BW does and remembers events and incidents. I wouldn’t worry about Hicks-he’s well protected.

  72. We all have our opinions about Simon being “against” Taylor all the way through, but it seems alot of people seem to forget the encouraging remarks that Simon made about Taylor during season 5. Remember on Jay Leno, when Simon said something to the effect of : “I’m also quite fond of this man” or something like that. It is TV, and is cut to make Simon look mean, which he seems to wear with pride.

  73. During Hollywood week Simon said something like , part of him wonders why Tay is there and the other half can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. Top 12 guys , Tay went last and they gave him a huge amt of on air time during which Simon said he was wrong to have said no to Taylor. Simon did not put down Tay performances any more or less than others and praised him several times. He also said he sung his way into the semi finals and won AI against Kat. While I don’t read other idols fan boards, I assume those who have not done well such as Kat, Reuben, Blake and lately Clay have fans posting conspiracy, lack of promotion etc. while other fans are trying to blame their idols career choices. Should Kris or Adam fail down the road many of their fans will behave the same as Tay’s.

  74. NolaMar, I really don’t know how the obsessed get that way and something tells me there’s quite a few of them and I’m not talking just obsessed but obsessed and delusional. I think it must be frighting for Taylor and other Idols because there’s no way to tell who is harmless or who really lost their marbles.

    When I went to Grease in New York a little over a year ago, I struck up a conversation with a woman in line, who looked to be in her early 40’s. She told me there is an older woman, well past 60, that keeps following Taylor and she insists that Taylor is falling in love with her and that they will marry. I was laughing my head off at this. Of course, the woman is a total nut case. I think these are the people you have to watch out for… the ones who have gone off the deep end. You would think an older woman is harmless, but you just never know.

  75. I also think Idols have to be more careful than a singer who first got noticed on the radio, rather than on reality TV. I think the visual aspect of TV gets someone much more invested over hearing someone on the radio.

  76. Oh, I must bite my tongue on part of that! (Not against you SS….your crazy fan story….) I’ll only say this – I think many of us would qualify for “obsessed” to varying degrees, myself included…. If we weren’t why would we devote so much time to these discussions, blogs, videos etc? I think all “fans” are fixated to a certain extent – some much more than others. You are very correct – it is the “obsessed AND delusional” ones who are so dangerous to the stars!

    Very good point about the visual aspect of AI too.

  77. Rosie or anyone, PLEASE let me know when the Hollywood week will be on rewind! I hope someone captures it and puts it up on YT the way they did the audition. (I had seen the audition on YT, but I’m talking about the REWIND version with the narration and extra footage.)

  78. nolamar, yes, you are correct.. we are all obsessed in varying degrees and my interest in him has lessened from what it used to be. For me, I want Taylor to be a huge star and have tons of success. I want him to be as big as Carrie Underwood, but he has a long ways to go and will most likely never get there. It is disappointing, to say the least.

  79. It is so bizaar to me that I’m obsessed with this young man’s career and him as a person. I’ve never in my life followed anyone’s career before Taylor or cared about any celebs whereabouts or their life. I didn’t become obsessed until his two day press appearances after he won. I just keep rooting for him and don’t understand what he did to me or how or why.

  80. LOL Rosie, I’ve been saying the same thing for the past 6 months. What happened? And WHY? Haha! Though I was a big fan during and after the show, in my case I only got “obsessed” after watching YouTube videos of the post AI tours starting in March of this year. Only one other time in my life did I really get into a “star” as much and that was more understandable – I was 19 and got obsessed with Bruce Springsteen for a while. (There was no internet to feed it back then though. 🙂 )

    SS, don’t get mad at me but I think your loss of interest is due to disappointment IN him. I’m also rooting for a huge successful career but I’m more disappointed FOR him, not in him if you see the difference. Some of you will say it’s because you’ve been invested longer than I have and I accept that. I might do the same if he were to make a lot of career choices that I did not like after following him for several years. But I would probably just back away completely and not keep bitching about it all the time.

  81. OK, ok, I’m sorry for saying that! My finger hit the send button before my brain had time to catch up. (I’m on very strong decongestants right now. Poor excuse, I agree.) “Bitching” is a little strong. Should have said “griping” or “complaining.”

  82. Nobody ever wants to play with me. 😦

  83. Haha Caryl, I left the computer after my last post. I checked your link and laughed. His eyes really can affect someone. It must be a combination of a sexy look plus that whole charisma thing. He has such expressive eyes and in person when he glances at you he can make you feel special or at least like he is interested in listening to you.

  84. *sigh* Rosie, Rosie, Rosie. It’s LAZERS!! We’re helpless victims.

  85. jerseyirish Says:

    Caryl, That post was up long before I was around, but is true when he looks at you when you speak it does have an effect on you. When he took my hand in Philly in July I could smell his cologne on my hand afterward, my hubby laughed and said how long before you gonna wash it?


  86. NolaMar, The devil advocate type of fans are not only fans but make the online Taylor fandom and discussions interesting. I posted on a more negative, as in It’s All Over for Hicks site, before posting here. The blog owner mentioned a few fans who were die hard, gung ho, Tay lovers who had recently left posting on her site and gave up on him. She strongly implied well if so and so gave up and quit him then the poor man is a fail. There were a few other posters who seemed to be barely hanging on and a few of them now post here. There was no discussion at his MySpace, and some open sites seemed to just have commentators who dissed Daughtry and TPTB and even other fans. I didn’t join the BB until you did but read that some thought they drank kool aid. I have now given my thoughts several places and only jump in to give a differing opinion than the majority when I get that strong urge. No fan or person is alike and no fan board or blog should have to require posters to speak as one. My wish is that no fan need to apologize, qualify or recind their comments. Taylor would have today more men commenting on blogs and boards and forums If it would just be more about his music, and his career.

  87. Btw, If you desire a laugh or two or three, then go to Caryl’s most recent Taylor Tuesday blog.

  88. Rosie! Thank you.

  89. casualfan Says:

    jerseyirish Says:

    October 28, 2009 at 4:08 pm
    Caryl, That post was up long before I was around, but is true when he looks at you when you speak it does have an effect on you.
    Wow JI…that’s intense. I didn’t get that impression when I spoke to him and shook his hand but I guess different people have different reactions. I find it interesting.

  90. Than k youo for this audition vid. I’d never seen it. Nice that they spent quite a bit of time on Taylor and with a positive spin.

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